The excitement begins…

Here is a repost which now includes the missing link… SORRY about the confusion….Just as my excitement started to grow about FINALLY getting to see the “Adam Tour” oops, I mean the American Idol Tour, then I find this!! The anticipation is going to drive me crazy. I am so looking forward to all the media hype and the interviews and the tv spots and ahhhh, I just can’t wait. Check this out and give me your input as to what you are looking forward to the most…
Sue…Glamb #10…XO


  1. I’m a little confused…sounds like there’s something great here, but I don’t see a link or anything. Perhaps it was left out by mistake?
    -Peaches, Glamb #387

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      I saw on Google last nite several reports that both Adam & Kris’s albums will debut on Nov. 17th…maybe that’s what Sue’s referring to?

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        i heard it was kris on the 17th (on his twitter) but i haven’t heard a specific date for adam 🙁

  2. Check what out exactly???

  3. Without a link above , I can already say that a total Adam concert is my dream. And it would be so much fun to get a group of us fans together to attend it.

    • I think an Adam concert is in all of our dreams. I will be going to his concert for sure Theresa, but I wonder if we might have to travel to Seattle for it. I would hope that Vancouver would be on his tour but if not I’ll be travelling to Seattle. I think it would be fun too to get a group together to attend. Count me in.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..lovli to see above post..but agree ther’s non linq or perhaps Im missing part of text..But if it’s regarde future concert agree Theresa as we av chat with othre glambs we shold meet for Adam’s future soloconcert..Count on me as yu know due to illhealth missed thes entire I feel blesse to av founde thes wonderful Adam tribute fanpage..An thenkful for people as yu,Lorrin,Cheryl,Ingrid,Jeanette,Mary,Toni,Carol,Serene,Sue,an many more belle femmes/hommes who adore,celebrate an luv thes estraordinaire artiste as Adam is..tresbeau inward an outward..A voix celestial,sensual,angelique,passionate,chante avec tout toi couer et soul.His face d’angeli.. chisele features,like an artistes sculpture thet of Michelangelo’s “David” ,an personalitie of humilitie,compassion,intelligence,wit,charm always.Blesse with a humanitarian spirite seen his charitie an know we all support..even from early age seeing on youtube in chabad telethon Adam chante “Is anybody Listening” with hearte an conviction,his theatre credites from childhood to early twenties,La theatre venues,caberetclub,bestarts,highschol theatre(in LA),tours with Wicked an Hair,10 commandments,more..Thenl’audition commence of grande things to come..for Simon,Randy,Paula,on American Idol he toche even Simon’s aloofness..made him best “Idol” contestant ever.His voix even accapella display his perfete velvettone an vocal ranges par escellance..Sorry I dont av savvy to post linqs but everyone as seen on passe threads an visite to youtube can finde all above mention.An now ontour in wonderful performances seen from many people/glambs who share ther esperience,keeps us always in toche with him in every citie across US.Thenks Jeanette too,an cant wait to here aboute her concertes!
      Hugs an luv to all glambs! Angel blessings for l’angel d’musique et le couer..Adam J’etaime toi amie Lisettexoxo an know we all do here!

    • Theresa I am with you, I will fly over from London to meet all of you and to see a total Adam concert, that would be a dream. Can you imagine all the Glamberts all glammed up with glitter, ebony nail polish, dressed like rockers, I wonder if that would scare Adam.

  4. HI GUYS

    • AdamAddict says:


  5. Anyone going to the Grand Rapids concert? I’m trying to get tickets for ADAM’s concert there! I can’t wait till ADAM is on his own with his concerts….I can imagine that it will be sooooo hard to get those tickets!

    • Hi Jaberone,
      I will be there on Sept 6. I am buying tickets today and will be coming from Canada,
      Where are from?


      • Gala….hopefully you read my comments to Jeanette about meeting up before (or whenever) the concert. I’d love to meet all of you!
        And share our common excitement over ADAM!

    • Jaberone, there are a bunch of us going to Grand Rapids – me, Terry and Cheryl among others.

      • Hi Jeanette,
        Are you getting together before the concert?

      • Jeanette…I just bought my ticket today for Grand Rapids. I’m going alone, but I’d love to meet up with you all before the concert, if possible. Let me know so I can meet other ADAM lovers from here.
        Hopefully you’ll see this msg and get back with me! I’m soooo excited!

      • Jeanette/Gala….I’ll be coming from Sterling Heights MI

    • cheryl norman says:

      JABERONE AND GALA, Yeah!!!! There will be Jeanette, Mary C and Mary D, me, Theresa/Canada
      and both of you, so far!!!!! I llived in GR for over 40 yrs, but am driving up from IN. Will be meeting
      up with Jeanette at the hotel, then, probably going to eat, sometime after noon, I think! Details have
      not been written in stone, but basically, that’s what we’re planning tentatively. Jeanette has left her
      email on lline for you and anyone else to contact her about meeting up on Sun. Sep 6th out on 28th St. SE
      and possibly going to a restaurant on 28th St., SE, out toward Cascade area as far as the x-way goes,
      or if you’re coming up on 131 North, you can exit on 28th, St., SE and head East to the hotel. Check
      with Jeanette to confirm. Exciting!!!!!!

  6. What are we supposed to be checking out? Please re-post the link.

  7. I have been wanting to post something like this for a long time, and as Adam progresses further along in his tour across the country, I have watched him pull out all the stops in bringing his performances to an unparalleled ‘state of the art’ perfection. Although I know that posting these three videos will have a different effect on younger fans, still, for the older fans who went through ALL of the eras of Rock and Roll, these three videos will be an amazing look back and then a long look forward into the far-reaching future. I went through and reviewed a number of videos in order to find just those ones that would best illustrate the astonishing similarity between these two men, Elvis and Adam. All three of these videos take right off at the starting gate, and show these two at their absolute best. Both of the men are roughly the same age when the videos were made. Both have that sweeping, thick black hair, those deep-set eyes under black brows, those gorgeous aquamarine eyes, and full, curling lips. They each have those charming fitted jackets, sharpest of the sharp clothes, black leather, and long, lean legs. Both of them utilize that microphone stand and throw their bodies around in sizzling dance moves. Both wear pure black, and pure white. Just for fun, and for instruction, too, take a look at Elvis Presley in his earliest most beautiful years, and then at Adam Lambert doing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in Hartford, CT, and see where Rock and Roll began, and where Rock and Roll is destined to go. And if Adam Lambert isn’t somehow tuned in to the soul of Elvis Presley, he is most certainly his spiritual offspring. Both are the icons of their generations. Here then are Elvis Presley and Adam Lambert in this fascinating comparison (and remember, fellow (50+) Glambs, that those girls in the ‘Don’t Be Cruel Video at .27 are all us once upon a time): – Elvis Dance Moves – Don’t Be Cruel – Comeback Special ’68 – Adam in Hartford CT – Whole Lotta Love

    One more thing, which is also quite interesting; the three names of the most iconic singers in history have exactly the same number of syllables:

    Elvis Presley – 12 letters
    Michael Jackson – 14 letters
    Adam Lambert – 10 letters

    One wonders..


      HOW R U DEAR???


      • Hello Ofra darling,

        How are YOU? I’m doing OK, California is winding down from the end of the long, hot summer, which is when I start reviving…hot weather is so hard on me. The light is changing, that ‘fall’ look is starting to show in the early mornings, and I have even had my first fall of leaves in the yard. I’m always so glad to see the season change from summer to fall, I love those cooler days with the beautiful skies. Is Israel baking in the heat? Do you have much seasonal change in your area, or is it always a warm, temperate climate with no seasonal breaks?

        Adam is more and more a superstar as he goes along, always living up to the standard that he has set, and which he alone can meet. Looking at the videos of Elvis and Adam, I see how much Adam has taken ideas and shadings from every part of rock and roll, and made it his own. I fully believe that Adam knows his astounding similarity to Elvis, and he is deliberately planting that image in us for all time. But likewise, Adam has taken every example, turned it on its ear, and changed it to a better version, his way. I think that desire to do a ‘better version’ than even the best of rock singers do, is part of Adam’s resolve in life, part of his raison d’etre for living. HIs wailing style is mowing down the doors of rock and roll, and blowing them out the wall…

        Well, Ofra, let me know how you’re doing in Tel Aviv. It looks like you’re really on top of things, you seem to get the ‘news’ about Adam as fast as we do, and you are always posting really good new links and videos. Is there still a perception out there that Adam doesn’t like his fans? I know you mentioned something like that in one of your last posts, where a huge number of people had blogged about one of Adam’s misperceived comments. There are so many good videos of Adam being his natural, warm, down-to-earth self that I would think people would be able to see for themselves that Adam is a kind and good-hearted soul. Let us know more of the latest news from Israel! Love to you tonight from NorCal!

    • Lorrin,—Thanks so much for showing these films, I did notice that the audience was so subdued watching Elvis, not so with our Adam, we can not contain ourselves when we see Adam in person..I have to be careful when I watch Adam’s film clips, that I don’t yell like I did at the Concert, or my neighbors will call 911 !!!!!! I was missing my voice for a couple of days, well it didn’t sound normal…Haha
      P.S. Is it just me or do you agree, Adam is a much better looking than Elvis, Elvis is sure a fine looking man, but,…OHHHHH….our Adam,,,,,is so much more then just good looks, those eyes, those smiles, those smooth moves,those outstanding choice of clothing,,Ooohhhh, did I leave something out? YEP, got it bad!!!!

    • Lisette here..bonjour all glambs!Ah Lorrin we share many interest in I av notice thes similaritie from early on in Adam’s career..I poste some to ma page(on youtube)of Elvis as Im unusure how to see weblinqs thinq yu’ll agree from comeback special some particular songes ther’s uncanny resemblance in noir leathre,gestures,facial espressions,browlifts,puckerlips,an velvet smooth inflection..Thenks for sharing linqs.An if yu go to elvis thread ther’s others Are yu Lonesome tonite,Love MeTender,Babe What yu Want me to Do,Little Egypt,both sensual danse swaggers(of course Adams are more prevocative an original)..An I av always say if Elvis evre hed been bless to av a son,thinq it woulde be Adam..both had originalitie,artistique couture,chisele features,an compassione,kindness an appeal to both gals,fellows,all ages,races,cultures arounde l’world..An yes althout Michel Jackson came may yers no resemblance physically..He too had a humanitarian hearte,gave to charitie,entertaine international(as Adam hes on cruiseline, an sure to av future solotours),an cambian musique,open our heartes an mindes to diffarante lifestyles.Mainly all had such unique ways thet gave them an uncanny similaritie in charm,sensualitie,an way of changing old songes into ther own.Thenks Lorrin for sharing such eloquant espressions..Agree inregarde Elvis an was legende of rocknroll..Adam is legende of millenium here for many generationes ..toching within heartes everywhere!Merci Adam for toching our heartes whech av brout many likeminde people in celebratione,jubilation to travel to a wonderful musiqual yes into l’starlit et etoile!..Adam sono et vero angelo d’cielo ..belissimo,tresbeau in all aspects..An will nevre change Adam..benedictions monbeau.. we all luv yu here! J’etaime Lisettexoxo

  8. Visualize yourself there and you will be there……..well, that and money.

  9. lol yep a link would be great

    gotta somehow get Adam to come to “down under”

  10. I am looking forward to listening to only Adam and songs that really mean something to him so we can feel the emotion. Anyone going to the Minn. Concert Tues.

  11. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    “The excitement begins…”

    Okay…I am setting here, sipping hot tea & trying to come alive, but I don’t know what we are supposed to be seeing…Adam does that to A solo tour, I think is what we are hoping for or focusing on….Dang it, I want to go to the New Hampshire show, “The Finale”. I know I can’t, because I am doing an addition to my house…But if it is solo tour, and ya’ll are all getting together, I will have to do without siding, lol, because I am coming too!!!! going back to chk all the vids ya’ll have sent in this morn…can’t wait to hear from the gurls on the show last nite…Blessings 2 all…nancy

  12. Aaahhhh… you’re killing me… the suspense!

  13. I used to think that Elvis was the most beautiful man and the sexiest ever……
    that ’68 concert was my ‘go-to’ example of those masculine qualities……………
    40 years later and omfg………….
    Adam is just as charismatic and handsome and has a more expressive body than Elvis was ever allowed to show..
    (he was “too black” in the parlance of the day and was heavily censored at all times)…..

    Adam though can be FREE and JOYOUS……he can revel in his beauty and we can appreciate him 24/7 with the internet etc……
    we can see him as he truly is, the sweetest of characters and the most iconic and BEAUTIFUL MAN …….EVER

    • You made a good point, we are lucky to have the Internet and so lucky to be able to have Adam move so freely,,,gulp!

  14. Jeanette: We are here for your recovery from last night with Adam!!!! We can hardly wait to hear what you have to Post!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Lorrin, thanks for posting the videos. These are two very exciting performers but my heart goes to Adam, I find better looking, love his moves, I cannot contain myself when I watchh Adam sing and move. Watching Adam makes my blood boil, and as Lee stated, ywhen Adam is on the stage his audience are screaming, moving, dancing, his is so exciting.

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    • cheryl norman says:

      THERESA, CAN YOU HELP SHERRY OUT HERE, PLEASE!!!! You know I don’t know the instructions like you and LORRIN.

      SHERRY, Hang in there, someone will be right with you!!!

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      • cheryl norman says:

        CATEYES, Good lord!!! I read your post three times befor I realized you were not directing your message to me!!! Hahaha!

        • I wish I could have made the Dallas Concert. I know I will go to one of his concerts once he is out there promoting and touring. My husband thinks I am crazy for the way I feel about Adam. I thought I was alone in my feelings till I came here and read all of your wonderful posts! I know I am not alone. I have all of Adams performances from AI still saved on my DVR. My husband keeps harping it is taking up alot of the space available to record things, I just stared at him and said SO? lol I was not going to watch Season 8 this year till in Hollywood week I spot Adam, and well the rest is history! I am very happy to be able to come to this place and feel the love of Adam. It makes me so happy.

          Ya have a great day!