Teen Nick Performance By Adam Lambert 05/11/2010

For Your Entertainment today, Adam gives you something to watch!
I know alot of you are trying for tickets this morning, hopefully you ALL had success. Those pre-sales don’t always live up to the hype, and sometimes it is better to try at the regular sale date! If you are happy, or frustrated, take a minute and watch him sing to you, it will make you feel better…
Plus I have some tv show dates listed below too…

**The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Actor Robert Pattinson (“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”); Adam Lambert performs.

**The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Actor Kiefer Sutherland; actress Mary Lynn Rajskub; Adam Lambert performs.




  1. KO's smiling says:

    His dancers are fully clothed for their appearance on the “teen” channel. Cracks me up.

  2. Between Robert Pattinson (ho hum) and Adam being on the Ellen show, THAT ought to bring in the ratings!!! And obviously Leno is such a great supporter of Adam, hope he has set aside a little time to chat, they are so much fun when they do. “Plucked” was a classic! Just sitting here, waiting PATIENTLY for the 10:00 am presale. So glad I have this week off work, otherwise no hope for tickets at all! Will see what happens…..

    • Well, I got tickets and then I didn’t. Just a little hint for those of you doing the pre-sale: I made the mistake of clicking on 2-day delivery when in fact my credit card had a P. O. box address. They wouldn’t let me go back to change the delivery method to “print” so had to start over, never got back on. Not a happy day. Will now try venue pre-sale tomorrow. Heard from another Glamb via email that got tickets, tho! Not giving up hope. Guess its too early to go have a stiff drink…..This is all a learning experience, thats for sure!

      • buffy522 says:

        Ticketmasters is a crap-shoot! I long for the days when you could talk to a real person and negotiate your seat, payment method etc.

      • retrogrrrl says:

        Mary, Honey, I feel your pain because I ALMOST didn’t get my tickets! After several tries I had 2 tix ready to go and then when I put in my Ticketmaster password, it was wrong! So I had to say forgot password & grab a temporary one while the clock was counting down, long story short I wasn’t fast enough & had to go back in & try again, once again after about 10 failed attempts I FINALLY got thru & this time I was ready with the password & successful! When payment method came up I didn’t want to spend a whole lotta time reading the options so I just grabbed “Visa” (I had my credit card in my pocket ready to go) even though I had money set aside in PayPal, I just wanted those tickets ASAP!!! So to all you out there I say DON’T BE SKERD – BE PREPARED!!! Tomorrow and Friday you have another shot at it so be ready! Make sure you know your passwords, what method of payment you want, etc and GO FOR IT! Under 50 bucks a ticket is dirt cheap for an Adam show, and I knew those tickets would go fast. I hope everybody who didn’t get a ticket today will get one tomorrow! Thanks to those sweet Glambs who sent me the password, but I actually had it sent to me around 7:00am from Adam Official (I made triple sure I was signed up for those email alerts) but just in case anyone gets wind of the Portland sale date/password PLEASE continue to let me know! I’ll do the same for you!
        WOW, Glamxiety is right! Does anyone know how fast those tix sold out? I know it was over 15 to 20 mins because that’s how long it took me to get mine. God the Showbox is gonna be rockin’ with a sh*tload of crazy Glambs!!!

        • I’m amazed that you were able to get tickets after all those delays. I went on right at 10 am and ‘no tickets available’. After retrying many times, I finally got tickets on Stubhub but they sure weren’t $50.

          • renogirl says:

            I hate the scab ticket buyers. Wish there was some way ticketmaster could do a better job. Yes- like people to people sales. And I hate that you do not get the seat number from the other places. The money should go to the artists and the place that books them. At the Costa mesa show front row seats were going for over 1500 dollars. I do not have that kind of money my husband would appreciate me spending on an hour concert plus the other expenses. If ift were just me I would spend the summer going to different Shows and enjoying traveling and seeing the country. An adventure for my middle age crisis time or whatever. If anyone gets the pre-sale code for San Francisco please please let me know. I check everyday. I try not to but I can not help it. Like a moth to the flame.

      • Just thought I’d update my sad little tale and mention that I DID get tickets TODAY on the venue pre-sale with no problem. Phew!!! Can stop feeling sorry for myself now….and start counting the days until July 20th, my son’s birthday and Adam’s fabulous concert in Seattle, both causes for celebration. Will be treating my son and a few friends to this glorious event, so should be a total blast!!! All is right with my world!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Yeah, this performance was a little toned down for the Teens, but still sexy as ever! :o)

  4. I was one who loved the AMA’ performance. This is only slighly toned down, which it should be. I do believe teens get him (kinda) “you thought I was soft and sweet” with a smirk, he just keeps bringing it and for those who don’t get it…Too F…….Bad! I am definitely always entertained by this gorgeous and talented man who is in your face and here to stay!!!!

    • Can’t agree more…..
      This one just reminded me of the AMA, I always love that performance. I thought that it just was not easy to perform this song in a narrow studio. For me, AMA was the best version of this song.

      • renogirl says:

        I think his vocals for the AMA were not his best. To me he was very nervous. His face was stressed out looking and I think his adrenilin was flowing beyond the limit. I still think it was too much too soon. People are so strange and unforgiving. I still talk with people today and they say he was arrogant about it and they were put off. I tell them everything because I read and watch so much and they have tuned out. I can be convincing. I see it in student with parents who have influenced them. I try to sway them back also. Love not hate. Those people started off loving him but they are so tight they and there life squeak. Sad so many in this country need to be taught tolerance. As a teacher I take every opportunity to teach and show tolerance for race religion, sexual preference, and just overall kindness and acceptance. Anyway. Love This song and his dancers are so talented. Adam is just beautiful no matter what he does.

  5. cookeejar says:

    My daughter just got tickets for us at the Ram’s Head Club in Baltimore. YEAH I am so excited I live in NC but she lives in Baltimore. Closer for me to drive to Baltimore that to Charlotte, Nc. I saw Adam last summer in Baltimore. This is going to be a different venue. Does anyone know anything about the Ram’s Heads Club?

  6. jnellie says:

    YAHOO! Got tickets for both Seattle and Las Vegas. July is going to be a great month.

  7. buffy522 says:

    Talk about cleaned up! They have too many clothes on! Good to see some of his friends dancing and getting good camera. Actually the camera moves were crazy! Adam needs no gimmicks!! Good fix for the day!

    Got up a little late and appears was too late or something for Vegas. That is going to be wild. Trying for San Francisco.

  8. Okay, now that I’ve had a little time to recover from my little fiasco (above) this a.m., (and without the help of that stiff drink, I might add), I finally had presence of mind to actually WATCH this video, and enjoy it. He is really coming along with the choreographed performances, was fun to watch, and is his usual gorgeous self. Never really notice what the dancers are wearing, or not wearing, I just watch him! They could be naked, and I would probably just say “uh-huh” and just keep my eyes on Adam.

    • Thanks Mary you made me laugh!!!!!!

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Same here! I only have eyes for Adam!

    • Mary, you made me laugh too. I also had tons of anxiety (or Glamxiety – so funny, so true!! lol) getting tickets. Too tired to type it all out here – ‘though I should because others could probably benefit from my experience, maybe tomorrow I’ll come back on…but just wanted to say that I could relate and you made me laugh. I’m happy to say I have tix to Foxwoods/CT and a Massachusetts show (which is a very small venue – that should be interesting, in a good way). Crappy seats to both – but I’m not complaining, but feeling fortunate actually! Thanks again for the chuckle.

  9. Glamitup says:

    He has got to be the hardest working person in Hollywood these days! I can hardly keep up! Hope he gets his Tahiti vacation soon. He deserves it! Love him!

  10. I agree, he must be the hardest working artist out there. He must be so tired and running on adrenalin. I worry about him, though. I hope he doesn’t resort to drugs to keep him up and down like the all to famous Elvis and MJ. He deserves a vacation but not till I see him this summer.
    I love him to death! AND I can’t get enough of him.

  11. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wow, everytime I see him it makes me remember how hot he is. I got a ticket for Vegas and one for Orange County! I can’t wait!!!

  12. So Ellen and Leno are not repeats? I hope he will be signign IIHY! I’ve been requesting it but haven’t heard it yet. 🙁

  13. adam said two of his dancers are his old friends. im proud that he has the heart to help his friends whenever he can hes very sweet, i love that monte pittman interview said that adam is a loyal guy and adams parents raised him right.

  14. the eye brow wink tickled me!!!! 😉

  15. patricia Pearce says:

    i hope Adam saw Doughtry and Bon Jovi on Idol tonight. They have a lead vocalist and small band. That’s all they need. Jon Bon Jovi has performed for 30 years with the same small band. I too admire loyalty, but not if it will sink Adam’s career. These uncoordinated, uninteresting, distracting dancers will bring him down. I feel like Simon in some of my comments because he spoke the truth as he saw it as I do. I will not buy tickets to a performance that features these dancers because I want to pay attention to Adam’s voice, face, interaction with the audience.

    • @patricia Pearce dancers will be in the pop section of his tour only. There will be rock and roll and accoustic. So, you have a lot of concert without them, and even with them (I personally like them) Adam is sparkly and the center of everyone’s attn. so don’t see why you can’t see past them. 🙂 hope to see you out at the concert- something for everyone!

  16. I do not mind the dancers because what Baby wants, Baby gets. They could have a bunch of constrution workers working around Adam ( now THAT’S not a bad idea) and my eyes would still be transfixed on Adam.

  17. I finally got tickets for Seattle . was on there exactly at 10 and kept saying unavailable, finally after the 4 th time i got them. Hell yeah! And i am bringing my mom…. This is a standing room only venue but she says she is ready! I have been ready for a year now! lol.. oh and about the video. he sings live, i love him! Raw talent. Beautiful man!

  18. What a great Video!

    I really enjoyed the close up shots of him and the dancers. The choreography seemed so much more professional to me and I thought the dancers looked good. I didn’t feel that the dancers took away from Adam and it appears that he enjoys having them there.

    Adam is shooting for the moon and I give him credit for his passion as an artist but I firmly feel that sometimes less is more. Adam has so many facets to his persona as well as an entertainer, but I find that I really love the “soft and sweet” side of him. I remember his days on American Idol; I couldn’t wait to see him smile after his performances. There was humbleness about him that made fans take notice. “Hard to explain”.

    He’s done so much in such a short period time; I too feel that he may be pushing it a bit. With his good looks, talent, personality, he’s already won the hearts of fans around the world. They’ll understand if he paces himself a bit, we want him around for a very long time.

  19. k. morgan says:

    Nancy says: Think we need to remember the show biz world when talking about slowing down….Adam has stated before…and it is very true…getting your face and name out asap after being on Idol and after and during releasing songs is crucial…especially at the beginning of your career…If he took a break….people…the negative ones would come out with all kinds of crap about his career being a failure….His management, and he sees this opportunity to ride the wave of his singles success, his cd’s success, his video successes….He knows he needs to keep working until he is established…which is happening every day as we speak….The world is becoming very “Glamy”…..When he is done with his tour I am sure he will go somewhere..exotic…as he as stated he wants to do….All I can say is go Adam and world hold on for an incredible ride!!!!!

    • That’s true, about keeping him busy and visible. Pretty sure Kris Allen is really busy too, lots of gigs, etc., we just don’t “keep up” with his tour schedule (at least I don’t) . Adam needs to be out there in the public eye, in a positive way, to establish himself as a singer, to those who really have no idea who he is, and to those who only have a vague impression of him, perhaps a rather negative one, based on the fallout of “that certain performance”….Adam is a “high-octane” man and seems to be happy to keep his plate full. Remember that his parents originally put him in the theater program as a child to channel all of that “excess” energy. I do think also that he really draws so much positive energy from his fans at his concerts, as we are a very enthusiastic group. You can just see it on his face. And its true that the trolls of the blogosphere love to trash him in any way they can, and all of this positive exposure world-wide will hopefully help to shut them up (in a nice way of course….) And, he really does surround himself with friends and family, who will help to keep him grounded, may that continue. Lastly, you are so right, “glam” is everywhere this year, and no doubt many other artists and designers have been at least somewhat inspired by Adam, whether they realize it or not. And when his initial tour craziness is over for a bit, may he take that trip to Tahiti that he somewhat wistfully mentions from time to time.

  20. k. morgan says:

    One note you guys….have you noticed that all the other singing stars seem to be copying Adam….Molly Sirus new video reminds me a lot of FYE video, stars on shows are dressing very glamy….videos are showing people in his style clothes….funny….For example Jason Derulo was on Idol and wore a jacket with studs and spikes on shoulders….wonder where that came from :-)……..
    Magazines are full of “glaming up your look”….

  21. I got front row tix at the South Shore Music Circus and found out that the stage turns. Did anyone ever go there before? How’s the performance if the stage turns?

    • Judi – I think, not sure but think, that the concert will probably still favor the front row of the section that the stage is set up to face, despite possible rotating stage. I haven’t been to this venue, but I know people who have, and I have been to Cape Cod Melody Tent which is very similar and their sister venue, and as I recall, a show usually does in the end sort of “favor” the seats in front of the stage the way it is set to start a show. Not sure, but think so. Call venue and ask. On a positive note, this venue is quite small – are you familiar with it at all? Should be an intimate show, in a good way. I too have tix to this, totally crappy seats in bad section, but again, pretty darn small venue overall, so I’m okay with it and really interested to see how this concert is going to be.

  22. Why can’t America be so open!! We would never see this on TeenNick here, as a matter of fact we wouldn’t see it on any show!! I love to watch him move so sexy!!!!!

  23. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I think the dancers set Adam apart from the other artists out there and they compliment him tremendously. I think he draws inspiration from them when it comes to his dance moves and his capacity to be expressive. As an audience, we should be open to more daring forms of expression which Adam’s dance backup provides and encourages rather than be so stuck up. Honestly, people, let’s go down the rabbit hole with adam, tune in, tune on….

  24. Im on my way down the rabbit hole and excited to be going. Never know what Adam is gonna’ do. That’s what makes him sooooooooo exciting!!!! This guy has sooo many ideas that are mind-blowing.. ……love that about him. I’ve got Mystic Lake Tickets not near as close as I’d like to be but my faith in the Universe will get me up close to Adam. I’m trying for Vegas tickets cause they talk about being able to be in the pool and viewing Adam at the same time. How cool is that?

  25. How are people getting the Vegas tickets.They’re not supposed to be on sale til 5/14. Seats don’t really matter here it’s general admisssion.It’s on the beach ( man made beach) you will have to get in line early for a good spot.

  26. karilyn says:

    Love the song and think it was awesomely done for a teen award show. I would of loved for him to sing Aftermath for this show…it’s such a beautiful song and I know my teenage daughters relate to that song very strongly. Just think it would have touched their hearts.

  27. Oh I love this video!!! He is so HOT!! I just can’t get enough of him!!!