San Diego Glamnation Pre-Concert Party + Concert + After-Concert (***Updated Videos/Pics***)

The pre-concert party was great. About 21 people showed up. At first we had batches of 4-6 people come in at different intervals, so we had to go downstairs a couple of times and wait to get people to the lounge area. We all got to meet fans, have some drinks and it was very laid back. The conversations and pool games went so well that after 6:20pm I decided to stay upstairs. Some people arrived later and somehow figured out how to pass security, entering the maze of elevators and then enter another maze to get to the lounge area. For those two groups that did it, congratulations!

We went out in two separate groups across the street to the Copley Symphony Hall. Right before the concert, I gave my black nail polish to some extranger in line in exchange for her to do my nails. Then, Bryan helped me get my ‘glam-on.’

Yeah, that’s two perfectly straight guys putting guy liner on… priceless:


During the concert we could still see some of the people from the pre-concert party and it was nice to ‘know’ people there and say ‘Hey!!’ from a distance. I missed Allison Iraheta but I got to see Orianthi. She actually did very good in my opinion.

Now to the main event. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail because it has been covered here before (the songs, outfits, dancers, etc). The only think I can say about Adam’s performance is that it far exceeded my expectations. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the show was going to be like from watching YouTube videos here but the experience of actually ‘being’ there and seeing him live was a completely different thing. I really think people need to know that these YouTube videos does him and the whole experience no justice.

Hearing his voice with high notes that fill the room and literally vibrate everything including the back of your spine is something you don’t want to miss.

My last concert was David Cook at Pechanga Casino during New Years (2009 to 2010) in Temecula, CA. I never thought anyone could  ever top that. Well, Adam certainly did; and this is coming from a hardcore David Cook fan. I’ve been to a lot of concerts and Adam’s vocal ability and showmanship is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

After the concert, I got to meet Adam’s mom and got to tell her I was born the exact same day and year than Adam. She was like ‘that’s really cool!!’ Although she seemed tired, she looked like she’s been tanning/working out and actually looked kinda’ hot 🙂 (sorry!). We took a picture. Unfortunately, my camera was on some crazy daylight no flash mode so all my pictures came out blurry (You know how they always work except when you actually need them):


Glamorized fans Stephanie, Bryan and Linda:


Outside we waited for a while and Adam only showed up for about 1 or 2 minutes. Linda was one of the only ones to  get an autograph (on her purse). Some of us were able to get a picture with Tommy, the bass player:


Stephanie hugging Tommy:


Sandra ( author) talking with Adam’s dad:


Below you can see videos of the concert. If you haven’t been to one of his concerts and he is coming to you I personally strongly recommend not watching them until after you have seen him live:


Fernando (Dreamsound) Glamb #1



  1. I love it…two straight guys putting guyliner on each other. That’s a beautiful thing and just shows the way Adam’s message affects everyone regardless of gender, race, age, religion, or sexual orientation. It’s all about love, peace, caring, and sharing. Adam is The Messenger and his music is the medium.

  2. Paula T says:

    Missed the pre-concert party, but the concert…what an experience! Saw our man in Costa Mesa and thought he was incredible then, but seeing him in his hometown and having better seats was even more indescribable. He is truly mesmerizing, and I could watch him in concert every night! Got to have him autograph my shirt after the show – that way I could get him to touch me! Adam, you are the consummate performer and a beautiful, beautiful man! Thank you!!!

    • DonnaNoble says:

      Same here, Paula. My seat was way better last night (had a spectacular view from the balcony compared to my somewhat blocked view by people and equipment at CM) and what a show! I’m still on a high and wish I could attend another one. Sigh!

  3. 1 GLAMNATION NIGHT IN SAN FRANCISCO. 2 GLAMNATION NIGHTS IN COSTA MESA. Then a 10 hour drive home. Late last night my husband says, “Were going to VEGAS BABY”. I’m like, OMG I need more GLITTER.

  4. Hi Adam Lovers, I know were all excited about the tour but we need to pull together and support Adam’s IIHY video on VH1. He’s down again and we need to vote big time to get it back up to no. 1. He’s very proud (and we are too) of his work and we need to make sure he keeps it up in the ratings. Please help make that happen, thanks! Glamb# 640 AdamsLady

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Yeah, I saw that and will do my best. Apparently they were having trouble with the voting site early in the week so I couldn”t get in and then just kind of slacked off. Will get back on board!

      • Experience the same thing; voting site down a day or two. Fun Videos out this summer competing w/IIHY, Katy Perry, Travie Mc Coy, The Black Keys (very funny), BoB not so much, or Daughtery. For some reason can’t get my head around him as I am from the Stones era–completely different type of rock (to me). So will double my voting effort this week. Can’t be the only one who finds the repetition of voting a bore after about 15 minutes. But for Adam I will vote at least 2-3 times that. daily. Wonder what happened to Miley’s Video–thought it was good, although I understand why Gaga went quickly. Go figure! p.s, on vacation this week so watched Adam doing “Saisfaction” with Paula saying she felt like she was watching an Adam Lambert Concert. Go back and watch his Idol performances if you can.WOW!!!

        • P.’S. Nice small blurb on Adam’s Orange County Show on Guess the LA Times too busy to write anything.

    • AdoringAdam says:

      Elly: I so agree with you. Besides voting for Adam’s video on VH1 and MTV, make sure you are requesting Adam’s song on the major radio stations in your area. This is so IMPORTANT! If I Had needs to be #1. It is so much better than anything out there today besides GaGa.

      I saw Adam In Wilkes-Barre and I was blown away. It was the kick off show and he was out of this world. I am sure he gets better and better, if that’s possible. I will be seeing him again at the end of August in Albany. Get to a concert if you can.

  5. Cougar65 says:

    San Diego: Adam’s ‘Aftermath’ is the MOST PASSIONATE!!!!

  6. Thank you Fernando for a great party! It was fun to hang around you guys with all the other women gawking. The guyliner session in line to get in was priceless.

    Everyone, Fernando has no idea how much of a web-rock star he is to those of us who check this site all the time. Tell him how great he is for doing it! If you get a chance to meet him. He is a super nice guy, handsome and very Adam-like.

    I melted during the concert and sang all the way home. Adam seemed tired when he came out to sign autographs (who can blame him?!). I wish there was some other ritual that showed appreciation in a better way than clammoring to get at him. He is so hot up close!!!!

  7. gran4adam says:

    Fernando…thanks again for the pre concert party. It was great to meet you and others. I’m so happy that you got to meet Leila and others. I thought Costa Mesa was the best ever but last night was unreal. What a talent he is! His Dad, Eber, sat right behind me and I got a picture with him. I saw his Mom but she was swamped with well-wishers.
    Hope to see you again soon:)

    • Hi Geri , this is you right ? I have peoples real names and what they use on this site all mixed up. I enjoyed meeting you and talking Adam i dont ever get to do that, only on the computer. My daughter leaves to go back to college the end of August id love for us to get together i will really need a pic me up. talk to you soon.

      • gran4adam says:

        Yes, please get in touch with me. I am vacationing the end of August til mid Sept. but would love to get together. We’ll figure out directions:)

  8. Princessshakeitup says:

    I know this is ‘off topic’ but, since I don’t get to see Adam till September, could someone who is lucky enough to see him sooner print this note off and slip it to him?

    My Dear Adam,
    I know that I am a 51 year old reluctantly heterosexual female and you are a 28 year old Gay Rock God who has persons of both sexes frothing over you daily but, would you still like to have hot sticky sex with me? Circle One:


    p.s. I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich

    If I could get this taken care of before the show in Rockford it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Wet kisses, The Princess

    • Michelle says:

      jajajaja, that is too funny!!!! i think everyone want to slip him a note like that!!!

  9. OMG I just left mandalay bay, people have been lined up since this morning,the concert is at 9:00 and it’s 110 degrees.Adam has the most passionate fans!

    • Know the feeling–almost had a sun stroke waiting in line for one of his concerts and Vegas is afterall in the desert. Truly appreciated those people coming around w/cold water, cold wraps, etc. You are God sent! Also gives you the opportunity to buy t-shirt, etc. BTW does the profit of these sales go back to Adam in some way? Just asking, only time, I haven’t brought from Official Site. P.S. Lisa aren’t you staying for the Concert?

      • I heard at one time that Adam was in negotiations with a concessionaire about rights to sell t-shirts & souvenirs at his concerts, so I would say, yes, the Adam things sold at his concerts do directly benefit him in some way.

        • Thank you for that info. Just wondering, is everything OK Sue–hope you’re on vacation, and all’s well. Certainly don’t expect daily posting, but it has been several days, nothing posted. You have many friends out here in the “Adam” space, so it is natural to worry if we don’t hear from you for awhile. I believe I read where you were traveling to Calif. and Vegas . Hope you enjoyed our West Coast hospitality. Disappointed along w/all fans that Adam wasn’t nominated, but he is a class act, and handled it beautifully. I do believe that Elvis experienced much the same treatment from these same award shows. If the King of Rock can be so treated, so can the King of Glam Rock! Viva our Rock Gods!!!

  10. Hey Fernando, just wanted to thank you again for hosting the get together !! Your apt bldg is beautiful, i would have loved to see what the apartments looked like !!! LOVED meeting some of the glambs, wish it could have been lots more!! I forgot to ask you how shocked/surprized were you when a venue was added that was across the street from your apt? Thats crazy ! LOL The concert was amazing, wished i was a foot taller. Thanks again it was great to meet you !!

  11. larissa says:

    Loved meeting everybody last night! I wish i had gotten more pictures of us together I hope to see you guys again soon someday. I gave someone my email to email me a video of adam At the a m a show I’m so sorry i forgot your name. You are such a die hard fans Don’t forget to send that email Thank you for non dough It was totally fun and amazing! Lari

  12. Penny F says:

    Hi Fernando

    Cool you were born the same day and year as Adam. Do you know what time he was born? Are you guys true astro twins?

    • Not sure, but there is an 84,400th chance that we were born at the exact same second.

      … and I really think we did, hahaha, how else would you explain this website? 🙂

      • Good point. If you ever get a chance to find out, I would love to know. It would be really cool if you two were born with a very similar chart!

  13. This post is really Fernando— love the guyliner=) can’t wait for Adam to get to the Philippines 10/10/10 is the magic date for us;p

  14. Does anybody know if the E channel deal mean that we get no video from this show?? I will be so so sad!!!!

  15. Thank you, Fernando, for starting this wonderful Web site. We appreciate it very much. I was with my best friend, and didn’t attend the pre-concert party, but it sounds like it was a good time. I just went to my first Glam Nation concert in San Diego, and I’ll be going to another one Sunday night in Arizona. It was the most amazing experience. Before the concert, my friend and I went to a Thai restaurant near the venue. We were there five minutes, and who walks in? Monte and Tommy! My jaw dropped, and I was starstruck already. I left them alone to eat, and just took their picture, but it turned out a bit dark. I didn’t want to bother them and just wanted to let them enjoy their dining experience. Then, this girl in the next booth asked us if we were going to the concert. We were all glammed out, so she could tell we were. I told her yes, and we were very excited to see Adam. She said that she had two extra tickets and they were the 8th row, main section and center! My tickets were in the back on the right side. She let me buy them for the purchase price, and I knew I was the luckiest person ever! Eber, Adam’s Dad was only two rows in front of us. We also saw his Mom. So, I saw Adam closer than I ever thought I would! He was brilliant, exciting, gorgeous…just everything and more! The girl who sold me these amazing tickets could have sold them for much more, but she was such a doll. Her name was Laurie, too! So, you might say that I just had the most amazing concert experience of my entire life because I saw Adam up close! I felt he was looking straight at me! What seats! He is the most remarkable entertainer of my life, and I know that I will never experience anything like this again. It is as if all the stars lined up perfectly, and everything fell into place. Now, I will see Adam perform again tomorrow, and I can’t wait, but after the San Diego concert, how could it get any better than that? Between seeing Adam so close, seeing Monte and Tommy at the restaurant before the show, seeing both his parents up close, and watching Adam perform with his dancers…I know I just experienced the most incredible entertainment spectacle of my life.

  16. Thank you Adam…….

  17. Just got back an hour ago from the vegas show,still floating.I got closer than costa mesa this time because of general admission.Adam is soooo gorgeous up close! his thick beautiful hair and every inch of his sparkly body.He is such a presence it just takes your breath away.Sad that I have no more tickets 🙁
    Just watched everthing on the DVR.Now what will I do? back to you tube.By the way,general admission is painful,people will take every inch of your personal space, scream in your ears, and hold their cameras in front of your face.He is worth every minute of course, just be prepared-make sure you won’t have to use the bathroom because you’ll never get your space back.and have gum or water for the dry throat you’ll get from screaming.

  18. My daughter and I were able to see Adam last night {after seeing him in Costa Mesa on Wednesday}. The whole experience was incredible as you all know. San Diego was amazing because his voice carries so well in that venue and the setting indoors was dreamlike-visually and audibly. There are no words that have not already been expressed to describe the beautiful voice, countenance, and soul of this man. He is so much more than an entertainer;he is truly a gift to the world. By chance-since my daughter Heidi knew where the stage exit was-we waited outside briefly to see if we could see Adam, post concert. My ankle is broken so I knew I couldn’t wait very long. Adam came out the door and walked right over to me and smiled, signed his autograph and when I touched his wrist gently,he smiled again and walked on along the barricade.I was so awestruck gazing at his beautiful face,no words came out. I wanted to say “Thank you for bringing so much love and joy into my life .After some trying times ,you reminded me how many blessings I have, and to focus on the positive.You truly ” make me want to listen to music again” . You are such a courageous, loving and gifted young man, and I wish for you all that you give to others in abundance and that you are always surrounded by love.
    Somehow,I feel that Adam may have known what I wanted to say in that brief encounter; maybe he might even glance at this message………
    It was wonderful to see Suz {the amazing and generous videotographer} last night. She and her friends were sitting right behind us and she noticed the glitter all over my daughter’s back.I loved chatting with you and sharing “Adam smiles”. Thank you for all you do. Lorraine

    • Lorraine,

      Your words really touched me – you voiced what I feel, too. But curious about something: does that awesome stage presence continue even after the show?

    • Lorraine, I am very happy that you actually had the chance to touch him and convey through your intentions all that you feel about him…I believe in my heart he received it knowingly. Words just seem inadequate to express all that he elicits from his fans. An entire gamut of emotions is experienced – as we all can attest to throughout the world!

      This phenomenon called Adam is creating a language among his fans that has its roots in love. We create new words in an effort to capture what we are sensing, experiencing and longing for in our lives. But, I think he has best captured its essence in IIHY – it is the CONNECTION through LOVE. He has embraced this… giving us the examples as he maneuvers through the challenges of his daily life and growing fame. He has grown in his life to become this fascinating gift that we never seem to tire of looking at or listening to 24/7. We/I would even watch him brush his teeth, for sure!

      Adam is the shiny – no, make that glittering – mirror reflecting what is absolutely glorious in the humanity of us all —we are reminded by him that it exists in us all—even when our mirrors are heavily clouded by the unreleased burdens of our lives. He tells us through his voice, resplendent with the beauty of his soul, to look about us and just see each other as we truly are…so beautiful. I think many of us feel our lives are stopped and restarted with a new vigor after “experiencing” his concerts.

      So, what is Adam? I believe he is a catalyst for good, for tolerance, for discovery, for creativity, for just out and out joy in feeling a love of life and our fellow travelers. I suspect that each of us -his fans- have many stories to attest to that! How many stories have you heard of people who extend their hearts to others through money, venue tickets, lodging, and even the special feeling of a family connection that is felt among his fans? Volumes could be written! Do you know of any other artists that have inspired in such a way? I don’t – and I have been on this terrestrial plane for many a decade!

      In my opinion, the best expression of our love for Adam would be to convey the love – pay it forward in any way we can. I believe Adam’s hard-core fans are different – at least, in my experience – there is a generosity of heart. HCF’s unite and Pay It Forward – It is about LOVE!!!

      And speaking of love…we, the readers of this fan site are truly blessed to be the recipients of the dedication of all those who work so long and with such undying fervor to keep us all connected in our love of Adam! THANK YOU – EACH AND EVERY ONE!

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Hey you beautiful lady! Speaking of Paying it Forward, any luck talking to anyone connected with Adam or the band about the Heifer Project and Adam’s Ark!?
        HCF #601

        • You know dear Princess, it was a complete oversight on my part in not mentioning ADAM’S ARK above! I have mentioned the project to some people as I have been at my past “joy-moments” with Adam’s venues. Seems very hard to get people to consider other options when it is so much reinforced about the Glam a Classroom on his official website and his tweets. As for getting close to band members – I had a glancing moment with LP and didn’t have the presence of mind to mention it to him (I had only about 5 seconds as he was moving fast to the bus!) Unless you are very fortunate to get close to him on stage in the pit or just by sheer luck/determination to catch him on the way to the bus, it is really not much of a realistic time to tell him about the project.

          After talking to fans that had seen him virtually almost over run by a few fanatical “fans” near the buses in Knoxville and the potential threat to his safety…well, I have decided to give more consideration to his safety and well-being after venues by just “drooling” from afar. I would so much love to be able to talk to him about it but the chances for that conversation are about as good as catching one of his beads of sweat during performance! I am not saying I have given up but I am considering other tactics!

          However, I have gone to about 4-5 different international fan sites and posted info but have had no replies to me directly. Certainly, the time is right for this to lift off on the international scene if one can make connections with fan bases abroad….anyone from outside US reading this please contact me:

          Heifer International is willing to do all they can to help but official endorsement by Adam is somewhat required to do much more than what they have right now. In the meantime, we can only love him more by creating “ripples” for him around the world by continuing the effort in all the ways we can as individuals (the power of ONE)! My apologies for the extended reply – Adam does that thing to me. LOL


  19. Wow, Wow, Wow.
    Though I am having an amazing time in Europe, I miss feeling the Adam Vibe over here.
    It is so wonderful to read these reviews of his CA concerts ofcourse we all knew they would be over the top, it only makes sense. Here are his roots, his family, his friends. This is the place were it all started.
    Wow again, what a journey, what a life. what a privilige to be part of it in some form or another.

    Flying back home this week, than the countdown will start for the Raleigh, NC concert. How grateful I am that he is making his way back to the East Coast. I am in awe of his energy and dedication and I know the love and energy from the audience is fueling him in the most powerful way.

  20. Going to concert for first time…about 10 rows back….inside venue
    Two questions

    1. Will Flip camcorder w/ 2 x zoom work…or could you recommend somrthing not too expensive

    2. Do fans use only blue glow sticks or will any color do.?

    I think we need survivor handbook for Adan’s concert with a glitter cover…of course

    Concert Newbie

    • A survivor handbook is a great idea… I think there is a post on this site that has concert tips for everyone.
      Generally, everyone used blue or violet glowsticks, yes. They sell Adam glow sticks at the concert (they were sold out when I asked for one) and they are the blue kind.

  21. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Hi Fernando. Thanks so much for hosting the pre-party. My friends and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone and playing pool. The concert was totally amazing. Don’t have enough words. I have quite a few good pics so if you want I can send some. Great meeting you!

  22. AdamAddictGirl says:

    Seeing Adam perform live is……like nothing you have ever experienced. Seen him twice, cannot tell you how amazing it is. Chills.

  23. Does everyone find it hard to function the day after a concert? I thought maybe I would feel better but I just feel more obsessed! I feel like I need to check myself into some kind of rehab or something ! HELP!!!

    • Duh…no relief in sight for you babe! It’s been almost 2 months since my first and I am still lost in it all!

  24. Thanks for all the comments! 🙂

  25. WOW, wow…. Princessshakeitup. You leave me in stitches. LOL. I love your sense of humor. Ahh-ha-ha! I envy your appetite for sex. Wish I could have more like you. I got so busy, I become asexual. Ha-ha! Hurry Adam and come to the Philippines, so I can have my sexual appetite back.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Glad to know someone else thinks I’m funny besides me! Thank you so much and , if Adam comes to the Philippines I would LOVE to come over there and join you for the show!
      Trust me, my sexual appetite was pretty low until I saw that ‘boy’ served up on a big ol plate of leather! HUNGRY AGAIN! I know that is why he has so many female fans in the over 40 age group!
      Love to you and all the folks in the Philippines!

  26. FlamingoLady says:

    It’s been a week since I saw Adam’s S.F. concert, and I’m still suffering glam-withdrawal! And those comments are absolutey true…watching all the videos is great but nothing like the electricity of seeing him in person. I am so Adam-addicted!

  27. kat23morg says:

    for all my friends here…this is a petition to stop Best Buy and Target from continuing to donate money to Politician in Minn. who openly denounces gays and supports a Christian Rock band who preach violence and the killing of gays…please when you have time sign this petition and please boycott these two stores to let them know we do not support their views as does those in our country who believe in our Constitution and in tolerance.

    • I checked this out. It is true. My 18yr old won’t be getting anything from these stores as he heads off to college.

      • How long has this been going on? Thanks for the heads up. Don’t shop either place often, now never. This sort of behavior makes me ill–I am the mother of a gay son.

    • gran4adam says:

      This must be why I never see Adam’s CD advertised with these two chains…just Justin Beiber, et al:(

      • I got my cd’s at Best Buy when it first came out. Ok I had to give some gifts so I bought 4. Also I have seen it at Target.

        How about the ONLY thing anyone should buy at these stores is Adam’s CD!

        Move has a petition to sign as well. Also with some work, you can write them an email yourself. It is hard to find but somewhere under Contact Us there is an email form.

  28. Elizabeth Glamb #545 says:

    Guys, I’ve enjoyed all your comments on the concerts you’ve gone to. I can’t wait until I see Adam myself in Rhode Island in August. I’m worried about talk I heard that Longineau Parson’s is leaving!?! Is this for real? I think this would be a great loss to the band and an even greater loss to Adam. Longineau is such a wonderful presence and he is an outstanding drummer. Does anyone know what this is all about. I was just saying on another website, if its a matter of money, I hope they just give him more money, or do whatever he asks to make things more comfortable for him.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I haven’t heard many details, only thay he is supposedly leaving after they finish the U.S. tour; before they go to Europe. I doubt it is a matter of money. I think it’s interesting that there isn’t more being said about this.

      “Can you PLAY the drums, Fernando”?
      sorry, just had to say that!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      From what I have read Longineau is rejoining his old band and apparently that has always been a possibility. They will all miss LP, he is a fantastic drummer but I am sure Adam will find someone to replace LP. I am sure Adam and the rest of the group will really miss LP.

  29. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks for the recap Fernando. . . LOVED it! Looking forward to New Orleans on September 12th.

    AdamRocks! (Cindy in MS)

    Glamb #37

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hey Cindy how are you? It is ages and ages since I have been in contact with you and I feel bad about that. Some of our email mates have just been to Las Vegas to see Adam, some of them haven’t got back yet so are still waiting for news although I understand they had a fabulous time, well who wouldn’t have a fabulous time when you are going to see Adam.

      You are so lucky Cindy being able to go and see Adam, I know you will have a great time, would love to hear all about it.

      love and hugs to you Cindy,
      Dianne (NZ) Glamb #356.

  30. ANYONE go last night to his Tempe, Arizona concert??? He has not made any comments yet on Twitter and I can’t wait to find out how it went !!! I didn’t go…… 🙁

    • I went to the Tempe, AZ concert. It was a great crowd and Adam was wonderful as usual. Friday night, I was at his San Diego concert. Last night, my best friend and husband went to the AZ concert, and he didn’t fail to impress of course. It was general admission and sold out of course. It was pretty hot, especially with the added heat that Adam generates! 😉 He didn’t sing WLL, but he sang Mad World. I’ve seen Adam three times this year, but that may have been the last one this year. 🙁 His performance last night was wonderful. I hope he tweets soon, so we know how he felt about it. I’m just glad he came, regardless of the political climate in this state. He’s a class act, an amazing presence and gave a crowd-pleasing show as usual. I’m now going to go through withdrawal like the rest of the Glambs.

  31. Thanks so much, Fernando! Adam autographed my white Crown sweatshirt (Thanks Sandra!) after the glamtastic Copley concert in San Diego. Anyone with a picture of that happening, please forward! I also have another pic of Stephanie standing next to Tommy–if she wants it, let me know!

    • Yes, thanks so much from me too, Fernando! I had been to the two Costa Mesa concerts prior to San Diego and although the entire show is professional (i.e., rehearsed), every one of Adam’s concerts was just a little bit different – different audiences create different feelings… he did or said spontaneous things… idk, just different — but ALL were glorious!

  32. Just read that Hot Topic is selling Adam Lambert shirts! . It’s about time somebody started selling stuff .I’m heading over there to buy one tonight.I heard they’re like $20. I paid $50 for my concert shirt. I hope his fans all buy one,if their is a demand they’ll come up with more stuff. I want an Adam blanket to curl up with at night!

    • I’m not sure that Hot Topic is an official seller of Adam tees – in other words, that Adam gets anything from it. I know the tees at his concerts are official, however. Btw, you can get Adam t-shirts many places – just google “Adam Lambert t-shirts”. eBay is one place you can get great Adam tees.

  33. Maybe because he was close to home, he looked so gorgeous, Adam was beautiful than ever, omg.

  34. I agree, Fernando. I keep saying that listening to Adam’s music is great, but seeing him perform live, is 100 times greater! I had an email from the mother of a young man, who lives in Scotland and she said that her son can’t wait until Adam is back over there. He is a big fan. I told her that he will experience a show like no other he has seen. His mother’s favorite Adam song is “Come to me Bend to me.”

    I saw him in NYC and I had the time of my life!! His vocal range is amazing and the sound of his voice is sheer heaven! I love his great sense of humor and how he does not take himself too seriously. He is a once-in-a-lifetime and it’s no wonder that his fans love him.


  35. You took the words right out of my mouth, Fernando – Adam far exceeded my expectations, too – even though I had seen the entire concert right here on this website before ever actually attending one. To put it mildly, it totally blew me away!

  36. 100Fever says:

    I just love him…

  37. Because of my enthusiasm for Adam’s music and his career potential (and secretly his gorgeous and sexy self), my husband has become very interested in Adam Lambert. He started listening to Adam’s music after I went to The Glan Nation Tour concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC in June. Well, he’s now so interested that WE ARE GOING TO NEW ORLEANS for the 12 Sep concert. I’m flying high…can’t wait to get another Adam “fix”. He should be so-o-o hot in NOLA.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I had to , ahem, chuckle “knowingly” at your comment regarding your husband’s rather sudden interest in Adam after you attended the WA, DC concert….there IS that little side benefit of our appreciation for Adam’s “gorgeous and sexy self”….my husband is pretty much happy to accompany me (almost) anywhere that Adam is live in concert (well, haven’t suggested Europe yet, but,…hmmmm…), and now to Hawaii in Oct. (after Puyallup in Sept…and 4 previous concerts), so that I may “appreciate” Adam as frequently and thoroughly as possible….a “win-win” situation for all….

      • Yeah, I’m feelling like a “sure fire winner”. Good luck with that Europe idea…now you’ve got me thinking.

  38. Cougar65 says:

    FYI: If you didn’t get to see Adam Lambert’s sold-out concert Friday at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, you may still get a chance.

    A film crew from the E! Network was there Friday night filming footage for an upcoming “True Hollywood Story” documentary on the life and times of the Rancho Penasquitos-raised pop star.

    Local television news crews, who’d arrived to film the singer’s return to San Diego on his first solo tour, were turned away at the doors because E! had purchased film rights for the night. An E! camera crew could be seen filming from the stage and photographing some of Lambert’s most colorful fans —- a mix of seniors in silver sequins, cougars wearing homemade “Team Adam” badges, and self-described “hot moms” from Rancho Penasquitos, where Lambert graduated from high school in 2000.

    No word from E! on when the episode will air, though a fan at the concert Friday said she asked an E! staffer for the air date and was later told it would be in mid-November.


  39. Wow, that ‘s fantastic, Cougar65!!! Thanks for passing this info along…can’t wait for it to air!

  40. AdamAddict says:

    Long time no come so here a present for U guys!Adam’s wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!weepee!!!!!!!!!!
    U R most welcome! 😀
    p/s:I bet it’s time to clean the screen ladies!LOL!

  41. Thanks Emili, they are absolutely beautiful. nice to hear from you again.

  42. AdamAddict says:
  43. AdamAddict says:
    Look SUE,he remembered you!Awwww! 🙂

  44. Michelle says:

    I have a couple of questions to those who have been to Adams concerts, i will be attending on sept 19 in Hollywood,FL>so excited!!! i’m taking my daughter who is 12 (her first concert) is she too young for this??? and why do people show up so early to make the lines arent they assigned seats in order to the ticket you buy??? whats the point of being there so early?? is it to get meet n greets or to see him coming in? OMG i sound like a 4 yr old kid asking so many questions…LOL! Anyway, i appreciate anyones feedback! i want to make this experience awesome for my daughter….and of course myself!!! How do you go about getting a meet n greet, anybody know???? THANKS!!!

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Hi Michelle, I am no expert but I have made it to 2 shows so far and I have 2 more to go, including the Hollywood show! Both shows I have been to have been GA (general admission- no seats!). For this kind of concert getting in line early allows you to find a spot that you can see clearly from. I got good vantage points both times – but watch out for taller folks who will try to slip in front of you during the course of the show! (my best solution was to be in the front of the balcony in Myrtle Beach – no one could get in front of me!). Now for Hollywood we have assigned seats and I would think it wouldn’t be so necessary to get there early. Quick question for you – this is a casino venue; did you check and see if there is any age limit to the show? Some casinos limit their concerts to 18 and older; some permit younger folk too. As for meet and greets – they are usually prizes awarded in contests sponsored by radio or newspapers. This makes it tough on those of us who are attending from out of town (I’m in Virginia). However, people find the tour buses afterwards and line up for a possible chance to see Adam and maybe even get an autograph. My husband encouraged me to do this after the Myrtle Beach show ( I was reluctant after 5 hours on my feet – 2 in line, 3 for the concert!). Our patience was rewarded when Adam came out to sign autographs; we were a respectful and not too crowded group and he autographed my ticket (now one of my great treasures!). I am including my email address here in case you want to talk further about the Hollywood concert; maybe even meet up there!

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Mary-Ellen, thank you so much for the info!!!!! i will definately find out with the casino,i hadnt thought of that. It would be so nice to meet up for the concert…we should arrange something for all the glambs to meet up like they have been doing!!!! What do you think??? i would love to meet some other people with the Adam obsession!!!! Over here im alone in my amazement for him…..yeah weird!!! Anyway let me know what you think and thanks again!!!
        my e-mail is


  45. All my love and condolences to Tommy and his family. We love you Tommy, take care. Vicki

  46. Just saw this one another site, but you guys probably already know about it:

    Dear Twitter Family…

    It is with deep sadness that I tell you that Tommy’s father Ron Ratliff passed away yesterday morning.
    Please keep Dia and Tommy in your thoughts and prayers.
    May he rest in peace.
    Please respect them and their privacy in this time of mourning.

    Really sooo sad for Tommy – thinking of you and your family, Tommy – love you.

    • When I met Tommy last Thursday he looked kinda’ sad (you might be able to tell from the pictures). I told him we really appreciated his time. Well, I am wondering now if it has to do with this..

  47. Eilo, is Adam really performing here in the Philippines on 10/10/10 ? Oh, my, oh my !
    Can’t wait for this to happen. What I’ll be sure to have is a thick p—nty liner for all those “GASMS”.
    HA- HA- HA !!!!!
    My Gosh, KY jelly is going to lose some consumers !! LOL

  48. My gosh, this last post of mine is a bit lewd and hypomanic. Charge that to a bit of underlying depression of not having seen Adam live yet in Concert. This might be like Princesshakeitup’s feeling too – the hypomania bit, with some feeling of impatience.

    And oh, I want to comment on Steven Johnson’s article on STL, but I can’t get through because I’m not from the US. He was provocative and incedentiary by writing that, ” Adam’s fanbase , this demographic group can’t keep him afloat as a new artist”. Is he a GLAMBERT in disguise? Because he would only foster reverse psychology. GLAMBERTS would be up in arms to protest , and would do anything then to refute this. Of course comments by Glamberts followed, like, we older women have the funds to watch multiple concerts of Adam. But aside from this are a host of other reasons– like, Adam has the INTELLECT that can level up with older women. If he doesn’t have this, I doubt if I’ll be a fan. And he’s just a beautiful soul. Maybe more than his singing. But at least his singing, had drawn us to this beautiful soul. I embrace this beautiful successful artist, but I also embrace the overweight, pimpled boy who lacked self-confidence.