Stars On Ice Skate To Adam Lamberts Strut

The “Stars on Ice” skaters got it right by doing a routine to our very own Adam Lamberts, STRUT! It isn’t the whole routine, but thank you to the audience member who was smart enough to get out her phone and record it for us!!


Stars on Ice @ Bank Atlantic Center 4/2/10:

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  1. Oh I see we can skate to Adam Lambert, but we can’t have Johnny Weir on our show. Hmmm apparently Adam is more “family friendly” than Johnny *rolls eyes*

  2. Kim Boyle says:

    I was just given free tickets to Stars on Ice today – now I’m really excited!

  3. Freya77 says:

    Funny, I kind of predicted this would happen..

  4. How cool was that?

  5. Glenda #1946 says:

    Just proves his music for EVERYONE!!!

  6. Attention America. Adam Lambert is now officially Family Friendly. Take that ABC. Congratulations Adam.

    • Don’t ya just love it Tina? They are being forced to see that he WAS ALL ALONG. Karma……sometimes a fun thing to watch. LOL!! Way to go Adam…….stay true to who you are and the world will follow…….Love you.

    • seaflea3 says:

      LOL…. Tiina…. so true….. 😀

  7. glamitup says:

    True Crystal!!!! They always screw the best people! Adam and Johny are both fierce and awesome! Love the Adam Lambertesque outfits!!! ADAM’S STAR CONTINUES TO RISE!

  8. Adam & Johnny Weir, power couple.
    They should perform together on his show on Sundance.

  9. Imaramorah says:

    adam was in this weeks TV_GUIDE shows to watch (VH1)

  10. buffy522 says:

    Such a great song for this! I like how they were playing “For Your Entertainment” at the Oscars!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Buffy, E (entertainment channel/ TV station) plays FYE as their theme song when they’re showing all different shows on that channel.

  11. AWESOME!!! I just love to see Adam go out and continue to conquer the world.

  12. You Go Adam!!!!!! how could anyone not use his musuc!

  13. Whenever people use Adam’s music like in this Stars on Ice skating, I feel so good and proud of Adam. Thank you Sue for posting this. Your efforts make us fans happy. I love you Sue, take care and God bless!


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