Simon’s Prediction For This Season’s American Idol Is…Adam?

Did anyone catch this clip on Extra with Simon Cowell?
When asked who he felt had a chance this season on American Idol, his answer was ADAM!!
Then he jokingly said, “Oh, that was last year.”
Yes Simon, we agree…




  1. KO's smiling says:

    Yeah, he knows the show’s over, too. That’s why he’s leaving it.

  2. That’s how I feel too, Simon! But they did get some talent this year and I’m am sure that Crystal B will go far. Just because I’m so in love w/ Adam and don’t care about anyone else, I’m sure there are people that do. Crystal should go for it, she really is good.

    • There’s nothing international about Crystal’s appeal – she comes across as a busker – guitar, piercings, funny hair and always singing the same type of song. Adam was obviously internationally popular but I don’t think Crystal’s style will reach beyond the US. I think Lee has a good voice and am hoping Arkansas likes him so that maybe Crystal won’t win. 🙂

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        ” I think Lee has a good voice and am hoping Arkansas likes him so that maybe Crystal won’t win.”…..That was 2 Funni……I’m hoping Lee will win also…..It sure has been a sad season though!!!!

  3. This is too funny, I haven’t figured out whether it was a slip or a joke.
    Either way it is a HUGE compliment to Adam,
    Yeah, Simon was so pissed last year when Adam didn’t win, I still see that expression on his face like ‘those idiots what were they thinking”
    Adam Lambert is rocking the world and what an amazing year it has been!

    • I totally agree with you. He was so mad. I’m not even sure if he went to the after-party. His face said it all. Of course, I heard them say Kris Allen’s name and just shut off the TV. I like Kris and have nothing against him. He is just not my cup of tea. Adam helped me get over his loss, just by being so positive. Is it sweeps week toward the end of May? Both Ellen and Jay have Adam listed as guests. They’re no fools but I certainly love them both for having Adam on multiple times. I’M GOING TO BALTIMORE TO SEE ADAM!!!!!! Not too excited.

  4. Simon always get the last word, works for me!!! As Irena said, you could tell he was not happy when Adam didn’t win last year. Didn’t even stand up when Kris won. I saw this last night on “another” site and jokingly commented that we could start a Facebook campaign to nominate Adam as a write-in candidate for winner of Season 9. Worked for Betty White! I do like Crystal and Lee, but Adam will always be the ultimate American Idol of ANY season !!!

    • buffy522 says:

      no but we could do SNL. Although I know he is on their radar. Don’t know why they haven’t. He is HOT

      • I think he has talked about being approached by SNL and seems he was concerned that they would be focused on the gay thing too much, and he wasn’t too excited about that idea. Maybe if he had more creative control of the content of the skits, he would be interested. I think Adam would be great as a host, as long as they didn’t try to make him look ridiculous. No doubt he’ll be on there, its inevitable. And you are sure right, he is HOT!!! (in so many ways…)

        • I have been emailing them ever week asking for Adam. sad to say this sat is the season finale , so maybe next season. I email everyone i think of this week it is Jimmy Fallon.Friends do all you can to keep Adams name out there! I also sent an angry email to that stupid time magazine, and to Rolling Stone for not including Adam in there 40 reasons to get excited about music. Also friends keep voting on vh1 he went from 7 to 6 last week would love to see him back at #1 where he belongs!!

      • Adam commented in an interview that he and his management discussed SNL but it’s not going to work out. I don’t think he really wants to do it. Just my feeling. SNL wants him but don’t think it’s mutual.

    • JEANENE says:


  5. Stephanie says:

    Now that was funny! I totally agree…show is over!!! Adam set the bar way to high to ever have this show be successful again. Adam rocks!

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      You’re absolutely right — Adam set the bar way beyond what another mere mortal could even hope to approach. Sorry for the kids this year and next, if there even is a next. This show went from big time to rank amateur and it will never recover. GAME OVER.

      Still patiently waiting for a Memphis-area concert. Don’t know how much longer I can hold my breath! Come on Adam!

  6. Simon in his sarcastic manner was trying to say, none of these deserve to win, implying they don’t impress him. so all he can remember is Adam.

  7. crystal B sounds like a country singer not like adma can sing anytrhing./none of these singers contestant really a singer only adam lambert.thyre all boring.

    • I don’t get the Crystal hype she can only sing Country music. She’s also had three bad weeks. Elvis week was really good her best in my opinion but I don’t think she’ll be a superstar not like Adam or Chris D.

  8. buffy522 says:

    isn’t that Simon’s ex-girlfriend? Of course he knew and was and is right! Too funny. Love how Adam is becoming mainstream in our media!

  9. leilani aloha says:

    Yes! I did! I was like ” what is Simon talking about Adam being the winner ”
    “cause I was not paying any attention when they”re talking abouth season 9 contestants !

    I’m so happy Sue posted this as I was thinking last night ” wow! hope someone watch ” Extra ” & I get to hear it again from Simon.

    We all know Adam won, & he’s in a good place now.
    Congrats to Adam!!!

  10. AI has been a joke, all this year and don’t care to watch it “Dancing with the Stars has taken it’s place…Adam is on tour and we have tickets to 4 shows…..of his…..I read where they got Kris for the finale….Kris may be a nice guy but he can’t make the show rock like Adam…or sing as good as Adam…….

  11. make sure adam lambert i on the finale pls kris and adam. but im interested in adam lambert singing. commom ai9- invite adma lambert on the finale pls.

  12. adamfan says:

    I think it might have been a slip as he looks a bit
    embarrased with himself.
    None of this year’s group are even in his mind.
    Do we know if it’s only Kris in the finale or is Adam
    going to be there as well – anybody know?

  13. HI Adam Simon knows his music Freddy was great live and Bowie live aid85 was the best he knew you had it are you aware its mental health month its about they let us out of closet

  14. Brilliant! I was at the Idol taping a few weeks ago on results night when Adam was the guest singer. I was in the pit on Randy Jackson’s side. When Ryan called out “who’s going to win?” I yelled out “Adam!” So many in the crowd turned to me and laughed shaking their heads up and down! When Lila and I were out last week, we were talking about going to the finale this year. I honestly don’t think anyone deserves to win, so we’ve decided that just like on some of the Bachelor finales when he doesn’t propose to anyone, Idol should decline to name a winner. “Sorry contestants, a condition of winning this year was you had to get more votes than last year’s contestants!” Without the Arkansas AT&T scandal, I hardly think that will happen. We were laughing ourselves silly picturing this!!
    Love ya,

    • So Carol, maybe Simon heard you say that and he just couldn’t get it out of his mind. You may have more influence than you know!!!! Hmmmmm…..let’s see what else you can do…!!!

      Re this years Idol, my husband and I sort of force ourselves to watch it, and occasionally are rewarded with a little glimpse of Adam, like tonight’s montage of the “Home visits” from past years, and of course we (or at least I) break into happy applause. It really seems that they take every opportunity to bring the subject of Adam up as much as they reasonably can without showing TOO much favoritism, except for the mentoring which was pretty obvious! Love it!

      • Ooops! Forgot to mention that I think your idea of no one winning makes perfect sense, in which case Adam becomes the defacto winner of Season 9, since he was the runner-up (HA!) of Season 8, and after all he DID perform this season! All that logic works for me!

  15. love it !!!! look’s like we are not the only one’s, having trouble moving on !!!! omg it still make’s me sad ,if I think about it , so I don’t . BUT ADAM IS THE TRUE WINNER !!!!! GO ADAM !!!

  16. It was obvious that all the judges were for Adam. It was a no brainer!
    That’s, until too many Americans voted with prejudice..
    I’m not talking about Kris’ fans. Just those who did not want to see
    a gay man walk away with the title. Little did they realize that Adam Lambert
    had already won long before that. He will always be my American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am a Christian, but I know talent. I voted my fingers to the bone last year for Adam Lambert. Kris is a nice guy but he is in no way shape or form the singer/performer that Adam is. I don’t care about Adam being gay or not being gay. This was a singing contest not a sex orientation contest.
      Simon wanted and International star and we got that in Adam. He is hopping all over the world performing. I just hope he does not burn himself out and turn to drugs and alcohol. I don’t want to lose him too soon like we did Elvis and some other great talents.

      • Nicely said, Linda!

      • kellym11 says:

        Linda, I worry about Adam’s future choices sometimes. Drugs and other things could be dangerous for him. Hopefully he is smart enough to beware. He mentioned something about this in a European interview where they tend to be more blunt in their questions. Without going into it, he answered sensibly.
        I love him as a person and as an entertainer. Best wishes for his future.

      • sun-n-stars says:

        Linda, I am in total agreement with you. I too, am a Christian, and voted for Adam 100 times one night. I hope that he continues to take Katy Perry’s advice and keep close those who are true to him and support him (his family) and not lose his way.

        • REDSTAR040665 says:

          I am a Christian as well, and I voted the whole four hours with two phones for Adam. I think it was at least 600 times. I got many busy signals, but hung in there. I don’t feel anyone will ever come close to Adam in this competition. There were over 60 million votes last year and it was because Adam kept the show interesting and exciting. American Idol I know does not have the popularity it had last year. I like Crystal and hopes she wins, but I won’t vote my heart out like I did for Adam. I would love to see Crystal win since she is a female and from my great state of OHIO. She is good, but nothing compared to my Adam. I don’t care about Adam’s sexuality. He is talented, sexy, and entertaining. I love a person who has energy and can work the crowd and the stage. None of them on this season are exciting. When Adam mentored and kept telling them that Elvis was a showman, they still did not listen. Adam is a showman and he can strut his stuff. I love him so much. He will be as famous as Elvis and MJ. YOU GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU.


  17. I watched this video again and now I think Simon made a “slip”because no one this season holds a candle to Adam.

  18. Priceless!

  19. Well, Adam still on everybody”s mind. That’s how great he is. Adam is ONE and ONLY.

  20. JEANENE says:


    • I do agree that some of the venues seem to be strange choices, Myrtle Beach in steamy July and ditto with Vegas but I really think that Adam had a say in what kind of venue he wanted and these places really reflect the kind of artist he is. Some of places have this gritty and burlesque atmosphere and that is really who he is, also people who have already been to some of the concerts say he really wants to be upclose and in real communication with his fans. I do understand people are leary of the General Admission in so many of the venues and those can be challenging in so may ways.
      I emailed two beautiful small theaters with regular seating in my City and told them to contact his mangement but nothing happened with that.
      At this point I am just happy that I will be attended two concerts!

    • Just got time to view some of the earlier posts. I believe Adam and his management probably understand the ecomony is hurting the music business. Just read where Xtina cancelled her tour (most likely due to poor sales) in large arenas. Everyone is touring during the summer months, Bon Jovi, etc. Adam starting out is testing the waters. Read he is planning on taking Glam Nation Tour out of US. Seems a smart move to build your audience and grow with its size. Everyone knows who he is and not likely to forget. The economy should have r’ecovered by now, it hasn’ t and the rest of the world seems to be following us down the tubes. Lets hope they will film parts of his tour in different places and put it on as a TV special or video. Makes sense just look at how the country has taken the musical Glee to it heart. We are ready for more music on TV. Listen up suits!

  21. DNSowles says:

    I love Adam so much!!!! He could sing the phone book in a hog lot and I would pay to see him!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I too am worried about having General Admission tickets. I have tickets for the Nokia Theater in New York and I hope I don’t have to sleep on the sidewalk to be able to get up front to see Adam. I would pay a good amount of money for front row seats, but sadly, alot of his concerts near me are all General Admission.

    About Simon’s slip – Simon is the smartest man on earth!

  23. LMFAO!! Saw this yesterday and am still wondering if he was just longing for the past (like the rest of us), still pissed at Adam not winning and making a deliberate “mistake” or just tripping??!!

  24. Donna 293 says:

    I’m a Christian too and voted 100’s of times for Adam. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you don’t recognize and appreciate real talent and enjoy the honest and brilliant person that Adam is. I’m also conservative and it doesn’t mean that I hate gay people. I don’t like being lumped in with people who are so prejudiced that they can’t see or hear the real person in front of them!!! I’m a fan of Adam’s and always will be!

    • Christians come in all shapes, sizes, and belief systems (don’t we know it!). Christianity to me means that you love your fellow man (and woman) as Jesus taught ,and I think Adam, while not Christian, is a pretty good example of that . Jesus WAS a Jew after all! And the common thread of us Adam fans is that we are all SMART and can recognize his wonderful soul along with his talent. Pretty non-denominational, I’d say. (Not to be all philosophical or anything…)

  25. Simon’s Freudian Slip (means you say what your are consiciously thinking) most likely was a part of the English humor, that American’s don’t always get. Since Simon deadpans everything he says, who can tell? Gives Adam’s fans something to talk about. I think Kris Allen must be on the final show in order to give A1 some validity. I believe having Adam as the first Idol mentor went well beyond any other statement or guest appearance could have done. It is what it is!!!! Looking forward to Simon’s new show, Xfactor. Hope they have a different method of choosing a winner. Too much controversy (bad kind) is sinking A1. Adam is a wonderful entertainer, doesn’t need all the other crap of again having to go head to head with Krs.