The AMA Flip Off…

Nice to know it wasn’t aimed at any of us!  It sounds like Adam has sort of “had it” with all the criticism.  Even more reason for his fans to support him now.  Watch Adam talk about the flip off, the trip up, and more!  ~Dana, Glamb #6

Adam Lambert has spoken publicly several times about his controversial performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday. It was a performance that had him singing his single, “For Your Entertainment,” while dancing provocatively, falling, kissing a male bandmate and (in a move missed by many) extending his middle finger.

“We were having a good time,” he told MTV News on Tuesday (November 24) about the performance, adding that as soon as he gave the finger he knew he had taken things to another level.

“Literally, as I did it, I went, ‘Oh god, what am I doing?’ ” he explained. “I was out of body. You know, the finger was to the people that have been criticizing me. The finger was to the people who doubt me. The finger was to the people that were about to censor me. The finger was not to fans or people who support me at all, by any means.

“The finger was to ‘Out’ magazine’s editor who wailed into me, people like that,” he continued. “It wasn’t premeditated; it just kind of happened. In the end … it was to prove freedom of expression and to prove I am in control of my situation. I am an artist and I’m here to express myself. My intention wasn’t to upset people.”

As for his now-infamous kiss with keyboardist Tommy Ratliff, he said that in rehearsal he had only pulled his hair. So Ratliff was expecting something — but not a big, very public kiss.

“He did not know! No — during rehearsal I grabbed him by the hair and kind of just looked at him,” Lambert said. “He’s straight, but not married. He’s single. I guess he didn’t mind getting kissed in the name of entertainment.”

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  1. At first I felt just like Jeanette – WTF?! Now I am laughing. Great interviews today – Adam is so together! Very therapeutic to listen and know he is doing great. I LOVE his album – it is AMAZING. I was worried like an anxious mother, but reflecting back – His performance truly was in the spirit of the AMA – all the performances were sexy (raunchy?) and he just *likes the top*! I loved the entire set of interviews on the MTV site. I loved that the fall was REAL and he did a ninja roll, what a performer! I am still on Team Adam.

    Glamb #82

    • I am so shocked by Jeanette’s reaction! What a traitor…..she knew everything about this young man, a very professional stalker! Now she gave up on him, very very diasappointed in her! You brought all this joy to us and now you bailed out! What a waste!

  2. “The finger was to the people that have been criticizing me….The finger was not to fans or people who support me at all, by any means”.

    Well, I was in the audience and I got the “finger” and so did millions of viewers, including his loyal fans. I am glad he finally explained it but I still did not hear an apology…and I want an apology.

    I’ve already made a few posts on this topic, so won’t mention it again. But it would be good manners for him to apologize to all the fans who did take it personally. After all, all during AI, one of the things we most liked about him was his consistent courtesy and humility.

    He is really saying in this interview that he lost control of himself during this performance. I think that trip really tripped him up psychologically as well.

    • me, too. I want an apology as well. I was watching from home, so at the time didn’t see the finger. But I want an apology for the several mean spirited sex moves. They were not sexy. They were violent and like rape. I can understand that Adam was all pumped up with adreneline. I even wondered if he was on drugs after it was over. Adreneline can be like a drug if you get too much, I suppose. And this was a really, really big thing for him, we all know. He has to learn how to control that, clearly. Adn yes, the trip and ninja roll really would have been hard to deal with. Poor Adam, being freaked out over that, and getting the adreneline flowing even faster. BUT–for him to say he would not change anything worries me. this was not in the name of ‘art’. This was in the name of a newly discovered artist being inexperienced with the amount of adreneline he produces and how to control that feeling, or something like that… If it was a concert wehre only those over 18 were allowed in, perhaps I would not need an apology. But for this, I do. I am still waiting, Adam. We’ll see what happens in the next couple days. Surely he has not gotten that cocky, has he?

      • Dear Marlis,

        He was doing theater. He was PLAYING THE PART of a dom. That is what they do …and more. Did you understand the lyrics? Pleasure, pain, force. It certainly seemed like everyone understood them for weeks from the many comments that were made here daily. His producers apparently thought his fans would like this after seeing the whips thrown on stage last summer. If you want to blame someone, you could start with them for coming up with the idea. Adam has said repeatedly that he is NOT into bondage. It was an act. Plus, the ABC announcer advertised repeatedly that the final act would out-raunchy all the previous ones, so there was fair warning.

        Let me put it another way. If he had a role in a movie and he played a bad guy, would you want an apology? If he played MacBeth, would you want an apology because he was playing the part of a murderer?

        Adam is and has always been all about THEATER and PLAY ACTING. It is not his thing to just stand on stage, unmoving, and sing (though he can do it better than anyone).

        Hope this helps to put things into perspective and make more sense now. Peace.

        Sherry S.

        • nikka/argentina says:

          Exactly!!! Think the same way as you Sherry!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I also feel the same. And I do not need an apology from ADAM. AI was a platform for ADAM to use to his advantage, and so was ABC. He took full advantage of the platform of live television. What a perfect place & time to put people who critiqued him, who used him, & most of all, who didn’t trust & believe in him, in their place.
          I just wonder how many of you who were disappointed in ADAM, feel you have not done worse. I’ve done worse, I’ve made bad mistakes & decisions, & I take full responsibility for my mistakes. We are all different but we are all human w/ the same human emotions & instincts. I don’t believe for one moment that any other human being does not feel as I do. We are “ONE”.

          • Please do not say that I think and and feel as you do. I am certainly not “one” with you. I think this was one of the most disgusting display I have ever seen. He intentionally left out all the nasty things in rehersal because he knew they would nix it from the show. That was a sneaky and conniving thing to do. He says he feels like this is a double standard and that it is discrimination because it is two guys and not two girls. Let’s face it, almost everyone wants to see two girls kiss (even girls themselves) but to see two guys kiss makes me vomit just a bit!

            • Why????? Neither makes me sick, it’s humanity in some of its many guises.

            • Nothing wrong with two men kissing, it was part of the performance, I did not take offence, there is freedom of expression, if you accept two women kissing (notning wrong with that) then why not two men?

            • andil89……you are a “hypocrite!”! I have loved Adam from day1, he is human and will make mistakes, but remember…….He is one beautiful individual! How can you give up on this beautiful man? So talented so humble!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I think exactly the same!!!!!!!! As I’ve been saying lately.

          • YES! You are not going to get an apology, in a way, that was his apology, it wasn’t at the fans…..SHEESH!!

        • Carol Yeager says:

          Thank you for putting what Adam was doing into words people could understand. Some things just came to him on stage, as he said himself but give me a break! Has anyone watched Will and Grace, Brokeback mt, talk shows late nite ect. Maybe a few things were a little much but hay! We need a good shock once in awhile. Thank you Adam for being true to yourself, but please don’t push so hard that they won’t put you on thier shows. Because we want to see you. I think Glamberts around the world need to let the stations know thier money comes from us, and we have a button on our remotes if we don’t want to watch. I am a 69 yr old women, with grandkids and I think in this day and age your banning Adam is to much!

        • Spot on !!! SHERRY S…. and if I may say, your analogies explained it explicitly. You made heaps of sense….thank you. As far as I’m concerned, Adam owes no one an apology and, in fact , I would like to see quite a few people apologise to him !!!

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Anne Small says:

        I wholeheartedly agree! What he did goes against everything he’s said/done in the past. That was not the Adam we know and love. I saw the FYE video and it is FANTASTIC! THAT is what he should have done on the AMAs….artsy and sexy. Sure, people would have still had a problem with it, but at least it would have been a good performance! Still a fan and always will be….we all make mistakes but we also should apologize for them, once made.

      • I think the haters on this site owe Adam and his fans,like me, an apology for being hypocrites and using this fan site as a means of bashing this talented man.

        • Calling him a man is a BIG stretch of the imagination! Have you seen the picture at the top of this page? Have you heard him speak, seen him walk and dress? Good grief what has this country come to when we call a creature like this a man? That is an insult to anyone with more than 2 ounces of testosterone running through their blood.

          • What?????? Why are you even on this site?

          • Please…. ANDIL89….you are on the wrong site. The one you want is the ‘I hate homosexuals’ site .

            Yvonne (Australia)

          • Take a hike!

          • Adam has more testosterone running through his blood then you can ever imagine, anyone thinking eitherwise must have some hidden insecurities.

          • Calling you a human being is a stretch! Get a life! Adam is one big beautiful design of our God’s creation! My God, Jesus,made one perfect creation here! So talented and so gorgeous! Go soak your head andil89……scared cuz your name is so similar to mine!

      • Connie #528 says:

        I agree with you, totally. But, I did watch his interviews this morning on CSB Early Show and he was back to himself but even more humble I believe. He didn’t actually apologize but was very apologetic in tone and words. He admitted he was out of control and said something to the effect that he would be making more of an effort to stay to the rehursed routing so that if there were any problems they could be addressed then….Sounds like he finally GETS IT…I am back onboard his rocket ship to stardom. His vocals were great, expecially for so early in the morning. I purchased his CD yesterday anyway and am not disapointed but do like the work he did on AI better. I love his “falsetto howling”, it’s his signature sound as far as I am concerned and I want every song to include it. LOVE YOU ADAM.

      • I hope you don’t hold your hand on your ass waiting for an apology! It could be a very long wait! He doesn’t owe anybody an apology! If you don’t like what he did, go and find another young man to drool over! He is what he is! That’s what I love about this sexy young talented man…..He is what he is! Adam, don’t change anything about yourself. You are what has attracted me to you! I love everything you do!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        I hate to say this, but I think all the attention he has been getting since Idol has “gone to his head”. There – I said it!

        • You are not a true fan of Adam’s! If you give up on him this easily you are a loser! You never were of an importance to his future! Sorry… a spade a spade!

    • Really ladies, take a step back and get some perspective. I work in a high school and I’ve seen the finger and heard the word that it symbolizes more times than I prefer, but I’ve only got the “finger” once, that I can think of. There’s a huge difference between witnessing the “finger” and having one directed at you. You did not get the “finger”.

      • Ha ha jnellie, I taught teen boys for many years including young offenders, so nothing bothers me. I never ever got the finger though, but I’ve given it in Montreal traffic where it is a rite of passage, LOL

        Adam was really revving and definitely didn’t mean it at his fans, we know that. He was making a statement as he said, to all those who have dissed him.

    • I am replying to myself! I just heard Adam on The Early Show and no apology was made although he did say he “got carried away” and by the way, even his mother said she got “taken aback”.

      Adam also clearly implied that he had learned something from the rehearsal, and that in the future, he wouldn’t try something live that hadn’t been in the rehearsal.

      Let me shortcut this post as I have to get to work. Men cannot apologize. They really are bad at it, and I speak from plenty of experience. So, in short, Adam is a guy. I think these statements from him were as close to an apology as we’re ever going to get, so I think we just accept it and move on. He was definitely reaching out to his fans here.

      Loved his performances on The Early Show, by the way, and he sounded great.

  3. puteri abdul says:

    thank you dana for bringing the mtv video here ..

    I am not sure if this is the same video I have been watching few minutes ago(as it won’t still run for me while I am posting this), but there was this one part adam said that after the fall, and at the moment after that while he was kneeling, his realised that “…oh I just fall….aarrrggghhh….” that was so cute ..
    anyway, the jim cantielo’s videos with adam was good in that it really go in depth with adam’s thoughts .. as usual being honest to goodness, adam just say what he wants to say and not being judgemental, I have to go with adam on his feelings about the performance ..
    now it is left for the fans to either love it, embrace it or hate it and just let it go..

    as for me, still clinging, clinging, clinging on adam and am not letting him go as I am still not satisfied being entertained by him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not in my wildest dream Adam will do that for his fans. I have so much respect on Adam. And, I know how much Adam adore his “true”, “loyal” fans. Even he don’t say how much he loves us, I know deep in my heart he respect us all.

    • Why oh why would anyone EVER think Adam would flip off his fans? That never even entered my mind. In fact, I knew as soon as he did it that it was directed at the haters. Seriously, after following up on Adam for almost a year now, I knew he would never do that. He is completely and utterly grateful to his fans, as he’s said it over and over in the past.

      Be strong, Glambs! Adam needs us now more than ever. The performance was exactly that: a performance. He is an artist. We all know this. He was true to the song he was performing and does not owe anyone an apology. He is Adam, our rock star. He, like many legendary rock stars before him, deserves a WTF factor. Rock on!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I soooooooooo agree with you Ryae, I’ve never ever thought that the finger was to his fans. That’s impossible coming from him. As I truly never needed any explanation from Adam about what I saw on the AMA’s. i don’t need him to explain it to me now. he’ve been saying so all along. We all should now by now that he acts his songs, not just sing them. We’ve said that so infinite many times. He was just doing that. ACTING. Do we really have to hear HIM saying it AGAIN in an interview to KNOW?

        • As if we needed proof of his humility, tweeted by Adam himself about recent performance: “Thank you to everyone who waited in the cold so early this morning for my CBS Early Show performance! Your support is so important to me.”

          He has ALWAYS been grateful to us! After all, we are his Glamberts! =]

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! ADAM, YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

    OK, I recognize our man! You’re not gone! Thank God! Thank goodness you explained who you were not flipping off!!! Good job!

    Him talking of how he felt when he rolled across the platform had me laughing out loud, from that point and on! Too funny!!!

    I saw the video in totality, and it is the most awesome he has done, to date!! Looking like Elvis lie never before!

    Hot! Hot! Hottness!!!! Rock-On Adam!!!

    When he rehearsed at Letterman’s the reports are that he was mobbed! So happy to hear that! Now,l let’s get on with the show! Your career, adam!!!!

    love-peace-light-truth-joy-happiness-4 Adam!

  6. Adam flipping his fans????

    NO WAY!!!!

    It never came across my mind that was for us. Come on! where’s all your faith on Adam Lambert!!! I already knew it’ was meant for the detractors, which I have seen a lot after AMA…even on his own fan site.

    Last laugh on me 😉

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Do you know Aramikah, I am agreeing with you so much these days, we are having exactly the same thoughts. I also never thought the finger was aimed at any fans.

      And ADAM – You have absolutely NOTHING TO APOLOGISE FOR sweetheart. Some of us have absolute faith in you and believe in you, others are “coming back” don’t know why, they haven’t shown any faith at all in you the last few days.

      Yes, I never, ever thought I would see any of this type of behaviour on this site, I thought this site had unconditional love for Adam, obviously I was wrong.

      • DIANNE……………..RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE WITH YOUR OBSERVATION THAT HE NEVER HAD NAYTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR. I love a man with manners and love for his fans and admirers.

        Yes, indeedy, all of Adam’s fans have shown remarkable strength to say how they felt about something Adam did that was in por taste, and they let him know that even tho the are his biggest fans, he can do wrong, and his fans still love him. What s that called? REALITY. REAL LIFE.

        Never turn your head and be silent when you have a strong opinion. You are as welcome to give your opinion when you are upset, as anyone. That makes your words for meaningful than those who just have one plane,one feeling and do not know how to love but not like something. Maybe if you stick around you’ll learn how it is done.

        For me, Adam coming on the ADA stage, I didn’t even recognize him for who he was. Then afterward I didn’t recognize. Now I see that Adam just had a bad run of Karma. It can and does happen to the best of us. We’re all only human! Now,I forgive allthe things that upset me earlier. It is much better feeling happy than sad. When Adamis happy, I am usually happy. When Adam is hurt,I am def. hurt, too. I just want Adam to have more happier days than sad days. Rock-God!

      • There are some of us who never gave up on him! He is a miracle given to us from Jesus himself! I will always love this miraculous talented man! So talented, so sexy!

  7. I LOVE ADAM. My thought was with ADAM 100% from the beginning. I understand him so well and it was not surprise to hear this from him on this video. I was so outraged to see people blow up in proportion and many of the fans are so unkind and selfish to think for themselves and not to think for ADAM. They are killing themselves too. When we love someone, we ought to open our hands and hearts when our love one happen to fall. All what ADAM did was with good intention to give people the sensuality of the songs with all the wild fantasy and not an intention to harm anyone. He is an artist , if he does not fit to someone image then…just leave..why to DEFAMING him , especially to all the ex-FANS….and when they defaming their love one, i am sure they feel hurts and they will carry all the pain themselves. They are stabbing themselves. I am loyal to ADAM, i knows his personality and i trust him whatever he does. Everyone has his or her fantasy and it has been more than 20 years , the music industry has changed and evolved. It was a shock to me to see some people coming out of somewhere and make a big deal out of proportion. The most shocking moment is to see his own fans betraying him. That is the most stupid things in the whole world. I am glad i know how to care for myself by taking good care of my idol in my heart. And IN RETURN it makes me FEEL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD ! Here is what i think: When you love someone or love your Idol…you don’t stab them…..You can express your sadness and use nice words to talk about the mistake and show that you care… doing so, you know how to take care of yourself . ADAM is my IDOL and forever my IDOL. He is my sweet little thing and i will enjoy his music WITH PRIDE , WITH JOY, WITHOUT ANGER , WITHOUT PAIN …..ADAM
    ROCk, ADAM HOT ! I have faith on you ADAM !!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Totally agree with you there Libra. I tell you with the 2 faced comments that end up on this site… i’d be tempted to flip the bird too. One minute he’s got unconditional love and the next he’s being condemned for his actions.

      The whole idea of unconditional love it that it’s UNCONDITIONAL. If people cant handle the heat they should get out of the kitchen. It’s not up to us to tell Adam how to do things. If we cant handle his decisions and when and how he does things then MOVE ON!

      If your child ended up being a murderer you wouldn’t give up on them would you? You’d love them even if you didn’t like what they did. Would you rant and rave on about it forever condemning them… hopefully not. We all make mistakes (not that I consider the AMA’s to be one) so if this is what you see, you’ve had your say now SHUT UP. Adam has heard you I’m sure…

      He’s gonna be my idol for a long time… cant wait to see a video clip for Fever… love the FYE one… want him to make another cd… I want… I want…. I want…. oh and love his giggle. That I could listen to alllll day…

      • Jane Parker says:

        I am NOT a fairweather fan or friend!!

        I do not like people that are and I do not like fickle people.

        I think Adam wants to separate his REAL fans from the fickle ones!!

        • Well, he’s certainly doing that his week, isnt he?? Oh I just saw/heard him on Letterman, absolutely fabulous!!

          Gee, I wish he could be on Craig Ferguson, now THAT would be a no-holds-barred talk and a half!! hahaha

    • puteri abdul says:

      libra,lisa,and jnellie,dianne and aramikah so far all of them have thoughts like me..

      seriously, if one is to get offended over that finger, it has to be me..
      if I ride back on the past, you could be slain for flipping that index in my culture, but time goes by, we learn and open ourselves to different cultures and learn to tolerate others beliefs and well being.. as one might quote, there might be some things that are totally disagreeable to you, but if that person is your friend, or someone you love, and care, be gracious to their well being, do not condemn but accept them for who they are .. and maybe s slight hint of thoughts on what should have been better, not slamming your fist demanding what should be followed..
      it’s fine with me if one would express their displeasure to what adam has done, but over criticizing can make you sound like you are one of the haters..
      we cannot expect adam to condon to what we want him to be.. we can express on what we like him to do , but we cannot force him to follow our orders.. if he doesn’t want to say sorry, so let it be it.. he is honest enough to stand his position and you would not want adam to be a hypocrite just to make yourself satisfy to hear adam say the word sorry …
      some people would say, they have the right to comment on adam because they critizes him because they love him, yaaaa…. but we are not his mothers, or sisters, or grandmothers, we are who we are, who love adam from the moment he open his mouth to bohemian rhapsody until to day when he is wailing whatdaya want …. we are his fans, who is suppose to appreciate his music and support his career in the entertainment industry .. so please, give him a break …

      a blinded and bias fan I may be….but I love adam for what he has given so far, from his good looks, to his charm and that undeniably enchanted vocal with mesmerizing performance ..

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        puteri I agree with you and all the girls you mentioned, and all the others that haven`t posted yet but know they share these feelings.

        But allow me to quote Dianne (you know how I feel)

        “And ADAM – You have absolutely NOTHING TO APOLOGISE FOR sweetheart. Some of us have absolute faith in you and believe in you, others are “coming back” don’t know why, they haven’t shown any faith at all in you the last few days”.

      • I love what you wrote about our young man. I almost came to tears. I’m listening to Soaked at the same time…..such a beautiful voice, this man is a God send! How could any so called true fan turn on him for one AMA performance….Jeanette, are you there? Traitor!

  8. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    Does he still use drug?that’s what I concerned only.

  9. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Loved this interview…. and loved his boots, I want them….he’s gorgeous our Adam…

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I knew you would love the boots Lisa, the moment I saw them I thought I have to send Lisa an email. They are just so hot, just like the gorgeous sexy man wearing them. Loved your post up there under Libra by the way. Loved Libra’s post too.

  10. What to say, what to say? So many things running through my mind. I love his CD I got in the mail today. He delivered as expected. I’m so impressed at how he worked in that ninja roll without missing a beat. True professional!
    The AMA performance left me concerned about the impression he left with “some” people but then I’m not a risk taker like he is. I’m a play it safe sort of person. I don’t have his guts. He’s completely right that female performers have been getting away with this sort of entertainment for a while so why not a male performer. Just this afternoon on TV I watched an OLD Madonna concert performance from years ago and she took it way, way further so as to not even be comparable. People called the morality police on her back then for her show and yet the show went on. Like Adam says, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it and don’t call yourself a fan. It’s really quite simple and it’s no big deal. I have always been a Madonna fan and I will always be Adam’s fan.
    As professional as he is and as fine a person as he is, Adam is human. Being a celebrity and an entertainer at this level is new to him. He works 24/7 giving and giving and giving of himself and then there are knuckle heads like the editor of OUT who are high paid negative idiots along with all the other pressure he’s under and well, maybe he cracked a bit under the adrenaline rush the other night. There is anger on his face. It was an “up yours” moment in the midst of triumph. There was also a competitive underlying element after watching everyone else have their spot in the limelight.
    Enough for now. The negativity should die down. It’s not like he beat up his girlfriend, went stark raving mad with a baseball bat at a car or any other number of shenanigans we’ve seen in the last year or so from others. Adam will come out on top (he likes being on top). Glamb #176

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Yee haa. lol…I’m right with ya…

    • Love your perspective MyBoyAdam. Adam IS a risk taker. I DO NOT think he will ever apoligize – sorry Songwriter4Adam and Merlis. Seriously – PLEASE – let’s try to have a laugh and get over it. I ACTUALLY could get over the hyper-sexual antics. I was MOST disturbed that the vocals were not as “impeccable” as we are use to with Adam…and NO ONE is even talking about that!!

    • I agree with you 100%! I love my Adam!

  11. Its toooooooooooo bad, he will lose album sales. It is unfortunate that he chose the AMA to express himself. He seems arrogant and selfish – as opposed to the polite, kind, articulate and full of humility. He had his fans fall in love with him – now, he has fewer fans.

    • You lose some, you gain some!

      Yes, Bruce, Adam will lose some of his fans (their loss), but he will gain more than he loses. He has tapped into a whole other, non-mainstream, audience that appreciate his ‘indulgences’. They are the fans that will stick with him because they are the ones that will appreciate his balls as much as his music.

  12. I`m a straight guy and I support Adam all the way!! So what if people don`t like what he did! That shouldn’t mean you should stop being a fan!! I look forward to his performances. Ever since he sang “Mad world” I became a fan. Adam is very talented and has an amazing voice! You go Adam!! I`ll support ya!

    • dharmalati says:

      Yes Josh, I agree with you. I did not like what he’s done on AMA, but I don’t stop being a fan of him. People make mistake sometimes. but the very important thing is how to avoid ourselves from doing the same mistake in the future. Let say that the AMA performance is a lesson for Adam to be better artist and better entertainer in his coming performance and in his tour next year.

    • Josh….I’m glad that you commented here! I wish we’d hear from more guys…..and, I must say, you have great taste!!!!!

  13. He wont lose true fans, everyone makes misjudgments in life, you can not please all of the people all of the time. give him a fair go. Its over now . personally I think the fall affected him hugely. And he was high on adreniline. Come on people give him a fair go. Bruce another chance?

  14. so it was the acoustics, the fall and the ‘inspiration’ from previous performers… i didn’t get to watch the whole AMA but the feedback I got was most of the performances were raunchy… hmm, knowing the male species and libido – i wouldn’t have been surprised with the way the show ended… oooh, adam… at least he’s being honest and it’s great that he admitted the vocals went off due to the ‘adrenaline’. i guess it’s to move on… somehow i doubt that Adam will apologize for the performance. Maybe an explanation is all we’re gonna get

  15. Whew, finally I can sleep tonight! Our boy is back! I never ever thought the finger was aimed at all of us. I knew it was aimed at D-bag Out editor and some other entities. Moving on to tomorrow and waiting for David Letterman and The Morning Show. The AMAs are now over and there is no need to go back and revisit. He said his mea culpa and I am happy.
    By the way – when will sales numbers for FYE be made public? How long does it take?

  16. I could see Adam apologizing to his fans, but if you’re a true fan, there’s no need for an apology. I doubt, however, that he will apologize to ABC or AMA. I do think he went too far with the sexual inuendos.He has such a good voice and so much to offer the public. He shouldn’t have to bring any sexual content into the picture at all. I would so much like to see him perform like he did on American Idol. He was so cool and collected. You could tell he was enjoying himself with the “dressing up” etc. He could make his tours very fun without the sexually-explicit material. If anything, I think his fans would get more out of his performances if he were to “hint” or “tease” – just a little – and leave the rest to one’s imagination. I could see him enjoying that! He had to have so much adrenaline pumping through him because he didn’t even look himself. He never had trouble with his voice before, so you know he was getting worked up over something. He explained that he did all these things “in the moment”, which proves that he does need to learn to control his actions. We want him around for a long time, so I hope he is able to regain the respect of those fans who responded negatively to all of this. If you look back to the 70s, this is similar to what happened with Jim Morrison and the Doors, when he exposed himself on stage. Take heed – that action literally ended Morrison’s career, and Adam’s hasn’t even started yet!

    • But, Candace, Adam has said time and again that he isnt reallly like he was on idol. He wants to take some of the aspects of his performances but he also wants to be himself which is far more out there than he was on Idol. If a person expects idol type performances from now on they will be disappointed.

    • Not trying to be difficult but what you said bothered me. Jim Morrison was and always will be a legend, how can you say that exposing himself on stage is what ended his career? What ended his career was his death and even that’s questionable? The man will always be a legend!

  17. I was shocked too. But I realize, hey, this is Adam. Its suppose to be shocking or it wouldn’t be him. Again he delivered his promise of performing “out of the box”. When I saw the costumes of his dancers in his music video, I was somehow expecting it. He has come out with his explanation and I know he needs us now to counter all the negativity surrounding that performance.
    C’mon Glambs, this is our boy, remember ? Yes, he tripped and probably has learned from it . He said once, if he seems to be flying a little too high, please bring him down to earth. That we should do for Adam. Nowadays, its so difficult to standout among the other artists unless you are a risk taker, and that’s just what he did.
    Listening to his fabulous CD right now ! Go ADAM ! !

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I’m sure he said that his family do the bringing down to earth with him. We dont need to say anything.

      I’m going to copy and paste a few comments by Ann Powers here cause she says it all really…..

      “there’s a third way to view Lambert’s staged provocation: not as a new low for pop’s moral standards, nor as a revolutionary act, but as one of the most traditional things he’s done so far.

      Rock music and television emerged and blossomed together, and their symbiotic relationship has been marked by productive scandal. To state the mind-numbingly obvious, Lambert’s full-force eroticism can be seen as the revenge of Elvis Presley’s wiggly hips, cut out of the camera’s frame on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1956. Or let’s call it vindication for Mick Jagger, forced to change the title of “Let’s Spend the Night Together” to something more chaste on Sullivan’s program in 1967. Jim Morrison’s ghost could give Lambert advice — he staged a similar impromptu freedom fight the same year, when he “forgot” to change the drug-suggestive lyrics to “Light My Fire” on Sullivan. The Doors were never invited back, but their countercultural cred was secured.

      What these moments share, whether the rock stars in question capitulated or rebelled against their television handlers, is an intense mood of discomfort. The cool medium of television (to use Marshall McLuhan’s famous term), which normally diffuses emotions, can’t accommodate the hot one of rock and roll, which intensifies them. Watching Elvis squirm, Jagger sneer or Kurt Cobain act like a clown, even a fan of those artists feels a little uncomfortable. They don’t fit. They break the frame, shattering our assumptions about what a performance should be and forcing us to confront what turns us off — or on.

      In recent years, the symbiotic relationship between rock and television has grown less powerful, partly because enough taboos have been broken that it’s harder for artists to really shock audiences, and partly because rock itself has grown far less sexy. While hip-hop, dance music and R&B continue to push the boundaries when it comes to eroticism, rock has become almost square in the 21st century, the province of Christians, dads, earnest political activists and other basically wholesome superstars.

      There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just how art forms evolve. Rock, once the primary cultural means for Americans (and Brits) to explore their sexual edge, has lost sight of its libido. Think of the other rock acts who performed at the AMAs: Daughtry might be some women’s dream guy, but his music is all about being married. And Green Day, though eminently admirable, wasn’t even sexy back when Billie Joe was singing about solo self-pleasuring.

      Lambert’s musical connection to hard rock is actually pretty tenuous — though he’s brought back the heavy-metal scream, his vocal performances really reflect stronger connections to New Wave, post-disco and even opera. Where he is a rocker is, frankly, in his groin. Showing off sexual desires that are still considered outlaw by some, he produces the kinds of responses that threaten some people and change others — and signal bigger shifts in society in general.

      Lambert is right to say that there’s a double standard when it comes to female displays of sexuality in pop, as well as in men’s verbal expressions of prowess and desire. Let’s take it one step further, in fact — we don’t have any problem watching a black male artist, like Usher, or a white one who works in a mostly black musical style, like Justin Timberlake, miming a sexual connection with a woman. There’s really only one kind of man who isn’t sexy in rock today, and that’s the rock dude. By insisting upon his right to claim that title, Lambert upsets the apple cart.

      Few straight white men don’t strut the way Lambert does (sadly!). Most still embody the norm in our society, because racism, sexism and homophobia still haunt us. And the norm never shows itself off. It’s just taken for granted. For all of his media-savvy and strategic approach to stardom, Adam Lambert remains a rock outsider. Though I’m his fan, I don’t think his AMAs’ turn was perfect; it would have been much more effective it his usually excellent vocals had matched the audacity of his dance moves. But I don’t agree with those who are saying his routine was just a tired attempt to shock. What he did won’t be mundane until no one in America flinches when two men kiss on the street. Or until an out gay rock star is no longer an anomaly.”

      I might add the link in another comment so you can go read the whole thing…

      • It’s so hypocritical of ABC to get upset with ADAM, and also to cancel his GMA appearance! On the ABC soaps….”One Life to Live” to be exact…..they have 2 men in a gay relaltionship, and they kiss and the sexual tension between them is strong! Preparation for their bedroom scenes have been shown! Amazing!

  18. Lisa Imbruglia says:
  19. Adam! thank you for not apologizing! I feel like again he is teaching us a lesson to embrace who we are in totality. And never make apologies for something that is truly YOU.

  20. well after the performance, here is adam again, so sweet and clever. who woud hate him? this is totally funny. HA HA HA HA HA!

  21. “Literally, as I did it, I went, ‘Oh god, what am I doing?’ ” he explained. “I was out of body. You know, the finger was to the people that have been criticizing me. The finger was to the people who doubt me. The finger was to the people that were about to censor me. The finger was not to fans or people who support me at all, by any means.”

    Well unfortunately Adam, we could not read your mind and know that you only meant it for certain people. All we know is that you flipped off the audience, not just those attending the show but the millions of viewers, including both fans, and potential fans who were watching you…And it was the angry look on your face that was truly chilling…I’m glad you’ve explained the flipping off, but its kind of too late.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I LOVED that angry look and the finger. . . lol. . . that’s rock and roll baby, and Adam was in the moment. . . never thought for a second that the finger was directed at his fans.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • AdamRocks! That’s what I thought…..It was a “rock n’ roll’ moment……GO ADAM !!!!

        Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

    • I used to be your big fan, Adam. But does that cloud in my judgment over morality issues? No. This time you have gone too far, I have to spill it out.

      Seeing you with all those sub-intimacy acts projecting in your latest show, it makes me feel like you can’t wait to show it off the world how good you are being a gay, not your vocal. It’s outrageously unprofessional, and I’m very disappointed with you. Get a room to show how good you are on bed!That stage is meant for music artistry, not sex artistry!

      And bottom line, the sight is too explicit that you actually DISGRACE THE SONGWRITER, AND ALSO THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR ‘2012’!


      I vowed to buy your CD and write many promo-articles for you. Well I guess I have to take all them back.

      Farewell, Adam!


    • Another hypocrite! No loss in your fandom! Never were a true one!

  22. I never thought the finger was to his fans. Too bad GMA did not allow Adam to perform, all they have to do was ask him to tone it down and he would. Glad he can laugh about the fall.
    The Letterman clips…he sounds great and I prefer his hair down like in the interview.
    I have the CD. Is there more than one version of the CD? I don’t hear anything that would be bleeped on FYE, was that done just for the show?

  23. Adam: I am one of the biggest fans of your incredible talent. But not of disrespect and inappropriate behavior on a primetime awards show where children are watching. We adults can handle it, although it was not “fun” or attractive to those of us who know true talent. The song choice was the worst one I have ever heard from you, nothing melodic or fun about it. You have such an amazing voice.

    Your repeated statements that your “music” may not be for everyone is losing you fans by the boatload. Bottom line, you won’t be a star if you offend just about everyone and will become “box office poison” at some point. It happens to the best and it can happen to you, especially this new to the game. Please understand boundaries if you want to stay on top! With such a wonderful voice, use it and leave your “in your face” statements and sex scenes to some other private venue. Unfortunately, I doubt that you will be invited to perform at future award shows, at least not without a promise from you of no further repeat performance as the AMAs. I am so sorry you made such a huge mistake. Not the kind of notoriety you need this early on.

    • singlead, his song choice was not good? Have you even been following him or listening to “For You Entertainment” at all?? He has been singing this song online and for sale on itunes for weeks now and his voice is impeccable. That was not the true version of the song. He explained all about the Nokia sound system etc..

  24. The guy kissed Adam back-very clearly shown in photos. and I though ‘the flip off was to ‘discrimination” not a person-but , ok lol.
    By the way, hie offical music video For Your Entertainment is MAGNIFICANT OUTSTANDING FANTASTIC WONDERFUL

  25. Love you Adam. Love your attitute, love your music and love your persona. I might not agree/like all the content of Adam performance in AMA but as a fan who appreciate Afam overall talent, I am entertained !

  26. Loved it. If Adam Lambert was a rising star before – he is now a star moving up very fast.
    Whats good is that he does what he does – he says this is me Adam : and not what every one wants him to do.

  27. Micki (Glamb 535) says:

    Some of my thoughts are likely to get people upset with me – I agree w some comments that the trip & roll probably increased his adreneline significantly & may have pushed him to take things a little further than he probably had originally planned. It certainly seemed to me like his performance got more … emphatic … after he recovered from the fall.

    But as someone else pointed out earlier, he was playing the part of a dom. I have several friends in that scene, some of whom are lifestylers who live it 24/7 & one for whom its a profession. I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff. What he was doing was playing a part. It was all in fun, entertainment.

    Also, yeah, he did get a little more into it than he intended. So what? How many people haven’t at some point or another? Good or bad – people get caught up in whatever’s happening in the moment, and take things further than they otherwise would – sometimes verbally like saying something mean in an argument — sometimes physically – like a friend’s S.O. who did something inappropriate to me once. (Sometimes it isn’t even bad – Paula mentioned it in regards to contestants during hollywood week – getting caught up dancing and enjoying the song, and then when they’d play it back it might not be as good as she thought at the time. It’s still getting caught up in the moment.)

    Sometimes that getting caught up is something that needs an apology, sometimes it isn’t.

    I know there are likely a lot of people who will disagree, but I don’t think that what he did on AMA was bad enough to warrant all the hype because most kids old enough to be up at the time his performance was on (& probably a lot a fair bit younger too even if their parents don’t realize it), have already seen as bad or worse on TV/film, in video games, in magazines, on the schoolyard, or simply by noticing things in their own neighbourhoods.

    So I don’t see where he needs to apologize for what he did. Adam has consistently seemed a very nice and courteous person, and I think if he felt like he owed an apology, he’d be saying it before people could open their mouths to ask for one.

    Maybe it’s my sociology-related post-sec background, but I believe an explanation is far superior because it gives insight and understanding, and I’d rather understand where he was coming from with his actions than see him apologize for something when he doesn’t mean it. I grew up with someone who would always make false apologies, and you can tell when they are insincere. I think an insincere apology would be a great disservice to himself and to his fans.

    I am firmly in Adam’s court, and support him (and his lack of apology) 100%. Him coming out and talking about what happened & stuff makes me appreciate him because it helps me understand him better. In fact I respect him all the more for that than I would if he was making insincere apologies just to try and placate people & ‘take the heat off’ what must undoubtedly be an uncomfortable situation.

    • Micki (Glamb 535)…..Somtimes somone comes along and says exactly what is in my thoughts but says it much better than I ever could…..and you just did that. Thank you.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  28. I always knew why he did what he did. I support every single step he took on that stage.

  29. I figured he was getting boos from the audience, and that is why he shot the finger. I am still upset with him and on the fence on my continued fandom. And please, don’t give me any crap about not being a true fan. Because he will have a small following of just true fans that like everything and accept everything he does. I wanted so much more for him and I am so afraid he blew it. I am hopeful it will blow over and people will love his music, which is really awesome. His CD rocks and there is not one song on there I don’t love. This AMA performance showcased everything but his music. And I am right now very ashamed of him. I am just so disappointed that he felt he needed to do this type of performance for his debut. Could have been done so much more tastefully and still be sexy, over the edge, OTT performance. I THINK HE SHOULD APOLOGIZE. But he can’t. He HAS to stand behind everything he does or that shows he is weak or not in control. His way of apologizing will be “It was never my intent to…………(fill in the blanks)” – and he has already done that. In his mind, he apologized.

  30. Well, Adam said it himself, and he said it best in this interview, “Love Live Rock and Roll”

    Anyway, Adam is such a kid. Did you like the way he talked about how he felt like a cockroach when he fell! That was hilarious.

    Give him a break guys!

    And, by the way, how is his album selling. Someone said, not well. Is that true or wishful thinking on the part of those who want Adam to have “a consequence.”

  31. ADAM’s CD is soaring in sales!

    And like I said above….ABC soap “One Life To Live” has a gay male couple kissing and sexual innuendos abound with them! I repeat, ABC is a hypocrit!

    And I love and support ADAM all the way!

  32. AllaboutAdam says:

    Saw his interview with the Early Show this morning (DVR’d the two songs) and I almost didn’t go to work, I was SOOOOOO entranced by the way he looked (pompadour – and no makeup), the way he spoke, his humility etc… He did NOT apologize (nor did I personally, think he should have – it would have been just another form of suicide) but he did state that he is “still learning”, which is what I, for one, have been saying all along… he has some growing to do. He admitted that he lost control and that he will be more careful to stick to the rehearsal choreography in the future… .the audience WENT WILD in that plaza in NY – he is much loved, and he still has his grace and humility. I think he’s learned a lesson here – to rein it in, and NOT let his emotions get the best of him. A good, smart, damage-control interview just like the one posted above. I was refreshed to see and hear this side of him.

  33. I can’t wait to see Adam in concert. It will be amazing. My mom just recently went to P!nk. I would not have had a doubt that he would of had props. I am currently jamming to him on my ipod with my heidi super right by me.

    AMAZING CD!!!!

  34. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    I LOVE the new Video. That is how the AMA’s should have been and none of this would have happened. I never thought the “finger” was directed at me – but he WAS angry. Look at his face! He is always intense while singing, but pops out of that world with his infamous beautiful smile. We thought that maybe something happened back-stage to get him all fired up. He will come out of this, but I’ve heard they are canceling some of his concerts already. When I went to see the AI concert, there were a lot of kids – the mother’s will still come, but the ones bringing their kids won’t! Something to consider. Can he regroup enough and that fast?! Anyway, they all make mistakes – he made his the first time out of the shoot. Let’s hope it is all up-hill from here…..I’ve kept his name on my car (license holder) – still proud – Love the CD, Love the new Video….Love Adam

  35. Thank you Micki for the post..exactly my thoughts..

    Love you ADAM and I’m a fan for life!


  36. Helen/Canada says:

    I’m just sick to death of all of this. Get over it people and move on. Adam is human. You all want him to be perfect–he’s not, accept it and either support him or not, but frickin’ stop talking about it already!

  37. I’ve been following this site since before American idol ended, but never felt the urge to post until now. Adam has nothing to apologize for. He did an adult performance for an adult song. If I ever heard a child sing that song I would question the parents judgement. To put it in perspective at least he wore pants, unlike when prince went on tv in assless chaps.

  38. Hey, I love Adam’s voice as much as any of you,
    but I love Elton John, too, and he doesn’t shove his
    sexuality in my face- I don’t have a problem
    with Adam being gay, but he force fed it- and who likes
    that? Just way too much, I hated everything about the performance,
    and I still love his voice. I am, however, getting turned off by
    his latest antics. Yuk. He is starting to lose fans, me being
    one of them.

  39. rhymingrealtor says:

    He just needed an Adam Smile – He forgot the patented Adam sly smile . The video has it, that’s what I expected – I expected raunchy but he needed the smile – he said it was in fun and it was a show so he needed the smile. The singing was off too but I thought everyone’s live performances were pretty bad.

  40. Adam has taken care of his AMA performance in his own way. I believe its his way of apologizing w/o
    outright apologizing. He never wanted to offend or piss anyone off. People were surprised, shocked,
    some werent at all surprised. He has answered so many questions regarding this in the past few days untill he is probably blue in the face. That dude was so caught up in his performance Sunday, its like he had an out of body experience. Being this bigger than life superstar is all so new to him.
    He’s a learning and will continue to learn each and everyday. He’s made it all good.
    Rock on Adam, we love you.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Mary C, earlyshow practically gave him the entire show! To me, I think that was a way for him to make up to us fans. I was still entertained & I knew also he was givin the finger to the ones who were about to censor him. Love ya all!

  41. He is a true Artist who walks on the thin line between dark side and light side and makes us wanting more of the thrill of the new experience. Listen to lyrics people, they are plain simple and meaningful. Love all of the Adam’s 58 facets. A rare diamond of an unparallel brilliance.

  42. Appologize for what???? We want Adam to be Adam. Not some shoe string in a shoe, or a zipper on a coat. Or a belt loop on a pair of pants. Adam is different. I never saw the finger and so what. People have been flipping off for centuries. He won’t be the last to flip the bird as some call it. Just hope he has Better days ahead. Good Luck Adam. By the way I knew what the song “For Your Entertainment” was about before he did the show. Guess what, he wore the wrong outfit for the show. He should of come out in a G-String thong ( leather ) with a dog collar on and a black leather hat and suspenders and chaps on his legs. Now there is an outfit. He never wore that so I am cool with his performace. His suit looked good on him. Keep Rocking Adam. ( can you imagine my out fit?) as discribed above. Oh my!!!!! He could of wore something like that you know. ( lets all laugh and be Merry ) Happpppy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good December to come.

  43. Love means never having to say you’re sorry.
    But when you truly listen to the words coming from the heart (in the aftermath) as a means of explination, you will hear it in a different form…..but it’s there.

    Take it “light”…

    Hugs, Nana #1 (Glam #488)

  44. Hahahahahahaha! I just loved that interview… His favorite part of his body is his GLAMBULGE!!!!!!!!!! Courtney (where are you, btw?), you win!!!! Now, that totally made my day! I love that part of you too, hon! LMAO

    I’m a loyal fan forever. Yes, I felt shocked and scared after his AMA performance. I felt scared bcoz I knew some fans wouldn’t be able to take that. Fans like Cindy and other guys who posted here that can’t accept what he did even after he explained what happened. (I wonder if they read/listened to/watched his interviews after AMA, especially this Jim Cantiello interview which is so cool and comprehensive.) I hope they would realize that the AMA performance is JUST ONE of the performances he did and would be doing. He may have been raunchy on this particular performance, but he can surely sit down and just serenade his audience with his beautiful voice. And hey, he’s just human. All entertainers have their share of bad performances. And Adam is not exempt. As he already explained, he was overriden by adrenalin, the atmosphere set by the preceding performances, and the song itself which is REALLY VERY SEXY. Besides, he already said that he learned from it.

    Well if the other “fans” can’t still accept his explanations, as Adam himself said, “if you can’t take it, (adam) is just not for you.”

    As for me, I’m still and will forever be TEAM GLAMBULGE, este, ADAM! LMAO

  45. my concern was drugs also.I thought maybe he was nervous and took something to calm himself and it backfired on him.Because in the audiance he was so cool,calm and collected.He looked so good.then when he came out to perform it was a different person.One I never saw before and I’ve been watching him from the beginning.But Ithink it,s time to move on.he was fantastic on the Early Show.And his video is great.I’M sure he’ is going to take over the world.When you see people from other countries coming all the way to New York to see him.I just got his cd and it is very good.I love it.Ithink he redeemed himself on the Early Show and the past is the past .It’s been almost a week.So I am moving on and supporting him to the fullest.Unless something chages again.But for now goooooooooooooooo ADAM.

  46. My response to the AMA reaction. The video speaks for itself and I think Adam would agree…Gloria