Ryan, Rock My Town Concert Video-Songs 1-6, New York City 2/12/10

As most of you have probably figured out, our site has been down for a little bit. I am here to say that we are SOOOO happy to be back up and running. You have no idea how hard it is to have these fabulous videos and no way to post them!!
I am giving you the first 6 videos from the concert last night, Friday February 12th, 2010. This concert was held in New York City and what a show those lucky fans were treated to. I was unable to watch the live streams that were out there, but from the twitter activity it sounds as though everyone had a great time. There were even reports from the band that some fans had to leave by Glambulance… oh my.
Adam appeared with his lips done up in black, loads of glitter sparkling in his hair AND on his jacket, and his attitude in full swing He showed no signs of holding back and HE rocked that town single handedly. He definitely wasn’t afraid to push ANY boundaries, to which I say HELL YEAH!!!
I’d love to hear from you if you were there… please give us some details… but until then, enjoy the video show. The videos aren’t the greatest but I think they give a pretty good picture of the whole night.
His set list was as follows…
“Music Again,”

“If I Had You,”

“Whataya Want From Me,”


“Sure-Fire Winners,”




  1. OMG!! I’m so glad this site is back up and working again!! I’ve been “freaking out” the past 2 days!! I thought something was wrong with my computer! AGH!! It feels great to be “reconnected!” I missed you guys!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Imagine on our end where we can’t connect with you guys!!! We missed all of you as well!!! How about those videos??? Smoking hot or what?? Definitely the best way to get back on track… phwump.


  2. Mary-Ellen M. says:

    So happy to have the site back up; missed you all! Thanks for posting these videos; however they are so hot they might melt down the site again! Wow! What an amazing performer! It may be winter here on the East Coast but I feel the Adam heat wave; come on nationwide tour! Soon!

  3. i am so glad this site is back up. This concert must have been “crazy”. Can’t wait to here from someone who was there. I am not a fan of the lipstick but love the glitter. Does anyone know what happened to lisa the keyboardist? The aol session videos are up now and they are adamazing. Lisa was with the band on this and her vocals were great.
    Welcome back

    • lovemyadam says:

      I am soo glad too.
      Where is everybody?? Someone MUST have been there… I need details!!
      Lisa is touring with Ke$ha..


    • KO's smiling says:

      I think we (and Adam) missed Lisa on Soaked. Not so easy for someone to jump in on that one and not miss giving Adam a cue or two. These are so fun to watch! Love the interplay with Tommy.

  4. Hi all – I was lucky enough to be at last nights show. Adam was AMAZING. He had tons of glitter in his hair and looked fabulous. Yes, the show briefly stopped when Adam noticed a girl had fainted. First people thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t. Security pushed past me to get to whoever it was. I don’t know what happened. Hopefully she is ok.

    Adam played for about 45 minutes and didn’t disappoint. The crowd was screaming and singing and dancing the whole time he was on. At one point his ear pieces fell out and the sound guy came to put them back in. He jokingly said that the guy had touched his a$&. He made another comment about pushing them in hard….lol and said “if I offended anyone…….tough sh&@. I just love him!

    When Kris came out a large portion of the crowd pushed their way out and left. The only tome Kris got loud applause was when he mentioned Adam. He said at one point that his goal was to make three girls pass out. We were going to leave during his set, but stayed hoping Adam would come out again, and he did along with Allison.

    I am such a happy camper today. Seeing Adam perform his own music and not hold back and be himself was just amazing. I can’t wait to see him again

    Now if I can only win my wY into the show he is doing on Monday……

    • Jennifer, thanks for the details. I love you guys who give up part of your concert experience to video these things. I always wish someone would just press “on” and let us in on all the in between details. The comments, the start overs, the fainting!! I really wish Ryan and others would professionally tape it. Wouldn’t most of us buy that?!
      I think it’s pretty clear that Adam does just fine with every song without the electro… I know he likes it…but better with band and that voice to me.
      Don’t like the Marilyn Manson lipstick. I know we all love those lips!!!!!

  5. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

    YES, YES! I am so GLAD this site is back. I don’t post much due to illness. But I love this posting board and web site!!! Some of the best things about ADAM are on this site right here!! SONGS, PICTURES. LOVE THAT ADAM LAMBERT!! I hope it does not go off again. If so, I cannot get my daily ADAM fix. Thank-You! Sherry K

  6. I was lucky enough to win tickets and to go, it was the most amazing concert I’ve seen even beating out the other two times I saw him on the Idol tour. His voice was rested and sounded AMAZING… even better than idol. Also if you get the chance there’s a longer version of Whole Lotta Love on youtube (about 7 minutes) that has adam talking before it and is hysterical. Adam was amazing and owned the entire night and even made standing in the cold for two hours waiting very very well worth it

  7. SO SO HAPPY to have our site back!!!! I missed it. I had to spend my morning seaching the internet for my Adam fix instead of coming here. Thank you for working so hard to get it running again…… Now back to the Adam worship! LOL!! The videos look like a great time was had by all. Adam made # 1 on VH1 again this week and he’s going to be interviewed there on the 20th. Let’s keep voting to keep him # 1!!!

    • Whew ! Glad this site is back. I could have been in that Glambulance for breaking down due to lack of Adam news ! Oh and for the record, Adam is officially a Golden Boy and 3 of his music videos are in the top 10 on VH1. GO ADAM !

      • I don’t get the top 10 VH1. Not to vote for. I never really understood the FYE issue of removal. I think entertainment wise that was his best and would like to “write in”. Fan wise, well, WWFM is so intimate, so I like to just “go there”. But yeah, keep voting. The VH1 love this fan war.

  8. Loverof LifeNH says:

    Welcome Back! WOW! What an awesome concert that must have been Adam was really ON! Love the whole outfit including the lipstick. It is just SO Adam. Also liked how he interacted with the audience. He is the consummate performer.

  9. Great to have the site back..love the videos…love it when Adam really “rocks out” then does that adorable smile…that is so special….

  10. Ima Ramorah says:

    strut and soaked , jeezeloueeze… I needed that towel.

  11. GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi/ Hello
    I’m happy to see you again….
    I was thinking my computer had virus…And today here you are.
    I believe his vacation got a lot of energy. Don’t you think?
    Beijos/ kisses
    (Sorry My English) xoxo

  12. Glad your back and thanks for the videos! ADAM always spectacular….and never for the weak at
    heart! He knows how to push those buttons that drives everyone crazy………and does it to perfection!
    It’s going to be quite a year for our Glitter Glam Prince!

  13. OMFG….ADAM does drive u crazy….what a performer…what a dream….HE is a friggin’ DREAM….Yikes !!!!!

  14. GlitterBaby says:

    Hello! I’m happy the site is back. Can’t wait to hear the accounts from the Glamberts. Anyway, I am pretty upset on how the blogs of Michael Slezak and Jim Cantiello referred to glamberts leaving before Kris came out. I thought that Glamberts or not, you can leave the concert anytime if you want to. Some people commented that it was a planned walkout. I ‘m sure it wasn’t because I did not hear anything about it. Just sayin’….

    • I saw the michael slezack report. OMG the blog entries were crazy. The haters!!! I didn’t realize it was still on so ugly. I had to go very far down the list of angry people to just comment.

    • Now don’t hate, but Just sayin’…it is sorta rude to walk out like that. Adam would not have liked that…I wonder if he noticed how much of the crowd was gone when Kradison performed ‘Crazy’? Too bad the Adam lovers who left early missed the last number.
      Now, let me just flip it around here and say I do understand (leaving early). If I had been lucky enough to be there, I would have been there to see Adam only, and who knows? I just may have left, too, if I thought he was finished performing for the night.

      However…..I would have felt a little bit rude and guilty. Kris is a nice guy, and Adam’s friend.

      Summing up….people are going to talk about it because it isn’t nice, and we all know it. Yeah, it is your money and you have the right to leave, but….people are going to comment on it.

  15. I am sooooooooo glad your back. I was having withdrawels.OMG I thought there was something wrong with my computer as well.I love ADAM his music as well as everything about him.the glitter the guyliner on those beautiful eyes but not the black makeup on those sexy lips.It takes away from how full and sexy they really are.maybe its just me.But when he tours I hope to be able to see those georgous lips.

  16. Judy Lushman says:

    Thanks so much for posting these awesome Adam videos. I loved IIHY and the ending change up. Strut was a blown out of the park performance. Loved his karate kicks and interaction with Tommy – singing to “glitterbaby,: so cute. Of course Soaked was just out of this world – epic. Missed “I was born with glitter on my face, my baby clothes was made of leather and lace” in SW. Even though he forgot these lyrics, I believe next time he sings it, he will not disappoint. How can Adam disappoint his fans anyway. We love you Adam. You always give your all in everything that you do. Can’t wait to see his other performances. Thanks again for posting

  17. I wish I could have been there. It looked like an amazing show. Thank you for sharing with us. Adam is amazing!

  18. wow… it’s up and running again… i was really getting worried;p super thanks for getting these videos uploaded=)

  19. SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK. I almost had withdrawals…..The videos are great….I’m also glad to see Adam being Adam and look forward to seeing him in Indio this month.

    • Luzia #576 says:

      I’ve been looking for any info on who’s going to Indio, sure would like to meet some of you. But that posting about the dinner before the show is gone from the site. I assume everybody is going to the Glamily party, which I have tickets for. Please somebody let me know on here, as I don’t twitter or know how to chat. After all at 68 years old, I’m glad I know what I do about the computer(selftaught) and learned quite a bit searching for everything Adam. Love him to pieces! Hope the concert in Indio is as good as this one was. Thanks for the videos, Adam rocked!
      And I was going crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t get on this site for 2 or 3 days, my day was not complete without all the people on here.

      • Hey, Luzia…..I’ll be there and am 66. Wouldn’t miss it. I’d love to meet you. I am going by myself. Most of my friends, even those that loved Adam on Idol are not into going to concerts. Have no idea how we could find each other….maybe by seat and row numbers or something.

        Just know I gotta get an Adam fix every day. So happy for the posts and this website.

  20. I am so jealous! my city sucks i tried so hard to get people to vote! I am the number one fan and am saving up my money to come and see Adam! I LOVE YOU ADAM

  21. Hi all – the Adam gods smiled on me and I won my way into the private z100 show today. OMG I got there around 3 and had about a dozen people in front of me. Sometime around 4 – 4;30 I looked at the doors to the building and saw some guy co
    ing out who was waving at me who looked just like Adam! OMG it was him!!!!!! He actually came out to meet the fans who were standing out in the cold waiting. He was so sweet and I got the best picture taken with him. We were hugging each other to stay warm. I don’t think I will ever stop smiling. How can I post the picture for you all?

    I was right up front against the stage that was knee high. He performed 6 songs but came back to
    do 2 takes of wwfm. I think it will be on line.

    No one fainted this time but he did stop singing when some girl was screaming into her cell phone. I think he was able to hear her. He also commented on how he had no valentine and was single.

    Omg I am overwhelmed and overjoyed.

    • GlitterBaby says:

      I think I already saw your pic… you are so lucky… I wanted to get close to Adam like that. How does he smell like? I saw that he was wearing less make up, does he have acne scars? or was he just covering his gazillion freckles (I adore his freckles, don’t get me wrong :). I am just very curios coz I have only seen him once and the bright lights kinda overshadowed his face.

      • I am still floating.. OMG – what a weekend… and now I am going to suffer through withdrawals.

        While he had on less makeup than he did Friday night – he still had plenty on. While his skin isn’t perfect, it is expertly corrected with the makeup and he is just beautiful. I was blown away by how striking he is in person – THOSE EYES!!!!! OMG! And he was so sweet. When I told the Z100 staff to tell whoever it was that sent him outside to us, thank you – they told me it was all him. He asked how many people were outide and said he wanted to go out. OMG! (thud)

        He was also very nice to us outside – he commented how cold it had gotten out with the sun having gone down and I said – It’s better now that you are here. And he was like – Awww, you are so sweet. (thud)

  22. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

    This site was down for quite sometime now! And I do not see many of the regular GLAMBS that used to post on this site. Can someone tell me what is going on? Thank-You! Sherry K

    • KO's smiling says:

      Don’t worry yet, Sherry. I’m sure they’ll realize soon that we’re back online! 🙂

      • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

        Thank-You KO”s smiling!!! I am still waiting. It looks like the board is down?? I have not gotten anything since this my last post ~ Febuary 16 th? Is the site working? Smiles!!


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