Ryan, Rock My Town Video-Songs 7-12, New York City 2/12/10

Here are the second half of the songs from the Kradison concert last night. I’m just going to say that this ain’t American Idol anymore my friends!! Adam is blowing the roof off this place. No wonder people were fainting left and right, Holy Hotness.

Besides listening to him sing, I love how he is chatting up the crowd. He is hilarious!! Hearing him interact with the fans is especially humorous because when he flirts with them he turns on the hotness and makes them C.R.A.Z.Y.!! It makes you feel like you are a part of the show and as far as i’m concerned THIS is the greatest show on earth.

Continue on with the videos and consider yourself warmed, uh I mean WARNED… It is getting hot in here!!!!!!

For Your Entertainment~



Down The Rabbit Hole~

Whole Lotta Love~

Crazy With Kris and Allison~



  1. You are so right. It’s not AI anymore….. Adam can finally be Adam. The crowd was just freaking out. It was an incredible night and I am glad I was able to be there.

    What an incredible talent he is….And so stunningly beautiful. I will be smiling for a long time from last night……and waiting impatiently to see him again.


  2. I’m going to Fantasy Springs, but I kind of wish it could be this kind of intimate, outrageous atmosphere. Well, knowing Adam the Entertainer, it will probably be outrageous(I hope so!), but not as intimate. Oh well, maybe another time. Again, thank God for youtube and all of you wonderpeople with your video phones and cams! I loved this performance. What an out of this world performer.

  3. ive gotta RABBIT HOLE burrowing thru my head!!!!
    Adam you better have this song picked for soundtrack to Johnny Depps Alice in Wonderland…

    else i’m gonna turn into the Mad Hatter !!!!

    that gal was lucky to have just fainted… I KNOW I WOULD HAVE DIED !!!!! ( happy )
    K. (England )

    • I’ve been wondering how to “organize” that collaboration for some time. Since you’re in the UK, know anybody who knows somebody, who kows somebody who knows Tim Burton????? 😉

  4. Welcome back!

    After watching WLL the first time on Youtube I quipped that the makeup smearing moment almost killed me and “did anyone actually faint?” Only found out much later that apparently there was a Whole Lotta Fainting going on! LMAO Someone’s comment was that there were a lot of Glambulances needed in NY on Friday night. I’m soo stoked to see Adam gettin his full Freak on again. Total ROCK GOD.

    My current best quote is from Halfie’s review on PF:

    “What we had was two VERY, VERY good American Idol contestants and one Bat-shit Crazy, genuine motherfucking rock star.”

    • LOVE that quote!! I’m gonna have to post that in my office somewhere. Too funny and So so true!

      • I’m glad he’s bringing back REAL rock and roll instead of that babyfood we’ve been forced to listen to for the last few years. Thank you ADAM!!! Long Live ROCK AND ROLL!!! No one does it better.

        • And I LOVE that mother f-ing rock star!!!!! GO ADAM! u r amazing!

          • I just watched the movie “the doors”, again, the other night. Jim Morrison was so great, but so messed up with drugs. Adam was pulling down some of his moves and the WWLL is better than Plant and Morrison. He is always in the zone with that one.

    • KO's smiling says:

      HAHA! Who said that/?!?!?!? Awesome.

  5. OMG I was there it was the MOST EXCITING nite of MY LIFE. Adam is the BEST ENTERTAINER I have ever saw, & i have seen alot of concerts. Cannot wait for his next NY appearance I will be up front like that nite. I cut my finger on his wrist band spikes when he came into the crowd. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Loverof LifeNH says:

    OK, So no offence to Kris and Allison as they are both talented in their genre’s…….However Crazy was made for Adams voice. You have to have a powerful set of pipes to pull it off, which Adam does. It’s a great video though and they look like they were all having a ball. Good to see Adam and Kris back together again. 🙂 I agree with KarenB that Adam is truly a Rock Star extraordinaire!

    • i thought that Allison held her own just fine. Those two can duet. But not now. They need bigger names to do that with. Kris can sing this in an acoustic way, but is way out of element with these two. He should have just rocked out with the guitar and not try to push his voice.

  7. Oh yes, @Loverof LifeNH ….I agree I so love ADAM solo on ‘Crazy’! Missed this one but great
    so many managed to experienced the explosiveness of ADAM in NY! He is spectacular live and
    leaves you breathless!….ZODIAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

  8. YES ZODIAC, Now this is the kind of OVER THE TOP, HEAR POUNDING, FIRE IGNITING STUFF I am looking for, Next time, wherever the concert will be, I will there. I can’t miss Adam while he is still in his raw stage, performing in these smaller venues because that is where the real deal happens!
    I am so happy to see him being true to the Wild Man he is! I believe all the controversy of the past months has made him stronger and even more POWERFUL!

  9. Im so glad I got to see these! Thanks to everyone ….. I didn’t know if I liked the rabbit hole but now its turning out to be my favorite. Wish I could have seen it lighter but it was so good. Too bad it had to be so hot on stage.

  10. OMFG…could anything be HOTTER than ADAM performing Rabbit Hole…???? He is Adamazing…

  11. Love ADAM !! it’s hot and definitely not because of my hot flash !!
    Hi all, seeing people actually fainted….make me so happy ! It proved to me one more time
    that we ( you all fans and I ) are NORMAL people !! ……no matter how obsessed we are of ADAM ! He is just one of a kind in this world who can turn people upside down (with happiness of course).

  12. Judy Lushman says:

    Loved them all. It was great to see the crowd singing the lyrics to FYE. This must make Adam so happy. It’s been said before that one of the greatest ways to flatter a performer is to know the lyrics of their songs and to sing them at their concerts. I loved Sleepwalker and the soulful ending. Adam you change up your songs every time you sing them. How do you do that? Of course Adam sings Fever as sexy as he always does. Got to go now and look at the rest of them. Love this site!

  13. Judy Lushman says:

    Oh my what hot performances. WLL and the interaction with the crowd, it makes me wish that I was there. The crowd was wild for Adam and especially the ones in front. I loved Adam and Allison in Crazy. Kris was just ok, but the two of them are both the personification of Rock and Roll. Long live Rock Music and I am sure it will be around while Adam is performing. Great to see the three of them together again. BTW, where’s Mary C. and Adam Addict lately? I love them both and love reading their posts, always positive and Adam friendly.

  14. love all adams songs-love him to death.adam lambert is alwasy the ebst singer/mr. perfectionist.
    2010 tiger eyar is adam lambert good luck year and more. according to his birthyear chart.1982. more popular than last year;

  15. OMG!!!! Adam is wonderful. Words cannot express the wonder of this man. He so enjoys performing which makes him even more amazing than just his voice which is phenomenal!!!! Oh I wish I could have been there. For sure I would have swooned, probably fainted. Thanks to all who provide these videos so that we can experience them even though it’s not the same as being there it’s better than not experiencing them at all. LOVE ADAM!! I know he says not to live our lives through him but he’s the one who’s brought life to all of us!!!!!

  16. Adam is Amazing as always. Hopefully we will get THIS MUCH LOVE AT FANTASY SPRINGS;0) He is Sexy, Mezmerizing, and the Enterainer of this Century;0) I could whatch Him Perform 24 HRS A DAY. These Perfomances were MIND BLOWING. I Hope we get to have the SAME EXPERIENCE;0)


  18. If I ever get to see Adam perform live, I may just go in with a plan to faint, Ha! Ha! He puts off such energy that even through the computer or TV, sparks seem to fly. How I will react to being in the same room with Adam is something that I have thought about so much, I am going crazy out here. Please Adam, come to Tallahassee.


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