The Amusement of Radio Airplay

In years past, the cool songs were introduced to radio first. Stations and DJs would build the hype for the latest songs because they had discovered them first. When new songs were finally released for public purchase, everybody wanted their own copy on vinyl or 8 track tape. No live streaming, no mp3 downloads, no iTunes, no piracy…remember the “good ol’ days?” And the music artist truly benefited from the exposure that radio gave them.

In present times however, techonology rules. Whether legal or leaked, availability via the Internet is almost instantaneous. Radio has truly become the flea on the tip of the dog’s tail. Music followers have already heard the music, have purchased it (usually more than once), and don’t need the opinion of a radio station or DJ to know what they like to hear. Some have even said that radio has turned into a new form of piracy because, at least in the U.S., music artists are not paid for the spins of their music on radio airwaves.

Unfortunately, this shift in power from radio-humans to the world wide web, and the subsequent consolidation of music media companies still grappling for what’s left of the market share, has left us with a few myths about radio airplay:

Myth No. 1:  DJs decide what is played on their station.  Only in very rare cases of non-commercial or specialty radio do DJs decide what is played.  The decision about what is played on commercial radio is made at the top of the management chain.

Myth No. 2:  A great song will spread like wildfire to more stations.  Nope.  Behind the scenes, record company big bucks drive the marketing and promotion of a song.  The songs you actually get to hear on the radio are the ones that beat out the other music artist’s marketing that week.

Myth No. 3:  Request calls to the radio station will help.  Not really…or maybe minimally.  And stations know which calls are real and from their local listeners.  “DJ’s can tell when a band’s supporters are overloading them with requests and this will not win friends or more airplay. Most stations will play music based on merit and not on requests.” 

So why do I give a flip if Adam’s singles are played on the radio? Why do I even spend time requesting or listening to stations to check if his songs are being played?  I don’t usually even listen to the radio!

This is possibly a complicated question, but underlying the whole analysis there is something about radio airplay that still signals  “success” for the music artist…and everyone wants this for Adam.  The reality is that we just don’t have nearly the control we think we have as fans.

O.K., so how is Adam doing on radio? 

Thought you would never ask!

Things actually took a positive turn this past week.  Data from the week of 11/13 was dismal.  It didn’t appear that any stations had added “For Your Entertainment” or “Whataya Want From Me,” there was no new information on number of spins, and neither released single appeared on any of the “top” lists.  But this week, “For Your Entertainment” is appearing as a Hot, New Adult Contemporary single on the Nielsen charts with:   Total Plays: 224, Total Stations: 21, Total Adds: 1.  Additionally, “For Your Entertainment” debuted on the MediaBase Hot Adult Contemporary chart at number 48 with 193 spins.  Finally, “For Your Entertainment” debuted at number 84 on Billboard (see Adam on Billboard Chart here:  (Note that different radio stations across the country report in to various charting companies for monitoring…and there is likely overlapping and/or missing data here.)

I’m guessing that the American Music Award performance on Sunday night will make these charts explode next week! 

Dana, Glamb #6

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  1. Dianne Hill says:

    Thanks Dana, that was interesting. I don’t know if it is the same for radio stations over here in New Zealand but I suspect it isn’t much different, although maybe on a smaller scale. However, there has been one radio station playing Adam’s For Your Entertainment and that is the radio station I now listen to. However I have not heard TFM on there yet, but then I don’t listen to the radio all that much either only usually when I am getting ready for work in the mornings. Radio stations over here welcome listener input but having said that whenever I have tried to ring the radio station that has been playing FYE just to say thanks for playing it, they never seem to answer their phones. Oh well, at least they are playing it and the DJ does say how much she loves Adam so that is a bonus in itself.


    • AdamAddict says:

      Yo,same here! I don’t listen to the radio but Puteri told me that FYE was played in our radio station and the DJ loves it!!Woo hoo!! GO ADAM! 🙂

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Emili, I went to the NZ ITunes store yesterday to see if they had Adam’s single FYE or Whataya Want From Me for sale yet. Well the short answer to that is NO. Stupid ITunes, what the hell is wrong with them. Maybe after the AMAs and once his album is out properly it might be a different story.

        I sent ITunes an email and complained about Adam’s songs not being available for purchase and this morning there is an email apologising (but not saying when the songs will be available) but in compensation they have given me five free singles of my choice. That is not too bad. I will wait a few days though in case FYE and Whataya Want From me come in.

        You know what is there though, there are songs from that imposter album that was brought out, I can’t remember the name of it because it is NOT ADAM’S RELEASE, you money grabbing people who are trying to cash in on Adam’s music.

        • austinmidwife says:

          That CD is called Take One. I say bury it behind others at big box stores. I hear some unknowing people are purchasing it thinking it is the debut and are disappointed. iTunes has several comments under it telling the truth about what it really is, but unfortunately some people are just getting fooled. Sad.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Dianne,you complained to them coz they don’t have Adam’s songs?Bravo my friend!!LOL!Well,they should have!Also in here,they should have!

      • Allright, that is greato!

  2. LibraLamb7 says:

    Thank you, Dana…for “splainin”” this to me…Have only listened to classic rock stations or talk radio for so many years now that I’m totally in the dark about how the music biz works these days. I must say I’m surprised (& dismayed) to learn that the artists don’t make anything off of radio airplay spins…is it considered “advertising” or promo to get more listeners to buy the songs? I want Adam to make TONS of money from his amazing talent!!!

    It’s great to see his singles moving up the charts & being more widely played AT LAST! After his AMA performance of FYE tomorrow night, the WORLD WILL KNOW what we’ve all known for months now…ADAM LAMBERT, our GLAM-ROCK GOD, HAS ARRIVED!!!


    • On the one hand, airplay is free advertisement. But I don’t think it is as beneficial as it once was. Many would argue that the radio is getting more benefit (through sponsors/advertisements) because of the music being played, vs. the benefit the music artists are receiving. It is all a debate in the music industry right now.


  3. Very informative. I agree after AMA will make some difference as well as the release of the album this coming week, concert tours, and more media appearances. I have no doubt, all these radio stations will start playing his music. How can they not be, it’s Adam Lambert. 😉

  4. Thanks Dana for the info. I was suspecting something of a conspiracy among radio stations. I have been requesting thru text & phone calls for them to play TFM or FYE to no avail. Maybe, after watching 2012, more people will crave for the song. Yesterday, my son heard TFM on the radio and being requested by a lot of people. If this continues, TFM will barge into the top 5 songs of the day just like Mad World which hit # 1 for weeks.

  5. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Thanks, Dana! I rarely listen to radio, however lately I have been tuned in, hoping to hear Adam…. and what a thrill when I do! Another thrill… TODAY I RECEIVED MY FIRST COPY OF FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Glamb #394

  6. Thanks from me too;I wondered how it worked.I do listen to the radio, but the stations I enjoy don’t take requests anyway-I think it’s promotion based.

  7. cheryl 334 says:

    Personally, I don’t give much creedance to statistics of how much the radio stations influence the public. The fact is that if I listen to the radio, and Adam’s song comes on, then I get excited. If I didn’t want to hear him played, then I wouldn’t care who was plalyed, and I do, to an extent.

    First the public is told to contact their radio stations, then they are told some Adam fans have been urde in their requests to hear a song from him played. What is going on here? These days of ‘instant gratification’ from the internet, one person can influence a whole society of listeners in a negative way. Everytime a horriffic crime happens ther are people who start demanding new laws to the books to deal with this one perpetrator. What is lacking here and in many other areas are people’s outrage at one poarticular situation, and then they are off, and never say another word on the subject. Then the next horriffic thing that happens, the same peopole start calling for ‘new laws’, etc. and still nothing gets done.

    As it is in discussing the, even thought, of whether Adam’s getting airplay even ‘means’ anything. I think it does as long as the radio is playing the ‘hottest hits’ and all the artists are compared to each other depending on the number of times their songs are polayed it will be an issue of some importance. I’m sure that will change. I just do not think that that has already happened. Of coures, number of units sold is of ikmportance, but with internet piracy, even that comes under scruitiny. So, why bother? Until society actually does change its mores, I want Adam to be plalyed as much as any other popular and loved singer.

    • Cheryl,

      Excellent post. I especially liked your comments about “these days of instant gratification”

      Your insight regarding this topic was current and in my opinion quite accurate.

      I called the radio station that I listen to most often and politely asked if they had heard any of the tracks from his new album. I spoke with two DJ’s on two different occasions. The first dj said that he had only heard TFM and didn’t think that TFM was Adam Lambert’s ‘s style. ( I don’t think he realizes Adam versatility and ability to embrace a number of styles.The second DJ, a woman said that she also did not care for TFM however she liked FYE and said that if the album had more songs on it like FYE the album would probably do well She also said that it is the radio station’s policy to try out new material at off hours like three in the morning and then gradually give better air play as it starts picking up momentum on the charts.

      I loved watching him perform tonight and judging by the reaction of the artists in attendance they loved his performance as well. His performance really lit up the stage and he has the poise and electric star quality of someone who has already been acknowledged as a major world class entertainer.

      Thanks again Chery,l for expressing your thoughts.
      Many Blessings,


  8. Interesting Dana, I always wondered why some songs are played way more than others. Here In Ohio on WNCI radio station the most played songs are. Lady Gaga, “Paparazzi” Miley Cyrus,”Party in the USA and Taylor Swift music. Constantly playing their music,to the point where its to much.
    So, Adams record company should start promoting his CD’s more than ever. They should know a star when they hear one! People would love to hear FYE and TFM, they are hits for sure. It just all seems like a bunch of politics when you really think about it. Adam wants his music played in clubs so people can get up and dance and feel good and party. I can understand that for sure. When we are out for a night, thats exactly what I want to do. Listening to Adams music will be the icing on the cake if I start hearing the Dj’s playing his tunes and the radio stations as well.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY…………….Isn’t that interesting? The 3 who are polayed the most on the radio stations, there, are considered the most popular and sell the most units. Wonder if there could be a connection between having an artist’s song played and the number of units they sell? Hmmmm……….Ya think?

      Good point, Mary!

      • cheryl, I think there could be a connection. Lets hope Adams CD sells overwhelmingly and we start to hear the music on the radio………………….

    • I agree, I’m so totally sick of Taylor Swift because it seems like they play her songs about every 30 minutes. They don’t hold a candle to Adam’s music and I do wish they would play Time for Miracles, it’s a fantastic song (btw, I also live in Ohio)

      • cheryl 334 says:

        SARA…………………………Isn’t that the truth??? I don’t even think Taylor Swift has a good voice! A Time For Miracles right after a Taylor Swift son would send out a huge messgae to the world! The message, “Now THIS is what singing is all about”!!! Even the teeny boppers are smart enough, I think , to hear the magnificent voice of Adam. I hope so, anyway!

  9. These pics of Adam are fabulous and there is a video interview halfway down the page, lots of good good pics of sexy man!

  10. Adam interviewd by Coke…. he is defin. going to be on the red carpet Sunday sporting some hot boots! Oh you lucky fans out there in LA, hope you get a good spot on the red carpet line…..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Mary, I loved this interview, especially at the end where he thanks all his fans. It is our pleasure you darling man.

      And I loved the reaction of being asked if he was going to be on the red carpert, Lisa better be watching – he talked about the boots he has for the event. Ooooooh it is sooooo exciting. I can hardly wait, can you imagine how Adam is feeling.

  11. Dana,
    Thanks for the info. It explains a lot and puts concerns that I had about not hearing Adams songs on the radio(even when I requested them), into perspective. Mary and Cheryl, I see your theories/thoughts and I truly hope to hear his music on radios across the world. It seems to me that Adam, his avid fan base and people who “got It” and fell in love with his music from AI, are the ones who are actually promoting Adam’s career successes, more so than his own record company!! Am I wrong??

    Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb # 488

  12. Myleen from Philippines
    Glamb #133

    Hey guys! i just want to share to all of you that Adam’s Time for Miracles music video is currently at #9 in MYX Intenational Top 20 and also #9 in MYX Top Ten Hitchart. MYX is currently the most popular music channel in the Philippines.

  13. Dana, that is super informative! I hate radio, so I never listen to it except if I am in the car going about 2 seconds away. It would be cool to hear Adam on the radio, but I know that where I live, it will be awhile.

  14. There has been no news about Adam here in Australia…nothing on the radio….nothing in our magazines. It’s been very disappointing. Our leading CD store will not be releasing FYE tomorrow…… very sad. The good news is that, when I phoned Sony Music (Adam’s record label here in Aust), they informed me that they will be spending a lot of time and money promoting him – after Christmas. As I said, in a previous post….we are a little behind here. Never thought I would say this, Dianne & Lisa…..but looks like we are even behind NZ !!!!

    Glamaus…have you heard anything ?????

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yvonne, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. New Zealand ahead of Australia – wooooo hoooooooo!!!!!

      Lisa held Adam’s CD in her hand yesterday though she couldn’t buy it, but I am going in this morning (Monday here it is 7.45am) to buy it. And one of our radio stations is playing For Your Entertainment a lot.

      Yay, New Zealand ahead of Australia – you are never going to live this one down Yvonne, sorry.

      Love you though.


  15. Very frustrated regarding radio play right now. Our area is overloaded w/ niche market radio, & there is only 1 station that is really FYE-suitable. They do top pop/dance, & some nights actually broadcast live from a couple of dance clubs. But they do request times of 1-2 hrs each, 3 or 4 times a day. Sounds real good.

    They got FYE the day Seacrest debuted it (Oct30?), but whoever puts the actual songs into the database so they are playable hadn’t gotten around to doing so, still, as of middle of this past week.

    I can only listen to radio at work. I’d talked w/ a couple of the DJ’s about Adam, got 1 to go listen streaming online, & he really liked it, & I gave him the link to billboard where it showed Adam had the top-debuting spot in the canadian top 100 this week, at #33. Armed w/ that info he thought he could get their person to finally put FYE into their system.

    So Fri I get to work, & my employer has decided radio must be played on either news or sports stations only because customers might find lively music too distracting.

    So I went to all the trouble I did to try and get them playing FYE (I think w/o going overboard & pestering), & when it finally looks like we won, now I can’t listen any more!!!!

    So this is kinda a mixed topic for me right now. It’s frustrating!!! Although no matter what, I do want to know more people are being exposed to Adam’s music & hearing it get air- & club-play. I just can’t hear it for myself now. Thank god for the CD. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get it resent from the USA by my friend who had to order it for me.

    Back to lurking now.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Micki, how frustrating for you, especially after all your efforts. You should tell your boss to get with the programme, nobody wants to hear about sports and news while they are shopping. They want music – they don’t know it yet, but they want ADAM.

      Honestly, what is wrong with these people. You know if was anoter Miley Cyrus or Britney they would be falling over themselves to be playing them. Uggghhhhhhh.

      No more lurking there, keep coming back here and posting, we love to see you.

      • Hi Dianne

        I think they are making an assumption based on the fact our store is located between a CFL stadium (about 4 blocks away) & an NHL area (about 3 blocks). The other thing I don’t get is why they want to cater to the sports crowd, because we lose customers on game nights because of them – ppl attending park in our customer parking area, & seldom come in before or after the game. Just park. Yet the store wants to cater to them? I don’t get it…

        When I was listening to that station, I had one customer, an elderly woman btw, who I thought might be upset by it, but she actually liked it. She asked what station it was because it made her feel young and made her feel like dancing, and she wanted to listen to it more in her car.

        On another note – I hope someone can record & post Adam’s AMA performance tonight — I have to work tonight while it’s on. & I really wish Adam all the best with it!!

  16. AdamAddict says:

    OMG!Check this out ladies,This new pics of Adam and he so smoking hot!!Well,we all already know that but seriously,droooooooling!!!And the beat just suit for the vid.I love when he has bangs but good to see he changes thing up.I think I fell in love again….with the same guy!

    And this one they put Adam snippets in Supernatural tv show.Oh,I love that show!Who don’t want to watch two hunks in TV?DUH!!LOL!

    • Glamb #470 Becky says:

      I’m just learning how to use these chat pages – do you know the song that is playing during the Adam photos? It is perfect for show-casing his beautiful photos. What a great video!? Thanks

      • Dianne Hill says:

        It is Muse (one of Adam’s favourite bands) and the song is called Uprising. I wished they had left the words of the song in though, but the music is great isn’t it. They are a fantastic English band, Adam loves them, I love them too. It is a cool CD, you should check it out.

        And welcome by the way, it is always good to see new people on this site Becky, though I am sure I have seen you here before haven’t I?

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hi Dianne Hill! I love Muse too! I have their last 2 cds, my kid likes them too! I also have Kings of Leon , I love their “Cold Desert”. And a favorite of mine from Muse is “Guiding Light”. It’s getting closer to red carpet, see ya’ll there!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks AA for the awesome pic/vid, those were some killer photos. Are these the photos in the deluxe cd photo album? There were some I’d love to have! LOVE them spikes on ADAM!

  17. Lisa Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing this info with us Dana! It’s very interesting! It’s sooo great to hear that “FYE” is getting so much airplay, & is moving up the Billboard charts!! I’m sure after tonight it’ll be shooting straight up the charts like a rocket!!!!

  18. AdamAddict says:

    AND ALSO THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Emili…..he is just soooooo cute……thanks for the pics!

      • I love the piece sign!Very cute! 🙂

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I love that one too Emili, with his eyes almost popping out of his head, like the rabbit caught in the headlights. I also love the one of him trying to look all fierce but he just ends up looking even sexier – is that possible.

          What are these pictures for? Do you know, is it for another magazine do you think? I guess it doesn’t matter just so long as there are more and more pictures of our gorgeous man.

          • Helen/Canada says:


            Has anyone noticed HOW MANY pics there are of Adam everywhere! My god, everyone wants to photograph him. I bet this is just the tip of the iceburg. Everytime I turn around there seems to be more pictures we haven’t seen. My computer is getting loaded! I’m not complaining though, bring them on!
            I’m so excited too. My nephew came over last night and helped me order a new laptop computer on line. It’s pink! I can hardly wait, more room for Adam pictures. Although my nephew said I still have tons of room on this computer. I guess this old thing is better than I thought. Although lately, it’s been pissing me off. Anyway, I digress, I’m go to Florida for 6 weeks in the winter and I couldn’t bear the thought of being out of touch with this site and all of you for so long, so I thought, I need to buy a laptop to take with me!

            • AdamAddict says:

              I know,so many Adam new pictures.When he took them?And for what?And I have no clue what it’s for!And I love the one where he hold the fence.The picture looks red.You know that one right?I think I sent to you guys or twitpic??!!I love that one.He looks like a bad boy!LOVE IT!Just make calender,for god sake!
              Helen,buy Adam’s stickers and paste it on your pink laptop.I think it’s going to be prettier! 🙂

  19. I got my copy of the album, For Your Entertainment, in the mail YESTERDAY (Saturday). It was ordered from Adam’s own blog site a few weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting it until after Monday. It is great.

  20. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Thank you Dana for the info. I don’t listen to the radio, only to cds. But I also look for music videos on MTV & VH1, & hopefully as soon as ADAM’s music video is out his will carry #1 spot for weeks or months or years or decades. Okla is basically country,hard & southern rock, & rap, which a lot of the kids listen to.
    I’l just have to wait to get my cds & pray that ADAM’s cd outsells GAga’s & the other female artists who are coming out the same time. Good Luck ADAM!!!!

  21. No matter how this first run comes out, he’s not going anywhere. I think it will take some time for individual songs to scream up the charts. Come on …. Fever is ADDICTING, Broken Open is MEDICINAL to any human heart, Sleepwalker is ESSENTIAL for buckin’ real life …. and on and on with Adam FOREVER bringing us new stuff to melt over. Who cares if (blinks) don’t like it?? I hope he does have somewhat limited appeal …. I LIKE being a special Adamazer and smiling secretly when others go, “WHAAAAAT??” Radio stations will get in line – they have a hard time with new stuff and seem to have to wait a long time to see what smacks. They are SO outdated!! Get an IPOD and pop out your earplugs when the boss comes by. LOL

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Ha Ha, ColorforAdam, that is exactly what I do when I am at work. I am a word processor and do a lot of dictaphone work and hardcopy typing. It is when I get to do the hardcopy typing that my IPod gets plugged into my ears and I am very happy listening to Adam, have to be careful not to start singing though as that could give the game away. And if anyone sees me with earphones on I just pretend I have the dictaphone on. LOL. So far I have not been caught, hopefully now that I will have Adam’s new CD on the IPod as well, they won’t catch me for awhile.

  22. Thanks, now I understand a little more how the big marketing machine works. The Radio Stations here in Miami play mostly rap, hip hop and remixes of pop artist. Imagine Taylor Swift in disco XD. I’ve requested Adam’s singles so many times that I gave up. I don’t usually listen to radio I create my own playlists to copy them in my mp3 player.But kids here don’t listen to radio and most of grown up people are not even native american and their favorite music is not in English. I guess that’s why. I’ve looked for Adam in tons of stations and there was only one promoting the singles TFM and FYE.

  23. The track is waking me up on this Sunday morning and I’m having more thoughts …. the “on and on” of the previous comments. Music Again is ……… words out of my own mouth and I bet a lot of others. I actually wrote Adam a stupid, bumbling letter several months ago, attempting to explain my desire, after a LONG dry spell, to listen to Music Again because of that pass through my living room in March when he belted out Black or White. Whaddya Want From Me …. more of the same please Adam. Strut …. WILL be spotlighted on fashion show runways , no doubt and very soon. A whole show moves through my mind as I feel that song and I’m not even in the fashion business. If Soaked was anymore EXHILERATING, it would have to come with a freakin’ Health Warning from the FDA. Sure Fire Winners – come on, you know that will resonate anywhere people are celebrating what they can do ….. sell cars, graduations, football games!! Loaded Smile – very sexy (all but the bubble popping twangy sound at the end). Aftermath – that’s Adam talking to us so clearly that I find myself answering him …… yah, we’ll be OK. If I Had You – VALENTINE from Adam. Pick U Up – That WILL BE in a movie, just you wait! The song is a script … someone just needs to write it and let Adam SING ….Suggested title, All My Life!! Sorry – I’m just one that does not like TFM – of course his voice is gorgeous but I don’t think the song has staying power …. prove me wrong!! HE has staying power though …… give you FEVA, FEVA ….WHOAAAAA!!

    • colofoadam, I love ‘Pick u Up”. That would be great in a movie and the title of movie being All My Life. Good thoughts there! His voice is just outstanding singing tht song. Cant play it loud enough. Hope my speakers dont blow up!

  24. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    That article on DJ and airtime was VERY informative. Thank you for all the info.

  25. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    AdamAddict – do you know who made up the youtube pic’s of Adam – It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I want to find out what music is playing – what a great way to showcase Adam….I am sending link to all my friends. Thanks!!!!

    • Becky,I don’t know who made up that vid but the username is glitter4adam but I have no clue who she or he is.I just posted here to share with you guys.But it was awesome,wasn’t it?OMG,the AMA almost time.Jeanette and Vera probably so excited,get camera ready,get boobs ready to sign and all.LOL!I hope they put in youtube ASAP.I can’t wait to check it out 🙂

      • If ADAM signed my boobs, I could never ever taken another shower/bath!!! I wouldn’t want to wash his name away!!!!

      • AA, boobs signed? AAHHHHHHH. They are all probably having so much fun right now, waiting for Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh he will be so stunning tonight. He said he has a good seat for tonights show. Hope they show him in the audience a bunch!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I replied to you earlier in this thread Becky, the music is from Muse (whoever made the video though removed the words of the song), and the song is called Uprising. Awesome English band. One of my absolute favourites and also Adam’s. It is lovely to be able to say this – WE have great taste in the same music.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Muse again?Hmm,I started to like Muse coz Adam keep mention it.Mary C,tell me the truth now,your shirt that Adam’s sign,did you wash it after you took it off,U know just certain parts,LOL, but leave the sign part alone OR you took it off, and keep it in your closet?You didn’t frame the shirt,didn’t you?LOL!

  26. I can’t wait to hear from Jeanette and Vera…’s got to be like living a dream to be there!! Just imagine how ADAM must feel…living his dream! I would love to be there to watch him get ready and listen to him…..he’s probably boosting everyone’s morale and confidence level that the performance will be siiiick!!!!!! He’s always thinking of others and complimenting or thanking them for a job well done! I can’t wait to see his boots that he talked about for the red carpet!

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I have to admit I’m a nervous wreck—-I want everything to go absolutely perfect for ADAM, and that everyone truly appreciates his talent and music! I guess that’s my maternal instinct coming out! I’ll bet his mother will be sitting with him in the audience before he performs.

    Does anyone know where Jeanette and Vera’s seats are in the theater?

    • Hmm,good question.I know Vera go but never ask her where her seat coz I don’t know why,I imagine she will sit behind!Why I think that??Why?That’s weird!But I don’t think she will sit in front either,other wise she already scream her lungs out at me.LOL!She didn’t~shaking head~ I guess …behind it is!LOL! 😛

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Vera has pretty good seats actually. In front of the stage there is The Pit that was not for sale because all the guest celebrities will be sitting there. After the pit there is Orchestra. Her seats are Row 11 in Orchestra, pretty close. So watch for the blond girl in black when you’ll be watching AMA.
        She’s very lucky!

    • jaberone, I was thinking his mom would be there tonight with him too. Oh I too want tonight to be perfect for him. It will be. He is such a perfectionist and he is so used to performing this will be a hot number Ima sure. Saving the best for last!!

  27. Helen/Canada says:

    Thanks for the great information on radio play Dana. It’s very frustrating how all this business works. Even though a lot of us don’t listen to a lot of radio anymore, it still seems somewhat to be the measure of success. A lot of people get their first exposure to an artist by hearing their song on the radio and as a result could become a fan. Limited air play could very well mean limited fans and limited success, unfortunately.
    The news is also very confusing on just how much success Adam is having. Some reports are saying his singles, FYE and TFM are bombing, others are saying they’re a success! I personally don’t think either one is getting the air play they should at this point in their release. His record company should be promoting much more than it is, I think. And now I have heard from various sources that Whatdaya Want From Me has been released as the new single. Why would they release another song when the first one isn’t even being played???
    Michael Sarver tweeted today that he was on his way to the airport in New York and heard Whatdaya Want From Me on the radio. Asked the cab driver to turn it up and they both loved it!!
    I guess as Adam fans we want his music to go straight to the top immediately! LOL! I think it could very well be that successful if given the air play it deserves. As I said, if you don’t hear it, you don’t know it and you don’t become a fan for those people who don’t watch Idol and haven’t really heard of Adam, as hard as that is to believe!!.

  28. This is interesting, thanks
    Dianne Hill in New Zealand you are part of the group I get from terry in Vancouver bc
    After about 8 times we actually met and went to see 2012 and just gushed to the cleaners and anybody in line for the next show and told them about the AMA’sOne young lady who was obviously waiting for us to leave said she loved TFM and who was the singer?
    Naturally I told her all about Adam.
    Obsessed maybe but I love it and can’t wait for tonight’s AMA””””””””””””””””s

  29. Do you know where and when they are going to show the red carpet for the AMA? I mean on TV.