Teaser Video for “Zodiac” Documentary!


The video asks, “WHAT IS THE ZODIAC SHOW?” and in just a little over one minute gives us a pretty good idea! There are only a few quick shots of Adam, but this teaser will definitely have us salivating for more!

“Zodiac: Metamorphosis” is due out next year.

~~Jeanette, GLamb #5


  1. Wow, Zodiac reminds me of a Huge big song and dance convection with alot of Craziness. Its all good. The make up and the costumes are out of this world. Oh Adam is the best part of this tease.
    He looks like he always Delved into these scenes as well! The famous gold pants Adam wore are
    unforgettable as is his physique in them. Oh la la!!!! Strut, shake and let it out all in a Zodiac Show.

    Hollywood underground party , above ground for sure. Something new to look for in 2010!! thanks.

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Agree Mary C !!!! It’s an underground party in ADAM’s gold pants and brown-zippered pants!!!!! OBTW, read on showbiz tonight from 10/21, that Susan Boyles pre-orderd cd sales hit the most in history on amazon. That sucks!!!! It should’ve been ADAM LAMBERT cd sales!!!!!

      • Hey, Canadian Glambs,
        For your information:
        Details magazine with Adam is in Chapters today! Just bought it!

        • sherry s. says:

          YES! Forget Monday!
          They’re at Barnes and Noble in Michigan today (Friday)!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hey Gala
          I posted to you on the “Listening” post YESTERDAY that I got mine! Happened to be in Wal-Mart, so I thought I’d check the magazine section–and there it was! I was so excited I could hardly wait to get to the check out and take it home. I bought 2 copies–one to keep and one to drool over!!!!! LOVE IT!, LOVE ADAM!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I wished I had your email so I could email you right away!!! I would have marked it ‘PRIORITY” – LOL

            • Helen…hehehe…
              I also bought two for the same reason…LOL
              You can get my e-mail from Jeanette or Terry. I don’t want to post it here. Last time I did it, I started receiving tons of junk…
              Would be nice to have yours too… Just in case.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Hi Gala
                I’ll get in touch with Jeanette now to get your email and will leave mine with her for you!

            • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

              Helen, I chkd yesterday & today in Walmart(2 of them)…what section is it in…gossip mags, fitness, wrestling..lol…home & heart..lol…Help A Gurl Out Here…desperate!!!! Gotta get my hands on it..plus work all wknd…pooh

              • sherry s. says:

                Back by the BOOKS—not with the magazines at the check-out counter—in MEN’S magazine section (HEALTH, FASHION)

                • sherry s. says:

                  To clarify—I AM referring to WALMART in the above post!

                  How many of us came home and then flew right back out the door? haha

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Yes, I found it in the magazine aisle in the men’s section. There were only 3 there, I bought 2–was tempted to buy the third one too, but then thought, don’t be greedy, maybe someone else will want one too! hee, hee!

                    • Hey everyone, Do you know how to reply?? when you reply to
                      someones post you hit reply.
                      In other words if you have something new to say, go down to comments and post your own comment.

                      Seems like these are getting out of hand, to what the thread is
                      I know we are all exited, about new news, but when you hit reply and talk about a new subject it makes the other persons comments way down on the list.
                      Do you all get this??????
                      thank you!

          • Penny Curtis says:

            I called barnes and noble and walmart and both said they dont carry it, now what am i going to do?

  2. I love all the videos of the Zodiac show I have seen so far, I love that type of production, love the costumes, the make up, the over the top performances, brilliant. I would love to see the documentary. Some of Adam’s best performances are from the Zondia shows, he is able to express his imaginative performances to the full.

  3. sherry s. says:

    Anyone see yesterday’s “Question of the Day” (10/21) on Adam’s official site?

    This “use three words to describe yourself” question has been used by psychologists for ages.
    Adam’s answers (though not at all surprising) clearly reveal why he is so much loved.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SHERRY……………………WELL????? what were his three words?

      Loved the vid. Did see it before. Adam is a doll!

      • sherry s. says:

        I didn’t want to ruin it—interesting to watch him as he thinks about it.

      • lamberghini says:

        The video of 10/21 for Question of the Day was not playing when I looked. So, what were those three words????

        • sherry s. says:

          today’s video plays first—wait a few seconds after that, and the one from 10/21 will play

          • OMG…..you girls are driving me crazy…..trying to watch the video was a pain in the ass…..I FINALLY got to it….

            Adam said the 3 words to describe himself are:

            FRIENDLY (with his cute little laugh at the end)

            Watch it for yourself….he’s soooooooooo cute !!!!

            • AAhh, love those 3 words he said!! God, he is friendly, so friendly. Hell all 3, I can see it.

              • I like what do you do in your spare time?? socialize to help remind me of
                what normal life is..aaahhh

            • cheryl 334 says:

              DEE…… I have an acct on AO, but I can never get into it! They tell me my name is not right or my password is not right. I’ve tried everything for months, and cannot get back into my own acct!!!!

              • cheryl, that happened to me before. You’ll have to go in and click on new password, give your email and they will write you back with a confirmation.
                then you go back to the site and login again. Pain in the butt, but it works.

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  MARY….Thank you, my dear! Did it 50 times in the past and it still did not give me the thing to type in a new password. Did it again tonite, and must have done everything right, cuz it WORKED! HAHA!! tHANK yOU!

            • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

              INTENSE…everything about him is so intense, one of my fav adjectives to describe him….Thanx for the Zodiac Teaser.

      • cherylllllllllllllllllllllllll, Talk about a tease? share your surprise , please please share it.
        I still cant think straight . oh my, oh my, get a grip, breathe, I know, I’m trying, its not working.
        Adam you hot sexy babe you.

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        I know all of us can think of many more to describe him!!but words just don’t do him justice,, it’s what we feel in our hearts best describe our boy-man,peace, light and lotsaluv, Adam: I.J.L.Y!

    • Hi Sherry, saw the video, just the right words to sum up himself, just as we all think of Adam, love his expressions, that laugh, so cute.

  4. Love ADAM in the Zodiac shows…..he’s so hot and flamboyant !!!! Can’t wait to see his sexy ass on the big screen in this one next year !!!!

  5. Not familiar of this artistry until Adam. I love the costume and definitely a star studded event with great musicality. Thanks for the information. Appreciate it!

  6. puteri abdul says:

    if I do not know adam , I wouldn’t know such shows exist and I don’t think I can digest all these over the top performance …
    but since adam , I learn a new meaning to entertainment with the zodiac show and all I can say is WOW !

    and adam is just out of this world !!

  7. cheryl 334 says:


    Go to gossipcandy and see our Adam in moving video that will peak your interests!!! BUT, B CAREFUL!! THIS IS JUST A WARNING!!!


    • cheryl 334 says:

      PS scroll down to the near bottom on gossipcandy for the moving shoot.

      • Cheryl, I’m peaked untill I cant be peaked anymore. Way to hot. He is a man of sensual,
        passion and sexiness. Love it all.

        thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sweet dreams.

        • All I can actually say at the moment is HOT HOT HOT, I am left speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Toni, no doubt. Ever since the Details photo shoot came out and now the longer version
            video, my dreams are wilder than ever . Does he truly know what he wants???
            After the interview with Laura etc. No I dont think so. I can still see his face looking at those pics

            I used to think his singing and dancing was to amazing to quit talking about, , but now……
            Oh so very much more to drool over and over.
            Adam you’re the best!

  8. cheryl 334 says:

    As far as this show goes, I might surprise a few by saying that I do not like this crap at all! I do not like all the stuff at the Zodiac. I wish Adam wasn’t there and am golad he’s out of that mess. Surprised? I am not always so liberal!!!

    peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 4 Adam…………………and his Glambs!

    • cheryl, you like the gold pants right? look over to your right, I see them as I type. The gold sexy
      pants. Zodiac is kind of skery. It reminds me of a burning man festival , renamed.

      • puteri abdul says:

        you guys really cracks me up cheryl and mary c …
        at least you two manage to put a smile on my face, because this morning (11.15am friday here ) , I still feel down, down, down …….

        • cheryl 334 says:

          puteri ABDUL AND MARY……………Sorry to hear you’re down, down, down…… Why are you ‘down? It is now 4:35AM and I have not gone to sleep again! I took 2 ambien, i ativan, one muscle relaxer, now I had to take 1-1/2 vicodin!!! I am feeling a bit ‘drugged’ but cannot fall asleep!!! 2 nites in a row now!

          Yes, Mary, I love Adam in the gold pants!!!! No Question about that, I just don’t care one itsy bitsy bit for him BEING in the Zodiac b/c of the rest of the cast. And it seems ‘below’ him to have to sing in a program like that. He is too GOOD for that place!!! Love the gold pants and his big bulge (as said by Dan Akeroy and Steve Martin in SNL in the late 70’s) “Those American love our big bulges!” Anybody remember that???

          • Evette #419 says:

            Sorry Cheryl, I’m a pharm tech, so I can’t help but be a little concerned. Did you really take all the med? Just want you to be careful and stay safe!!

          • All I remember is Adams Big Bulge in those gold pants and the silver pants and the red pants
            and all his black pants and his white pants and his blue jean pants and his shorts and every
            picture of him where I can see below the waste!
            Then in person, I dont like to make a spectical of myself and stare at his treasure, so I leave
            all the staring to looking at pictures.
            Then the photo shoot with Kim (sports illustrated model) I love from head to toe and especially
            all the movements on vid…………

          • cheryl, I worry about you girl. Take it easy! I’ll have to find you an Adam life size doll so you
            can sleep better.
            love and peace

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Please be careful about the meds you take, please, please! I had a very dear friend who had a similar problem with sleeping. I’m so sad to say, she is no longer with us. PLEASE, PLEASE, be careful–go to the doctor.

        • Evette #419 says:

          puteri abdul….what’s wrong….why are you so down : (

          • puteri abdul says:

            cheryl, wow ,that is a lot of pills you took…. you sure you ate them all ?

            but I know how it feels, when you just can’t go to sleep, or it is like there’s so much in your head that you just can’t drift off … and not to blame adam, but partly, he is causing me to stay awake these past few days … because it’s like I know things are happening there in States, when people like me in this southern east of asia are supposed to be in their dreamland, so I just want to stay awake because I am “skerd” that I might be missing something major …
            oh dear , seems like need those pills too cheryl …
            but I am not complaining… say what others want to say, but like that bon jovi’s song , “it’s my life….” .. adam is my “guilty pleasure ” for my entertainment …
            huh, now I sound like adam’s coming cd ..

            evette … thanks for your concern …
            well, I guess it is one of those days that things did not turn out as what you expect it to be ….
            hard to be in detail, but whatever it is, tonight for me seems to be little bit better …

            and being with all you guys here do brighten my nights , and day …

            • Evette #419 says:

              Feel better Puteri! I had a bad day today also. I don’t know what was wrong. I plan to have a better day tomorrow. Hope you will too!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              PUTERI HELEN MARY EVETTE GLAMBS, Yes, I did take all those pills. I know it sounds llike a lot, but I did not take them all at the same time. The 2 ambien were about 5 hrs apart, etc. but,I understand what you all say. It is probably due to stress. But, I usually take 2 otc sleep aids and one ambien, and sometimes a ativan or xanax also. It is maddening trying to fall asleep sometimes. Than everyone of you who posted to me about it. I appreciate your concerns. I will be careful!

              Luv to my Glamb sisters!!!!

              peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 2 Adam!!

        • puteri, hope you’re feelin up real soon.

  9. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    I LOOOOVVVVEEEE the Zodiac shows!!!!!! When I think of ADAM, I think of sex, right? Okay, it’s always on my mind. To me, when I first saw the show, I thought “WOW!!!!”, he blew my mind away. Absolutely wild but with class. And then I got to thinking, ooooh, a sexual and sensual open-minded and costume-y “orgy” performed on stage, referring to his “Crawl Thru The Fire”. The dancers performed like they were releasing energies of their inner beings and with ADAM performing, some hottness and spiciness just made it one hell of an oustanding performance!!!! I hope he does something similar at the AMAs. It will definetly blow Hollywood away!!! LMFAO!!!!The Zodiac shows are intense, open-minded, and the people seemed to be having fun and seemed to be friendly too!!!!! That’s ADAM!!! It’s funny though, I only recall him talking about the ZODIAC a couple of times, he talked mainly of WICKED. Which I just love that “kiss” and his singing. I do love ADAM’s theatrical side just as much as his rock side. ADAM is a great entertainer and I know we will defintely see an outrageously terrific performance at the AMAs. It’ all about art. PLL to ADAM and to all the GLAMBS!!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      You say the Zodiac shows are “open-minded’, “intense” and “friendly”??? Wher have Iheard those 3 words before? ………hmmmmmmmm,,……let me think…………..oh, Adam?

      • YES! The Zodiac show is a completely mindboggling, over the top, out of the box kind of show that I love. Daring young artist, pushing boundaries, shocking us, this is artistry in it’s purest form. You’ll never look at the world the same way after seeing a show like that and that is what I believe true Art does to you!!! I can watch the video several times in a row because I love Adam’s intensity, he is expressing his Inner Fire!
        And it always makes me wonder “am I living with my Inner Fire burning???!!!!” Am I pushing my boundaries?
        How much Fire can we handle and I am not talking about sexual fire……

  10. OMG he has it from the beginning, i love the way he performed in that show, he is so fierce and his vocals are mind blowing, can’t wait to see this documentary.
    i love him sooooooo much

  11. Yes yes yes ,thats our ADAM,always pushing the envelope! Sooooo Hot! Can,t wait for Zodiac

  12. In the Entertainment Weekly Magazine Article, Oct. 23, 2009, Adam describes three of his songs. He says of “What Do You Want From Me?”–“This whole thing’s a little freaked out., but please have faith in me, because I won’t disappoint you.” And about Strut: “You’re not gonna find love and happiness unless you let your hair down and strut your stuff.” He also talks about his “identity crisis” at the end of the Idol tour–not knowing who he wanted to be.

    This says a lot about his whole life–and the reason we adore him. He is open-minded and intense–so he wants to embrace the wild and crazy–the out there–the bizarre. It fits who he is. And he is friendly. He wants to please his fans–even the more “conservative” like so many watching Idol.

    So he just does it all! But he does it on his terms. If he tries to please us, he will fail. It is not possible to please ANYONE–everyone wants something different from you. I want Adam to be Adam. I may not love it all, but he opens my mind to possibilities. He reminds me to “strut my stuff”. As a grandmother of four, it makes some in my family cringe. But I’ve given up trying to please anyone but me.

    So I relate to Adam in so many ways. I’m very open-minded and very intense and also friendly. It can be an awkward combination if I bring others into the mix. Adam is absolutely amazing in his ability to just be who he is AND remain one of the friendliest, most likable people on the planet! But he gives us the gift of letting us know we can take it or leave it. He is going to be who he is. PERIOD!! And I, for one, love and adore him for it.

    • puteri abdul says:

      yes, mary s, good comment …
      adam is what adam is, and like normal human being, we just could not please everyone, nor change for the sake of others liking …

      long before I started posting here, I have been a frequent reader in this site, but I was kinda of afraid of leaving any marks here because to tell the truth, I am very, very, different from most of you here… But after a while, I realise how open minded most of you here and realise, differences in lifestyle do not stop us from interacting with each other because our major reason for being here is because of adam ! thank you all …

      and as for adam, whatever he wants to do, is his own perogative, but I am sure, he always thinks what is best in entertaining his audience …
      fear not adam, as I said, after details magazine, and long before, after watching his zodiac performances, for me adam still stand as the best entertainer around that I feel have all it takes to storm the world internationally fron the coldest part of the artics , to the hottest part of the sahara…
      only if possible , please please don’t go green or paint your forehead red like you used to, but if one day you still do it, oh heck , I will still listen to your music , watch your performance and support you all the way as an entertainer …

      • Well, Puteri Abdul, you really had it til you started with the conditions. LOL!

        I want to say to Adam and to everyone I know and love…I adore you no matter what you do because I love ME without condition!

        Adam reminds me to “Strut my stuff”. So there it is!

        • Mary S, I sooo agree with you. I think some of us older fans have been through it all in our lives, some have even had a brush with death, and little things no longer matter. Also, when one has raised or worked with kids, one is much more flexible and does not expect perfection. For some reason we were attracted to Adam. It surely is more than his voice, I believe it it also his inner qualities, and those of us who have some of the same qualities are in tune with him.

          Personally, I think it is also some of our similar astrological signs in play, ex. I have two Aquarius significant signs in my birthchart, but no matter, we are ‘in tune’ with Adam.

          My family is not interested and don’t understand my attraction to him, and that is okay, a few friends like him. And if they don’t that is also okay, plenty of Glambs on this site are in total aggreement.

        • puteri abdul says:

          well, mary s, I just can’t help myself from sayiong about painting himself green because till today everytime I look at that pictures, I am not seeing adam, but an alien from a bad sci -fi movie, hahaha…..
          but than as I said, if even if adam goes purple like barney, I would still swoon over him …hahah

    • Mary S, oh so right you are. He is on his terms, every which way he goes. I love and adore him too!
      He has taught me to strut my stuff, I have a feelin “Strut” is going to be my favorite song on his album..

      Oh and have I told you I like your name?

      • Theresa and Mary C, Loving being on the same wavelength with you “Strutters”. LOL!! So fun!

        And I really like your name too, Mary C!!

  13. Hey, Canadian Glambs,
    For your information:
    Details magazine with Adam is in Chapters today! Just bought it!

    • Gala, alright, I’m in Ohio but I’ll be stopping at the store on my way home from work today!
      PS are you pages in your magazine wet from all the drooling yet?

      • Dianne, hang in there. I’ll get to the store……………………. Stare at Adams tongue some more and
        wait for your magazine!!!!!!!

      • Oh, ya!!!!
        That is why I bought two copies!!! I knew one will be wet immediately… LOL

        • Oh yes, Details is out in the states too!!!! Just bought my copies.

          Dianne, I will write you email …….. Its coming to you my dear………….







    • Helen/Canada says:

      I downloaded all my videos from RealPlayer.com. Can’t remember who, but someone on this site recommended it. It’s very easy to do, when the video is playing, put your mouse on it and the window pops up to download, click on the window and that’s it, it’s done.
      I just checked mine and it’s still there. Do you want me to email it to you. Provide your email if so.






  16. linlivalex says:

    Adam’s Mad World on General Hospital again today–love little surprises!!!!

  17. Glambs read this article, http://dailywd.womansday.com/blog/2009/10/daily-buzz-adam-lambert-set-to-release-album-on-super-monday.html apparently the on the day Adam’s album is released they are releasing other well established artists albums, what is the music industry thinking of, the question is, what are we going to do?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Toni, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think anyone that wants Adam’s album wouldn’t be buying 50 cent, Rihana, Timaland or Jay Sean and even Lady Gaga, I know Adam loves her and that is fine but I would never buy any of the other albums anyway. Adam will outsell all of them I reckon.

  18. Thanks fellow Glambs, a few of you emailed me with new links to the video and I saved it and renamed it this time. Nice to have Adam back on my screen!! Funny I couldnt find it when I searched with Google except on the MySpace page.

    Muwwah!! Terry

  19. Thanks fellow Glambs, a few of you emailed me with new links to the video and I saved it and renamed it this time. Nice to have Adam back on my screen!! Funny I couldnt find it when I searched with Google except on the MySpace page.

    Muwwah!! Terry