Simon Cowell Admits on The Tonight Show “Adam Should’ve Won!!!”

We have all known since before the night of the American Idol Finale, when Kris Allen was announced the winner of Season 8, that Simon Cowell felt Adam Lambert should have won the title. Simon has always said the goal of American Idol is to find an international star. This is all being proven now in Australia as Adam is knocking them over left and right. But I’ve always wanted to hear something directly from Simon stating specifically that Adam was it. And now, thanks to the rebirth of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, we have that!

On last night’s show (March 8, 2010), Simon was very jovial and goofy as he sat with Jay dodging questions about his upcoming wedding. Jay even brought Simon’s fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy out from backstage to sit with him for a few minutes. After Mezhgan left, they began talking about the current Season 9 line-up and Simon stated he likes Crystal Bowersox. And then it happened. The conversation turned to past winners, and being the true Adam Lambert supporter that he is, Jay stated “It seemed like the people that come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, seem to shine and go on to produce more albums and do more things in show business than the #1 winners in the last few years. I mean Jennifer Hudson and of course Adam Lambert. . . ” and Jay continued. Simon answered with “. . . it becomes a popularity competition and that’s what I thought happened last year. I mean, I like the winner but I personally thought Adam should’ve won as an overall artist.”

I know it has made absolutely no difference in Adam’s huge success whether or not he was crowned the with the Idol title. And I’ve honestly let it go. But doesn’t it still feel good to hear what we all worked so hard for, directly from Simon’s mouth?

Watch and enjoy it for yourself. They begin talking about this with 1:05 left in the clip. Please be patient, it may take a few moments to load in.
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  1. Jackie, New Zealand says:

    It is great to hear this directly from Simon. When Chris won it made the show seem a farce to me. Adam so obviously was the best in every way, and not just from that season. I haven’t heard if Paula’s reasons for leaving the show have ever come out, but I do wonder if part of it was because of the ridiculous result. Anyway, Adam’s huge success proves what we all knew from the start!

    • AdamAddict says:

      It’s Kris not Chris.Awwww,poor Chris…I mean Kris 😛

    • Jackie, wher in NZ are you, I am in Hamlton. Did I see further back you were in Auclkand, if so which part?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Jackie is from Christchurch too (like me and Lisa), Jan. Sorry Jackie I shouldn’t be answering for you, just couldn’t help myself.

    • I personally think both Paula and Simon decide to leave the show is because they already found the best out there. To find some one to top Adam Lambert is not likely. Adam rocks the whole industry. Love you, Adam.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I am watching the new season of AI, and WTF!! Since Adam raised the bar so high, no one, I repeat, NO ONE can even do half of what he has done during his season. All these contestants SUCK!!!!

      • I totally agree, they found the superstar, no one else can compare, and I imagine going forward, after that, which was a major scew-up, it made it hard to continue,especially Paula, she LOVED ADAM and somewhat made them feel embarassed. No one will ever compare, he is the best of the best, always and forever, just don’t let it go your head.Please ADAM. LOVE YOU ADAM!

  2. I agree with you. It is nice to finally hear it. But that night I knew simon was pissed he didnt even clap when they said Kris was the winner.

    • simon WAS pissed when the outcome was announced. he saw $$$$$$ flying out of the window because he wouldn’t have a hand in managing adam’s career. his new show ‘the x factor” is different in that the judges will be mentoring and managing the contestants. susan Boyle is case in point. simon is involved with her career and her care. i’m sure he wishes adam had been on the x factor for the same reason. i’m glad adam is doing his own thing–superstar baby.

  3. Just brought back my memories…so depressed that night when they announced Kris was the winner……

  4. glamitup says:

    Anyone can see if they go back and watch the A.I. finale that Simons face told the story. While he liked Kris, you could just see it written on his face that he knew Adam should have won. To this day, I can not watch that announcement of the winner. I always cover my ears and close my eyes or else fast forward through that part although I remember the pure joy on Adams face when Kris won. He has always been a class act and that’s why we will always love him! If Adam had to “lose” to someone, I am glad it was Kris.

  5. I have never been so let down as the night they announced Kris. I put my all into Adam just like all of us had. And after that let down, came the knowing we wouldn’t see Adam on TV every week. Just too many let downs.

  6. Glenda #1946 says:

    Finally the truth….thanks Simon……we ALREADY knew it!!!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    It shown in Simon face when Ryan announced Kris won.So obvious simon wants Adam to win,that’s why he kept reminding us to vote for adam and not just assume he will win.and I remember when the paparazi asked him about it after the show over,he said something like “that’s the show all about,it’s surprised us” Something like that.But whatever,Adam is superstar now either won or runner up.i’m just thankful that it wasn’t Gokey who win.I will traumatized fo sho 0_o

  8. Yay go Simon, saying out loud to all America what we already know, its good to have it validated. But still in the long run maybe Adam is better off more able to do his own thing, and still have the exposure Idol gave him. I think in the end maybe it was “The Universe”as Adam says looking out for him.

  9. There was never any doubt in my mind that Adam was the best performer overall, which he has shown since AI ended last year. In my opinion, Adam did win and it was nice to hear Simon Cowell finally admit it!

  10. Glad to hear his admission. Otherwise, His the BIG Winner! of them all!!! I may sound bias but it’s a concensus! Enough said 😉

  11. When Adam and Kris were singing on the finale together, the difference between the two of them was obvious to anyone who has ears. Each time Adam followed Kris in their singing of WE ARE the CHAMPIONS, Adam’s voice sent chills up my spine and his powerful, beautiful voice soared in such deep contrast to Kris’ voice. I don’t dislike Kris at all; I do feel sorry that the title was given to him and so many realize that it belonged to Adam. Kris shouldn’t have been put in such an awkward position.

    • Lorraine i SO agree with you! I love listening to the 2 songs that Kris and Adam did with Kiss and Queen because i love hearing Adam belt out his lines as opposed to Kris squeeking out his!!
      American Idol just isn’t the same this year without Adam. I’m enjoying it but I will NEVER vote again until they change the voting policy.
      They MUST limit the number of times people can vote, otherwise the same travesty will happen again. And again. And again.
      It’s ridiculous!

  12. LINDA HOLMES says:


  13. For me, it don’t matter ‘coz in both cases Adam will still be the big deal, if I were in Kris allen position I wouldn’t be auditioning for Idol till I create new things in my mind that could surprise people..also I would feel so jealous from Adam even if I’m the winner..right?

  14. If I were in kis allen position I would feel a little jealous because Adam has really proved himself through his album sales and appearences, I bit kris is not THAT happy for the title

  15. I do love kris allen but I don’t admire him…he hasn’t entertained me

  16. Evette #419 says:

    ADAM doesn’t need a title. Jay is correct ADAM is doing phenomonal just like the other “runner ups” he mentioned!

  17. Jane Parker says:

    This we have known all along about our Adam!!

  18. i cant belive adam dont talk about writing song in his album in australia.he write 4 song but the keep talking like adam coping other artist like pink and extra.

  19. Thanks for this as I do not watch Jay he sucks.

  20. Finally!!! I have been waiting so long to hear this! That night was so dark–especially when we couldn’t get through to vote for Adam. We got through only 6 times out of hundreds of tries! I’m so proud of Adam!

  21. Libraglam says:

    Oh I love to hear from Simon that Adam should have won. I kept click back and forth to hear it, cuz everytime it gave me so good feeelings ! Yes finally, we can hear Simon specifically acknowledge it : He has crowned Adam as American Idol ! Hurray !! Yes Yes…I just wait til this day.

  22. OMG!!!! It doesn’t surprise me at all that Simon thinks that!!! WE WERE ALL THINKING IT!!! We’re all STILL thinking!!! It does surprise me that Simon said it out loud!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam, and agree that he should have won! BUT! I don’t think that it was appropriate to say it out loud! Kris (YES, KRIS, NOT CHRIS) probably felt SO bad if he saw this!!! And Kris IS such a good guy!!! I didn’t buy Kris’ C.D., but c’mon!!! He’s not a bad guy!!!!! Some class Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!


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