Sure Fire Winners


It’s late at night and I can’t sleep.  So, I wanted to share some photos of enthusiastic Glamb fans from around the world, and update a few miscellaneous items.

First up is Lisa, Glamb #485 from GlambsFlorida, receiving her “For Your Entertainment” CD.  With this loaded smile, I think it made her want to listen to music again!

I’ve had this vision of Adam-fans all around the world opening their CDs, giving them something to shout about.

Second is Ellen, Janet, and Sue from GlambsIllinois on their outing to see the movie 2012 a few days ago.  Rumor had it that Adam’s voice in the theater made them wanna scream out and need a second to breathe, but they contained themselves, and went to lunch in the aftermath.

Finally, a few new groups want to start a revolution in their area.  Introducing:

GlambsColorado – Led by La Fronne, Glamb #551
GlambsNewHampshire – Led by Deb, Glamb #39
GlambsOregon – Led by Vicki, Glamb #555

Or, let it all hang out with another group in your area.  Take a trip and fall into the glitter here.  Just keep coming around, we’re here for your entertainment! 

Now I’m not asleep, but I’m not awake…time to turn out the lights anyway.   Maybe I’ll be a sleepwalker.  Can you tell Adam is on continuous play at my house?

Dana, Glamb #6


  1. I’ve asked this question to so many people but haven’t gotten any answers back. On General Hospital (a soap) they have been playing in the background as if on a radio Adam singing “Mad World”.
    Does anyone know about this, did I miss a heads up? I don’t watch it but have turned the channel and heard it or it was on an advertisement for what’s coming up on the show.
    Let me know if anyone has also heard it. Was really fun hearing our boy on the radio! Thanks

    • TO KAT4ADAM,

      Yes! that is Adam singing “Mad World”. I believe your talking about a preview that was shown about a week ago,….and in an episode. The lyrics in the song,…”very nervous”, is definately different from the original version. The way Adam sings that song, and when he comes to those 2 words, its 100 percent clear that its Adam.
      By the way,…my sister is married to a OLTL soap actor and he has the scoop on lots of this stuff, and I knew it was Adam before I asked him to check it out for me.
      Well he did, and sure enough, General Hospital, was honered to have Adam sing that song with the guest star appearance of James Franco.
      So glad you reconized it too 🙂
      I was hoping somebody would ask this question.
      Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas to all you and all of Adam’s fans.
      I’m a huge fan of Adam myself ever since the first time I ever heard him sing.
      The man has amazing talent!

    • I was off sick one day recently and was watching GH…it is definitely Adam’s version…hope they continue to use it 🙂

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      kat4adam: i think i answered on another thread a while back, sorry, i missed you (excuse the punctuation & caps, typing w/one hand), that is adam’s version of MW. i have wondered about this since the ama’s, because this soap is an abc production.

      when they were introducing the new story line, with james franco(spiderman’s best friend turned nemis, hot, hot, hot.), they started playing MW, and how appropiate it is for this s/l. it seems they will continue to use MW, they did last week. best soap on tv.

      i get too excited when i hear it…one of my fav performances of adam’s on idol. since i am normally at work when it airs, i watch it on you tube in the evenings, then make comments w/other ppl, who watch on same you tube channel. lot’s of fun. those that didn’t know adam, really loved his voice and the song.
      ok…wore me out, i am back to the ice pack, will be back later.

      p.s. i have the view on now, sorry folks, abc prodiction, too. but they are discussing rhinannia and chris brown, then fell into adam. barbaea says, adam will be on her special next wed. nite. i think it is 12 or 10 most interestng ppl of 2009.

      • Glambertgirl1 says:

        Hey all. Was shopping at Macy’s on Black Friday and they played Adam’s Mad World overhead. I literally stopped in my tracks. Couldn’t believe it.

      • Thanks Glamertgirl and Nancy for the update. Can’t believe the mall or Macy’s played his music . So awesome!! I will watch the BBW special or at least tape it. So proud of our Boy!!
        He did a great job on the CBS Early show.

        • glamb# 442 Paula says:

          they are using adams version on GH the song signals a new mysterious character and story line. i love hearing it i tivo the show daily.

  2. Dana I loved this post! So much to smile about and I can feel the Adam love. I too have listened to For Your Entertainment over & over , and am not surprised you are speaking in sentences quoting lyrics!!

    These songs play in my head day & night. I am so proud of this awesome debut album. My favorite today is …um, this minute…. is Sleepwalker – you got in going in my head again.

    What a ride this week has been. Ups & downs, excitement, pride, and shock, and worry. And I continue to be amazed at how well Adam interviews and handles the heat.

    Adam did not create an Adam Storm as was predicted – it was an Earthquake called Adam..with aftershocks. Let’s try to enjoy the ride.

    PS anyone hear from Jeanette? I miss her.

  3. Good article, Dana, nice to see fellow Glambs. It makes our group more ‘real’. Have you noticed Adam has changed his nailpolish a little to a charcoal metallic? Love it!

    I also have been playing FYE over and over and …… still love Fever the best..

    Haven’t seen or heard from Jeanette. Likely she is resting up after that hectic week of work and travel. Do hope she returns soon, we love her!


  4. Is jeanette mad at Adam?

  5. I have been a huge fan of this website for a long time, but only felt compelled to post once – after last week’s AMA debacle. I’m compelled once more after reading these posts – where is Jeanette?? I worry that she has been deeply effected by the events of the past week, and perhaps second-guessing her admiration of Adam. I hope it’s just that she is just taking a much needed break. But I also hope that she is going to come back – I miss her and I don’t even know her!

    • Yeah, IllieK – I miss her too. I hope that Adam’s shenanigans have not turned her away… She should watch the David Letterman performance over & over, so that she can see that the Adam we all know and love (from AI) is still here. He just took a slight slip….

      • Not everybody thinks it was a “slip.” Posted this on the Larry Flick thread, but thought I would bring it here:

        LOVED this post from the idol forums about Adam’s AMA performance:

        If I weren’t a fan before, I would have been converted on the spot. I love individuality and talent and people who are fearless enough to do what they’re moved to do regardless of what others think. He was so outrageously pure, raw and punk on the AMAs, unlike anything I’ve seen aside from Gaga in ages, I would have had to become a fan if I weren’t already.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

  6. It’s gunmetal..the nail polish

  7. I love people who love Adam. My ‘Adam family’ are wonderful. I want to share that the official Sony video is back again.for the one song “For Your Entertainment” On youtube, watch :Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment Official Music Video. 🙂

  8. ADAM’S FYE Album is blowing people away in the Land Down Under! ….and it is still to be
    released officially! Yvonne, hope you are playing yours non-stop?

    • Glamaus !!! Are you saying that you have bought Adam’s FYE CD…because I can’t find it anywhere !!!! I was told it won’t be released until early next year after extensive promotion.

      PLEASE…..Where did you get it from !!!! ???

      Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  9. Hi,, everyone. I don’t post very often, but check this site and read the entries most every day. I have been giving the AMA performance alot of thought, and I have these comments to offer. I understand why Jeanette was upset with Adam, and I was too. I was shocked at the decisions he made to so graphically act out the sexual lyrics of the song. I was anticipating the song itself causing a stir with the S&M lyrics, and was thinking the best case scenario would be for him to be light and playful with them. Instead, it seemed violent and angry That was what disturbed me, not the kiss that has most people upset. For the first national TV music show, I did not think it represented Adam well. I grieved for a while after, and kept saying “they pimped you out”, then “you pimped yourself out”.
    As the days have gone by, I have been following the media’s response to all this, and praying that he gets another chance to show his true personality and unbelievable voice. I still love him, and the CD is totally awesome. But this whole thing has put a damper on my joy in being an Adam fan. I don’t think he helped the cause of so many homosexuals who just want to be accepted like everyone else by making a spectacle out of this, but I would like to be proved wrong. I look forward to his first big hit, and I don’t think it will be FYE. Probably Music Again, If I had You (my favorite), or Sleepwalker. Keep up the good work ladies, I enjoy this club alot.

    • sunshine1705 says:

      Vicki W. I so agree with you on this one. I waited all day for the AMA’s and then had to wait until the end of the show for Adam to perform. With this being his first performance, I was taken aback that he made the choices he did. I kept saying oh my gosh, he is breaking my heart. He is so much more then that. I still adore him, I have his CD and will continue to follow what he is doing but I am still working out how I feel about that side of him. My very first reaction was “oh my gosh, what is his mother thinking right now”?


      • Did you see his mother’s reaction on the CBS Early Show? She’s supportive all the way. And as far as the “anger,” I LOVED the fierce Adam at the AMAs. 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I am in agreement with you Cindy, Adam wasn’t angry, he was fierce and hot, and he was amazing, he is always amazing. He is shaking the Idol cobwebs off him completely and good on him. Loved your post above too Cindy.

          Love and hugs to you. Mwaaaaaaaaahhh.
          Dianne Glamb #356

  10. Love Adam, still do, always will. Listening to his cd ALL THE TIME and loving it. I’m hoping Jeanette is just taking a break, missing her too.

  11. Thanks for running my photo although I hate seeing myself in pictures. Only in support of Adam would I allow the world to see me, Ha! Ha!

  12. I have to thank some of you for being so honest and bringing up the very emotions and feelings that I am also having. I feel so disappointed and every time I’ve felt compeled to try and defend Adam’s actions to people, I simply cannot. He made himself one dimensional in my opinion….went from this wonderful multi-dimemsional crazy talent to a one dimensional semi talented performer. It hurts….we (his fans) know he’s got so much more to offer, but for his debut this is what he came out with. He says that he doesn’t have to apologize because women do it all the time….I agree that women pull those types of stunts all the time, but for me that doesn’t make any of them right. I am not a prude, and I damn sure don’t care that he is gay for crying out loud….but now he’s sent a message that that’s all he is! I wish he’d stayed true to the crazy, killer voice and the sensual moves we were all expecting (and dying to see) rather than to go with the outright crude antics like he did…and nearly got himself killed in the process (let’s not forget about that). I’ve been listening to his CD and I love it, but I don’t feel all euphoric right now like I had expected…I’m actually depressed and of course that feels pretty silly. I really hope this doesn’t derail anything as far as his career goes because the truly, exceptional talent is still out there…Adam are you listening????!!!!!

    • I was very disappointed in Adam also.He had the world right at his feet and threw it away for some OTT craziness BUT I still love him and support him.I ,too, became very sad and embarrassed for him. My Adam is the one who sings Starlight,Mad World,Tracks of my tears,time for miracles etc. He has the whole package why did he feel he needed crude gimics?What was he thinking? He can just stand there,without makeup or gimics , sing his heart out and blow everyone away.Doesn’t he have advisors and assistants?I’m hoping he can turn this around and be the Adam we fell in love with not some porn King. I so hope that the damage isn’t permnent.

      • Hi Niecy and Barbara, I understand your feelings, it was pretty shocking, but remember it was ONE performance. If you get a chance read the latest interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He says he’s “still gonna be me” but is going in a different direction. The focus will now be back on the music. He’s young, he’s learning and it was a hard lesson to learn but he is smart and he gets it. I hope this will make you feel better. This is our Adam….I’m sending love……glad you’re still with us. Hang in there, this will pass.

        • Have you ever seen his Zodiac Show performances? Adam has always been very sexual, avant-garde and over-the-top in his performances, and this was what Adam wanted to do. . . I love him even more because of that.

          He is my hero and my inspiration.

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Now that I’ve had the chance to vent, and do a true gut check, and listen to all of you, as well as Adam’s CD a few more times….WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! OK, I’m over myself and back on the Adam train people!!! Totally and completely! (Well, I wasn’t actually off the train…just hangin on:) I have to say that I’ve never caught the Zodiac Show so, although I had an idea how far he could go, I’ve never actually witnessed it. I still can’t wait to see him in concert…then he can do whatever the hell he wants as far as I’m concerned!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Adam has NEVER disappointed me and I know he never will in the future either. As Cindy below says, his performances in the Zodiac Club were over the top and he is just getting back to what he loved to do in that club. I don’t think he has hurt his career at all, you are all still talking about it, I don’t see that as a failure. He is featured here in New Zealand on radio, TV, newspapers, local websites, when before we never saw anything of him. He is certainly not a porn king, I find that very offensive that you would call him that. Risque yes, adventurous – yes, I also didn’t find anything in the least crude about his performance. He rocks my world and he always will. He is not afraid to take chances and I would rather watch him than anyone else, certainly not the likes of woman beater Chris Brown.

  13. I too check this site every day and have only posted for the first time asking about Jeanette.I worry about it because I think if such a huge fan could be very upset with Adam then how many others have been lost?I was not as upset by him being so bold , more upset that it just wasn’t good. I love Adam just as much as I did before. I just wish so much that he would have done well that night.I’m sure he does too. I just think when someone you love does something that upsets you don’t just stop loving them .How can you?Thats what I would say to Jeanette,he made a mistake.I think he knows that. The way he’s been with the media is whats best for business.I worry about this every day.I hope he does well on Ellen.I love my CD so much I hope it makes it to radio soon. I really don’t think people could resist it. My daughter thought she didn’t like him but after hearing me play it a few times she asks for it now.There are still pleny of people who don’t know Adam.

  14. Dianne Hill says:

    I adore Adam, I adore his CD. I listen to it non-stop. I thought we were going to move on from the AMAs. Adam’s performance has not done him any harm. I myself loved it, the first reaction was oh wow is he really doing this, then I just laughed (just like his mom). He is wonderful, so over the top and even though the sound wasn’t good – we have heard the explanation a hundred times, I still loved his performance.
    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and Adam hadn’t been publicised over here at all (thank goodness for the Internet) but since his AMA peformance he has been on the news on the TV, he has been in our newspapers, he has been on radio and his album has been advertised on TV. All of a sudden New Zealand has woken up to Adam. Everyone is talking about Adam, this hasn’t hurt him at all. I really hope we can move on soon. I bet Adam is tired at having to explain himself all the time. If you had watched the Zodiac Club performances you may have realised that this is exactly what Adam would come up with. It was a hot performance by a hot performer.

    • Agreed Dianne………Australia here! I’m sure ADAM is sick of explaining and he did not need to
      apologise. The Zodiac must have given people inclinations of what ADAM’s about. He is’nt
      a little boy! …..but as you stated one ‘hot performer’!

    • Diane, If this is New Zealand’s first glimpse of Adam…then they sure haven’t seen the best of Adam…in fact perhaps the worst. I have seen the Zodiac performances but I knew they were only ONE TYPE of performance that Adam is capable of. Also, I felt the Zodiac performances may have been done because nothing else came Adam’s way so….really NO….. I wasn’t expecting to see a nasty, sexual perfomance.
      I’ve seen Adam do plenty of beautiful and even religious performances pre-idol. Why would I expect on national TV, his first real performance of “choice” that he would go that route. Zodiac was a small percentage of work in Adam’s past and yes he was good at it and HOT. Doesn’t mean it was a good choice for the AMA’s.
      Strickly speaking pre- idol, Wicked was extremely HOT for me , as was his performances with Noa Dori, and his performance in 10 commandments. The tour was HOT HOT HOT. The AMA performance really was a poor choice on Adam’s part. He COULD HAVE won over the world. Instead he just cemented his relationship with the small percentage of people who like/love nasty, angry, vulgar, mediocre vocals, in your face sexual performances. I understand his yearning to express himself as an “artist”, but he wasted his talent on that. ANYONE could have done that performance. He failed to distinguish himself with the beautiful. He went the path of the low ground instead of the high ground and “claimed to be expressing himself artistically”. I believe about 70 % of the performances that night were sexual, not just Adam and Adam just happened to be the most “in your face” of the night. Guess what….. maybe we should allow the pediofile “express himself artistically” as well and “proclaim prejudice” when we object to it. There has to be boundaries on Natl TV……Adam wasn’t in the Zodiac club. Because I know Adam, I can forgive his lack of discernment for this performance……What I’m having trouble with is the “evil” I percieved in facial expressions and Adam giving the finger. Are we going to accept THAT as “artistic expression”?

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Hi Adamxtasy and everyone else,

        The funny thing about NZ television is that they haven’t hardly said a word about the AMA’s. Instead they are concentrating on his music… so unlikely in this world of scandal. The most they showed was his fall. It’s been very interesting.

        My thoughts are that NZ is a small country, inundated with music from all over the world. Adam can sing. That’s what connects him the most with this place. I love seeing the ads for his cd backed by the TFM video clip yet the music is FYE.

        Dont you all worry about all this. It’s not been a downer for Adam. Quite frankly I think it’s moved him on from idol so now when you say Adam Lambert people know who I’m talking about without having to say runner up in idol. His name and his music will come to the front. The AMA’s will fade away just like Citizen Vein, The Zodiac Club etc.

        Evil facial expressions… really? I saw intensity, and bad boy. Onstage Adam has had to learn to project his expressions so they can be seen. That’s theatre. It’s all part of the act. Ok so he commented he got carried away… well I think way to many people over reacted in their comments about the whole thing… maybe they now owe Adam an apology too. Those who do disappear from perceived loss of fanship may really have disappeared through the shame of their hasty words… some said so harshly that how can they come back from that.

        Giving the finger is not ok on tv… but it’s ok to have the “F” word the “C” word, movies with quite obvious sexual overtones or just plain obvious sex. I dont understand where or who drew the line. Flipping the bird is no where near as bad as calling someone a “Cu..” I find that far more offensive. I think people need to get their priorities right. Either ban it all or ban nothing. I’m not for watching it all or wanting to hear the language, I can turn my tv off or change channel which I regularly do.

        C’mon people. Give it a break. Day in and day out of dredging up the past. Who here has got sick of their past being talked about again and again in a negative way…. Just let the whole thing be. Adam himself said it was a one off occasion. GET OVER IT. MOVE ON.

        I’d never leave this site because my love of Adam grew less but I would leave it because I got sick of shining and bigotry.

        Love Adam, he is what he is and will always shock, change things up and blow our minds… I want him to do this. Heck the world is pretty boring without it…

        You go Dianne!! I’ll look into Lady Gaga ticket prices, because people, she is coming here in 2010….. and I’d have never even listened to her if it wasn’t for Adam…. isnt he awesome….

        • Lisa Imbruglia says:

          Sorry meant whining and bigotry.

        • I appreciate what all of you have said. Right now, I am at my exercise club, and they are playing Adam’s Starlight over the speakers, and it makes me happy.

          For those of you who say “get over it, move on”, please remember this has been Thanksgiving week, and I, for one, have had little internet access. I needed to communicate with my group and get my feelings out, and it seems others have too. I agree we shouldn’t go on forever, but it has only been a week. If Jeanette is not back, that gives you an idea that some people take some time to deal with things. Wisdom is born of taking a longer view and not just “reacting”.

          Let’s not let this divide the Glambs. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and if Adam was not so important to us, we would not still be talking about it!


          • Thanks for these remarks, Vicki W. Healing is a “process” and we all have our own way of dealing wtih emotions. Some can move on instantaneously, others take more time. I believe we can all try to be understanding and respectful of each other’s feelings in this regard.

            • I am veryyyyyyyyyyyy late to this post but I believe Jeanette should take a break and then come back. She should not let one performance stop her love for Adam. I didn’t like his AMA performance but then I love Adam so I will not let that one time make me love him less. There are going to be times that Adam will do something not all of us like, but if we ARE TRUE FANS we get over it and move on, and remember what we first loved about Adam and keep it real.

    • I am with you all the way on this Diane. I also didn’t grow up in the US but in the Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam, a very gay oriented City. I am so glad to hear NZ is catching on to the Adam and appreciating him.

      The Zodiac Club is one of my favorite performances. When I saw that video for the first time I was blown away it, I just loved the whole over the top experience. When Adam talks about wanting flames coming out of his head, I totally get it. It’s like letting your demons out but also the fire that roars within all of us, your true essence.

      I believe that the AMA perfromance was an outpour of all the turmoil that had been building up within him for the past months. Very few people would bring this out in the open or on stage, very few artist show so much of themselves, their guts and their glory for all to see. I admire Adam deeply for this.
      I do understand that it offended people or hurt them. I also understand Adam, I think. You get everything, the whole picture and it might not always be pretty.
      This is an intense man. I love intense people. As I said before, I will crawl thru the fire to honor his Fierceness.

      • YES, YES, YES Irene! What a FANTASTIC post! And like I’ve said before, I’m even more in love with him now.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Sorry, I meant to say irenA!

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          From that kiss onstage, can’t help thinking that Adam probably likes it rough. ~fanning myself~

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

      • Irena, I think you are right on with your analysis of Adam’s performance as an “outpour of all the turmoil that had been building up within him for the past months.” I had been reading this site and a whole lot of Twitters of expectation and anticipation about Adam’s performance. Sometimes I would just shake my head and think, “I wonder when they’ll turn on him for non-delivery of exactly what they want and expect.”

        And then we had the tremendous build-up of the Adam Storm. Adam would just show up on a red carpet somewhere and the cameras would forget all about any other stars. Why did everyone want Adam? As his mother said he would light up a room by just walking in it. Not to mention his charisma, positivity, charm, eloquence and pure joy! When I saw him on the red carpet before the AMA’s, and the interviewer said, “Adam, you’re the man of the hour”, I could feel that Adam was beginning to get a little overwhelmed. The expectations were SO intense–he was going to close the show–he absolutely HAD to deliver!!

        Well, he delivered all right. But not according to the millions of expectations. He did HIS thing, but it was such a huge letdown. I could feel that he was angry and resistant. I had never seen a bad Adam Lambert performance–and I was shocked. Many of us Adam fans did not sleep well last Sunday night.

        I fully expected that Adam’s career was over before it had begun. What did it matter that his cd was coming out and expected to be good if the world detested him?

        But I underestimated our Adam. A lesser person would have become defensive and downright defiant. But not our Adam. He responded with class and eloquence. He came back unapologetic, but he did not resist the haters. He simply accepted the criticisms and admitted to a crappy performance. He showed his humanity. He could now come down off the pedestal that his followers had put him on. He could just be. And he did it beautifully.

        Today, on Twitter, he showed such vulnerability, heart and love. He admitted to being a learner; he answered to the expectations by returning to the music.

        I, for one, am relieved for the pressure to be relieved on Adam. I think he can now focus on the music and on his joy and passion for life. And I am relieved to finally know that Adam will not be thwarted by haters or naysayers. Now I can sit back and enjoy the show because I know he will survive and thrive–and he is just beginning!

        So I’m following his perfect advice by chilling out. It ain’t that deep!! I’m just having fun watching the Adam show–no matter what direction it turns. It’s for the fun of the ride–not the destination. Destination means end, and there is no end to Adam!!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Irena it is a pleasure to read posts like yours. You are one fabulous person. When Adam gave the finger I knew (in my heart) straight away that it was not directed at any of his fans. As you say the turmoil that has been building up had to have an outlet somewhere and it just happened to be at the AMAs. I loved every single fierce minute that he was on stage and he made me too, fall in love with him more than ever, just like Cindy.

        Lisa, I loved your post too. I really wish people would move on and talk about something else. And yes, Lady Gaga is coming to New Zealand, not just New Zealand but Christchurch, we are usually left out and big acts usually go to Auckland or Wellington. She will be amazing and it is thanks to Adam that I am listening to her at all, same as Lisa, and she is awesome.

    • Sorry Dianne….I hadn’t been able to vent since the show and thought this would be a safe place to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to succeed!!!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        That is okay Niecy, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I could tell from your post that you wanted him to succeed, it is other that have really just been negative and nasty that I do not like.

    • Yes it was Dianne! And that kiss. . . HOTTER THAN HOT!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Cindy that kiss was the biggest turn on that I have ever seen, and I loved the fact that Tommy seemed as into it as Adam was. Wouldn’t you just love him to kiss you like that. Sigh!!!!!

        • Dianne, you know I have been thinking about that kiss alot…. and not only was it the hottest kiss I have ever seen between two men, but now we not only have to be jealous lovers of Adam kissing gay men, ….or straight women, … but now for Gods sake, Straight men !!! This is just a triple whammy for us love struck fans.. lol We are not safe any where Adam goes. !!!!!!

  15. Great article — I have renamed the “Adam Storm” to “Hurricane Adam” because, first of all, I live in Louisiana and have felt the power of hurricanes named Katrina, Rita, etc. From about November 13th and especially after the AMA Awards, I have definitely felt swept up, down, over and out at times; but thankfully Adam’s feet remained on the ground and he held it altogether — for us and himself.

  16. I don’t believe ADAM made a mistake ,,,,ADAM is intelligent and a genius entertainer who
    makes statements ….he is courageous ….pushes boundaries……and stands by his actions.
    I guess it seems uncomfortable to those who loved the AI days…….and I too loved those moments,
    but at last we see ADAM true to himself….confined no longer, showing freedom of expression and I so admire that! He is fighting a double standard that needs to be changed and that takes a lot of guts! ADAM…is….ADAM……You’ve got to love him!

  17. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Hi guys. I just want to add that, I too had been shocked by the AMAs. I went to them and saw it live, but since that time after seeing all his interviews I think that Adam realizes he made a mistake that he got out of control. One of the interviews he even said it was a mess looking back and that he got competitive and nervous. He is human and not experienced at this and he does have a lot of sexual energy. Plus he said when he was doing the Idol Concerts and people were throwing underwear and stuff at him he thought that was the route he was supposed to go. Given that, I am content with his responses and am moving on in the hopes he learns from the mistakes which I think he already has. His performances on the Early Show and Letterman were both quite good and his CD is amazing. Cant stop listening to it. I just hope that others can forgive and buy the CD. Everyone makes mistakes or bad decisions at one time or another so I think we shouldn’t judge. He just happened to do it in front of millions of people which is so much worse.
    Jeanette, come back and join us. We miss you!!!!

  18. ADAM will be appearing on Ellen on Tues, Dec 1st, at 10:00 am (E.S.T.) She will be interviewing him (said on her website that she has lots of questions for him) and ADAM will also sing. NBC-tv

    It’s been over a week since we’ve seen ADAM on the AMA show. We all have said we wish the negativity would end . …so maybe, like Dianne Hill said, we can move on and talk positive now. Who knows! Maybe some of these tv shows that go on and on (like ShowBiz Tonite) watch what his fansites say, and “enjoy” seeing negative comments about ADAM to feed their frenzy!!!

    Also, I see where ABC has cancelled Chris Brown from GMA!!!! Maybe our petition and protest about putting a woman beater on to replace ADAM worked!!! 🙂

    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      So is it filmed live or is it filmed the day before?

      • ABC cancelled Chris Brown?I was so mad at ABC and all these negatives news so I didn’t read.So,they cancelled another guy after invited them?LOL!!Well,very interesting!! I wonder who dare to accept the invitation next time?Hmmm,maybe they should ask Gokey,huh?He is veryyyyyyyyyy noble man.Well dress,suits,glasses,speak politely.I’m sure nobody will complain about him…coz nobody care to watch!!Haha! 😛

      • I don’t know if it’s live or taped! Hope you can see it though!

  19. To those who are missing Jeanette, she has been out of town visiting family in Michigan over Thanksgiving. I believe she will let us know her thoughts soon. Let’s just say the honeymoon is over.

  20. hi everyone! I, too, come here often and read the articles/comments and have never posted before. i know everyone’s asking where’s jeanette, but what about lisette? her posts used to be everywhere and i haven’t seen one since the ama’s. we didn’t lose her too, did we? i hope not!!! linda

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Lisette will be back have no fear. She has hurt her hand and it is very painful for her (sorry that I am answering for you Lisette, because I know you will be visiting this site and reading if not posting) and she has to type with one hand. She will be back when she is ready and on the mend. I miss her posts too, they were always lovely and I don’t think anything would make Lisette stop loving Adam.

  21. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    to quote Paula Abdul “you’re one of the bravest contestants we’ve ever had on this show”. During previous interviews, Adam has stated that he is a planner. He planned every performance on Idol. he knew exactly what he was doing on Idol and I think on the AMA’s as well. Bad decision? That remains to be seen. There seems to be no bad publicity in the entertainment world today and Adam has certainly gotten everyone’s attention. I was taken aback by the tone of the performance – aggressive, cruel expressions, angry, etc., so I felt I was watching someone unfamiliar to me. Even Zodiac had a playfulness, but FYE was just not fun. His stage presence after the fall was really amazing. A lesser performer would have been unable to recover, I even wondered if it was planned he handled it so well. So, am I still a fan? Of course. I’m a baudy old broad who knows full well that Adam did not invent sex. Let’s face it – sex sells. I look at Adam as a kaleisdescope of talent. He can turn in any direction and I’ll still like to watch him. I’m not a groupie – I’ve never been a joiner, but I do enjoy this website. I do have hopes of meeting him one day, but not in a line – I want one on one. Adam, are you reading this? awaits your response.

  22. I’m not being negative when my family asks me about Adam. They know how I have loved and supported him and many times I have said “you just wait, he will be a phenom with his style and his insane voice”. I’ve been left with not much of a defense. I thought they had an opportunity to finally see what I was talking about with his voice. All the rest be damned. He was the worst performer on that show. His vocals were inexcusable. Have a show; show your style and interpretation but bottom line…sing your face off. He blew it and I have no uplifting words for my family to explain it.

    Glamb #200.. had to finally put in my 2 cents so that I can move on for the prime time redemption in confidence that there will be one. Sending love

    • He was far from the worst performer! Show some love. . . or is that only reserved for when Adam does just what you want him to do? >:(

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • Yeah I guess you’re right Cindy. I only want him to sing his best always and above all else, that is all I want him to do (he isn’t disagreeing with me). Because it makes me happy and glad and warm. Too much to ask?
        Like I said, it’s only my 2 cents.

        • I understand what you are saying. Those who just excuse what he did without any objection are not listening to Adam himself, who knows he did not do his best.

          All I want is for him to respect himself, and others, in his performances. I recoil from any appearance of violence or belittling anyone. Other than that, I am as open as anyone I know. I too saw an expression that disturbed me, and unfortunately, the camera froze on that frame. That’s the last thing everyone who watched the show saw, and it is not the Adam I adore.

          No one is perfect, and I am ready to watch him learn from this, and move forward. I truly want the joy back that he brought me all these many months.

  23. I called my mom (who is pushing 80) today to tell her that Adam is on Ellen tomorrow. . . she said: tell Adam to behave himself, and then laughed. . . it was so cute. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  24. Hey guys, did you know that Lloyds of London have insured Adam’s crotch for one million, read the article, it looks like we are in for more crotch thrusting, Adam has been warned by the doctors that he could suffer long term damage, interesting article and funny

    • AdamAddict says:

      Untrue Toni.Adam tweeted about it.
      “Good morning! Excited to finally meet Ellen! For the record: the insurance policy rumor is hilarious! (untrue) about 2 hours ago from Echofon”

  25. Hopefully everyone knows that article is a joke!!! Read the title of the publication…you’ll see that it’s a tongue-in-cheek article. It’s almost mocking ADAM. ADAM certainly doesn’t need this type of publicity because there will be some people who will believe it!!!! 🙁

  26. BUT….I would take good care of his crotch and it wouldn’t cost him anything!!!! I would guard it with my life 🙂 LOL

    • AdamAddict says:

      BulgeGuard?Where can I apply that job? 😛

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Jaberone, you are going to need some helpers with that one, Emili and I will gladly offer our services – for free, in fact I will pay you to let me help you. LOL.

      • Dianne, you can only guard his tongue… you can’t have it both ways.. Emili wants the bulge, you can have the tongue.. you girls need to learn to share…. I don’t want to see him torn apart..

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh Emili and I would make sure he wasn’t torn apart – not in that sense anyway, would we Emili? We would share the bulge and the tongue… just use your imagination Cindy!!! LOL.

  27. cheryl 334 says:

    Personally, I am so sick of hearing about the AMAs, still. It’s ok to speak your mind, but can’t you all think of anything other than the ama ‘s? I mean that is OLD news, already!!!

    Loved Adam on Letterman and on the early show!!! He is drop dead gorgeous, hottttt!!!! Love his clothes, and everything about him. I just read that his ‘bulge’ is insured by Harrods of London for $1 million !!! True? Dunno But read it on a Google Alert blog.

    Adam looked so cool and calm and happy on the morning show, and on Letterman! Love that look! He is just so fortunate for the great gift he has been given, and uses it to the best of his ability. Thanks be to God for that!

    Hope Adam gets his ass in gear and start working on when and where his tour will start!!!! Just think, it was just one yr ago in Dec that Adam started to try out for AI. It was only Dec. 31st of 08 that he was singing at the Upright trying to make some extra money!!!! Doesn’t sound possible!!!! Working on his singing since age 10, and then at age 26/27 becoming an overnite success!!!! haha!!!!!

    If jeanette is out ther and upset cuz her dreams were shattered, I think she ought to post a message as to what is going on with her. Surely being at the awards in LA didn’t affect her THAT much in a negative way!!! I didn’t like the performance, but that was all I didn’t like. I loved Adam and always will. What about that, Jeanette?

    peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 4 Adam.

  28. I have not visited this site for a while, but came to see what kind of buzz were going around.

    I see that many of you are still upset and can’t get over Adam’s AMA performance. I must say, please stop trying to mold Adam to what you like and only how you like him. I do admit that AMA’s performance was like,”OMG! Did he really do that?!?” and Adam did say he got “little carried away”. However, I don’t think he made a MISTAKE and does not owe any apology to anyone. He’s a performer who’s capable of doing many things. Many people are upset about his sexual act being too much for young fans to watch. I remember he got lectured by some fan during AI tour about stroking the mike stand was not appropriate for children to see. Didn’t he say that if young children knew what he was doing, that will be the problem. (Don’t quote me on this, I vaguely remember what he said) AMA’s performance maybe wasn’t what everyone was expected to see. But this is what Adam had said about it.

    “It’s one performance, I think it’ll blow over,” says Lambert. “Definitely what I don’t want is people assuming that’s how I intended to do every performance or that’s how I plan on conducting my career as an artist. My album, track to track, is very diverse. It’s an eclectic mix of music. [For Your Entertainment] is the one song that is very seductive, kind of dark and sexual but other songs on there explore other themes.”
    Lambert says he’s not going to put people “in bondage fashion” for every song he performs, but that doesn’t mean he plans to apologize for his performance.
    “I’m not going to apologize, I promise,” says Lambert with conviction. “I don’t think what I’ve done is wrong. I want to be myself and I feel like that was what I was doing on stage the other night.”

    “I hope people don’t put me into a box saying, oh, he’s nasty, he’s going to be like that all the time — that was one performance.”

    I know that I’m a little left of center. I know that I’m not the typical “Idol’ contestant. I know that I’m not a typical contemporary artist as well. I know I’m an acquired taste. And, yeah, it is fast, it is a little overwhelming at times, but I kind of think you need to be that way in today’s entertainment scene to hold people’s attention.

    People, he is a glittery alien from planet fierce! He’s just not someone you’ve ever seen before. Not just his performance but how he cares about his fans. He’s been tweeting to his fan today and thanking for all your support.

    I hate to say it like this, but he’s like a pizza, he can deliver himself in anyway you want. If you don’t like anchovies?, don’t eat that piece, don’t like green peppers? take them out. I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

    I couldn’t find the quote when he talked about flipping his finger at the end of AMA but it was to those who cannot appreciate what he is (like the editor from OUT magazine) and trying to make him who he’s not. It wasn’t meant for his fans. He is ADAM. Adam we love.

    So, let ‘s move on. Aren’t you excited to see what he will do next? There are many fans out there all over the world loving him and can’t wait to see him in live. Let’s show him the great love we have for him here in AMERICA!

    Adam don’t let anyone hold you back one bit. You are who you are and I love you for that!!!

    • Tweeterpie says:

      I was busy writing my reply while you must have been writing yours so I didn’t see ti until after I posted mine. Because of that, I think I repeated many of your points, so sorry about that. But I wanted you to know that I am very happy that yoyu took the time to write your comments because they are “RIGHT ON!”

    • Lambertini says:

      Miichan- you are so right about everything you said! Thank you!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Here! here! and Amen to that….totally agree…

  29. Tweeterpie says:

    I don’t post often but I come to this site daily as I’m a huge supporter of Adams. I will continue to love him unconditionalIy, NOT JUST, under the condition that every thing he does is perfect or exactly how I WANT them to be. HIs album itself is a good example of how,no matter how hard he tries,not EVERYONE will be pleased. Some like his more classical Rock performances, others love his soft ballads (many of which the general public has yet to even see), yet others like his pop indulgences. I love ALL of his stuff & have been a fan since before AI. However, I’ve heard tons of people knock him one way or the other for not going in the direct that THEY thought he should go in. Many of them haven’t actually listened to the entire album, or else they would realize that there is some of ALL of that in there. As far as the AMA’s go… I think the pressure of “OUT” magazine trying to claim he’s under the control of his record label and that they’re trying to make him appear less Gay, may have gotten to Adam. Those critics were who the “finger flip” was directed at. Adam himself admits he went to far, but won’t apologize. Just like he needs to pull himself “back to earth” after a heartfelt performance like “If I can’t have you”, Adam needed to after this performance. That’s what you see in his eye and that’s what made him go the extra step with the finger. He said that as soon and he unwound his hand, he knew he can gone to far, but by then it was too late. He can’t change what has happened, all he can do is learn and grow from the experience. That all I ever expect my children to do when they make a mistake…Don’t You? Are you treating Adam fairly? That’s only a question that you can answer for yourself. FOR ME PERSONALLY… I PRAY that we are all understanding and forgiving of OUR OWN MISTAKES and of OUR CHILDREN”S MISTAKES.. If Adam was my son, I would have instinctively realized that Adam, did in fact, let the pressure get to him. Not the pressure of performing in front of 14 million people. but the pressure of trying to live up to unreal expectations, and of expecting to be all things to all people, which he most certainly can’t be. I’d also recognize that his non-apology doesn’t mean that he didn’t regret taking things too far or that he didn’t wish he could re-do anything, but instead, his own way of ACCEPTING HIS IMPERFECTIONS and trying to just move forward. Let’s not forget the life that “our Adam” has lived. Already feeling like an outcast, he had even deeper image problems caused from being overweight as a teen with acne problems. He’s spend most of his adult life trying to be “GOOD ENOUGH” and trying to be ACCEPTED for “WHO HE IS”…. “AS HE IS”…. and not be hated or shunned for “WHO HE ISN”T”…or “WHAT HE’S NOT.” I say we give Adam a break. He’s been under enourmous pressure for the greater part of a year. Pressure that could make the best of us crack. After raising a wonderful son that almost killed himself from too much pressure , I know what I’m talking about. I wish for nothing but the best for Adam and I would hope that the rest of you on the fence can find some forgiveness for “OUR BOY.” I always taught my son that the best way to move on from a mistake is to learn from it and I have no doubt that’s what Adam’s parents taught him as well. But to do that, he doesn’t need the mistake thrown in his face time and time again…SO CAN WE MOVE ON NOW!!!!!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Amen to this one too….

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Well said Tweeterpie. You have really hit the nail on the head.

      Adam has done nothing that he needs forgiveness for. I loved his performance and nothing will change that. I readily accept Adam “warts and all” and I doubt if he has any of those either. I love him for just being him. He really is such a sweetheart and I am sure all Glambs would agree with that.

    • Tweeterpie,

      I’m glad to know there are people like you out there who feels the same way as I do. No need for appolgies. You were right on about the pressure he may have been feeling, yet he stayed strong and stood on his ground and didn’t budge.

      The reason I became Adam’s fan is not just because of his performance, but who he really is. Throughout the AI season, he strive to do his best and showed many sides of his talent. After each performance he attentively listened to what judges had to say and he was very sincere about it. He never forgot to thank whoever helped him to put his performances together. He never forgets his fans and gives us his beautiful smiles. He initiated the move to let his fans to participate in great charity, the list goes on and on.

      Before paying attention to Adam, I was stuck in 80’s music. I don’t even recall who was playing in 90’s, lol. I’m listening to music again because of Adam. I’m an older mom and have two small children, it’s fun to sing along some of the pop music with them in our van. I feel young again and paying much more attention to how I look to make sure I don’t look like a tired worn out mother!

      Adam is a great gift to all of us. Sometimes I can’t get over how this young nice looking BOY (sorry Adam!) with a backpack and a plaid shirt can transform himself to a glittery alien and gives those wild performance! He’s exciting, and he excites me!

      Thank you for you post and I know that Adam appreciates everyone of us who is here to talk about their love for him!

      And THANK YOU Adam for being who you are!!

  30. Donna Lee #409 says:

    Nothing Adam did at the AMA was objectionable to me. I’ve spent my life in the world of theatre, and this type of thing is just run-of-the-mill tongue in cheek behavior there. I have utterly straight male friends who have publicly kissed each other at theatre parties just as a laugh. Ditto for female actors. NOBODY was shocked or discomforted.

    I WAS somewhat terrified that Adam’s cheekiness would be taken much too seriously by the Puritanical American media and some of the public — that it would set back his meteoric rise to international fame that his talent deserves. US Network television needs to catch up with the rest of the world. Check out the last couple of seasons of Torchwood for an example of BBC sensibilities about homoerotic scenes. John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness plays an “omnisexual non-human”, and has done some smokin’ hot kissing scenes with guys. I was stunned at first, but then I discovered that — just as men find women/women sexuality exciting — man/man sexuality is HOT from my point of view as a straight female. I just had to relax some useless and outdated filters in my mind. If you were embarrassed or angered by Adam on the AMA, I suggest that you open your minds and hearts and take another look. You may find yourself looking forward to Adam playing another character in an intimate scene with another male character. After all, it’s acting. Adam got carried away by his character, which happens to all good actors at times. It is completely understandable, especially after the overwhelming adrenalin rush he must have gotten from falling on live television.

    I am not defending Adam here; he’s done nothing that requires defense. I’m just trying to help you understand what happened from the perspective of a theatre person. I hope I haven’t offended any of you. We all love Adam. When you love someone, you have to let them be free to be themselves. We would be unworthy of his love in return if we insist on imposing our standards on him. Ultimately we might also become bored if he were bland and safe. As I’ve said before on this site, “Thank you, Adam, for keeping my pulse pounding, my mind racing, and my eyes open wide.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Wonderful post Donna Lee. . . thanks! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • I have to admit that reading through these posts has been very therapeutic for me – especially these last two from Tweeterpie and Donna Lee. Everyone should read them – they really put things into perspective.

      Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I could get past the profound sadness and shock I was feeling a week ago. I made it a point to watch every interview and performance since, and continued reading the comments here. They’ve helped me get past the disappointment I felt for days after the AMAs. I realize that Adam is Adam – he is unique, gifted, and complex. I know that he would never knowingly hurt a fly – but he will stand up for what he believes in regardless of what anyone has to say. How can you not admire that?

      So, thank you for the “it’s time to move on and get over it already” push. I agree!

  31. Lambertini #520 says:

    I like how you put it into theatre perspective Donna Lee. “After all, it’s acting. Adam got carried away by his character, which happens to all good actors at times. It is completely understandable, especially after the overwhelming adrenalin rush he must have gotten from falling on live television.” Sooooo true & very well said! I wish everyone would STOP BASHING THE AMA PERFORMANCE ALREADY! Let’s talk about the AWESOME CD! I love music again, a loaded smile, broken open, sure fire winners- I can;t stop playing the CD & even my kids are singing along to some of the songs!

  32. I miss you , Jeanette. I hope you are just taking a little break and enjoying your family over the holidays. This site isn’t the same without you. I felt frustrated that Adam’s beautiful voice was not displayed at the AMA venue, but I can really only begin to understand the enormous pressure put upon this young man over the course of this year. Adam is a person and is continuing to learn how to deal with all these expectations and exposure. I can’t imagine what his growing years must have been like ,feeling a sense of alienation from many of his peers. I have a son just a few years older than Adam,and i know that our relationship is as good as it is because I stepped back and let him know I was “on his side ” whether he shined or not–just like Adam’s mom.
    I found myself rushing home from work today, hoping we would all hear from you. Take good care. Love, lorraine #440




  36. LibraLamb7 says:


    Here’s “Alice” following “Mad Hatter” Adam Down the Rabbit Hole!!!!! Anywhere he wants to take me, I’m right there! This “old” hippie chick hasn’t had so much FUN in decades!!! ADAM is a MIRACLE of a human being (is he human? Where’d that “ninja roll” come from????) & the GLAMBULGE is our NATIONAL TREASURE!!!

    I’m SOOOOO over that whole AMA flap….The only part I found objectionable was the lousy sound engineering that screwed up Adam & all the singers ( those who actually SANG, & weren’t lip-syncing!)…Can’t fault Adam for getting a bit testy about THAT! He’s moved on & will make adjustments to his future performances…He’s young & always learning…SOOOO intelligent… I trust him to work this all out …I plan to go to see him in concert ASAP….On with that tour, Adam! Welcome to the Master Plan!


  37. OK, I think I’ll jump into the fray here. As you know, I was with Jeanette at the AMA’s, but I will only speak for myself here. In other posts, I’ve mentioned that I was disturbed by Adam’s truly angry performance, and how much I missed his wonderful smile at the end. He says he was acting the angry lyrics. Well, hey Adam, that wasn’t your job. You were supposed to perform the song, not act the lyrics. The song was dancey and upbeat and you were not. So, I thought he missed the boat there. I also critiqued the choreography and set design – I couldn’t even tell where he was on stage most of the time. The music video is a perfect contrast to the AMA performance. The music video is heavenly and showcases Adam in the manner in which he truly deserves to be showcased.

    The finger really got to me as it was literally directed at the entire audience. Who were we to know what he had in his mind at the time? Now, I understand (based on interviews) that he was saying FU to the music establishment, but that still troubles me, deeply. He has signed with a major label, he has chosen to work with only the inner circle of the music establishment for his CD. In short, he has completely gone the route of the music establishment. Plus, there were industry people all over that audience. Isn’t that a classic case of biting the hand the feeds you? For me, that was a real downer. I could have cared less about all the sexual antics, other than to say, Adam doesn’t need to any of that stuff to shine for me. Don’t forget, we are talking about one of the world’s truly great vocal talents here. Others here have said he could sing “Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star” sitting on a stool and we’d all be completely mesmerized!!

    The other post I brought up was to say that he’s a guy, and guy’s suck at apologies. So, yes, I would have liked to hear an “I’m sorry if I upset my fans, I really love my fans”, etc., etc. But I think we already got as good as we are going to get when he said he wouldn’t try anything live that he hadn’t reviewed in rehearsal. He has learned from this experience. He has learned that his actions were unprofessional, and therefore uncool.

    Adam’s a young guy. We can’t expect him to be perfect. He’s still got a lot to learn. We can’t over-deify the guy. We all make mistakes, and Adam is human. I totally want him to succeed. I want to forgive him for what I perceive as a momentary lapse in judgment due to being “nervous and competitive (with Lady Gaga), but this is a process for me, as well as others on this site. Let’s be kind to each other as we all work through our emotions.

    Meanwhile, yeah, I’m still a fan. Heck, I left work early so I could see Adam show up at the “Up in the Air” movie premiere tonight. I stood there for 2 hours but Adam was a no show. But that’s OK, both George Clooney and Eric Roberts spoke directly to me tonight so that was cool.

    Long live Adam!

    • Songwriter, Thank you so much for a beautiful, sincere, and heartfelt message about YOUR feelings about the AMA. I love your complete honesty as well as your true love for “our” Adam.

      I think Adam showed his remorse for the very things of which you speak today on the Ellen Show. He was in tears. He touched my heart again–more than ever before. And Ellen could not stop touching him.

      I remember when Ellen felt so horrible when Chris Daughtry got voted off of Idol suddenly and unexpectedly. She was so supportive of him and even said she wanted to help him recover. Chris was very vulnerable then, and he touched a lot of hearts. Then, when he performed on her show several months later, there was a different feeling. And Ellen hardly even acknowledged him.

      Don’t know what went down, but I noticed the difference in her response to Adam today. She couldn’t seem to stop touching him or hugging him at the end. I think she feels his true remorse and confusion. And I think he truly showed it in his very very moving performance.

      So I am wrapping my arms around Adam again too, and not looking back. He is a healer on this planet, a glittery alien who is serving the world with his genuine joy, love and connection. I am so grateful for him!

      And I can’t believe how much I’m adoring his album. I have not loved EVERY SINGLE SONG on any album this much since the Beatles–over 40 years ago! The glittery alien has landed–and just begun! I’m so proud to be a participant in the joy.

      I’m grateful for Adam and for Adam fans. We are truly connected and Adam is the glue.

      • Thanks, Mary C., for your kind words. Yes, that “Ellen” interview was really great. He admitted his lapse in judgment…and that’s truly what it was. Ellen really conducted a great interview today. Plus, Adam’s performance was emotional and beautiful.

        I still haven’t received my pre-ordered CD – can’t wait to hear the whole album.

        • It was a great interview. I loved his Realite bite one as well. ABC is taking small steps in trying to work with Adam. But if that is so let him sing live not taped, give Adam a chance, he made one wrong move, should that defined his whole career? Are we not all human?

  38. Most of you are asleep when i’m reading these posts as our day is your night… I would just like to say that I salute you all for your most interesting, intelligent, humorous & passionate posts.
    It is such a pleasure to read these positive and endearing posts about our most treasured Adam…..I find myself nodding in agreement to most posts and saying to myself….”That’s exactly how I feel”……love you all and thank you.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)