Step Back in Time With Adam Lambert Performing “Wickedly!”

This may be really old, especially for today’s telegenic mindset, but I just came across these clips of Adam performing in “Wicked” and thought that they may be new for some of you too! 🙂 We all know Adam was in different companies of Wicked as a member of the chorus, and was even the understudy for the male lead, Fiyero, in the Los Angeles cast, performed at The Pantages Theatre. But did you get to see Adam performing in that role? Some people were very lucky and got to see the glam star in the making. Wicked was Adam’s last professional job before entering American Idol. In fact, he gave up his part to proceed with Idol.

Thank you to my friend Ellen for passing the comparison video on to me. I must say all of the lead males in this piece are excellent singers! I also found a few more examples floating around the internet that allow us into his pre-Idol world. Curtain call!

~ Carol ~

Have a Few Fiyeros! Kristoffer Cusick, Adam Lambet, Norbet Leo Butz, Aaron Tveit, and Colin Donnell are featured in this video!

As Long As You’re Mine

This next video is from Wicked Wednesdays at Universal Studios Hollywood. For 4 Wednesdays over the summer of 2007, Wicked’s Los Angeles company and Universal Studios partnered to bring Wicked fans this special event which included cast performances, a special meet and greet as well as contests and more.

Here is Adam as Fiyero and Julie Reiber as Elphaba (she was the stand-by at the time) performing the song ‘As Long As You’re Mine’

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Have seen these clips before thanks it was a real thrill to see them like this as a comparison I may be preudiced but still love Adams sweet pure voice best, and he sure as hell was the best mover. Thanks.

  2. that was so neat, thanks. Adam was the BEST!

  3. Lamchops50 says:

    I saw Wicked in LA. I was at a matinee and clearly remember commenting several times during and after the show what an amazing voice the actor who played Fiyero had. It wasn’t until I saw these videos last month that I realized I had seen AL in the role. There’s no mistaking that voice!

    • JEANENE says:


  4. Wicked is my favorite musical since even before I knew Adam was in it. I have watched these videos many times and never get tired of his performance! He is Wickedly talented!!!

  5. ianaleah says:

    Their voices blended very well together. Adam is just so very very good a singer., gosh, far better than he gets credit for. Seems other artists though, do notice and do say so. The latest I had read was the artist Meatloaf praising Adam ‘s singing and saying people just do not yet realize how great a singer Adam is. WE do though, always did.

    • Meat Loaf watched Adam on Idol – he said that Adam was the only reason he watched as he doesn’t usually follow Idol at all. He knows he’s a great singer and there’s even a clip somewhere of ML and Adam together where ML claims Adam as his illegitimate son 🙂 Artistically they have so much in common especially with the range of their vioces. ML often praises Adam but was a little disappointed in his album – probably the danciness of it. I think we all know Adam can do better with his voice and it will be great when he releases the really unique “Adam” album, the one no-one else can do.

  6. Ellie #492 says:

    WONDERFUL to see this again. Adam-Rock-Star is a thrilling ride to experience at GlamNation concerts, but I hope at some point in not too distant future that he lights up Broadway and we can listen to his pure, magical voice without 2,000 ppl — including me — screaming along at the top of our lungs. I want the best of both worlds 🙂
    Keep these great vids coming !

    • Ellie #492, I agree. I hope he does go on Broadway and Adam has said he probably would.
      In the meantime, he’s focusing on his career and, he said that he would love to act in a movie.
      Yes, it would be great if he starred on Broadway. We would definitely hear him better. God, what a treat that would be!!!
      Thanks Carol for putting these up. I’ve seen them before, but haven’t in a long time.
      I also love him singing “Come to Me Bend to Me” from Brigadoon. I have never heard that sung better and, it was live. Yeah, Adam!!

      • Ellie #492 says:

        Oh, YES. Doesn’t get any better than Brigadoon. His phrasing, his breath control. His finest moment. Masterful. I get chills every time.

        • I kind of wonder why Adam didn’t do more of that style of singing as he did in “Brigadoon,” especially during Hollywood Week when he almost didn’t make the cut. His voice is flawless in that song. He did use his tenor in “Feeling Good.”

  7. adam lambert is the best in the whole word-hes my ido-hes my prince-hes so good his voice-looks and evertyhing about him i love so much.

  8. This seems like a good place to re-post what everyone has seen before. Actually, I had seen this interview with Jessie Collins and him, but I came across the uncut version for the first time today, so here goes. Adam laughs so much in this interview. I think it’s my favorite interview of his of all time! Plus its 20 minutes long all together. (I love long interviews of Adam ;). )

    Part 1
    Part 2

    • Sorry, It’s Justin Lee Collins. (not Jessie) Oops. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for posting this interview! I had seen some of it before but it was much better to see it all … I like to hear Adam talk almost as much as hearing him sing!

  9. earthlynn says:

    I would love to hear Adam sing ‘Music of the night’

  10. I listen to the other lead singers and they are all great…but there that’s is something in
    Adam’s voice that’s unique…… touches your soul…

  11. i completely loved it !!!the duet was a blast and very fantastic vocals by Adam and Julie. 🙂

  12. It is just magic

  13. peachie says:

    how i wish in his next album he will sing a hard rock something that will really show his singing ability. i also love him sing jazz, soul. i am also dreaming that robert plant of led zeppelin would do him a song…. is there any way that my request can reach robert plant? im really crazy about adam. im always thinking a lot of good things about him……

  14. JMGlambert says:

    I am a huge musical theatre fan! When Adam first auditioned and I heard he was in the cast of “Wicked,” I knew he could sing. Anyone in a show like that down to the chorus can sing…..most of them better than anyone on the radio. That’s when Adam became the guy I followed all of season 8. After I saw him I went and watched all the videos you have above several times and even recently.

    Check out his version of the Linda Perry song, “What’s Going On” at the Upright Cafe! It is phenomeno!. I’ve been watching this stuff for over a year. I’ll be at the show “Wicked” twice seeing the national tour. What a great show. I’ll think of Adam when Fiyero does his singing! Wish he could be in a movie version!

  15. Scarlett says:

    Adam is clearly the better singer here. HE IS AMAZING!!
    But its also cool to get a glimpse of Terrance (one of Adam’s dancers and friends) in the first video when he was an extra in Wicked as well.

  16. Adam is fab – as usual! But when the girl looks at Adam and says: “it’s the first time I feel wicked”, I know exactly what she means! Ha! Ha!

  17. Lambertrox10 says:

    Adam is DEFINITELY the BEST singer AND dancer, but the second-to-last guy is good too. Still, Adam is absolutely ADAMAZING! <3