STARTER: HOT Pictures From Adam Lambert’s Fantasy Springs Concert!!

Dear Glambs,
Adam gave the absolute most perfect, amazing, make-you-have-to-scream concert last night!!! I don’t want to take too long to write the proper review right now, because I want you to have the pictures RIGHT NOW!!!
I was in the Front Row, 3 seats from the far end of the row, Tommy-side. The row extended about 15 feet past the edge of the stage, and I could tell early that Adam wasn’t coming to our edge, so I jumped back to the second row, where all of a sudden there were empty seats, closer to the center portion of the stage.
Below are some epic pictures that we are still screaming about this morning, even though my voice is still hoarse! Then click here for access to the Photobucket account that holds them all. This is a Group Album, and we’re inviting you to add your pictures to it. Also in this album are shots from our Glambs pre-party at Mimi’s Cafe. More to come on that, but I wanted to get these pictures to you ASAP!!

~ Carol ~

My very best shot of the hottest guy on Earth!!!
Adam Lambert,Fantasy Springs

The hottest duo!
Adam Lambert,Fantasy Springs

Adam and his awesome band!

Adam Lambert,Fantasy Springs

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I have spent the last 2 hours viewing all the video. Dear Jesus help me I am truely obsessed. Wish I was there with you. Love you all for sharing the passion. OMG WLL was unreal. WOW

    • videos can be seen: mjsbigblog dot com and Adam Lambert, (song title), Fantasy Springs
      suggest the mind-boggling new rendition of soulful jazzy interpretation of Whole Lotta Love. to start.
      The room was packed with wonderful, friendly,helpful people- Adam’s fans are the best !

    • I know what you mean about being obsessed with Adam. I’m 45 years old and feel like a teenager. He is so talented and beautfiul. I was one of the lucky ones to see him in concert at Fantasy Springs and I met him as well. I got there very early and waited at the back entrance and he pulled up in the Ford Mustang he won on American Idol. When he got out of his car he said hi to all of us but said he just drove in from LA and had to pee really bad but he still took the time to give us his autograph. He was so nice.

      • Hello Marina! Wow, it was a great concert and my first time to see him live. I too was fortunate enough to meet him after the concert. He came outside at the back entrance (as well) and signed augtographs, etc. I was lucky enough (and brave enough to ask) for a hug. It is a memory I will treasure forever. Looking into those gorgeous blue eyes and smiling as his outstreched arms reached out to hug me. Mmmmmmmmmmm!
        We (the diehard fans) had to wait about an hour and a half in the cold for him to come out. It was about 12:30am when he did and well worth every goosebump and shiver! I was wondering what time he arrived at the hotel, because I drove out Saturday as well. Could have passed him on the freeway and not even known. I am so happy that you had an experience of a lifetime, as well.
        A FAN FOR LIFE

        • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheri i waited outside for quite a while but didn’t have a coat and was waaaayyyy to cold to stand out there left at like 1145 grrrrrrr should have waited now i’m sad

  2. I love this man…..he was so awesome last night…..unbelievable vocals, very sexy and total performer. The band was fantastic, too! Another amazing part of the evening were the Glamberts from different parts of the world/places…wearing glitters, sparkles, feathers….etc…enjoying the night from all ages……..

  3. Monica Ski says:

    Drove from San Diego to see Adam’s first solo concert. Adam grew up next door with my kids, graduated Mt Carmel HS (when I last we saw him– he sang their grad song) and then the rest is history. American Idol. BTW, I’m the mom (50+yo) (my adult-children think I’m crazy and I’m totally infatuated and in love with Adam Lambert. I am soooooooooooo proud of him and what he has accomplished. His voice is fantastic and like no other — we needed someone like this!!!! Adam’s “first” solo concert last night at Fantasy Springs, Indio CA, we sat next to two young ladies, one flew in from Kentucky and the other flew in from Toronto (yes, Canada)!!! The couple next to us drove down from Monterey CA. Can you believe this! He will have a fan base forever. His concert was amazing, fantastic, fun and I could go on and on. You must buy his For Your Entertainment CD!!! You will love every song….

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Oh wow! I wish I had been there, even tho I saw Adam in Indianapolis on tour. Imma waiting anxiously for his solo tour! Did you tell the lady from KY about this site? Imma hoping she and I could talk ‘cos I’m from KY also, Yes, I’m old enough to be Adam’s mom but Imma also totally obsessed w/ Adam. I have been since Ryan said, “and then there’s Adam Lambert” without ever having heard him sing. His handsome face was enough for me. My family says they are gonna get me “help”. I say “No thanks”. I love how Adam makes me feel. Peace, light, love to all Glambs and Adam.

      • buffy522 says:

        I love reading the “older” views since I am there with everyone confused about my “crush”. I need a “group for therapy” with some of you! I am feeling that maybe I haven’t made the commitment to make one of these early concerts because of no one I know being on board. I went to NYC and San Fran last year…..but not when Adam was cudos to you who are brave, committed, and determined. And so much thanks to those who take the pics and videos and share!!

  4. One of the happiest nights of my life! Met so many wonderful people young and “of an age” like me. The Glamily reunion was such fun and I have no words that will describe the concert. Adam as always perfection.

  5. Felt so lucky to be able to see adam.. He did a great job. Been to many concert held there and i have never heard anyone get the crowd going like he did.. So wish i could have lasted long..
    will look forward to seeing him again in the future.. I tell ya i dont know what that mans got.. But he got it, way to young for my but god knows i cant help dreaming LOL so damn sexy ,,, So sorry i missed the glamily reunion.. If i had knows i would have been there..
    Shout out to all the glamberts out there…:-)
    Do ya know if you can wear out a cd????
    wish they would have had stuff to buy after the show.. Maybe next time

  6. Hey Guy’s Just wanted to say how much fun we had at the Glam Party and the Concert. Adam was absolutely Fabulous the show was Amazing. We Had a chance to meet Monte and LP. They were Great and very Sweet.

  7. I hope Adam makes an appearance a little closer to Texas – I can’t wait to see him live again! Thanks to everyone for the videos and comments. I dearly love reading all of your posts. It’s so much more fun sharing this Adam-Adventure with all of you!

    • Ima Ramorah says:

      My wish is the same. Will start putting those pins in the agency doll for the concert to hit here

  8. well girls, I just got back to Texas from Indio and have to get to bed, but wanted to tell you how great it was to meet all of you and about the fantastic luck my daughter and I had on the way to get the car after the concert and some casinoplay. We saw some girls standing in the back waiting for Adam. We joined them and after about 10 minutes here comes Adam and thanked us for standing in the cold for him. then he went down the line giving autographs, talked yo everybody and gave hugs to whoever asked and of course I asked. What a sweet man he is, but of course I already knew that..We were not allowed to take pictures though, so I have no picture of getting a hug, as I respect his wishes. He gives enough of himself in my opinion. That was the most awesome concert I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few.
    Goodnight everybody, it was a long trip and it’s after midnight.

  9. Reading everyone’s feedbacks and re: the meeting at the Glam party and the album’s pictures from photobucket….i felt so excited too, i hope next time you all will have this again (and i won’t miss the concert)…..Thank you so much for sharing…

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    aDAM, from the vids, one can only ddream, but you looked like you were def in your ‘zone’. Need to see you close up and personal myself! Saw you upclose, 1st row in Gd Rapids tour, that was heartstopping! Waitting for you to come to a venue near Ft. Wayne, IN, or Indy or Ohio, or West lower Michingan!!! Anyplace Close!!!! You will ‘kill em’ in your travels!!!! You’re looking better than ever. You can certainly afford to ge choosy, and ‘wait’ till that special one catches your eye. Hopefully it will be of the female persuasion!!!! I would love, love, love that!!!!! Be choosy and you won’t be unhappy! Wishing you all the happiness in the world, tho, and don’t feel pdressured to do something you are not ready for.

    Keeping track of all your activities. Sorry, but my life is not as exciting as yours!!!!!………..duh. The conceret at Irie was awesom,e!!! Love how you changed the workings for WLL~~~ Your voice can do what ever you command it to do~~~~~~~~~!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!! Insure that voice! Ane your eyes, and everything else! Much love and hope and safety as you travesl the golov.

    Love-Peace-Lilght-Truth-Joy-Happiness wishes 4 U Adam.

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    corrections above: I am typing in the dark, and made several typos, kindly excuse them! Dumb! Bumb! Why didn’t I just putd the damn lilght on???????!!!!!!! Too lazy! Sorry.

  12. Adam is such eye candy! I love his band too. No girl in the band there last night? Is she still playing with them?

    • Evette #419 says:

      I heard he was getting a new keyboard player. … another girl I think.

    • ianaleah says:

      She is gone, probably considers it a great career move at this time. My daughter’s good friend went to school w ke$ha-the true story is that her father is a very very big VIP in the recording industry, and that info is not publicly known. Adam mentioned recently he valued his friend Monte, who is a guitarist and a loyal friend. I don’t know who his new keyboardist is, and he did have a guy play w his band at the ‘Ryan, Rock your City concert, in NY (Kradison) and at the Fantasy Springs Concert last week-end. When Adam, and no one else, tweets who his new keyboardist is, I will believe it. I certainly think Monte and Longineu are great assets and I like Tommy a lot, from just only the videos of performances. Adam’s band was fantastic in NY and at Fantasy SpringsI As for Adam’s outfit at Fantasy, I agree w NY Post, he dressed like a nightmare, sang like an angel. But our opinions are all individual and Adam’s entire performance was outstanding entertainment , magnificent, and it was completely enjoyable, wonderful, fantastic and I can’t wait to see him in a live show again as soon as possible.

  13. Ninalatina9 says:

    II love ADAM Lambert!!! He rocks!

  14. Ninalatina9 says:

    Sooooo Adamgasmic as always!

  15. Evette #419 says:

    I am so jealous of you guys!!! Not really. I’m glad you had an awsome time. I can tell it was an awsome concert!

  16. I’m terribly jealous and will not apologize for it. We here in the south and other areas, are feeling so cheated. Will our time ever come? I love all of you that share your experiences through your reviews, photos and videos, but DAMN, we are so hungry. What do we have to do to get Adam to come to us?

    • Hi Lisa. In reponse to your question “What do we have to do to get Adam to come to us?”…….
      Burn down the Westboro Baptist Church and run the KKK out of the South. That should do it.
      They aren’t YOUR fault , but they are probably a couple of the reasons why Adam and his mangement are in no hurry to come back to the Deep South anytime soon, ya know? I love that he has fans there at all. I was born in Texas and have also lived in Fla. but the “Bible Belt” isn’t really all that tolerant, historically.I wish you good luck though!

  17. Wow ! ! WoW ! ! Wish I was there too, coz I too love to wear glitters. feathers, neon colors. liners. but of course Adam’s got it all, and gave all. Hope there’s going to be a dvd, especially for those who can’t come. Love you all sisters. Hope Adam can recharge and have all the rest he needs now. May healing comes his way naturally.. . . from fatigue, . . from that VOID that performers usually experience after a Great but draining performance. Wish there’s no need for sedatives or analgesics. There shouldn’t be a start, where Michael or Elvis have ended. May this be our Prayer. . . that he be always recharged Supernaturally, to continue . . . and finish his journey.

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Dainty, there are alot of videos on You Tube from Saturday night’s concert. Enjoy

      • Dainty, I am so with you on wish for Adam to take really good care of himself.
        It’s dreadful to think about the many talented people who burnt out and subjected themselves to all kinds of drugs to numb the pain of deep loneliness and disconnection from their own desires.
        This is why I support anything that Adam does in his own way, for him to stay out of the cage of relentless expectations that the public will have of you once you become a Star.

        Supernatural recharge. I like that a lot

    • jeanene walker says:

      That is so true, want him around forever!!!

    • ianaleah says:

      Adam has a lot of light and love. Let;s assume the best, because then our positive thoughts will support him. Worry is actually dark.

  18. Also completely obsessed! Started watching videos about 24 hrs ago(we’re about 10hrs ahead in SA) and I keep going back to WLL!! Just can’t get enough !!! I literally slid onto my back and right off my chair with delight when I saw it the first time! I’ve just been there again, Suz’s vid, and it’s now had 27, 000 views!!! Note to self: seriously need to get a life…

  19. littlegreensnake says:

    OMG! So hot!
    I’m hoping to get my enhanced Washington drivers license in time to be able to go to his concert up in beautiful BC next month. I even have the perfect outfit to wear…a black velvet frock coat with a mad lacy jabot and cuffs, and either tuxedo pants or some black leggings (depends on how my diet works in the next 5 weeks). It’s my outfit for the Vampires Ball in Portland at the end of March, and it will be glamtastic enought to trot it back out for the Adam Show.
    Now where did I put that black nail polish?

  20. carolcollom says:

    My husband and I drove down from Las Vegas… was an awesome, spine chilling concert. Adam was totally in his zone every second and gave 200%. WLL I believe was the highlight of the evening…everyone was just shocked and totally in love with this new rendition.

    There was a late start, but no one seemed to care….everyone was laughing and having a great time knowing we had something so strong in common…our love for Adam (and his band).

    We have film and I am going to upload it to my youtube account early this weekl.

    xox Carol Collom Schaefer

  21. Got to go to the concert in Indio, was a GREAT night! Took my 3 year-old son who is a BIG Adam fan. He even pretends he is Adam and tries to sing the high notes. We were lucky enough to get Tribal Passes to the 1st 5 rows and then got to meet Adam and take pictures backstage, right after his “oldest” 89 year-old fan. She was so cute by the way and Adam gave her a HUGE hug. Adam is very generous to his fans. Adam was so nice to us as well, my son got a little shy, but Adam was patient and we got some nice pictures. Then got to enjoy the concert. Missed the last 2 songs as my son got tired at the end, so we had to leave. Was a great night, my son even asked to go back this morning. It was one of the best nights I’ve had.

    • Hi Karkes:

      I was wondering what the pre-show meet and greet is all about. Did you get a chance to chat with Adam? How long? Are there lot of people just standing around waiting for their turn for photos? I have tickets for the M&G in Vancouver and I am most interested in what to expect.

      Thank you! and sooo glad you enjoyed your experience!

  22. Wow! He’s kinda rockin’ a Cher & Ziggy Stardust Lovechild look for this! I love it. Love the blue and the feathers.

  23. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    I am suppose to be working and I am looking at Adam Lambert pics… again, what is wrong with me lol. Adam is so hott I wish he would come to Seattle. Aw Tommy dyed his hair I liked it better before.

  24. I am used to watching all of Adam’s performances on UTube, but I was fortunate enough to see his show Saturday night. My husband and I spent the week vacationing in CA and drove to Indio for the performance. It was sooo amazing & I loved every minute of it!!!. It was wonderful hearing him sing the beautiful song Broken Open for the first time!!! He has so many songs which should be #1 hits!!!
    I wish that I could have met some of you, but we really didn’t spend too much time at the resort. Wondering how Karkes got the Tribal pass?? —–so very lucky!!!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Nancy, I hear what you are saying about “Broken Open”. Adam provided a new interpretation of that song which was absolutely spine tingling. I’ve been listening to it over and over again with my eyes closed because you have to do that to fully appreciate the sound. It is so awesome that he was able to redo and rethink that song so as to bring out its beauty so effectively. What a great artist Adam is! Anyway, I gotta laugh at the nightmare clothes, but hey, that’s our Adam and I wouldn’t want it any different. We Glammerbabes ought to try out some of his fashion examples on ourselves, see if it works! One thing that does bother me is how Adam still runs around without a body guard. I know he wants to keep his life as normal as possible, but you can never tell and I think it is unsafe not to have one or two unobtrusive folks around just to make sure he is OK. Did anyone else feel that way???

  25. Thanks for the great pictures. i love them. isn’t he wonderful

  26. Cricket says:

    My friend and I were there!!!!!!! and Adam rocked tht house for sure,,There are no words to describe this man’s voice,,pure heaven,,When he sang Soaked I was in tears,,his acoustical of Whole Lotta Love was to die for,,,,,,,what a talent,,,we were so glad we were able to make his first concert appearance and can’t wait for more,,,OUr seats were too far away to get any pics but we were there and had binoculars,,hehe,,,everyone wnjoyed it,,you never heard such noise,,,

  27. Scootersmom says:

    Thing is…It’s been a long, long, long time since someone so Beautiful in every way, with a voice like an angel, has walked among us. He’s just so darn beautiful, makeup or no, orange hair or no, his soul and humility and the joy he gives all of us is indescribable!

  28. Loveroflifenh says:

    Wow! You guys are so awesome to think of the rest of us who couldn’t be there. Lucky you though. What an amazing concert! Adam has broken out of AI and has come into his own. These are the best performances of his songs I’ve seen so far. He was really amazing. All I can say is get all the pictures and videos you can now before he gets too big. Though I hope he continues to do these smaller more intimate venues. It suits his style and allows him to connect to the audience. I hope to see him live one day myself. In the meantime keep the videos coming. I’m enjoying every minute of it through you. 🙂

  29. Yes, Adam’s WLL was a SHOCK, Holy Cow! He did it! He did it again, and much, much more this time. He’ll put other artists to shame. He came from the epicenter of the earth, bringing tremors, quakes, jolts, shock waves and blasts to the world of ROCK, experienced as never been before. With Adam around, who needs drugs? He is dope indeed, potent, mind-altering and world-changing.

  30. Glambertgirl1 says:

    WIsh I could have gone., By the time I knew about it there werent very good seats yet but couldnt get anyone to make the trek with me. Not as brave as some of you guys I guess. Hopefully , he will play in San Diego soon. Am going to see him tomorrow though at the Tonight Show so I am excited about that.

  31. I love Adam, but he looked like a fool at Fantasy Springs. Gone was his smokin hottie stage look, replaced with grotesque court jester, eye makeup designed to look inhuman, and feathers/outfit that was likelacking in any kind of style whatsoever. Actully, it looked like he was wearing a feather duster.And don’t think that dosen’t make a difference because it does. Nevertheless, he was a magnificent singer’performing artits-gave us an awesome entertaining show, wonderful, fantastic performance
    We were on time, and will be on time in the future, if we know his show starts on time.
    The first impression arriving on stage- sets the mood. And arriving on time tells us to be on time as well, or not.

  32. Hey Martha, better brace yourself for more of those Adam costumes. It’s expected because he comes from the theatrical world, and even as a little boy, he loves to dress-up. He is also out of the box, and you can always expect the unexpected. You should have seen his picture during Halloween. with his fangs on, he sang MAD WORLD. Can you get the joke? Of course Lady Gaga did, she called him funny. Of course others would say, “What the hell’s gotten into you? “” But artists are like that. If I were there I’ll just laugh it off and pinch his nose if I could. You know like he’s some naughty child. Ha-ha-ha! But for whatever, his performance at INDIO, lent more credit to his singing than to his appearance. And I love that he’s so imperfect in some ways, but also so perfect in other ways.

  33. kellym11 says:

    I watched everything I could find on Youtube. His performance was stunning and I loved his “costume”. I don’t think that coming out in jeans and a tee shirt would have worked,especially when singing WLL.
    I read somewhere (I’m so confused) that a DVD is coming out of the show. Is that too much to wish for? If anyone knows anything let us know. In any case Adam is the best!!! Good luck to him

  34. Elizabeth Glamb #545 says:

    I’m just sending this out to reinstate my Glamb # in my comments here. For a while it was included automatically, but then it wasn’t included. So I wanted to make sure it was in because I’m PROUD of my Glamb # Glitterbabes!!!! High Five!!!!

  35. OMIGOD if this is his tour then imma die holyshit i cant think of anything else to say



  36. GlitterBaby says:

    Hi guys! I was there too with my hubby and posted videos on you

    To all of you who doesn’t like his costume, he was dressed up for Indio. His voice is more amazing live. Outstanding show! He is such a great performer. I heard that he wanted to do a 3 hour show but the casino nixed it.

  37. all i have to say is I’m still speechless!!!! adam was ten million trillion times better live then i thought possible i knew he would be amazing but he defiantly exceeded my expectations!!!!! all i have to say is WOW I’m still in shock to how amazing he and his band were! This was my first time seeing adam live and i can’t wait to see him again! his outdfits, looks, vocals and “moves” were out of this world WE LOVE YOU ADAM come to seattle soon =) going to try to find some tickets for sale to the richmond show being as it is only 20 mins from my house! really wish there was merchandise to purchase besides the buttons but next time =) i waited outside afterwards but from previous posts sounds like i got there to late we stood out there from like 10:15 to 11:45 it was soooo cold. got a couple of pics and videos but ther are sooo crappy we called and asked if camera’s were allowed and they said no so all i took was my cell phone =( but it still was the MOST amazing show i have EVER EVER EVER seen live. And it was soo nice being able to meet everyone at the “glamily reunion” such a wide array of fans there.

    • Kara, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Adam did show up outside at about 12:30am. I know it was cold, and I almost left a couple of time myself, but opted to wait and I am soooo glad I did, it was worth every goosebump and shiver!!!

  38. k. morgan says:

    Just a reply about the south…wondering what south you are referring to…I live in Chapel Hill, NC and when Idol tour came to Greensboro, NC…was there…fans were absolutely nuts over Adam…Every time a photo came up on the screen of him…before the concert….screams filled the place…I don’t think it will matter where he goes…his concert will sell out and will be filled with nutty fans…Also all the hype about his fans being old women is just baloney….At the concert there were tons of young girls…hech…I am 51 and my daughter is 15…we both love him…Talent goes beyond ages…if you recognize true talent it does not matter how old you are….

  39. k. morgan says:

    One has to remember where Adam was doing this concert…Indio….Fantasy Springs Resort…Hellooo….This is why he did the costume…feathers and all….He rocks…he is amazing…he is fresh….so talented….Not boring…..Creative as hell….Love him…The Wanna Whole Lotta

    • k. morgan says:

      finishing my sentence…

      was brilliant…I am a big Zep fan…love Robert Plant…but here and in other WWLL performance Adam has out done the original…

  40. omg what did tommy do to his hair its ugly


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