San Diego Idol Tour – Was It Really What I Was Expecting??

Our concert was not going to be just getting some cool clothes and going to the show. Noooooo! We had so much to do to get ready for this most amazing reappearance of San Diego’s “Hot Rock God” (HRG). In case there are any doubts who I’m referring to, nah – – I don’t need to finish that sentence, do I?

My partner in crime for the show was Lila, my new BFF that I met at the Homecoming activities and is a Fan Club Leader on this web site also. Be sure to read the article on this web site called “Getting Ready for the San Diego Concert – OR – How I Kissed the Striped Pants” for more details. I won’t bore you and repeat that here. Or at least, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum!

Our plans for the day were to start getting ready together around 11 AM. Luckily Lila’s husband and kids were up visiting relatives in San Bernardino that day and my husband was off on a fishing tournament, so we had the whole day to ourselves. After all, we needed to collect all of our glitter posters, extra glitter for our Glitterazzi assault on The Sports Arena, glitter makeup for later application, make sure our hair was good, share any pieces of jewelry that would enhance our outfits (okay, I had to borrow Lila’s – not the other way around!), pack our chairs, umbrella and cooler, and bring our magazines for signing.

Our hard work!

Lila wanted him to sign a Rolling Stone and hopefully her “Feathers, Glitter and Leather . . . Oh My!” poster, and I wanted him to sign the People magazine that had a picture of Adam and me taken at the radio station on Homecoming morning. Adam was signing my CD of his Idol and pre-Idol work, and I asked him if he got my gift (engraved Ice Cream Dipper). He looked right at me with those incredible eyes and said “Yes, I love it!” This pause in the morning rush was long enough for photographers to get a great shot of him. Lila’s in the picture too because she was shooting it from the other angle. We thought it would be a great idea to get a picture of Adam signing a picture of himself when he was signing something for me! Talk about coming full circle!

I’m holding my People magazine for him to sign. “Our” picture is the lower one.

We’d heard that the busses arrive around 2 PM, and then the Idols come out and sign autographs and take pictures with the fans before going in to get ready for the show. We thought our 1 PM arrival would give us an up-front space in the crowd. Would it be 20 or 200? With San Diego you have no way of knowing. We decided at last minute to print up some Glambs’ business cards so we could give them out to other fans of HRG at the Arena. We arrived at 1:25 PM, and noticed the sign – Event Parking $20 – with no in/out privileges, but they weren’t charging yet. Phew. I glance up and look in my rear-view mirror. HOLY CRAP – the tour busses are RIGHT BEHIND US!! We have to park quickly and get out so we can get our autographs and take pictures!! We parked in the closest space and attempted to go through the area where the busses are now parked to reach the fan area. Picture a round building with the parking surrounding it in a complete circle. Now picture a clock. We were at 2 PM, the busses were at 1 PM and the crowd was at 12 PM. There was no way security was letting us cut through. We grab our cameras and magazines, and take off running from 2 PM – 12PM – no easy feat in Lila’s new studded 4” heels and my new gun metal sandals that hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks!


The Tour busses – all shiny and bright.Photobucket

We hurried to the other side, and found about 50 people waiting. We went up to the front of the flimsy barricade (some saw horses joined by a string of vinyl flags) and pulled out our magazines and cameras and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. Then some staff people started selling 8×10 pictures of Adam to the crowd for $5 each. Lila bought one. They finally started bringing pictures of the others for sale, but it was clear who the favorite was.

No one got off the busses for what seemed like forever. And when they did, it was just some of the “other 9”. You know, Danny, Matt, Anoop, Scott, even Kris and Allison. We screamed, they waved, and they went into the Arena. No sign of Adam. After what seemed like another eternity, Allison, Matt and Kris, and some other staffers came back out and we were told they were going to Chick-fil-A, a fast-food restaurant in the parking lot. Should we go? Is Adam there already? What if we go and we miss Adam? So we stayed.

Now it was 2 PM and we saw them walking back with their Chick-fil-A bags and go back into the building. We scream and they wave again. Kris is pictured behind the lead person going in, followed by Matt, and Allison behind someone in the parking lot.

Idols returning from Chick-fil-A.


By then, the crowd which had grown to about 100, started getting some rewards. First Danny came out. He approached the end that was closest to the building, saying something to the crowd about us “coming to see the hometown boy.” He was wearing some pretty cool clothes, a dog chain on his jeans and even some reptilian boots, like you-know-who! He talked casually to the crowd and signed autographs and took pictures. Lila got the back of her Adam picture signed and he posed with her for a picture. I didn’t want anything from him though. As much as it chagrins me, I have to admit he was very cordial and pleasant.
Danny signing autographs at the start of the line.

Lila and Danny


Twenty minutes passed and Michael came out and started at our end of the line again. By this time, I was feeling more generous about the “other 9” so I “allowed” him to have his picture taken with me! He told us Adam put guyliner on him and it was pretty cool! We noticed Danny was still in the parking lot talking to the fans. He must have spent 10 minutes talking to one fan alone. Made her world, I’m sure! Soon after that, Danny went in.

Carol and Michael

Lila and Michael

Soon Matt came out. He had a little attitude, I must say. Probably just tired, sorry Matt. After all, we’ve read that doing the show was nothing like the life that touring is. Matt was signing, but he wasn’t taking pictures. Said he’d come through the line again for those. Whaaattt??? But when he got past us, he realized that was kinda dumb, and came back and took pictures. Every time Allison appeared, there were screams and she’d wave, but she didn’t come over.

Carol and Matt

Then all the Idols went back in for Dress Rehearsal. What? No one else is coming out? No Adam??? It was 4 PM and we decided to stay there, no need to leave and come back 90 minutes later, and have to pay the $20 parking fee. Smart decision to bring all of our stuff with us that morning. Dang it – we forgot the glitter hairspray! Oh well, we’d have to manage without it. Earlier I had moved my car around to the “fan group” area so we could get our chairs. This was right next to the main entrance. Cool, it would be an easy exit later that night. We walked all the way around the parking lot again (yes, still in our shoes!) to Chick-fil-A. This honestly wasn’t so we could walk on the same hallowed grounds that some of the Idols had been on earlier that day, but because we were so hungry by then. It takes a lot of energy waiting for HRG in the hot sun! For coastal San Diegans, temperatures in the upper 80s is HOT!! As we arrived back with our food, we could hear Adam singing “Starlight” loud and clear with full band! I had to fight the urge to run up and plaster my ear against the window. I could hear him singing it beautifully from the bottom of the steps, but I didn’t want to listen. I didn’t want to spoil that night’s show. Was I crazy? I’ve seen every YouTube video from all of the other shows, and have been joking that he really needs to change his set! After hearing Mad World umpteen times from all the talk show performances, couldn’t he sing “Ring of Fire” instead?!?

After eating, we spent quality time visiting in line with people we “knew” from the Idol forums but finally got to put a face to the name, and others who we’d carpooled to the high school with on Homecoming in May. I took this time to give out over 100 Glambs’ cards, trying to introduce more people to our web site. People were eating them up like they were from Adam himself! We even made a relationship with a parking lot security guard who assured us that everyone will be out signing autographs after the show. We “just have to be patient and wait long enough for Adam.” We have hope now.

Six o’clock came and fans started entering the Sports Arena. We went in and started checking out all of the Idol merchandise for sale. In addition to the $5 pictures that were sold earlier that day, we saw programs for $25 and several shirts for Adam, Kris and the Idols selling for about $35. There were tote bags and lots of other stuff that I forget now! We were really glad that we had brought our own blue glow sticks from home, because the “official Idol sticks” were $5 each. We bought a bag of 12 for $10, and decided to give our extras to the teens who were dressed all glittery. I’m starting to feel a little funny about Adam’s main fan base as I walk amongst the crowds. Is it mostly us “over 40 mature girls??” I can hardly imagine what he feels about that! Sure we’ve got the money and we gladly spend it on him, but while he was waiting for Idol to start and he was still glamming it up at The Zodiac, who did he figure his fanbase would be? The mushrooms at Burning Man certainly couldn’t have told him it would be us!!!

The show started just past 7 PM and I won’t bore you with the same run down you can read anywhere about the first 6. Yes, they all were very good, much better than on the show even. Michael started out strong, and yes, Megan is beautiful and awkward, and yes, Scott, who was sporting a glitterized jacket, really plays a great piano and is charming trying out some humor, and yes, Anoop sounded good but he should ditch the glasses and cut out the wiggling. He just can’t pull it off. He even said he’d be back on his solo tour. Have I missed his signing deal? Lil still needs to find that certain something, but I really appreciated seeing the words to Single Lady on the screen behind her. I’ve only known “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it” and “whoa-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh” before. But I can’t remember any more of it now! Matt was very stylish in his moves and I can really see him having success in some Vegas lounges. For most of the numbers, the band was too loud though, overshadowing the singers.

Intermission for 20 minutes. They repeated the same texting contest to go backstage now too. We didn’t win – again. Time for the Glitterazzi Patrol to decorate the Arena. We got up and spilled some here, spilled some there, spilled some everywhere. Luckily we didn’t get arrested and thrown out before the golden moment, as we had imagined in the weeks leading up to this.

Okay, back with the Top 4. Allison really rocked and as everyone says, I can’t believe she sounds like that and she’s only 17. She looked hot, and there was no doubt who she’s consulting for fashion advice! She played electric guitar on “So What” by Pink, but it sounded very basic. More for a statement to show us she’s a musician. I’d love to see her get some more inflection in her voice. She needs to stretch her range. The band was still too loud. Then it was time for Danny. He did a great job singing PYT, kind of representing all the Idols in homage to the recently-lost King of Pop. You’ve all heard about the salsa dancing, the “preaching” and mentioning of how tough the whole time on Idol was for him, considering what he was going through. I really do believe it was agonizing for him, and he dealt with it amazingly well. Oh no, he’s finishing his final song. You know what’s going to happen now, right?

The lights go out. The screens start exploding. The red bomb bursts start shouting at our eyes. We see the countdown number we’ve seen been waiting for. The crowd is going CRAZY! Everyone’s standing and shouting out A-D-A-M! And then it happens. The smoke starts spilling to the front of the stage, the Whole Lotta Love lead guitar starts jamming the intro we’ve been waiting months to hear, the drums start pounding, the bass finds its way inside of us. And there, right before us is HRG himself!! Only he’s more than a Hot Rock God by this point. He’s the sum of every fantasy we’ve ever had, every Rock Star we’ve ever dreamed about going home with, every page of the FanFic we’ve never admitted to reading, OMFG – it’s finally Adam! Moving with all the sexual energy your mothers and fathers never wanted you to know about, staring the audience down like they were toys for the master. And he starts to wail, “you need coolin’.” Well, no duh Adam! You’ve put our lives into such a state of fever and chaos with every reach, grab and grind. It’s amazing you haven’t been arrested for not buying the microphone stand dinner first!

But wait, it’s a little different tonight. There’s no pointing to his “inches” and he isn’t allowing his hands to travel south as much as in the videos we’ve memorized. And we got “baby” not “woman.” He has changed up the melody here and there, using different inflections and freestyling with some riffs. He’s relaxed and giving a slightly “mo fresh” version that either familiarity brings or maybe he wants to jazz it up for us? Either way, we’re in heaven. His ending pose and notes are superb. It’s confirmed. A megastar is making his debut. He segues into Muse’s “Starlight” with the same “and now from a band called Muse, ‘Starlight’.” This song has been on one-song repeat on my iPod ever since he first mentioned singing it on the Tour. I was surprised when I watched the Portland video because he sings it in a higher pitch. I then remember that I took myself away from listening to the rehearsal earlier, and now was my payoff. OMG he’s singing it so gorgeously. The hands, the arms, the facial expressions. Is this what you meant about theatrics Simon? If it is, bring it on! In my imagination, we’re alone and he’s singing it just to me! But wait – WTF? What did you just sing Adam? Whatever it was, it wasn’t the lyrics that I’ve memorized. I can’t believe on my favorite song, that you would blow the words! I guess it happens to everyone once in a while, but did it have to happen tonight Adam? If you want to see what I’m talking about, listen at 1:17 when he sings “I will never let you go” which should be followed by “if you promise not to fade away . . .” but instead I’m hearing some garbled words that I can only decipher later in a drinking game as “I will own you if you fade away . . .” And at 2:30, he gives a little change to the meaning with “just as long as you promise to fade away” instead of “if you promise not to fade away.” Oh Adam. I know you’re tired and excited. I forgive you.


Mad World is ethereal and fabulous, and the audience is singing along loudly. Slow Ride with Allison, his new “little sister” as he tells the audience, totally rocks and the hug at the end is still cute. (But did he really need to sacrifice one of his songs for the duet? Couldn’t she have sacrificed one of hers?) The Bowie medley is energetic, to say the least. He’s prancing around on that stage owning every eye that is transfixed on his Hotness. The gyrating starts immediately and I’m still wishing that I can be the one to “turn” Adam. During Fame, a blue feather boa makes its way on stage. Later, (see video at 2:30) he picks it up and swings it overhead like a lasso, then releases it to the side of the stage. We’ve heard recently that the stage “dudes” have told him not to throw the offerings back to the audience. Instead, he should keep them and they will staple gun them to the bottom side of the stage. I saw the blue boa disappear later in the song (at 4:00), but not to an audience member. Maybe it will be the inaugural stapling?! His bump and grind movements in “Let’s Dance” clearly suggest that he wants to rename it “Let’s (something else).” Insert your choice of verbs here. This performance convinces me the Idol-safe Adam is no more, we now deliciously have The Zodiac Adam. He ends with his fist in the air, and as he descends down the platform, calls out “I love you San Diego!”



But wait a minute, he’s just gotten warmed up. Where’s he going? It’s over too soon. I have to order myself to transfer the mental images I’ve had for the last 20 minutes from short-term memory to long-term memory (read “enjoyment” here).

I guess it’s a good thing that Kris follows him with “Heartless.” It gives us a chance to cool down. And thankfully I’m rocking out to The Killers instead of “No Boundaries.” I realize that Kris has really improved as a showman. He’s going to have a very successful career in front of a completely different audience than Adam. I still feel that no one on Idol before or after, will ever have anything like what Adam will have. But I’m preaching to the choir here, right?

Although I’ve never smoked, after seeing Adam I still felt the need to light up. I thought a blue glow stick was appropriate!
Adam Lambert,American Idol,Glowstick

It was now time for Don’t Stop Believin’, the ending group number. It was a bittersweet moment. It was very upbeat, but I couldn’t help starting to get depressed because I knew the show was about to be over. We could see how much fun the Idols were having with each other as they vocally celebrated the end of another successful show. But both Lila and I realized something was missing here. There were a few parts where either someone’s microphone wasn’t turned on, or someone was really hoarse, because there were definitely some missing vocals. Adam (wearing a glittery but goofy baseball cap) and Kris arrived on stage courtesy the rising elevator towards the end of the song and the place went crazy again. Everyone knows why. It’s no secret, even among the Idols. Everyone has read scores of the same reviews saying how the others are a warm-up act for Adam. But they all still love him and show him off by pointing to him when he goes for his bankroll notes. Adam even gets the distinct honor of saluting the band.


Everyone knows who owns this Tour, who rocked Season 8 and who has changed Idol forever. We may be telling our grandchildren that we were there for the making of this legend, but the other 9 will be telling their grandchildren that they got to share the stage with him. Yes, I’ve gotten over the fact that Kris won. Adam is right, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is we’re all winners after the show.

The show ended around 10 PM, and we rush outside. WOW – a lot of people must have left before the final number ended because there’s a giant crowd outside, about 10 times larger than earlier today. Or did fans just show up for the signing? After an hour, Lila and I manage to nudge our way to about three rows away from the edge. Some of the Idols had already come out and were signing autographs. The atmosphere was much more chaotic than earlier today. No time for chat or pictures with the fans this time. Pictured below is what we could capture by holding our arms up and blindly shooting.

A quiet Kris Allen signing


Anoop Desai signing
Anoop Desai,American Idol

Megan Joy signing
Megan Joy,American Idol,San Diego

IMO, they all seemed pretty tired. Kris seemed really quiet and kind of distracted. Slowly, almost everyone came out. The teens in the crowd were so cute, yelling to each of the Idols how much they loved them, even though they were clearly there for one person, and one person only. Finally around 11:45 PM Adam came out with his big bodyguard. And he was wearing that same goofy baseball cap. Hey, none of the other Idols had bodyguards? This must be because of the mob scenes we’ve heard about. But dang it, he went to the opposite side, the side where where we weren’t. How typical of him to go “against the grain!” What do we do? Do we rush down there? But we’ll never get anywhere near the front edge, where we’d made our way to now. No, we’ll stay here. After not coming out during the day, he’ll for sure make it down here, won’t he? Then all too soon, around midnight he and his bodyguard turn and go walking to the bus. The crowd starts chanting for him. We grab our glitter posters and hold them up high, hoping he’ll see them and come back.

Lila and me holding our glitter signs for Adam!
American Idol,Lila Hayes

He does look at us (or at least in our direction!) and wave, mouthing “sorry,” so maybe he saw us? We’re told they have to be in Arizona at 3 AM and it’s midnight now. It’s a 5 ½ hour drive. Why would they have to be in Arizona at 3 AM??? But one bus does pull out about 10 minutes later, leaving us dumbfounded. Our concert is definitely over.

Gathering ourselves together we’re more than a bit let down, almost feeling like jilted lovers. Like he’s broken up with us, given us back our rings, and now we’re yesterday’s news. Not even the burritos from Del Taco on the drive home are cheering us up. As I finish this, it’s been 7 days since the concert. They’ve played other shows, and are onstage in Arkansas tonight. Lila and I have gotten over the disappointment of not having time with Adam, and we’ve realized that we’re just fans. He didn’t ditch us. He just has so many more people requesting interviews with him than the others do. As a writer with lots of chutzpah, I contacted 19 Entertainment weeks prior to the concert, and requested some press time with Adam for an article for this web site. Each time I checked back, the “Adam staff” had told me they were trying to work out some interview time with Adam for us. I had such high hopes of writing an article for this web site, only to be told on Friday that they couldn’t work it out. Up until this point, Lila and I had been pinching ourselves thinking we may get to meet him. Maybe next time! We’re still, and will always be your fans, Adam!!

So was the concert what I was expecting? No way. It was MUCH more!


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Jeanette says:

    Great article, Carol! Loved all your description – it’s as if I was there at the concert with you. You’ve set the standard for all concert reviews to come! I feel your disappointment at not meeting Adam, but I’m glad you didn’t let that spoil the overall experience. Loved the photos, too!

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! Carol I couldn’t stop laughing at your descriptions!! Absolutely excellent!! Thanks for sharing all the details!! I still have one long month until I get to feel what you felt!! August 28th-Milwaukee-why did it have to be the end of the month?!!!!!!! Well that does give me time to prepare, and let my anticipation grow into the fanatical frenzy state-like it already isn’t there!!!!! Yes, HOT Adam has set a fire in all of his fans that’s gonna burn for a long long time!!!!!

      • Jeanette says:

        I will also be at the Milwaukee show! And the Madison show…and the Grand Rapids show…

        • Jeanette, YOU’RE GOING TO THE GRAND RAPIDS SHOW!!!!!! DeVos Arena?!!!!! That’s where I tried
          to get tickets in May that were going for nearly $1,000.00 floor, first several rows!!! I am so envious!!!
          I lived in G.R. a long time! Both of my kids were born there, and I was married there! If you’ve never been
          to GR, I think you’ll like it!! DeVos used to be my mother’s boss! I love Gd. Rapids! It’s a big city, but clean
          w/lots of cultural art. Nice for you!

  2. I went to the Dallas concert on July 23rd, and I’ve been feeling exactly the same. My seats were too far away to really see Adam very well. The only way I could see him decently was to watch him on the video screen… so other than the massive noise, blinding lights, and cramped seat, I could have been sitting in front of YouTube.

    I wasn’t able to be there for any autograph signing either, as we took the train into town, and had to catch the last one out quickly… way before signing time even got there.

    While I feel like I was a part of history in the making, I’ve been having that terrible let-down feeling also. I feel kind of like I’ve lost my best friend. I can’t shake this, no matter how hard I try.

  3. LambertfanDE says:

    Awwww! =( I’m so sorry and sad for you guys that you didn’t get to meet Adam!!! After all that!!! Bummer! But your review was SO well written, I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of it! I felt like I was there with you! You definitely got me laughing at some points! lol I hope you do get to meet him another time, though. Sorry you also didn’t get your interview, can’t say you didn’t try! “don’t stop believing!” 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Hello fellow fan.. I’m 13 and I’m Adam’s fan too! Not just 40 year olds can appreciate Adam. Sorry to hear you didnt get his autograph. But you were lucky enough to see him.
    Thanks for posting the article. I 100% loved it.
    Except the part when you said that you didnt get his autograph. Major bummer huh?

  5. Marlene says:

    You are such a good writer…ate up every word…I felt like I was there with you! We all appreciate your sharing the experience with all of us who could not be there.

  6. rhymingrealtor says:

    Hi Carol,

    What a great synopsis of your ” Adam Experience” I would think it would be hard for “HRG” to live up to so many expectations, we have to remember he is also “Human Rock God”
    On another note I have the studio version of WWL and woman has been changed to baby on that also, I don’t think I heard him say Woman since the Idol performance. I also don’t remember it being woman in any of the vids I say on youtube.

    I am going to the concert when it comes to NJ on 8/8, I am going with my 11 year old son who will indulge my craziness – to a point- so I will be somewhat controlled. I had asked him if he would go to an Adam concert with me when he goes on tour he said No but he’ll go to see Idol so … that’s why I paid a fortune to see so many I don’t want just to see one I do!
    I did not know – since I am not a regular concert goer- that the tour bus would pull in so early but I am really only 5 miunutes away from the Prudential center, so you gave me an idea I will have my husband drop us off early in the day and pick us up when they are in and we’ll go back later! What time did your concert start that the bus pulled in at 1pm?

    I was talking to my sister about the concert yesterday – I have 3 sisters this is the only one who will listen to me about Adam with the “Eye Roll” I was wishing he changed it up too. My favorites are A Change is gonna come- Feeling Good- I just love you- I could do with out WLL- I LOVE starlight that’s an ipod repeater for me.
    I also did not know that Adam did the duet during his set… bummer – your right it should have been during her set. I have started watching youtbes of “the others” to get acclimated – you are right they are better than the show- I assume they now have people to help them – on the show they had to figure out what to do themselves, that’s why Adam stood out.

    I also consoled myself about the not winning situation and I thought well the top 10 would even be nicer to him now since he did’nt win – and they probably are, however the other night when I was home alone I watched the 2 finalists show – the one before the finale and I just got upset all over again, its definitely not recommended viewing- I would watch the finale again if I knew how to photoshop the ending!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Glamb #337

  7. Adamxtasy says:

    Carol, What an awesome review……thanks for sharing. My favorite lines: ” It’s finally Adam, moving with all of the sexual energy your mother and father never wanted you to know about” and “staring at the audience like they were toys for the master”. I can’t express how awesome it is to have experienced that sexual energy……
    I have decided unless I get fantastic tickets I’m not even going. I saw David Cook 2 nights ago….everyone stood up and unless you were closer than the 10th row you couldn’t see hardly anything but the top of his head. Last year I had front row seats and it was worth every dollar.I
    I think AI tour needs to slow down its pace, because not being able to meet the idols or have a picture with them is extremely rude considering how much money people are paying for the tickets and how much love they have for “their” idol (s).

  8. CatEyes says:

    Loved reading all the details Carol…now it is going to take me a few days to write my Dallas experience! I hope my fingers are up to all the typing. 🙂


  10. adamtastic1877 says:

    i’m sure everyone on this site wants you guys to interview adam, right?
    well just keep telling yourself that you ARE going to.
    Don’t say “if we interview him”-
    say “when we do”.

    i read the book called “the secret” and it said if you want something, IMAGINE yourself with it, holding it, or doing it (which ever it is, but 4 u, its the last one). it also say to stay positive, no negative thoughts, so that means just keep telling yourself you are going to interview him, and eventually, it will come!

    thx for the very descriptive review of the concert!

    New Glamb #364

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi there, Adamstatics, we have 2 important things in common: ADAM and THE SECRET! It’s amazing how we meet people with common interests on this site! I found new cyberfriends!! Keep up the fantastic job my friends!!! Thank you all!

    • I have to say… for a couple of days I imagined it. and it was so real I was almost terrified it would actually happen! I was afraid I would just sit there and smile at him and not know what to say!

      • Lisette here..thenks Lila for posting too photos an videos of beau Adam an know thes is truly an esperience of lifetime..despite non actual having met..Just thinq it was bit of historie..An thinq if I had opportunitie to meet I may bit starstruck an non know what to say..just adore looking at his beauface an azure/crystal bleu eyes an thet sweet an sensual smile he always
        shows! So beliv yu’ll see him in his solotour next an he’ll by then know who “Glambs” are an not being just tweens an twentysomething gals…but older wiser an classy femmes(gals) that adore him if not more then above mentione ages..I thinq he enjoies thet he appeals to all ages,races,an people everywhere!An like Michel Jackson can imagaine him having internationale concertes for many yers to come,both in musique an as an actor in films.An when I hearde he wishe Leo DeCaprio to portray him if ever one has a biographie/film..funny I av always thout Adam can play Leos role too..there’s something very similar abote them perhaps is his lit bleu eyes an taking on prevocative filmes an being a humanitarian..As Leo is involve too with ecology an green environmental issues in “Eleventh Hour” ..I av hearde Adam being into thet as well.Sorry to go on.
        Back to concerte above surely was a once in a lifetime experience yu’ll cherish for always!
        Luv an hugs Lisette..Adam always is angel of chansons an musique with a sensual toche!
        J’adore vous xoxoxo

        • I thought it was funny that Adam mentioned Leo too… I remember the first time I saw him do Mad World Ithought he looked like Leo in his 1996 performance in Romeo and Juliet.

  11. Carol, thank you for taking me with you to the concert. You have penned the concert experience in a way that had me experiencing all the emotions you must have felt throughout – this is as close as I’ll get without being able to physically attend a concert.

    You and Lila certainly flew the Glamb flag high and did us proud! Thank you!

  12. SO SORRY YOU DIDN’T GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!!! BUMMER!!! But you did get to see and hear ADAM!! I didn’t! So I can only be sorry to a point!!! haha! I felt like I was reading the beginning of a great novel, reading faster and faster w/anticipation!!! Absolutely wonderful creative writing!! I do really feel bad htat it didn’t go exactly the way you planned! Adam ‘missing’ a few words to a song’! That makes think of one thing. FATIGUE!!! I wonder if what you heard him sing on the bus, could have had something to do w/his album??! No? Well, that was very interesting, anyway!! I’ve seen that bodyguard. I hope Adam has not had any threats or anything like that!!! For him to not be right out there w/all 9 others, could also mean that the ‘headache’ is back, or he could be feeling ‘under the weather’ some. Hope not!!! OOoohh,,, Adam, don’t get sick!!!! Our Poor BABY!!! He had better be careful, he carries that whole tour, and doing his alblum every waking min he has free , which can’t be many, can really drain his body, and thus his mind, and we don’t need to see that happen!!! Maybe they should have considered how much these conceerts are exhausting our ADAM!!!!
    Oh, well, just want to say, I loved your commentary!!! Very, very funny and fun to read!!!!

  13. exactly how i felt after my ‘date’ with adam back in san jose!
    in more ways than one- it was an anti climax after the sight and sounds of adam faded away, and we all left town in opposite dirrections.

    you know what they say.. it is better to have loved and then lost- to have never have loved at all…
    and i’m still lovin- whether i get lucky for another date – or no. <3

  14. Jhoy2theworld says:

    I, too, was patiently waiting, along with 4 ladies in wheelchairs, for Adam and he didn’t come our way. The ladies were devastated. I think if he knew those ladies were waiting for him, he would make his way over to them, which I was anticipating so I can catch a glimpse of my rock god upclose. But, he went the other way. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe on his solo tour. He was AWESOME, though. He didn’t hold back for his San Diego fans. Those sexy moves and encounter with the mic stand…OMG!!!!

  15. Lila and Carol,
    I don’t get my autograph too, but that was because I had no patience to wait in line among the huge crowd at the north entrance after the show 🙂


  16. This was so much fun to read, I must say I laughed hysterically at the picture of you “smoking” the glow stick to recover from your “adamgasm” attack. Hee hee. Well done!

  17. sylverine says:

    Carol: “Gathering ourselves together we’re more than a bit let down, almost feeling like jilted lovers. Like he’s broken up with us, given us back our rings, and now we’re yesterday’s news.”

    (And Barb: “While I feel like I was a part of history in the making, I’ve been having that terrible let-down feeling also. I feel kind of like I’ve lost my best friend. I can’t shake this, no matter how hard I try.”),

    Hi Carol, thanks for your very amusing and bitter-sweet review. Could feel every moment with you.

    Still don’t quite understand what has happened to all of us? Somehow this amazing man has crept into our hearts and bodies, almost like we, entranced by his potential and charisma, adopted him as a child at the beginning of Idol (he seemed SO much younger then didn’t he), and fought for him and supported him all through the long process like an adolescence, charmed by him, stunned by his wonderful voice, beautiful face and the power of his sensuality, so much so that he appears to be ‘family’ – a son, a brother, someone we dream about as a lover or at least a much-beloved friend!

    I think I have actually ‘fallen in love’ with him and like Barb says, I can’t shake it! Yikes. And it just seems to be getting worse LOL. I have NEVER (as so many of you say) felt this way before about any singer, rockstar, stunningly sexy movie star – nobody. I have admired them immensely – good eye candy like Sean Connery or Hugh Jackman, Daniel Day Lewis etc, but never felt personally involved and couldn’t imagine waiting for hours at buses for a glimpse of Michael Jackson, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury – all of whose music I really enjoyed. I would possibly have gone to their concerts if I lived in the US or UK and enjoyed them because I always loved rock. But that’s it. They certainly wouldn’t have virtually changed my life and turned me into a total fangirl! (Maybe if I’d been a teenager when Elvis was in his heyday, I might have gone and screamed for him – but can’t honestly think of anyone else)

    So now here I am, thousands of miles away in South Africa, much older than Adam (in my 40’s) wrong sex (in my wildest dreams I’d never have thought I’d suddenly want to change into a cute young guy….!) – LOLOLOLOLOL could it be much worse?

    After enjoying lots of videos – thank heavens for those, he looks and sounds amazing – and reading so often that you just have to hear his superb voice LIVE, and I’ve got about 10 days leave due to me, all I want to do is get to one – or two, heh – of his last concerts on the east coast. So far to come, but I can’t help it, life is short! AND I really want to see him and hear him for myself.

    So – sorry I’m finally getting to the main point – if I do manage to come all this way and get a good seat at a couple of final concerts near New York (shortest distance for me), HOW am I going to feel if I don’t get to see him close up for a few minutes, look into those eyes and exchange a couple of words (or a hug…)? Not really interested in scribbled autographs, not even interested in photos, got plenty of him already. Just want to ‘experience’ him in person.

    Can you imagine then how I would feel if I just missed him like you did? And you have already met him, and live there, so perhaps you could get a few more chances.
    I would be coming on my own, and would just have to turn tail after the concert and get back to New York, and after a couple of days or so there, fly home.

    Hopefully not sounding too damn pathetic, I’m a bit concerned that after nevertheless enjoying an insanely wonderful concert, that if I couldn’t get that precious little personal interaction and experience, I would be totally devastated! Could be a HUGE anti-climax, as IDOLize says above. Good grief, I suppose it could be just as upsetting even if I DO get that moment!!

    So I could be being verrrry brave to want to do this. But I could also regret it forever if I don’t, hey?
    And yes I know I could wait for his own tour, but that could be at least a year from now, and he would probably be much closer to being a superstar and impossible to get to meet.

    I’ve read a couple of snarky posters here and there on forums, that say they don’t understand why so many of us female fans crave such ‘personal attention’ from Adam. That we have no right to want that and that it’s a bit sick even. What do you guys think, am I mad?? Why on earth do I feel like this about this fierce alien – has he cast some kind of weird spell on us?

    • After the homecoming I had a similar feeling as Carol and I had after the concert. At that time I was’t expecting an autograph or personal time or anything like that, but I think the big crowds and the rush he was in really freaked me out. I went not knowing what to expect… I just had the wild desire to be near him and when it was done it was like a strange hang over that took a couple of days to get over. After the homecoming I kind of wished I hadn’t gone, but when it was all over I’m glad I went. Not only did I get the homecoming experiance, but I met Carol and we’ve become great freinds!!!

    • No, it’s not a weird spell. Adam just makes us happy. He makes us feel young again; we reconnect with the innocent thrills we had as teenagers, like for me, the head-to-toe thrill I felt when Lynn McT. announced in the junior high girls room that the Beatles were coming to America. It rocked my world then…as Adam rocks my world now. It’s almost as if I am that 13 year old again, back in a world where I wasn’t saddled with so many mind-numbingly adult problems and worries.

      When I think of Adam, I am in a place of peace and happiness…and joy of reconnecting with self. It’s quite beautiful, actually, and I don’t care what people think. In fact, I make jokes about my Adam fanaticism, saying to skeptical others “I admit it, I am in love with a gay guy, and I think it’s hilarious”. That’s what I say; that’s not what I feel.

      I feel great. I am also, as an adult woman, re-awakened at other quite amusing levels as well! Long live HH!

      Glamb #72

    • Silverine, well said! I understand exactly how you feel. I am definitely going to one of ‘Adam’s Concerts’. We should plan it so that we go together. Can you imagine our trip back to South Africa – we’ll have hours of glorius ‘Adam speak’. I enjoy your posts and I am soooooooo proud to have you as my South African fellow Glamb!

      Please know that I am always on the look out for your posts.

  18. Great article – good job. I had hoped that the folks in Little Rock would be as supportive to Adam as we were to Kris, but not sure that is the situation

  19. Oh, Carol! What an exciting, personal and very funny account! I rarely laugh out loud while reading but I did, three times at least. You have such a way with words: I tried to cut and paste but it literally disappeared from this space!!

    Anyway the remark about the mushrooms at Burning Man not preparing him for this fan base was so funny! Oh yes, poor Adam, adulated by us over 40’s. But then the kids of today still have time to grow up with him so his fan base will span several decades. Isnt that what we want for him?

    The comment and photo about smoking (a glowstick) after your “postprandial” experience was a hoot!

    Keep the faith aka The Secret as mentioned above, and you WILL get to meet and interview our little glittery god eventually. Once Adam has his own ‘business’ going he will be organized by management for specific interviews and I am sure his legitimate fan clubs, not just any old website, will get to speak to HH . In spite of the fact he hasn’t recognized this group by name yet, he will. And he will see we are an intelligent, support, loving group of people who want the best for him.

    • Im sry u did not get 2 meet Adam I got lucky I meet him and got a pic In Portland Oregon It seems that ever since the Portland Concert he has had more press and recording his cd more and more. I almost did not get 2 meet him but I yelled for him 2 come 2 me and he came right 2 me thanks to me and this other girl yelling for him 2 come over 2 us. I almost died when h came over 2 us.

  20. Kamuela says:

    The BEST review I’ve read thus far…hands down! GREAT job Carol…you’re hired! 🙂

  21. Lisette here,
    Thenks so much Carol an Lila too,nice to see yu in lovli photos an videos sharing with all glamb gals! An so sorry to yu were not able to av autograph from beau Adam..but no matter yu truly were bless to see his beauface an voix celestial an oh,la,la always sensual..But gather I’d feel too as if I was personally let down after tryin to arrange meeting Adam. An just wish soon he’ll recognize “Glambs” who are bit older but have class like fine vintage so much better with time,n’est pas? An given other adam fans consiste of tweens an such.Thinq Adam can be flattered thet he’s adored by older femmes
    /gals,an younge in hearte for sure!
    Well do hope somehow can fly to eastcoast if health permitte later in tour.I av relatives back there so may combine as afamille reunion,ah if only.Anyway I adore when he singes David Bowie songes with his velvet an beautiful tones thet exude Adam’s seductive voix an danse like noone else..okay yu know whet I mean!. Mad World one of ma favorite such hauntingly beautfiul velvettone,ethereal an gentle inflections,cast under spell ala “Phantom” can see him in this role an meant complementary always Adam(if yu ever read our posts here).As mentions he’ll consider future theatre venues.Just concerte an cds’ are main focus presente time.
    Thenks agan for taking us alonge yur magnificente tour experience,felte like was there for a momente if I can imagaine closing eyes to see beauhearte Adam..then I opene eyes where is he?..Someday know it shall be so! hugs an luv Lisettexoxox

  22. AllStarMe says:

    Wow! Thank you sooooo much for sharing! This has made me even more pumped up for my show….in Spetember. Sigh. So. Far. Away! I did some research, and it seems that the show following mine, is still in PA, so maybe that means that they won’t have to leave super earlier and Adam can stay for some sweet loving, I mean sign some autographs. Haha. I really would love having a picture taken with him, just so I could have something to stare at everyday or incase I ever feel down about things. Now I am debating leaving a bit earlier to run outside and prepare myself. However, if he does not come out at the end, I’m going to be upset that I missed seeing him onstage for the last song. Ugh! They’re running a meet and greet for our show, so I have everything crossed that maybe, just MAYBE I could be one of the lucky ones.
    Okay, enough of my rambling-thanks again for your story!!

    • AllStarMe says:

      Also, I am worried that in the midst of all of my wild excitement, that I may let a scream of “Holy s***!!” or “F*** YES!” slip in the middle of one of his songs! Haha. I’m going to try very, VERY hard to contain myself. Especially for the sake of the children/angry mobs of parents surrounding me.

  23. You two are so funny! Somebody needs to find out why we are so attracted to Adam—my husband also rolls his eyes when I bubble over about him. I even step outside of myself and go “wha”? I wonder if Adam is confused as well about his over 40 female fans. I read the other day he confessed he felt smothered by the fans. I guess it’s overwhelming to him to have so much desire coming at him from rabid females. Even The Beatles went negative about the fan attention-factor.

    But there is no denying that he does something to us and it’s completely thrilling to even see a picture of him. Listening to him sing is addicting. Watching him sing is too much! It does make you feel like you are 13!!!

    I predict a mad sell-out of his solo concerts. But if it turns out that the majority of his fan base are older women–how will Adam feel? No one ever mentions any guys at his concerts. He must have guy fans. Where is the gay-guy fan contingent?

    His success is a first in showbiz. No one this sexy, this talented and gay has covered this ground before with legions of female fans begging for just a glimpse of him.

    I just hope he enjoys the journey and that we all get to see him concert for a very long time. A CD will not take the place of seeing him in concert live.

    • sylverine says:

      Ha Kate, good point – where is the gay-guy fan contingent? From what I can see on YouTube and similar, they’re all going to Beyonce concerts! Or Madonna, Cher and suchlike.

      I saw a hilarious vid of a recent Beyonce concert with a whole bunch of gay guys in the front row, absolutely spazzing because she had either thrown something back at them or was giving them her full attention or both. Too funny!

      Strange world – the real women (as against the girls and kids) go for the glamorous sexy gay guy, and the gay guys go for the glamorous sexy real woman!

      “His success is a first in showbiz. No one this sexy, this talented and gay has covered this ground before with legions of female fans begging for just a glimpse of him”

      True! The gay Freddie Mercury comes to mind, but even though I thought he was a riveting performer and singer, I also thought he was pretty ugly (too skinny and buck teeth) and definitely never wanted to lock him in my bedroom!

  24. Evelize says:

    CAROL AND LILA, thanks to share your great experience.
    I loved each detail, but something called my attention more, I really loved this comment:
    “…Adam! You’ve put our lives into such a state of fever and chaos…”
    Nothing could describe more exactly what I fell than these words. The more I read, listen, search and watch videos of ADAM more and more I want know about him and it gets me fever (I laugh with myself watching his interviews, with him smiling and laughing, dancing and moving on stage, everything he does sounds perfectly). And really my life becomes a chaos, every day when I arrive in my work I come to this site to read something new or just to read your comments about ADAM and I stay listening the CD my daughter did for me with ADAM’s studio and live songs during all day long. When I return home…guess what I do firstly? Turn on the computer, search ADAM and stay there till late, very late every night. He is kind water that I have to drink till the last drop if I want to be alive. He is kind a dream that I have to dream if I want some rest. He is kind a fantasy that every woman have to have if she wants to be able to love anyone.
    I think ADAM causes this effect in every one of us.

    Evelize – GLAMB#80


    Every celebrity is a cloud of meaning making; meaning that is irreducibly them and us. It’s hard to remember when last a celebrity warranted the attention lavished on Adam Lambert – and warrant it he does. Something unusual has happened here, the meaning of which is both fascinating and a joy to untangle.

    First, apologies to Mr. Lambert: yes, I get that a lot of this has nothing to do with you. On the other hand, a lot of it does and in a very inspiring way. From behind your eyes, and to your infinite credit, you “get” lots of what you’re doing here. But there are some structures that you don’t see and couldn’t see precisely because of where you are – behind your eyes. Part of the meaning cloud is your audience’s creation. But you have used every ounce of staggering sultriness to ask us to dance. And dancing we are.

    Newsweek columnist Joan Raymond confessed that neither she, nor many of her middle-aged “cougar” friends could stop thinking about Adam. ( Yep, and as a cougar with thirty years of mindfulness practice, I’m watching exactly how this young man is affecting me inwardly. He’s been a soundtrack for my dreaming. His subtle energetic power is clearly formidable, and, I’m happy to say, that when Adam plays as a background task I find my foreground more optimistic, more willing to risk, my committed to giving and, as with many, more horny. I’ll let the horniness obscure the energetic complexity here (as Newsweek did) for a moment and then return to deeper issues – there’s a lot more going on.

    The idea that androgyny is bland is as insulting as it is inaccurate. Fascinating that Monsieur Lambert has struck such a cord with boomer women, but it’s not just boomers who find this manifestation of sexual life force utterly compelling. Women everywhere are jockeying for position to be Adam’s witty and cherished BFF, or as Michelle Collins of MTV’s Best Week Ever gushed in a smart, sweet and hilarious interview with Adam, “If you need a surrogate, I’m here.” ( On 20/20, Adam even admitted to being a little bi-curious. Hang in there, Michelle.

    Folks, this hot kind of androgyny is what a lot of us were looking for. We weren’t asking men to suppress their life force, for god’s sake, just not to use it to dominate and repress women. (And let me clarify: I’m talking about the domination or submission that is the subject of awareness. Playing with dominance and submission – particularly in sex – as an object of awareness is a completely different story.) Ever wondered why evolved women are such notorious and proud fag-hags? This kind of androgyny glorifies women without diminishing men. What women thankfully cherish in their gay boy friends is that sexuality isn’t a zero sum game; womanliness doesn’t diminish manliness or vice versa. It just all overflows as a giant volcano of eros. Bring it on, baby. Gay boys are sexy to women because they’re equally as uninterested in dominating women as they are in sucking up to them. The history of heterosexual politics falls away in our intimacy and play. I love my gay boy friends. We don’t worry about who goes the guy stuff or who does the girl stuff we both do both and I know a lot of women who crave this “bothness” in a primary relationship.

    Adam-otopia is deeply sexy; erotic in the most profound sense of awakening and moving the life force toward that which is higher, clearer and stronger. I’m not too proud to feel – in this particular pop culture moment – infinite light hitting my grateful skin. I’ve been thinking about this for a while: what does it look like when a person exhibits mastery of skills that have been traditionally assigned to women and mastery of skills traditionally assigned to men?

    Adam’s got skills that are taught more to girls: emotional connection, the people-pleasing smile, the sweetness and an unyielding supportiveness, even with competitors. One American Idol vocal coach admonished him to stop giving his competitors such good advice. But he’s also got the skills taught more to guys: he’s utterly strategic, articulate and focused. He’s got the confidence to play with the big kids. There was a delicious moment on AI when mentor Jamie Foxx noticed the equality with Foxx that Adam announced with his demeanor: “You don’t give a shit who I am, do you?” said Foxx. Adam dissolved in laughter but showed no inclination to retract. When Danny Gokey was literally shaking in anticipation of the news of whether he, Kris Allen or Adam had been cut from the top three, Adam was unintimidated.

    I have argued in an academic article that easy mastery of both male and female skills is a hallmark of advanced evolution. As Lambert says in Rolling Stone, “I don’t know why our society has such an emphasis on masculinity and femininity – it’s really gross. I don’t think you’re truly sexy until you don’t care about that.” It’s a point that took me twenty-five pages but let’s make it an invocation.

    I actually get a little choked up realizing that Adam’s clear blue eyes and broad smile are the reason I did gay rights political work in the 80s – maybe it’s a little sliver of what Jesse Jackson’s felt at the Obama inauguration. Adam’s deflection of a reporter who said, “Do you want to answer the question that’s been dangling over your head?” was sweet, funny and non-acerbic. “It’s not dangling over my head,” said Adam, “It might be dangling over yours…” to which he added in Rolling Stone, “I like things dangling over my head.” It’s a huge victory that we hardly realize any more that it would have been, even twenty years ago, nearly impossible to show this kind of comfort with one’s homosexuality in the middle of such acute mainstream scrutiny.

    So, gay rights activists and feminists, (Harvey Milk, would you have just loved this boy?) here’s our baby – sexy, gorgeous, comfortable in his skin, a master of many things both traditionally female and traditionally male and even Jewish. Madre de dios! Even better when he and AI champ Kris Allen (to Allen’s great credit) chose to double-handedly defuse the culture wars. Allen, a devout Christian, is seen as completely comfortable both accepting the hugs of his homosexual transgressive friend and also initiating a surprise hug during a backstage interview.

    And there are more signs that Adam may herald an unusually high stage of evolution. He talks repeatedly about letting his decisions be guided by “who I am.” But he seems to exhibit precisely the paradoxical disidentification with self that seems to come with deep self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Several writers have commented on Lambert’s ability to hear the judges’ critiques with unusual equanimity — as though doing kaizen on his product. While he clearly loves his theatrics, he seems oddly still at his core, and able to hold his personas lightly and at arm’s length in a way that even intellectual glam-rockers like David Bowie did not. There’s a quality of unattachment in Adam’s theatrics that seem to allow his “real self” to float away, unimpeded. Stranger still is a sense of ebullience and humor behind even his most leatherish, bad-boyish antics that makes me melt in my seat with its sophistication. No wonder us cougars can’t get enough.

    Compare Adam’s rendition of “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” ( to our memories of Mick Jagger singing the Stone’s classic. Mick seemed like a seriously unsatisfied guy. For Adam it’s all a smile and a wink and a poke in audience’s ribs: “yeah, there’s a lack of satisfaction and it’s kinda fun to scream about. Let’s scream together and get off on it!”

    I’ve even gotten hooked on Adam’s brother Neil’s blog (; the writing is smooth, succinct, insightful and hilarious with that Jon Stewart-ish sang froid that belies Weltschmerz. Neil describes Adam’s Rolling Stone cover as “lips slightly apart doing his best ‘Which of your kids am I going to defile? Son or daughter?’ face.” Which works as irony since it seems that there’s nothing about Adam’s sexuality that defiles. Compare this to the older generations of rockers: Jagger seems like his sexuality could easily defile; Gene Simmons seems to defile everything in his presence.

    And so here’s the reason that I sat down to write this – to unpack why my reaction to Mr. Lambert has been so deep, so complex and…well…so happy.

    And I arrive at deep gratitude and awe at the nature of evolution and a deep optimism and appreciation of Adam’s generation. We worked to create an environment where this preternaturally talented, ebullient, strong and strategic being can be comfortable in his own skin. Evolution – particularly feminism and the gay rights movement – seemed to manifest in his gloriously supportive parents and in a context that can revel in the sexiness that is groundbreaking in its combination of androgyny and sweetness. The fact that he is so good with the press – so non-defensive and forthcoming (oddly, even when avoiding the gay question) feels as though it derives from him paradoxically not taking himself particularly seriously and at the same time handling his life and persona with conscious strategy. It’s almost a definition of detached engagement. Adam is what happens as we evolve.

    And when I connect with him, listening to his voice or reading interviews, it’s this evolution that is erotic. We made a space for him to evolve and now his evolution inspires us to our best energy. This eros, this horniness runs deep; it vibrates to the very essence of eros in the double meaning of eros as sexual and evolutionary. As Adam puts it, “Sexuality is universal. What’s sexy is sexy!” The feeling of eros pulling loose from its moorings in masculinity and femininity, hetero or homosexuality and launched as self-as-object? A complex and inspiring hotness. Thanks, Adam. You rock.

    Rebecca Bailin

    • Theresa, thank you for this! It is a near impossible task to fully comprehend and articulate the breadth and depth of the ‘Adam phenomenon’ that has captivated us. Ms Bailin’s summation of Adam is as close as it gets and blew me away! Certainly worth keeping a copy.

    • Do you mind if I share this???

    • THERESA, I had not seen this article before!! Totally awesome, thoughtful, intelligent and true!!! bravo to Rebecca Bailin! Can identify with and agree with everything she so thoughtfully organized here!!

  26. I tried ‘copying and pasting’ an article here which explains well, why we older women are so attracted to Adam. It wouldnt work so here is the address:

    It is well worth reading!!

  27. I can’t wait for him to land in Manila… Arrgh, why does it have to be a year long wait?! Just like Paula said, I’ll be a fan front & center when he comes here… ready w/ obsidian nails, eyeliner and glitter hehehe….

  28. Rebecca says:

    Can I steal your “Feathers, etc” sign for my trip to GMA? It is really creative!!

    • Yes, on the condition that you write something for us and post it in an article that we’ll have for the GMA appearance! How does that sound??
      cmhagey – author

      • I am planning to write a review for MJs blog, would you mind having a copy of that one for this website? I’ll do the best I can with pictures, too, but I’m anticipating being quite caught up in watching and listening and drooling!


    • I think that would be fabulous!!! When is the GMA awards? you can twitter me at

  29. Oh, bravo Carol – what a fantastic article you’ve written! You captured the whole San Diego Adam experience so well. It almost seems ridiculous that he is singing on this tour, doesn’t it?? It is woefully obvious that he is light years beyond any of the other top ten in vocal ability, stage presence, sex appeal, style and overall gorgeousness!!! I do have to say that Adam’s 20 minute set in the Idol concert was the shortest 20 minutes of my life – it felt like about 4 minutes & then it was over – leaving me wanting more, More, MORE!! As talented as the others in the top ten all (or most) may be, none of them comes anywhere close to the level of our Mr. Lambert. I hope Allison and Kris do well, too – but there’s certainly no doubt who the main ticket is on this tour!!!

    You’re so right about Adam’s appearance on Idol – I feel like I’ve waited for 7 years to find my “true” Idol; and there he shows up this year – and I just knew it instantly, somehow. He opened his mouth and sang “Mama” and I was a goner!!! I don’t think the show will ever be able to top him; it may actually be painful to watch as contestants try in future seasons! Adam is proof that good (okay, fantastic) things are worth waiting for.

    Yes,I too wish Adam could have spent some time with us fans outside; but I’ve got to try to understand how draining the tour process is – Matt did tell me outside that he found it very grueling – and for Adam, with the extremely loud music he’s got to sing with and the unbelievable screaming (roaring) going on in the stadiums when he’s on; I understand he more than any of them, needs time to compress and get ready for his performances. Maybe, hopefully, we’ll get another chance to meet him – at least we’ve both got our pictures taken with him; and a whole lotta’ other fans are envious of our good fortune!!

    I’m 53 and I’ve never been as excited about ANY performer as I am about Adam. I think it will be amazing to experience an entire concert of just Adam; that’s something to REALLY look forward to. Let’s plan to get a big group together for his San Diego solo concert; what a treat that will be!!
    It is beyond insane that he didn’t win this year. Just plain crazy. He is going to be the biggest superstar EVER to emerge from Idol; & I, for one, can’t wait for all the haters and naysayers to witness his birth as an international mega-super star – and I don’t think I’m overstating that. Even now with all the incredible reviews there are STILL fools out there complaining that he’s getting too much attention! One guy who was at the Dallas show even wrote on one of the forums that “Kris stole the show” (????!!!) and then I looked into the guy’s profile and found out he was from Arkansas…DUH.!!!

    Great job,Carol – thanks SO much for writing such a detailed and accurate account of the whole experience; much appreciated!


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