Smoke and Mirrors

“Smoke and mirrors – the truth’s out,” said Adam with a nod-and-a-wink smile at the end of his TVGuide interview, referring to something we all already knew – that his hair is naturally strawberry-blond, not black.

But the remark got me thinking about image vs reality.  As a fiction writer, it’s one of my favorite themes.  We all present an image to the world whether it’s a conscious decision or not.  The way we dress, the way we wear our hair and makeup, and our manner of speech all contribute to our image and what people think of us.  Sometimes a person’s image matches the reality of who they are.  Adam says of Kris, “what you see is what you get.”  Perhaps that’s what many voters responded to – a “reality” that was easy for them to see, palatable, and didn’t take too much thinking about.

Adam’s outward appearance has gone thru a true metamorphosis – the dyed hair, makeup, nail polish and flamboyant outfits present an image which some people apparently can’t process.  As a result, Adam has had numerous labels pinned to him, the mildest being “theatrical” and “over the top” and the nastiest being “evil” and “anti-Christian.”

But should outward appearance alone define someone?  I don’t think so.  Our attitude, actions, and words should define our “reality” much more than our physical image should.  If the Adam-haters would take the time to look beyond the black nail polish and really listen to his interviews, they’d hear a calm, good-humored, humble and respectful young man who credits everyone else before himself.  With those things he chooses to talk about or answer, he is open.  With topics he’d rather not discuss, he politely deflects with either a laugh or a question of his own (“really?”).  And yet some people criticize even this, calling Adam “coy” and even going so far as to suggest he wouldn’t make a good role model to kids.  When in the world did the desire to keep certain things private make someone devious and less than real?

We all deserve some privacy, even celebrities.  I sense that spirituality, religion, and symbolism are important to Adam.  He puts them on display in very subtle ways, but he doesn’t talk about them.  Nor do I think he should.  The private things we hold close to our hearts are a big part of what keep us grounded.

So while some may look at the “smoke and mirrors” and see a person who is false, devious, or a pretender, I see the smoke and mirrors as simply fantastic entertainment.  And behind the image I see and hear the actions and words of a man who is as real as they come.

So, people, what do you think it is that defines us?  And should we judge celebrities at all for who they are, or should we simply admire them for their talent and artistry?



  1. how i wish everybody has the same ponit of view as yours ! i agree with everything you’ve said .. whatever the others say about adam .. it’s up to them .. what’s important is we know how great is the personality of adam lambert .. and he knows he doesn’t hurt anybody , that’s what matters ..


  2. Excellent!
    Not just for Adam. There are many talented people that are judged every day.
    Only the man of pure heart can see beyond “Smoke and Mirrors”. Thanks Jeanette.
    We must learn to respect! Blessings

    • Jeanette, beautifully written….Onix, I so agree with you….I feel our creator gave us all wisdom and put us on this earth to obtain knowlege from each other, so that to use our wisdom to the fullest….and some of us do and some don’t. I have learn from Adam to try to look for the positive in everyone & everything and was given the “blessing” of ejoying his talents …

  3. There are too many Americans who lust for 15 minutes of fame by baring one’s soul on Cprah or Springer, who live for reality TV and who believe in thier right to know (and comment on) everyone else’s business (especially celebrities). It is truly a Mad World.

  4. Marilyn says:

    I’ve got a very conservative mind, maybe growing up in an Asian culture has a lot to do with it but my image/the way I look is not even remotely close to being conservative. I’ve got blonde hair-colored of course and do wear colored contact lenses and most of all very high fashion. People tend to judge me from my appearance all the time but I’ve always stayed true to my core values. That’s why I could see through Adam and realize what a great guy he is! Totally polite, very personable, considerate, deep sense of love and of course talent that is so rare to come by. I do like his over-the-top image, he’s not faking it, he is what he is and people especially in America, shouldn’t even judge him beyond his talent. Adam Lambert is probably the most genuine human being that we’ll come across; please just love him for that.

  5. I judget based on talent and Adam has lots of it. Later, I found out that he is so sweet and kinda and so articulate. He got me hooked because I find him so genuinely good as a person not to mention he is talented and hot (no matter what his sexual preference is). I repeat, HE IS HOT!

    • irish1139 says:

      Why does someone have to tell all. No one cares what people do in their bedrooms. This is ludicrous. Adam is a great singer and a great entertainer. He will be with us for a long time. I think Adam is a beautiful person, gay or straight. Isn’t that what matters? What he brings to our lives and how he makes us feel about ourselves is what is important. Adam brings me joy, happiness, and love for the whole human race. Isn’t that everyone’s objective? If it isn’t, it should be.

    • i agree. Adam is very hot. I know some ppl that said they wouldnt mind sharing a bed wit him. i wouldnt mind either. And even though hes gay it shouldnt make a diffrence, hes a normal person even if he does like boys. he is my personal brand of weed. i am addicted to that hot fag. i never stop thinking about him. Adam does have a lot of talent and thats what the magizines and other ppl should write about. not his sexualty. and even though there are some pretty gross pictures on the internet of him kissing his bf. it doesnt matter. i would french kiss that gay guy all night long. Adam has a lot of talnet that is now being showen. no one should judge about the AMA performmance. so what he made a guy suck his crotch so what he kissed a band membor. thats what makes him diffrent. and there is not a thing wrong with it. if u have a problem with a awespome,hot,sexy,loveable,sweet,nice, gay guy then…..GET OVER IT.



    • i totally agree with you. self-introspection and self-dialogue is a bonus. if we can figure out who we are, maybe we can be more tolerant and loving with others. adam has given that to me, also.


  8. I agree with you totally. At first it was Adam voice that drew me in. After watching him all season and hearing him in his interviews, and seeing him ineract with the others on the show – it was very clear what a sweetie he is. I think this is what makes him so appealing. I have yet to see anything about Adam that I dont think is fantastic. (Im a married female by the way!) I would be proud to have a son or brother like him..and would LOVE to have him as a friend. He seems like so much fun!

  9. Very well stated! I love this kid (I’m 42, so to me, he is a kid!) and can’t get enough of his talent and his articulate interviews. It makes me sad when anyone judges anyone else based on appearance. A year ago, I was 109 pounds heavier and now more at a normal size, I see and sense acceptance from people I didn’t have it from before. That is wrong on more levels than I can count.
    With Adam, his differences in dress scare some people, I think, which is wrong. Just as the conservative Christians see “Harry Potter” as evil (Those books got kids to READ for heaven’t sake! Whatever happened to imagination being a good thing?). I am very liberal and VERY Christian and what the word “liberal” means most to me, is that is not up to me to judge. Why the conservatives think judging is up to them is beyond me.

  10. Bravo!!!!! I’ve come to realize by watching this season of AI that most people are followers, not thinkers. Kris won NOT because of an amazing voice and talent, but because he was the ‘safe’ choice…If people had looked closely, they would have found the incredible man you have described in this article. Good luck Adam, you deserve to become a mega star!

  11. AmazingAdam says:

    Adam is a nice, genuine and sweet person. You could totally tell when he was doing interview and how he interact with his mom! Its a talent show, so judge him on the talent not the religion. Its very ignorant and small minded for people that bringing religion into this. So if Adam ‘anti Christian’, does that means Chris Allan is ‘anti Muslim’ then? The point I try to say is, we can just keep arguing endlessly with the religion topic and that’s ridiculous. Adam is an entertainer, that’s why he dress that way and obviously he has good sense of style.

    • So true! I had not heard the “anti-Christian” slurs, but as a Christian, I am sad that any one would bring religion into it (any more than they would bring sexuality into it). The message of Christianity is not “surround yourself with the choir”, that’s not what Christ did… He spent and solicited the marginalized of society, He enjoyed them, He socialized with them. He had empathy and compassion for all except the Pharisees, the powerholders, those who put forth all the “right/wrong ways” to practice religion and believe in God. He rebelled against that. This is about the quality that Adam presents, that of a thoughtful, articulate, talented, self-less individual who does not derogate others in order to elevate himself, despite all the media attention surrounding him.

      God Bless You Adam…. 🙂

      • Cynthia says:

        Amen, Karen!
        You know, I don’t understand why everyone has to work so hard at attacking Adam because he won’t come right out and say he’s gay. It’s not like he’s hiding it! It’s all over the internet! But who cares! You know, I don’t think anyone has ever come up to George Cluney or any other celebrity and given them a hard time because they won’t come out and make a public statement that they are heterosexuals! I couldn’t care less! I just admire Adam’s attitude, patience with the media, his positive outlook, and the wonderful example he has set for us. By the way, I think it is awesome that he and Kris have become friends, and I think it is fantastic that their families get along so well. That says a ton about both kids and how they were raised. And to say that Adam is anti-Christian is rather rediculous since he and Kris have been roomates all through AI and Adam has gone out of his way to help and support Kris (so says Kris) – and Kris is a Christian. Adam can’t be too anti-Christian!

        • I think it’s funny how everyone went on and on about the sexuality thing, but no one ever said anything about him being Jewish, including Adam. It just shows how he really didn’t want to talk about his personal life. I really admire Adam. He never hides anything, or gets embarrassed by anything that people dig up on YouTube or whatever, but rather just says that he has nothing to hide and moves on to another subject. I thought his response to the Bill O’Reilly segment was hysterical! He couldn’t understand why they censored it. He thought maybe Bill was embarrassed… LOL….

  12. Good article. And surely the fact that Adam has had several different appearances PROVES that you shouldn’t judge by appearances since the person inside is still the same. Sometimes he’s dressed sober and sensible and ‘normal’ (eg Tracks of My Tears), and sometimes he’s the other extreme (eg Beth) and he’s been many things in between. But he’s still the same human being. So his outward appearance tells us nothing expect he likes to dress differently at different times.

  13. Well said- I think all of us are entitled to our privacy. But I am sure anyone in the entertainment business is used to those people who think they are entitled to overstep the bounds. So I think the way Adam handles it is wonderful and it shows what a good spirited young fellow he really is on the inside.

  14. I wish people would stop analyzing the reasons why Adam didn’t win. The reason is simple and obvious. Kris’ home state of Arkansas put in 36 million votes for him which was considerably greater than his margin of victory and totally skewed the vote and swung the result.

    However, we can’t be putting it down to something so simple or it would mean journalists would have to find something else to write about.

    By the way, sorry “Amazing Adam” but I had to laugh at the fact that you spelt Kris’ name and surname (Allen) wrong. It says it all really.

    I even heard him called Keith Allen (Lily Allen’s actor dad) the other day. A picture of him had his name as Chris Lambert and another article had his name correct but a picture of Matt. So many people don’t even know his name or what he looks like but he won. What does that tell you?

  15. CatEyes says:

    Awesome post, Jeanette. The world would be a far more tolerant place if we put aside superficial differences and focused on minds, hearts, and souls instead.

  16. Lisette here..bonmatin all!
    Thenks Jeannette for thes agree thet people can be hurtful an judge harshe if someone is deffarante or non conservative,or “safe” as mentione above..Adam displays humilitie,gracious,
    maturite,charme,wit,an handle such critiques with class an a gentlemene.His artistique an abilitie to singe any genre is magnificente an a distinctive style always. An with evry songe as an actore
    he can create a scripte of how he wishe to appear from glamrock,to motowne/bleus,to romantique
    ballade,danse/disco mode,pop even bit of popera seen in theatre videos.So possible his multitalentes is envie of othre people/an conservative vocalistes..Howevre Adam is a trendsettre,an as unique as Elvis hes when he arrive in 50s.Recall ma parentes sayin there parentes beliv Elvis to be l’devil(in disguise) his songe.Wel so was prove to be one of our best
    entertaineure of century..Somehow can see Adam doing thes too. He toches evri age,an generatione,races,religiones an people aronde l’worlde. Conservatives may eventuale
    be swayed an charmed as we all are! Blessings for Adam , belive in yur dreames,keepe making beautful songes thet define one’s originalitie an superbe artistry an voice celestial,sensual,gentle emotional, powerful all blended togethre! hugs an bisous Luv,Lisettexoxox

  17. I am so glad we have the opportunity to give our opinions here. I absolutey adore Adam and I am so tired of reading hateful comments towards him. I do not understand why people have to be so hurtful. I have so much to say about this and I just wish I could get up on a platform and express my thoughts. I think all the Adam haters and anti-gays need to step back and look at the fact that Adam auditioned for a SINGING competition…therefore…all he had to so was SING!!! And….for those who didn’t take notice…he was the BEST SINGER that ever graced the American Idol stage!!! I was totally prepared for him to be runner-up(will not say lose…cuz he is not a loser) but was still disappointed because he truly did deserves to win. Having said that…he is in a better place as runner-up because he is in more control now. Besides…we all know that this season will never be about Kris..let’s just face reality!! It was always going to be about how did Adam not win…and now with the whole A&T scandal…it surely will never be about Kris winning. Now…back to the hatred….if all these ignorant people would have paid attention to Adam during the season..they would see the talented, respecful, gracious, humble,confident, appreciative, helpful and grounded person that he is!!! Please…someone tell me I can be Adam’s spokesperson..I am so frustrated with all the negativity towards him! As for the anti-gays…who gives you the right to judge? As far as waiting for Adam to come out of the closet…let’s be honest…has he ever been hiding in it? Perhaps the haters should look at the skeletons in your closet instead of worrying about Adam come out of his!!Let’s look back at the season…I think there were many subtle ways that Adam has been trying to let everyone know that he is not straight. And..for the ignorant ones…look at the song choices…and if you are smart enough to look deeper…you will see the message Adam was trying to portray…Black or White, Mad World, Tracks of my Tears, Feeling Good….with a PINK staircase people!!! Why do you think A Change Is Gonna Come was picked for him?? The Adam fans do not need to hear him “come out” of the closet. For us…his sexuality was obvious…and guess what…WE DON’T CARE because we voted him right to the FINALE!!!Unfortunately…the hatred votes won over the love votes…but that’s ok…I am sure Adam would say THANK YOU for the millionth time…cuz he could not be at a more perfect place right now. I have never missed an Idol episode…and never once…heard a contestant say…I AM STRAIGHT…so why does Adam have to say…I AM GAY!!! This was about singing..remember??? Whoever he chooses to have a relationship with…is none of our business!!!! And…whoever has the opportunity to love that man…is very lucky. He is a role model…for those who dare to be different. He is a leader…not a follower!!!! That is the problem with the world today…people think they need to walk in the shadow of others….not true!!! His parents must be so proud of him!!! As a mother of 2 boys…I hope my sons grow up to be respectable, hard working, goal-driven, confident men like him. Perhaps all the haters should have grown up in the Lambert household…you would have turned out to be decent people rather than the ignorant ones you are now!!! I hope Adam realizes he has so many fans who love him….and to not be affected by this hatred..although I know this is the not first time he has had to deal with this. He carried himself so well…and handles the press with such dignity. I could go on and on…I just get so defensive when it comes to this negativity…Adam is amazing…bottom line. I love everything about him…and I know he will be a world-wide star!! And for the record…I am a STRAIGHT, MARRIED MOTHER of 2!!

    • I don’t understand why some people are dying for him to declare his sexuality, why should he? Besides anyone who isn’t deaf, dumb and blind already knows and it makes no difference to his fans. I absolutely adore him and think that he is the best singer to grace any stage in decades. His sexuality has not decreased his desirability for all of us crazed Adamaniacs. I watch him every day on You Tube and not one of the videos make me think any less of him. Everything I’ve seen is a feast to my ears and eyes. I, too have an overwhelming protective, maternal instinct when I hear about the haters. Watching his interviews gives me reason to believe that he can take care of himself though. I too am a straight married mother of 2, but watching him often evokes feelings that are not quite maternal.

    • BRAVO ADAMFAN4EVER!!! I agree with 1 million%!!!!! You said exactly what so many of us are thinking and feeling!! Adam has been the most talented singer EVER on AI. He was flawless in every Performance. Exactly, Adam is an EXCELLENT PERFORMER!! He gives 200% every time he is on that stage!! And for the record…I am a STRAIGHT, and a DIVORCED MOTHER of 2!!!! ADAM IS AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ADAM, ALWAYS!!!!!


    • I hear your passion for Adam and certainly share it. I haven’t been this crazed for someone in a long time. But I guess I am naive. I never assumed anything about him sexually based on appearance or performances. I just saw a really sexy guy who brought out feelings in me that a woman hopes a guy can.

    • pokergurl says:

      Thank you adamfan4ever. You said everything I was thinking and in a very thoughtful and kind way. I am a straight, married mom in my late 40’s and I love Adam. He is the best and it’s really a shame how people are talking so badly about him and his lifestyle. That has nothing to do with what a fabulous singer and performer he is. I support and will defend him always.

    • To quote Kara, “What can I say that hasnt already been said? Ive been posting here for months and honestly, what else can one say or feel about Adam? He is a role model. A talented and attractive person. An intelligent, articulate and genuine /real person deep within. A true role model, Yes he can handle everything that comes his way.
      Yes adamfan4ever, you can be a spokesperson for Adam or one of the. To quote Randy J. “From me to all of you….Adam is a Bomb!!! He is a hot one Americaaaaaaa!”

      from a 45 yr old single mom to a 12 yr old son
      Manila, Philippines

  18. This note should be published!
    It is a call for reflection. But remember each of us can make that difference in our homes, our families, our friends. The change will come if we share the message of love.
    Adam is certainly a special person who gave us his talent. Thank this and give it!
    Adam4ever i can understand you, i am a straight mother too, but Adam is also surrounded by love! And love is not a count or a vote. I feel sorry for those who just have hate to give.
    Blessings to all and blessings for Adam, he is always in my prayers every night! Their parents did a wonderful job!

  19. suebella says:

    Thankyou so much for a truly positive article and comments…….Adam has shed a light on the world that has lifted me from depression……..his parents obviously raised him to be the best possible person that he could be…….oh if only all parents had the insight to give this gift to their children….I was a teacher for 37 years and know how important being imbued with love and confidence can be for a child, and Adam had the added pressure of how he was treated by the kids who didn’t “get” him……….
    he is the most wonderful role model for kids and hopefully his world-wide appeal will enable a whole generation to follow his example.

  20. From UK says:

    What you see is what you get….no thinking needed With Cris……Adam causes you to think and wonder…And you won’t forget….Adam knows this… its part of his play book. Adam played the judges and audience in a very masterful way. I believe that Adam will influence dress and music…There was a guy recently on Britains got talent that has the same hair style, color and on the pre finals show he has black nail polish.

  21. Natiann says:

    What a great post! This is exactly what I have been thinking this whole time. I have grown up in a very conservative family, and I had the whole “gay” discussion with my aunt before and after the finale show. She and her kids were Danny Gokey fans, and then became Kris Allen fans when Gokey was gone. She told me she thought the Kris more so fit the image of an American Idol. Her son, who is 9 years old, told me he didn’t like Adam because he wasn’t a Christian. What? That SHOCKED me! First of all, how did he know he wasn’t a Christian? Second of all, why does that matter in a singing competition? It’s the TALENT that matters, and Adam was amazing! The fact that Adam may or may not be gay doesn’t matter either. Perez Hilton, a GAY blogger, is now slamming Adam for not coming out in the public. As a gay man, shouldn’t he know that it is Adam’s choice whether he wants to come out or not and when he would do that. Also, Adam is very smart, he has said he’s also a business man, and I don’t think he will just randomly come out. A lot of publications want the exclusive (including Rolling Stone) and Adam knows he can make some cash on coming out. I say get it while you can, dude! The fact is that I absolutely love Adam for his tremendous talent, his fabulous style, and his amazing sense of self. That makes a good role model.

  22. glambertfan says:

    The best article I have ever read from fansite.Jeanette you make real point.super are true noble you.

  23. I so totally agree. Does anyone really know Cher? She puts on quite a performance and that is what we buy, the entertainment. She’s always been edgy, sexy and daring. What’s it like to be at home with Cher???? Probably more “normal” than we would ever dream! I’m not going to be in Adam’s life. I totally enjoy the show he puts on and I would pay to see it and also to hope to enjoy his creativity in the industry for years to come. I hope that he can find a comfortable balance of the spotlight of celebrity in entertainment and some sort of private life. He’s very intelligent and knows he will have to give some of that up for the fame that comes with what has happened. I think Adam is a terrific role model. He expresses himself, is positive, very driven in his craft and so giving as a person. What more could you want? I’m 46 and he makes me want to be a better person. His perspective is that there is enough room for everyone. You don’t have to put others down to lift yourself up to your aspirations. And you know, I have such a respect for his parents who always lifted him rather than squelch him….a great family to look to.

  24. MalandiAko says:

    As I have commented on other articles and blogs before, you could not raise a better son that Adam. The way he speaks, acts, responds, his humility, graciousness and honesty – all these traits are difficult to find in any other entertainers these days. Adam is a gentleman through and through and if other people have problems with Adam Lambert being a role model because he won’t discuss his sexuality, then it’s their loss. I guess they’d rather have brats, drug addicts, pill-poppers and sexually promiscous celebrities as role models for their kids. Me, I’d choose Adam Lambert anytime.

  25. Jeanette, i love what you wrote about Adam. You are so right! We always say ” dont judge a book by its cover”, right? Well, I guess that applies to Adam and Kris too. What I see when I look at Adam’s face is a bright, intelligent, goon-natured person. There is something really good about him that I like so much, deep within that glamor he projects. But then again, what is so wrong with the image he projects? Nothing that I see.

  26. there is nothing wrong with being “theatrical” or being “over the top”. It is just like saying brunettes are more intelligent than blondes. A lot of crap, that’s what I call it! People are just scared shit of meeting and knowing other people who are far better than them. They just want others to be the same colorless individuals as they are……that’s why they prefer for the “guy next door” type.

  27. Deborah says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to entirely separate “who a celebrity is” and just admire them for “their talent” only…after all it’s the same person in both cases isn’t it? Most of us NEED to know, the person we so admire for “their talent”appeals to OUR core beliefs / least a bit anyway as to “who they are” (just check out the gossip mag sales!!).

    I think this is true in Adam’s case too. Ever since I set eyes on him and felt his presence (even through a TV screen!!) I cannot stop thinking how I now believe that he is here for much more than just his beautiful voice, his sense of style, his liberal attitude and his sex appeal.

    The beauty of what I have witnessed with this man thus far, is that no matter how grandiose his make up, his theatrical outfits or his flamboyant hairstyles …we have all witnessed the inner Adam again and again. This is what has shone through every performance, every song and every interview. Yes, the “mask” is purely subjective ( I happen to love it all,btw), but his core is ever-present and in my opinion: sweet, kind, loving and respectful. This merely compounds my adoration for him.

    Perhaps because of both “who is is” and ” his talent” ….Adam will use this to bring people of different culture, sexual orientation, religion and race just that little bit closer together? Perhaps these two factors in our Adam, will indeed remind the world as to what really is the most important gift of all: LOVE. Because how can you hate …………when you are smiling so much as you listen to / watch / are near to………… Adam?

  28. You are so right! Adam is such a calm, good-humored, humble, respectful young man. And I admire him…

  29. But you know what, Michael Jackson is sooo “over the top” and look at him..he is a legent. That’s what Adam Lambert will be…a legend.

  30. i completely agree with you! people are way to quick to judge him! he is such an amazing person..i LOVE listening to his interviews! he is so insightful and grounded and polite and perfect. =) i cannot wait until his first album comes out. i’m so excited to see what he will create.

    LOVE U, ADAM!!!

  31. Another interview………… – American Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert on Doing … May 22, 2009 … Feature: Wicked Good: Adam Lambert’s American Idol Journey … Whenever I’m in New York, I plan on coming to see shows, sitting right in the …

    • Adam Lambert visits “Hair video is pretty cool…..go to TV guide interview part 2 and look for it when the interview is over from the selection of videos at the end

  32. ejw89109 says:

    Adam lives in Hollywood. By his own admission, he tells you, he was struggling. He knew he had the talent as printed in various articles as shows were cancelled. So what was Adam to do? Adam is very smart. Adam knew he had to re-invent himself and throw himself out there in full view of the world. It worked !! His strategy paid off. He has said over and over, he wanted people to notice him, to remember him. To do this, he had to be different. I actually like the “glam-rocker” look better. The jet black hair suits him. Where he lives and the people he’s around, the makeup and clothes are everyday norm. His song choices were also strategically chosen. He said, if he heard most contestants were doing ballads, he did the opposite, and sang a fast pace number, and if he sang a slow song one week, he sang a faster pace the next week. Adam is absolutely brillant.
    The talent was always there, he re-invented his look and chose the American Idol platform. It worked, and we all loved him because he dared to be different. As far as all the press, good or bad, he is in the news, on everyone’s mind and the talk of the town. He needs to keep the momentum going and get his album out as fast as he can. As far as all the negativity, Adam knew this was coming also. The pictures were already out there, not much he could do about that, but you have to admire his ability to maneuver around all the questions graciously. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hope he’s getting a ton of money to answer that seemingly all important question about his sexuality. If they want to know so bad and obviously need verbal confirmation, make them pay Adam. I love this guy. I think he’s a genius.

    • frodo325 says:

      I decided to check back in tonight and re-read all of the posts written today concerning Jeanette’s essay. They have been on my mind all day–the eloquence of what has been written concerning Adam and I wanted to read them again.

      I have to confess I hadn’t seen yours this morning when I posted mine. You are ‘right on’ also concerning Adam and the professional strategies he has had to deal with and use. He even admitted it in one of his interviews that he had to do something more and Idol was a logical choice. Again honest admissions of how he pursued his dream–no falseness at all.

      One such as myself who has never even auditioned for a simple community theater production cannot begin to comprehend what the pressures are to get to that place where your dreams come true. More power to those who do so in a decent manner– setting the post high for others to look to as examples. ;0)

      He has had this dream since he was a boy–10 years old for goodness sake! There are many youngsters who become child stars and then burn out in their adult years. I have a feeling that even if this had happened to Adam at the age of ten he would have survived and gone on to be successful as an adult with his integrity intact.

      I agree with you ejw–what we have here is indeed a brilliant young man. I love him too.


  33. frodo325 says:

    As a teacher of young children and in a Catholic school no less, I have introduced the young ones to Adam via some photos and some of his songs. We even watched the Today Show appearance with Adam and Chris this week–I have an awesome principal who is open to this kind of thing–Catholics can be more ‘open minded’ than people realize BYW. I digress.

    Point is, Adam IS a great role model for kids in today’s world. When I hear him say that he wants to be a role model I say a firm and loud AMEN to that.

    Our kids see a lot of fakeness in this world today. They go to movies that are too adult and violent for them–we all know what is going on with kids due to the whole exposure to TV and the internet.

    But here is someone who I contend is NOT fake. In fact he has reached down deep and instead of angsting and hiding what he knows is true about himself-he expresses himself in a genuine manner. Yes he is treading carefully but that is not so bad either –that’s being just plain smart.

    As he says himself the world is full of change and I would rather see kids looking up to someone such as Adam instead of the characters they can see on all of the raunchy reality shows. They are so confused by what they see and question why so-called adults behave the way they do.They wonder why their parents love those shows.

    Yes there are a few photos of Adam I would not show to little kids of Adam but the others of him far outweigh that.

    The funniest thing this week occurred with a boy in my room who showed up with a large rhinestone dollar sign ring on his pointer finger. He had it on when he came in from recess and I noticed it before he took it off to put into his backpack. I giggled at him and asked him where he had gotten that ring and why he was wearing it. He shrugged his shoulders and just said, “Because I like it.” I told him he reminded me of that ‘Adam guy’ we had watched earlier in the day on TV. He didn’t seem to indicate that Adam had directly influenced him. What I do know about this young man is, at the age of 7 he is the most artistic boy in my class–he can out draw any kid and his teacher too. He is ‘quirky’ and I have recommended that his parents enroll him ASAP into art classes and nurture this young man’s talent and quirkiness. Perhaps here is another “Adam” in the making–in a different art form.

    We need to nurture and support these young ones and in no way let them think they are ‘different’ or weird–as Adam has put it–don’t say that word ever again Adam! 🙂 Weird is people who do things that are really evil. Wearing makeup and eyeliner and expressing your artistic soul openly is not weird–yes it is different but God Bless you, we need more people like you in this crazy and, ahem , mad world.

    Adam, at the young age of 27, is the master, I repeat, the master of showmanship. Watching him transform from the showman with his amazing adult looks to that sweet smiling soul at the end of some of his songs is amazing. I love to watch that over and over. And that is a lesson for kids too. Being “on stage” is a place where you can act out and become someone different–anyone you want to be. Kids are the experts at imaginative play and they can see what Adam is up to much easier than adults who have become hung up with adult issues in their own lives.

    I am amazed at what everyone is capable of writing. Look at us writing full blown essays about him! Perhaps we should start an online course and earn some college credit for this!
    He brings out the best in us adults and older young at heart ones too–he has pushed people to rethink things — we are looking at and experiencing a shift that is long over due.

    Rock on Adam–I will continue to hold you up to my dear young ones without reservations. You are a blessing and I am glad to be alive in a time when you have burst onto the scene and shaken things up. Again I say–Rock On Adam.

    Just please don’t use that word weird again–this is a teacher speaking, young man ;0) xoxo

    • Any child that is lucky enough to have you as a teacher is sooooo blessed….thank you for teaching

      • frodo325 says:

        thanks–it’s my vocation–not just a job. 🙂

      • I agree with Marg. My son had some nasty, horrible teachers. I would have been THRILLED for him to have had a teacher such as yourself! Not until his senior year in high school did he encounter anyone similar to you in school who encouraged him. You are a blessing to your students!

        On to the “real” topic!

        I am just in AWE of Adam. He has made me want to be a better person. I am 60 pounds overweight and I have dropped five pounds the last two weeks simply by watching what I eat and doing some extra exercsie — because I want to be a better person. Not because of any unrealistic idea that I would ever in a million years meet Adam, but because I want to be the BEST me I can be. Because he has inspired me to want to be better. Because he is so good. This man has done for me what all my family, friends, and my own self have not been able to for the past ten years.
        I thank God for Adam, and I ask His blessings on Adam every night and often multiple times during the day.

        Light and love to you, Adam Lambert!

        • frodo325 says:

          Thank you for your kind words–best wishes as you pursue your goal. Adam is such a great role model for ALL of us!

    • te_amo_adam says:

      You are the best! I am a really sensitive person and this comment has tears running down my cheeks. Jeannte you too are awesome for posting this. Look at the response! I wish Adam could read this!
      He has inspired so many. I have started exercising as well, to lose a few pounds and be the best that I can be especially for my kids.
      My 7 year old son just put on a performance at school. He wanted to be funny but they wouldn’t allow joke telling so I helped him come up with a skit. I did just what Adam’s mom said to do if you have a child that is special. I encouraged the best out of him. And so the day of the show he was to go out in front of his peers wearing boxer shorts, a white tank, fake mustache, hairy armpits and put on a silent skit in honor of Mr. Chaplain himself. He got the biggest laughs and he was so delighted he was able to complete his mission.
      To all you teachers and parents!!! Learn from Adam’s mom and this wonderful teacher. Do it, because the reward is so fulfilling. My son just beamed that day and he’s not “scerred” to go to school and be who he wants to be.

      • frodo325 says:

        Good for you Mom! Keep up the good work–who knows, YOU may have a future Adam lambert on your hands! 🙂 It would be nice if Adam’s Mom could read your response. She would be proud.

  34. Deborah,
    You are spot on! I think the sweetist thing that has happened out of AI Season 8 is how Adam and Kris have played out the final results. I think both these young artists are well on their way to being the best kind of role models for the next generation. They have articulated so well their feelings for each other. That their differences are something they celebrate and have worked to overcome in such a competitive invironment. That is one amazing feat in and of itself. How much of the workforce could take a lesson from these gentlemen. And I truly mean gentlemen. Kris has proven his strength of character by defending Adam over his voters rationale. That is a true testament to what he sees in Adam. Adam has graciously given Kris his due for winning the votes and has remained positive to what is a very difficult situation for one’s pride by always saying his cup is half full, not half empty, and that it is not about now but about tomorrow. Just listen to these boys and ye shall learn! I find it an “ah ha” moment that these two guys, 23 and 27 years old are teaching Americans(mostly baby boomers!) how we should really act and what good ethics REALLY are. Like living in the REAL WORLD! And it isn’t about anything but looking beyond all the hype that the media stirs up and seeing a real, living, breathing human being and offering geniune, equal, due respect. Bravo to these young artists. Please boys, keep it up and grow that bond you have established even tighter. What you are doing with your relationship is as important as anything else you can and will do throughout your careers. It is part of that total package. Here’s to your futures – Break a Leg!

    • Jeanette says:

      You are right in everything you said about the Adam-Kris relationship. It is inspiring and yes, a lesson to all us baby-boomers. I am so very glad that it was these two in the finale. It’s been difficult for both of them, and they both have handled themselves in the best possible way.

  35. Thanks for posting this Jeanette. I completely agree with you. In my opinion Adam could not be more real. Yes the “smoke and mirrors” do influence our perception and Adam conciously brings those to the viewer for entertainment, refreshment, fun, mystery, whatever. It might have been possible to miss the person lurking beyond the “smoke” in the beginning, but for me I began to see him more clearly as the season progressed. By the time he did “Mad World” I became very sure that this is a man who is utterly real and cares very deeply about many things.

    I too am older in my 50’s and am very conservative. I truly hope people do not make Adam’s personna into a right vs wrong, Christian vs non-Christian or liberal vs conservative referendum. I think Adam only wanted to make us happy and to enjoy ourselves. He is one of the most real and gifted people to come along in the entertainment industry EVER! If he is different, all the BEST to him for having the courage to be true to himself! I am reminded of today’s Gospel for Pentecost Sunday which says something like this …There are different manifestations of the same Spirit but we are all part of one Body. As Adam has said we should try to look beyond our differences and try to find common ground. Think of the possibilities if this happened in our world!

  36. It just occurred to me that Adam is probably under contract not to discuss his personal life, sexuality and such. His mother said that in her interview. While we admire his restraint things may surface later. So far he has handled every question with humor and charm. I hope he keeps that attitude even when his contract runs out and doesn’t try to please the morons who keep asking personal questions that are none of their business!!

  37. Another_admirer says:

    I think anytime we judge someone, it says more about us and our own values (what we think, believe. and our own self worth) than it does about the other person. A judgement is our perception of what is or what ought to be. I think this is where Adam is so wise.. When you listen to his reaction to others, he seems to understand this so he doesn’t get bent out of shape on how others see him. I think this makes him a wonderful role model because it allows him to be true to himself and accepting and respectful of other people’s views. Bravo Adam!!

  38. AdamAddict says:

    I am asian,there ‘s 1 time I dyed my hair blond but somehow it a bit lighter than I thought.I had to go to my relatives house and all my relatives looked at me like I’m contagious or something. My relatives are more like conservatives(is that what we call it?) I just change my hair colour not myself,geez!!
    But I always keep that in mind. I told myself never judge people with their look,get to know them first!!
    There’s a few people judged Adam before get to know him first,but time will tell !:) I love Adam the most!

  39. adamfancajungirl says:

    Great article Jeanette! I agree with everything you wrote. Adam is a wonderful person. Its easy to tell that by his interviews. He always has such a beautiful smile on his face and does not seem to be bothered by some of the negative things that have been said about him. I love the smoke and mirrors.Thats what so exciting about him. He is one of a kind.

  40. patricia says:

    congratulate you for your words!

    Im very fascinated with all aspects of adam personality… and yes you are very right jeanette and I think that Adam is genuine too. To me, doesn’t care about his sexuality and yes, that is something that is private and belongs only to him. To really understand Adam you have to see him with mind and open heart!! Not to much people is capable to do that!!!! ( we can have a better world!!!)

  41. Fabulous article !! Many of you, especially the extra long comments are right on.. I love seeing that others like myself feel this way about Adam . I agree with so much of what has been written here today. I wonder if Adam has any idea of how he has made us feel beyond being entertained by his talent. Although I won’t add anything new because it has been said so well here, I must write that I love at the end of a song when you can see his face change from the emotion he had to use to make the song powerful , into his warm and boyish smile.. And the giggles after performing,
    Born to be Wild.. That’s was drew us all in.. The boy’s infectious.. I can’t wait to enjoy this long journey of his … GO Adam.. we love you for the person you are, for the way you make us feel and think about how we treat others.. Go ADAM !!!!

  42. Great article! Thank you — it is wonderful to see something of substance written…In my mind Adam has demonstrated to the world what a gracious human being he is, and has provided a model for many of us. I know he has reminded me of the power of positive thought, and demonstrated a way to still be kind to people and yet maintain boundaries. He’s got great sense of humour, the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard, and I LOVE the theatrical component, the flamboyance and just the pure sense of fun he portrays! I also love the bond between Kris and Adam, and I watch clips with the two of them over and over just because they make me laugh and feel good. I love the way they are demonstrating this transformative piece of overcoming the good / bad dualistic way of thinking Adam’s favourite qutoe (at least according to the idol website!) : “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

  43. amazing words thank u so much ,, i wish everyone open minded like u .. ppl must respect others privacy even if u love this person so much he have the right to keep some things to himself .. i respect adam so much he is a very talented guy but above this he is a great human being not everyone know that .. he is so down to earth respectful caring always think of others and complement them before himself .. i wish he have more success than anyone else cuz he deserve to be happy and achieve his goals 🙂 i will luv him and support him 4 ever :)ppl must not judge others cuz they r not that perfect everyone has his flaws . i believe the ppl who most judge others r the most with flaws .

  44. well said!

  45. Love your article! Adam is an amazing gift…his amazing vocal skills and stage presence has caught the attention of people from all over the world…the world has their eye on a super icon in the making! Adam’s inner soul glows with genuine beauty….he is kind, caring, polite, intelligent…and very likable! He has an amazing smile, confident, respectful, always talking kind about others! He is a true example of how people should learn not to Judge on appearence! Adam glows with star power & is beautiful on the outside & in his soul! I love his style as much as his performances! Adam is Loved!!

  46. I try to follow the old maxim, “Never Assume”. There are so many assumptions circulating about Adam based on photos and theatre performances that I feel compelled to remind everyone that these are just that. Photos and theatre performances. Adam Lambert is not afraid to be a little “out there” and some of the images successfully promote this. Whether all of this is by accident or design, I applaud the results. We’re talking about him and that’s better than being ignored!

    Adam Lambert is extremely talented, edgy, sexy and magnetic. Not to mention gracious and polite. And so very nice. The fact that he is gorgeous to look at is a bonus. Congratulations, Adam. The world is yours. Go get it!

    I wish you Love, Health and Happiness.

    Suzanne XO

  47. Stephie says:

    Wow!! Very well said!! Thank you! I hope all ignorant, narrow minded, immature haters will grow up..

  48. Melissa says:

    Beautifully said! He is such an amazing person, and it’s a shame that more people in the world don’t understand him like we do. I enjoy the smoke and mirrors! Life is never boring with Adam around. He is truly a unique soul. I really hope that Adam has continued success.

  49. mamarufus says:

    Adam is a saint! How could anyone dare and say he has something “evil” about him???? That’s one I haven’t heard as yet and I am glad to not have or I may have gone altogether crazy, after the Idol result show. Great write-up, these are the things that should be said about Adam; bringing out the kindness, talent and humble sincerity which this man posesses. Not only is he perhaps the most talented person to come along in centuries, but his whole demeanor, his respectfulness, attitude, magical way of finishing one shocking performance after another and immediately offering his kind smile and humility. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone like him. He is a gift from God. If someone told me he was Elvis’ son, I would believe it. And to answer the question, finally, I believe we should only look at an entertainer’s talents, the pleasure we, as an audience, receive from it, and provided no one is doing any harm to anyone, everyone’s business should be their own. I also don’t like the fact that Kara took it upon herself to reveal information which only she knew(?)about Adam. That is up to him and him alone to do. Guess she wanted brownie points or publicity.

  50. bbctchr says:

    I am astonished at the quality of the posting here- it is refreshing. I have not been moved to participate in any artist’s fan forum until Adam came on to the scene. Thank you, Jeannette, for prompting an intelligent discussion about identity, to all the parents who have surfaced in this thread and to Frodo for the deep reflection that uncovers the potential Adam has to serve as a transformational agent.

    I wear many hats, as most of us do. Among them are elementary school teacher and legally (pre-Prop 8 in CA) married lesbian mother of 3 sons, ages 26,27,28. It is through those lenses that I especially appreciate Adam’s potential impact on our culture.

    Frodo- You made my essay much shorter that it would have been had you not eloquently expressed your experience of Adam. It is similar to mine, down to the observation of his transition from performer back into his authentic self within seconds of completing a performance. It is an intimate magical moment that an audience does not usually witness. And I especially appreciate your willingness to integrate Adam into your classroom experience.

    I teach one subject to all grade levels and therefore have the opportunity to reach the entire school population. I played Adam’s music during my lessons this week. It both energized the kids and spurred conversation, as was my intention.

    When the boy with the glittery rainbow-colored fringed vest (worn over a rainbow tie-dyed shirt) sailed into my classroom, I was able to connect to him in a new way. As I expressed admiration for his vest, he proudly shared that he won it in a classroom auction and that it had been used as an Elton John costume in the school musical revue. When I asked him if he knew about Adam Lambert he lit up as he responded, ‘”He should have won.” I revealed that I voted for Adam for 4 solid hours last Tuesday and that the Idol tour would be coming to our town very soon. That gentle boy was radiant during our exchange. I know that he will remember me as an ally and my classroom as a safe harbor as his peer’s sexuality blossoms around him.

    It is apparent form the interviews of the past several days that Adam is now recognizes that his path includes much more than being an international star. I anticipate that his open-hearted-rebel-self will embrace being a catalyst for change. He has clearly expressed his desire to reach out to kids who are outsiders. Gay youth are commonly marginalized and have a high suicide rate. Adam will serve as an inspiring role model for us all, but perhaps most importantly as a (lifesaving) hero for LGBT and questioning youth.

    I hope someone from Adam’s team reads and reports these posts so he can appreciate the nature of our support that provides the foundation for his success.

    • Your post, bbctchr, brought me to tears. I believe Adam would be SO PROUD of you and of Frodo for using his story and example to help encourage today’s youth to be themselves and empowering their own uinque abilities and talents. AND for encouragin the “mainstream” “popular” kids to accept and be open to the differences in their peers. Teachers today have SUCH POWER when it comes to shaping our youth. If parents were more involved this would not necessarily be so important, but alas parents today have come to think it is the teachers’ jobs to “raise their kids for them.” Well, this is not the place to debate this subject. Let it suffice to say that I’m certain Adam and Adams parents and family thank you teachers for helping our youth become the best they can possibly be. And I thank you as well, what little my own personal opinion may matter in the big scheme of things!!

  51. Well done, Jeanette!

    This is an exteremely well-written article and I agree with your view 100%.

    I wrote an article on my facebook re: Adam & the people who refused to vote for him simply because of their perception of his life style. It’s near the bottom of the page on my profile.

  52. Someone posted a comment under The Best Week Ever video that it’s his choice (no kidding) to comment because he may not want to appear uncomfortable with his orientation. Since when does one have to make public declarations to prove they are comfortable. He’s not shy in his appearance or behavior, but maybe takes umbrage with the fact that the issue keeps getting hammered and hammered away at. If he answers questions to those aspects of his PERSONAL life, the scrutiny won’t end there anyway. The questions will just get more and more instrusive, and it will certainly detract from what he is trying to do, create music and performances for his fans. Adam has a wonderful accessibility and a contrasting mystique about him. It’s a winning combination. I’m getting so tired of one-track minds in the media. If it wasn’t for wanting to see/hear from him in general after A.I., I wouldn’t be able to stomach any more of their interviewing techniques.

  53. I try to follow the maxim, “Never Assume”. There are so many assumptions circulating about Adam Lambert based on photos and theater performances that I feel compelled to remind everyone that these are just that. Photos and performances. Adam is not afraid to be a little “out there” and some of the images successfully illustrate this. A photograph CAN BE staged and a performance IS staged. Whether by design or not, Adam has us all talking and that is priceless for an entertainer. And if some people cannot embrace some “in-your-face” moments and choose to be judgmental without basis, then so be it. Life is too short to be so blinkered and narrow-minded.

    Adam Lambert is extremely talented, edgy, sexy and magnetic. Not to mention gracious and polite. And so very nice and warm. The fact that he is gorgeous to look at is a bonus. Congratulations, Adam. The world is yours. Go get it!

    I wish you Love, Health and Happiness,

    Suzanne XO

  54. hine100 says:


  55. An excellent article and great posts following. The thing I admire the most about Adam Lambert besides his phenomenal talent is how comfortable he is within his skin. That is so close to living in the here and now and that to me is the very essence of being happy. Most people strive all their days to achieve this level of comfort and to witness it in such a young man is more than refreshing. He has a wisdom to him that is as compelling as his talent.

    This is America and we have built our country on the unlimited potential and we reinvente ourselves constantly. I suspect Adam will look many different ways as his life and talent unfold but all one need do to see him is to look at his actions and words and take note of the classy way in which he conducts himself. This is a gracious person with much to offer and it’s exciting to be able to see his future unfold.

  56. JRZGRL1 says:

    Thank you so much for writing about Adam in such an eloquent way!! My sense of Adam is that he wants to entertain us and the rason he wants to entertain us is to make us happy. Period. He enjoys doing it because he’s good at it, but it’s really all about us – not him. We are the lucky ones to be able to share in the joy that he is able to create for us. I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching his videos (hopefully there will be many many more) and listening to his singing because it transports me to a better place for a while. Adam is the best!!

  57. The Legend says:


    It’s official everyone. Adam is presenting tonight, Sunday night on the MTV Music Awards.

    If you want the link . here it is. Obvious that they picked the real Idol, not Kris.

  58. sashabxgirl says:

    ” I sense that spirituality, religion, and symbolism are important to Adam. He puts them on display in very subtle ways, but he doesn’t talk about them”


    those who believe (in whatever)do not have to speak it or wear it on their sleeve.


  59. The Legend says:

    Update: Announcement that Adam was scheduled to be presenting on MTV Movie Awards tonight (Sunday) but has been cancelled.

  60. This discussion has been terrific. You have gone deep and really pulled out some great insights which will help us all in the development of our lives. I wish there was a way of ensuring that Adam himself could read what is being thought about him here! It seems that Adam’s fans love him not only for his outsized talent but his radiant soul presence. (I love the comments about his transition on stage from charismatic performer to humble loving student of life).

    I think Adam reflects back to us, something in us – we all have radiant loving souls! and he has the courage to express his on the national stage and in his life. It IS inspiring and it IS a role model for humans in the late 2oth century – the kind of creativity and honesty that so many of us are drawn to and can express in many different ways.

    There are among us though those who live by a set of limited rules (rules that are hostile to a deeper and more truthful life) and who are threatened by those who challenge those rules. Good point that some of them saw the Harry Potter phenom as evil. I mean that was a series about the power of love, sacrifice and courage for crissake!

    I suppose there are always those who dont recognise Love and crucify it. But we have the power too in this 24/7 internetted world to smack them down if thats what the situation calls for!

    I want to protect and support those who have the courage to walk a more powerful path.





    • AdamAddict says:

      100% agree! Devil?? They got to be kidding me?WTH??!! That’s not even close to funny!! If they can’t be creative,then don’t write at all! This is insulting to Adam. Devil,seriously??!! ADAM IS OUR ANGEL!! Screw them all!!

    • REDSTAR says:


  62. Why?… Something happened?
    Blessings and joy to everyone!

  63. To say hes the anti christian is disrespectful you people don’t know him at all and people are able to do what ever to them selfs i have naturaly brown hair i dye my hair black only becaue i like the way it looks on me. He seems like a genuily good person inside and cares about the people around him and to me that matters not the way someone looks or there sexuality is no importance to there morals a person can be normal looking clean cut and be either a total jerk or a serial killer or rapist its what on the inside that counts. And all those catholics and christians against them they are just hypocrits the catholics priets are cought molesting children and nothing is done about and its just ignored like nothing and priest having relationships with woman come on total hypocrit and them getting cought murdering and stealing from there church and raping and killing little kids come on thats the biggest issue you people need to focus on in our society not the fact someone might be gay or bi or the fact that he dyes his hair paints his nails and not his over the top fashion sence hes true to him self and thats important i think he would be a good role model for kids hes not afraid to be himself he follows his dreams and keeps his private life away from the public thats a role model. I don’t think its ok to teach our children that gay people are evil because they could end up when they get older possibly hurting a gay person because they think they are evil like attacking them possible killing them like Matthew sheapard or they could either end up realizing they are gay and because they are raised to believe that gays are evil afraid to come out and feel like that there something wrong with them when theres nothing wrong with them they could end up commiting suicide would you want that.

  64. First off, I wholeheartedly agree with your article! I am a Christian and also a lover of ALL musical talent no matter who it comes from. God gives good gifts to all of his children and Adam is super-gifted. He has the most beautiful male voice I think I’ve ever heard! I was enthralled with his performances and voted for him til my fingers were sore. He is a man-of -a-thousand faces, deliciously adapting his personality, expressions, movements & costuming to each song. He has a love-affair with the camera, being able to flirt with the audience thru the lens.
    His look is not very shocking to me, painted nails, wild hair, black leather, tatoos, earrings, etc. have been around since the 70’s with David Bowie, Queen, etc. What’s the big deal? He has shown that this is all outward appearances used for showmanship & style! Adam has been most unique in the way he has handled himself with a fresh grace, giving of himself in every interview, genuinely enjoying himself and concentrating on the positive, while tactfully handling personal questions all with a smile that warms our hearts! He has worked hard to keep his personal life to himself, some things being no one’s business, not mine or anyone’s. I just wish the press was as respectful to Adam as he has been to them and would not even bring up certain things, but this is not the world we live in. Many people think they own those in the public eye and demand to know all thier secrets. Fortuneatly Adam has been successful at distracting interviewers with his boyish charm, his delightfully honest personality & his down-to-earth style. He is very REAL even with all the “smoke & mirrors” and I hope he stays that way! Time will show that none of this will matter, this time next year he will be a superstar!

  65. I have a question..what do you mean by ”evil” or ”anti-christian”?it means that he doesn’t believe in God?how do you know that??

    I love him just because he is ADAM and i don’t care a little bit about what people say!

    • Jeanette says:

      *I’m* not saying these things about Adam, but others in the media and elsewhere have…for example the anticipated Adam vs Danny showdown was billed by some as “good vs evil.” I personally do not buy into ANY of the negative labels attached to Adam.

  66. Sun&Stars says:

    Excellent post, Jeanette! I also applaud Bonnie’s response. Adam is a true blessing to all of us.

  67. GREAT article, Jeanette! It really bothers me that our society is so close-minded that they can’t allow themselves to see true talent and appreciate a person for just that – their talent. People are so afraid of what kinds of role models their kids have, but I think if people paid more attention to their own parenting and how they raise their children, they wouldn’t have to worry about their kids emulating celebrities.

    And, yes, I completely agree that some things can be kept private. There are many celebrities who do very well at keeping their private life private. As a society, we feel we have the “right” to know everything about everyone before we decide whether or not we like them. Geez. Get over it. They’re people, human beings, just like you and I. We have no “right” forcing anyone to tell all.

    I think Adam is a great role model, especially for the message that comes through in almost every interview he gives. He’s respectful, intelligent, gracious, and he believes in just being yourself – whatever that may be. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to please others. Everyone seems to think that that message pertains strictly to [his] sexuality, but let’s think of the bigger picture. Be whatever you want to be, be all you can be, and be your best all the time. Be respectful of others and think of others before you think of yourself. It’s a message I think we really need in today’s society.

    You ROCK Adam! I hope you always stay true to yourself.

  68. wow what a great post! i completely agree with everything that’s said!!

    i also know that this may not be too relevant to this post but everyone the ltest votes for Clay vs ADAM on the Eonline poll finds Clay leading with 53.5% of the votes and ADAM with 46.5%!!!! i can’t believe Clay has more fans that ADAM so please vote!!

  69. Great discussion! What I want to know is what are all these people going to do if Adam does come out publicly? What will they find to talk about then!!! No doubt they will move on and find someone else to hound!

    We can be glad now that he did not win – think how much MORE they would have made of it if he had !

    None of this matters to us, his intelligent and adoring fans! I am a 69 year old female, who grew up in England listening to Queen, Led Zepp, etc.

    He is a winner whatever he does, and we are all supporting him.

  70. PLEASE keep posting interviews, articles, photos, etc…While I seriously doubt this will be the case, alot of times once the initial week following Idol is over, the buzz dies down. The buzz CANNOT die down on Adam Lambert…he needs all the support in the world as he takes the music industry by storm…Lets keep him at the front of people’s minds and hearts!

  71. Check this out, Jeanette:

    and this:

    I hope you, Jeanette, make a new post based on these two videos.

  72. And a few more:

    Jeanette, you can make more posts with videos i gave you, write down what you think. I think these videos are great.

  73. laineyg6 says:

    I started this with the intention of making a short post, but I discovered that I am not capable of such a thing. I think you guys have said it all. I am 99.999% certain that I will never get to meet Adam in the flesh, but it’s okay.

    I DO wish that Adam could see this site (or something like it) just so he could get a SMIDGEN of what people are thinking. Maybe someone should print and bind this (just with brads, mind you) and send it along to him through his website or his management company… something.

    By the way, the votes only went away from him because he was different. Kris (amazing kid in his OWN RIGHT) was what they were more familiar with. Makes sense. It’s just easier to see Kris as an All-American. Speaking of Kris by the way, in his final weeks leading up to the end of the show, I FINALLY realised what an amazing kid he is. I had been so laser focused on all things Adam that I didn’t pay attention to Kris. Their video interview on the US Weekly website (where they talk about who’s getting the top bunk) has enthralled and tickled me to pieces. That relationship, brotherhood, bromance, whatever you want to call it is just BEAUTIFUL to witness. I’m so glad to see all of the support for him. Oh, and I think it was Kris who commented, on Larry King Live, about the incredible diversity of the Idol contestants this year and how they all managed to get along GREAT. That is a shining example of what our world could be, and just maybe, Adam’s positive view can impact the rest of them even more, and they can go out and spread the joy, and the fun and the optimistic way you can live your life. I hope that we get to see more and read more about these two FANTASTIC guys.

    There has been some nasty stuff said about Adam, and it’s frustrating. For me, I just try not to read it. It’s not good for my soul and this is more fun to read.

    Someone already mentioned that horribe bully, Perez. He’s such a control freak and seems to only like Adam if Adam does what HE wants him to.) Guess what, though. Adam doesn’t like to be told what to do (his words exactly). I really hope that Adam hands Perez (and those of his kind) their butts on a platter, like he did with another famous “hater” recently.

    I have a feeling that Adam knows about these fan sites, but I don’ t know if he realises the depth of people’s emotions. I’m sure the hatred and the bigotry is nothing new to him (thank GOD he lives in a place where people adore him for EXACTLY who he is. He’s acknowledged it that there are people with varying opinions about him and about his music, and seems just fine with it.

    I’m sure that on this grand scale, it will be quite difficult for him to really, really, really realise what kind of effect he’s had on people. Someone mentioned depression up there somewhere. Oh my gosh ME TOO. I struggle with depression and have for many many years. But in the last couple of months, I have been in the most RIDICULOUSLY INTENSE good, positive, hopeful mood. And I have to say, I really do think it’s because of Adam. He gives me hope. He makes me stop and consider the good in the situations, even more than normal. (I try to live that way as well, but it’s nice to hear someone else say it and ACTUALLY DO IT.)

    Since many other people have mentioned their backgrounds on this post, I guess I’ll mentione that I too am a devout Christian, with no doubt as to my faith. I’m a liberal, admittedly, but I actually think I’m pretty conservative in a lot of ways. I live in the bible belt and have been told that we have more churches than gas stations in our town.

    Again mentioned above, the fact that Christians should not simply surround themselves with the righteous and those who are like them. Change can be a good thing. Having an open mind and being respectful of all people on this Earth is what I wish for us. As Christians, we should embrace and accept each other’s differences.

    Out of curiosity though, the majority of the posters here appear to be women. Are men afraid of Adam? This is an honest question, not meant to be provocative in any way.

    Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for the wonderfully written article. (I’m going to borrow it and put it on my own myspace page.) And the folks who have commented here, THANK YOU!! It makes me really, really happy to see that people can come together in love, despite differences.

    • My husband enjoys adam…he just doesn’t express it in writing on the computer!!

  74. nice. I totally agree. maybe some adam haters just feel insecure because of the fame that he has right now. people who don’t like adam will just see him up on a pedestal. it’s not about him and his black nail polish. it’s with the person inside of adam lambert that keeps on inspiring a lot of people.

  75. New pictures have just surfaced of Adam leaving an LA club with his boyfriend, who is in fashion design and/or modeling…its the same guy that can be seen in the audience on a few tapings of AI seated with Adam’s mom, dad and brother Neil. They look very happy together. I give major kudos to Adam for being so strong in himself that he doesn’t feel the need to validate speculation of his sexuality…he’s never been ‘in’ so he doesn’t need to come ‘out’ to anyone…although the August cover of Rolling Stone could answer the question…he’s beautiful and talented and strong willed and an absolute breath of fresh air, not only in the entertainment world, but just society in general. In a society that seems to be ‘scared’ of guys wearing eyeliner and black nailpolish–in a society that doesn’t even look past that to an amazingly talented, SMART, caring person–Adam is what this world needs in order for people to open their hearts and their minds and embrace talent and beauty in all forms. Think of what an amazing place this world would be if more people took on the attitudes of Adam and Kris…two very different people who found a common ground no matter what and made it work. Why can’t the rest of the world operate this way? I think Adam could be a modern day John Lennon…inspiring peace and hope and enlighten and entertain—wanting the world to embrace each other and live as one.

  76. Jeanette says:

    Thanks to everyone for posting so many intelligent, thoughtful, and heartfelt comments! I think it’s a testament to Adam that he can inspire fans of such diverse ages, backgrounds, religions, etc. to share such common feelings.

    Here are a couple of examples of narrow-mindedness I have experienced from co-workers. I wear dark nail polish. It’s not black, but it’s so dark it looks black. One lady said, “I wouldn’t let my daughter wear nail polish like that.” Another friend dislikes Adam for his nail polish. Who would have thought a little OPI could generate such controversy? Another co-worker told me, “it’s natural for people to make assumptions about others based on looks.” I told her it’s not right. She didn’t necessarily disagree with me, but stated again that “it’s natural.”

    If this is true, we as a society need to change what’s “natural.” Maybe the discussions Adam is prompting are a start.

    And I think it’s important to remember that these friends and co-workers are not bad people. They are hard-working, law-abiding parents with kids. They’re entitled to their opinions and preferences, just like we are. I just happen to think they have a problem seeing the reality behind the image.

    We’re not going to change the world overnight, but as I said, hopefully this is a start.

  77. AdamAddict says:

    Some people still hate Adam for small matters like the nail polish or he might be gay! I feel so sad,very very sad! Everything that he does,these people will turn it into negative thing! Poor Adam!





  79. this is so true!

  80. I am in Adam withdrawal! Thank you for the site where we can get our fix! Adam rocks! I can’t wait until his first album!

  81. AdamFan says:

    Adam is Adam. It shouldn’t matter if he’s gay/bi/straight. He is a smoking hot guy who can sing like an angel. I can’t wait for his first album.


  82. lambertlady54 says:

    Cant wait for adam’s cd!!

  83. The reason Adam was in the finals because HE IS THE OTHER BOY NEXT DOOR. I hated it when Ryan Seacrest said “boy next door” versus “boy with guyliner” or whatever the heck he said. Adam is apple pie with a twist. He is so super sweet, super handsome, super cool. I absolutely luv this guy. I wish I could have known him in highschool. I would have proudly introduced him to my parents then, and I would proudly introduce him to my parents now, guyliner and all. Adam is simply fabulous!!!!!! All the Adam fans saw the beautiful spirit of Adam and the sweetness behind the sexy fierce mythical creature. Adam you are such a role model! Thank you so much. You were born fabulous, it just took awhile for your lovers to find you!!!!

  84. that is so right no one should be judged by the way they look I’ve been throught the rude critics all my life and I finaly found a american idol I enfoy love and understand ,Adam Lambert will always be my american idol

  85. This is truly very nice well written about Adam.

    Very positive we need more outline like this. This is just classy from every perspective for Adam and his fanbase.

    Truly Adam Lambert is the American Idol, we all know it. He is the winner in our heart, whe know what the producer did and the At&T.

    Regardless we Love Adam even more and ever. More power to Adam Lambert and his fans. whoohoo!!

  86. i agree, adam is a very talneted gay guy. and all the haters can shut up. some girls wouldnt mind sleeping with him. i would love to. he has an awesome voice. he brings great songs that people would want to listen to over and over. it shouldnt matter about his sexualty. it should matter about the voice, the song. HIM. NOT THE SEXUALTY. i am a Adam addict. never stop thinking about the guy. i just hope he doesnt get into dugs like every other superstar. that would just break my heart to a million peaces. it would ruin everything he has accomplished. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! no u can not date him. hes mine. JK. but he is mine.