Superstar Adam Lambert Announces Release of LIVE Acoustic EP!


Attention Glambs: December 6, 2010 is the release date for Adam Lambert’s live EP containing the acoustic versions of five of his most popular songs. Brush up on your downloading skills as this will be primarily a digital download, with a limited number of physical CDs being sold. Read on for the start of RCA’s release story, then follow the link for the completion, including details about special bonuses when you pre-order through AdamOfficial. My favorite part? Notice the first three words in the story – SUPERSTAR ADAM LAMBERT!! We’ve always known it, it just took mainstream media a little longer to catch on! My second favorite part? The statement confirming our speculation about Adam being the first Idol artist to tour the world supporting a debut album. I’d even imagine he’s in a very tiny group of artists outside of Idol to do this!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

From RCA/Arista Records:
Superstar Adam Lambert announces plans to release Acoustic Live! (19 Recordings / RCA Records), a 5 song EP, which will be available at all digital service providers as well as at on December 6th. In addition there will be a limited number of physical copies made available for sale exclusive from

Fans who pre-order the EP on will get the acoustic version of “Whataya Want From Me” immediately as an instant grat as well as a limited edition lithograph poster of the cover art. Acoustic Live! includes versions of five of Adam’s most popular tracks from For Your Entertainment, including “Whataya Want From Me” and “Music Again” which were recording while Adam was in Germany and “Aftermath” and “Soaked” from Lambert’s Glam Nation tour. It also includes an acoustic version of “Mad World”, which Adam first performed memorably on American Idol.

Click here for the completion of this story.

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  1. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Too bad it doesn’t include Whole Lotta Love. Would’ve like that more than Mad World!

  2. leilani aloha says:

    Bravo & Congrats Adam!!!
    Yeah! Just in time for sending out Xmas gifts !!!

  3. An acoustic album that’s awesome .WISH YOU THE BEST CAUSE YOU ARE MY IDOL ADAM LOVE YOU FOREVER :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) muahhhhh.

  4. Lovinlambert says:

    Keep everything Adam Lambert coming cuz I will keep buying!!!

  5. patricia Pearce says:

    Carole-please please tell us details about Adam on Biography. Date, time etc. Will he be an invited guest at the AMA’s. ABC so hypocritical using ‘never know what’s going to happen’ as their build up proving Adam just added excitement to their show last year.

    • Lynne, I totally agree about ABC being hypocrits! We all know that’s what they are doing in those commercials. Just turning around and using Adam, again, to promote the AMAs. And I think it’s just unbelievable that Adam is not nominated, presenting, performing or anything!! Outrageous!!!

  6. WOW! Adam can only reach for the stars from here on out. U are so HOT! Adam wtg. Thanks Carol for all you do and post. Hugs GLAMB # 534 Mary

  7. Thank you, Carol. Yes, “superstar” and the pointing out the part about being the only AI to tour internationally to promote his debut CD. I bet you are right – he may be in a small group outside of AI to do it. He is in such demand! He is huge. Downside – must be exhausted. But, hope he gets some rest. This CD will be wonderful, especially just seeing that cover. He always looks good, but this one is especially hot. Appreciate the write-up, Carol.

  8. Agree with Lila. Adam’s version of Whole Lotta Love at his Foxwoods concert was epic! Pity it’s not included in his album.

  9. Adamisamazing says:

    I think it is wonderful. I am thankful for everything Adam does for us. I love his selections on the CD and couldn’t ask anything more of this amazing presence in our lives. He is a gift to us, he is giving us a gift with this CD and whatever he does…whatever decisions he makes are supported and embraced by me.

  10. cheryl 334 says:


    Love-Peace-Truth-Joy-Fun-happiness-CONGRATULATIONS! 2 aDAM…..

  11. Can’t wait and plan to buy a few for gifts! Thanks Carol.

  12. We really need RCA to put out many more hard cds for the fans. This should be the biggest demand. I need to buy several as gifts and from what I am reading, many more fans will want to do the same.

  13. AllaboutAdam says:

    oh God, that picture alone, brings me chills. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT to the infinity degree.

  14. Bought mine. Just thrilled with the new release. Acoustic Adam is awesome. He is so good he needs nothing else, but that fantastic voice. No disrepect to the band, they are all hot too!