Thanks Monte-WWFM-Adam Lambert

It is wonderful to have an “in” with the band. Ok, I really don’t, but Monte did tweet this video for our viewing pleasure. This is a man that is truly proud to be a part of this band.


@monterrific~We just played on Ard – Morgenmagazin. Felt good. Another one of a kind performance. Good way to start the day

@monteriffic~Here is a performance from this morning with today’s rental gear – Adam Lambert WWFM



video via:adse1994

video via:adse1994



  1. ellen #447 says:

    Can’t get enough of watching his performances. Adam looked so precious and young (my favorite hair style) and the band was perfect. THanks Sue and Monte !

    • lovemyadam says:

      How gorgeous can 1 man be?? Don’t you love seeing the band there with him?? I DO!!!!
      Monte and I love sharing things with you so it is OUR pleasure…hee hee.


      • LOVED his hair in this, including the blue highlights from the studio loghts! Rnjoyed the closeups – the videographer should give lessons to the folks in the US who always seem to shoot him from 10 ft. away! MORE, MORE, MORE like this!

  2. I agree with ellen. His performances never get tiring. Could put on replay and watch all day long. Thanks Sue for posting and thanks Monte for sharing!

  3. DEE #458 says:



    • lovemyadam says:

      This is his laser beam eye make up!! Absolutely stunning…
      I noticed that ring too, thought it was really cool!!!


  4. Oh my gosh!!! What a stunning performance. Love the pureness in the vocal and beautiful facial expressions!

  5. Thank You. Wonderful videos.Love these.

  6. Beautiful, I agree! The interview funny. Dubbing distracting, but you know, it is in Germany. I think here there would have been subtitles. A lot of Germans speak English. Anyway, he seems to be a little hoarse and did not go as high and hard as he does at time. But the whole look was so beautiful and the performance “unplugged” and engaging.

    • Libraglam says:

      Many Europeans spoke English very well, much better than people in US who spoke 2nd language. However if you go abroad, have you noticed that German, Dutch and French people don’t like to speak English unless they go to England or to USA. They prefer us to speak their language. I travelled many times to Europe. They were more happy and friendly when i hold my dictionary in my hand and try to put words into phrases in their languages. They never mind my accents and poor translation from English to their languages. Also, if i gave up and asked them politely that if i can speak English with them then they are vey happy to help me out. Many times, i forgot and just speak with them in English without asking, then they got very very upset and think that i was terribly rude. I finally think that i was indeed very rude because i came to their country i should speak their language. I think in Asia, only Japanese has the same thinking as the German. They don’t like us to speak English to them eventhough all of them have learned English at school. Sometimes we tend to think that English is an international language but for them they don’t think so and they misunderstood that we are rude and arrogant. I think that is the problem of different culture. Just like Europeans have great respect of other people’s privacy and life style and it would not effect people ‘s job or careers. That’s why ADAM love to live in Europe. So careful when you travel to Europe if you do something unintentional that they think you did not respect their privacy and life style, you will be in trouble, they will get very upset at you.

  7. EternalGlamNation says:

    I’m in totes agreement with everybody here (of course!). Adam is just drop-dead gorgeous and his vocals are angelic in this clip. I love at the end of the song where the inteviewer comes back and says “the male Adam Lambert” to counter his earlier comment of Adam being “the male GaGa.” He obviously recognized that Adam is unique unto himself and, while Adam enjoys the comparisons, he is NO imitator.

    Thanks Sue and Monti. Each clip just seems to get better and better!

    Side Note: Nary a “sparkly” or “frisky” in that interview. We’ll have to figure out an alternative word, like “music.” LOL

  8. I got a bit upset with a few comments that were made against Monte a day or so ago. I apologize for that but I just think he is the best. Great, great musician, wonderful human being and so important to Adam to have someone who offers so much support and friendship and is perfectly content staying out of the spotlight. Having a musician husband, I have witnessed how hard it can be to keep a group together and not have ego issues. Thanks Monte for always thinking of us fans and thanks Sue for getting everything out to us so quickly. All of you show such love and consideration for us. It is really touching.

    • I didn’t read what was said about Monte, but assuming it has something to do with Monte not supporting Adam? I talked with Monte in Vancouver and he has nothing but love and admiration for Adam as a person and as an entertainer. He’s famous in his own right; a highly respected musician who toured with MADONNA. He doesn’t need Adam’s spotlight. Check out his CD ‘THE DEEPEST DARK’ at . He’s an amazing guitarist and vocalist.

  9. KO's smiling says:

    Now I get to hear Adam’s words in German? I love it. I love him. Thanks for posting!

  10. Yes, he is, indeed, beautiful…those sexual cat eyes, whew! His vocals never disappoint. And I, also, love Monte’s piano ring. Wish I was in that band and traveling all over with the greatest vocalist of this generation.

  11. Libraglam says:

    ADAM indeed has a true friend like MONTE PITTMAN who always support and loyal to him. Could anyone post this about what MONTE talk about ADAM ? (scroll down skip all the question about Madonna, there are many QA session about ADAM LAMBERT) :

  12. Thanks Monte and Sue. Sue… girl, I think you’re getting younger by the day because you love and enjoy what you do in this site. And we too had become like teenagers again, happy, overwhelmed, giggling because of Adam. He – he ! You know like the time when we had our crushes, and we bond with our girl-mates. This is a bit of regression, but a glorious one. And fortunately, our husbands tolerate and understand us, and some could even be grateful. LOL Yes, Monte too is a treasure. He is also there to ensure Adam’s success. He seem sublime, has maturity and has the respect of other band members. Yes, Adam has a very good support system in his band, which works in his favor and augurs his success, because they’ll be working like family.

  13. thank you, thank you Sue and Monte. Adam is fortunate to have such supportive band members. I also know about how ego gets in the way having a son who is a musician. May they continue to love and support one another. Adam always makes a point of supporting his band….”Give it up for my band.” I know how I feel younger when I listen to Adam…..quite a bit younger…like a twenty-something. HAHAHA.. Love that Adam!!!!!

  14. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I really enjoy listening to the German since I studied it in high school. Otherwise, yeah, Monte is great! What is the matter with people!!! And yes, how beautiful can Adam get!!! Glad to see he’s taking care of THE VOICE. I worry sometimes.

  15. Francess40 says:

    Thanks Monte! I’ve been giving you credit for this wonderful acoustic work that just keeps coming. How about an acoustic EP? The Mad World from River Rock and WLL from Fantasy Springs!!! and Sleepwalker from Bravo Munich…..and all the great music to come.

    I for one appreciate you, Monte- you guys are a gorgeous team.

    • Love the idea of an acoustic EP of the songs you mention. Still am reliving in my mind (and heart) the Fantasy Springs WLL epic live version. It really needs to be on a CD (or even better, DVD). Guess I (fortunately) missed the Monte dissing, can’t imagine why anyone would have anything negative to say about him, as he seems to be a great guy and a wonderful friend to Adam, as well as spending time with the fans. ( Was so sorry to have missed the opportunity to meet the band at River Rock after the concert, left before they came out. Damn!) And yet another version of WWFM. Love the album versions of his songs, but love even more to be able to experience the many different nuances he gives to these acoustic performances. After all, his voice is the ultimate instrument , and to have such a great band to back him up, no matter which direction he takes them, is truly fortunate.

  16. Beautiful!…stunning performance in the land of Bill! Loved the music video in the background too.
    ADAM always commandingly brilliant in every interview….always so professional and so refreshing!

    How anyone could be rude about Monte is unthinkable……he is an amazingly lovely man who is so super talented and kind. Monte has done a great job in keeping all the fans up to date on tour events as he has travelled around and they should be grateful. You insult Monte…you insult ADAM!
    Longineu is so talented and just a great guy, Tommy adorable as ever and Camila fits the band
    really well. I think people sometimes are far to critical and underestimate who they are talking about. ADAM is a Superstar and what he wears and how he looks always is spectacular and close to his heart.

  17. Patricia Rose1 says:

    Really good interview!
    Adam is so talented; his voice so pure, captivating and enticing!
    Adam looked crisp, absolutely gorgeous (I LOVE THE HAIR) and relaxed.
    Loved seeing the band, they are phenomenal and they meld so well, each with their own precious personality totally complimenting Adam. Thanks, Monte, Tommy and Longineu! Welcome on board, Camila! We love you guys!!
    I didn’t hear or read anything derogatory about Monte. Whoever said anything negative about this talented, epic guitarist is ignorant so Idon’t want to hear it. Rock on Monte, you’re a star in your own right!!

  18. Very nice! I hope Adam never changes is warm and sweet ways, it’s a joy to hear him speak. I love the band, they all seem to be a very close family. I wish the best for all of them.

  19. Kevsgirl says:

    How clever they are to make it look like he is understanding the question without translation. I wish the US would have more foreign news this way! We just can’t figure it out. Bravo for ya’all! Adam is stellar of course…

  20. scootersmom says:

    Always wonderful, there’s no equal in the music business. I love this hairstyle best of all, tho they are all georgeous.

  21. i downloaded monte’s acousstic album ‘DEEPEST DARK” really really good!

  22. Daffyd says:

    I believe due to the intimate settings of most of Adam’s shows, his band is highlighted in a way that they along with him are getting famous in their own right. Seems everyone knows Monte, the girls are crazy for Tommy and the drummer (Mr. L.) sorry don’t know how to spell his name and the new pianist are fabulous and unique. Now that’s something when your fans are also fans of all the band members!!!!!!!! Adam is not just there for himself, but also for them. Way to go Adam!!!!

  23. Adam Lambert, what a great Ambassador for America, wherever he goes he presents himself so well, has no difficulty in anwering questions without offending anyone, always so polite, always looking fanstastic, and always giving a fantstic performance. How can anyone not fall in love with this man.