Review: Adam Lambert Struts His Stuff at New Year’s Eve Gridlock Performance!

I’m sure we were all wringing our hands, hitting the buttons refreshing our pages, searching for the clear transmittal of Adam Lambert’s New Year’s Eve Gridlock performance at midnight PST. Thank you Neil Lambert for trying to feed us. We’ll always love ya!

The YouTube clips that we woke up to this morning were appreciated probably more than anything we unwrapped last week, For Your Entertainment CDs excepted of course!

Hot off the Los Angeles Times’ presses, here’s the review we’ve been waiting for. I’m even publishing it before it hits the stands tomorrow! We now have the confirmation of what we’ve known for almost a year: Adam Lambert was just playing with us while he was on American Idol, using it as a “platform,” to quote the master himself. He just needed the exposure to launch him into what the industry experts are now agreeing will be a long lasting career.

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Adam Lambert lights up New Year’s Eve at Gridlock party
His performance at the Paramount Pictures lot toned down on the theatrics but delivered on the music.
“Do I look like a firework?” Adam Lambert cooed from the stage at Gridlock’s fourth annual New Year’s Eve bash. “That was my motivation.”

Sporting his signature finger-less gloves and going a little heavier on the usual glitter and guyliner allotment, the “American Idol” runner-up had his work cut out for him at the Paramount Pictures lot Thursday night: executing his first full set of original music in front of about 4,500 revelers, each of whom had paid at least $150 to get in and had already downed a few, and making a proper return to the spotlight — complete with fireworks — following the American Music Awards fiasco that ostensibly got him barred from big-ticket television specials like Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

And like any good professional entertainer, Lambert delivered, only this time without the cheap theatrics. Sure, there was the occasional crotch grab and pelvic thrust (all self-directed), but his most controversial move of the night turned out to be a dramatic swig from a flask, followed by a disclaimer of sorts. “I’m not promoting alcoholism by any means,” he cautioned, “but long live rock ‘n’ roll!” Downright saccharine compared with the AMAs a month ago.

Happy New Year to all the friends and supporters of this site. We wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t have you!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. the top 20 countdown for 2010 on vh1 didnt show the fye onlist.but kris allen suck and crap video is at no.8.he sucks. please write something to vh1 and complain to them.but maybe nextweek will be for wwfm so stay tuned for and vh1 is bashing adam.we better bombared vh1 with crap stuff about the fraud count down list.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I watched the whole thing this morning. . . WTF??? I voted a trillion times last week, and today FYE dropped completely off the top 20 countdown after it’s debut at #16 several weeks ago. What happened to America’s taste in music??? I’m so sick of Nickelback and their clones, standing there wearing a plaid flannel shirt and holding a guitar, and the country cross-over artists. . . I mean, they’re OK, but after awhile, they get kinda bland and boring to me. . . what ever happened to bands like Queen, and Styx, and Led Zeppelin? FYE, IMO is such a great song, with a great music video. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • I have never felt that VH1 was much of a supporter of Adam -just my opinion. Are you seriously telling me that those other videos got more votes than FYE?

        MTV, however, has FYE as one of their top music video picks. Plus, they have always shown Adam nothing but respect – love their interviews with him (Jim C. is awesome). So, I have tuned back to MTV just for that reason. FYE isn’t even listed to vote on VH1 next week, so even though I voted a million times for this week (like others), I guess it wasn’t in the cards.

        BTW – thanks for posting the LA Times article – it was a good one.

        • cheeto, kudos for MTV! 🙂

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Thank God for MTV! Honestly, I don’t know what the heck is going on in America. I sat at my computer at work and literally voted constantly all day long for over a week (it was down time, nobody there, but a couple of us) and now you’re telling me it’s not even listed!
            It’s so hard to stay positive with all this shit going on! Adam should be number 1!!!!
            I guess like Cindy said, America likes boring music with boring guys in plaid shirts!

            • Adam looks hot in a plaid shirt but he doesn’t pick it up off the floor and wear it on stage with ratty jeans, scruffy t-shoes and a 3 day beard. I guess grunge still has a hold on the rock world. Oh, well – they probably spend a lot less money – “keep the planet green, don’t shave, take a shower or wash your clothes!!” Oh, and by the way, just growl quietly about sex, under the roar of drums and guitar, so no one wil know what you are saying unless they buy the CD and read the lyrics.

              • Hey, what happened to that Banana article? I posted some Adam vids in there and now its gone.

                • I know itsme, I am so glad its back up, you had great videos posted!

                  • Off subject but…..

                    Here is a contact I picked up for Adam when Donorschoose was in the forefront. I believe its still a good contact at 19.

                    Let’s all email and request Adams concert for as soon as possible!!


                    I’m posting this contact everywhere, so you’ll see it again I’m sure. Pass it on!!!

                    Let’s let 19 hear us and make it happen!!!

        • VH1’s audience skews older (26?) than MTV (22?), but VH1’s target audience is 30-year-olds. Perhaps the younger generation is a little more open, tolerant and accepting of Adam than those in the middle. Also, VH1 is more of a breeding ground for TV shows for aging artists and others who are on the downswing of their careers and looking for revival and/or relevancy.

          Also, just a thought, WWFM vid has just been shot so they may be pusing it out (at 19E/RCA request) to make room in their budget to focus on promoting it instead. Since FYE isn’t the “go to” single anymore, it makes sense that the video shouldn’t be the “go to” vid anymore either – especially since there is another, for the currently promoted single, in the pipeline.Add that to TFM being the favored single off FYE for Asia, and not FYE, then there really is no reason to continue to hype that song/video here in an effort to generate buzz/sales overseas when that’s not where the interest is for them.

          Additionally, the Adam personas for the FYE performance versus the one for WWFM performance are quite different. Night and day really. Perhaps the label really is trying to “slow it down” and concentrate on one image, without compromising artist integrity, and sell that to maximum effect. WWFM, to me, does seem like the most Top 40 radio friendly track on the album. They’re probably trying to milk the toned down, pleading, sentimental (and non-sexual) Adam persona for all it’s worth – until he promotes single #3 off the album!

      • Cindy, I dont know whats wrong. This makes me sad. Adam is trying so hard to bring the kind of music back that people held onto and enjoyed for years and years. Hopefully time will start to turn things around and he will make his way back up the charts. LIke you, I want an entertainer who does much more than stand in front of a microphone and sing. Entertaining is so much more than singing, its dancing and feeling the lyrics and dressing to the tunes.
        Adam is all about entertaining and more people need to start realizing this!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Guys Im sad too. Its ridiculous: suddenly FYE video drops hell low on the itunes downloads and uhh out of the bloom allen’s album is far on top than adam’s(Lambert is at #98) and to finish me up FYE is no longer listed on the top 100 on itunes, only WWFM and in a badly position :S on Billboard FYE is on #29 in the top 200 but thats it! CAN WE MAKE A CONSPIRATION AGAIN FREAKING ALLEN PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! im sick of his cheesy and lousy songssss ughhhh…..

      • AdoringAdam says:

        I believe there is major FRAUD going on at VH1 but I don’t know why. I sat through that whole coundown confident that Adam would be number one. I voted any chance I could during the month of December—it had to be in the thousands. I really can not believe there are any more devoted fans that Adam Lambert fans. Something is seriously WRONG–and now you can’t even vote for him. It ihas nothing to do with his new music video. It isn’t even out. I joined VH1 yesterday just to complain—amd so did a lot of other people.

    • I’m glad you beat me into this. I came here to ask why FYE is not anymore on the list to vote. I just came from that site to vote but FYE is not on the list anymore. Can anyone do something? PLEASE!

      • AdoringAdam says:

        Write like crazy to VH1. and complain.

        • I agree Lets just pound on them!!


            Let’s just pound on them!!

            • Marie/Toronto says:


              Voicing concerns is always a good thing, but “pounding” people in the industry might not be too wise.

              Remember, Clay Aiken was blacklisted all over the place because the industry got sick of the crazy behaviour of the Claymates. Lets show them that Glamberts/Glambs/Lambskanks are better than that.

              I mean, look where Clay is at now. Pretty well off the radar.

              • It was a figure of speech, sorry to be so dramatic!! All the posts get me going sometime!!

    • There are two versions of “For Your Entertainment” (the CD & Delux CD) But ‘they’ do Not add the both together to get the total sales number. Adam is doing far better than it looks. And will do better yet. No worries.

      • Perhaps for iTunes, but not for Soundcan. Soundscan counts them both as 1 disc. The totals that you see for Billboard and/or Hits Daily Double have already combined the totals for the deluxe edition as well as the original.

        Lady GaGa’s is counted separately because one is an EP and the other (the deluxe edition) is a combination of her EP with her original album. The deluxe edition and original version are both counted as sales of the same disc. Her EP’s sales are charted on their own.

        • Marie/Toronto says:


          Beauty is right. Only iTunes seperates the two (probably because they are sold seperately. You have to remember that iTunes is a store, and they’re only listing how many of each they have sold.)

          But when official sales tallys are released by Soundscan, they lump it all together; iTunes, Amazon, store sales…..of BOTH copies.

    • THAT’S WHY EVERYONE HAS TO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Summer, how can we vote when FYE isn’t even on the list of music videos that you’re able to vote for anymore? 🙁

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Go to Planet Fierce and go to News of the day and they have ALL the current links for EVERYTHING ADAM is in the running for– very cool.

          Also all the current videos and news This is my second favorite site! Of course!

      • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

        Summer, Where do we vote for ADAM? I have voted on everything I can find a link for about 40 to 50 times!!! My hands get tired real easy. I have that damn fibromyalgia. And my hands don’t work right anymore. BUT FOR OUR MASTER ADAM I DO MY DAMN best to vote for him every link I see! Hugs everyone. Hi Helen/Canada. Sherry K

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Sherry
          The voting situation is frustrating, isn’t it. I must have voted thousands and thousands of times during the month of Dec. Don’t understand it.
          Read through some of your posts. I remember us having that discussion ages ago about the voting in Arkansas. Still sticks in my craw too, but I try to let it go. Just don’t know what we can do anymore if voting isn’t enough! I wish I had the answer. Just keep loving and supporting Adam and hope in the long run it works out for him. Hugs

          • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

            Hi Helen/Canada; Yes that was a true fiasco in Arkansas last year. ADAM should have been the winner for sure! I have never tried to blast Kris because he is a nice young man! But he will never. NEVER, have the talent ADAM LAMBERT. PANT PANT. LOL! HAS. Isn’t he just a doll? WOW. I am so disappointed that Jeanette and some of the others just tuned him out from one mistake.I still see a lot of the gals and guys that were always here. But I think I see alot of new ones too!! That is GREAT!! You know God forgives. Surely we can give ADAM at least one forgiveness. I will always love and support ADAM! After all I really do love him. I wish someone would tell me how to get his CD with 16 songs on it. Mine was pre~ordered from, I was hoping the one I ordered would have all of his songs on it. And I have heard numerous people talking about the CD with 2012 on it? Do you know anything about that Helen? Take care Helen. Have a GREAT 2010. I will look and see if you have an answer on here for me later tonight. I usually read all the post’s after my hubby goes to bed. He thinks I am crazy where ADAM is concerned and he may be right. Naw! Just kidding. But I do love ADAM. Bye for now.~~~ AND YES THAT VOTING THING IS VERY FRUSTRATING! It doesn’t seem as if you vote until your fingers are hurting it does any good? something else fishy is going on! I am not sure what yet. I voted him best break out artist for the Peoples choice awards until it closed. And I expect Ladie Ga Ga to win. She drives me nuts! And she looks like a nut too!! I am sure she has her fans though. oops here comes hubby . Bye for now Helen Sherry K

            • OhSweetOne says:

              Hey! I don’t think there is a FYE with 16 songs on it. I have the deluxe edition with photo booklet and the one from Amazon. Each have 14 songs and they both have TFI.. if you purchased the album deluxe edition from his website. you got two of the songs to download right away to listen too till the album was shipped to you. Yes keep me posted if there is one with 16 songs on it.. Hugs to one and all Lambert lovers. Adam is The King of Glam. Long live Adam.
              Mary Glamb #534

              • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

                Oh Mary, I’ll bet that is what happened. I should have bought the one from his website and then I could have downloaded the other 2 songs. Thanks for letting me know. I just knew everyone kept talking about the song 2012 and that I didn’t have it. Thanks! That solved my problem! Sherry K

        • Go to Planet Fierce– this site has ALL the current voting sites, news and videos.
          when you get to the Planet fierce site just log onto the current news of the day and it is all there.

    • Kris Allens Video is a bore-But REMEMBER his wife has a degree in marketing/ I think she is the one who planned the illegal cpmputer power voting parties that got him the title and probably has a computer program of computer voting that got his mediocre boring video in the number on position. Kris can never ever ever measure up to his numbers. i think she knocked Allison and Danny out of the AI competition before the finale, since the power voting info was on Kris website and how to do it for several weeks at the end ot the AI season. There are other good videos besides Adam’s that aren’t there, yet Kris’s video comes in first- you have to realize they are fans ot other people who are gonna be calling it asinine and question the whole thing. People are gonna question how less than mediocre talented Kris got where he is and someone who participated – will come forward someday- it always happens.Kris is nice, but , something is definitely wrong.

      • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

        Hi all, I have posted on numerous sites.(ESPECIALLY AMERICAN IDOLS SITE) AT&T is a sponser of American Idol. They came to the( Peabody Hotel in Little Rock,Arkansas ) and passed out power texting phones to everyone at the party there to vote for Kris Allen. And they also went to Conway,Arkansas( Kris Allen’s home town) and passed out POWER TEXTING phones to hundreds of people. One lady ( her name was in the news paper here ) said she voted 10,000 time in an hour for Kris Allen.And they passes out 100’s of these phones. So, How many CHEAT VOTES DO YOU THINK GOT IN? I used to have the copy of the news paper Article!
        And could quote it verbatim. I think I got disgusted and threw it in the trash! THEY PURE D CHEATED FOR KRIS ALLEN TO WIN!! I think the homophobics had something to do with it! Or American Idol didn’t want ADAM since he is gay to win. I know all of this for a FACT. I live in North Little Rock,Ar. A subdivision of Little Rock. Like 25 miles from Little Rock. I typed in what Kevin Kelly local Fox news net work said about it on TV. I also typed in what was printed in the paper. It doesn’t matter ADAM fans. Which I am. I love OUR ADAM. He is so talented. And good looking. I don’t give a hoot what Kris Allen’s wife has a degree in. He does NOT HAVE THE TALENT TO LAST LONG!! He is a nice christian youn man. And I have nothing against him. But it made me mad as Hell they had to cheat for him to win!! I know Simon knew what was going on. He knew ADAM was teh winner. But probably couldn’t do anything about it. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. AT LEAST PART OF WHAT IS GOING ON! WHO KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON NOW??? Hugs to all! Sherry K LOVE YOU ADAM ~KEEP ROCKING!

        • Love YOU Sherry K!!! Must be awful tough being an ADAM fan in Arkansas! My sincerest sympathies from Motown! Linda

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey Sherry ! I completely understand & agree w/ you! It is very obvious who is the best AMERICAN IDOL EVER! I know it’s hard to just let go for some of us, when it just doesn’t make any sense. but it does make sense when MASTER ADAM is doing what he wants to do w/ his career now! & I LOVE HIM w/ everything he does including the ama performance!
          Maybe his new video coming out does have something to do w/ it. you think?
          If not, then vh1 SUCKS!
          Love ya Glambsista! Kimber

        • SO Interesting

          Do you think this has something to do with Paula Leaving??

      • You know that on FOX REALITY all of the season 9 AI is now on!! I was watching Kris sing last night his first song to get into the top 13, (a MIcheal Jackson Song) He was so terrible!! I just can;t imagine how he got through!! When you talk about his Wife and her connections it may make some sense here. I just don’t get it otherwise. He was really bad singing. Sorry Kris. You are a sweet guy, but this WAS or USED to be a singing competition! Not anymore!

        Do you guys think this had anything to do with Paula Leaving the show that it may have been rigged?? I hear Simon is leaving after this year too. HHMMM.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Well if it’s true , I wouldn’t be surprised . Simon didn’t stand for Kris when he was announced the winner but he stood up to shake his hand while kris was singing.Oh well hell’s bells, MASTER ADAM is the STAR & we are here for him always & forever!

    • I made an attempt to like Kris Allen but it did not work. For me, his voice is whiny and when he cranes his neck back it makes me want to grab his hair and reposition his head so he doesn’t hurt himself.Perhaps American Idol had something to do with Kris standing at #8. To maintain the credibility of AI it looks good if their winner is doing well. I know I am a conspiracy theorist but I still feel that AI is fixed. In the end Adam is the Grand Success of Season 8. I don’t know about you but I am finished with AI. Adam may have to keep working a little harder than some to prove himself but he will do it.

      • Tina, I totally agree with you about Kris. I, too, have tried to like him. But I find him sooo boring and hard to watch when he sings. Something about the way he twists his face up and always looks like he’s straining. He was on one of the late night shows the other night (not NYE) and he really didn’t even sound good. I wondered as I watched…”how did he ever win instead of Adam??!!!” Something seriously wrong there and even he knows it. Sorry, but Kris is the “illegitimate Idol”. It still SUCKS!!!! Linda

    • what happen ? where is ADAM on that count down ??? I voted like crazy every day FOR ADAM !!!! and that Kris
      Allen video ??? he only sold ,what 4 CD’s ??? THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG HERE ??????

    • Happy New Year, my GlamFriends! Regarding the FYE video – I read somewhere that it may have been pulled to “make a path” for the WWFM video, which will be released anyday now. I also read that an artist can’t have two videos on the countdown at the same time. Makes sense to me. Also, just wanted to say that I was so proud of our BB for his Gridlock performance. I absolutely cannot wait ’til the tour – and I want to meet up with many Texas Glambs to enjoy the experience together!

      • TexasGal…didn’t MJ have a couple of songs/videos on the countdown at one time?
        Others escape my mind (alleged) right now, but it seems like there were some others at various times also.

  2. AdamRocks! says:

    Sorry, meant to add, THANK YOU CAROL, for posting this review. . . LOVE when someone gets how brilliant Adam is.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  3. Thankyou Neil, you made it all possible for us here in The Land of Oz! Over 9,000 miles across
    the world we were with you at the Gridlock Concert! You are quite a guy!
    ADAM exploded and was totally breathtaking! He looked incredible and sang melting hearts and
    souls! But that’s the POWER of ADAM! Totally professional and amazing….(and so Zodiac!)
    American Idol is over and now ADAM can be ADAM in all his glory heading towards Superstardom
    worldwide! …. and he is so refreshing and courageous and ‘out of the box’! He took time to touch
    our hearts personally and we will never forget him! ‘ROCK ON” ADAM!!!

  4. Donna Lee #409 says:

    I just got home from a trip to LA to see Adam at the Gridlock show, which was AMAZING! I took two of my friends, one of whom had recently injured a leg, so I brought a wheelchair for her. We got in line early and, when we got past the three check points, we went directly to the stage where Adam would be singing three hours later. We claimed a spot right against the barrier that kept the VIP area in front of the stage off limits. Drinks were part of the admission price, so by midnight we were feeling quite relaxed. The other entertainers on the program were dismal to okay, so I won’t waste time on them. P. Anderson was awkward, inarticulate, and embarrassing, but she was only on long enough to count down to midnight, mumble through the fireworks, and introduce Adam.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Donna! You were so lucky to see MASTER ADAM in concert NYE! OMPG! I had to work but for some odd reason, God boinked me on the head(a metal shelf came down on my head) & sent me home to be w/ MASTER ADAM on NYE! How weird is that! I saw the pics of MASTER ADAM & pam what were they saying? Never mind that doesn’t matter now, But yes from what I could tell, DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE was a perfectly genius song! I freakin’ loved it! OMPG!!! That was so MASTER ADAM!
      Ok time to breath! I am going to his concert next year I don’t care if I have to sell my hubby I AM GOING!
      I still haven’t seen all the vids but I’m on my way! Work, you know. The only freakin thing I can say about the vh1 , is that they SUCK!
      You all know or some don’t know, the last time I said anything about this is that I thought that the MAGIC MASTER ADAM is filled with, it was starting to spread, BUT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE PEOPLE ! !!!! THERE IS NOT THAT MANY MAGICAL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know & you know, what this man has! The freakin plaid shirt guitar playing bullshit is what people think is entertainment ! NO IT IS NOT!!! MASTER ADAM LAMBERT IS ENTERTAINMENT!
      & HE IS MAGICAL!!! & we are MAGICAL! That is all that matters! No I don’t think kris allen deserved that title, freakin AI made a big mistake I know it doesn’t matter but Simon Cowell said it , it does matter! MASTER ADAM deserves the title that he is the best G D American Idol that has ever performed on that freakin stage EVERRRRRR!!!!! Okay I’m done now. Thank you. OFF to the vids!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:


      • Dianne Hill says:

        Kim, I love you, you are so passionate about Adam, it is just wonderful to read your posts. You are right though, ADAM IS MAGIC. Don’t worry about all these other losers, it won’t be long before they are eating Adam’s dust. He is going to rock this world and the best thing is that we have been there from the beginning. As I said in an email the other day I would so much rather be in an elite fan club for Adam than to be in one of the masses for these other ho hum artists. That is all most of them are, ho hum and boring.

        You Rock Kim, love and hugs to you and by the way, I hope you didn’t get too hurt at your job, maybe it was just divine intervention.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Last night I pulled a heavy ass box onto my nipper & it got pinched OWWWW!!!!
          My frkn new frkn year sucks!

      • Right on Kimber, enjoy the videos they are Hot,Hot,Hot! Take care of your head, wow guess it was meant to be you got hit in the head, so you could go home and check out Adam on NYE! Oh yeh, Simon said (ha, that sounded funny) they found a SUPERSTAR IN ADAM and we know it…………………….

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Ok, Kim, are you sure you didn’t bring that shelf down on your head on purpose so you could go home??? LOL, just kidding, hope you’re ok. I agree with your comments, enjoy the videos, they are super hot!

      • Yup, ditto! By the way, Kimber hope everyone is treating those “FYE’ Albums with total
        respect now after that encounter you experienced at your store?…and ‘magical’ is the word!


        • Lisette here..first happy New Yer all lovli merci to Carol for posting thes.An seeing part of Adam’s New Yer’s Eve courtesy of his brothre an latre videos on utube..Adam without blinking an eye deserved to be on mainnetwork before seeing DC part of thet show,an switching to local Nevada broadcast..non entertaineur can hold candle to monsieur Adam Lambert an know as Simon an othre Am.Idol judges mentione thet nomatrre critiques Adam will be here for many yers an will change musique,sell out concerts/stadiums,have superbe future cd/s.Sad due to one petit faux pas he has to be banne from mainnetwork..Nomattre Gridlock displayed his superbe an estraordinaire vocal ranges an his beautiful chansons from his new CD..Looking tresbeau,his makeup,couture sharp GQ suit,azure crystal bleu eyes adorned with liner enhance his hansome face.So without doubt nomattre for us an millions now,fansites an people aronde worlde,Adam will be here for many yers an we’ll keep adoring him,an vote much as can re: radio station playing his beautiful musique..An I’ll always feel even if he came in mattre Adam has already made a grande imprint in heartes evrywhere just as thos before as Elvis..he too was consider look at end of millenium was voted Entertaineur of century..I can see Adam going to thes an beyond ..into his starlit an we’ll all be ther..Many blessings an luv to all Adam for me an all an angel d’musique..tresbeau lhomme,his face,hearte,soul an thet voix thet is sensual an angelique!!!J’etaime toujours LisetteMariexoxo

          • Oh, Lisette!!! How I LOVE reading your beautiful letters! I hope Adam sees them sometimes! You are such a devoted fan and have such a lovely way with words. I’m sorry for your health problems and was missing you when I didn’t see you post for awhile. Was afraid you deserted like Jeanette…so glad you are still here. We love you!! Happy New Year to you!! Linda P.S. Love how you said “petit faux pas”, because really, that’s all it was.

            • Bonsoir..blessings to all lovli glambs..ah an merci AL1877 plasur to meet yu here.Very kind of yu m’amie to say thet..Please know nevre will abandon thes very special group of loyal an sincere amies who adore monsieur Lambert.An if I am absent is due to illhealth nevre for anything else..promise this is only reason.Do enjoie reading all posts of tout Adam’s Anges,glambs,glamberts,an whomever else those av joined..I av been here from le commence from when googling for Adam’s original voila here was linq I discovere..feling so very elated an petit naive thinqing Adam himself just may joine in on our blog if only someday as yu say he’d av teme to an surprise us all as in a bubble tweet, he use to sound as only Adam can..sensual.sweet,charmant an thet laugh thet can be so very infectious if evre anyone can lift one’s spirites whethre be in over daily stresses de le jour:work,famille crisis,maladies,bills,finances,any bleus..thet laugh was like best meds au glass of champagne for sure..natural high!Pardon to go on..An merci an grande hugs to his lovli brothre Neil as many have mentione for sharing Gridlock viewing..finding Neil quite charmant when he chat to camera saying alrite guys are yu seeing guess it runs in famille a genuine warmth as his mama also in interviews..So grande hugs to some bisous for Adam ..nous ange d’musique..Never change vive bon,danse,an keep making no mattre we’re all adoring to see what’s next thes year..An I pray most for bonhealth to finalmente see Adam’s magnifique concert an to finale see his tresbeau face/azureblue eyes sans makeup or all adorned with twinkling shimmere of silver,bleu,lavande..thet makes them always illuminate an sparkle like rarest of bleu diamonds..An of course a voix d’angeli..Bienvenue someday to S.west Nevada..thet is ma grandest wish au I av demande thru RyanSeacrest Eventful too can those who av non yet seen monsieur Lambert..Thes can be best year ever..Luv to all glambs an j’etaime toujours Adam..LisetteMarie..legend of millenium an beyond all way to etoile et starlit!!!!xoxoxo

      • Kimber, OMPG!!! You are so freakin funny!!!! That post had me laughing my butt off!! Esp. the God boinking you on the head, selling your hubby and the plaid shirt parts! Great rant! Sooo agree with you! And, yes, he’s the Magic Man, Mama!!! Linda

  5. Donna Lee #409 says:

    My personal Gridlock Review Continued: Adam took command of the stage in his usual relaxed, masterly way and began with You Make Me Want to Listen to Music Again and then swiftly moved on through six or seven more of the FYE tracks. He was superb! His voice was at it’s best — strong, flexible, gorgeous. I put all my attention on listening, so I don’t have a list of songs, but here are some highlights. A thrilling beginning with YMMWTLTMG; a sexy but restrained performance (compared to the AMA one) of FYE; some subtle variations on WDYWFM; insane energy on Strut, and Surefire Winners, my personal favorite — a deeply felt and touching Soaked; a cheeky and ironic performance of Down the Rabbit Hole — and then he and the band left – ARGH! Breathless expectation as the crowd cheered for more. Then he’s back with an encore of WLL. It was transcendent! I’ve watched him do over 50 versions of this both on tape and live, and this was the best. He did some of the cheeky dance moves, but put 99% of his energy and passion into the singing performance,which was spectacular. There was a professional video crew filming the whole thing with some very high level equipment, so I’m sure that eventually the whole performance will be available for all of you to see. It was glorious. Happy New Year to all!.

    • Donna, Happy New Year to you too! I know your New Year was the best ever attending Adams concert. Thanks for sharing your night with us. Sounds like you had a ball! I loved his cheeky dance moves along with his fabulous voice. Glad you were relaxed and enjoying your night!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      What an amazing night for you Donna. Thanks for posting your experience. We all wish we were there! Hopefully a dvd will come out, wouldn’t that be fabulous!

    • Thank you Donna! There is nothing like hearing what this concert was from someone who actually got to be there! You added a lot and I am thrilled to hear about the film crew – gives me hope they may release a live video/CD! Onward ADAM!

    • Donna, Thanks for HEATING things up for me in 2 below zero Oconomowoc Wissconsin!!
      I can’t imagine being that close to him and hearing him LIVE!! I heard the songs posted on a girls site who was very close to Adam and he sounded EPIC!!!

      • PART 2
        ADAM IS INCREDIBLE!! They said this was the first time the band sang these songs together live and he sounded like they had played together for years!!.. Adam looked so HOTTTT TOO!!
        Please tell us more…
        Was the crowd into it– I heard they (the crowd) were mesmerized by him- he owned them-
        How many people there watching??
        Any Pictures?
        I can’t get enough!! DO TELL!!

      • Summer (in 2 degree winter)…..I couldn’t live where you live…..I could never say the name!!!! LOL

        • YES I NEED TO MOVE NOW!! It is freezing, taxes are off the charts,most people are CLOSED MINDED AND DON’T LIKE ADAM!!!

          • Oh and my HEATING BILL IS OVER $300 A MONTH @ 67 DEGREE IN THE HOUSE!!

            Time to go!!!!!!!!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Most people are closed minded about Adam…….what are you still doing living there??? LOL. I feel for you Summer. I hate the cold. Heading down to Florida in a few weeks, can’t wait!

  6. Donna…Thanks so much for letting us know how wonderful ADAM was on NYE. You are truly lucky to have been so close to him. I hope that there is something on professional video that we can see, and buy if necessary!

    I saw the video of him singing “Soaked”, and it was absolutely beautiful and emotional. I had tears when I watched/listened to it. All of the videos that I saw and downloaded were by “Alreference”, and were pretty good quality and close to stage. and good sound, but I can’t imagine standing there and seeing him in person. It sounded like “Fever” got the most applause, cheers, and screams.

  7. Donna….By the way, I wanted to ask you where you live since you said you just got home from your trip! 🙂

    • Donna Lee #409 says:

      Hey, jaberone

      I’m from San Jose, but I didn’t come back right after the show — staying with friends.

      This moring I’ve been looking at the things on Youtube and, except for the sound quality, they are a pretty good representation of Adam’s performance. They made me recall the songs I forgot to include in my notes: Fever was insanely awesome as were If I Had You and especially Sleepwalker. I had almost all the words memorized so that I could follow the subtleties of the way Adam performs the meaning of the words. He goes so deeply into what he’s singing about. I also didn’t comment on the audience. We were surrounded by Adam fans, so it was a real party. The VIP section was full of beautifully dressed cougars — many with boas — but none were thrown in stage. I liked that; leaving Adam to be playful with us in his own way. He would come down, put his foot on the monitor speaker in front of him, and just ooze sex. What a man! After his set the crowd simply disappeared. We were slow because of the wheelchair, and, by the time we left, there were about a dozen people remaining to see whatever was next. Clearly EVERYBODY came to see Adam.

      • OH Sleepwalker, sounded awesome on the vids. Love that song too! Oh Donna put his foot on the speaker and ooze sex? do you know what you just did to us? Oh Baby…..

        • The sex thing, the oozing it, living it, loving it and loving himself is obviously not for all to enjoy. Adam was sexy on AI but in a restraint way, this is the raw, balls to the walls, in your face, we are sexual beings and sex is a part of art and it is way too much for most people.
          I am happy that Adam actually has as many loyal fans here in the US as he does but I do think that he will gather a much bigger fanbase in Europe, Asia and probably South America. And then ocourse there are the hot Kiwi’s and Aussies!
          I am in high anticipation for this tour, the way he describes it am not sure whether he will come to NC. I am willing to travel anywhere in the US and meet up with a group of juicy and insanely dediacted fans!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Wow, that’s so awesome, everyone was there to see Adam!!!. I loved Soaked and Sleepwalker, hell I loved all of them. He is one sexy man!

  8. ADAM LAMBERT SUPERSTAR, what a performer, NYE Rock and Roll extravacance, no one else could have brought the New Year in like Adam and his band did, what an atmosphere. It was so spectacular, no moe AI performances, is ADAM HIMSELF, no more restrictions, just pure phenominal vocals, and hot hot performances. I was watching from London and I felt as if I was there with everyone else, that is the power of Adam, 2009 saw the birth of a Super Star but 2010 there will be world wide domination by our GLAM ROCK GOD, nothing can stop him now. No one can deprive us of Adam, his fans will always find a way, the YouTube is full of Adam’s Grilock ‘Concer’.

  9. Might have been cheap to put together, but the performance was priceless! I still get shivers just thinking about that live energy of Adam I was so fortunate to have seen and heard. Wow!!!!!

  10. Loved the LA times article. Thanks Carol! Long live Rock and Roll for sure, “gulp” and Long live Adam……………………………….

  11. i totally agree. i wasnt at gridlock but i feel like i didnt miss a thing! alreference ty so much for putting all those wonderful vids of adam on youtube. and all those pics that were posted were priceless!

  12. VH1 is totally blacklisting adam! adam fans unite! lets get him back on airwaves and the charts where he should be. twitter got his vids back on the player so thats a start.

  13. i love this site! so much adam pics. vids. reviews. love it to death! adam unofficial rules!

  14. hey everyone. I searched youtube and got see adam peform his songs. I thought he did an awesome job and I am very proud of him. I want to also thank the fans that run this website. Its hard to look up adam stuff and deal with the negativity. This is a great site for fans to share their love for a artist. Keep up the positivity.

  15. LibraLamb7 says:

    Here’s a great “mash-up” of Adam’s WLL encore from a couple of good quality source vids….note the special TONGUE action after “waaaaaay down inside” & Tommy’s reaction. …are you seeing this Dianne???

    Enjoy & Good Night Glambs!


    • Thanks Candace, that was holly shit awesome!!!!!!!!!!! He defin. is in his element with the screaming Rock sound going on! Love oh love the dance moves…………………..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      DAMN! My poor sweet innocent American Idol , he is so so so NASTY! & I LOVE PLUCKING LOVE IT!

  16. LindaJ318 says:

    I also was fortunate enough to go to Gridlock and I thought Adam’s voice sounded better than I have ever heard it! He hit all the high notes and then some! Lyndsey Parker of Reality Rocks was also there and wrote an article about it which is on the Yahoo website. Pamela Anderson must have been drunk because she was really inarticulate, needed to be prompted to do the countdown at midnight, and then one of the straps of her dress fell down and she exposed herself to Adam while she was hugging him at the introduction! There are pics on the Internet of this so I will say no more!
    Adam started out with Music Again, then If I Had You. Things quieted down when he sang Whataya Want From Me, but then he went on to sing Strut (and strutted around the stage) and Surefire Winners. He then sat down on a stool and sang Soaked. Then he was up again to sing For Your Entertainment, Sleepwalker (Monte did a great job on the Orianthi guitar solo), Fever, and then ended with Down the Rabbit Hole, which was the highlight of my night because he sounded so great doing it live all while dancing and kicking up his feet. It was a very energetic performance. Then they walked off but came right back for the encore – Whole Lotta Love. I’ve never heard Adam hit as many high notes as he did that night. It was just stupendous. I went by myself but met some other fans just standing around waiting for the concert to begin. He must be working out because he was dancing and moving all over the stage almost nonstop for 45 minutes.
    And yes, for those interested, there was glambulge activity galore! I was glowing the entire next day just thinking about his performance!
    All I can say is – if you have the chance to see Adam live, do not miss it! I almost didn’t go because I knew I’d be going alone, but it was so worth it! I’m already jealous of the NY fans who will get to see Adam, Allison, and Kris in February!

    • Linda Thanks for your post so we can live through your great night!! I have to see Adam Live!! I did not go when he was in Milwaukee and Madison WI because i did not have anyone to go with. I was so driven w/ anxiety both nights just knowing HOW CLOSE HE WAS and what I was missing. I will go alone if I have to next time!!

      • Oh, Summer, wish we’d known you then. I flew from (Vancouver) Seattle to Milwaukee and drove with another Glamb to Grand Rapids… we ended up a group of about 15 Glalmbs from all over. Do not let that happen to you again, dear lady!! There is always someone to go with from now on!


      • Oh, Summer, wish we’d known you then. I flew from (Vancouver) Seattle to Milwaukee and drove with another Glamb to Grand Rapids… we ended up a group of about 15 Glalmbs from all over. Do not let that happen to you again, dear lady!! There is always someone to go with from now on!


      • HUGH!!! I live in Milwaukee. You could have gone with me! The Milwaukee show was great!

        • BEAUTY!! Really? I am in Ooonomowoc and I know NO ONE WHO LIKES ADAM!!! I am alone in my OBSESSION. Please lets go when he comes!!!!!!!!!!!

          My family thinks I am wierd and they hate him. My freinds never saw anything and just don’t understand, and some did like him but after AMA said that was it for them.

          I had one women I work with partime come up to me when I was playing his music at my counter and asked me who it was. I told her and said Get the CD it is amazing.. I hope she did. But I play him every day and NO ONE EVER ASKS ME ABOUT IT. Crazy to me how all of us and other fans have such an obsession, but some don’t feel it.
          Perplexing for sure.

        • Beauty Lets stay in touch when ADAM things happen! We need to get a Glamb group together here. When I first came on this site there were a few from WI. but I don’t see them anymore.
          Let me know

          I’ll get yo my e mail if interested

      • Summer….Terry is right! I went to Grand Rapids by myself, and met Terry for the first time, along with other Glambs. We had a great time! So don’t hesitate to go alone…it’s actually easy because you meet wonderful people who love ADAM as much as you do!

      • Summer, shame on you!! Hope you dont let that happen again. Ha, dont think ya will now!!!

        • PS, Summer if ever in need of a concertmate, let me know. We can meet up! OMG cant wait for Adams tour!

          • Mary c I’d fly across country to hang with you at ADAMS BALL!!! We would need to work out BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR SURE!!

            I know we’d show him and his band what the spirit of ROCK N ROLL MEANS!!!!!!!

            • Summer, alright sista, you’ve gotta deal!!!! WTF, we will be so high on Adam and rockin our
              tails off, look out ……………………….NO holdin us down. holy shit this is gonna be so exciting.
              Kimber is wanting to join tooooo………………

      • Helen/Canada says:

        OMG Summer I can’t believe you didn’t go when he was in town. Don’t ever let the fact that you have to go alone stop you!. I drove to Syracuse and went to that concert alone. I met up with Gala during and after the concert and it was great. Not only that, even if you don’t meet up with someone, all the people there are Adam fans and everyone talks to one another. It’s like a big party. I met so many people there that day just talking about Adam, it was such fun.
        You have to live your life now girl. No regrets later in life about the things you didn’t do! I retired very young and all my friends were still working, so I thought to myself, do I wait another 10 – 15 years until my friends are all retired to do things, or do I live my life now and enjoy it. So I packed up my car and drove to Florida for a couple of months during the winter. I go back every year now. I have friends that I met there and we see each other every year, it’s great. One thing, when you’re alone, you just talk to anybody, at least I do, LOL! End of my soapbox. Just go and enjoy Adam!

        • Helen, way to go girl! I’ll talk to anyone too. Why not? You can make the best of friends thru the chit chat!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          You know , I met a couple of Glamberts at the Dallas show, & I felt kind weird. I t seemed to me that their love for MASTER ADAM was totally different than mine it just seemed like we were on two different pages. Maybe my love for him is more real, or they weren’t at all.
          It’s this connection of obssession I have , oh yes, I’m admitting I’m practically insane for the MAN!

        • Helen Thank you so much for the inspiration!! I needed to hear that!!

          Can you even imagine the Pain, Agony and Frustration I was going through knowing Adam was in Milwaukee and then Madison the next night ( 50 miles from each other) and I”m right in the middle of both cities. NOT GOING!!! SERIOUSLY, INSANITY SET IN!! I can remember it like yesterday!

          I will REGRET this till the day I die!! Because I knew I should of just got in the car and went!! I fought it though.

          It get’s worse. A few days after the concerts, a client came into our store and I did her make over. She was so happy with what I had done and said she works at KISS FM!! The Local POP station. YEP — She said “I will hook you up with things from the station, do you want concert tickets??” SHe said SHE WOULD HAVE GIVEN ME FREE TICKETS TO THE IDOL TOUR, BUT IT WAS OVER 3 DAYS AGO!! Talk about regrets!!

          Helen, I used to have your spirit years ago, but going through a divorce and other negative things has taken some steam out of me.. Adam is Breathing Life back into me and that is why I Love him so. He has a Healing Aura around him filled with JOY and LOVE.. HE is the true Hippy Love Child he says he is for sure. When he talks about being born in the wrong decade and how he connects with the Hippy mind of free Spirit, Love, Peace, harmony, music, I laugh and feel so close to him.
          I know that is what is connecting all of us to him. If you connect to ADAM and what he is about, You have that Hippy Spirit too. He is a Beautiful SOUL!!

          Helen I love your Spirit too. It is very Special and radiates out of your Posts. Thank you for the motivation. Im selling a house right now, my company just closed down and have to change companies. Grateful to have a job though. When all is done I could move any where. I would miss family, but I am seriously considering a move–
          Maybe Adams road Crew????

          • Summer, I love your Hippy Love Child spirit too! Especially with all the changes you are going
            thru right now in your life. Hang on, it will get better. Your good attitude will help you accomplish
            what you want. Adam is a beautiful soul and his connection to his fans is simply amazing!
            As far as your move, hell I would say LA! Why not? Talk about being where the action is.

            If you make it with Adams road crew, dont forget about little ole me and let me hop on the truck
            for a few weeks………………………when coming thru my city.

            • Thanks Mary C I need to stay positive for sure. I am hanging on and Adam has made a HUGE impact on me. I know it sounds silly. Can’t expalin it but now I surrendered to it and I’m going for the wild ride all the way.

              Mary you can bet your life when I join Adams road crew You are VIP any time!!

              Parr-ta Hippy love Child Style!!!!!!!!!

      • Summer,

        I am also in WI and know few nearby fans~maybe we can go to the tour together!?!?

        I’m on Twitter as CrazyCircle…

        I ended up taking my 5 1/2 year old son to Madison just so I wouldn’t have to go alone. He did love watching Adam on AI, but I knew the concert would be rather loud for him.

        • Rebecca Are you in Madison?
          Yes I will take you up on that for sure!! Thank you!! Do you know anyone else in Wisconsin who Loves Adam too??

          We definitely have to gather other Glambs and UNITE!! It is too lonely in my obsession here!!

    • Linda, thanks for sharing, loved your post. So glad you ended up going, you can always meet lots of Adam fans 🙂 . I’m sure its one NYE you’ll never forget! And I was very much interested in getting all caught up in the glambulge acitivity!!!!!! Where there’s Adam, there is Glambulge.
      The guy has got It , thats for sure, the whole damm spankin good Package……………

    • This is so fabulous you went by yourself and had such a good time. Thanks for sharing your story!

  17. hello, can go mtv for voting; z100 as well and kissfm. please if anyone have tweet to tell adam to release fye single and music video in ovearseas and his realy scared krisallen win people choice award not adam or gaga.after ama idont think adam fan vote for him anymore. ihate kris because all stabbacker like media(abc,radio)support kris.adison is much better than kris.

  18. i cant sleep at night because vh1 and media radio abc bashing adam not supporting him.ilove him because hes truly unique what simon said its just tourch me people and media and america dont preciate such a beautiful creature like adam.he have it all,yet support low key voice ,crap singer not true artist that can perform not stand there like status and sing.fffffffffff him.

  19. GRACIAS MUCHO, CAROL! What’s with this author? ‘cheap theatrics’, why are they cheap?? We loVe his theatrics, it wouldnt be Adam without them.. it’s what makes his a performance, not just a ‘song’.

    Rock on, Adam, any which way you wish to!!


  20. GRACIAS MUCHO, CAROL! What’s with this author? ‘cheap theatrics’, why are they cheap?? We loVe his theatrics, it wouldnt be Adam without them.. it’s what makes his a performance, not just a ‘song’.

    Rock on, Adam, any which way you wish to!!


  21. I voted and voted for Adam on vh1 and don’t see why he would not be on there….I don’t even think of Kris Allen he may have slipped to the top with votes, but Adam is the “bomb”….and the greatest , I still vote, don’t know if it will help but can’t hurt and I am a stay at home wife so I voted a lot……..

  22. Adam’s FYE has been remixed. Listen here.

    I love them. Maybe it will help re-ignite FYE and the FYE video which I can’t get enough of!

    VH1 sucks big time.

    • Kate…I just went to that site, and listened to them, and made a comment there.

      Needless to say, I love ADAM’s original the most! But I did like Bimbo Jones’ remix…it was upbeat and made me want to move and dance. The other one, which wasn’t quite as upbeat, was Nick Fonzerelli’s remix…..the others I didn’t care for that much.

      I wonder if ADAM has heard any of them, and what he thinks about them.

      Also, wondering if ADAM gets any money/profit/recognition from any of these remixes!

      • Jaberone, Neil Tweeted about the remixes, there were like 5 of them. He liked the Bimbo Jones one the best and so did I. I didn’t listen to all, only like, three of them. So I’m sure Adam’s heard ’em!! Of course, his version is the very bestest!!! Linda

    • Kate thwnks for these I downloaded them and will work out to them play them at work too. they are great!!


  23. Off the subject, but I just stuck my Christmas money in an envelope and labeled it Adam Lambert concert fund! I will save and pay whatever it costs to see him up close again! No worries about where he is on I tunes or whatever! 2010 will prove to be his year! He’s not worried and we shouln’t be either! There is no way in the world that a voice like that will be stifled for long! He is just a dream!

    • OMG….I’m going to have to give up my Starbucks!!!! That will save me alot of money since I have one or two a day!!! ~especially when the pumpkin spice lattes are available.
      My Starbucks’ addiction will be merged into my ADAM addiction!!! LOL I love sitting here on my pc with my lattes and looking and listening to ADAM.

      I need Starbucks’ rehab!!!! Obviously I don’t want to give up my ADAM addiction!!! 🙂

  24. VH-1 isn’t being honest. We all know that we voted many, many times. Adam’s name was on that list, in my opinion in hindsight, to garnish hits for VH1’s site at the end of the year. They never intended letting him be on their Top 20. Adam supported VEVO. VEVO is competition and that may be why he didn’t even place on their list. VH1 doesn’t have to produce a list of numbers of how many hits, so I think it was a purely selfish marketing move on their part. VH1 cannot be happy about another competitor (VEVO) coming on the scene. Anyway, the heck with VH1. I never watch it anyway. I suggest we shift over to VEVO and forget VH1. I like Adam’s New Year’s resolution to stay positive so VH1 is just a memory of 2009 now.

    • Cherlyn, I don’t think that there’s anything malicious going on – I’ve read that the FYE video was removed to make room for WWFM – artists can’t have more than one video on the countdown at a time. Anywho, that’s what I read somewhere and, since WWFM video will be making an appearance anyday now, makes sense to me! I also don’t think FYE is done – it’s making too many appearances in network commercials (Fox and Showtime) and is showing up in amazing remixes for clubs – I definitely think it will make a comeback at some point!

      • TEXAS HOWDY!!

        I do think something is going on, because all the gossip tv shows did NOT show anything about NYE Gridlock and ADAM, but showed the most redic. things like Stephnie Pratt hosting at a resturant in LA and others across the USA but NO Gridlock, That it s just a blacklist if you ask me. He was everywhere a month ago and now NOTHING!!


        • Summer, I was at the store today, as usual I leaf thru the magazines to see anything Adam. Nothing. Not in, People, Us, OK, Star. Ima not happy. Hoping next week we will have some pics of his NYE show in them. Carrie U. was on about every cover, she got engaged and well you know Tiger has never left…………………gggrrrrrr.

          • Mary, I subscribe to Us and People and every week I look through each page hoping to see Adam and the only fabulous article was it People with the makeup and no makeup story (which was just beautiful) I am irritated also and am sick of seeing John and kate and who gives a flying leap about a Jonas Bro. wedding? We want more Adam! I will email them all when I get off here! GO Adam!

            • Glamitup, alright email away………..
              Adam you have some intense fans here, we know you love it………………

            • Entertainment Weekly loves Adam!!! They had him on their cover before AI was even over and seem to always be positive to Adam. Check out their year-end double issue!! He’s posing on the motorcycle on the table of contents page. Then go check out the most absolutely gorgeous pic in page 56!!! Good God! Those mesmerizing eyes!!! THUD!!!!!!!!!!

              • Omg got to get to Wally World and buy Ent. Weekly!!!!! I know AL 1877!!!! Do you think Adam knows how beautiful he really is?

        • HOWDY SUMMER!! I really hope nothing’s going on as far as “blacklisting” Adam…. But I’ll tell you one thing: I’m a little tired of “Pocket Idol” enjoying all of Adam’s compliments and not bothering to reciprocate. I apologize in advance if I’m incorrect, but c’mon!! Like this world needs another bland, mediocre singer wearing a plaid shirt. GAAAAHHHHHH!

          • HAHAHAHA!!!!! “Pocket Idol”……good one!!! Or maybe we should just start calling him “Plaid Shirt”, like” Blanket” Jackson

            • Hilarious Texas!!
              Plaid shirt Pocket Idol!! He is terrible on Idol– I am watching the reruns now and I don’t know how he got through!! HHMMM Just don’t Know How!! HHMMM!

  25. I think we all are very impatient to see Adam’s music climb the charts. To us, he has been our superstar rocker for nearly a year now. To much of the rest of the world, God Bless them for being so out of touch, he is still undiscovered. We have to keep pushing his music, not just online but to our friends, neighbors, family. I started this over the holidays, making cds for friends with one or two of Adam’s songs and telling them if they like it, please go buy the CD. However silly it may seem, I do believe some men are uncomfortable with the cover of the CD and even somewhat afraid to admit that they like Adam. I know that my love for him has forced my husband to pay attention and my involvement with the Florida Glambs has allowed me to force the issue. He accepts the time that I spend on this as an investment in Adam’s career and he has come to love and appreciate, without embarassment, Adam as an incredible performer. Keep talking, keep promoting, keep requesting, keep harassing the networks and radio stations. Although we often do not know how far to go, we need to do all that we can to show the industry that we love his music and we will not go away. Adam is gaining a great deal of respect from the media, we need to make sure they know that we appreciate there efforts also. When his tour starts, invite friends that may not know of Adam. It only takes one song, one performance and they will be hooked too.

    • I agree!!
      The people here I know in Wisconsin are not digging it.

      I am shouting out to all Wisconsin Glambs!! Where are you all??

    • Thanks Lisa, nice post. Ohio Glambs where are you???? It takes time, we are very impatient.
      We hear so many different routes to take. Keep promoting, but not to much (especially the radio stations) etc. because it does more harm than good. Whats a person to do at times????
      I know the more Adam puts himself out there and does his class act, more and more people will leach onto him and enjoy him like we do.
      People Choice is coming up, Hope its Good!!!!! I feel in my heart, he’s had his platform and is getting himself out there for the world, he will be the Huge SuperStar we, his true fans know he is!!!!
      Luv you Adam, thanks for doing what you do………….

  26. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    they should have made Adam the host of the show! Pam was an embarrasement! He is “Class” personified!

  27. Rock on to the live concert in NYC with Allison and Kris – they will have fun and the world will once again have their eyes riveted on the big, black thoroughbred race horse, flanked by the cute shetland ponies.

    • “… the world will once again have their eyes riveted on the big, black thoroughbred race horse, flanked by the cute shetland ponies.” THIS IS PRICELESS (and so very true :)) !! Adam definitely has the X-factor – that unexplainable and undeniable ability to stand out from the rest. I can’t wait for the NYC Concert!

      • Thank TexasGal – I thought that up as I looked at Adam on the stage of Good Morning America in July with David Cook and Kris next to him. They made me think of stable ponies at a race track who are just there to keep the real winners under control.

        • Beautiful description……and probably that hot blooded racehorse will shine his love on the cute ponies and praise them and letting everyone know how wonderful they are.

    • coloforadam, that was a priceless description!!!!!!!!!!! Lets add Stud to that horse description too 🙂

        You Guys are crazy hilarious!!! OMG!! LOVE IT!!

        Perfect Description of Adam!! Oh YEA!

        BIG- HUGE- Black Thoroughbred Race Horse STUD– Oh Yea! Exactly!

        This is exactly why no artist wants to tour with him. He will always STEAL the Show!!

        I am watching all the AI Reruns now and even in the first shows ADAM got soo much cheers and ear shattering screams from the audience and it was so over powering to everyone eles.

        I LOVE IT!!

  28. All of this “crap” worries me…Do ya think there is a conspiracy against ADAM…? I hope not…

  29. heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo.lesson up i know adam wont win breakout artist award on people choice award after ama he lost lots of fan.which is sad i hope for opposit.probably arkensa cheat again ,i wish adam or ladygaga win.i find new info from ammmmaaaaaazon .
    aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll info from

    • Zenos

      ADAM WILL WIN!!! He has the Blue Moon on his side and it’s all meant to be!!!

      Keep voting everyone!!

  30. Has anyone seen this yet —–> Al Gore Blames Adam Lambert For Global Warming

    Pure Hilarity!!! Gotta watch!

  31. Elizabeth Glamb#545 says:

    Somehow I’m not as worried about Adam succeeding because I think he is so much of an artist he will always be in demand one way or another. Seriously folks, who do we want Adam grateful to and responding to VH1? Give me a break! Do we really have to see him drink to New Years and say tamely, “I’m not promoting alcoholism in any way.” I mean, please, can he just have a rock and roll moment without being censored and criticized up and down the gazoo????? I just don’t recall folks following Bob Dylan around or Jefferson Airplane or Led Zelppelin and demanding thata they maintain moral standards for our children. What gives with that?!? I think that FYE is in disrepute now because of the AMAs but it is a catchy and interesting song and it will hold its own and maintain interest in the long run. Just the fact that conservative FOX has apparently decided to use the song to promote the channel says a great deal. I think FYE will be a classic staple on TV and radio given time because it has a message that people want to hear from their artists, that they are here to entertain, to give to the audience., to energize, excite, and generate provocative and challenging content. Just watch, ten years from now that song will still be out there. I wouldn’t want to put Kris Allen down basically because Adam has made it very clear that Kris is a friend of his and I’m not going to begrudge him whatever time in the spotlight that he has. I personally know what it is like to be overshadowed by a stronger more appealing personality and it isn’t easy. Kris has to be gracious in sharing the limelight with Adam and it must get to him sometimes. I give him credit for standing up to the pressure. And Kris does have a great deal to give to his kind of audience and God bless him and them. I’m just in a place where I’m very excited by Adam’s artistry and by his tremendous potential and I’m awed by how he is so committed to giving to his audience what they want and I”m impressed by his humility in being willling to listen to what his audience is looking for and by his capacity to search himself to see when does he have to be true to who he is and maintain his integry no matter what his audience wants. That isn’t easy. I’m sure he lost sleep over his album cover, but it meant a lot to him to put it out there. So I’m behind him on that decision. Some times you have to lose ground to gain ground. And I think it makes no sense to gain popularity based upon a lie. Adam doesn’t want to do that and I wouldn’t want him to do that either. Guys who appreciate Adam are simply going to have to be secure in their sexuality, more mature about who they are. If they can’t rise to the occcasion, fine.

    • Elizabeth Awesome post!!! You are soo right on every account!!

      Adam is so giving in SPIRIT and cares so much about everyone that you can just see how he struggles to have that balance. How does he please and stay true to himself. he did say he “TONED EVERYTHING DOWN” for Idol. He also said he did ‘too much too soon” So he is learning what he has to do to move ahead.
      I work in corporate structure so I know this, and Adam DID PISS OFF THE BIG DOGS, by what they have said as ‘SLAPPING A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH” This is no small thing that happened and I know they have the power to PULL PLUGS if they choose.. And they DID!! They felt very disrespected. They are making a point that you don’t PLUCK WITH US!!! It’s a small, very connected industry… and if you burn bridges, you may be on your Island alone. You can swim to land but it will be harder.

      I love your comment that Adam will not gain popularity based on a lie… Wow .. That is Adam for sure. He is so HONEST. That’s why we all love him. If you saw the amazing photo shoot for the CD cover, Adam worked with Warwick Saint, a sought after photogragher that is mindblowing talented.. all his work is EPIC!! I think Adam set everyone up for this cover with all his Glam, and he wanted to STARTLE US!! He kept saying he would surprise and startle us throughout… and he DID!!! Every turn that came… Over and Over again. I believe he can’t WAIT FOR THE NEXT SHOCK he can give us!! It is what he was born to do!! Entertain in every way possible!!

      I am energized, excited and captivated beyond my belief over Adam and how he has seized me into his life. I am a free sprirt and love Excitement, but the AMAs had me speechless and feeling as I had just gotten off the Giant Drop at Six Flags.. After I recovered.. I had to realize that Adam was saying all along.. I will SURPRISE AND SHOCK, I want to EXCITE, TEASE, STARTLE, KEEP YOU GUESSING, OVERWHELM, ENTERTAIN, and GET YOU AROUSED!!! And I asked for it too!!!! And it was the most EXHILARATING, TANTALIZING, HEART STOPPING, SHOCKING RIDE I WAS EVER ON— THANK YOU ADAM!!! YOU MUST BE A MINDBLOWING LOVER!!!!!!!

      The world has never seen anything like ADAM LAMBERT before in History!! He makes everyone before him LOOK TAME!! We will NEVER be able to predict what he does next and that is SOOO EXCITING TO ME!!!

      His fans have to UPRISE NOW TO DEMAND ADAM GET HIS RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Great post, Elisabeth!!!
          Thank you!

          • You all are the women who I would love to see him with in concert.
            I love every word you wrote Summer, so honest and beautiful. Adam is just teaching us right, isn’t he!
            I can’t believe it either that time after time he just keeps taking my breath away and shaking me into awareness of my deepest emotions. I have no idea what lies ahead but I think I am ready! Take me away!

            • Irena Thank You
              Yes I would LOVE to get the glamb group together for concerts. That would ROCK the place out!!

              I know, Adam keeps taking my breath away too. I just never felt this way about any one! It’s crazy!!
              He is OPENING ME UP to many things too!

              • Ladies, I want to get together as a huge group too! We must make plans as soon as
                we know the tour schedule. We will fill in the whole front row!

                Summer you had me at ” Mind Blowing Lover” we can bet on that!!!!!!

                • Yep lets do this. We should all shout out our locations!

                  Mary- Can you just imagine what Adam would be like?? It is just too MIND BLOWING to imagine!! OMG OMG OMG OMG 🙂 I know I could BLOW his mind too!

                  You are right that he has LAID everything out for us and did all along, that cleaver little ANGEL! He is so cleaver and we are just falling into place for him.. under his fierce spell!! His Master Plan!

                  It’s like that video about him being dropped off here from another planet!! So funny.

  32. OK you guys I was watching E NEWS and they were covering ALL THE NYE PARTIES– ACROSS THE USA– NOTHING ON GRIDLOCK—NOTHING ON ADAM— NOTHING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS THERE COVERAGE ON ANY THING ELSE like ET, and all the other gossip shows.

    This is a BLACKLISTING FOR SURE I do NOT want to be negative, but this is too obvious! WHY??

    It talks about how on NYE there was a VERY RARE BLUE MOON PLUS A LUNAR ECLISPE and how it relates to ADAM I thought it was so on target from how he has this supernatural AURA around him and what is happening.

    People are so inhibitated and ADAMS RARE, UNIQUE, MINDBLOWING WIDE RANGE TALENT, MYSTICAL SPIRIT can only be appreciated by UNinhibitated souls. Like Adam has said “PEOPLE ARE SCARED” I am begining to think this is true. Of course Adams style is not for everyone, but he can’t go from the ULTRA ELECTRIFYING SURGE OF POPULARITY THIS WHOLE YEAR TO NON EXISISTANCE WITHOUT A CONSPIRACY!!

    • The PLANET FIERCE SITE has all very current things on ADAM. it is a great site to go to for up to the second news.

      I have not seen ANY NEWS TO THIS!! OK I found ONE (1) POSTING ON JLO CROTCH GRIND!! JUST ONE!! WOW I feel so sad right now. WHAT CAN WE ALL DO??????


        SORRY this is the correct site on J LO and her LIVE CROTCH GRIND

      • Well, perhaps then, you haven’t seen the LAdy Gaga performance recently on Leno.. “Crotch Embrace” by one of her male( with same facially masked) dancers..either she was getting the point across that it should be equally accepted.. by the industry.. (in support of Adam).. or just upping the ante for the performers- as referred to in “In Style MAgazine” article. Why then is there such hypocracy in this venue? I also voted extensively for our dear Planet Fierce Rock God?? What happened?? Clearly, something is wrong with our ” blinded by the meterolike light” mediocrity.?? ADORING ADAM.. ALWAYS

  33. Glambs….let’s not get discouraged and negative!!! We have to visualize positive things for ADAM in 2010….we know they will happen!

    New video, tours, more tv appearances…let’s think of all the good things yet to happen.

    ADAM said himself that he’s going to be positive in 2010!

    Love you all!

    • jaberone, Love you too! We’re gonna start some Resolutionssssssssssssss,
      POSITIVE ENERGY………………….
      love & peace

      • Judy,
        Yes we need to stay positive and working hard on supporting and promoting Adam at all levels!!!!
        Thank you, Summer for your information… I think it’s a good kick for all of us to keep voting and promoting Adam!

  34. AdamRocks! says:

    Does anyone know what’s going on with idol forums/adam lambert? It’s been down since last night.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  35. Hurry up and release FEVER!

  36. AdamRocks! says:

    Nevermind my previous post about idol forums. . . I got on. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  37. Maybe the VH1 voting machine does not accept multiple votes from a single computer. Maybe we were only recorded once a week as we voted. Computers can do that you know without stating what they are doing. I notice that as I tried to vote in the new peoples choice category today that it only took my vote once but it was clear what was happening. Just a thought. The world is “on to us”.

  38. Adam certainly definitely has a very sexy erotic strut. Yup. During one song, he put his leg up onto something and rubbed his thigh hip to knee, it was like the mic stand, all the images were in our own heads from our own minds and they were the sizzling hot ones he ignited. I wish he’d keep his sttuts and his artistic erotic sexual moves and less of the crotch grabbing rapper moves.They’re just as hot sensually sexually and not offensive to take your eleven year old neices to see.

  39. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Well, I’m not sure Adam has been blacklisted. When he was being photographed at Gridlock the media was all over Adam, Adam, turn to your left, turn to your left. I mean, they were so excited, I just can’t believe that there is some conspiracy to prevent him from getting his work out there. I must say that I would expect “Fever” and “FYE” and WWFM to get out into the media whole lot more, and that will be Adam’s job for 2010. And as a person myself who has dealt with media blacklisting or whatever you want to call it in publishing, if you can’t get the big wigs to hear you, then you bypass them as Adam did by participating in Gridlock and having his performance posted on Youtube. When I couldn’t get my book published, I just went door to door with it, and, trust me, door to door works, grassroots works. So, with a talent like Adam, I’m confident he will make his way. Plus Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Letterman, The View, Adam is out there. I’m not worrying. I just hope he doesn’t stress himself too much, that he stays true to who he is, and takes it all in stride.

  40. Don’t worry Glambs, Adam will survive this. He has a gift and knows how to use it. The media or any other entity cannot take that away from him. He may be not be given the exposure we all expect, but remember, these are just people who are hired to do stories and DO NOT HAVE HIS TALENTS. These people can be fired anytime and ADAM will still be around to face another set of writers, DJs, etc.

    Adam’s talent is not created by anyone. He just needs them so he can be exposed. Eventually, he will find a media outfit who is comfortable with his free spirit and a strong bond will be created. Right now, he has put together a great band…one step at a time.

    It took awhile before The Beatles found a great manager and a producer. They were also turned down many, many times.

    Patience Glambs… Adam will get there.

  41. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Beauty,
    Loved the Al Gore video! I was LMFAO!!! Thanks for sharing!

  42. I have been reading about Lady Gaga on Wikipedia. It states that early in her career she had difficulty getting radio airplay. Her debut album in 2008 evidently didn’t peak intil July, 2009. I think this is normal proceedings for rising stars. Adam’s debut album has not yet reached 2 months…….so, as some of you dear Glambs have stated….let’s remain positive. It takes time….but it will happen…..he will be the new ROCK KING.

    Thank you to all those who posted their experiences at Gridlock NYE…it brings us all a little bit closer to Adam too.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Hope you are right, Yvonne. I think maybe all of us who love Adam so much are just a little too impatient and worrying like mother hens. Linda

  43. I know what you mean Linda….to us, Adam is already a rock legend. We have been following him ever since he showed up on AI and we knew instantly that this man had *STAR* written all over him. You are right….we are like mother hens – supporting our child’s dream because we love him so much and so want him to be recognised all over the world for the wonderful talented singer that he is.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  44. k. morgan says:

    I agree with all of you…I voted as many times as I could during the week for FYE….Kris
    ‘s song and video are to be honest…boring as hell….He is a nice guy but singing ….no where near Adam….I saw him and Allison perform on NYE main network show…Kris…boring…Allison was better…more lively …but when you compare Adam’s performance at Gridlock…it is like night and day…(by the way …go to Youtube…type Adam Lambert, Gridlock NYE and you will get high quality video of him on songs…even the encore performance of WWLL…unreal…amazing rendition)…Take heart Lambert fans…things will only get better for Adam…From what I have been reading ….the press is on his side…many are seeing the discrimination at work here…ABC and others are looking very stupid, especially after Jo Lo did a crotch grind with her dancer’s face in her crotch in that awful outfit on national tv…in a show that was advertised to appeal to teens….Go figure…


  46. I thought I was losing my mind but see in the responses I am not alone. I voted 200 times last week and watched 2 hours hoping to see the video. I’ve seen it a couple of times on MTV the last couple of days but not since before Christmas on VH1.

  47. AdoringAdam says:

    I just finished watching FUSE TV which I have been voting on non stop for weeks for Adam’s FYE video and Adam did not even make the top ten, but Lady Gaga’s video “BAD ROMANCE” was number 3. The funny thing is Bad Romance was not a choice on the voting list. Again something is fishy.

  48. Ok, gotta say this. I bought Kris’s album because I thought Adam would want us to. Made it through listening once. Not interested in hearing it again. What really bugs me about his current single is the absolute lack of creativity. It was a song written and sung by the Irish group The Script and Kris’s version is EXACTLY the same! No changes at all – a total rip off of the original. In contrast, Adam puts his creative stamp on anything he sings – his album is creative, original and one of a kind. NO performer can even touch Adam live – he is unreal! Somehow the listening public will realize how unique Adam is and what an incredible gift his voice is! Keep playing his album for all to hear! Adam – keep doing what your heart tells you! We love you!

  49. sherry s. says:

    Did all you guys see what ABC replaced Adam with on NYE?
    Jennifer Lopez—with a guy in her crotch!
    For me, that was a slap at ADAM and US, his fans.

    for the picture, go to:
    type in the search window: “Jennifer Lopez Skintight Sexy on New Years Eve”
    then, click on that title when it appears above two pictures (it will highlight in yellow) for ALL photos, including the offending one mentioned

    I wrote ABC again (bottom of their official website page, there is a “contact us” link). Their double standard on this issue has been despicable.

    Fans here who work for corporate, can you suggest what we should do? Don’t want to antagonize the BIG SHOTS to any point where it could maybe backfire. But this is so plucking unfair! Seems to me we should let them know their double-dealing is not going unnoticed.

    • Everyone just needs to write a very to the point, non threating letter to the stations on how you feel about everything going on.
      They need to know how we feel about Adam as a person and talented entertainer. If enough people write they will take notice IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS== VIEWERS====MONEY!

      That’s all they care about MONEY!!

      I still believe this goes deeper though.. Like I said many times Adam Pissed OFF THE BIG DOGS, with NO SORRYS–they said “You Little Shit, We’ll show you who’s Boss” and they may have pulled the plug!! It’s a small industry all tied together. They handed him a RED CARPET CAREER on a PLATINUM PLATTER! They feel disrespected.

      I know with everything in me ADAM WILL RISE ABOVE THIS IT’S MEANT TO BE!!! He has a supernatural AURA at work and he KNOWS IT!!

      He is a SureFire Winner!! It’s just meant to be. No One can fight it for long. Once exposed to Adam he OWNS YOU!!

  50. Adam has got to get on this website bacause it is completely amazing and oozing with Adam info.! Our next mission should be to get Adam to acnowledge us!!! Come on ADAM ! WHERE ARE YOU?
    Please send us a little shout out!!!!

  51. Hi, please reed Adam tweeter, hi say please don t spam the radios, is wrong for him.
    Congratulations bb: best new artist on z 100 and is wining musical phenomenon of the year in people choice poll with 61% of votes. Kisses to all.

  52. Judy Lushman says:

    Guys, have you read Adam’s latest tweets and mj’s article about Adam being disqualified from voting this week on open house party radio. They are blaming it on the fans constant bugging dj’s to play Adam’s music. Guys, we are going to have to tame it a bit, or we are going to hurt Adam rather than help him. Adam is taking it all in good stride and we can vote again next week, but not this week.

    Side note – Adam’s video FYE has been # 1 here in Canada MuchMore music for a couple of weeks now. Way to go MuchMusic

  53. Judy Lushman says:

    Btw, it is mjsbigblog. Just google it

  54. It may be alreadi posted but this is the best review of NYE Gridlock of all ! It’s actually as good as seeing the better videos of the night!

  55. JUST READ THE “BEST” REVIEW EVER WRITTEN ABOUT OUR MAN…GO TO … is a play by play review by Lori A-Leung which makes you feel your front and center at the Gridlock…enjoy and comment. please.

  56. Changed my mind-initially I thought his pelvic thrusts were a bit much, not anymore I don’t. He looked like he was having fun and I enjoyed watching him have fun.
    BTW, I’m not computer literate like my daugther- there is a site :IMCb that is legit and credible and even important. All Adam’s awards and tv apperarances should be listed there and they aren’t. His management is not doing a good job.

  57. I’ve watched all the performances several times, I think he did an excellent job. He has such great talent, he will be around for a long time.


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