Still A-Twitter Over Adam

Is it any wonder we follow this man in droves?

Is it any wonder we follow this man in droves?

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My original Twitter article was lost in the server switch, and I saw the comments that many of you made asking for the article to be reposted, so here it is, back by popular demand!  Not only is Twitter a fairly recent phenomenon in itself, but it’s new to many of us.  One of our fans, Lorrin, has been posting a guide elsewhere on this site explaining exactly how Twitter works.  Her guide is excellent, so Lorrin, please post your Twitter guide here as well.

My original Twitter article was prompted by Adam’s new Twitter address and curiosity as to where Adam stood with followers compared to the other Idols, so I’ll repeat that information with current numbers.  Adam’s new Twitter is “adamlambert.”  If you were following Adam’s original Twitter address of “therealGlambert” then you don’t need to do a single thing – you are automatically receiving Adam’s new Tweets.  This is a great time to be following Adam as well as all the Idols, since they have down time on the bus and are not only giving shout-outs to the cities on the tour, but responding to fans on occasion and also giving out news.  Those following the Idols during the past few days have heard that Adam didn’t sign autographs after the Sacramento concert because of a severe headache (hoping you’re feeling better Adam!), found out that No Boundaries has been removed from Kris Allen’s set, and heard that Michael Sarver hurt his foot pretty badly.

So who has the most followers?  Adam, who else!!!  As of this writing, he has 97,382 followers, followed by Danny with 80, 458, Kris with 52,974, Matt with 37, 698, Anoop with 37, 698, Allison with 22,923, Scott with 15,681, and Michael with 10,928.

If you’re curious as to how these numbers compare with the number of followers from my original article from a couple of weeks ago, here are those original numbers:

“Adam has only been on Twitter since early in June and already has, as of this writing, 72,988 followers.  That’s a pretty awesome following considering it’s been only a couple + weeks.  Adam hasn’t even had time to customize his page yet.  I hope he does eventually, but I know he’s multi-tasking like crazy right now, and I know I for one would rather have him working on his music.

I was curious if Adam, of all the top 10 finalists, had the most followers, so I did some checking.  I was rather surprised to find he does not.  Kris is new on Twitter and already has 39,594 followers, but it’s Danny who has the most people following him, with 73,063.  Matt has 32,791, Anoop has 32,692, Scott has 13,380, Allison has 10,348, and Michael has 9,212.” 

It’s easy to see that the number of people following Adam has exploded, and with good reason!  I think it’s a testament to Adam’s popularity, of course, but I also think it’s because of how Adam uses Twitter.  He’s given us rumor control, cool photos (like the awesome photo of his tour jacket), fan shout-outs, laughs (Adam calls lame and boring Tweets “Twats”), and of course news (the explanation of why he didn’t sign autographs in Sacramento.)

So if you haven’t already signed up on Twitter to follow Adam, do it!  And if you have any technical problems or questions, our tech wizards are here to help you.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I think Kris will pass Danny up very soon–he has been on twitter a much shorter time than Danny–that being said– adam paseed danny up rather quickly–ADAM rocks!

  2. jjnellie says:

    I encourage Adam followers to follow the other idols as well. They put out way more shouts than Adam and it’s a great way to get information. I went into Adam’s “following” to find the other idols and then clicked “follow” on each of them. Michael, Matt, Anoop and Danny send out the most shouts, followed by Allison and Kris and finally Adam. It appears the most popular find it the most difficult to find the time to send out shouts. A bit disappointed that Adam has sent shouts out to fans in every city except Vancouver. Thanks to the other Idols who shouted out to Vancouver, it’s nice to be acknowledged.

    • you can read the tweets of all the other Idols (without actually following them) by clicking on adam’s favorites–it will give you a list of all the people that Adam follows and because they are on adam’s list you are able to read their “tweets” also–:)

      • AdamAddict says:

        U R right Rhonda.Sometimes I search Gokey just to see how many followers he has ,but I didn’t read what he wrote.I’m not a fan,obviously! I just follow Adam and Kris! 🙂

        • I know it may be mean but I don’t want Gokey to have any Adam followers–Adam should reach 100,000 sometime today:)

          • AdamAddict says:

            You badass! hee hee! 🙂

            • 🙂 trust me Mr. Competitive D.G is counting–no contest!!

              • I did just the same, always clicked on Danny to see if he still had more followers. Now that’s not necessary anymore :-). But I saw that the other idols sometimes mention Adam, so it would be easier to just follow them as well. Have you seen the bubble tweets that Danny and Matt made? Adam is in them!!! Love him, he’s the best

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Yes I did watch that bubbletweet.Because Adam was in it! Of course,of course! What other reason? 🙂 But I don’t follow matt or Danny.I’m too lazy to follow them.

                  • is there really any oter person to follow , besides Adam, i mean really??? i respect the others for their deams but,………. Adam i the fulfillment of the dream i think!! He is a rock force, vocal genius, a true performer, a gentelman, a sarcastic , funny pain in the rear(i love it)!!!!! and i think he will be a rock icon, much like freddie mercuryor michael jackson.bigger!!! so yup, i follow only Adam!

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m blushing and falling all over myself, thank you for mentioning my little ‘Twitter’ seminars! I finally found where I had put the last one I wrote, and here it is, in all its itsy-nitsy detail. I do hope it helps anyone trying to navigate Twitter:

    This is my little ‘crash’ Twitter course for all Glambs who want to follow Adam. I posted these directions on this site before Dreamsound had to change servers, and the whole article on using Twitter was lost. So, here is the little mini-course again: Hopefully, you have already successfully signed up on Twitter, and you have an account and a home page. If not, find the Twitter site by using Google, and then click on their ‘Let’s Get Started Box’ at the bottom of their sign-up page. You can also view a video by clicking on a red box at the top of that same page. Then follow their directions to join. After sign-up, you will then have a home page of your own, and you can find Adam. Click on the ‘Find People’ tab at the top right of your home page. Type in adam lambert in the box that comes up. You will then see dozens of Adam Lamberts come up, but only one is the real Adam. Adam is on the third page, and his Twitter name is adamlambert, all lower case, all strung together. Next to his name is a small aqua-blue circle with a white check in it, and it says ‘Verified’. You will also notice that he is the only Adam Lambert with 98,092 followers. Directly to the right of his name, you will see a small gray box that says ‘Follow’. Click on that box, and you will then be following Adam on your home page. This will be done automatically, and from then on, you will receive all of Adam’s news (called ‘updates’) that he posts on his Twitter page. His updates will now appear on your Twitter page without you having to do anything further. If you want to reply to one of his updates, scroll gently over the two little icons to the right on the update box you are replying to – one of those icons will say ‘reply to adamlambert’. Click on that icon, a box will appear, and you may then write a reply to him of 140 characters or less. Then click on the ‘reply’ button once you are finished, and your words will be sent to Adam’s Twitter. You will be able to read the comment you made to Adam immediately on your Twitter home page. Also, when you receive one of Adam’s updates, you may click on his name ‘adamlambert’ which appears with every update he makes, and you will then be taken to his Twitter home page. You can then look at all he’s got going there, which is fun. You will not, however, be able to read the comment you made to him on his home page, only he can see those. Once you’re finished looking at his home page, click on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of his page, and it will take you back to your home page. If you want to follow Adam’s fans, again click on ‘Find People’, type in adam lambert, all those other ‘fake Adams’ will appear, and you can choose to follow them, too. They are his fans, and they often have great news about Adam also. Anyway, I hope this will help in making it a little easier in navigating around the Twitter world. And please excuse me for writing a book about it, but it does take some explaining! Love to all you Glambs, and I do hope these comments will be of help.

  4. Adam is amazing!!!!

    from Brazil!

  5. Adam will have at least one million followers once he gets out of American idol deal.Once the album is out and he starts touring .The UK and Germany will be his biggest markets after USA.

    • AND Australia and Asia. Asia will eat him up! (And of course, South Africa, too, Ingrid!)

  6. How come this website has no twitter?

    • AdamAddict says:

      No??!! What about adamlambertidol?Everything in it will takes you to this sites! So I guess…that is this websites twitter,right?

      • You’re right, AdamAddict, clicking on adamlambertidol on Twitter will lead you directly to this site. Adamlambertidol’s Twitter bio says they are the ‘webmaster of ADAM-LAMBERT.ORG.’ Dreamsound is also on Twitter, and his Twitter bio says he is the founder of this website, (which he is, of course). Both those Twitter sites will take you back here. Once you have your Twitter homepage set up, click on ‘Find People’ up at the top. In the box that comes up, type in either adamlamertidol or dreamsound, and you will be taken to their box. To the right of their picture icons will be a ‘Follow’ box. Click on that, and you will automatically be following them. You will be given the updates for both sites on your Twitter home page. Also, if you will look up at the top right of THIS page, you will see adamlambertidol’s Twitter posts in a blue and grey box. His recent posts are there. Hope that’s helpful.

        • Lorrin, I need Twitter help and I’ve tried to find on the Twitter site. If people start following us (as they are doing to me now) and we want to ‘block’ them we are supposed to look to the right on our profile page for the word ‘Actions’ but I do not have that word on my page. I tried to contact them but they dont have an email address but just a mailing address, not even a phone number.

          • Here for theresa/canada and all other Glambs who are Twitter hopefuls, is how to ‘Block’ someone from following you on Twitter:

            You see on your Twitter page an update box from someone you do not wish to have follow you. The easiest way to get rid of them is to click on their Twitter name, which always appears in their update box, and is usually highlighted in another color. Their home page will appear. Take a good look at it and see if you truly do wish to block them. If you do, then look over to your right in the long column running the length of the page, where your page info appears. About halfway down the column, you will see a tiny sentence that says “block Adam_Glam” (or whatever name you are wanting to block on your site). Click on that tiny word ‘block’ and you will then have successfully blocked this person from following you, and you will no longer receive their messages (updates) on your home page.

            If you want to block someone who has been on your follower’s list for some time and you want to remove them now, do this: Click on the little word that says ‘followers’ at the top right of your Twitter home page. You will find this word directly below your name and picture icon. A list of your followers will come up. Two almost invisible icons will appear to the right of each of your follower’s names. One will be a little ‘person’ icon, and one will be a little ‘gear’ icon with a ‘down’ arrow beside it. (Scroll lightly over them to see them better). Click on that little down arrow beside the gear icon, and a box will drop down. You will see four choices in the drop-down box. The 4th choice is to Block. Click on ‘Block’ and that person will no longer be allowed to follow you. The rest of your followers list will remain. If you want to block someone else, repeat this process.

            If you want to block EVERYONE from following you, and you want to maintain a completely private page, click on the tab labelled ‘Settings’ at the top right of your Twitter page. Your settings page will open. At the bottom of that page it will say ‘Protect My Updates’. If you click on the little tiny box next to those words, no one will be able to follow you on Twitter without your express permission. A little padlock icon will appear next to your Twitter name wherever your name appears on the site. If someone sees your name on a page you are following, they might ask to follow you. When that happens, a tiny request to follow you will appear somewhere near the top of your home page in the column to the right. (At least I think that’s where the request will appear if I remember correctly, but it will appear somewhere where you can easily see it). Click the request open, and you can either allow them to follow, or block them from following you, by clicking on the box provided.

            For awhile, I ran my Twitter site completely protected, and I received only Adam’s updates. But I finally decided to open up a bit, and see if anyone wanted to follow, and I wanted other Glambs to be able to find me. So I unchecked my protected status box, and now I have a little following. It’s more fun that way. I do hope this will be of help, and for heaven’s sake, if anyone spots an error, please let me know. Thank you.

            • In the first paragraph in the instruction on blocking above, it should read: “…look over to your right in the long column running the length of the page, where THEIR page info appears”. You are actually blocking them from following you while you are on THEIR home page. I hope this is all not too confusing!

            • Thanks Lorrin, I was able to remove and/or block several followers, but it says I still have ‘6 FOLLOWERS”yet in my expanded list there is only one which I approve.

              Most followers seem to be spam, those who want you to buy something.

    • Jeanette says:

      Markus, this website does have a twitter – it’s

      Fernando uses his twitter to announce when new articles are posted.

  7. Tu eres lo mas maravilloso que aparece en mucho tiempo, te amamos!!!!.
    De Argentina!!!!

    • Marisa, te amamos tambien en California en el Norte USA, en Canada, y en muchos partes del mundo! Tenemos un website para Adam Lambert que es muy excellente, con muchos escritores (bloggers) buenos, y con muchos ventiladores de música! Nosotros lo adoramos a Adam! Se llaman “Glambs”. Esperamos que usted nos unirá! Habla Ingles, Marisa? Si no, es OK. Amor y paz de los Estados Unidos! – Lorrin Glamb #102

      • Lorrin, I am so impressed. Your talents seem to be endless! It is so cool that you can respond to Marisa in her language – kudo’s to you.

        • Lord have mercy, let’s see how well I do if she keeps on writing! Mama mia, I’ll be pulling out all the stops! But I think I can do it if we don’t get any further than senior year Spanish, ha ha. I keep trying to say a few things in French to Lisette, too, but so far she hasn’t answered me, I must be way out in the boondocks with those attempts! But thanks so much for your kind comments, dear Ingrid, you are a dear.

          • Oh, and roughly, my note to Marisa says, “We also love you in Northern California, in Canada, and in many parts of the world! We have a website for Adam Lambert that is very excellent, with many good writers (bloggers), and many music fans! We adore Adam! We are called Glambs. We hope that you will join us! Do you speak English, Marisa? If not, that’s OK. Love and peace from the United States! (And if I”m off in the bushes with my original Spanish, I apologize!)

          • LORRIN – in reference to your trying to reach out to Lissette, I think her computer is on the fritz! So,
            that’s probably why you haven’t heard from her. The last time she ‘posted’ she was on her sister’s

          • Moi aussi, pour ma chere Lisette…. I must find out which country she’s from!

    • Marisa, mi GLAMBERT # es 242 y hablo espanol. Me puedes mandar correos y podemos intercambiar chismesitos acerca de ADAM. Yo vivo en Palmetto, Florida pero tambien soy Colombiana y adoro a ADAM!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Whatever U guys said,it sounds seeeexyyy! Grrr,say more,say more Marisa! 🙂

      • Eso es maravillosa, Airforcemom3! Gracias a Dios usted habla Espanol! Puede traducir todos los correos, yo espero! Tenemos muchas personas y muchas paises en este website, – Colombia, Canada, South Africa, England, Malaysia, los Estados Unidos, etc. And I’m sure you speak fluent English, I’m just having fun! So glad to see your post!

  8. I am only here for Adam! Don’t care about any other idol! Call me mean, call me cruel, call me anything! Just know that I am all-about-Adam! I don’t even like Gokey, Girard, Scott, Lil, or Anoop. So, it’s a good thing that there are others who are nicer to the others than I am! I personally don’t think anyone w/the exception of Allison who will go very far after the tour. They all seem so booooring next to Adam, and that’s how the’re going to be judged. How can they help it? It’s their bad luck for not being so good and having to be in competition w/Adam!! Won’t apologize for being ‘honest’ about the others! Just sayin’………….
    PEACE-LOVE 4 ADAM………..and all his fans!

    • JAN LYNN says:


  9. JAN LYNN says:


  10. I only follow Adam since he is the only one i LOVE and if I want to know what the other ones are up to I just go to his followers and click on them, Adam twits more than Kris and Allison, and I find his twits/twats great!

  11. JAN LYNN Glad I’m not alone w/my feelings about beilng only 4 Adam! I just do not like most of the other idols and am now finding it hard to see how they got to the top! I liked David Cook and Michael Johns last year. There were even a couple mor from last year who could put these others to ‘shame’! I mean, even Kris struggles w/vocals, and often times he looks like ‘maybe this isn’t what I really want to do’ – kind of ‘uncomfortable. Ya know? Matt’s been a jerk toward Adam. Gokey has been a jerk toward Adam, and Anoop hasn’t shown much less jealousy than the rest! Don’t get it, really, they should be grateful to bse as far as they are – and maybe they are, but it often doesn’t show! That attitude will be having fans running away from them faster than you can say ‘ADAM IS SUPERSTAR ICONIC AND GORGEOUS’!! nOW, WHY DO THEY HAVE A PROBLEM W/ADAM?? haha! It’s hard for them and I do sympathize, but that is wheree I draw my line. Understand it – now get over yourselves! Sorry, you’ll never be an AdamLambert!

    • Cheryl I agree re. Kris… I also thought he acted like a ‘reluctant contestant’ along the way, and wonder if it is just his innate shyness. I also thought I detected a little discomfort when he won the AI contest.

      However, Kris, Anoop and Danny have pretty decent voices, maybe not as much charisma as the top 2 (Ali and Adam) but I can see them getting a recording contract and performing in smaller venues. Kris would do well in a medium sized concert hall rather than an arena.. he needs to be able to be seen and heard to appreciate him.

      Adam is in a whole ‘nother ballgame! He can outsing and outperform bright lights and booming back up music.

      Too bad there was that anti gay protest in San Jose. It is all over twitter. I cannot understand how people who follow Jesus (himself a rather unusual person), can be so hateful when He taught love to all. Maybe this needs to happen now and then though it’s unpleasant in order to bring understanding and tolerant people together in support. Apparently Michael spoke out in support of Adam.

      To read more , go to the new ;post about Adam in movies etc and scroll down to AdamAddicts link.

      • I truly hope this anti-gay protest thing will fold up and disappear, but I fear it won’t. I think it is a very ominous piece of news, especially coming from the state of California! Shame on San Jose! It does not bear thinking about if the anti-gay faction mixes with an anti-Adam bias, which it seems, it already has. Protecting him might become a nightmare. I have got to find out more about this, it truly horrifies me. Adam is going to be moving into the central and southern United States, and this protest could be picked up and roll right along with him and break out in a bigger way. I had such hopes that this would never happen, but it seems it now has, and in my own home state, how dreadful. I want to take a closer look at these reports. I will definitely be in the foreground with this one. Thank you for reporting on it, Theresa. (And yes, Jesus was a most unusual person, and certainly not conventional. He stood against the entire town to defend the prostitute from being harmed. He was deeply loved by both men and women. And He was full of love for all people, a far cry from the hate-filled invective of the anti-gay movement.)
        So, I am off to find out more about this…I will be back soon from the trenches.

        • I am back from the trenches, and found out the news. I just made this same post on the ‘Adam In Movies’ page, but the other post has a link to a picture you can all see of the ‘protest’. It is awaiting moderation because I posted a link. So here is the same post without the link. I really wanted for everyone to be able to read this immediately. When the other post clears, go to it, click on the link, and you can see that photo. In the meantime, here’s the text:

          I am back from searching around for this San Jose anti-gay protest story. It seems that a very small group of protesters in that city were standing around with placards which said things like, “if u go to a concert with gays u will go to hell”, and “allison is a fag enabler”. Apparently, this small group from San Jose protests at other concerts as well. They are against rock and roll and homosexuality in general, and one writer mentioned they are from one of their local church groups. As far as I can see, this was not a major protest with dozens of protesters all waving signs and shouting at Adam. I found a photo on TwitterPic which only shows a couple of people standing around, one with a sign. From this photo, I think it can safely be said that an anti-gay protest against Adam, at least in San Jose, was a non-issue as far as importance goes. However, this will probably happen again. I’m sure Adam can handle this in his own strong and graceful way. In a very nice surprise, Michael from the AI tour was reported as saying that all of the AI Idols ’stand together’ behind Adam. And we as his fans must all stand with him, too, if anything like this ever escalates and gets out of hand. There are hundreds of protests up on the internet against this anti-gay protest already, and my own voice is right in there with them. We stand united with Adam.

      • THERESA – Yeah, you know I did feel the exact same way about Kris, just hadn’t put my finger on it, but uncomfortable sounds right! Then, later, in interviews, when asked ‘why’ he thought he ‘won’ and not Adam (Adam sitting right beside Kris), Kris says, ‘I don’t know, I think maybe there are just more people who liked my venue than Adam’ – that’s close enough to what he said. Adam, just nodded his head in agreement…??? Oh, well, and now Kris isn’t going to sing ‘no bound.’ anymore at the concerts cuz his voice isn’t up to the task….??? Actually, when I see Sarver sing in the finale, his voice seems to be stronger than any other male’s voice! Did you watch the vid where they were rehearsing for the tour and they all sang their part?? It was ‘telling’!!
        I apologize about my post being so crazy – again!! Paragraphs mean nothing to my computer!!
        Re the mess in San Jose, those condemning ‘gay’ people aren’t practicing any Christianity I’m aware of! Jesus, himself, was persecuted and it’s nothing He could ’embrace’!! I mean!!!! I could go on-and-on about Christianity, BUT I WON’T! Hahaha! Religion and politics are a ‘no-no’ for people who respect each other I’ve learned! Those protesting in San Jose are called HYPOCRITES. Live and let live, and all that!!!!
        IT IS WHAT IT IS ,,,,AND THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE! We must thank all other idols who stood with, beside, behind, or any place else for Adam’s sake!!! BRAVO TO YOU ALL!!! -love-peace-

        • Cheryl, it is sad that in the 21st century we still have small-minded people who condemn ‘gay’ people. Let’s take heart that for every person wanting to persecute Adam, there are millions who love him. To those who condemn Adam, I have this to say, “But what if I should discover that the very enemy himself is within me, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved – what then?” (Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961). Adam’s sexual preference/orientation DOES NOT DEFINE WHO HE IS

          • Adam’s sexual preference/orientation???? DOES NOT DEFINE WHO HE IS and the same applies to everyone else. I have this to say to those who condemn him, “But what if I should discover that the very enemy himself is within me, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved – what then?” (Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961). Adam is a beautiful person and can’t be held responsible for those who are unprepared to deal with their demons within.

            Love ye all!

            • Sorry for repeating myself, didn’t know the first comment was posted. Lol!

              • INGRID – WELL SAID! Haven’t heard CarlJung quoted in quite some time! People who ‘hate’
                other people for something that doesn’t peretain to them is just baffeling to me!? I just cannot
                understand it! Sometimes I think they’re afraid of their own ‘feelings’, like being ‘gay’ themselves
                and sometimes I chalk it up to ignorance, their own insecurities, and then I think, ‘I don’t really
                care why they hate’, it starts to become a non-issue. I just see them as mean hateful, ignorant
                idiots who are just breathing everyone else’s air and they don’t deserve any understanding, at
                least from me. I don’t want to waste anymore time ‘trying to understand’ people who care only
                about their own agendas. They’re haters! Plain and simple! – I do think back on Adam’s
                headaches. I truly wonder how much pressure he is under w/a certain group of singers he’s
                touring with. I hope he writes a book someday (soon enough) describing the things that went
                on around him on this tour. I do worry about his safety. Cannot help it! With hateful jealous,
                judgemental ignorants, some w/mental issues, it’s scarry! Their demons are surely in them-
                selves!! We’ve always had these kind of people in the world. We probably always will!
                I read that 175 people had been arrested in SanJose, and that the police had to use tear-gas
                so that doesn’t sound like a small crowd to me!! LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS 4 adam!

  12. Adam now has 100,824 followers on Twitter. Imagine that..

  13. here’s some interesting stats. Paula Abdul has over 600,000 followers and Brittney Spears has over
    2 million! including Adam!

    • AdamAddict says:

      2millions followers?? I still believe Adam will get that many followers or maybe more one day.I do believe,no doubt!!

      • yeah me too. ANd I don’t think it’s too far off. He is worldwide. His twitter has only been active, what, a few short weeks? it’s jumping in leaps and bounds everyday. 🙂 he’s the best.

  14. Joyce Adamczak says:

    other idol contestants arn’t worthy to be in his shadow
    we need adam lambert in records, movies and concerts

  15. i am one of the ardent followers on Twitter – i can’t say how glad i am to hear from ADAM himself. we fans in asia are waiting for him to tour this part of the world!!

    this post simply justifies my addiction to him! and i am glad that he is able to affect so many people in this way. if the AI concert responses are anything to go by – he is by far the most successful of all the idols. he deserves every ounce of this sucess and i am happy for him.

    on a more serious note – i keep seeing several hare brained attepmts to malign his character – i am refering to the new post which claims that all the other idols are annoyed with ADAM’s ego etc. can’t we as fans do something – perhaps protest against such rumours? i would love to take some sort of action against such nonsense…

  16. If you go into twitter and search for danny gokey (Iknow!!) you will get an AUTHENTIC BUBBLETWEET FROM ADAM explaning how his twitter, myspace and factbook accounts are not yet his.. they are still hijacked. It’s so sweet to see Adam in a simple baseball cap and no makeup, so cute!

  17. listening to adams’s ring of fire is like being transported – an out of body experience


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