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Okay, so I admit it – I just wanted an excuse to post this dishy photo of Adam!  It was taken on July 17th outside the Staples Center while Adam was taking part in American Idol Live, which was being held there.  (Thanks to ShowBizSpy for the photo.)

Also during the Los Angeles stop, MTV News interviewed Adam and asked about the upcoming debut album.  Here’s what Adam had to say…“It’s kind of taking the best parts of music from the ’70s, like the classic-rock era, and trying to somehow fuse it with modern, dancier, electronic production. It’s kind of a fusion thing.”  According to MTV News, Adam will not only be working with Lady Gaga producer RedOne, but with Greg Wells, the producer and songwriter behind hits by Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson.  Adam is also reported to be working with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who wrote Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” as well as with Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For” and much more).

As has been widely reported already, Adam plans on mixing up tempos and styles on his new album.  “It goes back and forth,” Adam said. “There’s some ballads, there’s some uptempo, there’s some songs that are a little bit more straightforward, current pop. There are some songs that are more dance; there are some songs that are straight rock.”

The reporter asks what’s his favorite song so far.  “I can’t tell!” Adam laughs. “I’m not allowed.”

The MTV article ends on this high note. “The music’s gonna be great. Just wait a couple months. You gotta be patient,” promises Adam.

Okay, so there’s not much here that we haven’t heard before, but hey, we still hang on every word that comes out of Adam’s mouth, don’t we?

I personally don’t really care what will be on the new album.  I’m partial to rock, but I will buy it, listen to it, and love it regardless!  What about you?  Are you happy with the “fusion” that Adam promises, or would you prefer all rock or something else entirely?

Here’s the link to the MTV News article:

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Shannon says:

    The “dancier and electronic production” thing kind of scares me. I like rock, but I’m sure I will find something I like on his album. (He does look incredibly hot in that picture.)

  2. Hendrix says:

    I think Adam excels with rock – Whole Lotta Love and Slowride were the tour highlights, they were beyond EPIC (MW was unreal as well).

    I love raving….I just don’t love fusion, dancey Adam. & the whole GaGa underground thing can get old quickly. Tthe fact that he wants to keep evolving as an artist gives me hope though. And if I hate his album (nahh….), I’m still going to love adorable him, his hilarious interviews and his Orga-performance vids. Haha.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree w/ Hendrix, the whole underground thing never sustained itself for very long before, why should it now? Also, some of the ’80s electro, ‘new wave’ stuff got old fast – although I’m sure it is still around in the clubs.
      I would love to see him do what Kara said – ’70s ROCK, NO ONE IS DOING IT. Adam’s vioce is perfect for the whole incredible Rock Ballads that came out of the 70s – some of the best songs ever! (e.g. his rendition of “If I Can’t Have You” was unbelievable!!!)
      It is my dream that he will one day do a cover album of all the best of the 70s and early 80s. I know he is saying he is doing some 70s Rock fused with electronic, but what does that really mean?? The two things he needs is to find are great writers and great melodies. So far, the ones he mentioned he is working with are not the best in the business. Hopefully, they will come up with something great because it’s Adam, it HAS to be great!! He says it will be great, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Oooh, the anticipation!!!

  3. I’m very excitedly awaiting the album and I’m feeling very good about it! From what Adam says it’s going to be killer and the list of people he’s working with alone back up that statement. Adam will not produce a mediocre album I don’t think it’s possible. I’m definitely looking forward to some ballads that highlight Adam’s voice in it’s purest form…but the electronic and dancier songs he mentions, I think, will be in the same vein as Lady Gaga with a little rougher rock edge blended in. Adam mentions ‘beats’ and ‘rifs’ many times and he really seems to know what he’s talking about from a production standpoint. I don’t think there is a real market for ‘solid hard rock’ anymore as Adam says he wants to bring that rock sound but modern it up and make it fresh. There’s basically 2 genres these days that will generate platinum+ albums but they are kind of blurred…country (which sometimes includes some pop and some rock and even some r &b) and pop (which includes pop/rock/hip hop, etc). The only thing I’m slightly worried about is the synth stuff going overboard and covering up Adam’s voice because his voice is too beautiful for too much of that. I want to hear Adam on the radio and I believe that we will be hearing him on the radio a lot!

  4. Manda_K says:

    I am super excited! Cannot wait, but I will try to be patient…don’t have much of a choice I suppose….

    GREAT pic!!!

  5. peaches says:

    Whatever Adam touches turns to GOLD! He’s just that talented! I know the new album will be a smashing hit! He’s working with the best!

  6. Courtney says:

    I can’t wait!!! I love all genres of music, and I’m sure adam’s album is amazing!

  7. OMG!! I love that photo!

  8. Adam is the PROMISE. It doesn’t matter what he puts out first. Hopefully, he well record all kinds of music. He was right the other day whenthe said that there is a vacancy of solo male artists on top 40 right now. That scene is dominated by Katy, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pink, Britney etc… and groups like Black Eyed Peas. I love the current club / dance music and the uber sexy videos. What I am dieing to see is Adam strutting and pumping in a video. The male audience has been spoiled for to long. Its our turn now and I can’t wait.

    • TheFeyNan says:

      @Medley, “What I am dieing to see is Adam strutting and pumping in a video.”

      My thoughts exactly this morning….VH1, was doing this weeks “Top 20 Videos”, 4 out of the 20 were past AI contestants, with Daughtery being # 1. And I admit he was my fav & had all my votes that year…..But the whole time I was watching, Gawd, I wished for an Adam video, and I let my imagination run rampant with the thought of what he would be doing(and believe me it wasn’t hanging from a peice of scaffolding, WHEW!!) Our day will come…just not soon enough,
      because yesterday, would have been soon enough for me……Can’t Wait…Can’t Wait!!! Too Hot, Too Sexy, by far…..

  9. MJ was basically pop but he did light rock and ballads as well and sold billions over his lifetime.

    I like the fusion idea, especially when world beats are incorporated. Look what happened with No Doubt how reggae was fused with some songs. Black Eyed Peas, Shakira have incorporated reggae and/or rap into their music. Many R and B singers have also done that.

    I like “Kiss and Tell” and “Pop Goes the Camera” which seem to have a lot of synthetic music to them and are good club tunes, aren’t they? C’mon Young’uns do tell!

  10. lovergirl says:

    Holly mother of god!!! he looks HOT!!!!

  11. adamtastic1877 says:

    i think w/e is on there, i’ll luv. even if i think a song’s weird at first, ill probably grow to luv it-like i did w/ lady gaga. i didnt like paparazzi, money honey, fame, or i like it rough until later. but ill learn te lyrics to every adam song b4 the week is out (the week of te album release of course!)

    though i DO have one already down- the song “Want” that was posted on youtube.

    just search for it. i like it. its a slow-ish pretty song about how everyong wants love.

  12. well I love what he did with the Bowie medley so if that is a sample of some of the stuff which he has mentioned then I shall love that too. I do hope he does a few slower ones too and that it has videos of him performing the tracks which is his strong point apart from his equally adamazing voice/xxx I wonder if one day he would do an album just with covers that could be based on requests by his fans…with his own spin on it of course,,, I think that would be interesting too..I love the song I love you that he sings,,,,that is so hauntingly beautiful,,,xxx love you Adam mucch xxxxx

    • Rhymingrealtor says:


      I love, love his cover of I Just Love You, so much so I made a video – I am a little hesitant to post here as it may look lame compared to the beautiful professional videos made for him by so many. I am posting it however with the hope you enjoy listening and watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

      Karen – Glamb #33? (Im gonna check on that number soon)

  13. I love fusion, so I guess this is a good thing.


  15. Idc if one of he songs on adams album has a song that no one likes and it is not the best I still will think it is THE BEST beacause its ADAM he cant do no wrong and I love the rock with the modern kinda thing and all that dance whatever it sound very adam…and now all he needs to do is make music videos and dance and stuff…They are going to be sweeet ((:

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      i kinda relate to that, but with his version of the song “no boundaries” instead. everyone’s like ‘oh, he didn’t perform that very well, and neither did kris! oh! its so horrible!’ and i just say ‘i like his version. its my second fave AI song he’s done!’

      • Oh I totally agree. Adam’s version of No Boundaries is great! It’s almost like it is his story.
        Rock on Adam.

        • I agree ….. I love his version and I really feel it was written for him. Every time I hear it I think….that is Adam’s story.

  16. Allison says:

    Most of today’s music is over produced, i.e. Jamie Foxx’s AI song. Yech! Hope that Adam’s CD lets his beautiful voice shine through.

  17. HEY GUYS


    • adamtastic1877 says:

      yea! adam’s gonna be in a movie! CRAP! i just ruined it for everyone!

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG!!Is this for real or another rumors?Last time I got excited 4 nothing.But as MJ?If that true,I think we wont be able to see his pretty face much,can’t stare at those beautiful blue eyes but I’m 100% sure he’s going to be brilliant.I already imagine it.Adam is seriously talented actor,I didn’t say this because I’m a huge fan but he really is.If he took that role,I think he can get an award for that.Act as black man tranform to “white” man.And then there’s singing in the movie and it’s about MJ.I bet this going to be box office!Oh please be it true,I want to see Adam in big screen,I want Adam wins award,I want Adam be very famous here in Malaysia and have this Leonardo Dicaprio fever like when Titanic was released few years ago.I want all good things happen to our darling Adam! 😀

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        wait a minute! its not real. the top of the pg says spoofs!

        • AdamAddict says:

          WTH??Excited for nothing again!!1 day when it’s true,I’m not going to believe it guys!But that will be my lost,huh?So,ok I will keep believing then that 1 day Adam will become a Movie star! 🙂

  18. Jeanette no. 2 says:

    I just want to tell JEANETTE Glamb #5 that THANK YOU very much for posting this photo. Adam looks drop dead gorgeous here. Ha.

    As for song choices, he should be great with all kind of songs. But personally I like to hear his pure voice singing rather than too much gimmicky electronic stuff overboard.

  19. I love dance,electronic wanna dance music & riock too for sure and Adam’s singing some pop too, so i hope this album is on CD and vinyl as well cuz it will be phenomonal.

  20. There is simply no end to Adam’s beauty. Check the smiles on the guys’ faces – it shows that this is a very special moment in their lives … standing with our music icon. The music producers working with Adam must be in their element. I am sure that there are many producers who must be kicking themselves for not ceazing their opportunities prior to AI. Well to them, ‘eat your hearts out’! Can’t wait for his CD to be released. ‘Ordinary’ is not part of Adam’s vocabulary. Every song he has sung has been extraordinary and unforgettable because he dares to go where no one currently dares and because he can.

    Theresa, see what I mean about your approach being ‘current’ – can certainly show the ‘young uns’ a thing or two.

    • AdamAddict says:

      “Check the smiles on the guys faces” There ‘s other guys there?Oh my bad,all I see is Adam and was like “Hmm,what a pretty face” and than I scroll down! lol

  21. Your eye immediately goes to his dazzling eyes perfectly lined in black with beautifully arched brows, the ice-blue irises cutting like lasers, their shape wide and full, and tilted just enough to charm and beguile. His hair falls in artful black spears, feathering across the broad expanse of his sculpted forehead, and the hair at the sides and temples of his handsome head are cut to perfection. The fall of his facial line from forehead to chin is flawless, slightly filled out at the cheek, giving him the appearance of a fabulous, boyish man. His nose is a perfect length, well-shaped, strong, and masculine, blending into the whole seamlessly. His whole face, in fact, is a study in perfect symmetry, from the top of his glossy, blue-black head, to the set of his mesmerizing blue eyes, down to the radiance of his perfect white teeth, above the firm set of his firmly molded chin. Sweet boys all, but the one in the middle of that photograph above is unlike any other, a prince among men.

    And as for the music and the coming album; it will be wonderful, sensuous, ravishing, overpowering, piercingly moving, and hot as the hottest fire, just like the man himself. Who can possibly wait to hear it for one more minute!? But that’s the beauty and art surrounding Adam Lambert…..building us up to the last arc of emotional tension before releasing the bowstring to find its mark in the very center of our waiting hearts. I only hope we can all wait out the months, and days, and minutes until the boy’s dream becomes the man’s fulfilled desire, and we can all share in the perfect joy of that moment with him.

    • sylverine says:

      Whew, Lorrin – your lyrical flights! Only way to describe them, always gives me delicious chills!
      He’s really kind of like the Elizabeth Taylor of men isn’t he?

      • Yes, he IS, sylverine, maybe with a little more heighth and edge than Liz..(I’m smiling)..

  22. Ingrid, we posted at exactly the same moment! How ARE you afriglam?

    • Lorrin, I am still recovering from your post! I must tell you that although I have registered as afriglam on twitter, I have not yet tried to take it to the next level. The only reason why I am still sane (kind of) is because I can share my Adamalism with you and the other Glambs. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I would connect with so many people across the Globe.

      You are such a creative spirit! Do you still paint? Someone asked Adam which animal he would choose to be if he could choose. I thought about that and wondered whether the Glambs could contribute what they think is a suitable Adam metaphor (with reasons for their choice), which would not only limit the selection to animals. Perhaps you would consider depicting Adam metaphorically. What do you think?

      • sylverine says:

        Interesting Ingrid! Definitely a black panther – sleek, gleaming black velvet moving low with a slinky prowl and soft throaty purr then pouncing with a sharp snarl and flicking tail. Or something…. heh

        • Ooh sylverine, definitely does it for me! Are you still going to one of the AI concerts? I have decided to attend one of the ‘Adam only’ concerts – probably only next year.

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        some kind of poisonous snake

      • Finally, Ingrid, I have been able to come back to this post and comment! I actually had written out a complete reply to you yesterday, but just as I was posting, this site cut out and became unavailable (first time that has happened), and my whole post was lost. So, I’m coming back to it again today.

        In answering your question, yes, I still do paint. Acrylics, pastels, and pen-and-ink are my favorite mediums. Over the last five years or so, I’ve done a number of large landscapes using a special kind of technique using a black background. The resulting effect is very beautiful and otherworldly. I’ve won lots of blue and red ribbons (and a purple one, too) and I do sell my things at various small shows. I hung my things in a gallery in town for awhile. My mother was also an excellent artist, and she and I enjoyed competing sometimes together in our media class. When I was younger, my speciality was drawing people, using an illustrative, rather than strictly realistic style. During the last 10 years, though, I turned myself into a landscape artist, which has been so enjoyable for me and gotten good response.

        When I described Adam above, I was thinking of him in artistic terms, musing as I went how I would first draw, then paint his beautiful face. The problem with doing portraits (and I am not a portrait artist, although I can do faces), is not so much the technical aspect, but capturing the exact likeness of the subject, whatever style is used. A line or shadow out of place and the ‘true Adam’ would not be achieved. I’m always amazed at the outstanding skill of some portrait artists, who always nail the likenesses perfectly. But I can give it a try. Adam is certainly worth dragging all the paints and canvases out from the drawers and closets.

        Now in seeing Adam metaphorically as a proud animal, here are my choices. Like Ingrid, I saw Adam as a panther first. Even though they are leopards and have faint spots, their inky blackness is Adam’s signature color. Panthers also have beautiful heads and shoulders, and so does Adam. Their golden eyes are exotic and overwhelmingly hypnotic. And they stalk in the shadows for their unsuspecting prey.

        The second animal I saw with Adam was a white lion. I can see his massive white head and mane towering over Adam’s black hair and blue eyes. Adam has the heart of a lion, fearless and determined. The white of the lion would make a gorgeous contrast to Adam’s black. The face of a white lion is also always outlined in sharp black, and its eyes are a sensational very light blue-green.

        The third and last animal I think of when I see Adam is a magnificent Friesien black stallion. When Adam leaps for the upper stage and kicks out his leg in back as he goes, I immediately see the rippling black silk of a Friesien’s coat and his marvelous flowing mane, leaping with the man. When Adam plants those legs, kicks out with his feet, and prances and struts across that stage, he is the metaphor come to life.

        So, Ingrid, those are my choices for Adam. Maybe I can work up one of these and see how it looks, or maybe I could do a large canvas, and use Adam with all three animals, for he is certainly all of them and more.

        • Lorrin, your gifts are endless and you never ceaze to amaze me. Yes, pleeeeeeeeease! I know I am always asking you to do ‘Adam things’. I have to rush off but will let you know how I metaphorically see Adam.

          Theresa, Cheryl, AdamAddict, GLAMBS, please share your thoughts!

    • Great minds think alike! Definitely NOT fools seldom differ!

  23. Suse1701 says:

    Lorrin, so beautiful. He does inspire, doesn’t he?

  24. Glambert# 3706 says:

    I personally think it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait for it to come out!

  25. Adam Lambert is drop-dead gorgeous, handsome, sensual, and is definitely hotter than the hottest New York August summer night! That picture of him is almost perfect; then again he is perfection personified! I honestly wish I had perfect facial features like him. I am counting the days until that album of his comes out – I am already registered on line to get it. Adam could sing the ABC’s to me and it would probably sound absolutely beautiful. If my instincts are correct, my feeling is that Adam will become the biggest recording star of all time, and it couldn’t happen toa more wonderful human being.

  26. pokergurl says:

    I love the fact that Adam has alot of fans of both sexes. Unlike alot of artists who draw in mostly women or vice versa, he will have a tremendous appeal to everyone, and also people of all ages. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a huge, huge star throughout the world.

  27. AdamRocks! says:

    Black velvet and that little boy’s smile
    Black velvet with that slow southern style
    A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees
    Black velvet if you please

    Up in Memphis the music’s like a heatwave
    White lightening, bound to drive you wild
    Mama’s baby’s in the heart of every school girl
    “Love me tender” leaves ’em cryin’ in the aisle
    The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true
    Always wanting more, he’d leave you longing for


    • AdamRocks! says:

      Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
      Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
      Mama’s dancin’ with baby on her shoulder
      The sun is settin’ like molasses in the sky
      The boy could sing, knew how to move, everything
      Always wanting more, he’d leave you longing for

      Had to add these lyrics, since I’m in Mississippi. . . 🙂

      Cindy in MS

      • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Ooooooooooooooooooh, yes, yes! AdamRocks, I looooooooove this song. Can you imagine our Adam singing it? Bliss, absolute bliss!

  28. Pepper Mill says:

    I don’t want him to sing really heavy metal. In reality he can sing anything and I would probably like it. My problem is I want to watch him sing. When he did “Feeling Good” and strutted down the steps I thought that was the “SEXIST” thing I have ever seen. He is so drop dead gorgeous I am glad I am getting to experience all of this. This is the first time I have ever been turned on by anybody. The stange thing is, is that he does something that I cannot explain. There is no one word for it. But the addiction is mind boggling. I either play his CD in the car, watch him on the computer or watch him on DVD everyday. And of course I follow the gossip of him on tour. I don’t want it to end. Totally taken.

    • Ditto: everything Adam. Its a feel gooder!

    • TheFeyNan says:

      The addiction IS mind boggling, is it not??? My family thinks I have lost my mind!!! I am steadily LQQKING over my shoulder when someone enters my room to see who caught me this time.. Adamizing…..when I mention his name they just roll their eyes….LMAO….I made it through The Beatles, The Stones, David Bowie, Robert Plant, being my main men…but this “Fierce Rock God”, has me on a plane I have never been before…and without any mind altering help….Gotta Luv Him !!

  29. AdamRocks! says:

    Who are the guys in the photo with Adam?

    Cindy in MS

    • just some fans after the concert.

    • AdamRocks , Yes, finally someone mentions the other guys! Needless to say ADAM is GOD! But, the guy in the blue hat deserves honorable mention, I think just because he looks so cute, and has quite a
      beautiful smile! That’s all I’ve got to say about him! ….just sayin’…….nice smile…….peace

  30. Isabella says:

    i got the exact same thoughts as Jeanette^^

  31. Well, as far as his music goes, I love everything he did on Idol, and on the Idol tour. But—I generally don’t like electronic stuff. To me, the electronics make it sound kind of ‘fake’, which it is–not ‘real’ instruments. Adam is too real to have anything fake in there–to me. Plus, he doesn’t need any high pitchy stuff competing with his high notes. To me, there seems to be a lot of high notes in electronic stuff. But he loves it, so he needs to go for it! Maybe once he gets it out of his system, he will do other stuff that I will love more on his next albums. Michael Jackson’s best album was not his first.

    • Marlis, I agree….Adam is too talented for the “fake stuff” & gimmicks….he needs people like Slash, etc to get down with him & play some hard core music and start jamming with his vocals!!!! Can’t wait for that stage of his career…Adam keep rocking!!!!

  32. DAMN but that man burns on film!!! The camera just LOVES him doesn’t it???

  33. I have faith that Adam’s choices will be awesome! I’m a huge rock fan and hope there’s lots of that…..not into the techno electronic stuff at all. I know how much he loves Lady Gaga’s music and that kinda scares me. Some of her stuff can sorta grow on ya but the best I’ve heard from her is her accoustic version of PokerFace….she on the keyboard. I hate watching her…….why can’t she just sing and forget all the gimmicks.

    I will love Adam’s music no matter what it is……that sweet voice will be ringing throughout my home! Bring it on!

  34. jovigirl71 says:

    He’s so beautiful inside and out. His music choices display it as well of course. He’s incredable. What else can I say.
    The poor guy has to keep repeating himself on what style music he has on the cd. That must get annoying.
    He’s so down to earth… love him
    Great photo 🙂

  35. AdoringAdam says:

    LOVE the picture. What charisma.
    I will buy anything and everything he records. Besides being a beautiful specimen of a man, his voice is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best voice out there.

  36. Marlis has said it, maybe he will start off more pop and techno and work his way along.

    Aquarian types tend to be very progressive, often leading the way in fashion, music etc… I would expect him to change his style over a number of years. He’ll get plenty of feedback. It’s not like the old days, with the internet and interactive Entertainment TV shows he will ‘get the message’ if his albums don’t sell well and accommodate us accordingly…………. or maybe lead us to new places like Bowie did?

  37. Oh, my, how fine Adam looks!!! Adam’s album/CD will please everyone who loves Adam! I am totally
    convinced of this!!! So, don’t worry, I’m telling you all, you will just love it!! How dis those 2 guys gete that picture w/Adam???!!! If I were allowed to stand that close to Adam, I caqn tell you all something for sure, I would most definately try to ‘plant’ one on thaqt gorgeous face, w/o hesitation!!! I do not trust myself being that close!!!! Oh, my! BUT, who is the guy in the blue hat???? He’s got beautiful teeth and smile and looks like he’d be super nice!! I think Adam looks better w/that guy than his friend Drake! I really like that guy’s look! NOT COMPARING him to Adam!!!! No one can be compared to Adam. Adam has his own pedastal
    where only he can govern! He says ‘jump’, I say, ‘how high do you want?’!!!
    …………….peace-love-haqppiness………..2 our incredible ROCK-GOD ADAM!!!

    • Cheryl, there you go again! I need to sleep tonight, please. By the way, I prefer Drake!

      • INGRID, I noticed a few posts above this , you asked me and the other glambs to comment. You didn’t
        see that I had written 2 posts? Oh, but you did see what I said about Drake! Aha!! You like Drake’s looks
        better? You crazy, girl???? Drake is too ‘puney’, that’s Latin for ‘scrawney’! Did you see the vid of Drake
        in Europe w/his shirt off and all?? Ewww! Too puney for me! Kris Allen is small, but not puney. I don’t
        care for eilther of their builds. I like Adam’s build!!!! OOOOooooooohhhhh,,,,,baby!!! Yeah, I’d be a
        slave for Adam! I could jump REAL HIGH!!!! Or stand on my head, or anything else, and I can really think
        of a lot else!!!! Just look at Adam and all kinds of naughty little things come to mind!!!! I can only repeat
        them if I am beaten!!! Adam, you can ‘beat’ me any time!!!! OR, IF YOU’D RATHER, I CAN ‘BEAT’ YOU,
        CUTE LITTLE FRONT-END,,,,,,OR,,,,,stop! Get ahold of myself! OR, STOP, GET AHOLD OF ADAM!!!!
        That’s it! I’m ‘CONFUSED, AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME’ ! Now where did we hear that before????
        Oh, yeah! Ring of Fire!!!! Kara. Dear Kara!
        Hey, by the by, heard that Paula is playing hardball w/the producers of AI! She’s welcom to be a ‘guest
        judge’ on that show!? Wh wants her $$$$$! And I, for one, don’t blame her!

  38. Dianne Hill says:

    I love the pic, believe me when I say that you never, ever need an excuse to put a picture up of our beautiful Adam.

    I also wouldn’t be too afraid of what Adam’s album is going to be like. I have downloaded all Adam’s songs (because I am in New Zealand I am unable to buy them) and there is a version of Born to be Wild which is different to when he sang it on Idol and it is absolutely fantastic and I think anything he does will be awesome and feel this could be the direction he will go in. It is still “rock” but more up tempo. I don’t think we need to worry, after all, has there been any song at all that we haven’t loved on Idol that Adam has done.

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      the different version of Born to be wild was probably the studio version.

      for all Ai songs

      they have the live, 2 minute-or-less songs performed on the show

      then they have the FULL song that the idol contestants re-sing in a recording studio

  39. AdamRocks! says:

    Has anyone seen this great interview? Adam and Slash have been texting about collaborating!!!

    • Oh, my gosh, I am so glad to see this interview posted! Here I was moping around for Adam, thinking Slash would never answer Adam ‘s dearest wish to sing with him, and here he’s already way ahead of everybody, and he and Slash are already talking! This is so great, thank you for posting this! And wasn’t Adam as darling and funny and cute as he could be in this video……yes.

      • Thanks AdamRocks – I am delighted that Slash and Adam will be collaborating. I always hoped that it Adam’s wish would come to fruition. … and yes Lorrin, as Adam-licious as ever!

    • Thank you, AA… good to know about Slash.

  40. Bellelinda says:

    I have watched several videos from the different AIConcert tour locations and they have made me afraid that we will not be able to hear a word that Adam sings! ………….Yes I think he is knock dead gorgeous and I am looking forward to seeing him in person BUT I want to be able to hear him too and not just a mass of screaming girls. Here is a question for those who have already been to see the AI Tour Concert: Could you actually hear Adam sing and see him move? We have good floor seats but I am really worried that we will drive all that way and then be unable to enjoy Adam’s performance.

    • Yes! Bellelinda we heard him just fine. They have the Idol’s voices amped up and besides, Adam belts out anyway. We didnt’ miss a thing in Vancouver and we were at the back.

  41. As long as it’s Adam it’s all good. I am a metal rocker myself but I love everything Adam does and I love everything about him. I can’t wait until he tours on his own.

  42. AdamAdmirer says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard that he will include some ballads – thank God! I was so hoping that he will do songs like he did on Idol e.g., Tracks of My Tears and Feelin’ Good. These are the songs we all feel in love with him doing and I don’t want it to end – not that it will, but I’m not sure about that Lady Gaga sound, Adam is too good for that – please Adam, give us some classic sounds that will endure forever, like we know you will be around for a long, long time tocome. Viva La Adam!!

  43. some of these comments are psycho babble – cut to the chase- Adam can do no wrong

    • JOYCE, Don’t be hasty!!! Can’t you come up w/more than that? WE ALL KNOW THAT! haha!

    • Joyce, sometimes we like to liinnnnnnnnger in our absolute love for Adam. Indulge us!

      • Surely, hopefully, Joyce is being wry here by using a little oxymoron…..after all, ALL our ‘psycho-babble’ is cumulatively together saying that ADAM CAN DO NO WRONG! WE know that, but we just like to use bigger and longer words to say it!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Joyce, yes, we all know Adam can do no wrong, period! However, the question was posed above as to what we prefer; Answer: WE PREFER ADAM!

  44. adamtastic1877 says:

    ok on facebook on an adam fan page, someone posted a picture of a fax of the songs on adam’s album! i can’t show the picture cuz it won’t let me on this comment but ill write the titles:

    1. Beg For Mercy
    2.Crawl thru fire
    3. want
    4. kiss and tell
    5. just the way it is
    6. turning on
    7. on with the show
    8. runaway
    9. 15 minutes of fame
    10. the circle
    11. mp3 killed the record companies

    now i went on youtube to look for these songs, so here is my little review of what i found

    (note: i did not find all of these songs, just a few, because most of them are pre idol songs)


    this was a bit better than kiss and tell (later review of that song). again filter, but more catchy tune

    3. WANT

    this is my absolute favorite! i have it on my ipod and already know the words. its actually his voice no filter which was great!


    i listened to it and was disappointed because his voice was nothing but filter.


    ok i couldn’t find a full song so i watched a video of our boy performing it live (pre idol song) it’s a rock song, and i couldn’t make out the words. but i can tell you that HH was rocking the (shorter than now) man bangs! here’s the video if you wanna see him


    i think this song was renamed 15 minutes of fame, because i listened to “pop goes to camera” (pre idol song i guess) and it said the words “15 minutes of fame in it”. but anyway… it was about as good as crawl thru fire was.

    10. THE CIRCLE

    this is on the softer rock side. i didn’t know what he was saying because there were no lyrics in front of me (like in the other songs above on video) but it was a pretty good song overall

    I guess we’ll just have to wait for the rest in november :[

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      ok the blue link is for TURNINGON, it should be under that- whoops :O !

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      ppl keep saying on this post that adam’s voice would sound horrible with fake sounds, and that they’d hate it if adam’s electronic music would ruin it- they were right. the songs that i said had filter above were too much for adam’s voice, and it makes his songs sound un….listenable… LOL. just warning everyone about THOSE songs… im sorry if im offending anyone or adam.

      i just felt a bit disappointed to hear some of the songs. :[

      • adamtastic1877, I don’t think you are being offensive in any way. Adam’s voice is so beautiful and should not be contaminated with electronic … whatever. The ballads Adam sang with minimal accompaniment, e.g. Tracks of my tears, A change is gonna come and Mad World were breath-takingly beautiful. The upbeat rock sounds are different but we want to hear ADAM!

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          i agree. some of the songs i wrote above are pre idol songs, so hopefully, instead of “writing” as he says, maybe he is “editing” those electronic songs. maybe he’s toning down the filter a bit, putting his REAL voice in, but still keeping the dancing vibe.