The Cover Has Arrived!!!


Wow – I can’t even drive home from work without missing breaking news these days, but this is news I’m happy to come home to! Here’s the cover for FYE, and I LOVE IT!!! It’s colorful, stunning, attention-getting, and beautiful – all the things a book cover or album cover should be! So much better than just the usual photo of the recording artist staring blankly into the camera lens. I love the celestial background, the blue hair, the makeup – everything! I have to say that while I wasn’t thrilled with the album title, I’ve gotten used to it, and the cover more than makes up for any misgivings I previously had.

This is a work of art – totally befitting Adam. I don’t think this cover – or Adam – is meant to represent reality. Art takes the elements of light, color, and composition to illicit an emotional response, and that’s what this does. This takes us out of our hum-drum lives to a place of fantasy and limitless possibilities – the “sky” is literally the limit. And I don’t see the makeup as “girly” but simply as beautiful. “Manly” or “girly” doesn’t matter – it’s not about gender, but about a universality that embraces all. This cover art is brilliant. I had high expectations, but this shattered my expectations!

Adam just tweeted “Glam is back!!!” And how, baby!

What do you think?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Amazingly Beautiful! Love it. I can only imagine the music inside will knock us into outer space.

    • I freaking love it! This is the Glam Adam we all been waiting for. The album art is out of this world. You either hate it or love it, but YOU will NOTICE it! This kind of cover sells albums………there is no way in hell this can be overlooked! Can’t wait till the single now, awwwwwwwwwwww way to make up for your album title Adam, now it all fits together! I am so freaking happy I can’t sit still. ………..

  2. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! You got to be kidding me!!!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely am freaking out!!!!! I cannot believe my eyes!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!

    • I have never seen a more beautiful image then this image of Adam, all I can say my heart is jumping out of my body with love.

      • Toni, I agree with you 1000% – I have never seen a more absolutely stunningly breathtaking album cover! I’m sooooo glad they didn’t go the usual lame route. This is what Adam is all about, and this let’s people know exactly what they’re in for. This is art, not realism, so the air-brushing or whatever doesn’t bother me one bit.

        I cannot wait for the songs! Where o where is the single??????????

        • This is when I miss records. Remember when you got not only a front cover, but a back cover, and sometimes a poster or insert with a photo spread tucked into the sleeve? Oh, how I wish we had that with this album!

          • OH Jeanette, I am so overwelmed, I have my head tilted to the right and I cannot stop looking straight into his beautiful eyes.

            • Lisette here..bonmatin an merci for posting this althout painful type onehand still had to leave a petit note regarde this estraordinaire album cover of beau agree with yu Toni,Theresa,Jeanette Adam vraimente has a face as Iav always thout can be in frescos,paintings thet Monet,Michelangelo an artistes can voila here on his album cover is one..vraimente a work of art an tresbeau,exquisite ..takes one’s breath away..j’adore cette l’homme always..bless him an know every chanson will be a masterpiece of many musique genres..So le title For your Entertainment is perfect an so like Adam to surprise all us glambs.So contente to be a glamb an althout I av been missing in everyday posts..know am here in spirite an enjoie reading all lovli glambs sentiments an words of affection..Many blessings to all an of course for nous ange d’chansons,ange d’musique as seen in above photo..tresbeau Adam..toujours dans ma couer,soul an a voix d’angeli..j’etaime toujours …Lisette in Nevada!!xoxoxobisous to all here too mmmwoi!!!

              • Lisette alltre note regarde Adam’s eyes..vraimente les yeux display what’s inside an are l’mirror to a tresbeau soul et couer d’ illuminates kindness,compassion,sensualitie,warmth,an infinite amour for all mankind,al races,religions,sexes ..gathre for le monde who adore him as perhaps had from le commence on American Idol..thet audition tape thinq Lisette has nevre been same since an feling as if ma vie has been toched by a very special l’homme nom Adam Lambert toujours m’angel d’chansons ..nevre tire to say J’etaime et merci pour toi gift au in musique..Le monde is a better place with him in it ..sure all can agree on this!Benedicitons,bisous et amour…Lisettexoxo!

          • Jeanette we might just get that, in the deluxe edition!! And I love and agree with your take on the cover art as well. Sure it’s ‘out there’ but that is exactly what Adam wanted us to think!

          • Inside the Cd will probably be more pics, or at least one more beautiful pic. of Adam.
            Oh Cant wait, His songs will blow us away………….

          • I’ve looked at this 100 times in the last 24 or so hours and like it more and more.
            I figured out why some of his fans are reticent about endorsing it. We all want EVERYONE to love and accept Adam for who he is, the way we do. Cover or no cover, that will never happen. I was around during all the Bowie years. He freaked everyone out with his androgyny, but it didn’t last. Talent will eventually win over the people it should. It may not be the country fans or the hip hop fans, but those who appreciate rock n’ roll and its offspring will come around. I am curious to see what his video for the new song will be. If it freaks some people out, let them go back and just watch TIME FOR MIRACLES where he looks like a the kind of rock god they want. Whatever, we’re with him for the long haul, I’m sure of that.

        • Dear Jeanette,

          I wasn’t too thrill about the title “for your entertainment”. As manner of fact, I thought it’s kind of lame. BUT, when the title place on the corner of this stunning cover. It all make sense.

          And thinking about what Adam had present to us from the Roolingstone “Gay” reveal, to the Detail cover “sextual photo wit femal”, it all make sense. He just simply want to entertain all of us; no matter it’s male or female”. 🙂

          Sophie Glamb# 418

          • Sophie, I just added a couple sentences to my post, and said exactly what you just said – it’s not about gender – it’s about illiciting an emotional response – whether that response is sexual, liberating, about having fun, or just being yourself, or WHATEVER…every person who listens to Adam and looks at this cover will be taken to their own special fantasy place…where ever that is.

        • Jeanette, I agree with you TOTALLY! To me the air-brushing alludes to Adam’s mystique that defies description. It shows his sensual side (lips), depth (eyes), complexity (androgynous appeal), authenticiy (nakedness) and says to me, “I am who I am, this is my naked truth, take me as I am, I am here for your entertainment.” Whilst Adam is here for our entertainment, he also makes the point that he will not forsake himself.

          Once again, Adam proves that he is an enigma (Lorrin, are you listening) by mystifying us with the ‘unexpected’! BRILLIANT!

          Jeanette, thank you for what you are, what you do and for what you bring! Yours is dedication personified!!! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmwah

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Toni, I haven’t either. . .

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37


      • Trish, does it really matter? We all know about the mind being the strongest sex organ, don’t we??? Love it!

      • Trish, for your entertainment honey, imagine what you want no clothes? Dream away my dear!!!!!!!!
        Oh Adam, you’ve done it again.

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          Hey Mary C! I’ve commented on ADAM’s cover a few times and I don’t think I mentioned the word “sexy”, until now. I put the pic on my phone and as I was doing something, I went to go open my flipphone. I , for a moment , looked at ADAM, and he looked right back at me with this very… sexy…. gaze.. in his eyes. Am I overdosing on ADAM LAMBERT or what? I’m still in awe, absolutely amazed. It was a very comforting sexual gaze. The feeling I have right now, I’m in heaven, or out in an unknown universe. PLL to you Mary C! PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS. (drifting away on a cluster of stars).

          • kimber, Adam has us all in the unknown universe. I hear ya! I think the new definition of the word sexy, needs to be converted to Adam…………or see Adam Lambert!!!

        • LOL Mary C. I do imagine but I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed that? It was the second thing I noticed, his beautiful eyes were the first……………..bring OUT THE BULGE………….LOL

          • Oh the bulge, Trish we do so think alike……..hahha, bring it out, bring it up oh just bring ittttttttttttttttttttttt………………………

        • I am so angry! Why do I do this to myself? I just was on EW reading comments there about his album cover and people can be so down right nasty! I tortured myself for over an hour, there are like 17 pages of comments. I can’t believe people would judge Adam’s talent on a mere album cover. Why are there such nasty people in the world? I must live in a glass house because I thought everyone loved Adam, how could they not??????????????

          • Dianne Hill says:

            I too saw those comments Trish, but I only read about a dozen before I thought “no, I don’t want to read this crap”. These people have jealousy written all over them, all they can do is tear someone down, if it wasn’t Adam, it would be someone else. Really, they are to be pitied these people, because they must have such empty, boring lives if this is all they can do. Honestly, I wouldn’t spit on any of them if they were on fire. Now how’s that for being harsh. Can’t help it though, I was going to reply to a couple of them and then thought, what is the point, that would only bring me down to their level and none of them are worth it.

            Adam Rocks, we all know it, he is just so darn beautiful on that cover, I just cannot wait for the rest.

            • I agree with you so much, Dianne, the mother bear comes out in me, I wish I could protect
              Adam from all of this garbage, I only hope that Adam doesn’t bother to read this junk and
              only reads what his true fans write. We don’t have a right to tell Adam what to do, only love it..
              Thank you, Jeanette, for bringing forth the picture and your comment, I always look forward to reading your comments and the pictures. Once again you make us Proud !!!

          • Trish, there will always be negative, jealous people in this world, it’s a fact of life.
            How sad for them. Adam is gorgeous, I loved Jeanette’s use of the word STUNNING,
            he is talented, kind, honest, intelligent, and well-spoken. If people speak badly of him, it is only reflecting their own inadequacies, not Adam’s. I love the cover because it is so Adam, so risky, audacious, in-your-face…… in a nice way. He loves to push people’s buttons, and that he has done. Good for him. No conformist, that’s for sure. Now, we just sit back and wait for the single then the CD. Usually at this time of year it is worries about Christmas presents and snow storms…. who cares.
            Adam’s album will be here Thanksgiving week, which means lots to give thanks for.

            • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Adam. But i have to admit that i don’t like his cover. He’s so incredibly gorgeous and almost every picture i’ve ever seen of him is incredible.
              But this picture just doesn’t do it for me.
              Adam fans will buy whatever he puts out, but i’m afraid the general public will be totally put off by this picture and not buy it. And its ALL about sales ladies!!! We want Adam to knock everyone else OFF THE CHARTS and become the international star we know he’s destined to be.
              I’m just really, really afraid this cover wasn’t a good choice.
              Let’s hope i’m wrong!

  3. OMG Jeanette, this has taken my breath away, it shines like a bright star, so so beautiful, absolutely stunning, I love the hair, those beautiful eyes, I cannot wait to hear the music. THIS IS GLAM ROCK AT LAST, I am speachless.

  4. Love the pose, background, colors, etc…but I do think it is a little too air-brushed. Adam doesn’t need that in my opinion.

    Glamb #6

  5. it is absolutely stunning! glam is back!!

  6. I’m blown……:)

  7. MyBoyAdam says:


  8. AdamRocks! says:

    Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! When I first saw it, I couldn’t stop shaking. . . I absolutely, positively ADORE it! Thanks for bringing Glam back Adam!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  9. It’s GLAM… it’s BOLD… it’s LOUD
    It’s stunning and the colours and nuances are just striking… but I wish his face was not so air-brushed too… :-(( Still, this is a cover that EVERYBODY WILL NOTICE! And for Adam’s debut album, this is a great move!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Agree with you 1000000000% and everyone! This is ADAM and he is beautiful art. I can’t even think right now, just want to go look and adore mi amore.

  10. Marie/Toronto says:

    Of course Adam looks beautiful. But here is my problem. Early in a career it is important to have broad, wide-appeal. There are gonna be LOTS of people (mainly men) who wouldn’t be caught dead buying a cd with a pic like that on it. Very air-brushed and girly. Not everyone is as open-minded as we are.

    I hope this wasn’t a big mistake……..

    P.S. I do prefer a more boyish Adam.

    • Hi Marie, I would’nt worry, when Marc Bolan and David Bowie albums first went on sale, they were both glamed up, especially David Bowie, and I can assure you both men and women bought the albums. Yes it is airbrushed, but this is GLAM ROCK, I am still trying to get my breath back, this communicates what we can expect from the CD, and if the music is as beautiful as the cover then my expectations are fulfilled. ADAM, LIVE LONG MY GLAM ROCKER.

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        I’m freaking about to cry. I cannot get over this . Wonder what Bowie and the others from the 70’s era think about this beautiful, gifted, and talented young man. I don’t know but I am so proud of ADAM and I love his beautiful mind and imagination!!! This is for his fans, “For Your Entertainment”!

        • They must all be really proud, this CD will be a No 1 as soon as it is released. The image is so magnetising, I cannot stop looking at those beautiful eyes. I am so happhy that Adam has come into our lives, he has filled an emptiness

    • Too bad !!! Let them get used to it. If they don’t buy the album because they don’t like the cover or feel insecure about it, my message to them is GET OVER IT GUYS !!! Adam has said a multitude of times, it is about the music. How hard is that for people to understand? We all have a “favorite Adam.” He is such a man-child that we have many choices. I love the fierceness that comes across in the TIME FOR MIRACLES video, but I also smile every time he looks close to tears when being complimented by Paula after BLACK OR WHITE. They are all facets of Adam that we get to embrace.

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        Yes, it will be to bad if people don’t by the CD. This is not the time when Adam can afford to be righteous. The CD buying public can make or break him!

    • I was reading a blog in which it was stated the cover was of a costume Adam wears in a performance due in November. It is a sexy blue-haired being from space and it is not supposed to look realistic.
      But more importantly, my sympathy for the slow minded who won’t buy a CD because of not likeing a photo. Such small minds in adult bodies is frightening.Thye hinder the whoe human race-we are all connected.

      • Who are these idiots, all I can say is that they cannot appreciate art, they have a mental defficiency that prevents them from accpeeing pure aritistry. That image is a work of art, Michael Angelo would be proud, it is photography art of the highest talent, and what makes it really special is the beautiful person in that image, his expression, the look in his eyes, the image commants our attention, we cannot take our eyes of it. Adam is a GLAM ROCKER, that image is the best representation of GLAM ROCK, if some people say they will not buy the music because of the cover then they are the ones to miss out. I pre-ordered several copies with the intention of giving some away to friends, well, call me selfish, I am not giving away any of them, I am going to put them in different rooms of the house, in my car, one in my classroom, I am additcted to that beautiful vission of Adam.

  11. Beautiful cover, very androgenous, MS Lambert.

  12. They went for the ultimate, the ‘Child From The Stars’, beautiful beyond measure, a bewitching Fierceling, glowing in the light from a distant galaxy. His aquamarine eyes, ringed with black, flecked with tiny slashes of darker blue, deep crystal pools, radiating light from a planet with a blue Sun. A miraculous androgyne, half man, half alien being from the farthest star, come to earth, with sapphire hair flowing in a pale solar wind. Adam has never been more beautiful, more perfect, or enticing. The look from his deeply shadowed eyes is challenging and impossibly inviting. He is irresistible, highly charged, and immensely powerful. It is impossible to look away, no one can retreat from that wildling gaze that pierces and penetrates and draws those of us from earth, to him. The velvet half-glove, the spray of black fringe falling across his wrist and forearm, the bare shoulder and neck, all contrive to accentuate the infinite desirability of this man. “For Your Entertainment”, then, must be taking the world on a ride through an unknown land on an uncharted map. The earth is not enough for Adam Lambert, he is going to the farthest limits of expression, and he is taking us with him. This then, is the first incarnation he presents to the world, one of purest, wildest beauty, stretching the fillaments of the mind. The glamor is incandescent, the light is from a million stars, the beauty of his eyes, his lips, his body, his hair is impossibly beautiful. Each new layer of his endless personas are being revealed, each one more desirable than the last. Adam Lambert, in all your fierce, wild beauty, we are in love with you.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Thank you Lorrin. ~sigh~

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Lorrin and her beautful words of poetry are back! I have saved and printed all your beautiful words. I love your last sentence especially………”Adam Lambert, in all your fierce, wild beauty, we are in love with you”! You summed it all up for me. Loving Adam and Loving Lorrin right now………….

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Something about “the first incarnation he presents to the world, one of purest,….of the mind.”, you got me there. I loved it! He is one of a kind! PLL to ADAM, PLL to you Lorrin, and to all the GLAMBS and other ADAMfans. This is truly something to celebrate. I hope he is having a good time because he deserves to be happy!!

    • Lorrin, pure poetry, as is the photo. Your words should be printed on the back of his album with this picture on its front!!!

      • Oh, thank you, Terry, dear, what a compliment! And thank you also, dear Kimber, Trish, and Cindy. Adam went to the stars for his first album..

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Beautifully said Lorrin!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      I’ve been struck dumb from the beauty of this Adam… so, THANK YOU LORRIN, for speaking with such eloquence what I feel when I gaze into those EYES & linger on those LIPS…SHOCK&AWE….but in an oh so delicious way! LOVEIT!!!!

    • OhSweetOne says:

      Lorrin has done it again. Girl U are Superb. WTG! Adam looks amazing all the time, come day or night.

    • Lorrin dearest, you grace this site with your magic fingers and take us along on a beautiful Adam journey! Thank you! To be able to see beauty, you have to have beauty in your soul … and you my Glamb sista, certainly do! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmwah

    • Lorrin, I looked at this beautiful image and became speachless, but thankfully to your extraordinary talent of using words to express our emotions have managed to exress all our feelings. I still cannot take my eyes of him, the look in his eyes tends to pull me in more and more, it is so hypnotising. I just love who Adam is.

  13. Sharon..pending GLAMB... says:

    Lorrin…How you captured how all of us are feeling is remarkable…we are beyond words with Adam…he takes all our air..we are left spent…unbelievable the effect he has…yes…we are in love..

    • Yes, Sharon I agree! Lorrin is amazing with words. All I could do was to stare, was I drooling too?Thanks to Lorrin for putting into words what we are feeling.

  14. puteri abdul says:

    thank you jeanette for update …

    luuurrvvveeee it baby!!!
    I just can’t think straight right now…..
    what a way to start off my day (it’s about 7 .49 am wednesday here in malaysia). and I am totally blown away …

    oh adam..
    what a maqnifique look…
    what an enchanting stare…
    that enthralling sight …
    makes my heart just can’t bare…
    to think what a beautiful man…
    that not only sings with his voice that touches our soul…
    that not only charms us with his moves ….
    but breaks our heart in pieces with just his glare ….
    oh adam..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Love that Puteri, that says exactly what I am thinking. Isn’t he just the most gorgeous being in the whole universe.

      Hope this will lift your spirits Puteri and you go soaring through the universe too.

      Love to you.

      • puteri abdul says:

        dianne… I am soaring up so high that I just do not want t go down back to that reality as it is bitting me at the moment ….

        my love to you too…
        and my love to all adam’s lovers in this world …

        wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. I am flying ….

    • Beautiful Puteri! Mmwah

  15. LOOVE IT!! SOO ADAM!!! He promised us he would entertain us and promised to bring GLAM back!! a MAN of his word!!! and always stays true to himself also!!! HE IS OUR MODERN DAY ROCK GOD!!!

  16. lamberghini says:

    Adam has said again and again that he wants to take risks–that he’s not about playing it safe. We’re here to support him as he stretches himself and us. Buckle your seat belt. It’s going to be a mind- blowing ride. AI is just a tiny speck in the rear-view mirror of his space ship now. (As Adam blasts into the far reaches of his art, I can hear Simon saying, “What the hell was that?!) We know what it is. It’s our favorite Glamazon breaking the sound (and every other) barrier. Don’t you LOVE it?!!!!

  17. I trust Adam`s judgement absolutely – he knows what he is doing and appears to have absolute control over everything which is wonderful. I`ve always said he loves to SHOCK, make people THINK and create EXCITEMENT (does he ever!) However, I have say that this look would not have been my first choice. Please don`t yell at me, Glambs! I love you all and I certainly LOVE Adam, but I find it that it IS too airbrushed and feminine looking. Maybe it will grow on me – just like the CD title has. He looks GORGEOUS – eyes, lips, hair, etc. but I thought he would chose something, I don`t know, a bit more FIERCE perhaps. Just my opinion but, of course, I cannot WAIT to hear it! November 23rd will not come soon enough for me!

    Glamb #20

    • Jane, as was said above, Bowie started out with his face on covers looking very similar, and he did just fine. MJ was always unusual looking with extreme clothing, and he is a world icon, Elvis ended up wearing a complete white, jewel-encrusted costume and cape, and he was adored!! Never fear, Adam’s fans will love it all, and non fans, who cares?

      I understand where you are coming from, but rest assured, Adam’s talent alone will sell records to the masses, and we all know he has ever so many different looks. A little ‘fierceness’ inside the cover perhaps??


      • I have no doubt in the world, Terry, and I agree with you about others who have made similar statements! And rest assured, I AM A FAN! (You know that!) As I said, I trust Adam`s instincts implicitly. He IS a glittery alien from Planet Fierce after all! LOL!


      • Mother T, if I get hold of Adam, I hope for a little, no make that a lot of fierceness somewhere else!

  18. Dianne Hill says:


    Some comments on the EW Michael Slezak site are not that good but who cares, they obviously don’t have any taste at all.

    The moment I saw this picture, I thought, “Oh my fucking god” Sorry to anyone who is offended by that, but he looks so absolutely gorgeous, fantastic, glamorous, I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. Can you imagine the music that is going to go with this cover, I am having huge adamgasms right now.

    • Not everyone is going to “get it.” And I’m sure the haters are going to jump on the “girly” angle. I don’t care. Adam is a risk-taker, not someone who plays it safe. Any time you’re a risk-taker, you’re not going to please everyone.

      • For the Haters. Get a Life, and too bad for them not to see the amazing artistry of Adam. Adam is not here to please everyone but to entertain. And, if they don’t appreciate his amazing talent too bad, they are in a lost world. Cheers! time to celebrate for Adam is here to entertain US! Awesome!

      • Jeanette, spot on! Some don’t ‘get it’! Adam is smart, in fact, he is brilliant. This is a piece of marketing genius. The point of departure is to get everyone’s attention, irrespective of whether they like what they see or not, so it has to be catchy. Adam’s cover is catchy and deep and will definitely grow on people. There is probably also synergy between the cover and the contents of the album.


  20. OH MY! Not only did I just gaze upon that gorgeous cover but I also made it onto ustream just in time to see and hear Adam on the REd Carpet, and his date, Miss KP!

    Here is Michael Slezak’s impressions of the album cover etc..

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Some people got it, and some people don’t, magic! And when you can see the vision of a magical being, you’ve definitely got it. I read the blogs on slezak’s article and there was a lot of oh it’s too 70ish. Well, that is ADAM’s fav era. And ADAM said if people aren’t talking about you, something’s wrong. It’s beautiful, artsy, sexy, and definitely a winner in my book!! You know, I looked around my community at my daughter’s school today, and all I saw was a bunch of people wearing the same thing, sweats, while I was wearing black. hehehe! My hair is short and black and I like it! I feel sexy and I am happy to be me. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be me. And since I met ADAM from AI, I have gotten to be me. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!! ps Have I told all of you and Jeanette, how blessed I feel to be here with you? Well I do! And right now I want to say that I love each and every one of you with all my heart and soul.<3

  21. Beautiful cover! Real entertaining! and it’s ADAM LAMBERT! I can’t wait to have that in the palm of my hand, my heart, and MY LIPS!

  22. Tweeterpie says:

    I love it….I also think he’s brilliant. One week he’s doing hetro looking sexy pics with a naked woman, the next week he’s pushing the gender envelope on his beautiful album cover. I can’t wait to see what he does at the AMA’s next month either. It shows that Adam is not going to allow himself to get boxed into to a corner of ANYTHING, whether it’s a particular genre of music or a certain style of fashion. That’s what is going to make him an ICON, instead of just another artist. He’s ADAMAZING and I ADORE him!!!!

    • And that’s how it should be, that is why we all love Adam so much. If only I could be a fly on the wall at the AMA to see Adam, I hope he does GLAM it out, he is not the type to be ‘boxed out’ by anyone. Tweeterpie you are so right, he is ADAMAZING, he is unique.

  23. Helen/Canada says:

    The cover is amazing! Doesn’t Adam always go soooooooo beyond what we expect from him! My God, he never ceases to surprise, shock and tantilize us! My first reaction was OMFG, Adam I love you! What excitement you have brought into our lives!

  24. Silvana/Argentina says:

    I have to admit that at first sight I was a bit taken aback…never in my life I would have imagined this cover. But then it makes so obvious sense with everything that’s Adam, and all he has been saying. GLAM IS BACK. It’s fantasy, adventure, fun, takes you wherever you’ll let Adam take you.
    Is breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Silvana, I feel so honoured to let Adam take me on this fantasy ride with him, it will be the best ever experience.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        It will be magic, for sure.

        The truth is, I’ve been reading all day the posts, comments, and the more I read the more I realize that all makes so much sense. The albun title, cover, everything is so Adam. I love him even more than before, if that is possible, for being so consistent with himself, for always bringing us the unexpected, for being out of the box, for being so daring and fearless.

        I love him

        • That is why we fell in love with him from the first time we set eyes on him and the first time we heard him sing. He is different, he is fresh, he has brand new ideas, and I LOVE VERYTHING ABOUT HIM.

  25. Susie Cala says:

    I totally love the album cover! Adam is so beautiful and magical. He is so amazing and wonderful. I think he is exactly what we need. Glam is back and isn’t going away. I love his sexy and wild vocal range. He is one of a kind. He just totally blows my mind away. I can’t wait to get the cd next month. I love Adam and for anyone who doesn’t, then they don’t know a good thing when they see or hear it. Adam, you’re an Angel and YOU ROCK OUR WORLDS!!!

  26. Glambertcraze says:

    OMG its totally Adam. That cover even makes the name awesome.
    I can hardly wait to see what else he has in store for us in the futher.

  27. Album cover is nothing short of a Boticelli ! Beyond belief.

    Glamb # 492

  28. am I the ONLY person who does not like this? I love Adam,
    really do not like the cover at all. the pic of Adam on Details
    mag is much better, this is toooo gay, too feminine… but
    I still think Adam is an awesome singer

    • No, you aren’t! However, you probably won’t find many people here who aren’t absolutely crazy about the cover. Afterall, this is an Adam Lambert FANSITE!

      Anyway, I have to admit that I’ve had a more so-so reaction to the cover, even more than to the album title…which I have really grown to love now!

      For me, the album cover is just a little too far to the “soft” side of femininity, too…and I blame the overuse of air brushing for this. This is definitely a personal taste, very subjective kind of reaction.

      Yes, yes, I get the fantasy part of all this. The cover art isn’t meant to match reality. But it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Same goes for the music INSIDE the album cover! To each his own. 🙂

      But I do think this is very true: The cover is extremely eye-catching. It does give a person a “stop and stare at me” kind of pause. Whether you love the art, or are just curious what’s inside – you’ll probably pick it up and have a closer look. If that was the goal, I think it was carried out well!


      • Dana, as Simon (and Jeanette) above said, “What the hell was that!!??”

        Love it or hate it, it will be noticed, and thus, the music inside. Anyone who gets to hear Adam’s vocals will be swayed to stick around and hear/watch this new alien glitterman strut his stuf!

    • I agree with you.
      I love and respect ADAM but who is giving him advice.
      I expected more cool sophisticated cover instead of some drag-like look.
      He needs to be more hip,cool, sophisticated in a mainstream kinda way.
      Who’s managing and advising him on the title and cover.
      I want the best for him, but this is not what I expected.

      Hope ADAM is not living in a bubble and forgets the mainstream fans.
      He’s still talented by far but needs to make better marketing decisions.

      Wish u lots of great success.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Sorry Josh, but if there is one thing that Adam is not and that is mainstream – I mean, just look at him at the red carpet event – nope, mainstream is not our Adam, he is an individual and if he didn’t want it that album cover would have been different, I don’t think Adam will ever let anyone tell him what to do, what to look like, he is “out of the box”, not stuffed inside like everyone else.

        • Well said Dianne. ‘Hip, cool, sophisticated in mainstream way’ Josh, are we talking about the same Adam, when has Adam been maintream, never, he is unique, that is what makes him more interesting, if I wanted mainstream then I would buy CDs from one of the more boring artists but the problem is that I am not mainstream, I want want an artist who is ‘Out there’ I want someone controversial, I don’t want cool and hip, that would make me feel sick. That cover says it all, I now know that whatever is in that CD is going to be explosive, I have never ever in my whole life looked forward to the release of a CD as much as I do now. That image is a work of art. Love does not fully describe my feelings.

        • right on Dianne. I gotta say it,,,,,,LOL, but wish he would jump in my box..

    • Hi Cindy. I started to comment about the cover on the Halloween page, and I’d like to comment again. I’ve had shock waves of reaction to the cover, and it’s fascinating to examine this.

      At first I thought it was a little too “David Bowie” kind of androgynous, too feminine and what the heck was that with all the unnecessary air brushing?

      But then I looked at it some more and it started to grow on me big time. My, those eyes………..

      And then, I realized…
      ..and I got it.

      But, I was never a fan of David Bowie though some of his music was cool, and as I said, this is too androgynous for my taste. The Adam I think is really sexy is the sexy, sexy guy totally in touch with his sexuality and able to project that. Like, for example, that Details Cover is HOT. And, the way he looked in the TFM video just blew me away. I like the darker, fiercer more masculine Adam. Mmmm. But bottom line is, I just like Adam.

    • Eva Poliszczuk says:

      No you arent the ONLY one,I think its wayyyyyyyy toooooo feminine myself,but I will get over it. I We can still be crazy about Adam and not be so crazy about the album cover,they are just opinions and everyone is entitled to one.

  29. He kinda looks like Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, one of Adams influences.

  30. You know adam wow… You cant stop getting more beautiful…People are saying he looks so gay but he is and no it looks AMAZING..He is such a legend and i cant love the cover more at first it was shocking but then again everything adam does is shocking.. he comes out that hes gay then comes out with a picture of him being a girls bra he is just so amazing and doesnt give a damn thats what makes him. him there is no words to describe ADAM LAMBERT they need to have a word called adam lambert meaning no words to explain just everything you can think of(:

  31. AdamRocks! says:

    Please go to the Michael Slezak article about the album cover and post how much you love it. . . there are a lot of trolls over there trashing the cover and Adam.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Wow, people are pretty brutal over there! To each his own. I still love it.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Michael had to know that by posting his article and asking for feedback on the cover, that all of the ignorant, homophobic haters would be out in force. So many of the people posting there hate Adam and his music, and yet they’re posting over and over. . . I don’t care for Danny Gokey, but would I search the internet for anything Danny and post over and over how much I hate him? I have better things to do. Weird.

        Cindy in MS

    • AdamRocks! says:

      People are actually cutting and pasting their exact same hateful posts from Michael Slezak’s site to Lindsay’s. . . why spread so much hate? Adam is so much about love and tolerance. . . this is really making me sad.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  32. Glamb # 488 says:

    Hi Glams, Happy Tuesday!!

    I think Lorin’s interpretation is “spot on”!! I have been very mesmerized by this picture. I think it is even more of a work of art than we may first see. Adam is very strategic and usually does things to make people think and feel.It may be just MY interpretation, but I see Adam as showing us that sexuality can be feminine as well as masculine (and I think we may all have a little bit of each in us…some maybe more than others). I would like for each of you to try this little test..It may just be my overactive imagination), but try it and tell me what you think.
    Look at the large photo of Adam and take your left hand and hide the left side of his face, leaving only the right side showing. I see the masculine Adam with glam of course as we saw him on Idol. Now take your right hand and hide the right side of his you see the more feminine side? I see both and I think this was intentional and abslutely brilliant!! Please let me know what you think>>

    Hugs, Nana#1

    • I think it is a bit of an optical illusion because it appears he is pulling up on his eyebrow on the one side, making for a different look. Interesting observation, for sure!


      • Nana, without checking to see if you had said ‘left or right’ first, I did it, and viewing him, I see more masculinity on the right side facing us, and feminine on the left, I think it’s the shadows, but it would be just like Adam to have this done purposely. And if it’s just our interpretation? That’s okay too!!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I was just reading all the entries before making pretty much the same observation…. The slightly more shaded side has a more feminine look to it even with the uptilted eyebrow. The other side is way more masculine yet there is such a fine line between and minute difference that it’s perfect.

      I think this album cover is very strategic and will appeal to many. Anyone who ever loved Bowie will remember him doing “life on mars” in which he looked you could say very bizarre and many of his album covers were very strange… In today’s smorgasboard of cd’s it’s wise to have something that stands out as different.

      He’s the Starman of our NOW…. we love you Adam and want to celebrate You…..!!

    • Hi Nana, just wanted to thank you for your comment and let you know that the ‘covering’ of one side of the face and then the other, is something I have been doing a long time with Adam photographs. It’s something I mentioned when I wrote the poem called ‘Enigma’. One side of his face was the boyish ‘Adam’ we know and love, and the other side showed the elusive, mysterious, hidden persona of the man. In the photograph above, I see the feminine archetype on the left, almost ‘cat-like’ in the wildness of its appearance, and on the right, the gorgeous and outrageous masculine side of his beautiful face. Interestingly, it was the opposite effect in the photo that went with the ‘Enigma’ poem: the left side of Adam’s face showed his boyish masculinity, and the right side was the hidden feminine. Many long months ago, I also wrote a post about the duality of sexuality being a vital part of a truly popular perfromer. (In actuality, I believe all sexuality is on a continuum, and is not strictly black or white. Sexuality is actually more than dualistic in nature, it is plurastic, although rarely expressed.) It is almost as though we give the performer permission to be that which we cannot express ourselves in our personal, or public lives. Adam is a brilliant psychological artist, showing us first one side of himself, then whisking that away, and showing us another side, almost in the same breath. And he is also going to get up-close-and-personal when he reveals things that showcase his sexuality, which will be uncomfortable for many people. He uses a magician’s sleight-of-hand to present first one aspect of himself, and then another, with breathtaking deftness and dexterity. It is part of his art to use this sublety and deliberate ‘shaking up’ of perception….he wants to disconcert his audience, make them stretch, startle them, even outrage them. He’s got the freedom now to show us every aspect of his entire, complex personality, and he is ramming the accelerator to the floorboards in these first attempts to connect with his audience. And then, after he has peeled another layer off the onion, he reassuringly drops back into his familiar boyish role, which never fails to disarm everyone. Truly, I have never seen anyone use such courage, sense of confidence, and pure art to achieve such a bravura performance of theater art in one person. He is the one and only, Adam Lambert, a magnificent artist and outrageously beautiful man.

      • A lot of ‘talk’ about this album cover today and tonight, it has stirred quite a discussion. Here is something for all of you, a little ‘illustration’ of some of the things we’ve been saying here above: — Adam’s Feminine Side — Adam’s Masculine Side

        We aren’t the only ones noticing the extreme duality in this album cover photograph. Someone even mentioned on Twitter that one eye is more heavily made-up than the other to enhance or decrease the masculine and feminine appearance, but that many people would not see that at first glance. Leave it to Adam to start a whirlwind of excited talk around everything he does.

      • Lorrin, this is so beautifully said, as usual. Adam is not just outrageously handsome, he is just plain outrageous.

        I think he’s playing his audience, like an instrument, and he can fiddle with me anytime.

        [Sorry – couldn’t resist].

        • Songwriter, I am sure you wouldn’t mind him fiddling with you … and what would you do … fiddle back … I don’t think so … probably grope!!!! Hope the birthday celebrations were good! Mmmwah, Ingrid

      • Thank you, Lorrin! As usual, your words have beautifully captured how Adam continues to be such an enigma for all of us. He is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind man!



      • Hi Lorrin,
        I am truly sorry that I did not get to read your poem “Enigma”. Juddging from all of your comments, I am certain that it was done with a deep sense of observation, an uncommom ability to capture the essense and wrap it all up in a special way that it would touch everyones heart and actually allow us to feel what you were feeling. What a wonderful gift you possess, that enables you to awaken ones senses and raise them to a higher level! No doubt the poem was as beautiful and eloquent as it’s author!! Also, thank you for the pictures…I don’t know how you managed to separate the in half..but it shows what I thought I had observed, in an even better way.
        Adam is a man of his word….one of the very first statements he made on Idol was “I will change things, I will surprise you,I CAN!! And he certainly does…I am enjoying every minute of this wild and adventurous rise to his fame and sucess!!
        Hugs, Glamb #488

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Nana, I agree with you, I can’t stare at this picture for too long though because he just puts me under a spell and I have a hell of a job snapping out of it.

      • Dianne,

        I hear you…loud and clear!! I don’t think I want to snap out of it..LOL

        Hugs, Glamb #488

  33. He looks like Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, he must be the inspiration.

  34. Adam’s album cover is OVER THE TOP….JUST LIKE HIM!!!! We knew it would be spectacular! He looks OUT OF THIS WORLD AND BEYOND!!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!

    As my friend, Ellie, and I agreed….the title is just PART of the cover…..ALL YOU SEE FIRST IS ADAM LAMBERT…. AND HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear it.!

  35. “FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT” Adam , this will not shock your fans who know you, but this album cover will for sure create public notice! Glam Rock is back and our man has brought it. His gorgeous face and the lighting that surrounds him, makes me smile. Oh I love HIM! Adam is Adam and he will forever amaze us with his outrageous outfits, glitter, sparkle, glam and voice.

    So many thoughts will be generated from the cover and it will be to amuse.
    I can see him now on concert tour coming out in his Platform Boots, elaborate outfits and ready to
    Just knew he would pull through for many of his fans that thought his title was toned down!!!

  36. cheryl 334 says:

    WELL I GUESS THIS IS IT. Like this pic of Adam the least of all pics I have ever seen of him. Would not have gone in this direction, but, if this is what he wants, then it is what he’s got. Scrolling down from the top to just the middle of his noew, he looks to much like a woman to me. A beautiful, femine woman, tho. Wonder if that is what he wanted. Good Lord, there are so many hottttt pics of him, don’t ‘get it’ myself. Adam, what the hell are you looking for here? You could have had the sexiest pic ever. This is not sexy, at all, I must say. If I didnot know who Adam Lambert was, I never would have guessed this was truly a man! Too, bad. It could have been soooooo good. Not ‘with you’ on this choice. Love you, tho!

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Hang in there, my friend….I am sure we will see many, many more pictures of Adam, in which he may be even “hotter” and “sexier” looking than the ones we have already drooled over!!!

      Chin up..think positive…it’s all good!!

      Hugs, Glamb #488

  37. I go out for a couple of hours and look what happens when I am away.!!!!! My first reaction was OMFG. Second was do I like this, At first I was worried it wouls turn people off, bit Adam is smart he would have been away of this and once again it gives testament, to his open and honest attitude, take me as I am this is me. He loves this glam, theatrical, arty look. He would be fully aware of the risk he was taking.And went there anyway, his music will stand on its own, and now we know why the understated album title, it goes perfectly with the over the top cover. Didnt someone once say “there is no such thing as bad publicity”People will pick this disc up by the atraction to the cover as it stands out, then will decide, course it will sure atract their attention. It is typically our Adam.

  38. puteri abdul says:

    already took my chill pills today..
    which consist of adam’s cover photo..
    and adam’s latest 2 hours ago interview for the this is it premiere ….

    I think that’ll take care for my morning “happy theraphy” for today …

  39. AllStarMe says:

    He looks too perfect. I can’t even stand it! I hope his album sounds even better than this picture. If it does, consider my mind completely blown. I hope someone knows the number for 911!

  40. Adam has a creativity and beauty all his own-in his soul and his looks, and every time I hear one of his songs in my head I am taken to a place of pure ecstasy! Nothing -and no one can diminish that fact for me. Peace and love to you, Adam. lorraine

  41. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:


  42. Cindy and cheryl, you are not the only ones who do not like this cd cover.
    Google: Adam Lambert Reality Rocks (the first entry) and there
    are over 4000 posts generated in just the past few hours of
    people who are not happy with the cover.
    (Sorry to bring this up on the Glamsite, but I think we have
    to stay real and be aware of other opinions..)
    To me, this face looks like that of an air-brushed female model. Where is
    the sexy, rock-gawd from planet fierce that we fell in love with?
    I thought I would be devoted to Adam for many years to come, but I
    must admit I am starting to lose interest. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me please!)
    I have never minded him being gay, things just seem to be losing their magic.
    I’m still hoping I love the cd.

    • Amen, period.

      • Adamfan & Cindy,
        Have more faith in Adam!!!
        “starting to loose interest”?…… Come on!….. Just because of the cover picture????

    • Adamfan & Cindy I hear what you are saying and part of me agrees, but lets just havefaith for now, and see where this is going, he is working with experts, so hopefully this will work, I personally like Adam as Adam but when it work or performing he does go all out.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      But didn’t you notice that most of these posts about hating the cover (and Adam for that matter) are from hateful, homophobic, ignorant posters who are posting over and over? I’m really starting to lose faith in the majority of humanity. 🙁

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  43. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I’m not sure that some people actually get Adam… no way, no how is he ever going to do just what we expect. He will always push the envelope, thrill, chill, unnerve, extend, confuse us, entertain us. I love it. I love him. The photo is a masterpiece of Adam… On the left we see his softer more feminine side yet it is in shadows because the lighter side is the side he shows and lets the world see. He is more androgynous than that fellow who just looks like a girl because Adam confuses the senses. Explodes our minds making us try to figure him out when we never will. The longer he keeps us guessing, the longer the chase the more ardently we want him. If we caught him, we could play with him but the battle would be over and we could drift away. That’s not where he wants us… he wants us to always want more, not know what to expect next and if Adam was anyone other than Adam… well he just wouldn’t be the Adam we love…
    Love him as he is, we call him an alien so he puts his face in space, we love his sensitive, beautiful and graceful manner, therefore he shows us his inner beauty, we love his manly, fierce and colourful side and he has given us this as well….
    Love him as he is…. See him for what he is…. Be grateful for what he is….

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      not talking to anyone in particular… so please dont take offense anyone…I’ve heard many hate this pic but I think we need to give Adam credit for knowing what he is doing…. he had a plan and strategy in having this cover.
      I think it will be right that not everyone will like his cd. He has promised us that it will not be like any thing else he’s done, and the photo indicates that too. I for one can’t promise I will love every song but I can guarantee that I will always love listening to him, being shocked by him, and yes just plain old looking at him… and I will definitely enjoy as many songs as I can and just learn the rest anyway as you do when you buy a cd. It’s usually not until you make a copy without the songs you dont love that you realise just how much you miss the ones you cut…. I’ve done that heaps of times….

      Cheers all

    • Lisa..Thank you you are so on target.. we will never be able to classify Adam or put him away safely in some stagnant identity box.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      You are so right Lisa, he wants us guessing, not knowing what to expect, being shocked and always wanting more. That’s definitely his strategy and we love it….and him.

      • Just look at what he tweeted today:

        Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous. *(I added the h)

        For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention.about 3 hours ago from Echofon

    • Lisa — Love you comments and everything you said is so true!! WE WANTED a SURPRISE– and he gave us one and ALWAYS WILL!! Look at his HISTORIC run on Idol. He SHOCKED everyone including Ho HUm Simon!! Every week the world watched as he shocked us over and over and over again!!! How is it that anyone is surpised by this album cover!! We all gasped one way or another when we saw it!! THAT’S THE POINT- as Adam would say!! It couldn’t be any more awsome– can’t you doubters see that!!!
      As Kara would say ” Shocking, Confusing, Sleazy, brillant, crazy, BUT I LIKE IT- I LIKE IT”!!!

      Explodes our minds making us try to figure him out when we never will!!! I LOVE this line Lisa!
      That is ADAM all the way and he is having the time of his life teasing the life out of all of us!!

      What a Fierce RIDE he is taking us all on.

      I Swear- I know something SUPERNATURAL happend to me watching him sing- and I do believe it happened to everyone- some are just fighting the ADAM SPELL that was put on them. But he has a SUPERNATURAL POWER to pierce his soul with our soul through his voice and charisma- his whole being- it just connects our two souls together in a bond. It is out of our control!! Adam will continue to Shock and Awe everyone!! It’s what he was put here to do!!

  44. DANA MARTIN says:


  45. Glamb#120 says:

    I LOVE ADAM!!! I LOVE ADAM!! trryyiinngg to love the album cover. I am agreeing with the concerns above that swm’s (straight white male’s) would reconsider picking up this album and walking with it to the cash register. I hope for Adam’s sake that it just DOES NOT MATTER, and Adam’s talent alone will propel him to number 1 on the chart, and with every single on this album. Adam, I am in your corner every step of the way. T-Minus 26 days. Destination: Stratosphere!

  46. I feel so glad to be home on this site.. I just read e mails so full of ADAM hate.. My conclusion is to paraphrase: “Gays will have full rights when people stop hating women” Most of what I read is so full of misogyny. He looks too much like a woman. acts too much like a woman. what’s wrong with looking or acting like a woman ? It’s a compliment ! Why are some people so afraid to admit to having both male and female characteristics,ying yang. What are some of us so afraid of? I prefer the 70’s when people could experiment and be creative.. Welcome to the last dying embers of the George Bush era.Welcome to Adam Lambert and his fierce bravery.

  47. Calabrisella says:

    I think Adam is the bomb!!! Love and adore his voice. But I think this picture he chose for the album cover… BITES!!! ………. BIG TIME. He looks like a girl!! Hope he rethinks this. I will be downloading from Itunes for sure. Arggggggggg just saw the pic agian…. Excuse me.. I think I’m gonna toss my cookies…

  48. This just adds to the mystique that is Adam. Will there ever come a time when we are not left in awe of his beauty? God sure did an incredible job when he created this Adam.

  49. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn’t like this album cover. I think it is a poor choice, but it certainly has everyone talking everywhere now doesn’t it. Maybe that is Adam’s strategy. I sure hope he knows what he is doing. I will buy his CD even if it had no pictures or title. I don’t care………but this is slowly becoming a turn off for me……

    • That IS Adams strategy!! Get you Talking!! He had to do something amazing– It’s waht everyone was waiting for!!

  50. VELVET GOLDMINE.This cover is inspired by Adam’s favorite movie.The movie is a 70s glam rock era masterpiece.The main character is Jonathan Rhys Meyers-aka David Bowie-.Jonathan had exactly the same look in part of the movie (he changed a lot) .He is androgynous,bisexual,beautiful and amazing. Adam really likes this look,but I have a problem with that.David Bowie,Jonathan R.M and Bill Kaulitz have a different kind of body type.They are frail,very skinny,almost ethereal.Adam is a big guy,very masculine and even when he wears make up he looks good because it doesn’t take away his appeal,it actually enhances it .I don’t like this cover,they could have done a better job trying to find a better way to follow this direction without distort Adam essence so much.I still love him and going to buy the deluxe edition,it was just an opinion.

    • te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

      I so agree with every word! Could have been executed better. I offered to work on it ages ago and he must have missed my offer. LOL!

    • Ibor – brilliant remarks here. David Bowie was truly androgynous-looking and as I’ve said elsewhere, i was not a fan. Adam is not actually androgynous-looking at all. His nose is very strong and masculine if you’ve noticed, his build is pure hunk material. So when he wears a little makeup to accentuate his eyes and smooth out his skin, I think you’re right – it enhances his sexuality, it doesn’t diminish it. You hit the nail on the head here with your insightful post.

  51. It’s 1 am here in Australia. Had to wait until my son finished using the computer and go to bed so that I could check the news about Adam…….and WOW!!!….I just love his album cover. I can’t stop looking at it. It exemplifies his whole being. It is stunning, He is “perfect” This cover will grab people’s attention in the music stalls……and that is a good thing!. Love you all.

  52. I like it! I miss his freckles…but, yes, it’s a piece of art and not meant to be full reality.

  53. I love Adam but I just don’t like his album cover! It’s just too made up and a little like Bill Kaulitz. I’d rather they take a photo of him – he is so photogenic and looked so gorgeous in DETAILS!

  54. That’s the Adam I came to love.,, pushing people buttons. He is Adam freaking Lambert, I never expected him to do anything safe or ordinary.

  55. Waveridergal says:

    Striking! Beautiful! Over-the-top awesome. I wasn’t crazy about the title, however, seeing it in print along with Adam’s photo brought it all together.They used a beautiful typeface for the words which is an additional compliment to the photo. The cover depicts just what Adam is all about.
    As far as negative comments here and there, well there are some who you can never please. Unfortunately between jealousy and negativity some people are so dark that nothing pleases them. They also can’t step out of their comfortable boxes. Adam has the talent and confidence to step out of the box. Adam is in a league that few can touch. I’ve pre-ordered 3 CD’s and can’t wait to get them. I KNOW his first release will be unforgettable, only the first of many.

  56. Love the cover. Those eyes and lips always stand out.

  57. O.K. so now I am beginning to “get it”. Leave it to Adam to make you THINK rather than to just experience his artistry – even his album cover. He’s masculine and feminine – he looks all male yet sounds like a woman sometimes and yet women lust for him – so do men and yet —I don’t know. The cover is really pretty – I just didn’t expect it to be what it is. Adam is never what I expect either so it makes sense, sort of……….

  58. I really don’t care what everyone says, this is controversial, it will draw attention, it will get people talking, after all it is ADAM LAMBERT, not some other boring artist, I LOVE THE CD COVER, I would have been really suprised if the cover was the expected mainstream trash. ADAM, WAY YOU GO MAN, YOU ARE GLAMFABULOUS.

    • I just love reading all this diverse reactions, they’re are all so passionate and nobody is afraid to speak their opinion.
      I think this picture has so many layers, it is like a story in itself. I love the Nebula in the background affirming Adam’s connection to the Greater Universe.
      I do understand that so many think it is too feminine, though I have never seen a woman with such a strong jawline.
      Personally one of my favorite pictures of Adam is the one in which he is in Drag and wears the pink dress. Who is this man, I wonder. I am completely intrigued.
      Some of you might remember the movie “The Crying Game”. It is a dark movie so be forwarned and it will throw you for a complete loop but what it all comes down to is loving the human being and not the gender.

  59. One more thing, I am having the CD Cover printed on one of my T-Shirts.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow, that is a brilliant idea Toni, you go girl. Adam is awesome. I just adore the cover (as I said above) if we wanted ordinary – well look at Kris’ cover, that’s ordinary and boring. Adam will never be boring – ever. I love how he makes us all think.

  60. mmagiemay says:

    Be-u-ti-ful, just like him!!! Can’t wait to hear the music. I LOVE GLAM!!!!

  61. It reminds me of a David Bowie glam rock record cover from the 60’s or 70’s era! It is absolutly EYECATCHING. Who wouldn’t pick up that cd off the rack to look at it closer?

  62. i dont like the cover

  63. The public responded very enthusiastically to the look and vibe of Adam on tour-Whole Lottta Love set him up and cemented a strong fan base. So, taking someone who gave a favorable sensual performance and made him more popular and then to take all sexuality out of him on the cover of his CD is asinine. It is not ‘androgynous” it is asexual- neutered. His CD is forward, made new sounding, but backward looking cover- who thinks that makes sense? Never mind the generic title given to out of the box outstanding performer. I love Adam and do don’t misunderstand me, this are my feelings and reactions. They too will pass. Everything does, good and bad. Adn the move is toward androgy in Europe, however, usa is left -brain teck uptight & far slower on that particular movement-we’ll get there though.Okey, God bless Adam in every way, keep him safe, happy, loved, successful.

  64. coloforadam says:

    Cover is exactly what it should be….a clue to the way he will transport us out of the mundane and finally into the way he sees music …… pleasure and fantasy!! The best, most memorable album covers have been great pieces of graphic art. He just choses to use his face as the medium for artistic expression and well he should. Just considering old photos and seeing how he has worked to create this look we all love so much ….. Yah, he got some natural handsomeness but he works hard for this look that melts us on the floor. Kind of like his voice …. as he has said, he started with a love to sing, practiced and trained and never gave up reaching for new heights of self expression. It brings him to this moment and we GET TO HAVE IT!! Adam,Adam,Adam…I’m so glad I’m alive!!

  65. the cover is beautiful. My first reaction was: “how beautiful” then, fear set in-ihe fear being it will be controversial and Adam will be picked on ( and I have mother hen protective instincts about Adam whom I’ve never met and probably never will , nevertheless…..)so I didn’tlike it. But, fear based decisions and fear based opinions are the wrong way. I learn a lot from Adam-he says and does what I know are enlightened attitudes and enlightened perspectives-showing me he does what I know I should do. I just love this kid. And Adam is a part of the universe, strong, powerful and I choose to remember that. Finally.

  66. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    cover is all adam incredible as usual. he is totally beautiful!!