Roller Coaster Ride to the Hard Rock Hotel. Adam Lambert Donates Costume Worn with KISS!


December 2nd took me on a monumental Adam Lambert Roller Coaster ride. The ride begins when I get an email from my friend Glenda, who I met at the Homecoming Events last May. She tells me that she had gotten tickets to see Adam appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show. So, naturally I call Lila, my partner-in-crime for EverythingAdam! (If you’ve read my past posts from the summer concert time, you remember I met Lila at Adam’s Homecoming events in San Diego, and since then we’ve become very good friends. In fact, I have her to thank for introducing me to Fernando, owner of this web site.)

Sorry, I digress. We both go online and apply for tickets, thinking there’s no way we’ll get them. From the application process, I learn there are two events to get tickets for: the show and the Outdoor Mini-Concert. Heck I want the mini-concert!! So I apply, holding my breath, and couldn’t believe I immediately got them! I call Lila and we’re flying high just thinking about it.The mini-concert is scheduled for the day after Lila and I will be returning from Las Vegas, where we’ll be seeing Muse. We’ve even been wondering if Adam will be there, because Muse is a favorite band of his, and they’re only playing 5 dates in the United States. But weeks after buying these tickets, we find out they’re now playing in Los Angeles the next night, so Adam would most likely be going to that concert instead. But we can hope! Now I’ve found out Adam has appearances at Jingle Balls around the country on the Muse dates.

After applying for the concert tickets, I go on Twitter to catch up with the latest. Through a tweet I find out that Adam will be at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel on December 4th, two days later!! By re-tweeting the message, I could qualify for VIP GUARANTEED access. They said only 150 would be let in. First thing I do is re-tweet, and then call Lila again! We scream, and then start re-tweeting. We’re flying even higher now. Then the roller coaster zooms to a crashing halt. I received an email from the Kimmel ticket agency that Adam’s appearance and mini-concert has been canceled. I won’t go into any of that – we all know the hypocrisy of the situation.

So we both retweet, don’t get selected as VIPs, but we’re going anyway, hoping to get in. We had no idea how many people would be showing up for this. Luckily both of us work out of our home, so our schedules are flexible for all this gallivanting around town, following (or chasing?!) our passions!

On December 4th, we get back on our early-morning roller coaster for our 20 minute drive downtown. We arrive at the Hard Rock Hotel early to check out the scene. It’s 10:30 AM and Adam is due for a 3 o’clock appearance. Amazingly, there was only one other person in line, a very devoted fan named Maryann who had been in line since 8 AM. Lila and I are excited because since we’re #2 and #3 in line, we know we’d definitely be getting in.

As the hours tick by, we can’t believe there aren’t that many more fans getting in line. Around 2 PM, the line is about 20 strong. Some PR/promotions staff come out and urges us to call anyone we can to come and be here. They can’t be too surprised. With such short event notice, it’s hard for people to rearrange their days to get off work or make childcare plans, to spend the day standing in line. Maryann told us it was announced on AdamOfficial and Twitter. Hardly mass media reach!

Several local media film and print crews showed up and were interviewing and filming the fans in line. It was interesting to note that every local channel showed up, except the local ABC affiliate. Hmmmm.

Here is the video from our local FOX News with comments from both Lila (1:10) and me (1:40).

We were let into the lobby around 2:45 PM, and it did fill with about 150 people. We noted that Adam’s dad Eber was standing in the back of the lobby, leaning up against a post. Since he’s a San Diego resident, we’re not surprised that he’s there. A few fans went up to him to chat and take photos, which he very kindly obliged. He looked so handsome. I heard some young girls remark how much he looked like Adam. I laughed and said, “no Adam looks like him!” Lila and I had brought some special mementos that we were hoping to get signed by Adam. She had her personalized GLMBRT license plate, adam lambert,hard rock,san diego
and I had my May 25 People Magazine that covered the Idol’s Homecoming visits.
adam lambert,people magazine

Here’s that issue showing the photograph of Adam at the high school (upper) and coming through an autograph line at the radio station that morning (lower). I was at the station and asked him to sign my CD. While he was signing it, I asked him if he received the Ice Cream Dipper I sent him. (I had it engraved with: Adam, Here’s the scoop – You ROCK! Carol.) He looked right at me, flashed a gorgeous smile saying “Yes, I love it!” People Magazine’s photographer had captured both of us in that moment. I thought it would be so cool to get him to sign that picture, and he did! That’s the back of my head wearing the headband and ribbon. Lila is pictured in that shot too. She’s in the upper left of the picture,wearing a black jacket,  holding up a camera. You can see Adam’s signature in the picture above. He was using a silver Sharpie that day!

Video with me asking Adam about the Ice Cream Dipper at :22.

At the Idol Tour Concert in July, Lila and I had tried to get these articles signed at the bus arrival, but Adam didn’t come out to the waiting fans. After the concert, he only came out for 10 minutes, so it didn’t happen then either. Because of this past experience, I started thinking of alternative ways to get my magazine signed. With Eber standing behind us, my mind went into motion. I figured that Adam would be spending some time visiting with his dad, so maybe I could ask Eber to have him sign it, and then I could pick it up from . . . .someplace! I gathered my courage and approached Eber and introduced myself. I told him I had been at one of his Poetry Nights (Lila and I did go, and I’m still writing a later article on that!) and he said, “yeah, I thought I recognized you!” OMG!! We spent some time talking about poetry, and then I moved into some chit-chat, saying I hope he’s getting more time to be himself now, and not so much being “Adam’s dad.” (Aw man, I hope that didn’t come out wrong!) He said he hasn’t been doing too much as Adam’s dad for the past 10 years, and laughingly said he’s been trying to get him to sign over a car to him!” I laughed, wondering if Eber wants the Mustang! We both laughed, and then I let it out. I told him about the magazine I was hoping to get signed and asked that if I didn’t get it signed that day, could he have Adam sign it. He said “sure,” and that I should write my name/address on it so he could get it to me. I told him “thank you” and would see him afterward, if I didn’t get it signed. He told me that Adam wasn’t feeling well – that he had the stomach flu or food poisoning, so that may have to be the case.

Soon Adam came out, walking down the stairs behind us, and around to the part of the lobby where they’re doing the presentation. I’m not sure what you may have seen, but it was on all our local channels and CNN. Check YouTube for clips. Adam looked incredible and Lila and I were blown away. They unveiled the costume he wore with KISS at the finale, and spoke of how he was taking his place amongst other rock legends who have donated their memorabilia to the Hard Rock. Adam remarked that we was thrilled to be included, considering he was the New Kid On the Block! After the presentation, we were told Adam would be taking a break since he wasn’t feeling well, and would return to sign autographs and meet the fans. Phew! We still have our chance!

After a short while, Adam did come back out, and he spent time talking with the media, and then the fans. Lila and I rushed to the side he was starting on, both getting our #1 items signed. At 1:37 you’ll hear Lila say “thank you” and at 1:43 you’ll hear me talking to him about the magazine picture. He said he remembered me! I’ll go down in history as “the ice cream dipper lady. It could be worse!!

In addition to her license plate and my magazine, we both brought copies of Rolling Stone and Details just in case we got lucky! After Adam signed her plate and my magazine, Lila rushed to a later point in the line, but I got detained by a reporter asking me questions about why I was such a strong fan. We also spoke about the Finale Watching Party that Lila and I arranged, and how we both were Leaders on the Glambs fan site! By the time this was over, Adam was just about to leave. Lila rushed back to me saying she got both of her magazines signed, and how I should go try for my additional autographs. We tried, but he was already done. We could tell he was exhausted from being ill and everyone around us had commented on how we could tell he wasn’t feeling well. It’s amazing how well we know him by now!

I went back up to Eber, thanked him for his offer, and told him I was able to get the magazine signed and he said “oh good.” I then gave him a business card from the Glambs that we’ve made up to distribute at functions, and requested that he give it to Adam. We want to make sure he knows about us! I told him I’d see him at the next Poetry Night.

At this point, we ran into another friend and we spent some time talking. She informed me that Adam’s staff was in the bar off the lobby. She didn’t know their names, but I wanted to go talk to them. I’d sent emails just after learning about this event to his team at 19 Entertainment. This was to the same gentleman who I’d emailed and spoken with when the Tour was coming to San Diego, hoping to get some time with Adam, so I could write a story for our fan site. I’m still hoping to get this story! So I went into the bar and introduced myself. Sure enough the man in the bar was Roger, the VP of Music/TV Publicity US from19 Entertainment, the same man I’ve been talking/emailing with. When I said my name, he said “did you just email me?” I couldn’t believe it! He remembered! I told him who I was, gave him a Glamb business card, told him I was an author, and said I’m still hoping to get some time with Adam. I asked if he and Adam were aware of our web site. He said yes they knew of us, and that we did really good work. He said it was important for us to keep doing our good work and to keep promoting Adam. He said things were crazy right now, but after January he was sure I could get some time with Adam! Oh man, my head was spinning with excitement, but I tried to keep my cool, to remain professional and not be a fangirl!! We spoke a little more about what’s going on right now with the ABC situation. He assured me “it’s all good.” I didn’t want to make a pain of myself, so I left after that. But I did go back to get his business card!

This was a great day that I will always remember. Hopefully, you will all get to have your days too. And what day wouldn’t be complete without a late night spoof!


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. You rock, Carol!

    Glamb #6



      • Thanks Summer, just voted!

      • Sherry K Glambert # 445 says:

        Thank-You Summer! I voted twice. I have not been on this posting site for almost a week. so I know no one knows me! I ADORE ADAM!! I sent an email to ABC Telling them what I think about their canceling everything that ADAM is supposed to be on!! Not sure it did any good. NO REPLY!!! EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP VOTING FOR ADAM. He is just so sweet. And his performance at the AMA show should just be forgotten. As far as I am concerned ADAM IS THE MAN! HE IS THE ROCK STAR OF THE FUTURE! He is so good looking he takes my breath away!
        LOVE TO ALL OF YOU ON THIS BOARD! Sorry I don’t post more often. But I have been like ADAM fighting the flue for 2 to 3 weeks now. It just won’t seem to let go! Every one take care! Get the flue shot!!! And stay safe. Love to all. Sherry K

        • Great to see you anyway, Sherry, keep well!

          • Sherry K Glambert # 445 says:

            Thank-You Theresa/Canada !! You keep well too! I should have said Theresa/Canada knows me! I didn’t mean to snub you Theresa! It’s just been so long since I posted anything, I thought everyone would have forgotten me. I know you always said something to me! I do just love this site! Everyone on here is so nice! And everyone loves Adam too! Isn’t it just great that everyone gets a second chance? I just know that ADAM’S opportunity is still there waiting for him. So he messed up a bit. His true fans will forgive him. Forget and move on!! I am so happy at seeing the nice sweet ADAM I know talking to reporters again like he used to!! And also the fans following him around!! Isn’t he a doll. I have faith in ADAM! He is not stupid. He will come around and still be the big star we all want him to be!! It’s like I said, everyone makes mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you abandon them! You just love them and go on! Take care Teresa and try not to get this stupid flu. It is about the worst thing I have ever had. But I am getting better and stronger each day. Do you know if Lorrin is still posting? I will look through the posts and see. BYE and again love to all. Everyone on this site is GREAT!
            Good night all with dreams of ADAM!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Sherry, we don’t forget awesome fans of Adam such as you, it did go through my mind awhile back that I hadn’t seen you on here in a while. Just make sure you get well and look after yourself and come back here for more Adam loving.

            • Sherry, you’re great yourself. Take care and hope you’re feeling better and better.
              Sweet dreams………….
              Oh and yes Adam is a doll!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Sherry, we haven’t forgotten you hon! True Adam fans stick together and stick with him! You take care of yourself!

        • sherry s. says:

          Sherry K,
          It’s been at least 3 weeks since Yvonne got us mixed up, thinking I was the sick one. That H1N1 must be really terrible. So sorry you fell prey to it. For the most part, shots aren’t available yet. Only for medical personnel and at-high-risk individuals. Really looking forward to seeing you back more on the site. All the Glambs are with you in spirit. Hope the bunch of up-coming ADAM appearances this week and next help you feel a whole lot better!

          • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

            Hi to Dianne, Helen/Canada, Mary C, and Sherry S. Thank-You all so much! This is the reason I just love this posting board!! Everyone of you are just so nice. Yes, Sherry S, I finally realized Yvonne got you and I mixed up! I have been putting my GLAMB # down and making sure to sign off Sherry K. You all are so sweet and nice that you make me want to cry! I was on this computer last night trying to type where they reviewed ADAM’S CD here in Little Rock, Arkansas.In the local news paper~ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE ~ and the stupid computer told me I had lost my connection with AOL. I tried to copy and paste it , or file it so I wouldn’t have to type it all over again. ( I am still looking for it. It is cool. I thought it would be bad!! ) since Kris Allen’s home town is only 30 miles from me. But it wasn’t bad. I thought it was just cool. If I can find it ,or get the energy to type it off line and copy and paste it on here, I think all of you will like MOST OF WHAT they said about ADAM’S CD!!! I will put it back on here if I can find it! And I want to Thank all of you for being so nice!
            I really do love all of you! All of the ADAM FANS ON THIS SITE ARE JUST GREAT!! Seriously, there are none out there better than you all. I am a bit up set with Jeanette and I don’t know if I should say Lorrin?? These two women started this posting board? I think? And I just cannot figure that they would just write ADAM off????

            Oh and PS,THIS IS A GOOD ONE~~~ I think there is a chance ADAM LAMBERT, KRIS ALLEN AND ALLISON IRAHETA are going to tour!!! There is a contest, courtesy of fox’s american Idol host and disc jockey Ryan Seacrest’s syndicated radio show, has residents of cities across the nation competing to cast the most votes to get the trio to their town. to vote, visit ~~~ ~~ Of course I wish they would come here to Verizon arena.. Here in North Little Rock, Arkansas! I want to see ADAM so bad. I know the whole group came here. But I could not go to that one. They say there is no limit to the number of votes, but as of Sunday 6th,2009 New York was leading with 4,100 votes.But Little Rock was second with 3,599. The contest ends Dec, 18! So if you want the trio to come to your city VOTE!!! Sherry K Hugs to all of you! I will talk to you later.

            • Seriously everyone, If you want ADAM, KRIS AND ALLISON to come to your town on tour PLEASE GO TO AND VOTE!! Ryan Seacrest is SPONSORING THIS! AND IT IS REAL!! i JUST VOTED. Just think, They might come to your town on a tour!!! Wouldn’t that be great!! Love you! Sherry K

    • Hi, this my first time posting, so glad to know all you Adam’s fans.
      I love Adam so much. Love his talent, his voice, his singing, his song, his personality———-everything about him. Adam has the whole package –he is so very beautiful, great personality, incredible ability about singing and handle himself out there, and combined with great fashion sense. no wonder he is driving me and thousands thousands——crazy. I’ll follow him where ever he take his path to.

      • Yamay, welcome. The more the merrier here, look forward to more postings from you.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Welcome Yamay

      • yamay, welcome to our fansite. You’ll have loads of fun here. so stay on our path too ……along with Adams……

      • sherry s. says:

        Welcome, yamay.
        Yes, Adam’s wonderful. Before I knew him, I don’t think I could have even imagined that such a man could exist. -_-

        • Thank you gals for the warm welcome. We’re going get along just fine all because our lovable boy Adam. I just watch his “For Your Entertainment” video on LOGO, it was great.

    • OMG that picture with the 2 magazines looks just like my coffee table!! The only difference is instead of the licence plate I have the book from the collectors edition of FYE.. That is too funny….. I call mine my mini shrine………With all this press I am either going to have to get pickier or a bigger coffee table! LOL!! I think I’ll start looking for a new table now! HaHa!! Vicki
      Glamb # 555

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this story 😀 It’s absolutely incredible how appreciative Adam is of his fans (even when he’s sick) Sounds like an amazing once in a lifetime experience – hope all us Glambs will have a story like this to share one day.

    Can’t wait for a tour announcement now <3

    Glamb #563

  3. CAROL,





    • Yes, this video was great. But did you guys like Adam’s FYE music video? There are some folks who would like to put that on VH-1’s top 20 Music Video Countdown. Can you help them and go to the site and vote for his video? Thanks for supporting Adam!

      • You scroll down for the names of the song/ artist on your left column, pick his name/song and click and drag it into any number. But why not in #1 slot? Then, hit the submit button.

  4. Carol, you are doing a great job promoting this fansite!
    I envy you and Lila and everybody else there who has a real chance to meet Adam in person.
    Hopefully Adam will come to Scandinavia one day.

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    Carol, that is a fabulous story and if you keep going to Eber’s poetry reading nights then you may get to know him better and even end up meeting Adam that way.

    I have a feeling in my bones that that guy from 19 Entertainment is going to get you a meeting with Adam so you can do your story. I am so happy for you and it is so great that they are aware of our Glambs site. I would love for Adam to read the thread 2009 – The Year of Adam Lambert. I think it would do him the world of good to read what we think about him.

    Congrats to you and Lila, sounds like you had a fantastic day.

    • Carol I second what Dianne has said. Some awesome work on behalf of thesite and I think you really hit the jackpot! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to meet with Adam … have a feeling it is going to happen. Kudos to Lila too – your determination definitely paid off! Mmmwah

    • Yes! Wonderful story Carol! I just wanted to add my comment that I think Adam would love the Year of Adam Lambert thread and see how he has touched so many of us. He IS making a difference and enriching our lives, as an entertainer as well as raising awareness on some important issues.

  6. Help,I have been sick and just got back on line – can someone please tell me what happened to jeanette???????????????/ Thanks –

    • Bruce, I remember seeing a comment from her right after the AMA’s that she gave up on him after the performance. I can’t remember her exact wording but she felt like she wasted her time promoting him after such a revolting show. All I know is that she backed out on him. I’ll stick to him through thick and thin…a true fan!

      • I never read this post from Jeanette but I have to say I am still very surprised that she dropped out like this. Revolting? Whaaa!
        Actually I really don’ t want to go down this road again. Just saying that I feel that through all this controversy he has lost fans but the ones that stuck around all took it to the next level!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        Yes, andi, you’re right. She said she couldn’t support him right now and stopped writing for Adam on this site. We told her she was welcome back in the future and we hope that, with time, she will be able to gain new perspective on the situation. She was such a devoted fan and it’s very sad for her to be gone.

        • OMG!!! I am soooo surprised about Jeanette!! I sort of wondered where she’s been…..
          I was incredibly disappointed in Adam and his performance too, but after seeing all his interviews with his remarks i’ve come around.
          I think he’s really learned a valuable lesson and will think twice before he acts so recklessly on national TV again.
          One look at his adorable face with that gorgeous smile and you just have to forgive him!!

      • Sherry K Glambert # 445 says:

        I CANNOT BELIEVE JEANETTE GAVE UP ON ADAM??????? SHE WAS ONE OF HIS BIGGEST FANS??? I HAVE been wondering where she is too? For several days~ Like 3 or 4 days I could not get this web site to pull up? I was afraid someone had shut it down due to some BULL – S—T from ABC. I was a bit upset after the AMA’S. But you know what? Everyone makes mistakes! Right? And everyone deserves a second chance! I FOR ONE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON ADAM! I JUST ADORE HIM. I LOVE YOU ADAM. And all of us who are your TRUE fans will NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!! KEEP ROCKING!
        Irena is right!!! If jeanette dropped out it is revolting! ADAM HAS NOT LOST ALL OF HIS FANS. NO, NO, NO!! WE ALL STILL LOVE YOU ADAM! Sherry K

        • Oh my! I had no idea that Adam had lost his #1 fan and I find that very sad. I can understand that Adam’s performance went outside of most people’s taste level. The only thing I thought to be sad that night was Adam wanted so much to be everyone else. He lost confidence in himself going against his own idols and wanted to wow everyone and it didn’t work for him. However, I’m not surprise that of him. This is a man we knew who couldn’t stay in the box. Do you now want to put him in the box, because he may stray from your expectation? He wanted to establish his identity with a big bang, unfortunately, it got lost with his overt act. Although his current album is awesome, I think perhaps his next album will define who this man really is, I hope. I do have to give him some credit for hanging on so strongly for so far without losing his humility. He has been under so much pressure, hype and criticism and I don’t know how he didn’t break down already. Didn’t you see that coming? He is only 27, yet, very mature and gracious for his age and I think he has the right to make mistakes. He is learning and as supporters we need to give him some room to grow without the harsh judgement. I know some of you have voiced of his well being for his future, and I don’t think Adam takes that lightly. We all know he has his head to the ground and I totally trust him to be who he is meant to be. And I have no idea what that will be, but for now, I’m enjoying his voice and the person who he is. After all, what right do I have of him?

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Great post Slick! I personally loved his AMA performance! That kiss was hot. . . methinks our bb loves it rough! 🙂

            Cindy in Ms
            Glamb #37

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Cindy, I loved that kiss too, it was soooooooooooooooooooo hot and sexy. Loved the fact that Tommy seemed to be into it just as much as Adam was.

              And Slick I love your post too. That is what we need to do is let Adam be himself not who we think he should be.

              I am with Cindy, I loved Adam’s AMA performance, the whole thing, not just bits and pieces of it, he can be as outrageous as he likes and I will lap it up.

          • Slick,

            You said it perfectly….ADAM made one misjudgment….give the kid a break….he’s sooooooooo talented and I think he just got “carried away” !!!! I personally did not take offense to anything he did on the AMA’s…..I thought….that’s just like ADAM !!!! Shake things up !!!

            I’m sure he’ll THINK about his performances from now on….not that he will change his style, he wants to do who he is….take it or leave it….

            I’M TAKING IT….I’LL BE HIS FAN FOREVER !!!!!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              I was entertained, & I LMAO! we are all here because we love the man with the voice to die for! I start out w/ a shake of my head in disbelief, then I laugh uncontrollably because his voice is so impeccable, & then I cry because I feel him so deep down inside my heart. This is how I react to ADAM when I see him & when I hear that voice. Like I have never heard something so wonderful before in my life. A truly magical wonder in this world’s lifetime. & guess what? Only we can hear him, only we can see his beauty, & only we will know who this incredible human being is. Because ADAM is a gift for only us, & WE, are MAGICAL!
              ADAM LAMBERT is MAGICAL!!!!!

          • Wow Slick, I really like you post, I agree with every word.

            I know he said himself he got competetive but making the connection between his insecurities really makes sense. I also can completely relate to the memory of as a teeneager not fitting in and being awkward. Then in my twenties I burst upon the scene and made myself very visible thru make-up and clothes and a chance in attitude. I loved getting tons of attention and it healed some old wounds but deep inside the sexy woman who men lusted after ( I aplogize if this sounds too self glorifying) still lived this young girl who nobody wanted to dance with in Middle School. I can relate to some of Adams pain, which I am sure he has and I know for myself that this takes a lot of healing. I am sure Adam has moments where he looks at himself in the mirror and thinks: Is this really happening? Will they still love me and think I am hot if they saw all my freckles? Adam transformed himself and this can create some crazy inner dialogues.
            Well this is a lot of psycho analysis for a Monday morning.
            I just know that I can not imagine dropping out on him as a supporter for any reason because I would basically betray myself.
            “Aftermath” is my absolute favorite song for this reason, the words are so right on.

            • Irena nice post. Proud of you! I love Aftermath too! “Love, Love’ all you need is Loooove” oh the words are totally awesome, just like Adam.

              Slick, way to go…………love his voice! Thats whats its about, amongst other things, hee,hee! And he is a young man, just starting out on this huge adventure, he will live and learn. Oh love him…………….
              love & peace

          • Great post Slick you are exactly right.

          • cheryl 334 says:


            I AM A BIGGER FAN OF ADAM THAN JEANETTE WAS, NEED I SAY? Afterall, where is Jeanette and where am I?

            For me, it didn’t take much for Jeanette to jump ship. If it hadn’t been this, it would have been that. A ‘fan’ is not one who is there for just the ‘good times’. A ‘fan’ can not like something, but still be a ‘fan’. That is what I did, and many of other Glambs. You gotta ‘be there’ thru thick and thin, up until you can no longer accept the performer. Jeanette has shown where she can no longer be a fan. Everyone has a right to their own emotions and to act on them. I accept Jeanette’s feelings. I do not agree with them, for myself.

            peace-love-light-hope-truth-fun-joy 4 Adam. ……………………peace & love 4 Jeanette.

          • Adam is very smart, and he is the new kid on the block, he is learning, all these fame and opportunity that came to him so fast and so overwhelming and he make ( I don’t think is mistake.) wrong judgment call. But Adam will be just fine, he is too good for any station any media to pass on him. They can’t stay away too long. you’ll see.

  7. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Carol, THANK YOU so much for sharing your ADAMadventure w/ us. I think it’s a huge honor for ADAM to have been asked to donate his costume to the HRC memorabilia along w/ the most famous of the famous.
    It was when you were meeting w/ the man,Roger,VPof music/tv, & discussing the GLAMB website, I started to cry & excitement just came over me. I am so looking forward to your time w/ ADAM next year, soon I hope. ADAM has to know how special this site is. The people here are truly magical & some pretty darn good writers too. Funny too.
    Thank you again for all you have done. PLL to ADAM & the GLAMBS!!

  8. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Carol, what a wonderful review of your absolutely marvelous day with Adam. I know you must still be floating on a cloud. It is so great when you girls share your stories, it is like being there with you.
    Thanx 4 the grt share…Bblessings 2 ya…nancy

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      sorry about the…still trying to get this one handed typing down pat…trying &

  9. Carol, thanks for sharing your great adventure with Adam. You and Lila had a fantastic time I’m sure.
    Such a good opportunity for you to tell the reporter all the news too.
    Poor Adam I hope he takes good care of himself, he is such a good, sweet, kind man.
    so happy he made you girls day……………………

  10. puteri abdul says:

    thank you carol for this wonderful story ..
    I can feel feel the excitement even millions of miles away from all of you…..


  11. FYI Adam is featured in the Dec 11th issue.of EW Pg.25 five things that shocked Adam Lambert.

  12. Congrats to two gutsy ladies, Carol and Lila, and thank you to Carol for writing it up so well for us to get our ‘vicarious thrills” LOL!!

    Adam has brought so many of us together. (I flew to Grand Rapids from Vancouver to meet with Glambs and go to the tour concert) I foresee a lot of us doing it again. In fact, I foresee the airline companies having to give us a commission when Adam’s diehard fans start flying all over the U.S. to see him again and again and….

    I am sooo hoping he will do a concert or two in Las Vegas as it is the perfect place for Glambs, Glamberts and other fans to gather!!

    Try to keep up your ‘connection’ with Eber and the guy from 19 Entertainment too, and I am sure you’ll have your story!!

  13. Tweeterpie says:

    I’m so envious of you right now Carol but I’m glad you and your friend got most of your items signed. I saw him in Tacoma, Wa and he was sooo amazing. I can’t wait to hear more about this Spring concert that may be coming up. Keep up the great work and I’ll be praying for your January interview with “our man” Adam.

  14. Bruce I think Jeanette is kind of a sore subject,alot of people ask but no one really wants to talk about it. Don’t think she’s coming back.We’re trying to stay positive and not rehash the AMA’s.

  15. Nikka/Argentina says:

    Your story is amazing!! Hope u meet Adam in the future…ur our embassador!!!

  16. Congrats LADIES!! How I wish I could have been there with you.

    Good luck with getting your story from Adam! Be sure to keep us posted!!

  17. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    Carol – very excited and happy for you. You do a wonderful job on this site and I have no doubt you will get your chance to interview with Adam. When I got the lucky opportunity to take a pic with Adam after the Letterman show, I wanted to say so much to him, talk about this site etc but all the words never came out. I was so amazed he had come over where we were standing. Anyhow – – I am going on and on but want to say how happy I am that Adam is aware of this site.

  18. Well done,it is nice to read everything
    For me its the only way to get some news becouse y come from Holland (the Netherlands)(europa)
    Y triy to follow eveyrthing on the internet.

    Y Love Adam.

    So goan whit the good work.


    • Welkom! Wat leuk om een Nederlandse fan op deze site tegen te komen!!!

      Welcome. How much fun to encounter a Dutch fan on this site! I am Dutch myself but have lived in the US for almost 19 years now. I still come to Holland every summer. I would love for Adam to become a huge star in Holland as well, I think the Dutch can really appreciate his crazy sexy stuff. I can totally see Adam performing in Amsterdam to a wild crowd….. om my gosh, the Dutch really let it rip when they go to concerts!!!!
      I am so curious how things are going for Adam in Europe….please keep us posted!

    • deLiebel, how is Adam received over there?? Are you in Amsterdam One of my favourite cities in the world, so open minded!!!

      Welcome to our site. Adam will be a world icon if he isn’t already!

      hugs from Terry in Vancouver BC

      • I think it is great you interperted my Revolting? this way Sherry…….it was more that the word revolting was used in relating to Adam that I was surprised about but I totally feel your passion and I love it!!!
        I am trying not to judge Jeanette and this site shouln’t be about bashing anybody. As I said before this is a wild Roller Coaster ride we are on and some will scream to be let off.
        I wishing Jeanette all the best, somewhere inside she is hurting badly.

        • Oops, somehow this got linked to the wrong message

          • Sherry K Glambert # 445 says:

            It’s OK Irena! I got you! Sometimes the post’s don’t go where they are supposed to go! Take care. You are great too!! I don’t want to bash anyone either! So we will just keep loving ADAM. And not worry about anything else! Have a good night. Sherry K

      • I actually sent Adam a Tshirt that I bought in Amsterdam this summer.
        It says ” Good boys go to heaven” “BAD BOYS GO TO AMSTERDAM’. Of course I am still hoping to come across a picture where he is wearing it!

        • Irena, keeping my fingers crossed, hope to see him in it!!!!!!!!!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I love what the t-shirt said.

          • Big Old Letters too! Turqoise Blue on Black! What the heck Adam why are you not wearing the shirt?! Yet….
            This would be so mind blowing for me to see him perform in Amsterdam, I know he will take Europe by storm. Berlin would be awesome for him also because David Bowie had a huge following there in the eighties.
            The things that are yet to come!

  19. I, too, was totally disappointed in Adams AMA performance. I couldnt figure out how someone with such a fantastic voice would need to resort to such sexual antics. However, when someone is put on a pedistal there is only one way to go but down. However, after watching Adams interviews the next day I felt a bit better. But now on the Logo sound bite it doesnt sound like he plans to change much. Time will tell.

  20. CAROL:
    That’s one roller coaster ride that really delivered on it’s thrills! Always fascinating to read about one on one encounters with anything Adam. Thanks and hope the interview materializes.

  21. ~ FEVER: printed lyrics miss A CUTE PLAY ON WORDS (both FRENCH) ~

    we have the lines:
    “Just you, me, and the bar
    Silly ménage à trois

    OK, then later, we have printed:
    “Let’s get inside your car
    Just you, me, and the stars
    Kinda ménage à trois
    Silly ménage a trois sometimes”

    but he sings:
    “Let’s get inside your car
    Just you, me, and the stars
    Kinda ménage étoile

    Obviously, the 4th line is incorrect, but what’s important lies in the 3rd line.
    ETOILE is French for STAR!
    Listen closely and I’m sure you’ll hear him sing the “L” sound at the end of étoile.

    (When I heard two lines of French in Lady Gaga’s new “Bad Romance”, I became pretty convinced of my little discovery.)

    • (trois means three, and I presume you’re familiar with the term, ménage à trois—haha)

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I love “FEVER”. & I love that part.
        Really getting into “Loaded Smile”, & “Pick U UP”. Just listening to hear something new with each song, his music is pretty amazing!

        • kimber, “Pick U Up” has always been a favorite of mine, from day one. Love his vocals in this song. His vocals are great in all the songs, this one just takes it up a notch for me.

          ‘Allllll Myyyyyyyy Lifeeeeee, I’ve been waitingggggggggggg” this is like his bio. He has been waiting his whole young life to be a Rock Star and this phrase says it all …….
          Can u imagine if he would have sang this on the AMA’s and did some of his fantastic dance moves……….OMG, He would have brought the Roof down………….What a 2nd, 1st impression that would have made!
          Oh well, I just love him…………………………..

          • AdamRocks! says:

            LOVE LOVE LOVE Pick U Up!

            Cindy in MS]
            Glamb #37

            • Love every song in his CD. Even 2012. Can’t stop listen to it. I go to sleep with it , wake up with it and driving with it. That’s how much I love Adam’s singing.

    • Yes, could be he is planning for his international ‘future’ as is Gaga..

  22. Helen/Canada says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful story Carol. You and Lila are so lucky. I dream of being that close to him!
    I got so excited when you were speaking to the fellow from 19 Entertainment and he said they knew about our site! That’s great news!
    We love you Adam, now and forever!

    • Jeanette had also passed on the specially designed site “business cards” to Adam and his helpers in Grand Rapids and elsewhere I think. He is beginning to recognize our site as an entity in itself.

  23. Adam is as popular as ever, looking at those poeple waiting to get his autograph, I would say that his popularity has not been affected by negative publicity, as always he is so gracious, so relaxed when signing autographs and meeting people. Hopefully one day I will see a live performance.

  24. Carol…… I could feel your excitement. I must say, you held yourself together very well,,,I think I would start shaking and turn into a blubbering mess if I came that close to Adam. Anyway, your story was thrilling and exhilarating …… I am so happy for you and I thank you for sharing this with us.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  25. AdamRocks! says:

    Wow Carol and Lila! What an AMAZING Adam adventure! I can’t even imagine being that close to him. . . ~sigh~

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  26. I wish he would come down our way, but we are soooo far off the beaten track, it’s a real mission to get rock stars here and when thry do come the tickets are $95 a dodgy seat.

  27. Hi there Carol!! Wow, great article and what a terrific experience you had @ Hard Rock. It killed me not being able to make it there – darned old work anyways!! I’m so glad you & Lila were able to cover this event. I’m always baffled at how it seems hard to get San Diegans out to support Adam; especially since he’s the home town boy. That first homecoming event I went to had only 20 or 25 fans, too. But these events always seems to be last minute; we fans need notice to plan!! I’m glad you were able to connect with the 19E promotions fellow, too – that should be a good contact; way to go girl!

    Did I mention I scored tickets to Jay Leno for Dec. 21st? I don’t know if you managed to get some, too – but if not I’ll be sure to write a report.

    So much Adam activity lately; very exciting!

  28. Wishing Jeanette the best of the Holiday season. She is a great leader of this site and I truly miss her posts. My Christmas wish then is for her and Adam to kiss and make up and give our boy a second chance. As Adam would always say, “It was just one performance and I was only acting out the lyrics of the song. Don’t take me too seriously guys . ” We got you Adam.

    Now for the good news…. as of Dec. 5, TFM is #10 on the list of top Music Videos in Asia ! Way to go Adam !

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I also wish Jeanette a happy holiday season, wish ADAM knew what to do to connect w/ those who were feeling the way she did. We love both Jeanette & ADAM! Please come back!




  30. Hi all,
    This is my first time posting. I am a huge Adam fan. I just heard that he will be performing wwfm on
    the finale of “so you think you can dance ” next week. (Tues. or Wed. ) not sure which day.

    • cookeejar, keep us posted on that! and welcome to our site. Its a lot of fun……….

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Is that the only other song he’s going to sing on these recent appearances? I’m sorry but I have to get this off my D size chest, I feel a little awkard about his prerecorded appearances on the view especially w/o whoopi being there,& Walters special, Is finale of sytycd & LKlive live or what? To me it’s as if abc is saying “please join us but we don’t trust you” to ADAM. Are they in for some ratings or what? & how many times is he going to have to prove himself? With us watching these abc apppearances, there goes the ratings for abc. Can someone help me here w/ some more insight to this insecure feeling I have please? & I’m feeling pretty lonely for ADAM right now. Who does he live with? & no lover? WTh! I just want to give him a big hug right now. He could probably use one & not just from anybody either.

  31. Please come back Jeanette….I miss you.

  32. AdamRocks! says:

    I just read that Adam is going to be performing on the So You Think You Can Dance Finale December 16th! 🙂

    Cindy in Ms
    Glamb #37

    • YAY!

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      How cool!! I will not forget that because the 16th is my birthday!!!( I am not saying the year I was born.) But I also watch ” So you think you can dance anyway”. It is a cool show. THANKS CINDY

  33. Adam Lambert to perform on The View

    Adam Lambert will appear and perform on The View

    The American Idol runner-up was axed from his appearance on Good Morning America following the awards performance, and he has complained of being dropped from two other upcoming ABC shows.

    But Adam – who is openly gay – will now appear and perform on ABC’s The View on Thursday.

    His taped appearance will air a day after he is honoured by The View co-panelist Barbara Walters on her 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009 special, which will also air on ABC..

    Read more:

    • Adam will also be appearing on the season finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” on December 16

  34. This was my favorite site during the Idol Tour, but we’ve certainly lost the edge since THAT INFAMOIUS NIGHT, haven’t we? Well, guys, it’s too bad. Adam is still fabulous, lots is still happening, like going to be on finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, and he is still the same incredible man he has always been. Fair weather fans are not what he needs. He has always let us know that he likes living on the edge, so every once in a while he’ll fall, but c’mon, that’s what we love about him. Anyway, it’s been fun, hope y’all come back into the fold some time soon. Adam Rules.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Thanks Carrie! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • I think everyone on this site right now has taken it to the next level as far as I am concerned when it comes to supporting Adam.
      I am not sure who you are referring to.
      I agree with you if that what it is, that if Jeanette feels the way she does right now about Adam she will probably not be comfortable on this site. And yes I do have a difficult myself understanding how you can be such a devoted fan and then drop off like that. It is obviously something personal that I am trying not to judge.

      • If one performance turned Jeanette off then she was never a fan of Adam’s.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I think if you really love something or someone, you never really let go. Jeanette really loves ADAM still. It was all the hell that broke loose, I believe. I still believe in Jeanette, she’ll come around, maybe not now but she will. She has to know how much she is loved here on this site. & will be missed.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Carrie, most of us are still here, yes I guess we have lost some, but the ones that are left love Adam with absolute devotion and commitment. However I do agree with you, this site just doesn’t seem to be the same since that night. This used to be the most up to date site for anything to do with Adam and yet this thread has been up here for a good long while now with nothing new appearing. I would like it to be like it was, the most current faithful site for Adam. As you say ADAM RULES.

    • Carrie, we havent lost the edge…… Plenty of hard lovin Adam fans here. so lets keep it goin on….
      He is fabulous and we only get more fabulous, if that is possible!!!!! This is fun, and most of us never left…………..Love everything about him, right down to his, uhum, from head to toe……….LOL

      • I have been enjoying reading this site for months because of all the sites ( about adam) this site is full of love …so many positive adjectives, phrases and sentences and then there’s the jokes … hillarious. But when I read about Jeanette, I think Slick and Mary C says it all. Go Glambs.

        • Lisanick, Go Glambs for sure! We do express our love and then our ornery horny jokes………………….Ha

      • Yes I agree with all of you!

        So……….. here we are a group of very devoted, crazy and wonderful women.
        Carol and Lila have done all they can to get more attention for this website from people who work with Adam so let’s be creative and keep this site sizzling… we don’t want Adam to come across this site and find a bunch of bickering bitches! Being More Fabulous, I am all for that.

  35. sherry s. says:

    ~so glad Adam was not on THE LIST~

    Yesterday, Yahoo published its annual list of famous APOLOGIES. Lumped all together were Tiger Woods, Mark Sanford, David Letterman (for stepping out on their spouses), Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer’s picture with cannabis pipe), Christian Bale (foul-mouthed rant at his cinematographer), Rupert Murdock (anti-Obama racist cartoon), Chris Brown (beating Rhanna’s face to a pulp), Kanye West (stepping on an innocent ingenue), plus others.

    No way would I ever want to see Adam’s name mixed in with this group and no way should it be!

    In light of the extensive rauchy history of the AMA’s, THANK YOU, ADAM, for being fearless in pointing out the sexual bias to which most of us had been previously blind, and for not backing down in the face of an onslaught of hypocritical cries of outrage. We all agree, your COURAGE has always been one of the qualities we love about you.

    • sherry s. says:

      I should amend by saying that in my opinion, Michael Phelps does not belong in this group either. It was his apology that put him there. I’m not sure it helped much. Kellogg’s took him off their cereal boxes anyway.

  36. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM, IS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. THE M U S I C!!! So, let’s hope that he can find it in himself to STOP ANSWERING GAY QUESTIONS!!!


    So, enough to all the interviewers and their ‘sexual’ questions. This does not happen to any other performer. So, WHY do they think they can continue to get away with being ‘disrespectful’ to Adam? I think it is b/c he continues to answer every question they put to him. He NEEDS to realize that this is an intrusion of his personal life and should not be recognized by Adam as a very legitimate area for constant probing by the media. He has said MORE than he already ‘needs’ to about the subject. I hope Adam will put an end to this line of questioning, lest he lose more fans. Not, me, but, it gets nauseating constantly hearing the questions about his personal ‘bulge’. It insults me, for Adam, for this to continue. Adam is a talent, performer, gorgeous hunk of love, not a specimen to be put under the microscope every time someone scores an interview!


    • cheryl, Right on Sista, Sexuality should not be the issue. Adams talent should be top of the topics………Thats what he wanted from the beginning, so lets get back to that. Perform for us Adam and Entertain us…………… Although I do love looking at his bulge!!! Especially when he dances and does all those thrusts, humps and shakes! OMG, I need to go watch an Idol concert tour, shake it babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
      Love him!

  37. Good job, you girls look great on that first interview 😉

  38. Hi all! I don’t say much here, but I come here every day to find out the latest on Adam. I wish people could get past the AMA performance. He’s done so many great interviews and performances since then. I love him just as much as ever, and I’m glad he hasn’t backed down and still stays true to his beliefs and his dreams. Didn’t know he was going to be on So You Think You Can Dance. Can’t wait to see him there! Please, whoever is in charge here, keep up the great work you are doing in keeping us informed. thanks! Love you Adam!!!!!!!

  39. Just watch a little snippet on youtube where the ladies of View are discussing Adam’s upcoming interview and performance.
    Let me tell you, Barbara Walters soounds solid in supporting Adam. Now of course this woman has been around the block a couple of times and there is not much she hasn’t heard or seen.
    I am curious how things will work out with Elisabeth and Sherri. For me it is just too hard to imagine not be completely charmed by him and not see his inner beauty……..

    • Pls. check St. Paul Jingle Ball on Youtube. The screams for Adam were deafening. Just like the AI concerts.

    • Irena, I think Barbara, Whoopie, and Joy are in total support of Adam. Unfortunately Whoopie isnt going to be at the taping. That would have been a hoot if she was there. It’ll all work out with those girls, should be a fun show to see with Adam mixed in the excitement!

  40. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Hi all. Just letting you know that we get a magazine here in NZ called Movies. Well they had the AMA’s in it and lots of photos of everyone except Adam… I was disappointed. Next issue will no doubt be full of him…. yay.

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