Slash Has Huge Praise For Adam Lambert

adam-allison-slashphoto via: Lee Cherry

WOW, what an awesome interview that doesn’t even include Adam talking!!
This is a radio interview with Slash, who was a mentor last year on Idol. What I didn’t know, was that he ended up being a mentor because he wanted to see ADAM!!
What a huge compliment to our guy.
Adam, you rock our world…


video via: GlamRockGodUK



  1. tweeterpie says:

    ” PLEASE? ”
    Another seXXXy shot of Adam….and one that I haven’t seen Thanks!
    and thanks for the great interview with Slash. I’m not surprized though. Anyone with any real musical intelligence recognizes Adam’s extraordinary talent. I just love seeing him living his dream. I’m certainly a fan for life.

    • This is from the Jed Root photo shoot (phew!!!!!!!!…..) Are on Adam Lambert 24/7 from a few days ago, if you are interested…….The night I discovered them I couldn’t move away from the computer (or move at all for that matter) for QUITE awhile and was falling asleep the next day at work, but with happy thoughts whirling around in my head! Does he EVER take a bad picture? Don’t think so…

  2. Judy Lushman says:

    So proud of Adam. Great artists like Slash recognizes his talent. What else can you ask for? Thanks so much for posting this Sue. This time next year I predict that Adam will be selling out bigger venues and will be in high demand for interviews and performances and maybe even a movie. The sky is the limit for him. It is so exciting to be a Adam fan.

    • So true Judy! He just makes me happy every day! Doesnt it make you feel so proud every time you hear someone compliment him. Those of us that recognized his talent at first glance knew it all along!!!Go beautiful boy!!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Slash hit the nail on the head. Certainly, AI has produced/showcased some great talent that we probably would’ve never have been exposed to. ADAM outshines them all. Talent so obvious – I know we were all like “why the hell hasn’t anyone picked him up before AI?”

  4. glamaus says:

    “The Legendary Slash!”

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    AWESOME INTERVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much, Sue!!!!!!:):)

  6. jhoy2theworld says:

    I was driving to work when I heard this interview and I felt like a proud parent when Slash was saying that Adam has a genuine talent and wanted to hear him and that he got hooked. And this coming from a rock icon!!!

  7. hey friend ur looking good their hope ur enjoying ur self

  8. have just been watching all my Adam performances on Idol from last year, and recaptured all the excitement, there isno doubt about it, he is out on his own. Hope he hears this compliment from Slash. He can sing any genre, so well as we all know already, so hope he gets to do all sorts of different stuff in the future. The world is his oyster, hope he makes here to NZ eventually.

    • Me too jan!!! Poor little ol’ NZ missed out seeing Adam last time he was down under!!

    • Really really hope he does come to NZ with his tour! He has heaps of fans here! =)

  9. adamfan says:

    Oprah had Simon Cowell on her show today and she asked him
    who stood out of all the contestants and he said “Two people, Carrie
    Underwood and Fantasia”. I could have punched him! Then Oprah
    later added “and also probably Adam Lambert”, but he didn’t comment.
    (With all the money and popularity Adam is making for him…) Weird
    because we know Simon loved him on the show. Grr..
    Oh, well, we know better!!! And so does Oprah!

    • sportjob4adam says:

      To adam fan: what you are missing from the interview is that Simon doesn’t have Adam Lambert under his management. If he was I assure you that Mr. cld have praised him. But at the moment he isn’t making anything off Adam.

    • lamberghini says:

      I think Oprah might have been asking him who he thought stood out or who he knew IMMEDIATELY (like at the audition) that was a star. If you remember, crazy Simon thought at the audition that Adam was too “theatrical, and therefore not current.” Randy was the one who said, “I think it’s time currently, for someone like you.” I think Simon missed the boat at first and had to be convinced. But he certainly was convinced he was a star after the Tracks of My Tears performance.

  10. grandjag says:

    I think Simon has a hearing problem. He seems a little “daffy” lately. Why wouldn’t he have said Adam. At times he doesn’t know what is going on….

  11. Wow my 2 favorites of all time!! Adam and Slash!!.

    Really loving Slash’s new album, when I’m listening to it though I can’t help but wonder how Adam would’ve sounded on some of the songs – there are a couple on there that he would’ve absolutely rocked! Would LOVE it if these 2 collaborated together someday….

    Adam’s voice + Slash’s musicality = A BRILLIANT FCKEN RECORD!

  12. I just keep feeling like we are all so blessed to have had the opportunity to be drawn to Adam from the very beginning. Though I know he has now stepped out onto the world stage, there will always be that sense of our being the first to discover this remarkable man. As I watched him perform on Ellen, I realized that I was sitting there with this huge grin on my face. Then they show his mom in the audience and she has that same big grin on her face. Adam brings smiles. I live along the Gulf of Mexico and we are seeing the destruction of our beautiful coastline, the environment and the lives of those who have sustained their families for generations by fishing. This is a dark and desperate time and I know how much it means to me to have Adam to bring light and laughter into my life. I also realize how much I love all of you for giving me a place to come share my thoughts. We are the Adam Family.

    • You are so right, Adam always makes me and the rest of my family smile. If its a long performance (please, please!) or interview, my face starts to hurt, not used to smiling so much, I guess! The world is a happier place with Adam in it!

    • And that picture above REALLY makes me smile!!!!

  13. We need to remember it is all about the money. I hope all these small venues sell out very quick or his career could be over before it really gets started. Buy your tickets now if you ever want to see Adam in big arenas, fulfilling his destiny as the entertainer of a genation.

    • glamitup says:

      Well I can attest to a quick sellout in Louisville Ky! Check out The Kentucky Center’s Site if you want to read about the craziness that went on! Jammed phone lines and very passionate fans(me being one of them) I missed out on the fan sale and just now missed out on the general sale! It really just makes me mad that the scalper websites are already loaded with tickets for this venue and this is what I am going to have to resort to but you do what you have to do to see this incredible talent and that is what I will have to do! I might have to panhandle but I am THERE!!!! Slash is just confirming what we have known since day one! Awesome! Adam is well on his way.Wish me luck! By the way, can you negotiate with online scalpers? lol

      • lamberghini says:

        Knoxville sold out in 20 minutes. I was on the phone and online at the same time, doing both to beat the crunch. I was shaking like crazy! I did not receive the Adam Official passcode because my e-mail address is with ATT and they don’t allow the newsletter through, (which I did not know until too late) and had to wait for the public sale. My tickets are in the last row but I managed to do it, even though the website was convoluted and you only have a few minutes before the page expires. Craziness!!! I have now set up an e-mail account with gmail, that lets the newsletter through because they’ve added a tour date and are coming to my hometown in Nashville. I don’t think Adam will make as much money as the scalpers.

  14. adamisamazing says:

    To hear favorable comments from other artists is so satisfying. I remember on AI when Slash said that Adam “has a set of pipes on him.” Adam is not just a showman. He is really the best singer ever. And, Adam is the reason there were so many exciting artists on the show like Queen and Slash. They wanted to be a part of it because Adam is a super talent.

  15. Slash and Adam performing together… would shake the world..and permanently bury Justin B and the rest..Hope Slash would do so, just what Randy suggested during his mentorship….Just saw Adam at Jay Leno live taping 4pm NBC, Burbank, CA. Not that many fans there today unlike his March 2nd visit. The fans were seated mostly at the middle section. Anabe and Bruno from DWTS were there right after Adam’s great performance (If I had You), they chatted w/ Adam and embraced him. Bruno was instantly adamized. He was like a sick lil’ puppy falling in lust with Adam…AND to show how really loving and sweet Adam is….Adam gave Monte a big hug, when Monte said goodbye to Adam, right on the stage… as Jay Leno, Bruno, Inabe waited for Adam for photo shoot. ADAM was so HOT….!!!!

  16. Yeah, Slash is quite a “deep” and sensible person. He and Smokey Robinson, have these “good vibrations” with Adam. Maybe, they are also the ones that Adam would like to work with in the future. They might also want to pass the torch or the baton to Adam.

    Oh, didn’t you know that Adam’s wallet is at the center, that’s why his hand is there in this picture. In case of danger or theft, his hands cover both money and treasure.