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As was suggested in comments, we should all just subscribe to Rolling Stone, because Adam is getting and will continue lots of play! I just picked up the new September 3rd issue, which contains photos and a very short article from two weeks ago, when Adam and Kris did GMA and the Atlantic City concert. Though the article is ostensibly on both Adam and Kris, Adam gets the bulk of the photos and print. The magazine has only four photos – I’ve posted all I could find online that show Adam, considerably more than made print.

There’s really no new information in the article, but there are some nice quotes from Adam. “I love that the girls go nuts,” he says. “When I’m getting nasty with the microphone stand, it doesn’t matter if I’m gay or straight – it’s just sexy and fun.” About his upcoming album, Adam says, “I like anthems that say, ‘I’m a badass.’ I’m not a big fan of feel-sorry-for-yourself-type music. Right now, I’m getting everything I want.”

There’s the usual RS profanity and reference to alcohol that I personally could do without, but I guess that’s Rolling Stone for you. Adam’s roundabout inference is that if it were up to him, he’d drink before his performances, something that is currently not allowed on the tour. I’m not so sure that would be the smartest thing to do.

But hey, at least he’s eating his veggies!

If you’ve read the article, let me know what you think!



    • But a singer HAS to keep hydrated – with water, not Red Bull, as caffeine is dehydrating, and so is alcohol. The drink is to drink lots of water earlier in the day – and “pee pale.” My voice teacher told me that one years ago!

    • cheryl norman says:

      PRISCELA, So good of you to think so deeply about Adam’s health! But, lentils and beans might cause him some stomach aches, don’t you think? Just wondering, do you eat most of the things that are good for you, too? Yes, drinking will make you go to the bathroom, I agree. But, remember, he’s singing, so he might need to sip on water for his throat, don’t you think?

      • Cheryl you are so right, I think Adam has been performing for so long, and he does know whayt to eat and drink to keep him healthy otherwise how could he be putting on such glorious performaces, which seem to get better each time. Does he look like someone who is not taking care of himself? He looks fantastic. I watched a couple of videos of Adam just before going on the stage to perform and he always has a drink of water, he knows that if he does not look after his voice that will be end of his career and his dreams.

    • I think we are all concerned about Adam’s health, and thanks for expressing that priscela. My brother was a professional singer/pianist and in that world they pass around caveats about what to and not to drink especially but also eat. As a pro (and how!) I imagine Adam has a pretty good idea about what to drink. I know my brother wouldn’t drink tea or coffee, esp right before singing. And hopefully Adam’s mom taught him about the best things to eat, plus all the performers he has known in, what, 20 years of performing?

  2. im soooo loving those photos!!

  3. Thanks for posting the photos from both website and magazine more quickly than I could have scanned mine from RS. And I agree with your comments. In the article, Adam alluded to being “f— tired” after the GMA concert and saying he’d need to drink Red Bull before the concert that night. Sometimes it sounds like he’s taking care of his health the right way, or trying to (drinking green drinks, trying to get some alone time) – and we see the veggies – but Red Bull is not a good crutch, any more than alcohol is. I’m not blaming him – I’m blaming the insane schedule that leads to collapsing on the floor of a van just to get a little sleep.

    • Peggy, I agree. I think a lot of us have “good intentions” to eat healthy and take care of ourselves, but when stress intervenes, we often do what we feel we need to do to survive the day. I know I’m guilty. And given the stress Adam’s under, it’s hard to blame him too much for his thinking. I do worry about him – I think we all do. I can only hope that when he does his own tour, things will be less hectic and therefore less stressful and easier for him to maintain his self-discipline.

      • Lisette here..thenks agan for such lovli photos here of Adam,Kris an group in Atlantic compris what Peggy an Pricella have mention. I too have worrie thet he’s not hed balance diet,onroad in many cities..Now seeing above with legume/vegetables, Adam seeme to av loss lbs.. I nevre thout he was overweight,he once say of himself..Adam is tall 6ft 1in.,broad build an seein his high energie in dansing,has also define his muscular arms.! An far as water thet’s vital too when one sweat yu lose natural salt so definitmente to replenish fluids aftre all thet runnin arounde an dansing..Sure his kidneys are fine being younge an fit!Just agree thout he looks fatigue throwin himself on floor..poor fellow.So agree too Jeanette perhaps in his solotour can be less stressful only being with himself an perhaps a trainer,doctor an mabe some famille’/frends along..thinq his mom mention she’ll be working on interview ?..Never know if she’ll travel someteme!! hugs an luv all glambs! An thenks agan for all photos..Adam nevre take a bad one..He’s like a cherub in Raphael painting! xoxoLuv Lisettexoxo

  4. Jeanette, again thank you for posting these photos, they are all great, my favourite in number twelve, on the stage with Kris, I love his pose, I also love the ones from number twelve onwards. Rolling Stones magazine have long realised that Adam is someone who is in demand, they know that they will sell magazines if they carry on writing articles about Adam. I do love that he has remained true to himself and love his ownesty. Please carry on posting photos and articles about Adam.

  5. cheryl norman says:

    Thanks so much for posting this article and pics!!!!! Felt sorry for Adam laying down in the floor of the van!! He was obviously sooooo tired!!! Really cute pics! Didn’t know RS put this out for their next issue. Am not surprised by Adam’s comment on saying he’d like to have a drink (or more) before he goes on stage. I know many performers do that, and more before they go on stage to calm the butterflies!! I believe Adam has been used to ‘using’ alcohol to help his nerves in the past, which is why I made the comment a couple of threads that I’m so happy that idol does not allow drugs, which of course alcohol is, use by any performers. That way Adam CAN SEE that he can actually do concerts w/o any ‘help’ in that area. I haqve a good feeling that he will ‘use’ alcohol or pot when he’s on his own, as he has been used to that before idol kind of ‘crashed’ that party for all contestants. It would not be a ‘deal breaker’ for me being the same ‘frenzied’ fan I am, but, I’m just being realistic about it. Personally, I don’t have a problem w/adults using a little alcohol or pot as long as they don’t drive, fly a plane, conduct a train, or any other use while on a job. One’s ‘personal’ use by adults has never been a concern to me. It is too much alcohol, or any other drug that can turn one’s life inside-out. It would probably been a better idea not to bring up the subject of pot here, as I have not illusions that the vast majority of people do not share my view on the matter. That’s okay w/me and I understand that. I’m just saying that with all I’ve heard and read on Adam, he has been engaging in these 2 drugs for years, and it doesn’t seem to have affected his life in a negative way. Not yet, at least, and maybe not ever, then again, it may in the future. Just think we should be honest about it, and not be ‘freaked out’ if we read someday that he likes weed or martini’s, which he’s said. Of course, it’s much easier to admit to alcohol only b/c society is accepting of that. As for me, my father was an abusive alcoholic, beat my Mother on a regular basis every weekend and more until I was 11 yrs old and she finally divorced his ass. Then he went on to beating many of his girlfriends. Anyway, as you can see, I am not a user of alcohol but for ‘social’ occasions. I really think like Adam said on 20/20, if he had ‘enough’ to drink, he would be more apt to engage the ‘ladies’ more, and I’m ALL 4 THAT!!! (Go Adam!) Anywho, he sure was His Hot, Smokin’ Hotness doing WLL and the Bowie medley in Philly!!!! OMG!!!! Looked like maybe someone could get ‘pregnant’ if they were sitting close enough to the stage!!!!! Good Lord Almighty!!!!! So, I’m looking forward to seeing Adam ‘unleashed’ when he’s doing HIS concert!!! If he thinks a ‘drink’ would make him not care if it’s a man or woman he’s thinking of as he does his ‘full throttle thrusts’, he’s teasing us unmercifully!!!!! (thank you Adam!) PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-THRUSTS-JOY!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Cheryl
      You made some valid points in your post. I personally don’t smoke pot (partly because it hurts my throat—ha, ha) but I do like a few cocktails here and there. I get the impression that Adam enjoys that also. You know what they say, everything in moderation. It’s ok if he’d like to have a drink or two, but that can become a slippery slope. Just ask some of the rockers from the 70’s and 80’s. They learned the hard way. The ones that are still around and touring now realize that good health, eating properly and exercise are the only ways to sustain a long career, especially if you want to tour. I hope Adam doesn’t find out the hard way.
      I know this tour has been tough on him, but in reality, he’s only on stage for 20-25 minutes. When he’s on his own, he’ll have to perform for two hours. Most of the rock bands that are still touring have a heavy schedule also. I think part of Adam’s problem is that there is so much demand put on him with other things at this point. Hopefully, when he’s touring on his own he’ll have a little more control over all the extras that he’s doing now and just concentrate on the tour.
      We all worry about him and want the best for him. I hope he figures it all out. Meanwhile, enjoyed the pics immensely–so cute him curled up on the floor and sleeping. Poor Adam. I’d love to be there to comfort him!

      • Well put, ladies, I agree. I hope he has already matured to the point where a drink or two or a wee toke is all he’d need to relax himself. As mentioned, the slippery slope can creep up on an entertainer, especially one who uses high energy to perform, and has many other things pulling at him/her off the stage. I indulge myself occasionally so certainly cannot judge him, but let’s hope he is able to keep it under control. As was said, he’s proving he can perform on nothing but good food and water!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin all.thenks Jeanette agan for posting article an candid photos of Adam,kris an idolmates.Reread above an agree abit in regarde to alcohol but in moderation,perhaps une drink before onstage releases tension..althout he seeme very relax onstage..I av seen many performre residing in s.west Nevada keep un martini,scotch au glass of vin on stool as Engelbert,TomJones,Paul Anka,an recal seein oldconcert brothre tape with ratpack Sinatra,Dean an such always having,an had undre control.So perhaps in his soloconcerts will happen.Youngperformers as Michel Buble,JoshGroban,Celine av tle watre nerby an sip as climate is arid help hydrate an keep throat moist.Bless him an thinq being infinite interviews,cd work Adam feel stresses more then othre idolmates. An as I av notice Adam appear fatigue on floor very sweet in thes photo.An thinq he’s manage diet as well notice more muscular from constant exercise gathre an estraordinaire onstage dansing!
          Just pray he’ll always use alcohol in moderatione,unsure abote Im even allergic to tobacco av nosebleed ,compromise immunesystem gathre.May angeli garde ovre him always! Luv to all Lisettexoxo

          • Hey girls, Nice comments. We all care about Adam so much and hope he always
            make the wisest choices. He is so smart, I cant help but think he will take care of
            himself. He has probably done so much in his young life so far , from a partying
            point of view. Sure he can handle it. Hope so anyway. Most people do like to have
            a few drinks and get down and party, I know I do. Its fun. I wish he wouldnt think he needs drink to engage with the ladies. You know any of us ladies would take him
            stone sober. Oh yea! With so many wanting him more than ever, I can feel a woman coming into his future. Contrare Adam , have no fear! You know we want YOU!
            Cant wait to see the Philly videos, looking forward to those huge thrusts Cheryl!
            Great pics, always like to see behind the scene shots!

      • cheryl norman says:

        HELEN, agree! It is a slippery slope, and hope Adam never has a problem in that arena. You know, there are a lot of great rockers who not only smoked pot heavily, but also reg. cig., drank too much, and attribute their ‘great’ voice to the abuse!!! Stevie Nicks’ voice got deeper and huskier due to her pot smoking. Eric Clapton just abused everything and likes the sound of his voice after all the abuse rather than before!!The heavy metal bands all abused almost everything and some died from alcohol almost as many died from hard drugs, too! Elvis didn’t smoke anything in excess. Rarely drank alcohol. took the uppers and downers mainly for the grueling concert touring. He was more athletic than most stars were. He loved playing football, swimming, water sports, horseback riding, handball, etc. He had his childhood friends around to jump when he wanted to do these things. Such a different lifestyle than most. But, he couldn’t be saved from himself.
        Yes, I agree with you in that Adam may only be on stage for 30 min. 3-4 times a week, but it is on a continual basis. Not like he can take a day off if he needs to. He does have all the other ‘stuff’ waiting for him and Kris just about every possible min he isn’t working on the tour, and he’s doing his album. That album, I’m thinking is what he’s counting on to pay the bills after Sept., so that is very important to him! Don’t think any of them, except maybe Kris gets a paycheck after the concert tours are over.
        I just want to say something off the subject. The vid that I love the most, I think, and that really shows Adam’s true character, is when he’s still doing the idol shows, and he’s in the hall with Kris, and I think Paula, and Adam is so overcome with love for Kris, that he kisses Kris’ head! He just looks like a person who loves another person so much that he HAS to KISS even the side of his head! It’s like pinching a baby’s cheek when they are just so cute you can’t stand it!!! I just can never get that pic out of my head!! He is such a LOVING guy!!! Not one bit embarrassed by it, and doesn’t try to hide it. It makes me crazy with joy and love for him. It’s too sweet to imagilne!!!!! Never seen anything like that in my life!!! He is just so very, very special. Beyond anything I have ever seen!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I love that vid too. Love your comments about it. So true, thanks for expressing it so well.

    • Cheeerrryyylllll, Ok, just watched the Philly vid. of the Bowie medley. I’ve creamed my
      jeans. Baby conceived! OMG those body thrusts of his. I wasnt sitting close to the stage at
      all, I’m in my own home and watching via computer and the immaculate conception just
      happened. I just dont know what I’m going to do Tuesday, thats when he comes to Columbus.
      He is so much looser and looser now, than on AI , at the finales he was sexy, but now
      oh mama, hold me back, or no dont hold me back, I wanna run to himmmmmmmmmmmm!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY, Wasn’t that intense!!!!! Looks like it might be just a little too late for you!!!!! Let it happen, Mary,,,,,just let go,,,,,,,,,OK! So! If you’re still alive consider that a positive, and there’s not looking back!! He’s going to have this affect on us and we are putty in his hands!! He says to jump and we say, ‘where to babe?’ It’s just no use. Give in to it and just be happy to still be breathing when it’s over ……..till the next time! We know it will only get more intense! The problem with that is ‘how’ will we survive much more?!

        • Cheryl, love the post above too. Adam is special and I do remember that video of him, Kris and
          Pauls. You put tht so lovely. I just visioned all tht in my head again. Precious. With Adam it
          is what is is!

  6. adam, can’t wait to see you in madison, wisconsin

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMFAN1 AND HELEN, Adamfan1, hear you loud and clear!!! It is my concern, also. So many rockers have an alcohol problem. Funny, Jagger never seemed to have any ‘real’ problems, although Keith Richards had a lot of problems. None of the Beatles had an obvious problem either, but so many of the heavy metal groups have. Helen, I think you are right in that a couple drinks wouldn’t probably hurt anyone, it’s just that to me, I don’t know of any performers who like to drink, being able to keep it at just that. Anything is possible, though, so I’m just hoping for the best for Adam. It seems like Adam hasn’t had a problem as of yet, maybe he can keep it under control! I’m very concerned, but think maybe the fact that he’ll be at least 28 yrs old by the time he undergoes the beginning of his career, just maybe he’ll have lived long enough to see how to keep from letting alcohol get out of control for him! He’s been pretty good at handling himself with AI so far, so he is maybe having to ‘test’ the waters now has been a very positive thing for him. But, as SUNNY said, how might he be on stage if he could ‘loosen’ up a bit!!!! Oh, my!!!! Would love to see him ‘prance’ around like JEANETTE sugests!!!! OOOhhhh!!!!!!!! Baby!!!!!

      • Hi Cheryl, I tlhink Adam went through his wild drinking days when he was on tour with Hair, if he drinks now I think he would have it under control, even when he is touring on his own I am sure the people looking after him will make sure that he does not overdo it. As for him having a small drink before a performance to loosen up a bit more, OH MY LORD!!!! That would be heaven.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Toni, the problem with celebrities who abuse on alcohol, drugs or any substance are surrounded with ENABLERS. They don’t care for as long as they will be around the idol for the wild ride. Parents who really care are always pushed aside or away. We’ve witnessed that while Britney Spears grew up from a clean,innocent girl to a wild, crotch showing acts, claiming virginity to getting laid by everybody and anybody, so is the most recent tabloid stories on Michael Jackson. I think the only one who didn’t really got into substance abuse is Madonna ( surprisingly!). Now, everyone is watching Miley Cyrus, whose popularity and success is out of control. Stress and demands, tabloid rumors with harshed criticisms can push them to the edge. So hopefully, since he has been practicing some form of spirituality can help our ADAM to be well grounded. He better watch out whom he is surrounded with during his wild ride to stardom. There are a lot of social climbers, those who will pretend to be gay, just to be hooked up with him.

          • Hi Iyleneidol09, the difference between Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Adam is that the Michael and Britney were both famous in their childhood and in their teens, whereas Adam only now he has reached success, and at present he is almost 28, a bit more mature and more able to differentiate between ‘hangers on’ and people to work with. I may be wrong, but throughout AI he carried the whole thing through in a very thought out way, everything was planned, he knew what the opposition, both from contestants and opinions, and faced all in a very mature way. If he was to go wild he would have done it then. He knows what he wants, and he is going for it, I do not think he is going to ruin it all. He is very close to his family, they have a very grounding influence, and as he said in previous interviews, it is staying close to the people you love that keep it real.

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Oh I know, you are right. I think, we all have that maternal instinct inside us and so overprotective of him and hope that he don’t succumb and get attacked byl those “termites” that are proliferating the celebrity world.

            • toni, well put !

            • Lisette here, bonmatin Toni lovli post an if ther were drinq problemes wold have occur during American Idol,with both positve an negative critiques both in judges an media when photo on web leake an such.He is very mature,grounded an thinq seein newsrels of Michel Jackson an his illfate with substance,alchohol,Adam will hopeful non take same path.An being oldre in become famous then Elvis an Michel Jackson he’ll use caution to over indulgance in alcohol. Let’s pray stresses of fame an little repose/sleepe doesnon av harm to his well being.Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

        • Can you imagine what he would do with the microphone if he loosens up anymore?
          Ok, I now want to be called, iwannabethemicrophone!

        • cheryl norman says:

          TONI, You might be right, but that was THEN, and he was not a super rock-god!!1 The need to ‘party’ would only be heightened I’d think by superstardom!!!! I hope he can part y all nite long, as long as he can get thrul life w/o becoming alcoholic. Some booze would loosen him up alright!!!! Problem is, how much hottness can his fans take and still survive the ride??!! Hahahaha!!! Unless…….WE party right along with hime!!!! Oh, lord! I need to come back to old boring real life!!! You better know, there will be many dudes around ready to give Adam ‘something’ to ‘help’ him get ready for the show!! When you’re all hypped up and excited and the adrenlin kicks into high gear, you can believe you’re smart enough not to do anythling stupid, only to realize later, that you did. Just saying, it CAN happen., not that it’s gonna happen!!! When I was 27, I was just getting started, when it came to ‘partying’, and kept getting wilder until I was struck down with rheumatoid, Bummer!! However, after years of hospitaliations, phys therapy, etc., I was ready to keep on ‘keeping on’! I don’t think Adam will be calmer cuz he’s in his late 20’s!!! I just think that he has already learned about a lot of potential problems already, and at least he’s not 18 or 19yrs old, now! Remember Elvis was only 18-19 when he first started doing little concerts! But life was different then. Yet he still got into trouble. It’s the ‘needing sleep’ and then ‘needing to be up’ that starts problems for so many. I just want Adam to party hard and happily, do wild things, anything he wants that won’t harm him, but live that ‘rock ‘n roll’ life that’s such a very cool life when done with some intelligence!!! Love, and be loved! Live like
          nobody else has up till now!! Grow and find himself. Eventually find his ‘life partner’ and live happily ever-after!!!! The end.

      • Nor have I ever heard of any particular alcohol problems in any of the Beatles, just the part about where they dropped acid and smoked pot. And as there is a lot more drinking going on in Europe it wouldn’t be as noticeable as over here, where MADD meets prohibition. I would not think smoking (certainly on a regular basis) would be particularly good for a million $$$ set of vocal chords.

      • John Lennon had an addiction to nicotine and alcohol and the alcohol ruined his life for a time. He was a high strung,sensitive,hyperactive comet of a human being. Adam needs to keep his head in the real world. All the glitz and fame don’t equal success. I am hoping for the best for him,with love from the bottom of my heart. I hope he has people around him that will knock him down if his ego gets out of control.

        • cheryl norman says:

          TINA I agree with you!

        • cheryl norman says:

          TINA, just wondering, if you knew Lennon had a gay relationship with their manager? The 2 of them would take off on a yacht to be alone together. Of course, everyone knows Jagger and Bowie had a gay
          relationship, also, Jagger had an affair with Bowie’s wife Angie. That’s where the song, “Angie” came from, Mick’s love for Angie, Bowie’s wife – or girlfriend, I can’t remember now if she and Bowie were married at that time. But, anyway, gay relationships were not uncommon in England!!!! Still are not uncommon in England!

    • Lisette agan! Bonmatin Joyce is thes yu from utube..if so bienvenue! Will be lovli to see yu here with glambs on Adam’s best tributepage on web for sure.People here ar very genial,caring an all adore thes gifted artiste/vocaliste as Adam has display from commence an first auditiones for know he’ll be here for many yers an generationes to come..legende of l’millenium,with humanitarian hearte,voix celestial an face d’angeli! J’adore him always Luv Lisette..Take care Joyce ..let me know if is yu!xoxo

  7. Can ya’ll imagine how EXPLICIT Adam’s performances would be if he drank before performing? OH – EMM – GEE

    • He’d be doing Curt Wild in Velvet Goldmine – prancing around the stage sans clothes! (Not necessarily a bad thing)

      • Jeanette, please, my heart cannot take any more, I have to now visit my doctor for medication to stop my heart racing so fast. One thing for sure, his concerts will be packed, there will be lots of people fighting for a ticket.

      • Somebody poor the man a drink! A big one! If he over indulges, I will be his designated driver…and take him home…with or without his clothes on…

        • Oh no, now my imagination is running wild with pictures of naked Adam in my car and I’m driving him home…

          • AdamAddict says:

            Did I hear “without his cloth on?” Did I hear “naked Adam?” Yes yes,I understand Samantha,I also imagine things now! lol! Usually dad do the worried part for their daughters but in Adam case,his mom should be worried for his son!! We seriously need help!! lol!! ๐Ÿ˜›

        • You know I meant “pour”, right? My hands were trembling with the vision I created….

          • AdamAddict says:

            I didn’t noticed that until U tell me! hahaha!! I guess my brain was trembling with the vision you created!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I have written on this sight before of my fear of Adam drinking .. I come from a family of over drinkers so I know some of the red flags.. I have read and heard from his own month his love to drink. I’m just afraid that one of these yrs in the near future that we’re going to read about it becoming an issue.. I’m not trying to be an alarmist , buy ladies, I’m stating here and now that our Adam is headed for trouble… I’d put my life savings on it.. sad but true.

    • I meant, ” but ladies ” not…. buy ladies.. lol sorry my fingers type what they want and don’t listen to the brain sometimes…

      • AdamAddict says:

        Why everybody concern about his drinking? Is he drink too much??I always see his picture drinking water.I never heard he’s drunk! Oh, i heard once he said he had too put bit alcohol in his cofee but that one time ,I think! He’s not like alcoholic or something,right?Don’t skerd me! I start to worry now! I hope he’s fine because lately all I heard he drink those green something and red bull! He should drink vitagen also,it’s yummy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          AdamAddict, I think we’re just getting too carried away with our worries and we’re just overprotective of our precious Adam. You’re right, he seemed to be more careful of his intake. I am glad that he don’t even smoke, good for him..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Don’t worry AdamAddict, he’s fine. We just love him and want the best for him and are getting a bit carried away as Iyleneidol09 says. My God, let the poor man have a drink or two if he wants one! Geez!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Thank you Iyleneidol09 and Helen! How sweet both of you! I do feel better now, I thought I’m missing something about Adam! We all love him so much,sometimes we got carried away,I guess! And yes Helen,let him have a glass or two. Cheers Adam!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Amen to that Helen. He’s mentioned in interviews he likes the Vodka martini”s.
            I did read once, where he was at a club dancing the night away on table tops, while
            have a few of the vodka’s! Cant you just picture that? Walking into a club and
            there is this beautiful hunk of a man, dancing on the tables. Oh hold me back plz!

  9. adamtastic1877 says:

    in the group pic under the pic where adam is getting some veggies (btw very cute) i looked at what allison was either wearing or what was on here (i think it was a striped blanket) i immediatly thought “adam’s striped pants!”. but now im thinking “god allison, that better not be adam’s pants wrapped around you!” wow, adam addicts think the craziest things!

  10. Donna Lee Glam# 409 says:

    I’m not worried about Adam’s use of anything. I respect his judgment. Back in the day when I was briefly a rock singer (the Acid Queen in Tommy), I used to down a couple of shots of Southern Comfort before the show in tribute to Janis, and to relax my throat for those high notes. It worked really well and had no long term effect at all. I spent the next twenty-five years as a pretty-much-non-drinker for no other reason than I didn’t think about it. Now, as far as Adam is concerned, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pop or rock singer that has his voice, his performance, or himself in better control. You don’t sing like Adam sings without supreme self-discipline. He also knows how valuable his voice is and how dependent it is on his health. He’s not going to be taking any risks with it. Relax. Trust him.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hey, Southern Comfort and Janis!!! I remember those days!
      I think you’re right. Adam seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants and how to get it. We all love him and see him as this man/boy. In some ways, he’s young and innocent and we all want to protect him. Then at the same time, we want to see him rock it out as this amazing SEX GOD. He has different facets to his personality as we all do. He can be young and innocent and he can be wild, bad and sexy! I love the whole package.

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        OMG…I remember seeing Janis at the New Orleans Pop Festival on Labor Day weekend 40 years ago this year …about 2 weeks after Woodstock (but we were busy with Hurricane Camille that weekend down here!). Anyway Janis was GREAT…tremendous talent in that bitty girl & a rock dynamo onstage…but offstage she was so sad, so lonely, no family or true friends to support her…Too much drinking, drugs, heartbreaks…The rock music biz ate her up & spit her out…She died way too early from heroin OD. Tragic loss…as we lost so many others.
        But, our Adam is no way like Janis! He’s well grounded, so smart & has wonderful support network of friends & family. At almost 28, he’s made it through the early, most treacherous years of his twenties that have been the downfall of many young stars. Yes, he’s experimented with alcohol & some drugs, but those things don’t drive him. Don’t know what his family history is w/addictive substances (I sure have some genetic predisposition to overindulge in the whiskey, so must watch myself! Blame it on my Irish roots.), but he should be okay with the occasional imbibing of spirits. He’s intelligent enough to know what his system can handle, especially with the voice training he’s had. I’m more worried about exhaustion taking its toll on him with this prolonged tour. Sweet pic of him sleeping in back of a van shows how much he needs rest. All these kids need to get back home to some kind of “normal” schedule, sleeping in real beds!…Though Adam’s world is forever changed now, he must find a “new normal” to keep himself strong & healthy for the rocket trip of a ride he’s on now.

    • Thanks, I Iike that. Trust him!


  12. Love the pictures: the hairdresser as intent as a rocket scientist dressing every strand of that black hair, Adam’s lip curling in that iconic sneer; Adam silhouetted above his thousands of adoring fans standing out in sharp relief, black on blue; admiring a fan poster with other idols, then cutting to a quiet interior and a sunny window, the new world idol waving to the fans outside the safe haven of a stretch limosine; sippin’ a smoothie and picking up something to eat with Kris, one of the last times he’ll ever do that quite so freely; then, all curled up on the floor with his music plugged in, his pompadour still in place, legs drawn up, white socks showing, no longer a superstar but a sweet sleeping baby; walking, doing a little posing, lounging around with Kris, two inseparable friends; piling up the plate with those good veggies and posing with the other idols backstage; THEN, the rehearsal view onstage, Kris deferential as always, Adam standing with his whole body reared back like the next King of Rock and Roll, then the telling moment when we ‘see’ the Persona from Planet Fierce emerge and become ascendant; next a Towering Adam transcendent on stage, pointing to the skies and then falling back to earth to sing a duet with Allison (Danny and Rizzo were never like this); and then finally, Adam in full princely regalia, lit-purple coat tails flying in graceful counterpoint to his widespread planted legs, flying in place while standing like a rock of black granite, the king in all his glory growling and shouting the words of his power.

    And then we hear that Adam might not be quite as much the innocent young man as we might have thought, that he wouldn’t mind a few drinks before going onstage, or using other substances to de-stress and unwind. Oh well, what else is new? I think he said as much back when he was competing on AI, that he was being ‘his absolute best’ self for their cameras, judges, and audience. (Inferring that he might not be quite so ‘good’ when he finally strikes out on his own.) I’m still not too worried about him, he’s 27-years old, for heaven’s sake. Hopefully, as Terry and Helen remarked, Adam will keep things in balance and moderation, and use alcohol, especially, as sparingly as possible, as Donna Lee mentioned in reference to her ‘rocker’ days, and how she did things. I too, hear alarm bells ringing in the distance, and it is indeed a possiblity that Adam could develop a real problem. The newness of the rarified new atmosphere he will live in and the stress alone, might send him reaching for whatever makes him feel more at ease. But somehow, I am not yet truly concerned for him, I think he is on track so far. He is surrounded by his loving family and many true friends, and a highly caring, supportive public. You’ve got to remember, too, that Adam, being so young, is still having fun with all the mileage he can get out of using that wonderful joystick called ‘shock value’, hence all the alcohol/drug references and the Rolling Stone bad-boy talk. Also, Adam is not a member of a rock band or singing ensemble, he is an iconic singer. He by himself ALONE is being raised up as a superstar and will remain so throughout his life and music career, AND throughout music history. Even though he is supremely gifted and confident of his boundaries and abilities, he will still be under great pressure to perform up to the standard he has set for himself wherever he goes in the world, a standard of visual and auditory perfection NO ONE may ever be able to meet after him…and that kind of pressure needs a release. Hopefully, in the days ahead, Adam will be able to steer a course through all the pitfalls of superstardom, making a lifestyle for himself that will bring him the maximum in satisfaction and joy, and the minimum of heartache and pain. We will all hope and pray, and act for the best for our beloved Adam.

    • Oh fudge, that’s ‘limousine’, not ‘limosine’..



        • SORRY…..ISRAELI—-SAID–



        • Hi Ofra, I listened to that interview, it was not said in a malicious manner, he was just stating the obvious, he had a smile in his voice when he said it. It is just Adam, he does not mean any harm or cause embaressment to any of his fans.

          • agree with u Toni – and he said this about ‘some’ fan encounters when asked about the craziest things he had had to face. he did not mention it in a universal sense. i feel it was not negative… just a joke and lets face it, it’s kinda true.

            he also acknowledged all his fans and said he loves them all and appreciates what they have done to him – so it doesn’t seem as he he has ‘forgotten’ that he is where he is because of his fans…

            i suppose we have to really put ourselves in his shoes and think about how he feels. it can be a problem when such crazy fans go overboard… he’s just getting used to such attention.

            • HI GOPI

              • i read the comments too and i felt that most of it were tongue in cheek and only a few people seem genuinely upset. besdies i still strongly believe he was joking – but i guess you can’t satisfy everybody – hence the rude comments by some people.
                besides there are many celebrities who have said or done worse things than that – but their fans still love them.
                i can understand some people getting upset over such comments but i don’t really think anyone will hold them over his head.
                i also feel that it maybe that he’s famous and a few people probably think that fame has come all too easily for him (although we know this wasn’t the case.)
                but once his album is out everyone will forget everything.

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              I read that at IdolChatter too, of course, our Adam will not mean it maliciously, but these reporters will twist the story to make it more controversial. This reporter or writer said ” …thoughtless stuff especially newly famous people that are just learning the etiquette of celebrity—but this one’s pretty basic .. lacking common courtesy..” This writer also mentioned ADAM for being not a one- question,one- liner interview, whether he meant it as a criticism or a compliment, i’m not sure. Adam just loves to talk and very accomodating. They should enjoy it for now bec. it will eventually change…

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Everybody needs to take a pill and chill! There are some people out there who just love to bring people down. They love to build them up, then bring them down. They can’t stand to see someone who is talented get the credit they deserve. We all know Adam isn’t perfect (but my God, pretty close to it!). As I said in my previous post, he has many facets to his personality. He can be young and innocent, and wild, bad and sexy–and isn’t that what we all love about him. His charm, his sincerity, his genuiness and then his wild sexy ROCK GOD. My God, it’s almost too much to take. I think Adam likes to shake things up a bit and keep everyone on their toes. I think some of the things he does IS for shock value. And then too, he’s had to deal with a lot of idiots out there asking him the same questions over and over again, all wanting a piece of him and he’s handled it with grace and dignity. If he gets a bit punchy once in a while, so be it, he deserves to be able to do that. Sour grapes on some people’s part and they want the attention by misreporting and exaggerating and taking things out of context. It pisses me off! I can’t believe someone would say “lacking common courtesy”. Please, have we ever seen Adam not be courteous. We don’t know the circumstances at the time and what was going on and this type of statement is just an example of all of this. These writers can write what they want and Adam certainly doesn’t have the time or inclination to repute everything that is said about him. So, I hope people will take it with a grain of salt. ADAM WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH. His true fans know who he is and accept him as is. The others are fair weather friends and can go to hell!
                Geez, I need to take a pill and chill!!!!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hahaha! Helen of Troy!! They (the detractors) better watch out!! Don’t mess up with Adam or else Glams will have them Slammed!!!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    Helen, I’m 100% agree with you! Completely agree including take a pill and chill! LOL!! In second thought,don’t take that pill,whoever butts that you need to send to hell,I’m right here beside you! I can kick butts really hard! Waa caa,aiyak,aiyak,DIE DIE!! I’m ready to go, just let me know when !!
                    Helen of Troy??!! I actually like it!! Sound like very brave warrior! I want to be “Mili the warrior princess” Ooh,yes Helen of Troy & Mili the warrior princess coming through!! Iyleneidol09,come on pick a name and join us! ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      I like that, Helen of Troy and Mili the Warrior Princess. Watch out here we come! And I’m just getting started! We have to have a good name for Iyleneidol09!

                    • Iyleneidol09 says:

                      Ok,ok AdamAddict, here it is: “Iylene, the Assassin” how’s that for a warrior name…

                    • Cool. Can I play? I want to be COBRA!

                    • I will be ‘Lorrin Of Arabia’ – I have the requisite blonde hair and blue eyes, I will throw on a BLACK desert robe with silver headpieces and blue dingle-dangles, slap on my black studded belt and wicked knives, strap on my finely-wrought desert scimtar, throw on my carbine and gun belts, jump up on my camel, and I’m ready to go, trampling down enemies in my wrath..

                • Helen, You go Girl!!! GGRRR!!!

                • AllaboutAdam says:

                  Adam doesn’t lie – some of his fans probably ARE smelly, and pushy, even rude sometimes…. I’m sure he takes it well and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him making a comment … for all of our ideas that he’s from another planet etc…. fact is, he IS human – let him have a FEW human feelings, and enjoy! I welcome ANYTHING he says about anything at all – it allows us get to know him better… and I don’t know about you all – I love him “AS IS”…. because his “as is” is about a zillion times more fab-u-lous than anyone else’s that we’ve ever seen….Helen you’re so right – fair weather friends have no place in Adam’s realm…i’m CRAZY about him NO MATTER WHAT… PERIOD.

                  • Hell, yea, AllaboutAdam!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      ADAM, just being himself, wouldn’t ‘diss’ or ‘belittle’ anyone! I will never believe
                      whatever a papa. says or anyone in the photogs circle!! Only, if they say some-
                      thing good or positive will I believe what they say or write! Adam is far more
                      generous than I could be with people who try to paint him in a negative light! He
                      is a well-mannered gentleman when not being ‘pressed and pressured’ by the
                      forces that be. If Adam says anything about someone ‘smelling’ like this or that,
                      then, I will wait for the whole thought. It pisses me off when the media people esp
                      like TMZ just go after him for the sake of trying to mock, humiliate, or make him
                      look bad for laughs. Those photogs chasing him on foot and even in his car a
                      few month ago was disgusting! Wish ‘stun guns’ were legal!!! He could have
                      just flattened them all right then and there! Plus, maybe THEY would learn some
                      manners!! They are asses and so are those that tried to make it look as tho Adam
                      was being disingenerous about his fans. Get a grip on what these people are up
                      to at all times!! Adam needs his fans to ‘answer’ those stupid people for him!!
                      He doesn’t need to start denying all these stupid rumors about what he said or
                      disn’t say!!! Hope he developes some kind of ‘pat’ answer that he can have put
                      out by ‘his spokeman’ just for those idiots. His fans need to make a big stink
                      whenever he gets ‘attacked’ by someone out to mar his image! And by fans, I do
                      mean we Glambs need to take part whenever we can, and by whatever venue
                      we have!!! The media has always been a bit ‘afraid’ of Elvis’ fans for just that
                      reason! We can be a force to be reckoned with for our Adam!!! We must
                      ALWAYS have his back!!! We need to pick our battles wisely, but never let it be
                      said that Adam doesn’t have ‘loyal’ fans that love him and will take anyone to task
                      who tries to do him harm in any way!!!

        • Please, please, PLEASE, don’t filter Adam! His openness, honesty, humour, and delight in talking and sharing his experiences and ideas is just soooo refreshing! It is part of what makes him Adam and why we are so intrigued by his personality. I hope this never changes. When did we become such a thin-skinned country (world?) that we get offended and hurt or insulted by every remark someone makes? It is a fact: There are stinky people in the world because I always get behind them in the check out line at the grocery store. Stands to reason, some of them will make their way to an AI concert and a few of them will make it to the autograph line.

          Not all fans are as well groomed and as well mannered as Glambs. I, personally, display uncanny fashion and social skills. I bathe. I am smooth and silky and unblemished and my voice tinkles human (and some dog) ears like bells. Rays of sunshine and blue birds eminate from by toned ass and I continually smell like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I am f**king Angelic! If Adam came across me in the meet and greet line he would pull me aside and desire–no, he would be COMPELLED by a force he does not understand–to place a large hickey on my succulant left breast all the way to my heart! Brrr…Ok, as I was saying, not all fans are as fabulous as we are…..

          Some so-called “fans” are way loud and obnoxious and drunk and stupid and demanding and belligerant and, yes, smelly! I have seen them practically run over small children and the disabled to get to the front of the line. If a group of these people followed us around and tried to grab and touch, and tear our hair and clothes, and further invade our personal space, we would call the cops and take out restraining orders and have them put in jail for violating said restraining orders! Yet, Adam is expected to face them on a nightly basis and gently, respecfully, open his shirt exposing his soft, pulsing jugular and his beautiful, warm chest to their bloody fangs and claws! Why? And, God forbid, he do or say something not PC in the process!?! The media will accuse him of lacking common courtesy…really?

          Leave him alone, people. I want him to go on for as long as possible being the Adam we adore: a funny, sweet, sexy, sparkley, raw (gulp!) uncut gem. Unfiltered!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON!!!

            And just to add, the night I was standing in line at the meet and greet hoping Adam would come out was a very warm humid night. We were packed together like sardines. My sister couldn’t take it and said she’d wait for me at the sidewalk. I, on the other hand was not leaving! Geez, it was hot and I have to tell you, people were starting to smell! When the idols started to come out, everyone started lifting their pictures, etc. up in the air so that the idols could reach. Me, being short, bore the brundt of those gestures–stinky armpits in my face! I just held my breath, like a good Adam trooper and did not give up my place in line–all to no avail in the end!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Nice written,Proffesor Snape, I meant Proffesor Snake!! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • cheryl norman says:

            WANNA, you sound delicious!!! Hahahaha!!! I think it is the chocolate chip cookies!!! Could be
            wrong, tho!!! hahahaha!!! Too funny! All true, I’m sure!!! I am also a ‘fashion plate’! My ass has lost
            it’s ‘tone’, however, my big American breasts have not sagged too much! With the right amount of
            money, I could rival any of those superstars.kl Well, maybe a little lipo, and a little eye lift or something
            with a tummy tuck. Then, I would rival all the hotties in LA. Well, I’d not argue over a new smile.
            Then, I would rival all the hotties in LA. I might get some hair extensions, in my own natural hair
            color, of course. Then, I would definately rival the hotties in LA, for sure!! Maybe a Brazilian butt lift
            wouldn’t hurt. Then, I would have no doubt I’d rival hotties in LA and everywhere else. So, Snake, I’m
            with you. I’m as hot as they come!!!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin cher Lorrin…always yur writing is so espressive,eloquance an uplifting even if feling bleu,ther’s joie like a nice novel(as complemente).An agree as well thet Adam has alway seeme mature an grounded ,thinq from close famille,an mama who seems genuine,caring an suportive.An as many an yu say drinq in moderation is key,an bein onroad can bring stress,frenzie fans,reportres/interviews,inadequate sleep take toll.An hope othre substance as yu say from pot dosnon bring harsher drugs as many artistes av done.I thinq seein Elvis,Michel Jackson an ther sad demise..Adam will heed cautiones here lets pray shall be careful.His voix seemes estraordinaire an such octaves non many artiste can sing,a gift from above.An agree Lorrin hope he avoids any negative pitfalls in future an will hav long an wondreful musique career so future generation an hopful ma children can enjoie too! blessings always m’angel d’chansons! Luv always Lisettexoxoxo Luv to Lorrin an many glambs herexoxo

      • Yes, dear Lisette, he of all people, I want to see make it through the life he has chosen whole and in one piece, without falling prey to its ugliest and darkest side, while at the same time enjoying to the fullest all the success he has earned for himself so many times over. I want him to have the tme of his life whatever he chooses to do, just not lose his life in the process….he is too precious to all of us..

        • Lisette here..Aw bless yu Lorrin an merci beaucoup for such positive rai’s of lit in yur writing vraimente can be next Danielle Steele or better one just dedicate to Adam an his magnifique biographie from his childhood intereste in musique,intereste in theatre,cruiseline chanteur sure to charm anyone,theatre agan,caberetclub,bestarts,Amer.Idol an superbe AI tour sensualitie an celestial vocals..I know it can be best sellar an we’d all buy! blessings an luv Lisettexooxo

    • He does look like a sleeping baby, Lorrin! Aw, I want to rock him…..

      • Yes, wannabe, I want to sit there near him on the floor and stroke his hair, run my hand down his chin while he smiles a little in his sleep, rub his shoulder and back gently for awhile, tickle his arms for a few minutes, and then get right down there beside him and snuggle up, staring at him for the next hour while he sleeps, looking at his black hair and running my hands through its thickness, getting as close as I can and staring at his long, black lashes and beautiful brows, blowing on his cheek a little just for fun, laughing softly as he stirs in his sleep, curling my arms under his while he nestles his head on his hands, stretching out my legs and touching his stocking feet with mine, knees touching black-jeaned knees, and then he would wake up slowly, his eyes would widen and smile, and then just stare back forever into mine with the depth and intensity of an aquamarine ocean in a deep blue sea..

        • AdamAddict says:

          OMG,Lorrin! I love how U write it. It’s like reading love story novel.Wow! I actually imagine myself doing that to Adam! Ok,don’t stop, continue to the best part,come on,come on!! Bring it on, I don’t like cliffhanger!! lol!!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Hahahaha! you guys are just unbelievably funny!!! Just think about it, this is happening, reading and posting in realtime all over d world! This is even better than reality TV. This is like a “Cyberspace Reality” show: there’s comedy, love story, porn (most of it!!! haha!) there was some action and war series at some threads, hey, this is a new concept!!!hahaha! and I am enjoying every seconds of it!!! No commercial interruption!!

            • WOW. Lorrin, how true! Who cares if your straight? Adam doesn’t have to do anything but LAY there! Ha, now that is a proposition we might come closer to accomplishing–if we could get our hands on some ruffies…

              • …you’re…geez…i can’t type (shiver)…

                • Ladies, you are too much…wannabe, for shame, ruffies! And porn, Iyleneidol! Nay, nay…just Adam, sleepy and curled up on a soft rug in his black jeans and white socks, one black lock straying over his forehead, a warm fire, a good wine, soft couches, the light flickering softly in the darkened room, a log falling in the fire….and somehow, both the original limousine floor and the black T-shirt are nowhere to be seen. I guess I’m just going to have to write that book, I can’t keep going on like this, that’s for sure!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    You are right,we can make movie from this sites! Maybe win Golden Globe Award! It’s about people who have no life ,live behind the computer and still can live with full of life.They can smile,laugh,cry,pissed behind this screen! Confusing and sound slow and sound boring? Well, doesn’t all the winners make movies like that? lol!! We win for sure! lol!!

                  • Lisette..cher Lorrin argh so wishe I didnon av to have d..n bloodteste can poste on thes subjecte for a jour..An reade above now..vraimente yu are l’Danielle Steele of Adam’s best tribute page..Do wishe ‘he’ll oui thinq being in theatre may inquire yu for a future play(with him)..yu can write a lovli script..An he’ll be delite to be leade how many gals like to be in thes play…all le glambs femmes yes?Truly I av let imagainatione go!..An now sistre calling me..aurevoir all! Luv to Lorrin (Danielle)! xoxoLisette (perhaps I can draw set designe..I enjoie sketching..just give subjecte(Adam)..oops blushe

          • Lisette goin for bloodtest an before nede Adam’ meds before..Visite here is best remedie!..An agree gals thet Lorrin is residente romantique an luv noveliste as I av mentione on othre pages.Lorrin it’s like an artiste paintbrush glides colours on canvas..toi words are on paper..Luv part about tickeling,an staring at his longelashes(oui av always notice thet accente his azure bleu eyes,an are truly mirror to one’s soul..his is a lit thet illuminates from within),an also to tickle or brush maybe, feathre(ah,la,la) althout he may sneeze ..silly now…bettre leave before late..merde(ops).Luv to here more of thes storie of “Sleeping prince Adam”….Oh luv last part to see awaken smiling..dont thinq I’ll av any pain in doctor office now! Merci beacoup Lorrin ma belle!
            Have a beljour gals an Lorrin! bisous for Adam (ange et prince)!

            • Yes, Lisette, it’s those EYES of his, set in that beautiful face with those arching black brows and sweeping hair….as long as he was asleep, I would love to lie there and look at each and every detail a hundred times over. But then, sleeping princes must awake, and we all know how that’s done, with a kiss..

          • Lorrin, she is so write. You write beautifully. Keep going Keep going!

            • Lorrin, I want pictures in the book!

              • I can actually do THAT for you, too, wannabe, and it would be way too hot to handle after I put those illustrations in there..

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Lorrin, here is an idea of the book cover… just imagine that picture of him on a gladiator outfit, standing with that fierce look on his face, and all of us, sprawlled hopelessly by his long legs, begging…begging…hoping against hope…..

                  • Oh, Iyleneidol, yes,….but how about Adam all in black with flashing silver, his right arm raised to the sky, his back arched, black hair falling over his forehead, curling lip, a glorious blue glare from his eyes, his lean legs planted wide-apart like granite pillars, and all of us Glambs in our black shirts sprawled all over the shining blue/black floor around him, clinging madly to his legs in seething ecstasy! Yes?

      • Lisette ..pardon for interupt between ..merci an blessings wannabesnake..plese see ma notes to yu too on last thread.We’re all here to adore an celebrate beau Adam ..artiste/vocaliste one so sensual,tresbeau face,hearte an soul..somone to touche heartes evrywhere an unite us all togethre on his international tribute page..take care cher amie! Luv Lisette peace an blessings agan!xoxo

  13. AdamAddict says:

    I love the way he stands on the stage.Full of confident! Love the picture from behind! wow! Hate the picture where he sleeps on the floor! My heart aching!I hope I can be his pillow,no his matress,no no his blanket.yes,yes,yes!! Hate the picture where he eats only cucumber??!! Yuk!! Doesn’t he feels hungry with all that load of work?? Please take care of yourself,Adam!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      We know AdamAddict, you just want to wrap your whole body around Adam! GET IN LINE!!!
      hee, hee!


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Jan Lynn, good luck to you. Going through that tough road in life is hard.. but you come to the right place. It is a blessing for everyone to have found this site.. these people behind this Glams fansite do not realize the wondeful effect that they have caused to all of us…it is really a great site..makes you laugh, takes you back in time, or transform you into a different being and where can you find a chat site where we can bare our soul without being judged by others… a feeling of acceptance… just follow the rule: no thrash talking against each another… and you will have a great time here… although this site should also place a disclaimer: “not responsible for divorcing husband due to irrenconcilable differences (my homophobic hubby LOL); getting evicted because of not cleaning ones apartment; gaining so much weight because of sittng ass and do nothing but read and post comments; lose job due to sleeping at work because of staying up late up to 2am on this site; lose friends because all you want to do is go home and visit this site; animal cruelty because dog no longer get walked, groomed and fed; spent $$$ because of crashing computer due to overdownloading ADAM’S beautiful pics and vids…and so many other bodily harms and injuries (hehehe!)…”

      • AdamAddict says:

        Jay Lynn,
        Just listen to Iyleneidol09 here,she telling the truth! It is a blessing for everyone to have found this site,that includes me! It’s like everytime when you want to go school,the excitement not because you got to study but to see your friends. This is how I feel everyday now after I found this sites. It’s like talking to my friends about our favourite topic and we all becomes like teenagers again. We scream,we laugh together. We even feel sad we we heard something bad happen to them. Like Mary C,she just lost her mom this year or Cheryl Norman who suffered from…i don’t know how to spell or pronounce it. And AdamRocks’s 4 yr old son wants to become a rock star like Adam when he grows up!Very cute!! U have no worry here,somehow,we just click here and we understand! That’s why I’m so glad I become Glamb!! Too much fun having my second family! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • AdamAddict, This is the best site and we are all friends. This is the place to come and
          unwind and feel good and share our most common love. Love for Adam.
          I swear, I do hope in the future we can for sure have our Glambsvention. That would
          be the coolest!

      • Love it, love it, love it. Oh so true. When you spend 3-5 hours a day on the computer immersed in anything about Adam, you truly are obsessed. Even my girlfriend who’s going to the Columbus concert with me is worried.
        She even offered her floor seat if someone else as obsessed as she “thinks” I am is interested in going. She does not want to spend 2-3 hours waiting for Adam to come out after the concert. I didn’t tell her he sometimes doesn’t come out and no announcement is even made about whether he will or he won’t.

        • Shirlee, You have floor seats good for you. We wil be in section 107, look for us if
          you can, I will have on homemade Tshirt, of the pic of Adam and me. Like on earlier
          post. My hair is darker now, it was lighter in that pic. than usual. Whats wrong w/ ur friend talk some sense into her, this will be the concert of the
          town. Shhhh no dont tell her about waiting, she’ll have fun I hope.

    • JAN LYNN, just want you to know you’re not alone, and we know exactly how it is, one way or the other. We ARE all friends and family here, and this is a place to rest an aching heart and forget the pain and the world for awhile, and have a love feast with a whole lot of great people. Join right in with us around our warm fire of friendship here, and dig in……we love you, and we’re here for you, and we’re all here to write up a firestorm for our favorite man…don’t feel embarassed, we’re all in exactly the same boat, we’ve all ‘got it bad’, and we’re all in love with Adam Lambert.

    • cheryl norman says:

      JANLYN I haven’t been able to get pregnant since I was 30, but hey, we all know HOW to get pg!! Those
      thrusts of Adams could get out of hand!!! Did you see the pic of him in his silver pants dancing with his
      (thankfully) ex? OMG That pic could very easily do what a dildo could!! NEVER had one, but know what
      they’re for! Haahaa!! My gosh, if I were in that club I would have definately asked Adam to dance with me!!!
      Maybe we could dance into a corner, his back facing the rest of the people, me against the wall with Adam as close as he could get without me moving!! Actually had this happen to me with a guy who was a pro tennis player w/copper colored hair, brown eyes, the hottest body well tanned and looking like a rock star
      himself. His name was Ken. Ken thought he had ‘conquered’ me to an extent, little knowing it was I who had conquered him!!! True little story!!! However, there is much more to the story, but I won’t go into that as you all know how I feel about ‘kissing and telling’. Well, maybe you don’t, so I’ll tell ya. Really is okay to
      kiss and tell!!! haahahhaaa!!!! Anywho! I’ve had so many of those little stories to tell in the many years I’ve
      lived as a single white girl!!! About 33 yrs or so of picking out what was the ‘cream of the crop’ in my view!!
      HaHohahohaho!!!! Man, talk about writing a book!!!! That book would have to go under the ‘fiction’ section
      as it would be hard for most ‘good’ people to believe!!! Actually, hard for me to remember all the ‘important’ men in my life, and I’m not ‘bragging’, just stating a fact. That’s where I’ll stop this line of thinking. It could make me look ‘bad’!!! (like I care!) Like I said, I’m just a shy, timid short (used to be little) gal just trying to survive in the big world! I will say this, Adam would not have been safe from me if I were his same age now!! Gay or not, I would use every bit of charm and humility and personality I could, including having him some drinks sent over to the both of us, and me not drinking like I’d be pretending to do! Always had to do that, or I couldn’t stay in control!!! Being in control, but not acting like it is the only way to go when first meeting a guy, in my way of thinking. That’s sometime the only hope women have of discarding the ‘wrong’ man from the ‘right’ at the time, man for you!!!

  15. Oh, man. LOVE that one in the mirror towards the end. Adam, you fierce bitch, you – and I mean that in the most reverent, affectionate way possible.

  16. i don’t think we need to worry about ADAM. he’s not stupid and i dare say he knows what’s good for him.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      gopi…I agree with you on this one, I went to MJ’s Blog, someone has scanned the article there…in the RS article they are describing the setting. The Idols are behind a banquet table eating(snacking really), while they do autographs, before the show. Corona beer & wine is served to everyone, but them, it seems. They can only partake on their off days, Adam says something to the effect(not a direct quote here), that he is not a demanding person, but when he is touring(solo I guess) he wants to be able to do that….maybe whoever was talking w/him had a glass of wine or something… Adam has been waiting for this break for 10 yrs or more…I just don’t see him blowing it….but, one thing is for sure…I will be seeking this issue of RS today, and I am fixing to renew my subscription…lol…

  17. Evette #419 says:

    You guys are scaring me! Do you think it might be “too much, too soon” for Adam? I hate to think about other performers who came before him that couldn’t handle either too much fame or sometimes not enough. I know Adam is intelligent but sometimes we feel we “have to do what we have to do” to get through the day or give people what they expect/are used to. Lets all say our prayers for Adam. He is simply the best and we love him unconditionally. He needn’t push himself to exhaustion for us. I know I love Adam for who he is not what he does (perform). I’d love him if he worked at the convenience store on the corner. I’d be shopping there alot. By the way I just got my GLAMB # yesterday. I was so excited you would swear I won the lottery. In a way I kinda did!


    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Afamfan1…Thanx for that Grt tip….my jaws are aching, my eyes watering, and he is so preciuos, sexy, handsome, and totally confident w/himself….Luved it…Thanx again 4 that Grt share…made my morning…

      here’s the link:

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        P.S…….I need Lorrin to describe this, I don’t have enough adjectives in my vocabulary this morning…lol..she can do it justice !!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Thanks Admfan1 & Nancy,I love the vid so much. Adam has a killer smile.He just killed me but I blame both of you, you guys filling the bullet and aim at me! Urgh,too beautiful. Not only beautiful smile but I love his beautiful laugh too and the way he laugh,you know he always kinda bend a bit! You guys know what i meant because I’m sure you observe him like crazy!! I love his smile when he sang “Dust in a wind”It was like he’s going to sing but then realized not the time yet. Too cute!! I love when he sang “Dust in a wind” and another one, at his hometown, when the interviewer asked him “I saw the big black suit case,is that your make up bag?” And Adam gave the most beautiful smile and laugh eveeeerr!!Ok maybe not the most,remember when he finished “Track of tears??” Breathtaking!! I can go on for hours but I should shut up now!~sigh~

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh, I totally agree with you a thousand times AdamAddict!

            • Lisette more post an must av those bloodtest..seeing above I av always adored Adam singin “Dust in Wind” very etheral,gentle inflections an tenderness even sans l’makeup an glam look..his beauty is natural an toches places in one’s hearte.Do hope he’ll include in future cd’s some of earlier performances..seen on utube caberet/best art an outdoor LA theatre! hugs an luv Lisette!

        • I call it “smile porn”.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thanks Girls for the video link. I needed that this morning.–having a pissy day! Those idiots who said the nasty things about Adam SHOULD WATCH THIS, YOU MORONS! (I mean the reporters, not anyone here on this site).

      • Admfan 1 and TheFeyNan(Nancy) thanks very much for that video, I hope those nasty, negative people take a good look at it, how natural and genuine are those smiles, he has nothing to hide, you can actually see his eyes smiling. The close up of his beautiful eyes, and then that infectious smile, OMG!!!!!!! I am going to say it again, I love Adam for who he is no matter what, so negative nasty people please shut up.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        That is beautiful!! Adam just have the perfect eyes,cheeks, lips and set of teeth that gives a perfect smile!

        • AdamAddict says:

          That’s right Toni, they should shut up.You don’t have to use the word please,just shut up.Yup,SHUT THE HELL UP!!
          This what he says in his latest tweet.Not the latest,latest one,he said “You smell….like roses!!!” whatever that means!! Before that he said ” Pittsburgh is gonna rock tonight! I LOVE MY FANS!! please ignore those in the press who seek attention by trying to put words in my mouth.”
          What actually they said, I haven’t read or heard about it but I already pissed!What’s going on?Who messes with our beloved darling Adam again??!! grrr!!

      • Wow! Nancy, a super video,, thanks for it!

      • Nancy , Adamfan1, Thanks so much for sharing that video. OMG I want to cry, I want to smile, I just
        dont know what to do. That beautiful, beautiful soul -Adam.
        What a wonderful life!


      • Best.Smile.Ever.

  19. “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, “Wow, what a ride!” author unknown.

    Go, Adam! You are a young, beautiful, sexy, talented, INTELLIGENT MAN about to embark on an adventure the rest of us only dream about. Live Life! Make amazing memories! Keep detailed notes for your memoirs! You already have one lovely Momma, who seems more than capable of advising her sons. The rest of us can just enjoy the ride with you.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Totally agree with you Snake! I’ve heard that saying before too, I love it! And yes, his momma will look out for him. He’ll be just fine!

    • Well said, we are lucky to be able to go along for the ride.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      OK Snake!!! You keep me rolling with laughter on here all the time, but this time, I am stealing your line…..

      โ€œLife is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, โ€œWow, what a ride!โ€ author unknown.

      I put Quotes on my personal e-mails all the time….and lately they have been Adam’s fav quotes(imagine that)…..and being an old hippie, biker chick, this suits me just fine…Put it on my Headstone!!! Plz

  20. Thanks Admfan1 for sharing! I love Adam’s smile and he has such perfect teeth. He smiles with his eyes! MJ’s rendition of “Smile” is just so heartfelt – it makes me sad that MJ is gone.

  21. cheryl norman says:

    There is one thing that we all can agree on, and that is that we all feel Adam is intelligent! I’m not saying that Adam ‘has’ a problem w/alcohol, or that he will ‘definately’ have one in the future. But, now I do have to say that being ‘intelligent’ has nothing to do with whether a person could get into a problem w/alcohol or not. Intelligence cannot keep someone from becoming an alcolhlic or abuse other types of drugs. If that werer the case, then we’d have to say that all alcoholics and drug abusers are dumb. We know that is not the case! How many very highly intelligent men and women have become substance abusers? Too many to count! So, let’s not use the fact that Adam is intelligent, wants his career so much, etc. that he could not ever have any problems in that area. Let’s also not say, that since Adam likes to drink, that he cannot drink
    in a ‘socially accepted’ manner, or that ‘getting drunk’ on occasion will be detrimental to his career. I just wanted to make the statement, that b/c Adam has said many times that he liked to get ‘wasted’ drunk at the clubs, and that if he was ‘drunk enough’ you could find him making out w/the girls in a corner somewhere in a club. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it once more, w/that statement, it makes me think that Adam is kind of ‘afraid’ of girls, and that he may not be exclusively gay. I just don’t remember hearing any gay men talking about how they ‘like’ to make-out with the ladies, and if he consumes enough alcohol he’d have the ‘courage’ to indulge with the opposite sex more often, and it could even lead to more than just kissing. I’m sure none of us knows of one person who sets out in life to have a drug problem. All who do have a problem, I’m sure once upon a time thought that they ‘would never have a problem’. That stuff can creep up on a body and usually does. I don’t think Adam is surrounded by family, either. They are important to him, but they are not surrounding him as he makes his way across the US, and doubt if any of them will be w/him as he tours. Elvis got started on ‘speed’ while in the army in Germany. The Army handed the drugs out to help the soldiers stay awake. Now, Elvis had no idea what he was really taking at the time. All I ever meant to say in my first post is that I am concerned Adam might become dependent on alcohol use during his touring, and that he uses pot, but that I did not think pot was as bad as alcohol for him. It will take Adam to be very self-aware of his own habits as he goes thru life. Keeping himself under close check if he finds himself having to have more than a few martini’s during a performance than he should. But, to go and have a wild and fun time and drinking till he’s ‘drunk’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it doesn’t interfer with his normal life. Everything is like that. If on is doing something to the extreme and it’s interferring in one’s life or relationships w/others, then they need to reassess the situation. A Mother a by herself cannot keep her child from conducting himself in any particular way, just b/c she’s a good Mother and her child loves her. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were the case? Then, we could all ‘save’ our own children from all things hurtful. I would bet that Adam’s dad drlinks socially, and maybe mom too. His brother has already talked a lot about his own drinking. Wh knows if anyone in Adam’s family has ever had a drinking problem. I think a lot of it has to do with what was acceptable in the home while growing up. Some families are social drinkers, some non-drinkers totally, others are in-between. So while I am concerned for Adam, I don’t think he would let himself hurt his career. That he would probably listen to those he trusts, hopefully. And that’s all any of us could say, is ‘hopefully’ he would get help if it became necessary. Wish I had a glass of wine right now!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You know what, I think Adam likes people–all kinds of people and we all know that he is a big FLIRT! When he said he has been known to make out with girls after a few drinks, I got the impression that was when he was younger, experimenting and coming to terms with his sexuality. He has stated that he didn’t have a lot of experience in that area and had his first affair on his 21st birthday–older than most people these days! I think when he said there was a possibility it might go farther, it was tongue and cheek! Also, Adam’s not dumb–keep all the ladies out there interested and wishing it could be them! (Myself included!) He’s gay ladies, let’s just accept that. That’s just my opinion!

      • Touche, Helen. A person may be confused at 16, but by the time one reaches the age of 27, one has figured out their sexuality. Adam has told the world he is gay. He has lived as an openly gay man for years. Some of his closest friends may be female and he may kiss pretty girls (that smell nice, no doubt) when drunk. He may even have experimented with some of them, but his deeply emotional loving commitments and sexual relationships are with men. That is being gay. It is not a sex act. (Face it ladies, even if we bought the anatomically correct strap-on device and taped down our tits, it still wouldn’t work for him. The sight would probaby make him gag–and not in a good way!) It is about who you love and desire. He has been so open and honest about it, why would any of us, who don’t even really know him, try to second guess what Adam has lived his life expressing? Yes, it is our loss, but we must come to terms with it. Sigh.

        Now, what am I going to do with that device?…….Oh, honey?……

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          ohhh, wannabesnake, you made me soo depressed. Just leave us in the world of make-believe: that one day, Adam will wake up and find himself craving for p—-y!!! Or, as AdamAddict called it before: a vegina. LOL!!! or Oprah once called it V-JJ or Chelsey Handler (from E) calls it “pica-choo”.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Oh Snake, I wanna be a man!

        • Totally agree, wanna. As I’ve said before, the “right” woman couldn’t “turn” him any more than the right woman could turn me. When I fall in love or have my crushes, it is always on men (and boys when I was a girl). I could see myself getting (really) drunk and kissing a pretty woman just because I like kissing and kissing someone who knows how. But I couldn’t begin to go any further – just not my thing. And really, I want a man’s kiss. I want a man’s touch. I want a man who loves women and who loves me more than any other one to take my face in his big, strong hands, brush the hair back from my eyes, and kiss me like there’s no tomorrow. And I want to do that stone cold sober so I can savor every moment.

          Phew. I think I need a cigarette.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Well said, Barb. I think that is exactly how Adam feels/felt at the time. Kissing is fun! We as women can appreciate a beautiful woman and if enough alcohol is consumed, who knows, I might give it a shot! But like you I love men and kissing men (and your description made me really hot!). I can see being in the LA club scene, partying hardy and kissing for fun! But as Snake so eloquently stated being gay is not just sex, it is the emotional want and need. And Adam emotionally wants and needs men. He has lived his life in this manner and has stated this with no hesitation–so that’s it ladies–but we can certainly dream!

          • That is exactly what I believe Adam wants, Barb! Never thought about it before but, he wants men the same way WE want men…thank God we do not have to compete with Adam’s looks and charm…we would lose….he wants a man like I want him….I’ve never wanted to touch boobs (or other things), neither does Adam…suddenly, we have a lot more in COMMON with this fierce alien than I ever imagined…no wonder women love him so much…oh, shit, you get a cigarette, and I’ll get a drink and we will ponder this new angle of things…

            …Ping, (sound of light bulb coming on)…

            • Make it two, wanna (drinks, I mean). I like vodka and Sprite Zero – Absolut or Swedka if you got it.

              Yes, it occurred to me as I typed the way I want a man that Adam most likely wants one in the same way. I’ve always had a very easy time relating to gay men because, hey, I like men, they like men… The sexiest kind of man, to me, is one who is completely secure in his sexuality, whatever it may be – and one who is thus not the least bit threatened by anyone whose sexuality differs from his.

              Speaking of light bulbs coming on, I feel as if Adam has turned on a light inside me. It’s as if the very vibrancy of his being has recharged my sexual circuitry. OK, I’m sort of mixing metaphors and trying to hard to wax poetic (damn vodka), but the point is he’s made me hungrier for the love of a man than I’ve been in quite some time. Or is this just what Middle Age Crazy is all about? Perhaps a bit of both… Hey, who’s driving?

              • Crap. Svedka and too. I really should proofread my posts *before* posting them.

                • Barb: You seem to have a much more varied life than I. Cool that you have had friendships with gay men. Living in rural Oklahoma, it is all oil and roughnecks, and cattle and cowboys. In my–admittedly–small world, they must be saving themselves for fishing trips and round-ups on Ole Brokeback because I haven’t had the pleasure of these friendships. That is why I have these “Duh” moments. I am sure there are many people like me, who are open minded but are just not as “aware” as those in a more diversified area. I try to educate myself, though. By being so open and honest and amazing, Adam puts a face (a beautiful face) on this issue. I think that is going to be one of Adam’s greatest gifts in addition to his music: Awareness. Acceptance.

                  PS: I know what you mean about your circuitry. You have been juiced by the human love drug!

          • cheryl norman says:

            BARB, Hate to say it, but you make my point! I never could kiss a female!! Would NEVER happen.
            With all the alcohol my body could hold w/o me dying, the thought of being anywhere near ‘intimate’
            with a female is just about the same as being with a filthy dirty man with no teeth, or green and black
            rotting teeth, bugs in his hair, etc. They could have my body if I were dead, no other way! So, if Adam
            loves men like I love men, how could he even ‘consider’ being with a woman? And, no, he didn’t just
            say that for his career. He had been engaging in kissing and petting BEFORE he even thought about
            being on AI! So, that was his behavior before idol and his new career. There is nothing that would have
            me entertaining the thought of being sexual in any way with a woman. If Adam is 100% gay, where
            do those feelings come from? If a man is 100% gay. Never a doubt, I’m happy he’s found himself and
            want only the best for him. I want only the best for Adam and want him to be happy, but can’t feel he
            is 100% gay, and therefore can’t feel that he is now 100% happy w/himself yet. When he does
            make that comittment to someone, I’ll be happy for him, no matter who it is. If he does not want
            people to have any ‘doubt’ as to his sexuality, he sould not ‘put’ the doubt in their heads. I don’t
            think he’s ‘putting’ the doubt in our heads. I think the ‘doubt’ is in his head and he wants to keep that
            option open, at least for now.

        • cheryl norman says:

          WANNABETHESNAKE, Absolutely not true!! There are many men who get married, have a family and years later realize that they are gay. Same with some women. Not as many women as men, but just
          sayin’!Why do we all attribute an age with having some sort of ‘miracle’ realization period? As a general rule, it’s wrong, I think, to assume that b/c someone is of a certain ‘age’ (chronical yrs) has all the
          answers to a particular question. I don’t want to ‘beat a dead horse’ w/regard to Adam’s sexuality, I am
          only going to say that I’M not satisfied that he is 100% gay, and knows it beyond any doubt in his mind.
          I’m NOT saying that I am right about that, it’s just my own doubtful mind at this point in time that has me
          thinking that way. But, besides that, I say we can’t pinpoint an age in which anyone will be confidant in any
          mind-set forever. Age has nothing to do with it. Evereyone has a lot of life experiences that influence
          about everything we may go thru, or a reason why we will not go thru an experience, at any given time
          in life. It’s all too complicated than to try to simplify a behavior or eventual behavior due to how old a
          person is at any given time. It just isn’t based scientifically on something as complicated as age. More so with genitics, personality, life experiences, birthplace in the family, parents, relative, just too many things to even mention. So, to say that a person won’t have a problem w/alcohol due to their age, knows exactly who they will love due to their age, or even what kind of criver they will be due to their age is too super-
          ficial of an argument. We can say it’s easier to determine one’s actions in their future, by looking at their
          behavior in the past. But, hopefully that person would be older than in their 20’s. If you wonder if a man is
          going to be an abuser in the future, look at their past. But if that person is 20 yrs old there is a greater
          chance that they could modify that behavior than if the person was 35. Adam has been open and honest as to what he thinks about parts of life, and that can be contributed to his youth and still seeing life in a positive light! He may always be that way, then again, we have no idea what the future may hold for him that could modify his thinking, either in a positive or negative way. Life has it’s own way of ‘shocking’ the crap ouot of us and changing our view on things. Not saying always for the bad or good. Just sayin’ we need to never forget that, and not put too much of a ‘halo’ on any of us, lest we be disappointed. Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed. Also, expect nothing, and you may fulfill a self-fulfilling prohecy! So you could say you’re just skrewed! Not so! Make our expectations sensible and be happy when they
          are more than we expected. It’s all relevant! Mumbo-jumbo!

          • I dunno, Cheryl. As I have said before, I am no expert on these matters, but I think those men and women who marry and have kids didn’t turn gay down the road. I think they always had gay feelings but suppressed them due to family, community, and church concerns. And, in the not so distant past, it was dangerous in certain parts of the country to be openly gay.

            Once again, I stand my ground on the kissing issue. It does not make one gay or straight. I kissed girls in my younger years–mostly for the shock value–and sometimes just to watch the effect it had on half drunk and half stoned boys. It didn’t matter how loudly “Stairway to Heaven” was playing on the stereo, you could hear “schwing!” all around the room! (Oh, it was so easy back then!) I was curious. Thirty years later, I haven’t had any revelations about my heterosexuality. Remember, Adam didn’t even claim to be bi-sexual. And, I really think “bi-curious” was an attempt to appease all his female fans.

            What he did say was, “I am Gay.” Done. Adam has it figured out. I really wish that he said, “I am bi and I have an unatural obsession with banging women old enough to be my mother!” But, alas….

            Surely, we have gay men, and at least one mother of a gay son, reading all this. Would you like to weigh in with your experiences?

            • cheryl norman says:

              WANNA AND MARY, I think Mary and I are on the same page. As far as your last statement,
              Wannabe, re LORRIN being the mother of a gay man, I don’t think that is relevant at all! I think
              also, that it is a ‘cheap shot’! Lorrin and every other mother who has a gay son or daughter, has
              my utmost resect, and Lorrin does know that. But, every situation is unique in itself. I am not
              ‘wanting’ Adam to be bi or hetero. for my own selfish reason! It makes no difference to me if he’s
              gay or not, or whatever. I’m stating my thoulghts and feelings, not out of any ‘need’ for myself, but
              only for reasons that I’ve ‘picked up’ on by things said and written by him and his family. no one
              else. I am also not saying that I am ‘correct’ in my way of thinking, I could not care less if I am
              right or wrong! I absolutely realize that men who ‘come out’ yrs after they’ve been married, have
              denied their sexuality for sociological reasons and religious reason, etc. What makes me think
              that the opposite could happen to someone? I think that it ‘happens’. Men who have thought
              they were gay, lived the lifestyle, and is ambiguous about then having to admit that they are not
              gay is also hard, if not more difficult to admit. I have no vested interest in one or the other. I do
              think that Adam may be NOT exclusively gay. Period. Done. I don’t wish to bes right or wrong,
              but, state what I think, and I know others think the same, just including Mary, here, but others as
              well. It’s definately a possibility! If you don’t think so, then you’re with the majority. Please don’t
              be so disrespectable as to insert Lorrin into this disagreement! She has a gay son, I have no
              feelings whatsoever that she is wrong!! Adam is Adam. Tom is Tom. John is John. Where is
              the similarity between the three? We have no idea if there is a similiarity!! We really don’t
              ‘disagree’, cuz this is not a situation where it is that simple! I am too analytical for my own
              good sometimes, but have always been that kind of a thinker, and am satisfied with myself,
              in that way! No, I don’t think Adam said anything on tv just for the sole purpose of keeping his
              female fans ‘happy’. As I’ve said before, he ‘admitted’ to making-out with girls, before he was
              involved with AI, and way before he would have had people interviewing him! So. That’s just
              his own history. Nothing new made up for an interview!

              • It wasn’t meant as a cheap shot at all. I didn’t name anyone in particular because I could not remember who the poster was exactly–just that someone mentioned having a gay son Adam’s age on one of the other threads. A gay man and his partner attended a show and he gave a wonderful account of that night and his feelings about Adam. Can’t remember his name either. I thought those with personal experience might give more insight than conjecture, which is all that we, who haven’t lived this particular journey, can do. Asking someone’s opinion if they care to give it is not being disrespectful. Giving our opinions and thoughts on things is all any of us are doing here anyway. You certainly don’t have to agree with anything I say, nor, I you. That is the beauty of discussion.

                • cheryl norman says:

                  WANNABE, I agree! But, I will also tell you that although I have a son and daughter who
                  has never given me any serious problems when growing up, that doesn’t mean I have
                  all the answers to someone who have kids that have given their parents major problems.
                  I don’t have ‘more’ answere than someone else merely b/c I am a parent! So, if you didn’t
                  mean to say anything about someone on this site who has a gay son, I just think it
                  would have been better not to mention them at all. Because someone has a child who is
                  gay in no way makes them an expert on the situation. The situations, I think, are all unique
                  to each family. It should in no way be used in a general conversation. To me, at least, I
                  feel it is just ‘disrespectful’ to even mention. I feel the same about religion. Some things
                  are just too complicated for ‘pat’ answers. So, we will just disagree here, about what?
                  I’m not even sure of! I think one thing is ‘possiiblep, and you think it’s ‘not possible’. Get
                  what I mean? It’s all ‘possible’, I think!! I’m not saying that it is ‘probable’, just ‘possible’.

      • I dont know Helen, only he knows his own self, but I have to agree with Cheryl. I know gay and
        straight men and women. Not one of the gay men or women ever mention or say that they
        would make out with the opposite sex if under the influence or not under any influence. They are
        what they are and stick to the same sex. I believe Adam when he says love is universal.
        I take that as meaning when he finds true love someday , whether it be with a man or a woman he will know. I cant help but think if a friendship with a woman turned out to be more than a platonic
        relationship, he would find himself all swept up in tht relationship and give it a chance. His young
        life just seemed so much under assumption. Like when he didnt want to indulge in sports and
        wanted to be in plays, band etc. , tht doesnt mean you’re a nerd , or weird or gay. At one point
        in life though, I remember in the 70’s maybe early 80’s if you were a guy and liked to sing or be in the school plays as opposed to being an athelete you were labeled queer, or gay or weird. The popular guys were the jocks. Its not like that to much anymore. Dancing and singing etc. are hot and in.
        . Things have
        changed so much in the 20th century, thank God. We can all analyze this forever, and its good to
        talk about this, and being a woman maybe I want to think he loves women (sexually) , because of what he throws out there. If he doesnt , thats ok too. Lifestyles change as times do, with a whole new world in front of him,
        it just makes a person wonder.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I would like nothing more than for Adam not to be gay. Not for selfish reasons, only that it’s such a hard road to follow in life. There are so many negative, intolerant people in this world that make it so difficult for gay people who just want to be left alone and live their lives like all of us do. Who wouldn’t wish for him to have a so called “normal” life. Meet a wonderful girl, have a family and live happily ever after, an easy life.
          I know we are all entitled to our own feelings and thoughts, but I truly believe he is gay, is happy as a gay man and that is the way he will live his life. If further down the road he discovers a different life style, then so be it. Whatever Adam wants out of life, I hope he gets. He is truly a caring, loving soul who deserves to be loved to the upmost degree. I hope he finds that person, whether gay or straight.
          P.S. I think he does love women, Mary, truly. As I said before he’s such a loving soul, I think he loves all people. He just doesn’t desire us sexually.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            typo, of course I meant “utmost”

            • cheryl norman says:

              HELEN, I just do not think that Mary and I and you and Snake are really saying anything too
              different. The main thing is Mary and I feel that in ‘reading between the lines’ we see MORE of
              a POSSIBILLITY that Adam MAY not be totally gay. He never said that he likes to make-out
              with girls b/c of any insignificant reason. He just said he LIKES TO and that maybe some day
              with the help of some alcohol he could take it further, and went on to say he thought he would
              not want it to be w/a ‘groupie’, maybe he’d like to do it with someone he ‘knows’, then added that
              maybe he’d prefer it to be with someone he doesn’t know! How is it that those statements Adam
              made doesn’t seem to be a little questionable to you about his ‘preferences’? To me it definately
              says a lot! Whether he ever involves himself with a girl or not is not the disagreement here. It
              also is not the ‘want’. He said it, we picked up on it, along with millions of tv viewers. It all goes
              to Adam’s own statements and obvious feelilngs, not to our hopes, although I thoroughly agree
              being gay in a homophobic world is something no parent would ‘wish’ for their child. If my child
              were gay, I’d be just as aggressively loving and hoping for the best for them, of course. Though
              many parents don’t do that. Not really much of a ‘disagreement’ for the 4 of us, I don’t think.

  22. Richelle Barrish says:

    I have always subscribed to RS. What I love about that mag is people say and are quoted exactly as they are. That is why adam(one of the many reasons) choose it as another platform of communication as well. Remember guys he is flamboyant, 27, from LA, and luvs the party scene! However he is extremely intelligent and I beleive knows the commitments before him. I think more of what he was saying was that he has his own ideas of what he would like to do before,during and after the shows and was”itching” to be in charge of his own! That I cannot wait to see.I am simply in luv with everything Adam ..November needs to get here already, he is sooo past idol!

  23. All I can say from the write up from different fans I read above, is that Adam is Genius! He knows how to handle himself well. Each performance he gives us it’s always his 110%. Through that is enough for me to trust his thoughts, words, and actions. If Adam says words that does not please othes, who gives a hoot, he can’t please everyone. Adam is Adam, and that’s the way I like it. Bottom line, his one great artist. And great artist always different from others. Rock on Adam. I’m behind YOU!

    • I agree with you. I think Adam will do just fine. I think he will know who is there for HIM, and who are there for themselves. I trust he will have a smart group of people looking after him and I think he will do just great.

    • Aramikah, I love your name and your thought: Trust Adam.

  24. Mmmm Adam makes that iced coffee drink look sooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      He makes sleeping on the floor looks comfortable! But seriously poor guy,can someone get him King size bed please??!!…with silk red sheets…with roses petals on it??!! And…me on the bed!! lol!! I can only dream so what’s wrong with that? Any problem? Or anyone wants to join??!! hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Guys, have anyone seen ( I’m sure you have) the youtube vid Adamasm’s Dance moves to ACDC’s Shook me 8-13-09 by skylarvon? Talking about serious hip gyration, pelvic thrusting, oh my goodness, after watching a full 2:43 min of Adam’s moves, I felt completely rip apart and severely, seriously, deliciously molested!!! and I almost felt lightheaded because I didn’t realize I was holding my breath throughout the video…LOL!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Anything includes Adam thrusting or Adam stroking or whatever Adam did that make U adamgasm,just paste the link here,my dear! Now,I have to search myself but first thing first,run up stairs looking for my telescope first! Woo hoo,wait for me,Adam!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Holy shit, Iyleneidol09, 2:43 of Adam thrusting to ACDC is certainly an overdose of AdamAgra. It will take at least 4 hours to dissipate. Jump your partner, rev up some toys, or call an escort service. (All more fun than cold showers!)

  26. After reading all the comments and concerns above, and thinking of things Adam has said over the past six weeks, I am more concerned with him taking something for ‘energy’ since he seems prone to fatigue. He has also mentioned more than once that he has difficulty falling asleep, his ‘wheels grinding’ too fast. Knowing his birthchart signs he is prone to nervous tension combined with a strong will to follow his goal.

    Therefore I would worry about him taking something to pep him up and then needing something to bring him down at night. This could be anything, drink, pills etc and I do hope, with him being a California type that he connects with people into yoga and meditation instead, or at least learns the tools for that. One ‘cheap and easy’ technique which I use myself and taught my mentally ill students was the deep breathing technique which has been proven to work physiologically if done right. It’s on the net for everyone to read. It’s used by athletes, politicians and entertainers as well.

  27. I think Adam is great


  28. AdamRocks! says:

    THANK YOU!!! Keep those LUSCIOUS Adam pictures coming!!! ~turning up my air conditioner AGAIN~

    Cindy in MS

  29. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I just read an article, it’s an interview on Megan Joy about the tour.. it is sad that reporters interview these other AI fellows but the questions are more focused about ADAM! LOL! Reporter asked Megan: ” I hear the fans for the guys are a lot crazier that the fans for the girls. what’s going on out there?” Megan replied “yeah, they absolutely are. If we’re outside signing and Adam comes out, I know I’m going to need a hearing aid later in life because the girls scream so loud. I swear 12 year old girls have the craziest voice box in the world.” Reporter asked “Do you think they understand they can’t get with him because he’s gay?” Megan replied, ” I think some of them acutally think they can. It’s so delusional. They don’t care.” Isn’t that interesting or sad?

    • I do think that women who think they can “turn” him are indeed delusional – I mean, come on – would the right woman turn you? I love men. My crushes have always been on boys and then men. I distinctly remember my first crush at age 4 – his name was Teddy, and he had dark, dark hair and big, deep, brown (almost black) eyes, with this thick black eyelashes and eyebrows, even at that age.

      But I digress.

      Yes, he’s dangled the carrot, so to speak, by saying he might be a little bi-curious. But what does that mean, really? I think he’s just being really smart and fucking with us a little – in a good way. I mean, it’s a win-win situation: I’m more than happy to watch him swivel those hips of his, and it’s fun for him and makes his performance more interesting. But could I “turn” him, even if I were in my late 20s and at the prime of my attractiveness? Uh, no.

      Teenage girls thinking they could is another thing. They don’t know shit from shinola yet (no offense to any teenage girls here – I know you guys are way more sophisticated than most), so naturally they’re going to entertain some irrational thoughts.

  30. I do think alcohol/drugs could be a problem for Adam in the future–statistically, I think there would be no doubt. with the amount of energy he is devoting to all of this, he will be tired, and pot leads to speed leads to downers to sleep leads to uppers to wake up, etc. Look at how we compare him to Elvis because of his looks–personally, that scares me a bit on this other level–the drug thing.
    BUT–his mom is going to be an ’employee’–she is moving to LA to ‘work’ for him. so his mom will be in his life even more than she has been, which could help. He will need to have some down time to rest and have fun.

  31. Oh my gosh, ladies, this is one heck of a thread, and it’s so late already…I’m coming back tomorrow to pick up on some of these later posts. What a lot of thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful people you all are..I want to comment further, but I want to do it justice, especially about Adam’s ‘Smile’…love you all and see you tomorrow!

    • Lorrin..plese see above..thout of a notion…re: toi above post on Adam’s photo( l’prince Adam)..see it(thinq must be low blood sugar before blood test causin thes fantasie..maybe not!
      hugs an luv to all Lisettexoxo..(our Danielle Steele)for Adam!

  32. Adam,

    So many excellent singers with exceptional talent – started with a few drinks before they performed – one leads to another to another to another and before you know it, their career is in the crapper and the fans lose respect. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. – A good friend here – been there done that. – Bruce

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Who is this, Bruce Springstein? ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to the wonderful world of Glams! ( Did I say it right? Glams, Glambs? I might get reprimanded again by the sorority moms, LOL!!!)

  33. Thank you very much for posting the photos. I will make sure I subscribe to rolling stone magazine only because they seem to be featuring Adam Lambert more often. Again, thank you for being so diligent in keeping the fans up to date.

  34. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Alright everyone, as Lorrin stated above: “this is one heck of a thread”..everyone seemed to have differences in their opinion on Adam’s sexuality and some have subconscious desires and longings that Adam is not 100% gay. Take note of the silver and gold pants, he is the only one who can pull if off. To end this thread, just check out this link: Adam came from another world..if you have not seen this video before, enjoy the sight of this beautiful ALIEN…..

    • I loved this little video about our ‘otherworldly visitor’. Just seeing the last frame of Adam’s eye in close-up is enough to make you wonder, and shiver…