San Diego July 30 Pre-Concert Party (Right in front of the Symphony Hall) at 5:30pm

San Diego fans! (and others coming to San Diego):

We will be hosting an informal pre-concert party this coming Friday July 30. I live in the Vantage Pointe Building right in front of the Symphony Hall (that is literally across the street) in downtown San Diego. We can get together at the lobby of my building between 5:30pm and 6:00pm. After that we will head to the 3rd floor where we will have a bar area with big screen TVs and also a lounge area with a pool table available to us in the building (pictures below).

Whether 2 people show up or 50 it will be fun! We can hang out, talk about Adam, play pool and have some drinks while we wait for the concert. Around 7:15pm we will walk across the street and get in line for the event at the Symphony Hall.

If you are of age, please BYOB and drinks. You will not have to drive until after the concert. If you plan on attending RSVP on the comments below. We also have the option to go in the rooftop swimming pool of the building starting at 4pm. There are lockers available for you to get changed. Let us know if this would be something you are interested in doing and we will take it from there.

NOTE: If you still don’t have tickets, there are last minute tickets available starting at $10!!! Check the link below :

July 30, 2010
San Diego, CA, Symphony Hall
Glam Nation Tour
Purchase Event Tickets

Map of the location below (look for the V). The address is: 1281 9th Avenue, San Diego CA 92101


Please park in the Symphony Hall paid parking lot, they have 2400 spaces available and walk to the entrance of the Vantage Pointe Building (can’t miss it! 🙂 ). You will see us hanging out outside until 6pm. 

(After 6pm I will need someone’s help to open the door for people arriving late and walking them to the ammenities on the 3rd floor. Please let me know if you can help and we can take turns doing this.)

We look forward to hear from you!




Fernando (Dreamsound) GLAMB #1



  2. Fernando you guys are so lucky, I am living each concert thru all thegreat videos and comments, hope you guys have the best of times together, Still living in hope Adam will make it down here to NZ.. Looking forward to all your comments and stories, when you settle back down, which I imagine will take a few days at least.
    The venue you are all going to meet at looks wonderful, Do you think Adams Dad will be there he is in San Diego isnt he?

  3. sounds like much fun!!

  4. Deb #606 says:

    Tickets still available?? How can that be? Why is San Diego not SOLD OUT?? Too bad the scalpers bought them up so fast and re-priced them so high. I paid $135 each for two $45 face value tickets. Unfortunately Adam doesn’t receive any of that difference. Maybe we should have waited until the last minute to see if the tickets prices came down.

    • buffy522 says:

      I finally, finally got to see him in San Francisco! But I’m in Texas. The prices came way down just before the show. There were the usual stories of people giving away prime, I mean the best reserved seats outside the venue and others that were just cheap. I think a sell online is good for people who just can’t make the show. but I had no idea that this scalper industry existed. It is so wrong. It is actually illegal, but just goes on. It’s like winning a lottery to get a good seat on Ticketmasters! But have fun and enjoy this San Diego treat. I know he will want to put on a good one.

    • San Diego is sold out but a lot of those people that took all the tickets bought so many that are now giving them away.

  5. Debbi and Martin Brooks says:

    Hi Fernando;

    We live in SD too. We will look forward to seeing you before Adam’s concert. It’s possible we might be able to help you at the door. But either way should be fun! M and D Brooks WitchyAngel #641

  6. Arielle says:

    Maybe me and my mom will come 🙂

  7. How fun!!! My daughter and her boyfriend will be coming to your pre-concert party, still hoping somehow I’ll be able to make it as well, sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you! 🙂

  8. Jane Parker says:

    You all have a GLAMB BALL!!

  9. kat23morg says:
    • Thanks for posting the link to that article. That was such a good write-up. i always enjoy reading about Adam and what other people think of him.

      Thanks Again!

  10. I’m a bit errr under-employed at this time and don’t yet have a ticket. Love the link you posted, but they won’t do a will-call pick up at the window, so the perfect $17 ticket I found will cost me $50, which is beyond budget for me. 🙁 Anyone have an extra ticket?

  11. danagram says:

    Glamb #626

    So happy to hear about the meet. My daughter and I will be there.
    Thanks for offering this. Was and the concert last night and going tonight!

  12. gran4adam says:

    I am planning on attending.

  13. Hello everyone. I have two tickets for the upcoming August 7th concert at Hammons Hall in Springfield, MO. I am unable to go =( I wanted to sell the two tickets that are in row P seats 1 and 2. If anyone’s interested please reply to this post. Thanks! Glam Nation 2010!

  14. You guys are soooo lucky! The venue where you’ll be meeting looks fab, too! Sounds like so much fun – I’m living the Glam Nation Tour through the great vids you guys post, so thanks again for those! But I’ve started thinking I might have to come to the US, because I don’t think I can wait to see Adam in the UK, which of course, I’m looking forward to immensely!

  15. My husband and I are both planning to attend the party! Thank you so much – can’t wait!

  16. cmhagey says:

    If you’re going to the San Diego concert, it’s probably starting 30 minutes early. See the posted article about this! Don’t want you to miss anything!

  17. Tamara Wiehe says:

    I will ABSOLUTELY be there. I’m sooo excited. See you there.

    Glambert_love – #666

  18. Fernando–what a gracious, generous offer to get us in the concert spirit! I will definitely be there, probably after 6, though. Would love to take a dip in the pool first too, but the hair will simply not allow it! Looks like a lovely venue to take photos of us!

  19. MY GOSH THIS IS GREAT FERNANDO ! I miss you all, my Glamb brothers and sisters. I would have like to come to this great place and share what we have for Adam. But I’ll be there in spirit. I’ve been really busy. Our province had been declared a calamity area with DENGUE OUTBREAK. LOVE YOU ALL GUYS. HAVE A GREAT TIME !!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thank you so much for posting this, I am attending alone and would love to meet up with other fans. I will be there!

  21. Thank you so much!!! 4 of us will show up!! Prob 6ish

  22. Lovinlambert says:

    Put me down for two! I will have an Adam concert virgin with me! Woohoo!

  23. WOW! I wish I can join the party and see Adam!

  24. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I will be there with a friend. Thanks for hosting this. And, does the show start at 730 now instead of 8 because of Allison being added?

  25. Extra single ticket available, no charge. Left Mezz Row F.
    Send email by 10 am Friday.
    Not checking email after then, will be on the road.

  26. Larissa says:

    Hi, I have never posted here before but want to join you all before the concert. I am also going stag so would love to meet some peeps that love Adam Thanks, Larissa

  27. Hello all!
    I am a long time lurker would love to met some localsA!!!! My DD and I are “Adam concert virgins”…I can hardly contain my excitment!!! If possible we would love to come…we are going to try and make it…if everything works out…by 5:30…if it is OK… This is so cool

    • Oops…I am so sorry…did not know I doubled up. Please delete this one..I was correcting something and Bam…bad fingers! What a way to start…Liz

  28. Hello all!
    I am a long time lurker would love to met some locals!!!! My DD and I are “Adam concert virgins”…I can hardly contain my excitement!!! If possible we would love to come…we are going to try and make it…if everything works out…by 5:30…if it is OK… This is so cool

  29. stinger & Ali & Tyler says:

    We are head down from Fallbrook but will get there a bit late but we hope to see everyone there !!!!

  30. Thank you Fernando for such a great party! We all met new friends and enjoyed the concert together. Adam was flawless. We got both Mad World and WLL as the encore. I melted in my seat.

    I got home safe and sound after Brian (eye candy hunk) and his girlfriend and her mom dropped me at my car. I qualify for concert idiot after parking at the wrong venue! If I hadn’t gone to Fernando’s I would have been in some line 5 blocks from the concert. Great to meet all of you. See you again I hope.

  31. where is adam nothing since 7 27 2010 Imiss him

  32. Jeanne D says:

    I am planning to attend with my son, who also loves Adam. We are coming from AZ and still trying to find a nice hotel in good area at reasonable price. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
    Glamb #411

  33. Any of the 4 star hotels in downtown San Diego are good. You can find them at 3 star hotel prices in websites like

  34. Try – you can often find very nice accomodations and a good price.

  35. gran4adam says:

    I am staying at the Days Inn, only 0.2 miles from the theater. It has good reviews and is reasonable.

  36. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Try hotels in “Hotel Circle”, although you’ll have to catch a cab to the venue. The hotels in the downtown area are pretty pricey.


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