Simon Cowell says the competition might already be over, predicting Adam Lambert as the winner of American Idol Season 8 (watch it here). Some say Simon is being harsh with Adam to offset the competition like he was with David Cook at the beginning of Season 7. This show was aired on 3/17/09, the afternoon before Opry night and Adam Lambert’s performance of Ring of Fire. What do you think? Comment below or follow the thread on our Adam Lambert’s forum.




  1. Who cares if he wins or loses Adam is in a league of his own.He can sing it all Rock, Pop and Ballads whereas the others are so bland and boring.Like all idol contestants have been accept for David Cook.Adam has a great future ahead no matter what happens!!!

  2. I am just really glad he is on the show this year.. he is absolutely amazing…. and here I was worried that I wouldn’t like anyone on the show after David Cook brought his skillz through…

    I am a Huge Fan of David Cook and now also a Huge Fan of Adam Lambert…

    Can’t wait until I see him win….
    but the funny thing is… David Cook wouldn’t of had to have won… to enjoy the success he does today and neither would Adam… just like Daughtry, I also love their music, He will take it to the top with whatever he does…

  3. Adam, all I have to say is…WILL U MARRY ME?!?!?

  4. FrankieB says:

    In his position, Simon has to be aware of the international attention that Adam is already receiving. This has never happened with a previous contestant (even Kelly and Jordin who have gone on to win and have success abroad) in even a fraction of what it is happening with Adam.

    Adam is not just an exceptional voice and a great performer, he has that extra special something that makes a star.

  5. Yeah so Adam Lambert is pretty much my life.
    He is an amazing performer singing and dancing. I can honestly say that I dont think I have heard anyone sing better then Adam. He reminds me of a young Elvis. He will definatly win amarican idol this year. I am speachless.. when I watch him perform I am blowen right away .


  6. I have to be honest, I don’t like American Idol. The only reason I watch it is because of beautiful, beautiful Adam. No one compares to him. I can’t even tell you the names of the other contestants! I’ve been on the computer just listening to his songs and loving every second! I kinda really really wanna have his babies.

  7. I love Adam and if he gets voted off (which won’t happen I’ll make sure of it) I will stop watching American Idol (until next season of course). I am one of adam’s biggest fans (I mean who isn’t?) I love the song “Play that Funky Music” its my favorite.

  8. KATRINA says:


  9. Adam is annoying, stupid high pitched voice of his, ew.

    Danny Gokey, with ya boy.

  10. oh my god…adam lambert is my life. he got a handsome face, good voice….oh my god, am grateful to GOD for creating him 🙂

  11. Guess who is the big star on the AI tour?? ADAM LAMBERT rocks the house down EVERY single performance!! He is Freddie, Elvis and MJ all wrapped into one and our next world mega star. I live in Europe and he is much loved and appreciated here too, and this is only the beginning!

  12. noorglambert says:

    omg i love adam i cry when i listen to him i dont care if hes gay i just luv him lov him!!! he can change into a romantic to rock person i just lov him