Stylin’ and Profilin’

After such a seemingly long dry spell of no Adam news, we are finally feeling the wind and rain, and we’re loving it! Each day now seems to bring either music news, new interviews, or new photo shoots.

To the magazine alerts we can now add InStyle magazine. The November issue has a nice one-page spread on Adam with some fashion and non-fashion Q & A.


Here’s a transcript of the article, courtesy of Mr. L:

Itching to work with?
Lady Gaga. She has a bold look and her music is awesome. We could have a lot of fun performing together.

Favorite discovery
The IPhone. I love the Bump app that lets you exchange contact information with someone by bumping your phones together and Speak Easy is really great for recording vocals.

Signature scent
Dior Homme. It’s so yummy

Style Icons
David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Prince and Michael Jackson were big influences on me.

Fashion faves
Gareth Pugh has a men’s line that’s unbelievable. There’s Skin Graft, a L.A. design house that made a lot of my leather jackets and accessories on Idol, Brian Lichtenberg who does holographic leggings and sweatshirts, Diesel jeans and Loree Rodkin jewelry.

Drink of choice
I’m addicted to those 5-Hour Energy shots and unsweetened ice coffees.

Recent splurge
My four day get away to Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara. It costs a pretty penny but was well worth it.

Beauty essentials
OPI nail polish, M.A.C. Smolder eyeliner and Bad Head styling products.

Necessary extravagance
Manicures. Often I paint my own nails, but on tour there is manicurist on site – and she does a much better job!

If I didn’t audition for Idol..
I would still be a chorus boy in ‘Wicked’ in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to
My album – it’s 100 percent me. Rock, pop, dance, electronic and funk – a little bit of everything.

So how many of you are the type to buy a product just because Adam uses/endorses it? I have to plead guilty to buying a few of Adam’s “favorites” – his “Me” by mezhgan eyeliner and OPI onyx nail polish, but I don’t automatically run out and buy everything he endorses. I’d go broke!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. MyBoyAdam says:

    I’m going to check out the jewelry designer and I already keep an eye on Skin Graft and their fashion shows. Santa Barbara is an hour a way; wish I’d have been there.

    • MyBoyAdam says:

      Actually I could be at the Bacara Resort is about 45 minutes now that I know where it’s at. I found out that I know one of the chef’s there too. Small world. Wonder if he cooked meals for Adam.

    • I also love a man who takes care of himself. Adam sure does that. Sigh………”wishing i could experience Adam”………..;)

      • Hi, I am interupting here but I would like to know if anyone watches “Genernal Hospital” on
        ABC well I do and I also taped it, here is the ” News ‘ that I hope someone else can verifly, the last 3 mins of the show today, I think that Adam was singing ” Mad World “. They always say who is singing but all that they said was “Man” singing “Mad World” and it sure sounded
        like Adam. I can hardly believe it to be true, I’ve played it a couple of times and it I think that it was but then maybe I just want it to be Adam…..My favorite “Soap” and my favorite “Guy” more
        then I could ever hope for. I don’t want to start any false rummers so please,,, someone….
        please check this out,,,Jeanette,,,,please help me !!!

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          Just in from work…fixing to see if it has been uploaded on you tube…it is my fav soap as well…will get back to you, Lee…so excited hope you are right….

          • I have another Big News Report, I just listened to 4:30 mins of TFM, I had a new hit on Twitter by the name of “# thespindleshay” went to their Twitter site and Lord behold he has the whole song there, a lot of background sound but still gives me the chills, also on this page go to the righthand column to the # musicmonday and it is there also and much clearer recording. I can not believe that I have heard this TFM, it is so beautiful, Adam sang his heart out on this song. No wonder we all love him so much.
            If you want to go to my Twitter acc’t my name there is 1234KITKATlm032, I have the ” thespindleshay” as one of my followers, good luck!!!!!
            I couldn’t follow “musicmonday” that site wouldn’t let me in to follow..but it is having hits like 100 during the 5 mins I was trying to get to follow him..
            If you don’t find this to be true then you won’t be hearing from me for awhile
            because I am going to sign myself in to a metal hospital because I’ve completly
            lost it over Adam and I won’t be free to use the CP…Hahaha
            P.S. when you go to “thespindleshay” you have to hit on the twit that says Adam Lambert Time For Miracles and it will take you to that page..

            • Lee, you crack me up. Its all good. Behave now.

                The name I gave ” musicmonday” which I couldn’t get signed into, well I just went to my twitter acc’t and guess what, all “musicmonday” twitters are coming into my acc’t, now I have to get this straightened out, maybe I’ll just go to bed and when I get up in the morning, I’ll find out it was just a nightmare.
                But I did hear Adam sing all of “Time for Miracles” and I saw a film clip,right?
                And I just might have heard Adam sing “Mad World” on General Hospital, RIGHT???????????????????????
                OOoohhhh, I am going to bed !!!!!! Peace and Love,,Right,,,Mary C !!!

                • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

                  Lee…you did hear him for sure…I have been playing the scene over & over, like he would pop out from some dark corner…they are introducing the new story line with James Franco…it is gonna be really good…Sleep Well…nancy

    • I checked out the Jewelry line online, but they don’t show anything…seems you have to go to a store. Looks very high end though. I live in NJ and the closest store is in NY….some diamond store!

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        Dee, If you google Loree Rodkin Jewelry you will get many sites…Some show jewelry but the prices are bombastick…40,000 for a diamond ring….4,000 for a decorative chain.

        I make jewelry from semi-precious stones, fossils and sterling silver (gold is a special order only…very pricey). Anyhow I am going to do some Rodkin research and see what kind of affordable knock-offs I can make. I let you know how I am doing. Chris 481

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        If you gals would like a thrill….go on ebay and type in the search box…eye of horus….WOW earrings and pendants galore…. I better order mine before they are gone…LOL

  2. I’ve used OPI for over ten years, the only one that stays on!

    I might buy some jewellery like his in the future.

  3. i love OPI nail polishes. their colors are so amazing!
    i might have to go smell Dior Homme, even though its for men. ;]

    • I bought Dior Hommes online….it SMELLS INCREDIBLE….like leather combined with a little baby powder…..I prefer wearing men’s cologne anyway because I don’t like flowery scents….and men’s scents smell more clean and fresh. NOW I get to smell ADAM EVERY DAY !!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I google and saw many.In the picture above,it shows “Dior Homme sport” Adam use which one,really?Just Dior Homme or sport ones? And cologne or Eau De Toilette? My god, I am seriously sick!! But please answer anyway! Who knows? 😛

        • Hi AA,

          He said he uses the “original” which is just Dior Hommes….you can order it online (it’s about $70).
          (I even spray it on my pillow at night)!!!! I know, I’m ridiculous….good thing I don’t have a husband! lol

          • DEE, Thanks for the info, I have to get this and yes, I will spray it on my pillowcases also, what a great idea!!!!

          • Dee you go girl, I remember looking this up a while ago. In fact Helen was looking for it at several stores. I may just order it and give it to my man for Xmas.

            We wont tell him who uses it sshhh………

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Hi Mary
              I forgot to mention that I did eventually find it. I DO spray it on my pillow! hee, hee. I pretend it’s Adam next to me (instead of my cat!). LOL! I need to get a life!

  4. Adam my Adam you are always on my mind,never a minute goes by when i

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      With the new hair style in DETAILS (can’t believe he let them cut his hair) Adam looks soooo cool…very James Deanish but better!!! Our boy sure is willing to try anything.

    • Lisette here..bonsoir Toni merci for photos ..tresbeau in everyone!Here for petit hello an sending bonwishes an affections to all glambs an our angel d’musique always.Thenks too Jeanette as always for updates.Imagaine thet Adam used very softest scents an Dior is very subtle not to masque l’natural sweetness sureli thet Adam has..only to enhanse it!An like Toni nonmattre even if in pain,ill,or away from this site Adam I thinq of as an old chanson n nite..nite an day..He’s the one..only him under l’sun…need I say more(oops blushing now)..Will blame latest photos with le femme(on last thread)…Difficile to must say takes aways any pains I av been feeling..merci encore…bisous always..luv to all here Lisette in windy,windy Nevada!!xoxo

  5. that went through too soon. As I was saying, never a minute goes by without thinking of you, I love all the articles, all the photos, I just hunger for more news of Adam all the time, to day Time for Miracles is release in London and I am buying. The anticipation for his album, which I am sure it is going to be HOT HOT HOT, is really building up, I am like a volcano ready to erupt. Cannot get enough of this man.

    • Toni- is that right – Time for Miracles track- released in UK??
      i emailed Heart Radio in my county ( have a station for London and each surrounding counties ) for them to please play the track – if its deffo released- i will PHONE THEM UP AND ASK WHY I HAV’NT HEARD IT YET !
      ( they are advertising the release of the film ( 2012) but no singing in the background. just an annoying voice shouting out in an over the top voice and accent ( like at wrestling events) about the content of the film- and impending DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !! yawn !

  6. AdamAddict says:

    I am so stupid!! CONFIRM!! As soon I saw that article,I keep my face close to the screen and tried to read what he said and I scroll down….TAA DAA!! ~rolled eyes~ I have to learn to scroll down! I did this mistakes many times!! Stupid!LOL! The truth,I always want to buy what Adam used! So far,not yet because I can’t find it,maybe because I didn’t go out often.I’m waiting Adam do Pepsi or Coke cm.Maybe Pepsi bcs their cm usually huge! I prefer Vanilla Coke but Imma sure I change to Pepsi if he does Pepsi cm.I’ll wait for him for jeans also then I use that brand too.Make up?I use whatever make up Adam use.Make it simple,yes I want to be Adam BFF!! LOL 😛
    P/S: I wish Adam has own jeans like James Dean jeans! Then it will be Adam or Lambert jeans. I will tuck my shirt in just to show off that brand! Sooooo going to do that!!~nodding~ I’ll start to do sit up now!lol

    • Jane Parker says:

      Hey I did that too. Read it BEFOREi scrolled down!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yes,I’m not alone afterall ! LOL 😛 I wonder who else did??!!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          ~raises hand~

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • sherry s. says:

          count me in the Homer Simpson “Doh!” group, too

          • AdamAddict says:

            LMAO!! Oh my god,I can’t stop laughing!! Really? You guys did that too??!! LOL! I can imagine,some of you hurry to the stairs,grab your glasses and try to focus with mouth open! And then when you finished,slighty back,very happy,finished at last after got bit headache from that focus!Then scroll down and WTH?? Feel really stupid,hoping nobody see how stupid you looked like just now!Hahaha,all that just to read what Adam using! Oh god,tears coming from my eyes! That’s funny! ~giggle~ hahahahaha! 😛

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Me too Emili. Same with the article for the magazine, I was trying to read the small picture, think it was Gala that told me to click on it to enlarge. Such an air head at times.

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        what did your fail to scroll down on???

        • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

          Never mind Sherry..I know what you are talking about and I did scroll down…LOL

    • Add me to the list of those trying to read the small print at the top of the page! I guess we just get THAT excited about reading ANYthing about our Adam! I just don’t want to miss a single WORD about him! LOL!

      Glamb #20

    • AA, nice Adam or Lambert jeans? Great idea, he would probably think so too.

  7. Evette #419 says:

    If I saw one of ADAM’S products in a store along side other products his would be the one I picked up. (Does that make sense?) But I wouldn’t buy it just to buy it. I am looking into buying Bare Minerals. He had mentioned he’d been using it and I want to look as good as ADAM (Good luck!) I was happy his drink of choice was non-alcoholic. Right away I thought alcohol!!! I always wondered if he drank coffee. I’m a huge coffee drinker. I don’t drink it often,but when I have ice coffee its deffinately unsweetened! Maybe I should drink it more!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      He also drinks tea for his throat, doesn’t he, can’t remember off hand which one it was. I brain is so scrambled at the moment having watched the ET clip, can’t think straight at all.

  8. I went a bit further than buying a product just because Adam uses/endorses it. I got a second ear piercing in my left earlobe (ouch! it still hurts) a few weeks ago and have taken to wearing black stud earrings.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Ouch!I only got one at each ear then I saw my sister did a lot and look kinda cool so years ago I made another 2 at each sides.Means now 3 in left and 3 in right.1 got hurt really bad.It keeps bleeding!Took almost a year to completely heal.I don’t dare to make another one since then! Too bad,I can only wear earrings not hmmm what is it called?The one like Adam wear,I can’t wear.I got itchy!I need the one that look like ring!Why Adam never wear those kind of earrings?He will be sexy as hell!! Ooops,dizzy again!

      • MyBoyAdam says:

        I think he has plugs in the lower piercings; that’s so popular with the younger set. At least they aren’t the bigs ones all stretched out which grosses me out big time. His still look okay. He would be sexy with hoops! He could do a hoop in the upper piercing, not the plug holes.

  9. Evette #419 says:

    I’m curious they are supposed to play the video for “A Time for Miracles” prior to the Michael Jackson movie. Is anybody going to see “This is it” just to catch the video? I really DON”T want to see the movie but I really DO want to see the video especially on “big screen”. I think I’m going to have to pass cuz I’m against the whole MJ movie idea! By the way CelticMairin….cool! I have 6 piercings in one ear and one in the other plus a “bar”. (That had nothing to do with ADAM just a piece of info : )

    • Hi Evette,

      That’s my plan…I already got my tickets for the opening day of MJ’s movie on Oct 28. My girlfriend is going with me. It should be interesting….I’m only going to see Adam’s video. I wonder how many others will be doing the same thing? We plan to stand up and clap for Adam when it’s over! I think we’ll probably watch some of MJ’s movie, but I don’t think we’ll stay for the whole thing. Cant wait to see ADAM on the big screen !!!! FINALLY !!!!

      • DEE !! I’m going with my sister.. I heard the tickets are expensive, is that true ? how much did you have to pay ? I can’t get anyone to answer phones right now just get recording.. I will look into sometime today… I really am only going to see Adam on the big screen and see this video of his.. I have always liked MJ so it isn’t a lost cause to see the film either. but really the motivation is ADAM.

      • Evette #419 says:


        That sounds like so much fun! Have a Blast!

      • Tuesday night on ET they will be showing Adam and his making of the music video to TFM.
        Oh he looked to hot tonight on ET seeing him looking at that girl while posing with her.

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      I am planning to see the MJ movie to see the video.

      • Evette #419 says:

        You guys are making me re-think and maybe I should go just to see the video. I still have time to think it over. It would be so great seeing ADAM!

    • Yup, my plan exactly. Will watch MJ’s movie just to see Adam. I have to order this Music Video if it comes out asap.

  10. I definitely check out all the products that Adam has mentions – just my way of staying close and getting to know everything I possibly can about him! I have been using OPI, MAC and Bare Minerals for years – all really great but that is no surprise as ADam has wonderful taste and a style sense!

    I went into Sephora to get a whiff of Dior Homme the first time I heard Adam mention it – gorgeous! I closed my eyes and imagined just for a moment that he was right there beside me! LOL!

    I also purchased an ankh ring and Rock Star pendant just like he has worn! I do predict that Adam WILL have his own fashion line one day – it would be amazing!

    Glamb #20

    • AdamAddict says:

      That Dior Homme is men perfume,yes? If women like us using it,just for the same feeling like you did (adam besides us)lol, will it be weird??!! Hmmm,Adam wearing girls jeans,maybe I should use men perfume??!! Maybe I should!! 😛

      • Dee above says she wears Dior Homme – and why not? I too do not care for floral scents – maybe I will get some DH so I can smell like Adam all the time! Sounds like a great idea to me! (Is it getting WARM in here??!!!)

      • Evette #419 says:

        There is something sexy about wearing Men’s cologne……especially at night….but then I’m crazy….sooooooooooooooo…..AA I think you should get yourself a bottle anyway. Too bad they don’t have sample bottles we could carry in our purse then whenever we need a whiff of ADAM we can just take it out and sniff!

      • AA, LMAO you are so funny. why not, go for it???????

    • Hi Jane,

      I bought a Ankh ring too….I love it !!! I’m sure he’ll have his own fashion line and everything that goes with it one of these days !!!! How exciting for him and us !!!

  11. AdamAddict says:

    Adam tapes Oprah segment article. Album release pushed a day earlier!Yay!! Out of topic,my sister so pissed because Beyonce concert was postponed in Malaysia.She bought the ticket because the date is good for her and now she worry about the new date.She really hate PAS now! LOL.I hate that party long time ago!BTW,here the article,1 day earlier,YAY!!

  12. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Anything ADAM LAMBERT, I will definitely buy!!! I purchased 2 Muse cds and 1 Kings of Leon. They both do sound great and I have favorites on both. Cold Desert by KoL and Exogenesis: pt 1,2,&3 of Muse’s. I let my 10 yr old cut my semi- long hair off short below the ears and yes, I did color it dark brown-black. Had lots of compliments too. I enjoy wearing the black,blue, and silver nailpolishes too. I’ve bought a couple pieces of clothing that I thought ADAM might wear. But my favorite is a ring I come across, it’s a large silver metal band w/ 3 rotating bands and has circles ooo ooo , all around it. I really love it and I wear it on my right index finger. For me, these things represent my love and dedication to ADAM. And I wear my ADAM concert t-shirts as often as possible. I listened to ADAM’s “I Just Love You” this morning on the way home from work and of course I cried cause I really miss him. I’ve done made arrangements with the bookstore lady about getting my 4 copies of Details nov issue. Can’t wait! but I’m really anxious to get my hands on 3 of ADAM’s cd!!!!! PLL to ADAM!!! and to all GLAMBS!!!! PS ADAM’s singing just gets me so emotional!!!! It’s like he is right there and talking to you. Oh how I wish!!!

  13. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic for one second! Jaberone,you said U following me in twitter? I didn’t see you! You are not GlambMI,aren’t you? If that’s you,then …okay then! But if not,nope nada!! I’m Emili0603 BTW <3 Ok, back to Adam topic,yes I’m thinking using men perfume! lol.~nodding~ 🙂

    • AA,

      I’ve always worn men’s cologne….I think it just smells clean and fresh and not flowery, like women’s cologne. I used to wear Lagerfeld men’s cologne for years ! Now it’s Dior Hommes for me !!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        But doesn’t men cologne smells too strong? 0_o

      • Dee .. I agree with you although I have never worn any mens cologne, I have always thought about it . I don’t like flowery smells.. I love mens cologne.. at this point I just don’t wear any thing.. I just smell good

      • Dee, good point there, my husband doesnt like me to wear sweet smellin perfumes, says they are to strong and floral. Maybe just Maybe I will buy ME the Dior instead of for him.
        Thanks, why didnt I think of that? Love how you spray your pillow case too.

  14. ADAM’s endorsement is selling so many products and his album hasn’t even come out yet……He’s the Million $ BB for sure!

  15. Thanks for posting. Definitely will patronize his endorsement. And, I agree with you I will buy his product that can afford my wallet, one thing for sure I am buying this magazine. Wow! now I know how Adam smell, got to check that out, even I can’t use it I can spray my pillows 😉 and you know what comes next LOL!

  16. LibraLamb7 says:

    Just ordered Dior Homme from (love your idea of spaying in on pillows, Aramikah!)…also bought “Privet Bloom” by Hampton Sun which is a fragrance Adam REALLY admired on a female interviewer once….Just in case! Have previously bought his Eye of Horus pendant from PennyRoyal Silver & a pretty Eye of Horus ring in sterling silver from Nature’s! Been enjoying wearing those & waiting for someone to recognize Adam’s personal symbol (Yea AdamRocks!). Had to pre-order 2 more of his CDs (already have 2 coming from Amazon), but this time from Barnes & Noble…want their list to be reflecting high demand for Adam TOO! Will keep 2 & give 2 as gifts. Fans on this site put their money where their mouths are!

    Working on getting the “Details”, “InStyle” & “Elle” mags w/ ADAM, but those’ll be hard to find in my town. Guess I live in a “fashion backwards” area! Sorry, though, I might paint my nails & glitter up the eyes for an Adam concert, but I won’t get anything pierced or tattooed. Have gone 61 years w/out those accoutrements & won’t start now…Love Adam’s & think he’s totally gorgeous, but agree that the ear gauges are big enough! Kinda wish he hadn’t gone that far with large holes in lobes, but it’s his body & his choice!

    Candace#388 in MS

  17. brandy scoobydoo says:

    i personally would get the nail polish and eyeliner. but i’d have to have someone teach me how to put on eyeliner because i would just poke my eye out if i did it. love brandy

  18. cheryl 334 says:

    Oh, Adam is so Classy! I would buy the Dior Homme for myself! He could sell ice to eskimos! Hot fashion sense. This is so rare among men! Adam is sooooo rare indeed!!

  19. cheryl 334 says:

    Oh, I should add that I did not have the problems so many of you did. I had already seen this article the other day and read it all then!! Hahaha!!! Sorry…………………..really!

    I also read that Adam and Lady GAGA ARE doing sosmething NOW!!!!

  20. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Okay…just saw the ET episode…he will be back on tomorrow nite, showing the filming of his new video….AWESOME!!!! He is making news everywhere, and LQQKIN’ so damn good…you go ADAM…Rock On!!! He is just so natural, and comfortable in front of the cameras, very impressive…
    Just can’t get enough, fast enough….now I am off to search out the GH episodes, again, to see if they have been uploaded. My cable network does not have Soap Net, prolly only one in the nation with out it….So You Tube, here I come….back later to chk the chatter….

  21. sherry s. says:

    It’s a great idea to wear it or just have it to remind you of Adam. Fantastic idea to spray it on the bed.
    But girls, remember, if you ever get to meet Adam and you want to stand out scent-wise, DON’T wear it, because he’ll be immune (if that’s what he’s wearing).

    Have you seen this video set to TFM? — a little more artsy than some of the others — made by someone in HUNGARY!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Hello Sherry S. ! Beautiful video!! ADAM can sure make a hairy chest look sexy!!! A worldwide star he is !!!! Do you think he is aware of this yet? PLL to you!!!

  22. cawillia2 says:


  23. I saw Adam on ET just a little while ago too….OMG did he look hot…he has that “Elvis” thing going on! He said he REALLY delved into it !!! HE SURE DID !!! They also showed a short clip from the TFM video….he was walking along, with his hair in his face …OMG….with all kinds of stuff going on around him! I can’t stand it !!!! Oct 28 can’t come fast enough so we can see him on the BIG SCREEN !!!! I bet all the Adam fans in the audience will stand up, cheer and clap…..I can’t wait !!!!

    • oh yes did he ever look so Hot. Hotter than looking at those photos. His side view was so striking and as he moved his hand. Oh me oh my. ohohoohooh

      • sherry s. says:

        How is it possible to be that gorgeous? Seriously, how is it possible. No matter how many times I see him, I continue to feel stunned.

  24. Good topic Jeanette! I have to say guilty as well. I ordered the Votivo red currant candle weeks ago. Love it , smells clean and fresh. OPI nail polish, is a fav.
    I would LOVE TO TRY his recent
    splurge to Santa Barbara, with him cuming with Me of course!!!!!!!!
    If there was a SkinGraft store nearby, I would go and see what they have for sure.
    We eat French Silk ice cream all the time. May be some other things I cant think of right now.
    Adam’s favorites sure do seem to catch on to be my favs too.

  25. sherry s. says:

    Yahoo—Adam Lambert News—Album Title revealed 20 minutes ago—mtv

  26. Sun-n-Stars says:

    Adam did look yummy last night on ET. Can’t wait to see him again tonight. Thanks for the update in regards to Style magazine and the Adam clip for the MJ movie. You guys are awesome!