The Milwaukee Concert – My Own “Starlight”

***UPDATED WITH PICS OF MY AUTOGRAPHS*** Note regarding photos: These photos are all taken by me. Milwaukee photos sent by other Glambs will be posted and credited on the Milwaukee TOUR VIBE article and the Glambs Photos & Videos article.***



Bradley Center

Bradley Center

The Calm & Delightful Jeanette, Mary D. & Sandra

The Calm & Delightful Jeanette, Mary D. & Sandra

Me, Mary D. and Pam

Me, Mary D. and Pam



Matt with the Famous Mary D.

Matt with the Famous Mary D.




Mary D. and Michael

Mary D. and Michael

Scott and his mom

Scott and his mom










Here is my first autograph:


Here is my second autograph. You can tell it’s briefer and more hurried. This was obtained at the very end of the barricades, after he’d already signed dozens of photos. The initials top left is the real thing. The silver “signature” on the bottom is what comes preprinted on the photo.


Friday dawned like an October morning, gray and chill, and I fought to not let the sky dampen my enthusiasm. I talked to Mary D., the Glamb I was going to meet up with for the afternoon signing session. We agreed on 1:00. I ran a morning errand to the sound of raindrops on my windshield. Things were not looking good. However, when I got home, I glammed myself up and prepared a Plan B – I threw a fleece jacket and umbrella in the car in case the sky fulfilled its promise to rain all day.

I got downtown around 1:00, parked right across the street from the Bradley Center, and saw a smaller-than-expected crowd at the barricades. I easily found a spot right on the barricades and camped out, watching the leaden sky. As I waited for Mary, blue patches started to appear, and the sun came out! Was my “magic” indeed happening? Mary arrived, and we hugged like old friends. Our adventure was beginning! At 2:30 the Idols started coming out, one at a time. Between 2:30 and 3:30 all came out except Adam, Kris and Lil. Some stopped for photos, others zipped thru doing signings only. I didn’t expect Adam to come out, so I wasn’t disappointed in that.

Megan is tiny and exquisitely beautiful, but she wore the weird afro hair thing. She was sweet and stopped to do photos. Michael was nice and did photos, too. I got my pic with him (the only one of me and an Idol). Danny only came out for a few minutes, so I didn’t get his autograph, but he stopped right in front of us, so I got pix. He said he had to go do press. Scott came out with his mother, but didn’t do photos. I got autographs from Megan, Allison, Matt, Scott, Michael and Anoop.

After the Idols disappeared, I spent some time trying to hook up with other Glambs who had contacted me ahead of time. It was so great to meet those I did meet, and I apologize to those people I missed.

My seat was good…I had no trouble seeing. Sat next to an old guy with white hair who was a total Idol fantard. Met a lady a few rows up named Sandra who had flown in from Minneapolis. Finally the moment came for the show to start! Very heavily partisan crowd, which I expected. Michael got cheers starting things off and said that the show was being dedicated to Danny. He and everyone kept referring to Milwaukee as Gokeyland, which bugged me a little after about the third time. None of the three girls really seemed to connect with the crowd. Anoop had a lot of fans there. The old guy next to me barked like a dog for Anoop. My focus on each of the first eight wavered, and I found myself counting the songs in each set, happy when each set ended to bring me that much closer to Adam. Matt got insane screams, and my ears almost started bleeding from the shrieks from the ladies behind me.

When Danny came on, I was happy because I knew Adam was next. Danny had his moment in the sun to the delight of the crowd, and when Danny’s set ended, the screaming just went on and on. There was no break between the final accolades for Danny and the anticipatory shrieks for Adam, just a sustained blast of ear-splitting noise. I rode that communal scream, adding all the volume my lungs were capable of, until the thunder and lightning and smoke on stage gave birth to Adam in all his glittery glory. Whole Lotta Love was primal perfection, capped by a “woman” that was like the best sex – long and sweet and up and down. The rape and pillage of the mic stand, however, was toned down. In deference to Gokeyland?

Starlight broke the spell a bit, as Alvin the Chipmunk took the sound system hostage. I don’t know why they can’t fix this problem. The only thing I can think of is that the sound system isn’t made for the kind of notes Adam hits. Mad World was as hauntingly beautiful as Adam himself, and Slow Ride was fun but made me realize Adam’s set was almost over. Nothing was thrown on stage that I could see. One doesn’t throw sex toys in Gokeyland. The Bowie medley made me wonder why I’d bothered to memorize lyrics, because all I did was watch Adam’s beautiful, toned body eat the stage. Like great sex, it was all over too fast.

Mary and Sandra and I had talked about skipping the finale to stake our claim at the barricades, but I didn’t want to pass up one last chance to see Adam. In the group number he towered above all the others, and while he gave props to Kris as the Idol winner and Danny as the hometown favorite, he owned that stage with his sheer strength of presence. All the others were just mere squatters, and while Milwaukee may be Gokeyland, that stage was Adamland.

After the finale Mary and Sandra and I rushed outside to the barricades. It was raining pretty hard! Luckily Sandra had an umbrella (I had put mine back in my car after the afternoon signing, sure that the rain was done), and the three of us huddled together feeling pretty miserable. A check of radar on Sandra’s iphone showed a huge mass of green and yellow headed east toward Milwaukee. I knew no one would come out in the rain, but we in our fellowship strengthened each other, and we waited with patience and determination.

But the magic of the night continued, and just at the exact right moment, the rain stopped, and the guys started coming out to sign, much earlier than the midnight time frame I had anticipated. I didn’t pay any attention to the ones I had already gotten pix and autographs from earlier…I didn’t even care about Kris or Lil, who came out. I only wanted Adam! He appeared to the accompaniment of screams from the crowd, though not to the kind of OMG orgasmic screams of other cities. Gokeyland, remember. Adam started on the far side and worked his way slowly around. I strained to get closer to the barricade, so afraid I wouldn’t get his autograph. Would my camera battery die? Would I? I was a mass of nerves on wobbly legs, sustained only by my new friends Mary and Sandra. It seemed to take forever for Adam to come to our side, but then he was in front of us. The Moment.

That moment was like the time, years ago, I had been a close-up witness to an armed grocery-store robbery. You see what’s happening, but you can’t believe it. Your mind voices silent “OMG, OMG, OMG” but no words come forth. You stare, but the shock robs you of your ability to see. The moment freezes in time, then is over before you know it. I had nothing coherent to say to Adam – my apologies to him and to you. Gutsy Mary asked if she could feel his pulse, and as she did, I touched the back of his hand and rubbed his skin. It was so warm and soft! I got my first autograph, and I got a few pix but most looked like they didn’t turn out. It didn’t matter – my expectations had already been met and exceeded. My legs started shaking, and my mind went as mushy as my legs. I stood there in a daze, but the calm and delightful and always-thinking Mary said “let’s go down to the far end of the barricades so we can see him again!” Somehow my legs gained the strength to scamper to the end of the line where we waited again for Adam. I got a second autograph as he came by. He did the entire barricades, took his time, and smiled that angelic smile of his the whole time.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard HUGE screams for Danny as he came out last, but I didn’t care. I already had what I wanted, and more. After Danny made the rounds, the crowd dispersed, but Mary and Sandra and I stayed, basking in the wonderment of the evening, not wanting it to end. Sandra and I already have tickets for Madison, and Mary hopes to go. Our excellent adventure together has only begun. Though the three of us were strangers earlier in the day, by the time the midnight struck, it felt as if we’d been friends for years.

The day, as I’d dreamed, had been full of not only hopes and expectations, but magic and surprises, and I thank the same God who created Adam for a day I will never forget.

Many pics to follow! ***ADDED*** Just saw this tweet from Adam: “Thank you Milwaukee. Fans were so sweet tonight. Thank you for the support! :)”

No, Adam, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

***ADDED*** And Michael tweeted this: “I got so many nice gifts last night in Milwaukee. The most gifts in a single city of the whole tour.”

So this may be Gokeyland, but we’re still pretty nice here to all the Idols. Thanks, Milwaukee!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Beautifully written, Jeanette! …and there is no one happier that this moment happened for you!


    • Oh Jeanette Sweetie, what a wonderful account of your night! I’m so happy for you (don’t wash those finger till I grasp your hand on Saturday! LOL)

      • Lisette lovli Jeanette thenks displaying yur photos an how wonderful to av two autographs sure to trasur for lifeteme..non le temps being stormy an sounding like “Oz” with wind,an clouds Adam,seeing beau Adam imagaine is a rai d’lit an soleil..An thinq yu handle very gracious given al screamin fans as one says for “Gokey’s hometown”.Yet imagaine nomattre what citie actual are directe for beau Adam!! It’s plasur to yu met Mary an new gal ther
        to feel thet bond we have here on Adam’s best tribute page /glambs international!An thinq yu have othre concertes still to see thes estraordinaire hansome l’ those yeux like 2 crystal marbles,romanesque face an tall muscular physique..non to mentione his smile an speking voix…ah feel swept away imagaining thes all for yu now!!Blessings always Jeanette an hope oneday we somehow can meet for Adam’s soloconcerts..If only his managre can have him schedule in l’citie thet nevre sleepes,an most reasonable destination for entertainmente,fun,shows an getaway in frigid temps of winter time..So Adam monamie plese thinq of Vegas or Lake Tahoe,Reno bienvenue! Til then fel blesse to know all wonderful glambs gals,an yu Jeanette who are a trasur for Adam’s internationale page thet attracts people from all over l’monde,USA,anyone who adores an celebrates his artistry an such warmhearted,caring,an likeminded gals,fellows..mabe bit older but like fine champagne more refine with teme efferescente,bubbly an full of life!!!!Vive bon,mange,singe,danse an adore Adam!
        hugs an bisous Lisettexoxoxo Sorry to go on !!!luv to all here an Jeanette!

    • Hey Jeanette!!! I have finally woken up, blown what’s left of the glitter off me, and gotten some of my voice back from Friday night!!! Oh what a night, huh??!!! It was so great to get to meet you, and put a face with your writings!! It was also great meeting Mary, even if we all got separated by the crowds!! I was just about finished with my last posting of my account of the day and evening when something fell off my desk of my computer and deleted my entire writing, which was really long, so I guess I’ll start over and just do a shortened version!!
      I had woke up so early on Friday morning, 4:00am!! My internal clock was just as excited to meet Adam, as I was, I guess!! I was in Walgreens by 7:00am, buying the last items I needed to complete my outfit for the evening-Glitter Spray and adhesive glue for my false eyelashes. And as you said the day was blah, gloomy and rain was on it’s way. Sometime after I had spoken to you, I had fallen asleep listening to the peaceful rain, so I missed out on the meet and greets that you went to around 2:00pm. That was around the time I woke up from my nap that my internal clock had decided to check me out for some time since I had been up with the chickens earlier!!
      I then put myself into fast gear to get ready to meet up with you around 5:00pm!! The sun was out , and the crowd was rather small when I got there. It was neat to get to see Danny when he came out before the concert, but my main concern was getting to see Adam up close and personal, of course!! We all got separated once we got inside the Bradley Center, so I didn’t get to see where you and Mary ended up sitting.******* My seat was AWESOME!!******* Section 1 on the floor- Row 4. I was 2 rows behind the whole Gokey family!! Mom, Dad, Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The young man that Danny had tried out with on AI was there giving hugs and taking pictures with eveyone-he’s the guy that sings with Danny at their church. There were also alot of Danny’s close fans in their Sophie’s Heart purple T-Shirts. They took up alot of the seats in the 1st 2 rows all in Section 1 and around to the side of the stage and in Section 2. I don’t know if they were all along Secton 3 front rows too, they probably were. Then right after those 2 first rows were all us Adam fans!!! I was sitting next to a family from Green Bay-Mom, Dad and 2 teenaged girls. I don’t know who was more excited, the teenagers or me??!!!!
      I also met a lady who was sitting in front of me from Neenah, WI-by Green Bay. She had come to the concert by herself, like I, and she was sharing the same feelings that we have all had about Adam, and not understanding exactly why!!!! So I gave her one of the Glambs cards you gave me to hand out, I told her to look us up cause we’re all feeling just like her!!! I also gave the Mom that was sitting by me a card. She wasn’t a true Adam fan yet before the concert. She said her girls were more into him than her. I told her just wait until you see him tonight, and then look us up to chat!!!
      I won’t go into the concert as much as you did Jeanette, because you described eveything so well!! I was also relieved to read that you thought Adam’s voice during Starlight sounded like the chipmunks singing!! I thought it was just my distorted hearing from all the screaming the last 2 hours!!! That makes me mad that the sound system did that to Adam’s beautiful voice!! But when he sang Mad World, I just stood there MESMERIZED!!! He puts so much emotion and feeling into that song when he sings it. He just draws you right into him. And then, oh my dear, with Whole Lotta Love, Dance, and Fame, I swear, the temperature went up about 30 degrees in the Bradley Center!!! Maybe it was just me, but I don’t think so!!! Adam sure knows how to move and shake what his Momma gave him!!!!
      And then before you knew it, Adam was done, and disappearing into the floor!! His gorgeous smile gleeming out to us!! We all sat down then in the rows around me. I was dazed, parched, hoarse, and had to pee like crazy!!! And although he had just left seconds ago, I was missing Adam already!! My only thought was I knew he’d be back for the final song!!
      Kris did really well, bless his heart, but I think everyone was exhausted by the time he came on!! It was all I could do, to wave my glow stick to Hey Jude!!!! The final song was fun. We were all on our feet again, for one last time. The energy was flowing. Adam’s voice could be heard above everyone elses, and they did the cute Kradam dance!! Adam and Kris looked like they were having so much fun!! I was so blessed to have such close seats that I could actually see the expressions on their faces without binocculars!!!!
      Then the final song was done, they all waved good night, and we all rushed out of the building to the gates. I saw Mary again, just as I was about to go get a drink of water at the fountain and run to the restroom for a second to shut up my screaming bladder, but she told me I had better not stop if I wanted to get a place by the gates for autographs. So I ran along with the crowd, or should I say floated along with the crowd outside. I lost sight of Mary again, and I ended up with a bunch of teenagers crushed against a garbage can. At least I had something to lean up against and could hold me up when Adam came by!! It was about 10:00pm then and wouldn’t you know, it had waited until we came out to start raining again!! So we all stood there waiting in the rain. I hadn’t brought my umbrella because it was sunny when I left!!
      It’s now 11:00pm or so and the crowd is starting to dwindle some. My glitter is washing away, I still have to pee, and I now look like a wet poodle with drooping false eyelashes!!! This isn’t quite how I wanted to look when I met Adam!!! My poofed out Rocker look was fading fast!!!
      Then the rain stopped. We had all went back and forth about staying any longer, because we thought no one was going to come out in this weather! But we stuck in there, and I was luckily enought with a bunch of teenage Adam fans so we had a lot to talk about to pass the time away while we waited, and waited, and waited some more. One of the 16 something year old girl’s said how bad her feet hurt!! I felt like saying, “your’s hurt!!! Wait until you’re 46 and standing at a concert for 3 hours, and then 2 more hours in the rain, and see how they feel then!!”
      It was all really pretty fun though, because we all felt the same way: thirsty, tired, wet, had to pee, and really wanted to leave but couldn’t just on the chance that Adam would come out!! And then they all did!! One by one, slowly straggling out. Everyone got autographs in their program books, but I was just holding out for THE ONE!!! I had my Entertainment magazine luckily in an envelope so it and Adam’s picture on the front of it didn’t get wet. And I held onto it tightly, smooshed up against the garbage can, my hair still dripping wet, when Adam emerged from the bus!!!! The screams could be heard for miles, I’m sure!! And everything we had just endured for the past hour was gone in an instant when Adam flashed us his smile!!
      Adam, like all the others, went all along the gate and signed autographs, took pictures, gave hugs, and was just kind, friendly and his WONDERFUL self!!! The group I was standing with just stood in awe and anticipation as he came to us!!! I was behind 2 teeny sized girls so he could see me when he was right in FRONT OF ME!!!!!! He took my magazine and signed it, looked right at my T-shirt and said to ME!!”Wow I love your T-shirt!” and took my hand as he signed the magazine!!! Adam is a very touchy feely person, and he is SO SWEET when he talks to you!! There were a million things I wanted to say to him at that moment, and it was like in the movies when time stands still for just a millisecond!! His eyes are BREATHTAKING!!! His smile just melts you into a puddle of goo!! I was able to squeak out, “Adam, when are you planning on your solo tour, because you know we all just come to see you!!!” And he said to me, LOOKING RIGHT AT ME, and his hand still on mine!!!! “I don’t know it all depends on how well my album does!!” Then he gave me a slight wink, smiled, and was going on the next person, when I came to again, and said, “You know it’s gonna go straight to the top!!!””” And he said, “Let’s hope so!!!”” with his continued AMAZING ADAM SMILE AND GRACE!!! And then he continued down the line. They all went along all the way, and signed autographs for all that they could!!! It was so FANTASTIC!! This was by far the best concert I have been to, and the best after concert experience ever!!!!!
      The next few moments are a blur!! Like I said, I was glad I was standing next to a garbage can!! I didn’t take any pictures, but the sweetheart girl from Steven’s Point-Morgan-who was in front of me took alot of pictures of everyone. I gave her my email address and a Glambs card and told her to email me her pictures pretty pretty pretty please!! I so hope she does, but if not, those moments with Adam right in front of me, talking to me, smiling at me, touching and holding my hand is embeded in my mind, I hope forever!!
      I finally got home around 12:30am!! Wet, tired, hoarse, thirsty, hungry, and I still have to pee!! But what I had just experienced will last a lifetime!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM FOR AN INCREDIBLE EVENING!!!!!! And thank you too Jeanette and Mary for meeting me and sharing this experience with me!! Hugs and Kisses!!! From Mad About Adam!! Pam

      • I stopped breathing when I was reading your comments…living the whole experience through your words! OMG he actually talked to you and answered your question, and touched you, and winked at you, and smiled at you, and……

        I can’t wait to see ADAM in Grand Rapids, and meet some other Glambs there. I hope I live through it and that my heart doesn’t give out from the thrill and excitement of seeing him. LOL

        ADAM #1 Icon in the world!!!!

        Judy Glamb #386

      • Thank you for sharing your exerience with us Pam, I wish I was there to see Adam. Were you wearing a t-shirt with the Glambs logo, is that what he saw? I think his single and album will go to the top, no question about it, so many people all over the world are waiting for them, I will buy numerous copies just to make sure he comes to London.

      • PAM!!!!!! I was hoping to hear from you! I didn’t want to mention you by name in the article since I forgot to get your permission, and then we lost track of you after the concert.

        OMG – can’t believe you got to actually talk to Adam and ask him questions, and that he answered you! Thank you so much for having the presence of mind to be able to speak! Great information about the tour – as if his album wouldn’t do well – what a joker!!!

        AND you got to touch him!!!

        Can I get your permission to post the photos of your shirt? (I can always crop if you don’t want your face to show!) Let me know – people need to see that fabulous shirt!

      • Pam, loved your post. Are you still floating in the air?? Wow what a wonderful night for
        you. Those eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Oh Pam, your description of those few moments with Adam are wonderful, miraculous. I am so proud of you that you finally managed to squeak out those words, and what perfect words they WERE! Like a true reporter, you actually managed to get REAL INFORMATION from Adam Lambert, something that I haven’t yet read in print about him……he told you that a coming solo tour was contingent upon the sales of his coming album. Doesn’t it just clutch at your heart to think that he might think that his sales might not be good enough to warrant a tour? But of course, I am sure that he was just being Adam, gallant and courteous, self-effacing, and not taking anything for granted. With all my heart, I hope those album sales go through the ROOF when that album finally comes out, a debut so huge it will set all records. We MUST all make it so! Thanks once again, Pam, for all your sacrifices in hanging in there to have your great moment with Adam, and for your wonderful description of your perfect night.

          Postscript: Strangely enough, the trade news is that both Adam’s and Kris’s albums will be released on the same day, November 17. Doesn’t that seem a little strange and unnecessary? It would seem that pitting them against each other like that will do neither of them any good. But of course, Adam’s fans will not pay any attention to any trumped up competition between the two, they won’t care when it comes out, they will buy it.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Pam, wonderful account of your ADAM experience. I felt your pain while reading your story ( meaning, bladder pain, LOL!!!)

  2. thank you so much……..lived it through your words

  3. iluvadam4ever says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the moment all over again. I am hoping to go to another concert in Chicago or Grand Rapids in hopes of taking my son this time, as he really wants to go. I would totally love to see Adam again live. To live that moment all over again!!!!!!!!!!!! What a dream come true!!

  4. OMG you touched Adam!! LOL great writing btw

  5. DonnaNoble says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your magical experience Jeanette. You are a wonderful storyteller. Enjoy your second Adam concert in Madison!!!! (Wish I had thought to buy tickets so another one after San Diego, oh well must wait for his next tour.)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Jeanette! So GLAD you got to meet Adam!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    Thanks for the great story! You suddenly become statue when Adam right in front of you,huh? LOL!! I understand!Can’t blame you, I think i act the same way if he’s in front of me maybe worse I can act like retarded!! 🙁 So, you speechless??!! But I bet you still can think straight because YOU TOUCHED THE BACK OF HIS HAND AND RUBBED HIS SKIN??!! AND YOU STILL REMEMBER HOW IT FEELS?? WARM AND SOFT?? WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING HIS HAND??EVERYBODY ALREADY TOUCHED HIS HAND, GO TOUCH SOMETHING ELSE!!AND WHY AM I SCREAMING AGAIN??!!
    Okay, I calm now,of course you only touch his hand, you not a pervert thinking touching someplace else! LOL!! Happy for you!! And the shrieking sound from a lady behind you, I say you should be greatful. There’s one time I went to see a star from HK, the girl behind me really close to me,by saying close that means like she’s raping me because I can feel her boobs on my back!! If I concetrate, I think I can guess what cup she’s wearing!! It’s disturbing as hell!! And you GOT 2 AUTOGRAPH?? NOT ONE BUT TWO??!! SO, THE 2ND TIME, DID YOU SAY SOMETHING TO HIM OR YOU BECOME STATUE , ERRR AGAIN??!! LOL!! You’re very lucky,Jeanette! So happy for you!!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      AA….You absolutely, keep us entertained….Thanx so much…laughing so hard tears are rolling..

    • Emili, you are too funny! Loved your comments about the fan behind you. No, sorry, I was even more incoherent the second time around. I think I said “thank you” but it’s all a blur. I’m really bad at multi-tasking even under normal conditions, and when Adam’s stunning beauty and awesomeness are just a couple feet from you, it’s even harder. My arms and hands were working overtime to get autograph and pix, and my brain just overheated and shut down.

      • AdamAddict says:

        At least “you think” you said thank you! LOL!! Wow,I’m impressed!! lol!! But seriously,I can understand you! Thank goodness you have Gutsy Mary with you.I always brought my sisters along if I gonna meet celebrity as well because they’re more like Gutsy Mary there.”Let’s go,come on,let’s just do it” and I was like “Errr, really,like now??!!maybe later??!! Err,I’m scared, I think I’m gonna to bathroom first” And my sisters like “COME ON!!” And I was like “OKAY,don’t yell at me,now I’m more scared!!” LOL!! Always bring someone with guts and someone with no shame with you,. That can help you going through difficult things! LOL!!
        P/S:The story about fan behind me, I swear it’s the truth!! If I’m not ladylike,I will hit her with my elbow,and yell at her! “No tits allowed,B****!” But I can’t do that not because I’m ladylike,but I’m scared! She was pushing hard at me so I think she is strong too! LOL!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT, You, girl, are toooo funny!!! I cannot ever read your posts without laughing out loud!!! This is no exageration!!! If you were with me at the concert, I’d throw your ass up to the front so fast, you’d probably piss your pants!!! hahahahaha!!!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I love the way you write! You are wonderfully entertaining. Thank you for making me laugh!

        • AdamAddict, you ARE so hilarious. OK maybe you can be the Next Comic Standing and
          we can come and be your groupies. You can Adam’s pre show act. Wouldnt that be
          sweet. Then YOU can get us all backstage, good seats anything we want, HUH?

          • AdamAddict says:

            Mary C,
            Sure, then maybe Adam will be my fan!! Wow, imagine that??!! 🙂

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              That’s right, AdamAddict, and he will beg for your autograph, picture and hugs from you and he might even offer you his “treasure” LOL!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      JEANNETTE, Yeah, like EMILI said, You could still think straight enough to reach out and touch his skin!! Hahaha!!! Yeah, why the hand? Go for something else!!! Hahaha! God, she’s funny!!! You have got to be in Adam-heaven!!!! You MUST, PLS help me get and autograph!!! One will do me just fine!!! If I get a chance to ‘touch’ him I’ll go lfor the belt buckle!!!! OOooohhhhh! I am not going to live till Sunday!!! I won’t make it!! It’s 8 days away!!! Now, I’ll be dreaming I could be you and won’t bre able to sleep!!!!Jeanette!!!!!
      Give me some HOPE!!!!! Emili, I may go for lthe bulge below the belt buckle!!! No! Ndow God won’t bless me like he/she blessed Janette!!! Theresa!!! Help ME now!!! Jeanette, you’re set for life and get to see 3 concerts and Theresa, 2! I only get ONE concert!!! And if Mary C goes again, you all have to help me!!!!
      Please! Please! Please!……..peace & love & light & joy & happiness to ADAM, ……….Just please let me see Adam’s eyes and touch his body!! P L E A S E ………

      • Cheryl, we will be there for you girl. You get first touch. Look at Jeanette’s pics above, they
        are the best. You will be right there in front getting close too. I cant wait to hear what you
        say to him!!!!! or what part of him you touch. We r pretty sure we r going, my sister has to bring her 8 yr old grandson. He
        is wanting to come. I hope we can tell Adam we are all the Glambs and want a group pic.
        That would be great. Then he can recognize, the Glambs like the others!!!!!!!!
        UUUUUHHMMM there goes my positive thinking.

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for giving me the first ‘touch’!!! I’ll be sure to make it count if I’m given half a chance!!! I’m going for the belt buckle first, and if he lets me get to that ‘first base’, I’m heading sough for the ‘bulge’!!! What do you think???? Maybe if I get him a drink quickly first, I’ll be able to have my way with him!!!! I can do anythin (slmost) that Drake or Brad can do! Hahaha!!! Uh, oh, I’m a naughty girl! So what? Wh ever had their most fun being the ‘nice’ girl???!!!!

          I will be his only ‘virgin’ amongst we Glambs, as you’ve all done this before, and this is my ‘first time’!! I need to be treated gently!! My first time and all! Oh, baby!!

          If Adam sees us all together as the Glambs, Jeanette and I both have Glambs signs, he can’t forget us. I will make sure of that!!!!

      • Cheryl….are you going to Grand Rapids? If so, we’ll be a united front. Hopefully I’ll be meeting up with you and Jeanette, and others.
        I’ll be counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds and whatever else there is to count till Sunday.

        I know I’ll want to reach out and hug him (which I always do in my mind when I see him in an interview). Just love that man!

        It will be great to be with other ADAM lovers so that we can go ga-ga and crazy and know exactly how each other feels.

        • cheryl norman says:

          JABERONE, HEY!!! Yes, I am going to the GR concert!!! GR is my hometown of over 40 yrs!! Went to school, worked downtown, got married had both my kids there, lots of family there!! Oh, yeah, I’ve had a ticket for about 6 wks!!!! Got 2 signs made this weekend w/my gr. kids. Am a wreck now that it’s less than a week before I leave!!!

          By all means we need to get some Blambs pics!!!! Mary c, will get to meet you, too along with everyone else!!! If anyone has ANY questions about the Grand Rapids area, etc. I’ll be glad to help! Here’s my email for anyone who wants to contact me about Gd. Rapids:

          copalee/ Hopefully I won’t regret typing this adddress here!! Glambs are welcome to contact me!

          • Cheryl, I just emailed you at the above address. Please let me know if you get it! Been trying all day to email you but I don’t think I had the correct email address before.


    • AA…you are genuinely funny! Hope I get to meet you someday!

  8. I have been waiting all day to read your report, Jeanette! Thank you for a great write-up. I was with you every step of the way and was imagining Adam in front of you just as you described – Fantasic!!! So glad you got to meet up with a few other Glambs as well. I look forward to meeting you and so many of the others at one of Adam’s solo concerts in the not-too-distant future. Remember to breathe!!!!

    (Glamb #20)

  9. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    honey what a story, relived it in every word you wrote. Congrats on your Wonderfelt Nite for the 3 of you. I know from experience, your feet have not touched the ground yet!!! While I was waiting for your story, I checked Ticket Master for the St Louis Show, they had one ticket @ regular price on the floor, front row, seat 12. I ran and told my daughter, she begged me to go. But, I am doing the addition to the house, so somehow I have refrained from the 2nd viewing of “Our Rock God”…sigh..waiting for the Finale or Solo Tour..

    P.S. Thanx for excerpt of the “Fantard”…lol
    P.P.S. As I type Mphs photos on there way..gotta get off here & get some work done..

  10. So happy for you Jeanette and so glad it was all you could hope for.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

    Glamb #411

  11. Oh Jeanette, you described your experience so beautifully I felt as if I was there you with all. I am very happy that you really had a good time, a magical time in the presence of our Adam. I love the way you described the others as meer squaters.

    • Jeanette, saw the second photos, liked them both. One thing I noticed is that Adam looks into the cameras with a beautiful smile to make sure that fans get a really good photo.

  12. AdamRocks! says:

    Jeanette, thank you for such a wonderful review! I couldn’t even IMAGINE being that close to Adam. . . I would probably react the same way. . . I’m glad you had the time of your life! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Jeanette, I was sitting here reading detailed word for word of your experiences and I just sigh and melt!!! It’s like reading a love story novel and, at the end, Cinderella finally met her prince and they live happily ever after…. sigh again!!!!

  13. AdamRocks! says:

    Those who saw the show in Milwaukee: Is this a pretty accurate review? I understand that this is Danny’s hometown, but I just couldn’t help thinking “PLEASE!” while reading this.

    Cindy in MS

    • I’ll bet when the Ford commercials came on it was for Adam as well. Let’s see what Jeanette says…..

    • Cindy, JSonline is our local Milwaukee newspaper. Yes, the article is accurate. As I said, this was a very partisan crowd – very much for Danny, more so than even Adam. Danny got cheers for every commercial shot that came up of him on the screen. Adam a little bit, but nowhere as much as for Danny. It hurts for me to admit it, but it’s true. Cheers for Matt were as deafening as for Adam. Kris was definitely 4th in the screams department. Kris sang with his eyes closed the whole time, like he was in his own little world – singing to himself – nothing directed outward to the audience. Adam just the opposite – he takes everything from within and gives it to us.

      But as far as the crowd went, yes, it was a Danny crowd hands down. You have to live here to understand what a big deal it was this year for Milwaukee to have an Idol.

      • AdamAddict says:

        It’s Gokey hometown,so they just want to make their “man” happy so they cheer louder than they cheer for Adam. Gokey naver got that before,so maybe we just forget about this. Let Gokey be happy for one concert! Next time,you won’t be able to hear that again!Like in Arkansas,kris got loudest scream by audience.When they go to Lil or Michael hometown,they will got loudest cheer too….maybe!! 🙂 But Cindy, nothing wrong thinking “Puhleeease!!” LOL!!

        • It will be very interesting to see if the crowd at the Madison show will be different. Madison is only an hour and a half away, but it’s a university town, very liberal, and well-known as being a party town. It isn’t nicknamed “Madtown” for nothing. Milwaukee by comparison is a much more conservative city. As I said, it will be interesting to see the differences.

          • Added to say that I don’t begrudge Danny his moment in the sun. In the long run, Adam is the one who will be and already is an icon.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              You are so right Jeanette. Except for maybe Allison and Kris, this is the other idols 15 minutes of fame, let them have it. Adam will go on forever!

              • Kris and Allison may be successful, but they won’t be icons. Adam already is.

                • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:


                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Absolutely right!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  JEANETTE, Milwaukee does need SOMETHING to cheer about since Farve left!! haha!
                  I understand, but Gokey??? Ick, I say!!! You’re so right about Kris and Alison and all
                  the others. Someday, Allison will get her chance, but NOBODY will ever be the kind of
                  star, personality, and worldwide icon Adam is and will be forever!!!

                • NONE OF THE OTHERS CAN BE WORLD WIDE ROCK STAR ICONS AS ADAM. The others may be able to sing, but their voices are nowhere near Adams beautiful voice, none of the others mesmorize the audience like Adam does. Adam is unique, he has his own style, and totally agree with you Jeanette, he is already iconic.

            • Lisette here an thenks agan Jeanette for sharing all photos of Adam he nevre can take a mal photo even looking down,his face etes perfete!An compris thes is Danny’s hometown so gathre if hed’ non been reciving loud cheers,he’d nevre av come in 3rd.An agree thet Adam is absolute a legende already an continue for many yers to come both as vocaliste/composer an can see as a filmstar in class of Leo DiCaprio!..Adam even mentione if a biographie film was done..he’d selete Leo to portray.Perhaps Kris,Matt an Allison out of all remaning will sell cds,but non sure if will be sustaining.Take care Jeanette sure yu’re still floating abit from thes special day! Hugs an luv Lisettexox

        • Jeanette, I was at the milwaukee show and agree with everything you said. Thank you for putting into words what I lived through but could never describe like you did. The screaming was loud for almost all of the idols, which they acknowledged in their tweets, they were very appreciative of the crowd. I am so glad you said something about the sound system! I was in the 17th row on the side of the stage and Adam’s voice did sound like Alvin the Chipmunk! I thought it was because of the location of our seats. I am so jealous you got to meet him! My friends would not stay because of the long ride back to Chicago ( and they were Gokey fans) It was still an unbelievable experience. Thanks again!

          • Maybe they sabotaged the sound when ADAM sang, since it’s Gokeytown. Did Gokey sound okay??? (as okay as he can manage, that is) Since I am an ADAM fan, I won’t say anything nasty cuz ADAM wouldn’t do that….he wants positive vibes from us.

            • No, everyone else’s songs sounded OK thru the sound system. Adam is the only one affected, especially during Starlight. This problem has been evident in quite a few other venues. Danny sounded good, and his dancing has improved from the show.

    • Yea, AdamRocks, I agree. We all know that Adam rocks the house, but it was Gokeys hometown,
      we cant expect much less. I like the pic, of the idols all pointing to Danny, they all supported him. (nice) The reporter had to be nice to Danny, since it was in Mil. but did note that Adam’s
      cheers were just about as loud. (just). Please…………

  14. Jeanette, Jeanette, I’m soo happy for you, I could hardly wait to get thru the post to see if you
    got up close and personal w/Adam and you did!!!!!!!!!! I can feel your excitement. He has that
    beautiful calm way about him, where you do just want to stare at him. 2 autographs, way to go.
    Your post was wonderful. Love how you mentioned the thunder & ligtning bringing him out for WLL>
    So, so glad he took his time too at the greets. Do you remember his eyes, beautiful eyes with that smile?? Good for Mary feeling his pulse, now thats original!
    Good times, good friends in the end, so awesome.
    Here’s to us meeting up in Mich.!

    • We now have a famous Mary C. and a famous Mary D.! Are you definitely going to Grand Rapids?

      • Pretty sure! And a famous Jeanette! Great pics, cant wait to see the rest!

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE , sorry, I didn’t see this!!! Both Mary’s going!!!! Yeah!!!! Adam, we’re coming to GR,,,,,,hold on,,,,,be there soon!!!!

        • Grand Rapids here I come, along with the gang of Glambs! Can’t wait. Keep me posted cuz time’s getting closer! yahooooo Or is it a gaggle of Glams???? lol

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Mary C
      Did I miss a post somewhere? Are you going to another concert????

    • cheryl norman says:

      MARY , Are you going to the GR concert, too???!!!! OMG!!! I hope so!! I hope we have a ton of Glambs at that concert!!!! It’s gonna be so much fun!!! But NEED ADAM TO TAKE BACK TO THE HOTEL!!!! Haha!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        OMG, all you girls will be at GR concert??? That will be an interesting post to look forward to. Since that concert will no longer be your “ADAM first”, no longer “ADAMvirgins”, you will be more aggresive and aware, you will be ready to “grab” the most sought prize. Knowing you girls, there might be some “blood shed”.!! LOL!! I fear that “touching skin” will no longer be enough for you, wild “women”. I fear for Adam’s safety!! He might get “mutilated” by these women!! I wonder who will end up with the “treasure” LOL!!! AdamAddict! the treasure!!

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          Grt comment Iylene… and full of truths, “no longer “Adam Virgins” Grand Rapids, may never be the same. I am waiting for the time we all load on the big bus, or the fleet of big buses, for the solo tour….will we be able to survive 2 full hours of Adam? Only the strong will survive, going to have to start working out again…..

        • AdamAddict says:

          You still remember that,huh IYLENE? LOL!! Yes, Adam’s treasure!! There’s a sack between his legs,inside it there’s a family jewels!! LOL!! Nobody can touch it!! Nobody allowed unless Adam let it!! But you guys can dream on!! LOL!! Be polite ladies,touch his hands only, like our ladylike Jeanette. She’s giving us a good examples here.

          And, CHERYL NORMAN , not even the belt buckle young lady!! Don’t make me punish you by sitting in your room for 2 weeks.You want to go to see Adam another week,right? So behave,when you go there,dress nice like wearing turtleneck sweater and tuck in!Wear loose jeans(XXXL),don’t wear this sexy matching lingerie!No one can see them,why? are you planning to show to somone,huh?Forget the peacock feather,just make a bun,tight bun,that’s prettier and comfortable!Don’t dare wear contact lense, wear the glasses the one that look like Gokey glasses! Woh,woh, wait a minute what’s the high heels for?Are you trying to seduce someone ?Here wear this CROCS!! Now, can you imagine how you will look like?? Hahaha! I bet for sure not only Adam, the whole stadium will see you and 100% will remember you!! 🙂 There,I already help you big time!!

          • AdamAddict, I am ROFLMAO! If we only had u with us too.

          • cheryl norman says:

            ADAMADDICT, Hey, there little Missy!!! I’m going straight for the belt buckle or what’s underneath it!!!! What are you trying to tell me???? As far as my underwear, NO, I’m not throwing any!!! For heaven’s sake can’t a girl buy some underwear without everybody thinking I’m going to be showing it off??!! What kind of a girl do you think I am anyway?? Horney, or something??!!! OK!! Maybes just a tad bit!! But I don’t wear thongs or anything tha little, so I wouldn’t want anyone to see my underwear, except that its a silk stretch animal print!!! Just plain old animal print silk stretch underwear! Geezzzz! You’d think it was candy panties or something! Uh, oh! Didn’t mean to say that!!! No, I’ve never worn edible underwear. Why would I? I don’t even know what you’re talking about!! Now, stop trying to make me say things I don’t want to talk about on the web!!!

            However, EMILI, I don’t wear contacts or glasses! No, I won’t wear those CROCS!! No bun in my hair either!! My hair cut is similar a little to Adam’s. Always like the ‘edgy’ look for hair!!! I will be wearing some gold and goldtone jewelry, just to fit in with JEANETTE, MARY C, THERESA, JABERONE, GALA, HELEN, AND MARY D, AND EVERYONE ELSE!!! Don’t want them to sparkle and me be a dead head!!!

            So, EMILI, thank you for all your help!!! But, have to pass on the sweater, pants, shoes, and hair!!! So good of you to look out for me, tho!!!!

        • I’m an ADAMvirgin, and I can’t wait to lose it 🙂 ooooooh

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl..always plasur to see yur posts an smile lot with yur humour an elation.An sure yu’ll enjoie with more glambs gals..only wishe I was ther..Wel in spirit thinq of me an sparkle with thet glitter polish an eyeliner too.Ah too cute re: l’hotel..a perfete fin to l’concert .Recall Adam in interview saying if teme permitte to get to know fans he’d take each to dinner..if only..lovli thout!Plese in toi excitemente dont drop l’camera or forget opening of lens..I hed thes happene once seein Michel Buble notice in reviewin,in second half of concerte.Take care hugs an luv Lisettexoxo angel blessings always Adam m’ange d”musique!xoox

        • cheryl norman says:

          LISETTE AND MARY AND JABERONE, Thank you Lisette for your sweet comment! You are our lilttle ‘Angel’ Glamb!! Really wish you were coming too!!! For sure you will go when we all get together to meet at one of Adam’s first concerts in the states!!! We will all have to be going for Adam then, and we can get a ‘group’ set of seats, and really let him know who we are and that we mean business when it comes to being his superFans!!!! Will take good pics!! You will see them next week!!! THIS IS MY FIRST CONCERT AS MARY SAID, AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL HAVE BEEN TO 2-3!!! I WILL BE THE ONLY VIRGIN!!! FINALLY! A VIRGIN! HAVEN’T BEEN A VIRGIN SINCE 1967!!!!! ADAM WILL HAVE A VIRGIN SEPT 6TH!!!!

      • Helen, Cheryl , yea we are planning on coming to GR. Cant wait. Its going to be a blast with
        all of us there. Helen wish u could meet us too.

        • Mary, how can this be fair? Once you had Adam’s arms around you in CA, 2) up close and personal in Columbus now you’re going to GR, not right!!! I’m so feeling left out ! I know that when you go to GR, you’ll give us a wonderful review…

        • Helen/Canada says:

          That would be a blast! Do you have your tickets yet Mary, are they good seats?

          • cheryl norman says:

            HELEN, I looked last nite and there were still 2 seats next to me on the floor available! F-4, V, I think!

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY Why can’t Helen meet us there????? We can meet before the concert for eats, or before the concert at a designated point at the Arena!!! Helen????

          • Why sure she can meet us there. Come on Helen. You have your passport. How far is GR from you?
            We have 5hr drive. Lets meet at the Arena. Not sure what time we will arrive.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Girls, I feel so bad that I can’t meet you there. I would love to so much. That weekend is our annual get together of friends who have known each other since grade school. We go up north and rent a chalet for the weekend. This is the only time some of us see each other because of distance, etc. We’ve lost a few dear friends much too early along the way and this is a time together that we treasure very much. But all of you will be in my heart. I know you will have a great time and I’ll be waiting anxiously to hear your accounts. But for sure, we ARE ALL GETTING TOGETHER FOR ADAM’S SOLO TOUR. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and part of your special group.

  15. Jeanette – WOW…I couldn’t have said it better! your account of the evening to perfection ~ sorry my sis & I didn’t get a chance to hook up with you, but I’ve got some ADAMAZING closeups of Adam from being in the 2nd row 🙂 can’t wait to upload….all seems surreal today ~ but ever so grateful! Yes, God created an angel in our Adam ~ we are truly blessed! wish I would have made the meet & greet, but had to get home to let the sitter go – wouldn’t trade the experience for the world tho! unbelievable you got to touch him! sacred stuff! so happy for you

    • Jill, I’m sorry I didn’t get over to say Hi, but thanks so much for the photos! I will get them postly very quickly. Yep, sacred stuff indeed. 56 years old and the memory of a lifetime in one brief moment.

      • How do people get the meet & greet tickets? Or am I confused with the before/after autograph signing times…….just curious.

        Jeanette, count me in on your GR plans!!!!

        • The pre-concert signing in the afternoon and post-concert signing are open to anyone. There is a separate meet and greet thing inside that you have to have a pass for. Generally reserved for family and friends and people with high-up connections. Very hard to get.

  16. Thank you Jeanette for your wonderful story!!! You are sooooo lucky!!!!! You saw and touched Adam! I’ve been to his concert in Hamilton, Canada but Adam didn’t come out for M&G. Hope he will come out in Grand Rapids because I am going there with my friend…. I want to see Adam!!!!
    Are you getting together before the concert?

    • A whole bunch of Glambs will be there. Email me at and I’ll give you more info!

    • Gala…I’m coming in alone from Sterling Hts….can’t wait to meet you all.

      • cheryl norman says:

        JABERONE, like I said, I’m coming from IN, driving alone and will be meetilng everyone there!!! Like I said GR is my hometown. Gt n touch w/Jeanette, or you can also email me. Jeanette’s has my info. Email and landline phone no. if anyone wants to call me before and I can hwlp with anyone’s questions on directions where we will meet and eat.

    • cheryl norman says:

      GALA, wHY DON’T YOU TWO MEET ALL OF US WHEN WE MEET AND EAT BEFORE THE CONCERT? I can give excellent directions for anyone as GR is my hometown. Jeanette has my email and tele # if anyone wants to call e or email me.

  17. Goatiegarden says:

    Sandra here.Your description of last night brought me right back to seeing Adam in front of us at the barricade! I had felt so sure that I wouldn’t just say something like “I love you”, but oops, all I could muster as Adam signed my program, noticing my rhinestone “got lambert?” t-shirt and saying something like “nice shirt!”, was “Thanks, I love it!”. What?!?! Why couldn’t I instead have said “Thank you Adam, you’ve hit me like a lighting bolt, reawakening my soul! Thank you for that gift!” I guess that’s what forums are for; to give us the chance to replay the scenes but rewrite the stories! No doubt about it, Adam has an otherworldly presence about him that makes older adults like me feel like our brains have left our heads! Jeanette, I’m so glad that you, Mary and I got to experience our “Adam encounters” together! I’m laughing right now as I hear Mary describing taking Adam’s pulse! I loved it! Jeanette, sorry again about tilting the umbrella and pouring water down your neck! You were so gracious! I was in my post concert Adam daze! Adam continues to weave his magic with all of us! Can’t wait for more of the journey! Blessings to all of us and Adam!

    • Sandra, it was a night to remember! You and Mary made it so much fun. I hope Adam understands how we feel about him since we’re so lousy at communicating with him in person. Yes, that’s what these forums are for. I am always more eloquent on paper than in person!

  18. Jeanette!!!!!

    Love your shirt!!! Did it turn out O.K? And the jewelry is very familiar… :))

    Keep those pics coming!

    • Thank you, Dana! I was hoping you’d notice.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I just saw that today,before I read Cateyes post! I was like “Is that handcuff pendant?” LOL!! You rock,Jeanette!! 😀

        • I’m wearing two necklaces in the photo – my crystal handcuffs and also my Glambs dog tag.

          • cheryl norman says:

            A DAMADDICT, JEANETTE is rockin’ the Adam jewelry!!! Plus she’s got on a Glambs Tshirt!!! So, she has convinced me to do the nail polish and get myself rockin’ too!!!! She got the 2 autographs and touching Adam!!! EMILI, TELL EVERYONE TO HELP ME AT THE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING!!! My luck he won’t be coming out after the concert!!!!

  19. Jeanette, great pictures, Megan looks cute with those curls, but you look so happy, I cannot wait to see the rest of the phots or any videos.

  20. I really enjoyed reading about your Adam experience….so very happy for you!

  21. Oh,
    Adam looks amazing on these pictures………. Thank you so much, Jeanette!!!!

  22. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!! 2 Autographs, and you touched his hand!!!! Oh, God!!! Somebody help me!!! I read your article and yelled for my 2 grandkids who are here and who just helped me make 2 signs!!! They came running, and I read some of your article to them, and they’re staring at me like, ‘Grammy are you going to be okay’, as my face said ‘hell no!!!’ She got 2 autographs and touched him!!1 How can I possibley be okay NOW!!!! They said maybe she can take you to him!!!! Hahaha!! Jeanette,,,,,,you are sooooo lucky!!!!!!!! I am sooooo lhappppy for you!!!!!!!! SEE???
    You thought it wouldn’t be as good b/c of the back stage passes! Now you can get those passes for GR!!
    I’ve got one sign for the concert, and one for the autograph line with the GlambFans name in charcoal and gold glitter!!!! Oh, and I think some blue on a black poster board!! Thought we could advertise our Glambsite while there!!!! Jeanette, now you’ve got to be excited at GR too!!!!! OMG!!! I so envy you!!!!

    • Haha, Cheryl, you’re lucky your grandkids didn’t call 911 when they heard you yelling!!!

      I made a little sign, too, with the Glambs logo all in glitter. Between us, we’ll make ourselves known!

      • cheryl norman says:

        you’re right, I never thought of 911!!! I could have used the oxygen, anyway!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Cheryl, You screamed and your grandchildren came!At least they are young,strong and healthy! When I screamed after Kris won, my dad came! He 59 yrs old,for god sake!! Poor dad, I skerd him a bit!! 🙁

          • cheryl norman says:

            ADAMADDICT, Yeah, lthey came running!! They are 6 and 8 yrs old. Probably skeerd the crap out of the poor little things!!! But, they know now that if I raise my voice, Adam is in the equation somewhere!!! Haha!

  23. I’m also happy you and new friends had that experience. i loved reading your recap, Thank you. If i had gotten close to Adam, my knees would buckel and I’m have to focus to breathe- i realize I never knew what a real ‘fan’ was until Adam. I never understood why the screaming, until Adam. And, wow, I’d hate to admit my age.Although, my inner teenager has been out since “Ring Of Fire’ on american idol and she has stayed out. yup yup yup.

  24. Jeanette, just saw the rest of the photos, Scott looks so sweet with this mother, but OH MY GOD, ADAM looks fantastic, and very sweet of him to put a message on tweeter to thank Milwaukee.

  25. Jeanette – beautiful job at writing this up so quickly! You took me back to Lila’s and my night in San Diego. It seems like a million years ago. How lucky you were that he came out at all, and even more so that he stayed out to make it from one end to the other. Enjoy the high that I know you’re still on. It won’t wear off before your next concert – you lucky lady!! We at Glamb Central are SO happy for you 🙂 Love, Carol

  26. Thank you, Carol!!!


  28. Looking forward to going to the KC concert tomorrow night.!!!

  29. Great review, and so funny,but who wrote it? I saw Adam and the others in San Jose, and I know for a fact that it is impossible to use your brain for a least 72 hours after a Glam-encounter.

  30. Thank you, thank you for sharing your experiences! We had the same mike distortion problem in Baltimore; I would have liked to drop kick the sound guys thru the goal posts of life as the saying goes! Its so much fun to get together with friends old or new for the concert, sounds like between all of you your experience was even richer! One question for you; what is in Adam’s ear; earplugs perhaps? Your photos are fabulous!

    • I do believe he has been wearing ear plugs for many of his recent post-concert appearances.

      • Jeanette-thank you for your post. I saw Adam in Albany NY and I have to tell you the sound was phenomenal! My favorite was Starlight-just breath taking! did you feel that you were in the presence of someone special when you were with Adam? I think he is extraordinary and beautiful on the inside and of course on the outside too. I actually his look when he is toned down and relaxed. I would like to kiss his cheek and give him a hug. You are so lucky to have touched him. I hope his fans don’t become too intrusive on him though. I want him to be be safe and happy and not get sick of all the demands that will be coming his way. I hope he knows he is well loved and we will do whatever it takes to keep him well. With love.

  31. Helen/Canada says:

    Oh Jeanette, thank you so much for your wonderful account of your Adam experience. I kept reading it over and over again to soak up all the details. Lucky you, you saw him up close and got to TOUCH HIM–OMG!!!!!
    I’m hoping to think of something profound to say to him and want to practice it over and over because I know my brain and body will be mush–that is, if I’m lucky enough to get up close and personal.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      P.S. Wonderful pics also, thank you so much. Our Adam is so beautiful, I can’t get enough of him!

  32. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Jeanette and Mary D, thanks for the great pictures of the Idols and Adam (he is gorgeous with his trade mark purple ear plugs) and most especially for sharing your pictures to us. You guys look great too. Nice to match the faces with the names.( Like Mary C). Ok,Cheryl Norman, it’s your turn now, get ready with your glammed up pics too.

    • I’ll bet if he auctioned off those purple earplugs, he’d make a million dollars!!!! LOL

    • cheryl norman says:

      IYLENIDOL, I’m gonna try!!! Like I said above, I’ll be Adam’s only virgin amoung we Glambs, as I am the only one who hasn’t seen him yet!!! Believe me, if I could lite a fire around me to get noticed, I would in a flash!! I could get naked, but there would be so many people trying to cover me up so as to not frighten anyone, it wouldn’t work. Plus, I might turn Adam off on women even more!! It could shock him and injure his emotional life forever!! No one needs to see me naked!! Believe me!!! Haha!

  33. lamberghini says:

    I so enjoyed reading your article about your close encounter of the glittery kind. (I love all of your articles–so well written, insightful and personal.) Your pictures of the big day were marvelous. So crisp and clear. I felt I was there. I was also happy to see your picture and your smiling face. What a happy day for you! I love a good Adam story and will always be thrilled to hear news. I am in complete awe of him. Thanks for sharing the joy of being near our heartthrob.

  34. Oh, Jeanette, this is so wonderful, your day and night of seeing the idols and Adam truly were totally memorable and triumphant. The pictures you took were excellent, so clear, immediate, and up close…I loved the one of Allison with her cute little face. The picture of you was also good…I liked that slightly turned-up leather collar and your Glambs T-shirt..and what is that interesting looking squarish-looking silver pendant at the end of your long silver chain? Your coat looks great on you also, the perfect Adamesque accessory. Milwaukee looks pretty good too, right there at the square. And isn’t it interesting how the pleasant, normal photos of the other idols contrast so greatly with those of ‘Adam by Night’….suddenly the camera starts to go slightly out of focus, everyone’s hair looks like it’s on fire, orbs start appearing, auras mist spontaneously, and this mad excitement is alive in every scene in which Adam appears. I LOVED your description from start to finish, the atmospheric day, the ‘working’ of the barricades, the concert that went past in a dream, and then finding Adam again outside! In my mind’s eye, I was watching you reach out and touch the back of his hand and stroking it, and I was feeling how soft and warm it was right along with you. It seems, though, that everyone without exception, is stricken speechless when Adam is near…I guess we are just going to have to leave that to Cheryl and Emili to blurt out something halfway coherent when Adam stands in front of them! Thanks so much, Jeanette, for your very special write-up of the Milwaukee show and the famous barricades, may the next part of ‘Jeanette and the Glamb’s Excellent Adventure’ be as fabulous, especially when Adam leaves ‘Gokey-Land behind! Bravo, and Glambs Rule!

    • Thank you, Lorrin! I’ve been waiting for your comment – I knew it would be eloquent!!!

      Thanks for your nice compliment. The square dog tag I was wearing (and am still wearing today) is a special hand-made Glambs tag with my # on it. Email and ask about the dog tag if you’re interested in getting one. OK, you gave me the title for my next installment next Saturday – stay tuned!!!

      • Oh thrills, Jeanette, I gave you the title for your next installment, I can’t wait! I know that ‘next’ installment is going to be alive with excitement if, indeed, Madison is a looser and more vibrant town than Milwaukee…and then, the Grand Rapids show after that, when all you wild and crazy gals will be converging on Adam together. We are all waiting with bated breath for that one! We are still hoping for something great from the Glambs since you, Cheryl, and Terry will be there together! No matter what happens, I hope you have the time of your lives following Adam in this wonderful, Glamberous escapade! And thanks for the info about the Glamb# dog tag, I will look into that right away! Love and thanks to you, Jeanette, Mary D., Mary C., Jill, and any and all others who have been with you at these concerts for getting back to all of us about your experiences. When the stroke of midnight fell in Milwaukee, you all had become fast friends and your coach had turned back into starlight, which I know you will all be riding on for many long days to come…special love to all you ‘end of tour’ Glambs!

        • Lisette here,
          Bonmatin Lorrin..always plasur to see yur post an descriptione above with l’glambs Jeanette,MaryD,MaryC sounding like they were princesses or belle of ball bein wiske away in a carriage into l’starlit,yes Adam is perfete ‘prince charmant..ah who will get l’glass slipper,a hug,bisous..autograph at next concert?!!Silly Lisette thenks Lorrin yur posts inspires me to continue l’belle reve here! Nevretheless all will feel thes joie if he once agan is upclose an looke into his beauface,crystalbleu eyes an a smile thet will melte anyone’s hearte..An til Im able to see in soloconcerte will adore to see here l glambs amies m trasur memoires of a lifeteme! Luv an hugs to all ..Lorrin for always adding special joie an lit when feling bleu ..Dose of Adam an yur posts relive any fibromyalgia or any bleus of l’jour! Hugs Lisettexoxo! bisous for l’prince of heartes an ange d’musique….Adam!xoox

          • My dear Lisette, nothing could make me happier than to help relieve any of your pain for even one minute, or to add joy to your life by writing beautiful posts about our beloved Adam. You are a gift to me also, and your words also help me to transcend my own pain and difficulties. We’ll just have to remain here with the Glambs and try to do as much of this good writing as we can, and be as uplifting as possible to each other, and to all the other Glambs. I loved your adding on to my ‘starlight’ fantasy, by asking who would get the ‘glass slipper, the hug, the kisses, the autograph at the next concert’, that was perfect. Yes, I can just see Adam as the handsome, dark-haired ‘Prince Charming’ to all our ‘princesses’ here on the site, ready to whisk us away in his starlit carriage. We will have to see what the coming days will bring as we follow our prince on his wonderful journey to the stars..thank you again so much, Lisette, for your own special contribution to our loving Glamb family. Angel bénédictions et des baisers à vous, too, dear friend..

  35. Two things: First, I can’t BELIEVE you touched–rubbed!!–Adam’s skin! I’m torn between joy for you and yearning selfishly for the same for myself.

    Secondly, this is yet another attempt by me to get my Glamb number!!!!!! I try and try!!!! For some reason everything I post just goes right up, there’s never a wait for it to be approved.

    So what do I do!?!?!?!? I wanna number!!! Whaaaaa!!!!

    (Just on the off chance that this post gets to the Giver-of-the-Numbers, here’s the required info: Glamb # ? My name is Dawn Harkins, and my username is dawnhark, and my location is South Lake Tahoe, CA!!!!!!!!)

    • South Lake Tahoe, Dawn, we are practically neighbors! Oddly enough, I was on Google Earth last night looking up my old childhood stomping grounds at Tahoe Pines, where we went every summer. There was a special pier there, a special road, and a special hidden path down to the Lake which we padded down, to go swimming every day. ‘Kaiser’s’ was directly to the right of us when we stood on the pier, which is also known as Fleur du Lac. Those were wonderful, unforgettable days. But you’re on the South Shore, did you have to endure through the terrible fires? Do you actually live full-time at the Lake? Anyway, hello and welcome again, I’m sure I’ve seen your name before, but didn’t realize you were so near. Love from the Valley!


    • Dawn, you have to go to this thread and post at the very end (with the required info) to get your number. This is the only thread where numbers are assigned:

      Glamb #6

  36. Jeanette, you’re a GREAT writer. Loved your choice of words. Your’s stands out from a sea of other recaps I’ve read. Supurb!

  37. AdamAddict says:

    We all know that Adam’s debut album will release in November! I just heard so do Kris Allen. The weird thing is they going to release on the same day!! Why they want to do that to Adam and Kris?? I know they both have different styles,and Adam’s fans will buy Adam’s CD and Kris’s fans will buy Kris Cd! And Kradam’s fans will buy both! It’s no longer competition but I really don’t like the idea. It’s like they did it on purpose to Kris and our beloved Adam! Too see who sells more or whatever! Make it huge in media!! Uhmm, same day?? Really? There’s something fishy!! But it’s okay, I believe Adam and Kris friendship will last forever anyway! But still don’t like the idea!!

    • I read that Adam’s CD was probably going to be released on Nov. 24th. Don’t remember where I read it. Even though it makes us wait another week, it would be better for Kris!

    • Emili, can you let us know where you heard this? Last I heard was Nov. 17th for Kris but no date yet for Adam. I agree tho – releasing both on the exact same day doesn’t make sense. I would think that in deference to Kris’ status as Idol winner, they would release his before Adam’s, so Nov. 24th, as Ellen says, would make sense to me.

    • I remembered where I read it! November 24th was on Adam’s Facebook page that is run by the management company. Doesn’t mean it’s accurate. I am hoping his single from the movie 2012 is released earlier.

  38. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    So happy for you and thanks for sharing your story!!! I went to 2 shows and did not get to meet him,but that’s ok,he will be around for a long to come,so I am sure I will get my chance.

  39. I was there and agree with everything you said…great review!! Here’s a link to my photos if anyone wants to view them.

    • These are fantastic, where were you sitting to get all these pictures? Thank you, Rebecca !

      • Very late reply, but thought I’d post in case you came back looking.We were in the 3rd row off the floor. In a section not directly next to the stage, but one over with a bettwe view of the front. Veyr good seats!!

  40. Adamtastic1877 says:

    3 things jeanette

    great review of the concert

    great Adam pictures-they are not blurry

    and I’m glad you got to touch adam’s arm, haha!

    I’ll have to get tickets for reading or wilksbare so I can have another chance to see Adam outside scince he went out to sign autographs EVERY
    night right AFTER the Philly covert 🙁

    • Yes, it seems to me that he has gotten his “second wind.” I think all the Idols now can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know the tour will be over in a couple weeks.

      Also, I think the earplugs are helping Adam. Those constant screams in your ears can literally hurt. I’m hoping to see him again after the Madison and GR shows!

  41. I’m so jealous of you, Jeanette!

  42. I met Jeanette (HI Jeanette!) in Milwaukee.She was nice enough to find me after I gave her my seat no.I asked Adam for a hug during signing and he reached out and grabbed both of my arms but no hug!.Thats ok.I still almost needed 911.I didn’t even mind waiting in the cold rain without an umbrella!He is absolutely wonderful–the very best. I just regret being a little rude to Danny Gokey (whom I have no interest in).He was giving autographs and I just stood there. He said” Why are you so mad ,Sweetheart?” I just said “wheres Adam”? Damn– my husband doesn’t even call me Sweetheart BUT I didn’t care I WANTED ADAM.We had front row seats and the show was amazing. However I found myself tolerating the whole thing waiting for Adam’s part.I didn’t really get into any other but I did enjoy Allison.I can’t even tell you ,for sure,if Kria Allen sang. Just kidding–He sang but I just wasn’t into it. Never have been.I was there SIMPLY for our ADAM.

    • Hi Barbara! Glad I got to say hi to you at the show. Wow, how great to have Adam grab your arms!! Almost as good as a hug. I know how you feel about the rest of the show. I, too, was not able to “get into” a lot of the other performances, tho I think everyone did a good job. I never got Danny’s autograph. All I was focused on was Adam – that was my mission, and I didn’t want any other distractions!

    • Barbara sweetheart……LOLOL I hate it when “strangers” call me sweetheart too! Just had to do that!!! :):) 🙂

    • Barbara, forgive Danny for the ‘sweetheart’ thing. He was riding pretty high that night and more power to him. I’m not fond of him but I am glad he had a night just for him, more or less!

    • Heh Barb, It s Mary D…..I had so much fun meeting you at the concert and reading your reviews. I may be going to Chicago tomorrow just for the after show meet and greet. Are you interested.

  43. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Hi Jeanette. I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience and you really did get great photos. Thankyou for sharing the story. Oh, I am reminiscing now.

  44. THANKS TO ALL that helped us thru another day by living your experiences!!!! Waiting for your Posts were well worth the wait. The stories read like a supence story, couldn’t wait for the next word. The pics were so goooood, oh, I miss Adam so much, think I’ll go and play some CVD’s that I have and treasure like nothing else I have other than Adam’s still pictures and of course the great site. Thanks Jeanette and all that keep us informed……..

  45. Guess what, something new just for me, I checked out the number that I was assigned to and guess what it is #414, that is my lucky #, which I have had for over 40 yrs, it is hard to believe that I got this #414, to me this means that I am in the right place, “THE GLAMBS”

  46. te_amo_adam says:

    Jeanette, it is the positive energy that you hold for Adam that kept this night so magical. Thank you for taking us along. What a sweet ride it was! Simply beautiful, and I am so happy for you and all the others that have kept it so positive. Adam has an amazing group of fans.

  47. Hey, Jeanette! Thanks for meeting up with us in the afternoon….. What an absolutely great concert! And it turned out to be a beautiful day.
    We were in the lower section in row 3 on the side and the people around us didn’t stand at all except for when Adam came out! My pictures look pretty much like yours in the afternoon. I got my pic taken with Michael Sarver (he was very nice), Allison, and my grandaughter got hers taken with Megan. I didn’t because 2 of them were by us at the same time and my grandaughter loves Meg and I made sure she got that one. (Grandmas do have to make sacrifices!) Anyway, I didn’t make it back there after the show and missed Adam signing……………………………:(
    Maybe that prevented me from landing in jail so it might be a good thing! ha ha
    My boss at work will be in Minneapolis Tuesday night (lucky her)
    Have fun everyone at all the other concerts. You will enjoy it sooooooo much!

    • HEY Barbie Doll,

      It was great meeting you! What a day, huh? Glad you got some pix, but sorry you didn’t make the after-concert. It was worth standing in the rain for an hour!

  48. Oh! I got my pic taken with Matt too.

  49. Hey, I just found out from Danny’s cousin that neither Adam nor Kris appeared at the backstage meet & greet, so even if I would have been able to get a backstage pass, it wouldn’t have done me any good.

    More unbelievable good luck in the way things turned out! Can you imagine my disappointment if I had gotten a pass and then Adam wasn’t there?

    This explains how Adam and Kris were able to come outside so soon after the concert ended.

  50. Thank you for sharing your concert experiences and feelings!!! I wish I was able to meet you guys at the concert!
    Oh, Jeanette and especially Pam! I am so envious of you guys!!! I was not able to stay to meet ADAM… But, I guess mommies have to make sacrifices… (I have 2 small kids whom I left with my husband and who were not falling asleep without my presence).
    And my mom and my friend (who also has a 2 year old) were not supporting me in my desire to stay (so I lost it 2 to 1) and had to drive them home as soon as the rain stopped.
    They were like “Hey, you got his autograph already!” It’s true, I did get his autograph. Some nice camera man Nik (bless his heart!) agreed to take my RS mag backstage for Adam to sign. He brought it back to me after the concert with precious Adam’s signature!!! My magazine also got an unwelcome bonus as Matt signed it too right by the picture of the snake and a little higher, I think that was just mean of Matt to do. I think he saw what he was doing.
    I really wanted to meet Adam and to take one glance into his beautiful eyes, to have one moment of eye contact… To have any meaningful conversation or skin contact would be inexplicable!
    So now I need a post-concert missed Adam appearance coping assistance… Help…
    Likewise, I was tolerating all the other performances until Danny was done and then the real show began! I do understand that I have a lot to be thankful for. I was able to be right in front of the stage, I am very grateful for wonderful view and being able to see HIS face! What a gorgeous boy! When he was on the stage the time was running in its own dimension, really! During other performances I was looking around, noting cameramen and trying to smile as wide as I can when suddenly I saw the camera going in the direction of the fence where I was standing, but when Adam came onstage, it was like everything and everyone else just dissolved, there was just a blur with Adam in the middle of it as sharp image as you can get… At first I tried to capture a little bit of him with my camera, but camera could not reflect the reality as I was able to see it, so I gave up wasting precious moments, when I could see him with my own eyes without any distractions. I am still thinking if I should abandon my family this coming Friday and go to Madison to try to still some Adam-moments or should I wait for his solo-tour?

    Olga Glambert #1999

    • Goatiegarden says:

      Go, Olga, Go!
      Jeanette, Mary D and I (Sandra) will be in Madison. Perfect chance for your little ones to start getting used to daddy putting them to sleep, when mommie is following Adam on his solo tour!!:):):)

  51. I think my last comment didn’t post, sorry if it’s a duplicate. I was at the Milw show, and agree with the review. Here’s a link to my photos if you want to look:

    Thanks for the great recap!

  52. “VELVET GOLDMINE” This movie reminds me of ADAM LAMBERT and I only saw parts of it, I am going to watch the full movie on YouTube in a little bit! By the way Ewan McGregor is hot like Adam, but not AS hot!!!!!!!!



    VELVET GOLDMINE Check it out!

    • Cheryl,

      I am a huge Ewan McGregor fantard. I have most of his movies, as well as books written about him and all sorts of Ewan junk purchased on ebay, including a pillowcase with his photo on it and a mousepad with his pic. On the chat here my avatar is Curt Wild from Velvet Goldmine. Like Adam, he is fearless and has the best smile! Moulin Rouge makes me cry every time I watch it…and Velvet Goldmine…Cheryl, did you get to the scene yet where he prances on stage without a stitch on? Good Lord.


  53. Adamxtasy says:

    “Ladies” and “crazies”, I am Mary D. and I can tell I am going to LOVE it here as I am ROTFLMBO reading some of these posts. I am glamb # 404, a once in a while lurker who was so touched “meeting the staff” that I had to join in.
    Meeting all the sweet glambs, Jeanette, Barbara and Sandy will be the highlight of my summer after counting my nearly orgasmic encounter with Adam and being a part of and witnessing the thunderous roar of the crowd after Danny set in anticipation of the indescribable phenomenon that has had my mind “going wild” for the past 3 days.
    Taking Adams pulse was very intimate for me and all that I hoped it would be….just wish I could of held him there longer. Gotta go will be back sooon to continue.

  54. Atomic_Betty says:

    Jeanette, I am so happy for you that you got to see Adam( and touch him! ). It’s definitely unlike anything else to be in the presence of Adam. I live in Oregon, but flew out to Columbus, OH for one of the recent concerts. I can totally relate to your whole experience. I went to the very first one, but didn’t get to really see Adam (although he walked right up to my sister who I drug along, lol, she was at the gate and I was behind her) so when I happened to score a free airline ticket, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Anyways, got to see Adam at the barricades after wards and totally made an idiot of myself. The crowd was well behaved which I was grateful for because some after show meet and greets that I’ve been to were out of control. Because of people being rude the couple of times he didn’t come out, I wanted to make sure he knew I appreciated him coming out. I said I knew he didn’t have to come out and I appreciated him doing so in which he responded, that he really wanted to and it was important to him. Then I felt dumb because I think what I said completely came out wrong and maybe he thought I thought he hadn’t come out before just because he hadn’t wanted to which I knew wasn’t the case. Does that make sense? Oh Adam, we know you love your fans and you give so unselfishly of yourself. Anyways, I can’t remember much after that, I can’t even remember if I said thank you when he signed my RS. It was so overwhelming and I completely blanked out. Oh, I hope I said thank you. Doh!! Everything else was a blur . . I was literally shaking after he passed me. It was intense. What Adam does to us.