Roxanna Bina Interviews Adam for 2012


Can we get enough videos? Check out this interview by Roxanna Bina for 2012! Darn, but he looks good.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Kelly Craig says:

    LMAO When does he NOT look good? Sigh……

    • I know, Kelly, it’s a pretty useless sentence, isn’t it? But I’m running out of ways to describe how adorable he looks! The English language needs to be expanded, because it’s inadequate for describing Adam. Lorrin, help!

      • Let’s simply say he just looks so Adam. There. =]

        • Yeah he’s gorgeous!. I liked that the second interview posted here wasn’t the same ol’ repeat of questions interviewers keep asking. Adam’s demeanor was a little different here too. I liked that.

    • I just wanted to take a minute to suggest that somebody post how to vote on the VH1 website to make Time for Miracles top 20 so we can watch it on the big screen. It’s under their music section, top 20 videos. Put in Adam Lambert – Time for Miracles as number one on your list of favorites and then vote for it by moving it into your top choice. (I think it was under submit)

      • I tried to vote for Time For Miracles as #1 but could not get it to register. Was told to try again, but still no luck. How did you do it? I would really love to get this video at the top of the list!!

        • Tried also, adding it at the bottom of page, it won’t let you – says error, try again later. Yet it is recognizable as on of the available vids under music vids to view? Anyone know how to work the magic, with getting this song considered for Top 20?

          • To vote on VH1 you need to go to the VOTE page/ ADD “WILD CARD”- fill in Adam Lambert- =Time for Miracles –then click and drag it to the #1 spot. Continue to add the other atrists you want.


            Please keep calling and e mailing your Adam music requests at KISS fm or your local radio stations too!! This is the only way Adam will get PLAYED!!!

            This is a CUT THROAT business and Voting and Requests are the way to keep an artist on TOP!

  2. Sandra Haxton says:

    Oh, Yeah, always beautiful!! I was so obsessed that my husband decided I neede my own laptop just Adam Stuff!

    • You have a very understanding husband! There is so much to read and search about Adam every day, I go thru this site, Adam Official, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc, and it TAKES TIME.

      I love to watch the interviews, Adam speaks so clearly that even I can understand. And how polite and adorable he is!

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s cool,Sandra!Next plan,keep playing the CD loud.Maybe he will buy HIFI Stereo for you.Better hope there’s MV in the CD then U can watch it over and over again,maybe he will buy U 50inch plasma TV! 0_o 🙂


  4. Glambertcraze says:

    Isn’t he just the cutest thing you ever saw.

  5. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    He is so Personable, besides Beautiful!!!! Does he ever meet anyone he doesn’t connect with??
    In all his interviews, you would think he is talking with old friends…..I Wanna Be An Ole Friend……

  6. He was great but who the heck is she?? Get a personality girl — you’re sitting across from the sexiest, best looking, sweetest man on the planet — you need to show some emotion and enthusiasm . . . . . .

    • HA! I agree, DellaD – not to be mean, but she looks like someone Central Casting would book when the script calls for “spinster librarian from the 50s!”

      Adam is absolutely ADORABLE here! He is always so polite, enthusiastic, warm, friendly, funny, articulate, straight-forward, sexy and gorgeous!!!

      I am whispering “I love him!!!” a la Amanda Peet right now. But wait a minute, I don’t need to whisper – I live alone so I can shout it right out LOUD! I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!! (There! That feels better!)

      Please keep these interviews coming at us, Jeanette! ALWAYS great to see our Adam!! Thank you once again on behalf of all the Glambs! Great job!

      Glamb #20

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I haven’t seen it as I am at work and have to wait till I get home, but maybe she was afraid to show any emotion, maybe she thought “if I show some emotion here I am gonna melt all over the place”. I know I would if I was sitting across from him – nah sitting across from him wouldn’t last, I would have to be up close and oh so personal. LOL.

      • Dianne, you’ll love it. Another of his sweet ole conversations……… OH Adams smile and laugh!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Okay DellaD now I understand what you mean. She really does need to go and find her personality because she really left it somewhere else. He would be such an easy person to interview but I think she made it hard for him, he had to do a lot of talking (which I love by the way) because she wasn’t interacting with him. What an absolute waste of an opportunity. But I do love Adam so much and he is so interesting and just downright fabulous and gorgeous. Stupid cow didn’t even know who the song TFM was written by someone else.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Maybe ADAM needs to give her a little taste of WLL & DBM from tour. LOL

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            No,No, ladies, that interviewer shows a classic sign of a “drugged up” person, she must have taken a massive dose of Valium before the interview so she can contain herself during the interview or else she will jump Adam’s bone!!!! I will if I was her!!! Grrrwll!!! Drool!!!!(Eyes pooped out and tounge hanging)..

  7. Adam so eloquent and with finess. Class Act as always.

  8. He’s gorgeous! She should have prepped better, though. Some stupid questions and some wrong info.

    • I know what your are saying she didn’t know who the songwriters were for 2012. And I will assume you and I know exactley how long the video is to the second, the sad backstory of the songwriters and what Adam wore to the premiere and the color of his eyeliner. Doesn’t seem right that she gets to feast her eyes on Adam and we can only imagine what it would be like to be so close to him. oooohhhh IIthink I need to eat some cookies.

      • Yes, this is what gets me to, this is their job to know all this background information and we all know every little detail and most of us will never even get a glimpes of him let alone sit oppisite to him and speak with him. So unfair. How can we let him know just how dedicated we all are to wanting his dream to come true, ? I guess just to do what we are doing now, and buying everything Adam we can get our hands on. Mybe a chance will come in the future at least for one of our esteemed leaders to meet him and pass the word on. Jeanette!!!!!!

        Jan Glam#483

  9. No, never can get enough videos. I kind of got the feeling he knew the girl interviewing him was more on the quiet side and such. Look how sweet and kind he seemed toward her and giggled
    almost quietly himself. Adam is so lookin good and is as joyous as ever. Really loved hearing his
    thoughts about the year 2012 coming up too.
    Love ya Adammmmmmmmmmm

    • Yes Mary, I think you are right he manages to put everyne at ease, she was a quiet shy sort of girl, or seemed to be, and he was just gentle with her. So gorgeous.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        He adapts well w/ others, but she still needs a little taste of what ADAM is all about on stage.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I also love his perspective about the year 2012. I absolutely agree with him

      • Adam is uncannily able to adapt his demeanor to whomever he is with. I also felt she was a little overwhelmed or shy and he adapted to her very well. She says she is an ‘international journalist’, and to me she seemed Canadian, no accent…. takes one to know one, but I am NOT shy! haha

        • Oh my, should have googled her first, she is American!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hey Theresa! I agree. The girl seemed wierd to me so that’s probably why ADAM did adapt.

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Listen up everyone, some Glamb girls had the same reaction when they met Adam in person. Remember during the summer concert meet and greet? You were all so excited and dying to meet him and as soon as Adam was infront of you, you cannot even say a word, but just gazed at his face in awe….. how could you forget so sooon!! I’m sure this girl prepared for this assignment and alas! the moment has arrived and she was stunned and became almost emotionless.. That’s Adam’s effect on everyone…. stunning: causing astonishment, bewilderment or almost loss of consciousness or strength…. sometimes delirium…


  11. cheryl 334 says:

    STOP IT, ADAM!!!! STOP! Stop being so cute! I can’t stand it! If I were sitting across from Adam, interviewing him, and he acted llike that, I swear I could not keep myself from hugging him and touching his face and kiss him gently, until the bodyguards had to pull me away as I sobbed!! Too adorable and calm! Always has that warm sincere smile. Delicious!

  12. #492 here…
    Adam has the manners of a diplomat. Notice at end of interview how he leans forward to shake her hand, thank her, and says “good meeting you.” I am in absolute awe of his unfailing poise and sincerity. Magnetism at its most powerful. Do you all hear my Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ?

  13. Remember guys what Adam always says. It’s OK to be different and he showed his kindness by reacting very positively to this “different” interviewer. I’m sure she was a little intimidated!

    whohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO ADAM!!! …keep amazing us!

    • AdamAddict says:

      And I will watch it with my mom tomorrow.Still don’t like this kind of movie,if Adam didn’t sing for the soundtrack,hell no Imma gonna watch it!And the show is 2hours and 40 minutes!!!WTH?What make they think I want to see world destroy that long?Oh man!!! I don’t know if Puteri want to watch this,coz she also not into this kind of movie.But if she ask me to go with her next time…yeah why not!See world got destroy is super fun.I can watch many many times!Yippie!LOL!Why Superman didn’t come and save the world?I want to watch Superman!~pouts~

      If it’s not about world got destroy,I will be super excited.Now just excited.What happen if one day Adam will be in movie?I don’t think I can sleep for days just waiting to watch it.Maybe I get popcorn ready few days before also and make a camp outside the counter to buy the ticket.Oh please,someone just offer Adam a movie star?Megan Fox~nodding~Hooray!!! 🙂

      • Emili… speaking of Megan Fox, I live in Utah where Megan is from and this morning I had the tv on while I was making coffee, all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice… Megan Joy was doing a local tv commercial. She was singing in a dressing room.. I guess it was a clothing store. It all happened so quick and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was megan.. Her hair is shorter !! but the voice and tatoo’s are hard to miss.

  15. I want this man !!!!! I just want to crawl all over him … lol he answers all her questions like he has never been asked 100 times so far.. always new with animation and personality oozing out of him…. Can you ladies of my Adam family here , please, please… send me Adam for Christmas ??? I won’t ever ask anything from you again.. I promise.. please….. I’ll take care of him, feed him.. bath him… take him for long naps, I mean walks… keep him warm when it’s cold… bath him… oh.. I already said that… I’ll take care of him, I promise !!! ………. wait… these are the things I said to my parents when I wanted a new puppy for Christmas.. soooo is it working…..??? big baby pout on my lips.. ( that worked on my parents)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      No, Adamfan1, it’s not working. Stop that pouting, this instant, young lady!!! Does that bring back memories Adamfan1. Anyway I want him for Christmas, I can bathe him, I can – let him entertain me night and day, I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT and his TONGUE, he is all mine, do you hear, all mine.

      • AdamAddict says:

        That baby pouts won’t work here.Same goes to puppy-dog eyes or Puss in boots(Shrek) What you got to do is bribe Mr.Santa Clause.Maybe U got slighty chance.But don’t hope so much,coz I got better deal.I promise to give mr.Santa Clause trim every 2 weeks.I think Adam is going to be mine this XMas! 🙂

      • You guys are mean !!!! I’m going to my room and I’m never talking to you again !!!
        Yes Dianne, this does bring back by the way, thanks for reminding me how to spell bathe, not bath. lol … I was ” in the moment ” lol

        • oh by the way Dianne, over on our “FAN Art” page, Jaberone was wanting Adam’s TONGUE …… I gave her some advice

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Hey Admfan1, what if Mattel make an Adam Lambert doll (like Barbie) with all the anatomy complete (hehehe) and then you can change his outfit, etc. would you like that instead??? Hmmm??? Secret santa is asking LOL!!!

  16. As always, a great interview by Adam. Thanks so much.

  17. Yvonne in Australia, Where are u? Are you going to the pre-screening tonight?
    Aussie fans are feeling the power of ADAM!

    • depening on how long it is may take myself to see 2012 tomorrow brfore starting work at 1pm. But only morning session is at 10.45, so may have to wait till wednesday next week. looking forward to everyone reporting back.

    • Glamaus – here I am…No! Didn’t go to pre-screening but will see film ASAP. Did you go? If so, you must have gone to heaven and back when you heard our gorgeous Adam sing. Do you see the film clip of him singing?

      Cheers, Yvonne

      • Hi Yvonne!
        We were proudly dressed Glambs tonight as we saw ‘2012’. No, they did’nt play the music
        video but we were hopeful! Interesting movie but the pure anticipation of waiting to hear TFM drove us crazy!……To hear ADAM sing was the ultimate for us, and seeing his name on those credits! Way to go ADAM! Good to say ‘Hi’ to you Yvonne!

        • Lucky guys! It only comes here on Friday Nov 13 and this is only Wednesday.

        • Hi Glamaus! – Thanks for the feedback. It’s so exciting that everyone who sees this movie will now hear Adam singing…..fantastic!! I’m not too fond of disaster movies but will definitely go to see ‘2012 ‘ (of course, only for Adam). Have to ‘pin’ my son down to go with me – as friends not interested. Would have loved to have seen you dressed up as Glambs!!!!

          Which state are you from?

          Love, Yvonne

          • Yvonne,

            Don’t be apprehensive about the movie…….go and enjoy! The U.S. is still waiting
            for the release so cannot write much. It will be great to read everyones reviews..
            Ultimate is of course ADAM…’.TFM’ music video is so amazing and must have
            made ADAM so proud! The movie cinema had a sticker over ADAM’s name on one
            of it’s main posters…….so we graciously made our comments……it seems they
            are all fine now! Don’t forget to vote on the People’s Choice Awards for ADAM
            which are on the 6th January!

  18. Thank you Jeanette, for sharing another awesome interview of Adam. I read the newest TV Guide
    issue tonight and Adam mentioned being interested in playing the role of Judas if Jesus Christ Superstar comes out with a new production. I guess that would be great- if that is what he would like to do-but I found myself hoping that he won’t give up his music career which is launching and being anticipated all over the globe. Love and hugs to you.

  19. Adam looks absolutely gorgeous and cute here! His hairstyle is so cool too! I also love the way he responded with kindness and sincerity to the interviewer even though she was not what most of us would have expected of one. He didn’t show the least irritation at being asked the most basic question. Oprah, who is definitely way more experienced and bold than this interviewer, also made the same blunder in asking the most silly question. So, I think that maybe she could have been just so overwhelmed with this lovely man sitting in front of her, that she made that blunder!

  20. AdamAddict says:

    I left some post to some Glambs in Fan Art thread.BTW,where is INGRID?Seriously?Is she okay?Imma getting worried a bit.And she didn’t write at all in her twitter.Who has her email and phone number?Call her ask if she is okay,pleeeease! ~Puppy-dog eyes~Coz I really don’t think she got that Chief job!That’s impossible….or is she??!! 0_o

    • Emili, Ingrid is ill at this time and hardly using her computer…

      I am also supposed to say hi to all the Glambs from Lisette who is trying to recuperate her hand, she can barely type.

      We can give them both big hugs when they return.

      • AdamAddict says:

        What?Ingrid is ill?How is she?Is it serious?Please tell her I pray for her,please ask her to take good care of herself and I miss her so much.Come back soon,I’m waiting for her.I know about Lisette tho. She will see a doctor again,I hope no more surgery,that’s sound serious. To both,please recover soon!Love you both,I’m sad to hear this 🙁

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Our poor dearest friends. Please send them my love and hope that tey will get better and they will. I love you Lisette and Ingrid!!!! Get well soon please!!!!

  21. earlzagurl4u says:

    Hey Glambs!I haven’t been able to access this site all week!! But, thankfully I’m able to do so today!! I think all of us want Adam in our stocking this Christmas!! Did I just say that!?!? Yep, but I tell my sister everyday almost every minute that I’m in the sharing mood since it’s almost Christmas and I’d take _temporarily_ just 5 minutes. I have in mind how I would make good use of those precious 5 minutes! PLL to Adam and sista Glambs.

  22. he looks more handsome without eye shadows…hope Adam will remain this way..

  23. Elizabeth Richter says:

    I thought this interview was great too. Was that interviewer clutching a piece of paper in her hand so she could keep track of her questions!!! All riiiiiiggghhht! But yes, Adam was so gracious and such a gentleman.

  24. You just feel the love with Adam. He just has this ‘Aura’ about him. He looked so, so sexy in this interview and he is so, so charming……Oh! I am getting so, so hot – where is my fan !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  25. thanks, Jeanette for another great video!!! Adam is just so amazing! Candid, intelligent, adorable, so filled for love, and appreciates what is happening to him! I just want to hug him!!!! Okay, and more!! Love you Adam!!!

  26. Roxanna Bina is an international journalist. I love the way she got him to do so much talking. I love the way she honored him. I love that she allowed the most beautiful, compassionate, loving Adam to shine! I could feel his ease with her. Beautiful–both of them!!!

  27. mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

    It’s Nov 11th. Remembering those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Praying for those serving now in the line of duty. And also their families waiting for their safe return. I did six years Navy back in the day. Nam was just ending. Today what is happening is the same kind of travesty!!! Back then people went out and did the peace march, sit-in and that kind of thing. What’s up with today?? Last nite I went to Walmart. There was a VERY long line waiting for a new vid game that was coming out. All those young men couldn’t wait a sec to play a new game. Excuse me while I throw up!!! ” We’re in a LOT of Trouble !!! ***PLEASE_WATCH***”. That’s a youtube vid . I don’t know how to put up a link. ADAM sang the National Anthem when he went to Homecoming in San Diego at the MCAS Miramar station. Would someone put up the link for that? Thanks. That would make my Veterans Day!!!!

    • I’m sure it will show up online by tonight.

      We celebrate Remembrance Day here in Canada and people wear red poppies like they do in the UK in remembrance of all the fallen in the many wars. The reason is that Flanders Field in Belgium, where the unknown soldiers were buried is filled with red poppies.

      The veterans march and everyone goes to a cenetaph or some such memorial and the more important people, govt leaders and usually the eldest vet place wreathes.

      It is wonderful if Adam is singing the national anthem. I know the US anthem as well as my own here. He would be awesome singing it, as he can use his serious ‘stage singing voice’ for it!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you very much for your service, it does take a very special & unique & courageous person to join the military. I had an uncle who was in WWII & my hubby had an uncle who was in Vietnam, and he passed away several years ago from the effects of agent orange. My husband did research on it and was trying to help his aunt & another wife of a Vietnam vet who was w/ agent orange. God bless all who have served and are serving for the military all over the world.

  28. waveridergal says:

    Watching this video I am AGAIN so moved by how grounded Adam is. So unusual. His speaking voice as well as when he performs has such clarity. What a gift Adam is to all of us and what a wonderful example he sets. Such a reminder of how lovely it is to interact with a person who is always so respectful to those who interview him and towards the people he works with. What a treasure. One of the few, who I am sure, fame will not destroy.

  29. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    Adam never takes anything for granted. He is always PRESENT. He may have done this interview, same questions, a hundred times or so, but he never shows it. That is the professional in him and he is always great about mentioning those he worked with. What an amazing talent, as always.

    • A great way to describe Adam, ‘he is always PRESENT’. I remember reading something his mom said that the doctor told her when he was a toddler, that he was not hyper but just very aware. He does have that gift of being able to focus on whomever is speaking to him. And those eyes.. how they bore into you!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Yeah you notice how he looks directly at the person who is speaking. And when he speaks it’s automatic eye contact. ADAM please speak to me w/ those eyes.

  30. Wow, and a second video. Great, great ,great! Started off with the cute trivia questions, nice.
    Awesome. loved it , just like the first one.

  31. OH, I just saw the second video! Wow! I love the men chatting about nail polish, we are so 21st century! And the interviewer, so masculine yet so in tune wth Adam and great questions.

    Doing the mother thing, does Adam look like he’s lost even more weight? For the last few weeks I’ve noticed his face is more angular, his cheeks are more sunken. He is sooo handsome! I prefer him just as he is now, not too thin as he got back a few years when he was clubbing a lot.

    • I like the second video as well. They needed more time…………3 minutes is not long enough……..but then again with Adam anytime is not enough……………we love you adam~!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Tn’T!!! 2nd video was great, did love how the guys talked of nail polish instead of sports, it was , to me, a first. ADAM doesn’t like sports or it just wasn’t his thing, me too. I was traumatized by little league football when I was a child. My brother played and so my mom made me wear short cheerleading skirt in the middle of winter! There was hot chocolate, which was the most exciting thing about the game.

  32. Adam is just so cool and relaxed doing interviews – he approaches every topic openly and without hesitation. He knows what he’s about, what he likes and doesn’t and doesn’t waver – I like that. He’s very comfortable about himself and his career path.

  33. Helen/Canada says:

    Beautiful, beautiful Adam. Always so gracious and giving. I just love him!

  34. Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

    I think you guys and gals and me are all CRAZY! Here we are slobbering over OUR ADAM! And that stupid girl just sat there like an isipid dunce! Was she drugged, or what? I am just so sorry! But I probably woulh have peed my panties being that close to ADAM and not rollong him all over the floor preferably naked! I have the damn swine flu Jeanette!! I am already sweating enough! LOL! You guys are going to make an old lady have a heart attack. Just keep putting gorgeous ADAM ON THER TALKING AND YOU CAN get rid of me!! Just kidding. I am sure some of you might want me to go away! NOW PLEASE BE NICE ALL. I am not leaving unless ADAM goes with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

      SEE, I AM SO SICK I CAN’T EVEN SPELL!! And am still slobbering over ADAM. LMAO TOO! Helen/Canada. How can you stand all of us makeing fools out of our selfs? You guys don’t notice that some of the GLAMBS are a bit cooler than us? They only slobber in private!!

      • Sherry, hope you get better soon……now take those thoughts about Adam and go straight to bed !!!

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • Yvonne! Thank-You! My jusband keeps telling me I should go to the DR. But he is laid off work and we have no insurance! Their are so many people in bad situations! But ADAM definitely keeps me smiling. He is so articulate. And when someone is talking to him his whole attention is on them even if they are asking goober questions. I just love ADAM. He is so refreshing. His looks, his charm, his singing, his beautiful blue eyes that are just mezmerizing. Oh, I could go on all day. I should have taken those thought’s about ADAM to bed with me. I was so misserable.For some reason I feel a lot worse at night! I cannot believe it that my husband and I went down and got the regular flue shot about a month ago and I got this darn HINI flu. You will never guess how I got it. and I do mean this is kind of funny !! LOL! We had a garage sale and a close friend of mine told me ” It was from your greedy little hands counting that DIRTY MONEY!! I had to agree with her. My darling husband would think I was nuts if he saw my posts on here. OH WELL ADAM IS WORTH IT! Take care everyone! Everyone is so nice on this posting board!! I love to look at it ever day and see what fun all the little minxes are up too!

  35. OMG– These are the best side-by-side vidoes EVER!!
    Look how he flexes and changes completely with each interviewer.

    With the girl he is sweet- soft spoken-polite-soo nice.

    With the guy Adam is definitely FLIRTING with him, you can see Adam eye him up and down and smirk–check out his sexy eyes at 0:31-0:36–he is checking this dude out and he is louder- swears-masculine and a bit cocky. The guy seems to get nervous!
    I have never seen Adam like this before.

  36. I just found these vids of the AI group saying goodby after the tour
    These are very interesting of Adam and Megan hugging for a LOOOOOONG time and Adam pulling Megan back when she tries to leave. You have to keep the screen on full screen to see and watch closely by the bus for Adam and Megan hugging. Megan has the short blonde poofy hair. She will not let go of ADAM to save her life, and even screams to someone to shut the fuck up. The person taking the vid. is shakey at times but worth the view. THey are very close and seem emotional.
    When yo finish there are more on youtube to view if you want.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Okay, do you know how freakin’ hard that was for me to watch? I need to go to my room & close the door & cry so that no one will hear or see me. That had to be difficult for all of them. But knowing they will keep in touch, their idol family is going their separate ways. Oh I wish I knew what ADAM & megan said to each other. She did have tears, someone wiped her eyes. I also noticed she slapped ADAM or tried to or brushed a bug away from him. He just loves talking. You know when you go visit someone & as you are leaving you stand at the car still talking, my dad did that a lot. I had another view of this , ADAM the rockstar of the bunch & Megan the only available female/or person, on the bus, & the rockstars always get the girl/girls. Thanks for bringing up the memories.Damn! that Manchester show was a great ending to the tour. I saw ADAM during that show from youtube, how magnificant he was! The hat, the kiss on allison’s hand, the chicken, his singing, his giving away the necklaces & gloves. Anyone here get any of those items? That necklace too. I’ve got to get a grip. But I can’t. Why does that man do this to me? OMG! Oh how I wish…(that’s the way ADAM makes me feel).

  37. OMG__ I just watched this again and It looks like they are lovers saying goodbye, and it looks like they kiss several times!!! they are embracing for 10 minutes or more.

  38. I have come to the conclusion I love listening to Adam’s interviews as much as his singing.
    He is a great communicator as well as a great singer. This guy has it all. LUV YOU ADAM

  39. Did anyone else think he was flirting with Collider just a little……….love this guy, he is so open.


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