The Glampire Emerges the Morning After

***Updated with a few more of my favorite Glampire pics!***

I think OhFerras, Katy P., AND a few other people need to check their necks this morning! I’ll try to keep this post updated with other photos that emerge in daylight hours. Dana, Glamb #6


  1. puteri abdul says:

    with his singles all out, and the publicity he is getting , good to see he is having the time of his life which I think was long overdue ..

    and as a vampire, adam look awesome..
    but he doesn’t scare me though..
    infact adam in that attire wouldn’t chase me away ..
    but will be chased …

    • Jason Balbuena says:

      He Can Be in a vampie movie….That costume rocks

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        That’s what my kid said. That freakin'” way outta here” jacket b l o w s m y m i n d ! ! ! I love it!

        • Lisette here.bonmatin pardon so late notice threads an being out of toche since injurie.Morning apres halloween or same nite/twilight before dawn oui?..Just like thet of glampires as in Twilight,an Brad Pitt an Tom Cruise old film so agree imagaine our beauhearte Adam can be very intriguing,sensual in this type role on silver screen.Despite Twilight having Edward Cullen(is thes his nom ..sorry I only saw one of them)sure Adam can blend bit of Andre Lloyd Webber’s superbe “Phantom” being more romantique with bit of gothique style of traditional vampires..Nomattre Adam is most beau glampire ever..specialmente his eyes..even if glowing lit bleu his chisele features in all thes makeup nevre can be hidden!Trick au treat Adam..for me defitimente a treat(sure all glambs share sentiments)!!J’etaime always Lisettexoxo!!

    • Hi

      New here. Have read posts and u guys do a super job! Love the pics but wondering…have Adam and Drake called it quits? Haven’t seen any pics of them around. Thanks for all ur hard work. Love this site. Need to get a Glam Number.

  2. PamBiggs Glambert 510 says:

    Adam can bite my neck anytime! 🙂

  3. I just love him!!! The countdown is on for the long awaited album! Glad to see Adam having fun on his favorite holiday!!! He rocks the vampire like no other! He is a beauty.

    • Adam is as irresistable as any of the current vampire hunks in tv and movies today. And yes he could bite my neck anytime too.

  4. He looks like Severus Snape in the first picture, lol

  5. He can hide his shoes under my bed any time lol,

  6. Adam, wow, what a Glampire bloodsucking Halloween trick or I should say treat he is.
    HIs eyes are scary and sexy at the same time. Oh my what did they all do on that party bus with the lit up stripper pole??? Partied till the daylight hours, I would say.

  7. Glad someone got pictures of Adam in Halloween costume, I would have always wondered how he looked. I loved his former costume of blue skin and skull head wreath.He looks terrifying here, very professional looking glampire makeup done. Adam is so creative.

  8. He is adamazing no matter what he does~~I can see nothing but greatness in his future!!
    LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! Love your new single too!

  9. WOW….those are SOME SPIKES on his jacket…..and his eyes…..a little scary!!!! THAT’S OUR ADAM FOR YA !!!!

  10. have I managed to get this right yet?

    • nope i guess not coz nobody answered me

      • cheryl 334 says:

        MARIE…………………..Guess not. Tell me what you are trying to do and I can help you out, IF you want help!

        Adam looks as cool as ever! I am happy that on his favorite dress-up day, this year, he has the world at his feet, and this will probably be the last H-ween where he can still run around without a care, and have all the money he needs to do what he wants, and then to be with Katy Perry, singing at the chairity in Florida, and soon to be singing at Spielberg’s event, he is the hottest thing on the planet right now, and will be for the rest of our lives! Couldn’t happen to a better guy. I couldn’t be happier if it were someone close to me. Rock-On Adam!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Marie, what is it you are trying to get right? We can read your comments, but you don’t say much do you. I am guessing that you are the same Marie on the other threads asking us if we can see you, well we can’t really see “you” but we can see your posts.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Dianne,U still respond to her?She never checked the last post.She left a ‘comment’ than never come back.Then in new thread she did the same thing.If she really want to find out if we can ‘see’ her,she will do that!Then she will see that we reply to her.She starts to annoy me a little.I think I reply 3 times to her.1 time she said she can’t leave a comment bcs she’s not a glamb, so I told her she can but better get the number since she plan to stay with us.Then “can U see me” thing,twice!!She never reply and now this??!! Whatever!! If is she serious to join us,she will care to come back the next day and another next day just to make sure.What she hope for?We reply a second after she leave a post?She does know this not a chat room,doesn’t she?She does know that we sometimes reply the day after tomorrow,doesn’t she?Or she didn’t know??!!If she still didn’t check this one out then next thread she do the same thing….I won’t respond to her again!
        Marie,if you need someone respond you immediately,U might want to go the right side,there’s a chat also.Have a nice day !

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I think you are right Emili, I think maybe she does think this is a chatroom. I thought I would give her one more chance and I will if she makes a proper comment. But yes, I am like you, completely over it, so I won’t be doing that again.

  11. What an awesome Glampire! The eyes and the glitters on his head fantastic. Glad his having fun after all his hard work on the album. Well deserving Adam. Enjoy!

  12. Adam looks AMAZING but, of course he would! He LOVES Hallowe’en and it is the PERFECT holiday for him as he can dress up in costume, really GLAM it up, have FUN and be totally OUTRAGEOUS! Yes, indeed! He can bite my neck anytime he wants! I am waiting!!!!!!!

    Glamb #20

  13. Hi Glambs!
    I found alot more adam glampire pics on this site. Not sure who runs it but they seem to have all the latest on Adam. You’ll see the link to the online album by Markus under the posted pics-

  14. Hi everyone! I don’t get much chance be on my computer, but when I do I love to come here and read your posts, and check up on the latest from our Adam. I was wondering how he’d look in his Halloween costume! Love it! Hope everyone loves the first cut from his CD, FYE! Took me a few listens to get the words, but I love it! I’m hoping to hear it on the radio soon! Have a good day, all!

  15. He really does look like a movie vampire, only thousands of times better! What about the photos of Adam and Katy Perry? I thought they went to a Halloween party together and that someone was going to post photos of them together. Maybe I read that on another site.

    • Kelly Craig says:

      He did but she was the butt of the camel.. I have a link to the party pics and all if anyone wants it. just email me…. or Jeanette, let me know and I will forward to you.

  16. Kelly Craig says:

    I was hoping classic glampire instead of rock glampire but either way, hot…you need to post
    the pics from marcus. I have them if you want them.

    • Oh please someone get the pics so we can all see!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Kelly! “If” we want them?!?!?!,,,OMG,,pllleeeeaaasee, pretty please,,,post them,,and we will bow and give you kudos for it!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      As Mary C and Earlzagurl says, YES, YES, YES please we want them. Now come on Kelly, you should know us by now, when would we not want pictures of our darling man. Anything on Adam is always welcome here, you must know that. Pretty, pretty please.

  17. I think the Twilight producers wont have to look far for a new vampire. Adam would fit right in that movie.I must admit i bet the contacts were annoying. But he looks fab as always. Hope he had a fantastic time!

    • I’d love it if he were to be put into one of the Twilight films because a lot of each movie is being filmed right here and the Twilight actors are often seen out and about town here. They love it because as a rule Canadians dont bother them. Now it being Adam, that could be a whole ‘nother scenario!!

  18. God, woundn’t we LOVE to see ADAM in a vampire movie???? We know he can act!!! On the big screen….OMG, OMG, OMG !!!!

  19. He Looks good as always ! Love FYE, and TFM ! Can’t wait to hear the rest of his album…..

  20. How can ADAM look so handsome, cute, lovable, perfect, then, look so fierce and scarey!!!!

    That man never ceases to amaze me! He can do anything and everything and do it absolutely genius! It’s no wonder that we all love ADAM.

  21. Adam looks AMAZING!!!! And he’s single now!

  22. LuvAdam476 says:

    Adam is everything a girl wants in a man all rolled up into one beautiful, talented package! He makes for fantastic fantasies that’s for sure.

    What an awesome looking vampire he makes. I hope he does get on the big screen! The bigger the better…lol…more of him to see.

    So glad he finally got to have some real fun after all the hard work on tour and with the album, photo shoots and everything else.

    People get that debut album to #1 and keep it up there in the top 10 for as long as we can. He’s waiting to see how his album does before he buys his own house per interview in Details Mag.

    Let’s support this magnificent man and help him to get all the best he deserves.

  23. Ninalatina says:

    I love it!! I knew he was a glampire like me!! He can do no wrong…he is just so…fashionable… can’t wait to see what Christmas brings!

  24. Halloween looks like a lot of fun and Adam looks like a gorgeous hunk of a Glampire! – Regards from Yvonne (Australia)

    PS Dianne – Posted a reply to previous site & if you havn’t managed to get a copy of November Details Mag – it has arrived here in Sydney today at Borders so it would also probably now be in NZ…..I am going right now to get my copy!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Thanks Yvonne, I got my copy on Monday from my adopted Glamb Mary C, who is such a sweetheart. I am so grateful to her for sending this to me. Thanks again Mary.

      • Dianne, I know that i’ve seen this cover photo of Adam many times on the internet, but to be able to stare at it and occasionally give him a kiss is…….thrilling!!! (It’s as close as I will ever get to him!!!) Anyway, read your previous reply and was facinated that you know Lane Cove !!
        I’m also divorced and have been a single mother for the last 13 years.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  25. AllStarMe says:

    Adam is the jacket king. wow!

  26. haha. I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the MTV shows “Rob & Big” or “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” but anyway…Rob is a pro skater. He put a picture on twitter of who he was for Halloween. Does this look similar to a boy we know and love?

  27. Hey Thanks Kell74 Can u tell me how 2 get a Glam number? Is Adam with anyone else?

  28. AdamAddict says:

    Look at the latest thread(Twitter Party Update), I post Adam’s CD preview for the whole freaking songs!! Soaked is sick!!Go check,go check,Glambs!! 😀


  30. glamb # Adam I want you to bite my neck! (or anything else!) Barbara (Barbie) Tinley Park Il.