Set List For Fantasy Springs

Whether you are lucky enough to be going OR just saving up for when he gets a little closer to you, here is a sneak peek at the set list for Saturday nights concert at Fantasy Springs:

Going to Adam Lambert’s show at Fantasy Springs? Curious about his set list? Thanks to Twitter, we have a sneak peak of what Adam will be singing! Check out the picture below!




  1. Happy for all of you that are going to see Adam at Fantasy Springs…..envious, also. I will be waiting anxiously to hear all the news about this fantastic event. Love to Adam and all of you.

    • I feel guilty for being jealous……especially when I see how far some of you are traveling to see him. I have done no live shows but thanks to all you wonderful glams, get to see so much on Youtube. Hoping that you get to take videos. I am kind of surprised how open every venue has been on cameras! Love you fans. We’ll be with you. Have a blast!!

  2. Yay, “Master Plan” live!

  3. I can’t wait!!! Leaving to drive over from Phoenix tomorrow morning. Looking forward to meeting all the other Glambs too at the pre-show party.

    • Hi Diane,
      We can’t wait to meet you! Please check the just-posted article about Fantasy Springs. We want everyone going to leave a post for the others! 🙂
      See you soon!

  4. I heard he has 2 hours so there will probably be some other songs as well. I can’t wait!! I live in CA so we will be driving over on Saturday. Thank you for posting!!

  5. Not that I’m gonna be there… but I’d really like to hear him sing Pick U Up live;p That song is really fun=)

    • eilo, I’m with you on this. I thought the same thing when I saw the playlist. I love Pick U Up!! It seems to get passed over, but it’s one of my favorites and no one ever seems to mention it. It IS fun and a real “feel good” song. Especially love hearing his cute little laugh at the end!

  6. I wish so much that he would do my favorite song from his cd…I love them all but Broken Open is a masterpiece, so moving…so beautiful…When it comes on I feel myself just wanting to curl up my couch and chill….He has said that the song is very personal to him…wondering if that is why he has not done it on stage…What we need to do is when he appears on Idol (Idol put him on…..a travesty if not) he should do this song…..It would be another Mad World….but even bigger success…have a back drop or stage set of trees and fog…mystical lighting …maybe some dancers doing lyrical dance…very stripped down performance….no one will forget it….With the added fact that he wrote this …it would be huge!!!

    • Judy Lushman says:

      He suppose to have sang broken up when he performed on VH1. When are we going to see his performances from that? So far, all they are showing us is the interview and him introducing his song #1 – Yeah!!

  7. There’s a not-so-little green monster sitting on my shoulder right now! To the lucky few: Have a blast and just sett that inner glamrocker free!

  8. OMG…my mom and I are soooooo excited for the 27th at Fantasy Springs…Adam Live….can hardly wait. We saw him with Americon Idol Live in Ontario and it was awesome….almost missed this as we didn’t know about the tickets but my mom heard about it and we went online to barely get inside – I don’t care where we sit….I’d stand on the roof looking through the skylight to see him live. My mom had cataract surgery on Thursday (25th) and when they were setting it up her biggest worry was the concert on the 27th…..Adam takes priority!!!! LOL My mom is retired…I work at a community college and we both play Adam’s CD’s over and over and over….I could never get tired of that voice – INCREDIBLE!!! Looking forward to the glam party before the concert and then the event!!!!! Yeah Adam!!!!!!!!!!! Just count my mom and I in as ‘glamrocker’ fans!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL!!! Stand on the roof looking through the skylight!! You are too funny, Catherine! Sounds like you and your mom are Superfans! How cool and special that you can share a love of Adam with your mother. Have a great time at the concert, you lucky dogs!!!

  9. You are all so lucky!!!
    I can’t wait to see Adam live again. Haven’t seen him since he came here to his old high school.
    Have a great time all, enjoy it for all of us!!! 🙂

  10. You guys are so lucky!! I saw him in concert here in Connecticut and live when he was on The Morning Show, but couldn’t get tix for his NYC concerts.
    And to make matters worse, i’ll be in London the first week of May and he’s there the last week of April!!!! (Maybe he’ll stay longer for a little R & R!)
    Have fun at the concerts and let us know EVERY little detail!!!!!

  11. Judy Lushman says:

    Some one please, please videotape this concert for all his unfortunate fans who cannot attend. I live in Canada, as far east in Canada as you get, Newfoundland, so I would appreciate any of the songs that Adam sings videotaped. Thanks so much.

  12. Judy Lushman says:

    Yeah!! “Masterplan” and “Loaded Smile.” These two he has not sang yet. It would be great to hear him sing especially Masterplan. This song will get the audience going.

  13. I was hoping for Broken Open, too – love that ballad; but hey – we are in for a blast. JMAC – It is my understanding (from someone in Admin @ Fantasy Springs) that Adam is contracted for one hour only — so hope none of you are disappointed. It will fly by fast, that’s for sure. I would assume there will be an opening act but I haven’t heard that confirmed.

    • That’s odd about the one hour contract. I spoke to someone at Fantasy Springs, and was told it would be at least one and a half hours.

  14. Helaine Ferebee says:

    I’m going and I can’t wait!!! We’re going to be in row V V, seat 14 & 15 – hope to see all the Glamberts there!!

  15. I can’t wait to hear him sing live! Fantasy Springs will be the first for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Aaawww! I was hoping he’d do Wild Horses.


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