American Idol ROCK ‘N ROLL WEEK WITH DUETS!!! (aka Adam Lambert’s week)

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We made it to the top 4, with two performances each, and he will be choosing TWO Rock and Roll songs. Is this theme custom made for Adam, or what? Are the possibilities making us giddy with anticipation? Why isn’t it Tuesday already?

KEEP IN MIND IT IS ROCK FROM THE 70s and 80s ONLY, some of you have been proposing Rock songs from a couple of years ago 🙂

Rock and Roll has not been a specific Idol theme until last year’s top 4. In season 5, there was Queen week (be still, my heart). Songs already done were: ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (Bucky), ‘We Will Rock You’ (Ace), ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Ke llie… no comment), ‘Innuendo’ (Daughtry), “Who Wants To Live Forever’ (Katherine), ‘Somebody to Love’ (Elliott), ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (Taylor), and ‘The Show Must Go On’ (Paris).

In season 6 (can’t we please erase season 6 from Idol history?), there was Bon Jovi week, where songs done included: ‘Blaze of Glory’ (Phil Stacey), ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ (Jordin). ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ (LaKisha Jones), ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ (Blake Lewis), ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ (Chris Richardson), and ‘Have a Nice Day’ (Melinda Doolittle).

Last year, for the final 4, they introduced Rock and Roll week, but it was called ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’. Is there a difference? The top 4 had two songs each, and chose: ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, ‘Baba O’Riley’ (David Cook), ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Love Me Tender’ (Ar chie), ‘Proud Mary’, ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ (Syesha Mercado), and ‘I Shot the Sheriff’, ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ (Jason Castro).

Let’s have fun with this one. What should Adam sing to climb upward from that third place anomaly last week? The general consensus so far is that he should do Freddy Mercury, Zeppelin, or Guns N Roses. In my opinion, picking two songs from any of those artists will put him right back in the number one spot. I personally want to see him go all out with the makeup and glam and let loose! What do you think?


Here are all of the pairing choices:


Fernando says: Do we all agree ADAM/ALLISON and ADAM/KRIS and NOT ADAM/DANNY? I would be extremely disappointed if they don’t put the ultimate Rock couple doing the ultimate Rock song. C’mon now!!!

Then again, could this combination give Adam and Allison a better chance on elimination night and get Kris or Danny in trouble? Who is getting eliminated next?

So many questions and possibilities this coming week… this Tuesday will be a night to remember!

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  1. All of you people that think that Adam lambert does not need to be in this comptetion are crazy! Adam’s voice is a natural born talent,. You can teach someone to sing like Adam sings! He is amazing and he deserves to be in this comptetion and he deserves to win. You all need to stop hating on him just beacuse he is good and has a pretty good chance of winning. He may have had training and stuff but he is not a professional singer, he is just GOOD! so get off of his back!

    • michelle says:

      Nothing to do with this thread of conversation however after reading so many comments and seeing how many people are not from the US, I really believe that Adam being in Idol has raised a problem with American Idol its self. It maybe American Idol but it is shown all around the world and has a huge fan base in places outside the US, people from other countries buy music and I am sure that Adam Lambert will be a world wide star. So perhaps Idol needs to rethink the voting process and allow all the adam fans world wide to vote for him and other contestants (if they really think nessecary)………..something to think about…………..until this happens make sure everyone that can votes for Adam. The world wants him to win and we depend on people in the US to make that happen……….VOTE PEOPLE

      • i am from australia and i would love to vote though i think it would screw up the whole show that is AMERICAN idol… the show and the voting is for america but people around the world can share adams talent.
        though i can guarantee you that if australia was able to vote then adam would be put to the top and never go down!!

      • I am from Amsterdam (the Netherlands …), And I think it would be great if I could vote for him.
        If i could bring myself to get out of bed in the middle of the night that is…

        • Adambob says:

          I am from Hong Kong, and have been following this season because of ADAM! would like to vote for him too!

        • JustJoey says:

          From Indonesia here…!!! Adam should be World Idol!!!! 🙂

      • froggywow says:

        I’m from Japan and love to watch Adam for the coming weeks to the end of this season! Please vote for the world-class performer!

      • I´m peruvian living in Brazil, and I know that in both countries, people continue watching AI because of Adam. You never know what´s he going to present, and it´s something never seen before in that program. AI should really think of opening the vote system for all the countries …

        • Marilyn Macey says:

          FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL ADAM FANS – YOU CAN VOTE NOW! Just go to and dowload/set-up the account – IT’S FREE! All you have to do, just check your local time as we all live in different time zone. No more excuses, just VOTE for ADAM! SPREAD THE WORD AROUND!

      • OMGoodness, Stevi, must be BLONDE or FOREIGN- to say that someone ‘does not NEED to be in a competition’ is to say that he ‘would be great/recognized/hired/etc. even WITHOUT IT’ – it is a COMPLIMENT! Jeez . . .

        Oh, and Stevi, you are WRONG about another thing, too: Adam doesn’t just have a ‘pretty good chance at winning’, he IS GOING TO WIN!!!!

        Go muddle around on Gokey’s fansite or something, you bother me. GAH!

      • Natalie says:

        Yes ….please punch in a vote for adam for me I live in NZ and really want adam to WIN WIN WIN and yeah Idol should extend the voting worldwide as all i can do is hope to god ALL AMERICANS VOTES FOR ADAM ADAM is a winner

    • Adam and Allison doing a Meatloaf song…Would anything be better then that???
      Adam all the way

  2. i ment that you can’t teach someone to sing like him!

  3. I think your predictions here about how the top four will finish is spot on!

  4. AdamAddict says:

    Top 4 are going to be ADAM(of-course,of-course!), Danny,Kris and probably Matt. Top 3 will be ADAM(of-course,of-course!),Danny and Kris. Top 2 will be ADAM(of-course,of-course!) and Danny. But I like to see ADAM vs Kris but somehow I think it will be Adam and Danny. And then ADAM wins!(of-course,of-course!) Yaataa!!

  5. We need to see Adam rock out & resurect the Freddie Mercury/Bowie era as only he can pull off!

  6. IMO, the top 3: Adam, Danny & Allision. Kris’ performance is so forgettable & should be at the bottom 2 while Matt should go home!
    But in the real world America, I’m sure they’ll put Allison at bottom 2 as Kris got lots of female fans!!

    With so many commercial breaks (it got worst this week , they even put one on before the first song, so ridiculus!), no wonder the show is overrun…..even with 5 contestants!! Btw, I hope Jackson cut out the “he can sing” crap to save time!

  7. Would love to see Adam and Alison in top two … but as long as Adam is there who gives a f**k 🙂

    • terrilee says:

      I work at a university and 98% off the girls here (myself included) just love Adam and believe that he has a fantastic chance to win. Now..heres their dilemma…they are getting upset about Adam removing the words-girl, lady, woman etc..from all the songs he sings. Even tho he may choose to live differently which is fine, but they feel eliminating the mentioning of females in songs will get old to them and they could lose interest in buying his CD’s. I hope this makes sense!

      • Adamcrazy says:

        I agree–he’s the best. If there’s a university full of Adam fans, then you’d BETTER VOTE. Here’s the issue. Fans of Matt ARE NOT going to vote for Adam. they are going to vote for Kris or Danny–so WE HAVE TO VOTE IN DROVES FOR ADAM.

      • chica63 says:

        Seriously? That’s an issue?
        So they think Adam should pretend to be something he’s not just to make them feel better? THAT is ego. Tell them to love Adam the way he is and the way he presents himself to the world…it’s a beautiful thing. If you love his voice and his music then get over it and ENJOY it!!!
        VOTE PEOPLE!!!

        Led Zep all the way…..

        and if there are 2 songs, Baby I’m a Star by Prince. =D

      • That is a false rumor. If you look at the songs he has done, the originals don’t even require a reference to girl, lady, woman, etc. I think people started that rumor to try and push the gay accusations and to hurt him in the eyes of others.

  8. Jennifer - #1 LambSkank in LaGrange says:

    This is the time for Adam’s “Whole Lotta Love”…. Could you imagine???

  9. Rainbowgirl says:

    I’ve loved Adam since his audition and I can’t wait to buy his first cd!!

  10. Please sing Bohemian Rapsody or Dove’s Cry for the RnR Show.

  11. Rock and Roll Week. The world is waiting for Adam to do Elvis. A ballad would be great. Gospel would be totally unexpected and SO Elvis. The walk down the staircase was awesome – a little camp- but dramatic and effective. I’ve noticed that the last two weeks the songs are a little short compared to the other contestants. However, there are the others and then there is Adam in a class by himself. I have a feeling he is holding back on the real Adam because he wants to win. He has the potential to be a super star in the realm of Elton John. Adam, please don’t follow in the footsteps of Kelly Clarkson. If you want to “find Yourself,” take a shower. I can’t believe I said that.!

    • I agree with you, I think he might be holding back on the real Adam to win. I cant fault him for that with all the intolerance. I think he could be a superstar also…I’ve never voted or cared enough about any singer on Idol to vote. BUT ADAM…wow…he is Brilliant! Cant seem to get enough. He is in a class by himself. I’ve never seen Ryan S. put a contestant on the spot like he did Adam and not bail him out at the last second on choosing which side to take. Thought that was pretty mean thing to do. Anyways, the “find yourself” shower thing…LOL.

    • Poofdcat says:


  12. I cannot wait for my man Adam to rock out next week!! I really missed that this week. He was phenomenal as usual, but I LOVE the rocker!! 🙂 I’m sure whatever song he chooses will be spectacular!!


  14. Rock n’ Roll! YES! this will be no problem for Adam and I can’t wait to see him stand out again. I love all of Adam’s performances and I don’t think being “theatrical” is a bad thing. One of the comments above says his performance was “a bit camp,” which it was, but Adam has said that he wanted to bring some “campiness” to the competition. lol, so I guess he has! 😉 Anyway, I can’t wait for next week! Does anyone know if he’ll be singing two songs or just one????

  15. I don’t really care what he sings, either way it will be amazing. I do wish they would have done this week earlier though, then more people could get a chance at rock which would be interesting to watch since the only real rockers in here are Adam and Allison.
    I’m hoping Adam and Allison are in the finale, somehow I think it will be Danny though. Honestly, Danny’s voice annoys the crap out me! I don’t see how Paula thinks he has the sexiest voice. I hate it. Heh but that’s just me. Oh well, can’t wait!
    Oh and I can’t believe they didn’t do 2 songs yesterday!! LIke what was that! Seriously! Lol everyone was saying they were going to and I think they usually do when its top 5. Oh well I hope they do soon, more Adam to download! 😛
    I hate iTunes, I bought Allisons at Adam’s performances this week and it only gave me Allison’s photo! Ripoff! I’m gonna go complain to them bwahaha.

  16. ADAM IS AMAZING!! Personally, i think he need to do a guns and roses song…. to show off his vocals even further then he already has!! its bull shit he was in the bottom 2… WTF!?!?!? Im super stoked about next week!!

  17. Jennifer says:


    An American Idol win would be great, but an Adam Lambert tour would be 1,000 times better….

    I’ll opt for the Adam Lambert tour. I hope he doesn’t change up what he’s done all these weeks for the sake of some 13 year old girls in the throws of puberty with mad dialing skills….



  18. I think putting Adam in the bottom 2 was purely contrived on the producer’s part so people don’t think it’s a cakewalk for Adam. The tip off was Simon’s rave review of Matt. I thought it was odd because even I could tell his performance was pitchy. He was actually better on the results show. When Simon told Allison she was in trouble, that was odd also as she gave a very good performance. There is some manipulation going on to create more suspense. Adam will hit it out of the park next week. I was hoping Elvis, but Adam instinctively knows what is right for him .

  19. Jennifer T says:

    What are the “rules” for the show’s honesty? Can they really say he was in the bottom 2 if he wasn’t? At first, I was looking to see how Ryan could avoid saying it, but he did come out and say “bottom 2” to Mr. Foxx. But……did he “legally” mean the bottom two poll wise, or the bottom two after sifting the others out in “no particular order”?

    • Jen, I agree. They have never before said that the ‘bottom 3’ were in any particular order. so I was shocked when Ryan said that these are the ‘bottom two.’ WHAT? I can’t believe that. I agree with Sue as well. Could it be contrived? Could they be making up the numbers to add drama? Increase ratings? HOW could Adam have even been in the bottom 3? And Simon’s comments last night seems so off for Simon–I agree. BUT–if it is true that Adam was in the bottom three–come on–we need to VOTE!

      • Jennifer T says:


        I taped most of it. I just mostly taped the scenes with Adam in them, but I think I may rewatch it to listen to the exact wording.

        Of course, we have to remember that because TWO of them went home last week, there were twice as many “new fan votes” than usual. Of course, anyone who favored Anoop and Lil over the brilliance of Adam in the first place would instinctively go for the more bland contestants (um…….that would be any of them who are NOT Adam)….. So, while I think his fan base is as strong as ever, perhaps this was just a sudden flood of unsettled voters. Bleah…I don’t know. I just know that I spent half of the night scraping my heart up off of the floor.

        I’m not worried about him. Win or lose, he has the world in the palm of his hand, but I want him in my house for as long as possible before he hits the touring road!

        But, think…has there EVER been a time when Simon expressed his worries about someone not making it and that person be in the TOP 2??? Hm….I’ve not watched enough Idol over the years to know for sure….but….I highly doubt it. Definately has lit a fire in the music world! No doubt!

  20. I don’t know what the parameters of Rock & Roll week will be, but I would love to hear Welcome to the Jungle or something from that genre. Adam has the most perfect voice to pull that off!

  21. I read a post from a woman who sounded quite certain about the rules and she said that AI COULD take license with the bottom three for dramatic effect. They would not, however, manipulate the lowest vote getter. BOTTOM LINE: NO COMPLACENCY!!!!! Adam lays it down for us every week. We MUST do the same for him.

    ROCK IT next week Adam (can I live that long?). You are destined for greatness that none of us can begin to fathom!!

  22. Please dont say win or lose Adam will be fine. He wants to win and needs to win to get where he wants to go. Dont take his dream from him.

    I about cried to see the disapointment on his face and nervous hand gestures after his save. Makes me want to hug him and punch the producers. You can tell the camerman really likes him cuz he did not pan in on him and gave him time to regroup. I hope the wind is not knocked out of his sails for his next performance. But he is strong and smart and will figure out this RUSE for TV ratings.

    But, I do hope he also picks a lovely, simple, pure song to demonstrate his quality valcals that no one else has.

    Have FAITH and HOPE Adam, and know that We LOVE YOU!

    • I am so with you about Adam wanting to win. So, don’t decide for him what’s best for him. Help him to do what he wants to do! My heart broke when I saw his face. He looked like I felt when I was gut punched once during a Tae Kwon Do practice. I am so glad the camera did not pan in on him. My heart still aches days after. Poor thing. Ryan is a sadistic twit. I hope Adam blows everyone away purely with his vocals next week. I loved his entrance in “Feeling Good” and the penultimate glory note, but his studio version was even better (1 min and a half performance doesn’t do justice to what he can do with the song) without the visual distraction (albeit sooooo MUCH fun for me). I thought Ring of Fire was my favorite until now but Feeling Good just replaced it when I heard the studio version. I want him to win. I voted for 2 hours non-stop last week with 2 phones. I will do it again. We have to, have to, have to VOTE in droves. Go Adam-dol!

      • Yes, that’s the whole point: HE WANTS TO WIN, why are we even trying to ‘decide’ for him instead of helping him achieve his goal. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I was practically in tears from the time they put him in B3…DAMN AI for this!!

    On another note, has anyone heard the studio version of Feeling Good? OMFG!!!!!!!!!! IT IS totally ADAMAZING!!! It definitely can be the opening song for a James Bond…it’s got that vibe!! IMHO Adam’s version beats Muse and Buble’s version hands down!

  24. Kathleen says:

    Last night was absolutely horrible. How could Adam be in the bottom?! I do think that perhaps the fans of other contestants voted off are now turning on Adam and voting for everyone else but him. In posts on other sites you can feel the jealousy/animosity toward him.

  25. I am a big fan od Adam and I am from Indonesia (you don’t even know where it is, right? So forgive my English). I was crying in shock when Adam was in bottom 2 last night. How could 47 million votes left him in the bottom 2? Where did the votes go? Was Danny Gokey really preferable than Adam? I figured there were 2 Taylor Hicks on the stage last night. Does that really America want? Will you go to Danny’s concert?

    Please America vote for Adam!!!! I see that he really wants to win this competition.

    Please tell Adam, I love his high notes when he sing, BUT not every song fits with the high notes. The hater uses this against him every time.
    Honestly, the high note in ‘Feeling Good’ studio version doesn’t sound good to me too. That makes him sound less emotionally connected to the song. America is not only want to see him in stage but also want to hear him in the radio. That song doesn’t sound good in the radio
    I know he is very smart in singing…but he needs to be careful not to put the high notes in every song.

    Please, please tell him…I want him to win…don’t give the haters a reason to attack him.

    Vote for him people..

    I love Adam. God bless you…

  26. rock roll week will great for adam to showcase his style. there are so many songs to pick from sorry people but Elvis?? how bout JOURNEY FAITHFULLY, OR COULD U IMAGINE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN?? i hope he chooses a good one to sing he is the best can’t wait till next week ADAM U ROCK

  27. Go Adam!!!!!!! We’re rooting for ya!!!!!!! 😀

  28. AdamAddict says:

    We almost can’t watch Adam’s week,can we? Bottom 2? Come on,now! I’m just glad that not 2 people going home or I’m going to kill someone for no reason. He’s World Idol! World Idol can not be in bottom 2 ever,full stop!!

  29. AdamFan52 says:

    Hey everybody…. wake up call for Adam! I had thought his last 2 performances were good, but not up to his usual brilliance. But at the same time, I was shocked he was in the bottom 2!! Don’t forget to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM!!!!!!!!! He deserves to win this thing! Randy’s comment about being too Broadway, over the top…. just seemed to come from the heads of the company, as Adam was so much more subdued than usual that it was an odd time for Randy to say that particular comment. Randy was probably just jealous he didn’t think of strutting down the stairs!! he-he!! I think it was brilliant!
    Thank God, it will be ROCKER week with Slash!! GO ADAM!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM!!!!

  30. adam i think you should sing wishing well by free but use this version
    either way i do not live in US so i hope you get the votes

    • sharon says:

      Thanks for the website I love the song for Adam. Just think what it would sound like with his spin on it and Ricky Minor’s arrangement. WOW!!!!!

  31. AdamFan52 says:

    I don’t see the attraction of Kris, Danny or Matt. They are all nice singers, but extremely BLAND! I think their concerts would be boring as h….!! I am not interested in any more “crooners”…. the GREATS have done it before and are still relevant with Michael Bouble taking up the gauntlet for them. ADAM is AMAZING and deserves to win American Idol!!! Can you imagine his concerts!!!!????!!!! They will be outrageous and AWESOME!!!!
    Plus, he can even have a concert of his hits from musicals…. “Come to Me, Bend to Me”, “Is Anybody Listening”, anything from Wicked….. etc. His talent is endless! I think he needs to drop the “screaming” his big notes, unless he is in the correct genre for it…. although, I like his “screaming” notes…. they usually send a chill up my spine….


  32. Geriatricadamfan says:

    Reality check…they say this is a singing contest when it is nothing more than a popularity contest which is why the wrong people win this thing. I mean, a tone deaf Somali terrorist could tell you Adam is head and shoulders above the rest. Example…Chris Daughtry….who proved he was the best after the popularity contest ended. I tend to agree with Sue’s assesment… If this were a “TRUE” singing contest they would not leave the results to a nation of teeny bop fans who are voting thousands of times each week because they have a crush on someone. I think a voting system like “Dancing With The Stars” has where only a portion of fan votes count but the judges have a say as well. I, the “geriatricadamfan” have spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

  33. For Rock week Adam ,please sing Sweet Child O Mine – Guns and Roses. Check out the video on Youtube!

    • Sharon says:

      So funny I am picking Axel (sp?) Roses’ Sweet Child O MIne my favorite rock song of all time for Adam. I am a 60’s girl who was bored with 60’s rock until 70’s music came alive. My daughter was 16 at the time the song came out and she was shocked that her 44 year old mom loved that song. It’s a classic and may be a little hard rock for some I guess. BUT HONESTLY, I hope he picks one of Elvis’s ballads cause I can’t think of a rock song that Elivis sang that was that great.
      I have to disagree once again with those that think Adam is screaming. He really isn’t. He’s just one of few singers ever that can hit those notes. Like Kara state done week, You hit notes that I didn’t know existed.” VOTE VOTE VOTE TIL YOU FINGERS FALL OFF. JUST KIDDIN. REMEMBER, DANNY’S FANS ARE USING THE IDOLDIALER (thousands of votes per 15 min.) darn it. It should be illegal. Love you ADAM.

  34. I wish I could add something unique to comment about Adam but we all know how great he is. I was shocked and disappointed at the bottom 3 business. I know he will have a great career whatever the outcome at this point, BUT he needs to win! My daughter did the same thing voting night that I hope was the reason he came out so low, and that was she forgot to vote because she figured no big deal he has it in the bag. She always votes several times for Adam(for the both of us), now I realize her and I both need to vote non stop. This is a wake-up call to Adam’s fans and we arent going to take it laying down. Get everyone in the family’s phones voting over and over for Adam. Good luck ADAM!!! We are behind you 1000%!

  35. ADAM FANS, if we want to see ADAM win this competition, which I do, please vote only for him, do not split your vote. We’re down to four contestants. I’m sure that Danny, Allison and Kris have their own fan base, and possibly the fans of Anoop, Matt and other contestants voted off are voting for the other three. I don’t think the producers had anything to do with ADAM being in the bottom three—PEOPLE JUST HAVE TO VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM IF WE WANT TO SEE ADAM’S DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!

    • oldrocker says:

      All Adam has to do is sing Freddie Mercury’s “Love of my life” accapella for one of his songs
      and he will sail into the finals.

      • hi oldrocker
        ‘LOVE OF MY LIFE” WILL BE AMAIZING FOR ADAM SING ACCAPELLA…..its perfect choice for him with no HEIGH NOT IN THE END for some people is too much….nor for me ….adam you are the ONE

    • Calamity says:

      I’d thought of this one too. One of my fave Queen songs (and that’s saying something!), but I guess it also depends if there’s duets whether they’re up tempo or not.

      Alot of choices out there for our Adam to make! However, I’m confident he’ll make the right ones. He’s done so every week so far and his musicality can do no wrong in my eyes.

      I wish people would stop using the word “screaming”. The control and technique Adam shows to hit those notes is unbelieveable. A true artist and performer! And I’ll be on the plane from the UK to the US as soon as that first Adam Lambert tour starts!

  36. mysticlari says:

    I keep hearing in my head a Adam rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “What Is And What Should Never Be” for Rock week. Do it right my child. I feel that the producers on Idol are messing with the votes for thrill factor. Adam is number 1! Allison should have been in bottom 3, but they were not honest with the votes to – shake things up a bit. Next week, will probably be their biggest vote and ratings. That’s what they do in that industry. Here’s the thing, I have never blogged or taken part in any internet discussions because I am too busy. I am a 44 year old mother and work FT. I’ve seen it all and been thru it all and know talent. My husband is a musician. We are in AWE of Adam Lambert. I’ve never believed in all the fuss and show of being “a fan”. Some people are awesomely talented, but we are all special in our own way. I’ve never even written fan mail. But I would for Adam! This man is amazing. I’ve been waiting for new talent like him since the greats like Led Zep, Doors, Aerosmith, Police, Stones, Rush, Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Annie Lenox; and I’ve enjoyed (felt relief) in some of the newer talents in last decade like Maroon 5, Beck, Cold Play, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, and the ever quiet Maxwell (we need more from you). I will vote for Adam next week. I’ve never voted on Idol before, but I will to save my guy. I’m sure he’s intelligent enough this week to balance any overconfidence he may have had (didn’t seem like it, doom of any entertainer), and choose the right Rock song (what the heck will that be?!). He’ll come thru to the end. He is the most talented person ever on Idol. I cannot wait for his first CD. Everyone loving this guy needs to vote and support him! I also WILL NEVER watch Idol again if he does not win. Quit messing with us Idol! Just crown King Lambert and let it be done. Let us enjoy this guy no matter what his personal choices to the fullest extent for the next 50 years!

  37. To All Adam’s fans out there: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!! This amazing artist deserves to win this competition more than anybody else on the show! He is one of the greatest talents ever! What the heck happened last night?! I still think that it was something staged by the producers. If you look anywhere on the internet, he is the most popular AI contestant and with waaaay more fans. I voted for two hours on speed dial for him continuously. And since next week is rock week (Yes!!), he will smash out everybody else and blow our minds with his talent. And how can you not like him? He is intelligent, polite, talented, a heck of a performer and he is gorgeous!! He is the only one I would really love to see in a concert and I would buy any of his CDs! People need to wake up and realize what an amazing talent we have the opportunity to witness on AI. It is the first time I am watching AI with a lot of interest and all because of Adam. Because I never get bored, because he is a chameleon and does something else every week. And I thank him. For me he already won AI. He is my new American Idol. Oh, and you can all check out Adam’s song ” I just Love You” anywhere on the Internet and expect to be blown away once again!! He has that effect that on me all the time. And I like it. We love you here in Seattle, Adam.

  38. Alright Adam, there are still some people out there that need proof you are “the chosen one” after this past weeks elimination, that left your devoted fans holding their breath that we might not get the chance to see you accept your rightful crown. I hope you don’t have any second guesses what song you will choose based on your Q & A from official American Idol site, which asks …What song would you LOVE to sing on AI? and your response was “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, and when you sing your second song of the night, you can leave the rest of them swirling with “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Other requests if you want to choose another as great as yourself could be …”Light My Fire” by The Doors, “Baba O’Reily” by The Who, “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals, “Dream On” by Aerosmith, “Missionary Man” by Eurythmics, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd, “Changes” by David Bowie, “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum, “Mysterious Way” by U2, “The Logical Song” by Supertramp, “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac, and the list goes on which I believe you could nail as well as the best of them. What I have hoped most you would perform at some point this season, I have watched over and over, are the couple versions of your rendition of “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley. I was obsessed with that song when it was released by him, as I have been obsessed by your “chameleon talent” since the beginning. Don’t be scared by my obsession. I’m not the stalker type. Just hopeful.

  39. My Nguyen says:

    I just couldn’t breath when hearing and watching the result. It was such a relief but I don’t ever think Adam deserved the bottom 3, that’s bullsh*t.
    Unfortunately I am from Vietnam and I can’t vote at all. So, American fellas, do you think you’re cold-blooded enough to see Adam in such disadvantage? C’on, Vote for Adam as much as you can!


    Adam was NOT “bottom 2” this week. He might have not been the Top – then who was? I seriously can’t figure out – but he could not have been that far in the bottom. I think AI production folks WANTED TO CREATE DRAMA. The best contestant on the show in danger of elimination…as a TV employee at another show, I can definitely see that happening.

    Since everyone assumes he’s the winner already, producers needed to create the “illusion of competition” or it’s no fun.


    Adam, oh Adam. Why did you choose “Feeling Good”?!?!?! I love that song and how you sang it, but dude. Don’t you know? It’s the cursed song of American Idol. People get eliminated when they sing it. Happened at least twice, probably more, usually during Top 24. Feeling Good is cursed, lol! Who’s with me?


    I urge all of the fans to spread the word if you agree with me (and I hope Adam reads message boards). Guys, lets encourage him to sing SHOW MUST GO ON by QUEEN! He’d KILL that song right and proper. It would be terrific and he has just the right voice for it. He would rape that song and the song would like it and ask for more, lol.

    I want Adam to sing it SO BAD. Please, post it all over if you’re with me.

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. It’s a perty song! :))

    Adam. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for you to win. But only because your album will be dictated by the studios and, like all the other winner albums, will be mostly horribly tacky. Runners up usually have more power over their albums, no? I’m looking forward to you singing with CHER! Oh please sing with share!

    April 30, 2009
    10:41 PM PST

  41. Everyone is saying how he should sing Led Zeppelin, Queen or Guns N’ Roses, which are all awesome bands, which Adam would sing really good, but i personally would love if adam sang: I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness

  42. I want my glam boy to channel AXL ROSE this Tuesday night!!!

    I want him to do WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE or SWEET CHILD O’ MINE so so so bad…

    Plus it would be a real thrill if SLASH could accompany him …. i will rest my case if that happens…

    That would be his coronation night!!!

    Hail to the Dark Lord Screamanova!!!

    • Adamfan12 says:

      I totally agree with you kookie… my dream song that i would like Adam to sing would be either “Welcome To The Jungle” or “Sweet Child O’ Mine. Adam’s voice suits GNR so well. We can only hope!!

  43. I’d love to see and hear him sing a Billy Idol song myself. White Wedding is so cool! Whatever he sings, he’s going to definitely rock it out. Wouldn’t surprise me if he does perform with Slash too!

  44. AdamAdmirer says:

    Stairway to Heaven would blow everyone away! This bottom stuff has to stop! I agree with Stevie at the top of this page. Adam is a natural born talent and has worked so hard all his life to get real recognition (no offense to the zodiac and other stuff he’s done). But if anyone deserves this, it’s him. So everyone needs to vote and get their friends and families to vote Adam!! He’s the crown jewel of this singing competition!!!

  45. AdAMazing Lambert Fan says:

    vote 4 adam lambert…he amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. hi dreamsound..

    i recently read a post on mjsbigblog that next wk there will be 4 solos n 2 duets…do you think it could happen? a kradam or adison will be cool…

    i cant wait for rock n roll wk!

    • Yes, faizah; each singer does a solo (those are the 4 you mentioned) and then there will be two duets for each of them. So…..that’s 4 more. So 8 songs; it better be longer than an hour this week!!!

      • oops didn’t see that the post was addressed to dreamsound; sorry

        • faizah says:

          wow!! 2 duets for each of them! cant wait =)

          lets pray that adam goes all e way to the finale! yeah =) n allison too i hope!

  47. Me, myself and I says:

    Adam will sing something rock week that we are not expecting and will blow us away again. He’s amazing!

  48. Stairway to Heaven would be a great song for Adam. Eric Clapton and Dolly Parton’s versions are as different as night and day. Adam would put them both to shame.

  49. All of the pics by people posting on this site are great choices. Now I have to listen to all of them. Some I have forgotten so after listening to them I will post again and pick top 3 for Adam to sing. Whay doesn’t everyone do that? This is so fun!!

  50. sharon says:

    I just listened to many rock classics and my pics for adam in order:

    1. Baba O”Reily – The Who
    2. Show Must Go On or Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (tied for 2nd)
    3. Wicked Game – C. Isaac
    4. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
    5. Stairway to Heaven
    If they sing two songs: A ballad by Elvis
    ZZ Top – anything

    • RockChickDigsAdam says:

      I like your choices, but Baba P’Reilly has already been done, right? I would like to hear anything from Queen (Somebody to Love, or I Want to Break Free would both be great), Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led Zep (he said he’s like to sing Whole Lotta Love, I’d like that better than Stairway). If they do duets, I’d like to hear Adm and Allison sing Nazareth’s Love Hurts – it would be awesome with both of their voices!

  51. I did some more listening to classics and found one that actually sent goose bumps through my whole body not to mention hot flashes. It is: “I Put A Spell On You” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. WOW it is so sexy and would fit Adam perfectly. I can hear him singing it on the show right now. Seriously, please go to site and type in CCR and “I Put a Spell On You.” I guarantee you will love it. Hpe they sing two songs or I might have to shed a few tears. There is one more by CCR but I can’t find it now. :Sweet Hitch Hicker, two other artist sang it also. I’d love to read what you all think about this.

  52. Anybody think a take on David Bowie And Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street might be interesting with Adam and Danny?

    • yeh, acually, mabe now tht yhu think of it. but not for adam, prolly Danny.

    • Adam and danny..mmm..i don’t think so..danny i sooo boring..i cannot believe how he gets the votes he does…imagine how would it be adam’s dancing/show compared to danny’s clumsy/graceless/amateurish movements on stage!!!!
      Adam is the best!! I’m from Argentina so I can’t vote…I see the show online by the link on this pleaaaseeeee americans VOTE FOR HIM AS MUCH AS U CAN!!!!!!!!

  53. I can see that winning American Idol would bring Adam a lot of kudos and some immediate monetary reward, as well as be a confimation that he is THAT GOOD, but at the same time, as an artist, it seems to me that being what people want you to be instead of who you are can take a real toll on your soul. Artists are driven by their heart, and you cannot squish it down without consequences. I mean I totally get why Adam is toning things down to be acceptable to a wider audience so he can win, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at the same time, he needs to be creating from is own heart. I think that so far that is what he is doing, only with some restraint – you cannot be that beautiful and be fake at the same time, and it seems to me that he loves all music well enough to really be enjoying it all. He is capable of doing literally any kind of music well, but I would prefer to know that he was doing the kind of music that is uniquely expressive of who he is because that will have far more lasting quality and impact on culture. My point is that I hope the desires of the audience don’t scare him away from doing what he really wants to do — I hope he doesn’t sell out simply because he can make a good living doing whatever kind of music people want him to do. He seems smart enough to figure this out. I just hope the injustice of being in the bottom three didn’t harm his confidence.

    Incidentally, nobody said he was in the bottom two – all they said was that he was in the bottom three and that Kris was safe. For all we know Adam was miles ahead of Kris and only barely behind Allison and Danny.

  54. Honestly, Adam is the only reason I am watching AI this year and for AI to say he is at the bottom 3? unbelievable, there got to be some mistake. I voted, voted, and voted till the last second. He will do fine no matter what he sings this time… this is his week and wake-up call everyone…. VOTE FOR ADAM.

  55. Like most, I think Adam should do some GnR, but one song that really stands out to me as an Adam Lambert song is “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions. If Adam did that song, he would nail it 100%, and be seen as a living legend.

    • Jake,
      I just listened to “Still Loving You – Scorpions and WOW you are right on the money. If Adam sang that as his solo, it would be over for the other 3. YES, YES YES….

    • shoot that’d be LEGENDARY for sure…bt ADAM has mentioned in a previous interview that he really wants 2 do LED ZEPLIN, n if my memory isnt failin me then the song he said was A WHOLE LOTTA LUV…DAMN Y CUDN THEY JUS GIVE THEM 2 SONGS EACH??!!!
      ok i need 2 get back 2 work:'(

  56. Finually, a theme that fits Adam(<3) like a glove. he will totually nail this preformance, no doubt. I can just see it now, Paula dancingg, smiling and having fun.(as always) I can also imagine Adam dancing around the stage, like he did in Born To be Wild. Haha, it would be cool if he rocked out to the band again. i loved how brave he was when he did tht. but anwayss, basically waht i am saying is he is going to rock his heart outt, no matter waht. and there will be some sort of longg, high-note at the ending for his big finesh(which i love about him, even though some ppl think he sould stop doing tht because it gets old, but in my opinion, from my heart, i think that just is one of the qualities he has that makes the fans, like me and yhu, adore him even more. he is unpredictable,which makes him sing feel like a thrilling rolla-coaster! without the ups and downs ofcourse!) and there will even be another big applause at the end, so long tht Randy , or any of the other judges wont have anytime to speack! lol. itleast at my house, tht waht will happen. (;

    PS: for those of yhu trying to guess who will be in the top 2 , i agree with some of yhu. Adam , and Danny. and i also want him to sing mabe, a song by elvis, like jailhouse rock perhaps. and then mabe stairway to heaven, yeh, those would be fun to see. so, i guess if yhu would like, replyy.

    pEaCe, LoVe, AnD aDaM! <3

  57. David M. Gibson says:

    Oh, Adam Lambert is so head and shoulders above all the other contestants that it’s not even a contest. While I cannot imagine what the deal of his being in the bottom three was . . . unless, as many have said, it was all a clever ploy for ratings and to keep the public from thinking that Adam is the shoe-in he really is, it was ridiculous. OR . . . perhaps as has happened once or twice, so many people realize that because he IS the winner, maybe folks just didn’t vote for him thinking everyone else did or would. Instead, they fought hard to keep their “other” favorites in the running. Who knows. All I know is that Adam Lambert is the number one talent of the season and is already a star with a stellar career ahead of him . . . the actual title of American Idol notwithstanding.

  58. yshark87 says:

    Is Rock and Roll week restricted to 70s/80s songs? I would love to hear Adam perform something more current-something like the Love is Only a Feeling by the Darkness- totally suits his style!

  59. I think it would be in Adam’s best interest if he sings a rock duet with Kris and Danny. Singing with these two would show off his talent in comparison. I can’t imagine a duet helping Kris. Adam’s voice and range would put Kris to shame. Danny and Adam maybe but still it would only help Danny I think, not sure. I don’t like the duet idea except with Allison.

    • im still not diggin the duet part cuz its being done 2 give the others a boost…..i mean imagine if adam did 2 rock songs it wud be sensational n plain amazing…he is way 2 gud for the rest…..n way wat do u think of adam doin “UNDER PRESSURE” for the duet partim not decided with who though JUST NOT DANNY!!!! OR MAYB THAT WUD B GUD AS HE CAN COMPLETELY OVERSHADOW DANNY!!!

  60. Maybe I am way off with this idea. How about Unchained Melody. Queen, Elvis, Righteous Bros., and Roy Orbison and all sang it beautifually. It’s kind of song Adam could do with his vocal range. Or maybe In Dreams by RO. I love the rock song suggestions but just maybe he would attract some people who never voted before or not for him if he sang a ballad by Roy O or Elvis. I’d love to hear your comments.

  61. Adam W.
    I like you ideas. Taylor HIcks did Jailhouse Rock and blew people away. But Adam needs to do a masterpiece this week. I don’t like the duet idea. I have a sneaky suspicion that AI producers are up to no good with that idea. LIke I posted before, the only thing good about the duets is that they will probably only help his duet partner and he won’t have a chance to do two solos. Ugh! I wanted to hear him sing a ballad and a rock song by Queen. No chance I guess.

    • Marilyn Macey says:

      You could be right-AI producers would focus on rating only and Adam’s duet partner will benefit big time with this arrangement. But please America that doesn’t mean you should stop voting-it’s crucial this week. Although I live in Malaysia, I’m going to try to vote through GIZMO as suggested by another Adam fan. All international Adam fans should try this out, good luck.


      • Marilyn,
        Tell me more about GIZMO, I am willing to try anything. I thought about Idoldialer but it scares me a lot. What if we download the program and then let it take over and something goes wrong – what if votes in up going to someone else.. I don’t trust all electronic devices. Supposedly, it calculates the votes from all states and then predicts the winner.

  62. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    Or, if he really wants to rock it out and go over the edge, how about “Rock Candy” by Montrose (I’m showing my age here!). Or, is that too sexy for AI?

  63. Carlos says:

    Adam and Allison would be a great duet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      But then there might be a chance they will split votes again,because some people out there love Adam and Allison! I prefer Adam with Kris and then Danny with Allison sucks in duet! Sorry,but I’m loyal to Adam only!

  64. Starr4Adam says:

    Starr4Adam says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    May 2, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    IMPORTANT!!!! – ADAM FANS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES & those from the U.S.!!

    I found this comment on another website from a woman in Argentina. She says that she votes for American Idol. I have copied her comments word for word below:

    A telephone call AT & T IS FREE
    With a prepaid phone card long distance can do, besides the call is free ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    I’m from Argentina and I do it for a month and a half calling card call directly. We help our favorite singer to reach where it should be.”

    I have no idea if this will work or not but it is certainly worth a try. I have seen so many comments from Adam fans from all over the world who would love to vote for him. The AI website states -”Anyone calling or any AT&T Mobility subscriber who has the ability to text message from within the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands can cast their vote for the next American Idol.”

    The way AI words the above info, it could be taken two different ways. So this may be why she is able to get it to work.

    If anyone has any information about this let us know.

    It would be worth getting the word out to all Adam Fans if there is any chance this would work. Just imagine if all of his fans worldwide could vote!!!

    This is such a wonderful website and it is sooo true, we have to work together and get all of the Adam fans to vote like CRAZY!!!!!!! Not just a few times but as many times as is humanly possible!!!

  65. Ana Lambert says:

    Adam…he is going to be huge! I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I agree with whoever says people from other countries should be able to vote. Adam is pure talent. And it is not only his voice. He´s got charisma, personality, va-va-vum, je ne sais quoi, whatever you want to call it. I am anxiously waiting for his album and, who knows, his world tour (You must include Rio de Janeiro, right?).

    The only other time I was following the programme was when Fantasia won. She deserved it 100%. And now comes Adam. For the sake of music, creativity, courage and entertainment, please, vote for him. The world needs Adam Lambert!

  66. sharon says:

    I agree I would love to see Adam do a world tour and visit RdJ. What’s wonderful about countries all over the world is most of the people love American singers and our idols have huge turnouts at concerts. Adam would be covetted everywhere.

  67. Does anyone know if Top 4 will have more than a 90 seconds to sing? They should let them sing entire song with only 4 singers. Never understood that. Maybe duets will be full length. Also does anyone have any hints to help us Adamaddicts get more votes in. Last year at this time I only got through 2x.

  68. María Verónica says:

    I’m Mexican and I have never been a fan of american idol but one day watching tv, I ran into this phenomenon of Adam Lambert surrendered and fell to his great charisma and great talent, Adam is talking about total charm, personality, brilliant, spectacular, Adam always shows a great management technique that few singers have, and stop shouting mention in their songs, this is not the case, Adam is one of the few artists who have technical, not so long that it appeared as an artist Adam, is consistent, has tables, has a lot of musical intuition, I am not concerned that it will choose for next week’s Rock … I am sure that he will decide which is perfect for him, if so, to hear Adam is a guarantee of pleasure, entertainment, fun and happiness, Adam was born to be star and shine with their own light, his enigmatic personality enchanting us all, his androgynous image is wonderful, Adam has it all, talent, voice, image, personality, is a bomb !!…. I think the votes should be allowed outside the U.S., with great pleasure I would invest my money to get this win Adam competition. FAN OF ADAM LAMBERT FROM NOW AND FOR ALWAYS. kisses from Mexico.

  69. Hey guys, I am thinking that we should all be hoping that Allison gets voted off ASAP!! I like allison (certain far more than Danny!!) but I am thinking that if she were kicked off, Adam would get a lot of those votes. Whereas, Danny and Kris probably get a lot of the same voters… So, that’s my hope!! Unfortunatley I know rock week will be great from both Adam and Allison… CAN’T WAIT TO SEE/HEAR ADAM’S PERFORMANCES THIS WEEK!!! SO EXCITED 🙂

    • Agreed! Especially they’re from the same state (LA, right?), so more or less those people who live in there would split votes to support their local contestent…especially when they reach to latter stage!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I thought the same thing ,really! So, I being mean when I hope Allison going home next week. I’m being selfish for Adam,there’s nothing wrong,right?

  70. I am also a geriatric Adam fan, 60. I have loved and followed music most of my life. Adam is one of a kind. He is heads above the rest and I feel Danny is second. Adam can sing anything and sing it great. I love the theater videos of him as well as rock. Come to Me, Bend to Me oooohhhhh!!! Is Anybody Listening? fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could pick some songs for him to sing. I would love to hear him sing Ave Maria, I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, some Journey songs, I could go on and on. Adam has the looks of Elvis and a voice like no other and the ability to sing all types of music. He has such a gift. I hope he shares that gift with all types of music lovers, not just rock. He is a global sensation already and I am sure he will be a BIG SUPERSTAR. Go Adam Lambert!!!!

    • Poofdcat says:

      So, Barb…you are a tad older than I. Do you remember when??? When OUR parents thought our music that wonderful music of the late 60’s early 70’s) was just noise? And here is someone whose music transcends all ages. love it!

  71. Today Adam (39%) is behind Danny (42%) in the poll at the Vote Number 1 dot com site. Go there and vote for him, he needs to be in his rightful place! Don’t let him down now, keep the momentum going.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Is that percentage for real? I can’t take 3% behind.No way! Oh my gosh, I hope I live there so I can vote! Guys,come on now! Adam have to be number 1!

      • AdamAddict
        I think those polls depend on how many people actually know about it and vote. Who knows how many people who love Adam either don’ t see any credibility to the poll but still vote on Tuesdays.

  72. This will be an exciting night and I am pulling for Adam! We know what a HOT ROCKER he is – you GO Adam!! Vote! Vote! Vote! Don’t assume that he can win without anyone’s voting.

    Also, someone tell him to not let that makeup gal cake him up. Easy does it, the camera picks it up. Go with the most natural look in powder, foundation. Hey, mascara and eyeliner – I’m good with that. I don’t always think they do that good of a job on Paula, either.

  73. Adam and Allison MOST Definitley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THey are an Awesome Couple! They HAVE to do it together! C’mon they are rock singers!
    I hope Danny is one day in Trouble because I seriously DO NOT like HIM! he is absolutely boring!
    But i like KRIS! he is my second favorite..i dont want him to leave =[
    oh well someone has to leave someday…but NOT ADAM!
    Vote for ADAM guys!!!! He wont be safe without your votes!!!

    • Angie,
      I like Kris but if I am being honest he is adorable looking and has a sweet low appealing voice but I can’t see him as a star. So I hope people don’t vote for a 2nd choice this week. If they do Adam is in trouble. One cancels out the other.

      • After hours of reading other blog sites, Adam in the bottom 3 could of been a result of our votes are merely for test market research prior to releasing who the AI industry wants as their idol, to Adam’s fans not voting enough, to Lil & Anoop’s votes going to Danny & Allison, to the “holy rollers” banding against Adam and voting for the “christain” Danny, to Kris’s whole state behind him ….my opinion is it’s ashame because Adam & Allison are the true talents here (Adam miles ahead of Allison but she’s hot!)….Be it our votes are for test marketing or actual counted votes for the winner of a contest…..VOTE and keep voting the entire 2 hours that are allowed.. for Adam only … because he wants this and as fans we have to help him…….

        • Marg,
          Hope you read my latest post. Adam was #4 in votes. In my opinion voter over confidence didn’t vote) ws #1 problem, #2 Allison and Danny had great per formances especially Allison, best all season. Danny finally showed some personality and showmanship but he hasn’t been consistent this season. Sometimes boring.

      • i know…i am not votng for Kris anymore…i made that mistake bc i thought Adam was safe
        im voting for adam from now on

    • Angie,
      I think the same as you!!! Danny is sooo BORING! I cannot stand even one of his past performances….
      Hope he is in troble too!!!

  74. I hope this post is read by everyone. I just spent one hour researching how idoldiall works. It is not as accurate each week in predicting winners and how they placed. However, the most important remark by their expert was that dialing and voting in the first 30 minutes is a problem. The busy signals are high and votes are not being counted. Basically, those attempts are lost a great percentage of the time. According to idoldial waiting for 30 minutes and then voting the chances are that your favorite will have more recorded votes. Busy signals were high for Danny but somehow he placed 1st or 2nd, That is why Adam and Kris were ranked lower than normal. People raced to vote right away, like me, Also remember time zones make a difference. Looking at geo map Adam scored higher in states like Maryland, Virginia, ND, AZ and I think NJ. Allison scored in more states but not in highly populated states. What really floored me was looking back a rankings for past 5 weeks Lil was ranked very high with Adam, next and then Danny. Allison way at bottom with Scott and Matt. I think the Judges remarks kicked her to the bottom not to mention that she did copycat performances week after week. Their states also ranked Adam 4th out of 5 last week with stats to back it up. So maybe the firt 30 min does make a difference.

  75. Poofdcat says:

    As I sit working on my laptop, I have Adam’s music in the background,. Each time Mad World begins I am almost shocked to be reminded and ‘re-hear’ his incredible voice. It has been so very long since I so very much enjoyed hearing someone sing – I might enjoy a song for the lyrics, harmony, beat, or rhythm, but when was the last time I just enjoyed the pure sound? Been a long while. I really hope Adam duets with Allison. Although Adam is #1, I enjoy Allison (Papa was a rolling stone was outstanding). This could be dynamite. And, I am still voting for Adam to solo on the Doors’ People are Strange. Starts low and smoky and builds…just right for Adam.

    Sadly, I will be on a plane Tuesday night, so please vote Adam for me…over and over and over. Allison (again, she is very good, but doesn’t have the same following as the others) was in the top 2 because of Simon’s comments (you don’t think you can win, do you?) I know he was genuinely inquiring, but it caused her to get the underdog vote. Now, Danny is in trouble. Why? Because Adam and Kris fans will respectively mass voting for their favorite. I like Kris, I like Danny, but if either wins, it will have the long range results of Ruben, Taylor, and Jordan….minor impact on the music community. Adam…..well, we all know he doesn’t have to win…he is already a star…but since he wants to, has been working so hard in his chosen profession for so many years, and has the skill, talent, charisma, and oh! the voice… will be a travesty if he doesn’t win.

    Old fart here, who lived through the best (sorry all) times in music: late 60’s early 70’s…when music moved you emotionally on every level. Celebrating the presence of someone new on the scene who has the power to do that again with old and young alike. Go, Adam!

    • You know a lot of people my age in our twenties would agree with you. You lived through the best times in music. No need to apologize.

      I believe real music is making a come back this coming decade and it starts with people like Adam.

  76. Lilyan says:

    Vote Adam peaple, like crazy! \o/

  77. Philippines backs Adam Lambert!

  78. London here… Adam (or Alison as second choice if America chickens out) – ALL THE WAY!

  79. I feel the same as so many who posted here. I’m 52 years old and feel like a teenager when it comes to Adam. I just think he has this amazing, incredible talent which is touching so many people, of all ages. It is a phenomena. I’ve never voted before this year. And last week, that was rediculous. I also wondered if it was hype. Watch, Adam will probably bring in the record number of votes for all seasons this week. Well he deserves it. This guy is a star. It’s a year of miracles. If Adam is gay, his win will be even more glorious, just as President Obama’s was! Go Adam – you are incredible!

  80. It’s getting close ….. so obvious from last week that IT IS NOT A QUESTION OF HOW MANY FANS ADAM HAS BUT HOW DILIGENT THEY ARE ….. so important to give Adam your best in voting for him ….he has and will be giving us his very best!!!!!!!!!! Now GIVE BACK!!!!!VOTE!!!!VOTE!!!!!!!!!!VOTE!!!!!!! BECAUSE IT’S NOW BECOME A VOTING CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!VOTE FOR ME IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Hopeful:

    Just thought you might like to know that Crazy was Adam’s first choice for the week he did PTFM but he couldn’t get clearance to do it and had to work out everything for PTFM in just 24 hours!

  82. dEL 6153 says:

    Adam is the best of the best that American Idol ever had. His creativity and talent is exemplary. No one in the history of idol has created that kind of talent and fans that Adam have not just in the US but around the world.

    He is a phenomenal singer and performer. Every recording studio would be lining up to sign Adam on their label. I cannot wait for his performance tonight. I will see the idol tour just for Adam.

    WAY to go Adam. You have our VOTES!!!!! and many others…….

  83. I’m from Vietnam. I can’t vote. I wish i could vote for Adam. He is the big INSPIRATION. Can’t wait to the night.

  84. i jus finished with my quizes 2day n m now workin on my presentation the show is less than 6 hours away n it will be 5 in the mornin here when it cumz on, my stomach is in knots with excitment, bt i need 2 get thru my work n naturally i can’t work without adam playing in the background; ) ryt now in keepin with the rock n roll theme im playin a special playlist with bowie, queen, led zepplin, g n r, and a whole lot o other rock n rollers all meshed 2gether with adam’s performaces frm idol n b4:DBT


    Use any of the following systems to vote for FREE from any country in the world:

    Call Back system:



    My song choices are as follows:

    Whole Lotta Love – Nobody has ever challenged Robert Plant vocals, now is the time!
    Welcome to the Jungle – Perfect if Slash is willing to play along.

    Side comments:

    Queen – Any song, but has been done.
    Bowie – Any song would be too easy for Adam, so not a challenge here.


  86. is reporting the stage collapsed during todays rehearsal. Debbie the Stage Manager is the only person listed as hospitalized.


  88. ADAM ROCKED THE SHOW. WOHOOOO!!! People still need to vote though, the Danny fans are going outrageous! And Allison and Kris fans as well…


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