American Idol Kradam Finale (UPDATED) Full 13 Minute Interview plus Post Finale Show Interview – MUST SEE

Kradam Finale : On the second interview Adam said that he does not get naked with Kris! They talk about the religious Christian factor, Adam having too much experience and Gokey’s votes going to Kris among tons of many other interesting subjects.

1st Interview MUST SEE! 13 minutes long:

2nd Interview – Post Top 2 Show – Radio PC:

At 2:00 Adam says: “We don’t get naked together”



Note the brotherhood pact that Adam and Kris made this week. On the pictures below Adam has nailpolish in every nail except his right thumb while Kris has nailpolish only on his right thumb 🙂

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‘American Idol’ Finale: It’s Adam Lambert Vs. Kris Allen

Danny Gokey says goodbye to the ‘Idol’ stage as judge Simon Cowell congratulates him on a ‘brilliant’ performance.

It’s the screamer versus the quiet soul man. The flashy, trashy L.A. rocker against the mellow, humble small-town crooner. Call it what you like, but next week’s “American Idol” finale could be one of the most exciting in the show’s history. A “ding-dong,” if you will, to quote judge Simon Cowell.

Following a titanic 88 million votes — and with just 1 million separating the top two finalists — Danny Gokey became the odd man out on Wednesday night when he was eliminated from the show’s first-ever all-male top three.

With just minutes left in the hour, host Ryan Seacrest finally broke the tension by first announcing that Kris Allen would be in the finale, bringing a look of sheer surprise to the 23-year-old singer’s face and a standing ovation from the judging panel, including Cowell, who, up until Tuesday night, repeatedly told Allen that he would never make it to the final.

And then it was Adam Lambert’s turn, as the bombastic singer who has blazed a nearly flawless path through the finals buried his hands in his face and gave his bros a hug in celebration of making it to the finish line.

It was an excruciating wait for the trio, who spent nearly every minute of the hour wondering their fate. Early in the show, Gokey — the only contestant this season to never be in the bottom three — relived the up-and-down night he had on Tuesday, when the judges split on his scatting and dancing during his Paula Abdul-chosen take on Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Dance Little Sister,” but were unanimous in their praise for his sentimental take on Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” This being the penultimate “Idol” show, the Milwaukee native was waved over to the couches to make way for Allen’s flashback.

Fans predicted that Allen, who got mixed reviews for his too-close cover of OneRepublic’s “Apologize” and raves for a daring acoustic take on Kanye West’s “Heartless,” would go home on Wednesday night. But after he shocked the room with the stripped-down ‘Ye cover, even Cowell had to admit Allen deserved a shot next week. While Allen also didn’t get the good news right away, he did reveal that no matter what happened, he was already a winner, as his favorite Conway, Arkansas, restaurant, Stoby’s, offered him free cheese dip for life.

Questions arose this week over whether Cowell lobbied too hard for Adam Lambert at the end of Tuesday night’s show, when he warned fans to “take nothing for granted,” which some saw as a sign that he was advocating they vote for Lambert.

Regardless, the Los Angeles musical-theater veteran once again got almost all thumbs up for both his sensuous take on U2’s “One,” and a cat-scratch run through Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.” He was the last finalist to not get the news right away after, like the others, he watched a montage wrapping up his trip home last week, in which he met his hometown San Diego fans.

Once the verdict finally came down, Gokey, whose tragic tale of losing his young wife, Sophia, had become one of this season’s early emotional story lines, kept his composure. Looking cool and relaxed with his hand on his chin, Gokey watched his goodbye video, smiling and reprising his poignant take on “You Are So Beautiful,” bringing tears to Abdul and Kara DioGaurdi’s eyes as he milked the ballad for all its heartstring-pulling emotion. The three singers then shared a group hug center stage as, once again, the show ran over by several minutes, perhaps robbing some viewers of the final words of wisdom from Cowell.

Setting up next week’s showdown, he said, “None of us would have predicted this, guys … no disrespect because you were brilliant last night and just now … by the way, Danny, congratulations. But Kris, your second song [“Heartless”] in particular made you a contender. You’re in with a real shot. Adam, you know we’ve always liked you. This could be what we call a big ding-dong coming up next week.”

The show also featured Katy Perry performing her latest single, “Waking Up In Vegas,” as well as season-six winner Jordin Sparks debuting the strident R&B rocker “Battlefield,” the first single from her as-yet-untitled upcoming second album, with the song’s producer/co-writer, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, joining her on piano.

As always, Perry brought a big show, taking the stage in a sexy Elvis Presley-style leotard/jumpsuit with Adam Lambert’s name in rhinestones on the back and toting a bedazzled microphone with glittering cherries on it. Surrounded by Vegas showgirls in towering red headdresses waving giant white feathered fans, Perry ended the energetic performance by strutting in her glittery mini-cowboy boots as a rain of confetti covered the stage.

And so, next week Lambert and Allen will face off one more time for this year’s “Idol” crown. At press time, it was not yet announced what the theme would be for the final showdown, or who the guests are on the Wednesday night finale.

By Gil Kaufman





  1. Tess Vasquez says:

    I would love to hear adam sing sweet child of mine with slash in the finale, that would be awesome


    • Sweet Child of Mine was the only Hard Rock song I ever listened to in my younger years. It’s been my fav rock song for past 20 + years. My daughter’s also. If I could hear Adam sing it with slash on quitar, it would be sooo awesome beyong words. This so exciting I had to take the day off.

      • Adam singing Sweet Child of Mine would be sensational, my idea of utter euphoria!! That song is so beautiful it makes me tear up, if Adam sang it I’d be sobbing. I’m glad he did not waste this amazing song on American Idol, to be cut up by Simon (like Ring of Fire was!)

        I have learned alot from watching the friendship & mutual respect develop between Adam & Kris. This is how we must all behave towards one another even when our spiritual/religious/moral beliefs are different. Kris & Adam both have huge talented vocal gifts from God, and are using them to the fullest. It is a lesson for all of us to search & use our own God-given gifts.

        I cannot wait to see what Adam is going to do next!!!

  2. too close on this one guys. We’re going to have to really pour on the votes because Kris will likely pick up Danny’s fanbase.

  3. Oh, cool!! I saw comments about the fact that Kris had a painted nail, but I didn’t see it, so I was trying to figure that one out. Some comments on the blog on Tuesday night were that maybe he did that to honor Adam. Now we know it is a mutual respect thing, a ‘brotherhood pact’, as you call it! Thanks, Dreamsound! This is so awesome. I think it is so perfect that Kris and Adam have become friends. I was sooo hoping that the world was ready for Adam. Things happen for a reason–as Adam has said, he may have been crushed under the pressure if this had happened 5 years ago. I think the world might have been too. So now that the world is ready, it is his time! You know, Arkansas is a conservative place, and Kris being such good friends with Adam may even help them be ready to accept everyone for who they are. Adam may just be much bigger than the musical talent that he is. He may truly help change the world!!!

    • Here’s an article I read in another website, shared by a lady named Megan Malone. According to her, Adam painted Kris’s thumbnail after the homecoming visits and removed the polish from one of his own nails, stating “If you can carry around a piece of me, man; I can do the same for you.” Malone said, “The Allens believe Kris wears the black fingernail polish in support of Adam because he wanted Adam in the finale. Also, Kris wanted to dispel any rumors claiming the two weren’t great friends.”
      Thought I’d share it to you guys.

      • They were roomate’s in the house when they first got their! I think that is how the brotherhood bonded even more. I think once people started leaving they moved! I couldn’t blame them for getting their own space and downtime in the crazy whirlwind of Idol schedule.

  4. carmel_24 says:

    ohh this is a dream come true a KRADAM finale!.. I’m happy to see that they both cared and respect each other and their families are united too..
    and I think Kris owe Adam so much, he said in his interviews that Adam helped him in his song choices and arrangements…

    I love them both but I want ADAM to WIN! so guys vote vote vote! 1 million difference is soo close! I’m sure Danny’s fans will vote for KRIS!.

    by the way Thanks Dreamsound for this article, this is soo sweet ..

    • I like the first picture up on top. Danny looks so left out. he he he.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I thought Adam and Danny will go to finale but I always wish Adam and Kris. Their friendship is strong and sweet. But I can’t accept if Kris win! Nope,no way! Adam has to win!

      And now Kris is in,I’m afraid Danny’s voters will go to him. Seriously guys, no matter how sweet they both are with all that nail polish thing, I seriously need and want Adam to win. No spliting votes for me. My votes all go to ADAM LAMBERT!!

  5. to tell the truth Im having mixed feelings about this…..I would take Kris over Danny any day but Im now worried for Adam….He (of course) should be the winner but the thing about Kris is hes so nice no one really dislikes him while Adam has a lot of haters…not to mention VFTW will never vote for Adam;/

    • I agree with you one million percent, Adam should win because he is the best by a mile, but I am worried too that Danny’s votes will go to Kris.
      The best man does not always win, I hope he does this time.
      If not, Adam is already a megastar and has nothing to worry about. It just wouldn’t be fair though for him not to win.
      I would also like to thank Dreamsound for the videos and emails. I wouldn’t have any idea how to do what she does. I’m not very computer savvy, I’m one of those over 50 year olds who are addicted to Adam and I don’t see any cure for it.
      I wonder how many others are in my age group, I’d like to hear from you.

      • Tuesgone62 says:

        Angela. I am a 47 year old woman who is right there with you. Very very concerned about votes. Even Kara was shown stating that she thinks it comes down to who Gokeys votes go to………..

  6. Come on guys…I know everybody is really excited that they get along well, and I’m happy ’bout it too, it just shows us once again what a great guy our Adam is… BUT DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE YOUR HANDS OFF FOR ADAM NEXT WEEK, you just can-t put them both on the same level musically speaking and even Kris knows that.
    VOTE FOR ADAM ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree 100% with Pamela, I mean, what is this supposed to prove? That two people in a competition can get along – wonderful.

      Now let’s all rally around the most talented singer in the competition, Adam, and vote ’till our hands fall off. We all know he is the one that deserves to win the title this year.

      Dreamsound makes a good point – isn’t it ironic that Kris ended up in the finals and he was also Adam’s roomate! Remember the “dark horse”? Don’t you think voters should give the credit to Adam who inspired Kris to do better and even, as someone wrote above, helped him with his arrangements?? I wonder what else Adam helped Kris with??

      Let’s all face the truth here – Kris would not be in the finals if it were not for Adam, period.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Well said!
        I don’t care if Kris paint his thumb for Adam or saved a woman from drowning.,for god sake! I only vote for Adam,period!

        P/S: that drowning thing,I just made up,you guys know that right? Just to make sure there’s no misunderstanding here. I don’t want you think “Aww,Kris saved a woman from drowning,I have to vote for that guy!”

      • I think Kris knows that too. Adam has been a mentor to Kris from 1st day they met. Adam has also been a mentor to Allison, don’t know about the rest. Danny even tried to sing like him but couldn’t. Adam and Kris both have stayed true to themselves and Danny veered out of his comfort zone and got voted off. Adam is my guy and I plan to be exhausted after voting for 4 + hours tonight. Adam is worth it.

  7. So Adam has 3 songs in the finale. What does he need to sing? My best bet is
    1. classic ballad to take care of the old-hat AI demographic i.e Elvis in the ghetto or Righteous Bros unchained melody (simon is on record stating this is his all-time favourite song!)
    2. Contemporary rock -I just can’t help but think it is so wrong hearing Adam sing rock recorded years before he was born. he needs to out-kris kris with a more contemporary choice -I believe this iswhere his heart lies. how about the Killers, Nirvana, Blondie even -something edgy, current and still vocally challenging, which kris can’t match.
    3. Contemporary ballad -Elvis costello’s alison, or anything from Damien Rice’s O album.
    they are my picks. whatever he does though, i’d rather see Adam be honest to himself than risk being middle of the road and losing .

    • Unchained Melody would suit Adam’s voice and vocal range perfectly. But Simon doesn’t choose the song, just Simon Fuller this time. How about this for finale Wed. Kelly and Adam duet singing, A Moment Like This or Walk Away. Yowee! This just might be a big surprise tomorrow nite. We’ll see.

  8. I am glad they get along well too but this is about ADAM… I hope everyone votes four hours with every phone they can get their hands on!!!

  9. I think everyone will have to pull up his socks and VOTE. Read this article on MTV news:

  10. There is no doubt that Kris will pick up a lot of Danny’s fan base. In my opinion, Danny has been sloppy and lazy in his preparation, though he has an unbelievable singing ability – very suited to be gospel. I have been impressed all along how Kris has grown. It is obvious that he has worked as hard as Adam – besides that he is adorable and the 10-14 yr. olds love him. Kris will definitely have a career in music. Adam has the capacity to be a superstar and no matter how it comes out he has a great future ahead of him. I will vote for Adam, but it is a win/win situation for him. I think he is a “gamer,” and wants to win but it won’t make any difference. He will be the biggest star to ever come out of Idol. Signed: an 0ver 60 with a college degree who likes DJ Unk.

  11. omg everyoen has to vote like hell in the fanile. the past few weeks kris has been getting more votes than adam. and kris will be picking up dannys fans. so we need to vote a ton. plz dont let adam down!!!!

  12. lol! Gokey looked totally out of place right there. But I think Adam could really be in trouble for the finals. Danny has a huge fan base. Adam may not win because of this. I just hope that Danny fans will throw their votes to Adam and not on Kris. If Adam doesn’t win this thing, the show will be nonsense (IMO) but I’m sure that he will win though… He really really needs mega million ultra voters this week.. Vote! Vote! Vote!


  14. Vote like crazy for ADAM guys. he is the best performer/singer and he really deserves to win! ADAM FTW!!

  15. milokai says:

    I noticed Kris’s nail and I thought he had smashed his thumb. HA HA. I think he is a very cool open minded guy and his family seems just awsome. I think it’s great that he and Adam are in the finals together. But ADAM IS OUR IDOL!!


    I was just checking out our competition-kris allenation w/e so they are planning a huge massive operation to make kris the final winner, its called OPERATION DING DONG!!!!…. here is the link 2 know more about it and try to come out with a BETTER ATTACK 4 THIS…Come on fans Lambert deserves the crown so we need massive voting!!! This is not about friendship anymore this is about the dream of OUR MAN!!! so SPREAD THE WORD S THAT WE CAN FIGHT BACK!!!

    PS: THEy are using GIZMO TO VOTE..BEWARE.

  17. ADAMAZING says:
  18. No matter how their friendship is cute and all, this show is about finding a Star, as Simon said and we all know. We can get all mushy after Adam wins. So – VOTE!!!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree, let’s not waste time on their friendship right now – let’s make Adam the winner and DON’T FORGET TO RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT !!!!!!!!!!


  19. can’t get enough of these blogs lol.

    Happy Victoria Day to all Canadians out there, eh! Hope it won’t snow in your part of the plains/prairies/rockies/lakes. 😀


    I am not sleeping on Tuesday, I’m telling you that. Honestly, 1 million vote difference is pretty close. Kris could win, and that is definitely NOT GOOD. Vote like there is no freakin tommorow. Even if you don’t get through at first, VOTEEEEE> PLEASE

  21. maryann says:

    Vote for Adam please. He is a great, great artist, not to mention being a good friend to Kris. But all Adam fans should keep on voting like crazy for Adam to win…

  22. I hope the fans of Danny will vote for Adam cos Adam is truly a great performer. Please, please vote for Adam.


  24. MICHELE says:

    We should not take things sitting down..we should all stand up and vote for a great singer,,ADAM..

  25. therese says:

    This is a close, close fight because some people might vote for Kris just because they dont want Adam to win. So we should all rally behind Adam and keep on voting for him to make him win..

  26. AdamAddict says:

    Kradam fans will hate me for this because I’ll be happier if Kris who’s going home last week so that they can concetrate voting for Adam. Yeah,just hate me but I’m too much in love with Adam!

    I like Kris and I LOVE ADAM,period!

  27. I think the Kradam friendship is so sweet. Adam fans will need to SERIOUSLY VOTE this week for an Adam win.

    Danny’s fans will mostly go to Kris if anywhere. Adam’s best bet is a “wow” type of night (I think he needs to do another really soft song with not much backing music, like Mad World or Tracks). Also, hopefully there are a bunch of casual Adam fans who didn’t bother voting much last week because they were sure Adam was safe, but will vote heaps this week. Kris doesn’t have a similar pool of casual fans (ALL of Kris’ fans were voting for him last week). Also, Adam may well win more Kradam fans than Kris. I think there are a group of Kradam people who have sided a bit with Kris & voted for him to get him into the final, but would actually prefer an Adam win.

    It’ll be a fun night. Who wins won’t be THAT important in the long run, both Kris & Adam will definitely get signed. And I think Adam will always be the most promoted in the media – he will be the tabloid/media favorite to discuss and do articles on. If Kris loses he might fade out of the media spot-light, but I doubt that would happen with Adam.

  28. Great interview. Adam is so unbelieveable in EVERYTHING he does. I like Kris okay, but I wish he would find another shirt. We’ve seen that plaid one too much!

  29. Adam and Kris fans:
    After watching and listening to the two videos with Kris and Adam I have to admit that it touched my heart to see how supportive they are of each other and the mutual respect is evident. Whenever someone in audience would asked Adam an inappropriate question, after Adam answered Kris would jump in and stand up for Adam. There are so many pictures of them hugging and I liked the one where Adam is laying on the couch, asleep with his head on a pillow which was resting on Kris. They seem like brothers rather than competitors. I feel much better about tonight and the results show. I know they will be happy for each other as they both will be winners. They said it too. Two of the nicest most down to earth guys ever. Good luck guys. May the best singer win.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I have to agree with you. I like Kris,seems nice! I prefer Kris takes the title than Danny,IF Adam lose,because they look close & sweet and whatever BUT we are so not going to let that happen,right guys? Adam has to win. I like Kris but I love Adam the most!

  30. I liked the interview of Adam and Kris. I can tell they have build a great relationship between them. I’m a huge Adam fan, so I’m hoping he wins, but if he doesn’t, I’ll be happy for Kirs and I know Adam will be too. The best to both of you guys.

  31. i have to say…some of the reporters’ questions were really pointless
    but nonetheless…13 minutes of adam 🙂

  32. AdamAdmirer says:

    WOW! For their first interviews they both look so confident and handled themselves like professionals. Especially love their support for each other.

    I love in the second interview wheb Adam goes up to the mic and says, “sorry”, when the press asked them to speak into the mic. Both are amazing guys that deserve the best in their careers.

    Still have to say, that Adam steals my heart, with his charisma, voice of an Angel, and face of a Cherub! I find myself transfixed on him.

    I think I was still voting in my sleep last night . Hope to see him in that confetti tonight!

  33. Summercandy says:

    can’t believe the results! watched it just now. woke up so early for the show(i’m from asia,so its morning here) and i end up crying watching the results. its devastating. i have no idea whats up with americans? i tot it was a singing comp?its so obvious.. adam was the winner, true talents and unbelievable performances yet he wasnt the american idol? wow. wat else do u need? kris was nothing compared to adam. seriously.kris’s finale was lousy. right now, i just cant wait to see adam soar higher selling top cart records and maybe even start acting in movies. will suport him all the way from the other side of the world here. adam rocks!

  34. AdamAddict says:

    Kris beats Adam,guys! Is that funny or what?

  35. So Kris won, Adam will be a huge star too. But I do like their friendship. That was a great ride, and I have never watched AI before, but it really made me happy to watch. I wish them both the best, and I am a rocker so I will be buying Adam’s CD’s and going to his concerts. But I hope their friendship continues.

  36. I love the nail polish thing, it’s so cute that they’re so close like that.