Shopping Spree…Weee!

“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was spotted shopping with friend Drake at Kitson Men in Los Angeles. ET reveals what’s inside those shopping bags.

Kitson staff tells ET Adam and friend were “cordial and nice” as they shopped. Lambert is said to have purchased a Marc Jacobs blazer for Drake.



I would love to see what is inside Kitson for Men in Los Angeles!  And you never know who you might run in to while shopping there…  We all know Adam loves some good fashion and accessories.

Apparently, Adam purchased a blazer for his friend, Drake.  Looks like the guy could use one!


  1. cmhagey says:

    Don’t hate me, but I’m also glad he got a blazer for Drake. We saw him sitting with Adam’s parents for many of the Idol shows. And he always was wearing a “wife beater.” Not my favorite look for a night-time show. Even if it was filmed at 5 PM, PST.

  2. Looks like Drake needs a pair of shoes as well.

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    • Star Catcher says:

      Nah, everybody loves neon green flip flops! But yeah, I think Drake needs some style tips from Adam. Personally, wife beaters are a rather disturbing memory for me. I almost got jumped by a guy wearing one. -Shudders-

      Who cares anyways? The point is Adam is being a nice person, like we all knew he was. So there. XD

  3. Is it me or does this Drake guy just look “funny”??? Yeah, he should put on that blazer ASAP!!! Maybe it’ll help him out a bit. But hey, if Adam likes him, I love him. Just not NEARLY as much as I love Adam though!!! I guess I’m not up on my Adamness since I never knew about Drake much less noticed him sitting next to his parents. I guess this solidly means he’s gay. I thought he might be Bi since I saw a couple photos of him with and kissing girls too. But, Oh Well. I’m glad to see Adam out-n-about shopping and just enjoying himself and the company he keeps rather than sitting at home or some other undisclosed location only to pop out for tour dates. He’s always said that he knows who he is, I guess it’s time he let us know who/what he is too!

  4. “Adam and friend” xDD this makes me lol

    • ADAM…ADAM… ADAM…. like what Ryan Seacrest said: always entertaining… But that Drake? He looks more like a male maid to Adam than a boyfriend (or girlfriend?)…

  5. I think sometimes people forget, or perhaps do not know, what it is to be a gay man. Adam is attracted to Drake in a different way….maybe he loves the tank tops because Drake’s shoulders are showing…Wonder what Adam finds sexy in his partner? At any rate, I hope that Drake is a strong person and can handle the paparazzi and all that being with Adam will bring.

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  7. Deborah says:

    Just be happy Adam. ..keep being real..and just keep being you.

    We adore you ( I do for sure!!) and will support you in whatever way we can.


  8. I dunno… I hope Drake has a great personality, ’cause his fashion sense… ugh! The guy is wearing NEON GREEN FLIP FLOPS! BLECK!!! The tank top is bad enough, but flip flops???? That’s just bad fashion on anyone.

    <333 Adam!!

    • are you kidding??

      I love those neon green flip-flops… that’s style right there!!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Agree dreamsound – flip-flops on guys to me are great, and the neon green makes them really chic, so much better than the black or brown bland ones. Also, the other picks of them out at night, he wore Gucci belts in both pics I saw, which made him look super hot.

  9. Leticia says:

    I don’t know why some find Drake hot – well everyone has different tastes but I don’t find Drake hot at all! Was he the one who was sitting with his mom during Ring of Fire? He does not look like that guy at all. I don’t remember this guy in any of Adam’s performances. Drake does look funny and kind of sloppy, so different from Adam who likes to dress up! Well, guess I will never understand how gays are attracted to each other!

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of just how ‘gays’ are attracted to each other. It is all a matter of personal taste – and personality makes a HUGE difference. Haven’t you ever been with someone that wasn’t physically ‘perfect’, but who they were made them attractive to you? I’m guessing there is a lot of bonding on other levels between these two because from what I’ve heard in reports – Adam isn’t just casually dating him – he’s in love!!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Leticia, just to be clear, I don’t find Drake hot at all. Just think people are being a little too critical. Actually, he reminds me of Kris in the looks department.

  10. I wonder if Kitson’s will see an increase in sales because people now know that Adam shops there? I When I saw Drake in the Idol audience I knew immediately that he was Adam’s BF. Also, I noticed his clothes then and thought, “hum, he’s not dressed very nicely” haha.

  11. marlis hanson says:

    Adam needs to buy him a new pair of boots also. The ones Drake was wearing when they left Guys and Dolls were falling apart. Heck, even Adam needs some new stuff–does anyone but me notice that he wears the same 3-4 outfits over and over? This is the jacket he wore in San Diego for the “homecoming” thing. But, he has JUST become famous, and says that he did the local theater thing to pay the rent–I don’t think he made a lot of money before, and living in Holly wood is, of course, very expensive. So now he can buy himself some new clothes as well, isnce he has mor emoney. Oh–in addition to needing a manager (me!), who hires his handler, his driver, his assistant, etc. (which I mentioned in a different post), I will also hire a stylist for him to purchase his clothes for him so he does not need to do this–he can if he wants, but he will be too busy soon!!

  12. marlis hanson says:

    On the ‘what does Adam find attractive in this guy?’ side of things, boy, I really want to know, also! I had a previous idea–Adam has said that his proudest moment was the first time he fell in love. Was that with Drake? Or a previous BF? Let’s assume it was with Drake. (I think it was with someone else as he said he was 25, maybe he said 24, and he is now 27, and I don’t think he has been with Drake for 2 years). Anywhooo–so now he can write a song to let us all know what he sees in him, and what it felt like for HIM to fall in love. We know what it feels like for us… He is so articulate, he will be able to help us understand ‘gay love.’ I DO think he can change the world with this concept. We can all become more open to everything different. Which I will be the first to admit, I don’t really understand gay love–especially since I, too, cmhagey, saw Drake sitting next to Adam’s parents with his underarm hair sticking out and thought ‘ewww.’

    • AdamAddict says:

      Believe it or not, I’m laughing very hard now.There’s tears coming out,seriously! There’s so many things to see and you only saw the thing that sticking out??!! LOL!!!
      Oh gosh,I can’t stop laughing,HELP!!! LOL!!
      BTW,he said he’s still single in 1 of his interview.This question was asked by 1 of his fan but not asked directly by fan.He’s wearing blue shirt and tie and he hasn’t got a haircut yet.I think he said something like “Yes,I’m single,grrr!!”So,this Drake guy can’t be his BF,right? You know,just thinking because I got nothing else to do! 🙂

      • lamberghini says:

        Adam fell in love with Brad Bell or Cheeks (you can find him at gocheeksgo. He makes youtube videos that are absolutely hilarious. Brad is the one that Adam is kissing in all the photos that came out while Adam was on Idol.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          BTW – just thinking, since you know so much about the photos that came out – I am wondering do you know who was the photographer of the Kissing photo? Just curious.

          • AdamAddict says:

            I’m thinking the same think,really! the one who took the photo(probably his friend) but who posted it? I mean it can’t be his friends who posted it,right? Why they want to do that expecially when Adam still early in A.I? Friends won’t do that to friends,right?The photos got stolen or something?
            I wonder for a long time but you know,since I already love Adam no matter what so….i don’t care, but just curious??!!

    • louise gibson says:

      I saw Drake sitting with Adam’s parents in the audience, he had on the wife beater shirt with suspenders & when the camera was on him, he waved. I thought that was very disrespectful to Adam. I dont like him for that. I think he is hanging after Adam for his future money & fame, Drake, go back to Louisiana where you belong. I feel you are using Adam, wearing your worn out shirt, Adam has worked hard just to make ends meet in the past years, and before long, he wont be having to make ends meet with the amount of money he will be making. He certainly dont need to be spending it on something like you. I, for one can see the unhappiness in Adam’s face, even in some songs he sings, even tho, he has a wonderful voice. & i watch his video’s daily, especially the Finale video, with Kiss & Queen, I also love the Skit of all 8 of the guys singing Rod Stewarts, If you think i’m sexy, I think that is so great, it is just too short, they need to sing a few more verses of it

  13. Salmypal says:

    Love this picture. Sooooooooo Cool. It seems they are finally starting to except that they are under a microscope right now. If Adam would have answered the question at the beginning instead of leaving it up to guess work then He wouldn’t be getting all this attention. I’m glad he is. I want him to be out there until his new CD comes out so people do not forget how great he is as a performer. I think Adam and Drake look great together. Drake seems like a great guy. This craziness will pass and they will soon be able to get on with their lives together. For now they could have fun with all this attention and the fame that will come Adams way as well. He knows without us he wouldn’t be where he is, as well as we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful talents he has if he had not put himself forth for us to see. We are all a teem. We the supporters and Adam the performer, and he supports us with his performances. I’m sure that Drake has been great support for Adam tooo. Love you guys. Thanks for being great sports about all this.

  14. schizoidglambert says:

    ADAM is everythg i luv in a guy…..n Drake is well pretty much wat i don’t lyk lol….i’m sure hez a nice guy though (he must be SUPER-COOL if ADAM lyks him) I just really dont’ get his dressing/under-dressing haha. 1st tym i saw him was on disco nyt n i was lyk wtf ADAM’s friend needs 2 go shop n dat ADAM shud help him out … dis pic really cracked me up! LOL i read on another site DrAke was being compared 2 SHIA LaBEOUF HAHAHA n i agree he does kinda luk lyk him…

  15. Kat4Adam says:

    I have seen pics of Drake and he never smiles. Adam always has a smile, and what a breath of fresh air it is. It would be in Adams best interest if he did groom Drake and remind him to smile for the camera.. The green flip flops need to be for the beach or home. I’m sure he has not been in the public eye like he is now and will be if he stays with Adam. I agree if he is going to stay with Adam he will need to be a strong and self confident person.
    I love ya Adam for your gift of music and being true to yourself. Maybe now that he is out and about the questions will stop and let’s get back to helping him becoming the successful artist he is and deserves to be. I will support him for his music and his private life should remain just that. “private”
    BTW the eye brow raising at the end of Beth was the sexiest move he has ever made!!! I am a 60 years young Grandma and Adam is the 1st person I have been this excited about since my teen years! I am a closet Adam lover. My family has no idea I can’t get enough of his music and hearing about his life in music, interviews etc. They know I like him but do not know I am addicted.

    • I agree with you, Kat. I am 59 and feel as you do. My three 20-something sons just shake their heads about it! I have played Mad World enough times that my husband has picked up the words and starts to sing along LOL!! I haven’t been this excited about someone musically since I first heard and saw the Beatles.

  16. I don’t know. Drake seems pretty lick……likable to me.

    • Sure he is lick….able, but I prefer Cheeks! I found him through Adam of course and have been following his news since then.

  17. adamfanatic says:

    I personally found cheeks (thats brad bell 2 sum ppl) more interestin and attractive. i just don’t get wat Adam sees in this guy. They seem like bipolar opposites to me!! Anyway, if Adam’s happy then I guess it’s ok……….. I’ll just have to liv wit dis 4 a wile……. *sniffs*

    • I know – I was just warming up to the idea of Adam + Brad because Brad was super cute and hilarious/witty! I was hoping they were still a couple – they looked so happy together in pictures. se la vi. loving Adam is such a roller coaster isn’t it??? i’m too attached to all of this – but I can’t help it!!

      • lamberghini says:

        I thought Brad and Adam were a perfect pair in their amazing costumes on their evenings out. I guess it’s hard on a relationship to have two divas. Brad is certainly a belle of the ball, and we know Adam is. Maybe too much competition or jealousy.

  18. I say Lucky Drake!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I say screw you Drake!
      No,just kidding! I can’t hate people who loves Adam and who Adam loves! 🙂

  19. Adam Lambert is an exciting talent who is about to take the world by storm. What saddens me is the propensity and eagerness of some to put people into labeled boxes, racial and sexual. This constant curiosity about Adam Lambert’s sexual orientation is just plain boring and borders almost on a sick preoccupation. Is there nothing better to do with our lives than try to uncover salacious details of someone’s sex life? Give me a break! What has it to do with Adam’s professional life?

    I am a female whose sexual preference is my own business. I do not discuss it or announce it to anyone. I would never inquire of anybody details of what they do in their bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. So why do some people think that Adam is fair game because he is in the public eye? Doesn’t he deserve the same right to privacy that we reserve for our own friends and families? He’s not running for public office and he is not hurting anyone. Leave him alone and lay off the innuendoes and outright slurs.

    Adam Lambert has the same calm dignity (and sense of fun) that I see in President Obama. Both men have high intelligence and both will, I believe, change the world in various ways. I am not romanticizing them. I am simply stating the obvious.

    I hope Adam does not give in to pressure.

    Love from Suzanne XO

    • I agree, Suzanne. I mentioned on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that I believe Adam has the ability to transform the world as does Obama. Both of them have doen their soulsearching.
      I guess the world was falling asleep from the BlahBlahBlah of straight white men and now is waking up to a Brand New Day!


  20. Good for adam and lucky Drake
    i love adam¡¡¡¡¡

  21. Hey Glamberts – I’m not really liking the posts that are questioning Adam’s bf. Far be it for us to start critiquing Adam’s choice of partner! Whether you think he’s ‘hot’ or not, dressed well or is ‘good enough’ for Adam is not for us to say (we don’t know Drake). Adam – as we are all aware – knows what he is doing and this guy must be very special to have caught his attention so much. They are both big boys and can handle themselves and their relationship perfectly without everybody’s two cents – least of all the people who are supposed to be supporting Adam the most.

    I’m just so glad he felt he could finally do this!

  22. JRZGRL1 says:

    Let’s not pick on Drake – if Drake is Adam’s love, he’s our love too. I can hardly wait to see Adam on 8/1. It’s going to be fabulous I am wagering that the audience is going to go absolutely nuts when Adam appears. And I’m going to be one of the people who goes nuts.

  23. JRZGRL1 says:

    Suzanne, I very much like what you have said about the inappropriate emphasis that is being placed on Adam’s sexual orientation. At the same time, I am also angry that Adam was apparently asked (in a concrete contractual way) not to talk about his personal life while he was on American Idol. Yet we knew all about Sophia Gokey & Katy (I think I’m spelling her name correctly) Allen. Some day (I hope) there will be universal tolerance and respect. But we are certainly not there yet. In the meantime, though, Adam is awesome, amazing, incredible, beautiful, sexy, talented, creative, smart, funny….OK, I’ll stop for now – but you all know I could keep going with these adjectives.

  24. adamfancajungirl says:

    If Drake is the person that Adam chooses to be with then I’m happy for both of them. Adam deserves to be happy. I will always be a fan no matter what. I watch all his videos everyday and I think he is the best singer I’ve heard in a long time. I will buy his CD as soon as it comes out. I hope to see him in concert someday.

  25. glambertfan says:

    This world no conception of privacy..just check the newest youtube about adam lambert and vote for the digging every inch of celebrity’s will not surprise me if tomorrow I saw some photos about what happens on adam’s bedroom.paparozzo is everywhere.

  26. SheaGlambert says:

    He’s SKINNY! Drake I mean. He’s a little toothpick compared to Adam. Not sayng that Adam isn’t skinny, but Adam is a big, tall boy, and Drake is so little! But whatever, he’s a cutie pi, and Adam obviously likes him.

  27. donna ferrara says:

    I am saddened when I read negativity directed towards celebrities. I wish it would stop because it’s hurtful and nobody likes to be put down. I look for updates on Adam because I really like him. He doesn’t share details about his personal life because it’s personal. Celebrities are people too and they deserve respect and love. They are entertainers and yet some people don’t appreciate the value of that. Imagine a world without entertainment, I wouldn’t want to live in it!

  28. tinyteena1 says:

    lambeghini-how do you know so much about Adam-did you know him personally before AI?


  30. AdamAddict says:

    I don’t think Drake is Adam’s boyfriend and I don’t think Cheek is Adam’s boyfriend either! Adam is an actor,how about Cheek? Is he? Maybe they practiced a scene or something and just to make memorable,they took a picture??!!
    When they really kissed not just “tongue touched”,they had make up on and Adam with this purple hair,so just thinking…maybe Adam never had been gay!!
    But again,let me say this,I love Adam no matter what! This is just my opinion! Got nothing else better to do then thinking and missing our darling Adam!