Responses to “Open Letter to Adam”

*Author’s Note: There will be several articles on this topic. Already, additional responses have appeared.*

The whirlwind around Adam continues! The gay and straight communities immediately started voicing their opposition to yesterday’s publication of OUT Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Aaron Hicklin’s bizarre demonstration of his own insecurities.

All of this comes as the music industry and Adam’s fans – basically the world, are preparing to celebrate the week we’ve been longing for. No, it’s not enough to just enjoy the countdown to the AMAs on Sunday night when we’ll see what we anticipate will be the most jaw-dropping live performance ever. Or the tick-tock of the clock until we get our copies of For Your Entertainment next week. Or the dizzying need to keep checking the TV Guide to find every show he’ll be on promoting the CD and making sure we’ve got enough time left on our DVRs to capture it.

Our week of glory, what many of us felt would be the justification of our outrage over Kris Allen winning the Idol title, has been interrupted by a man with a completely different agenda.

For some reason Hicklin has such tunnel vision that he’s biting the hand that feeds him by throwing Adam “under the bus.” It wasn’t enough that his magazine wrote the most intriguing article on Adam that I’ve read post-Idol. Something that finally went beyond the “what will your first album be like?” dribble. Hicklin had to cloud the issue by exercising his editorial privilege and bad judgement when he delivered an Open Letter to Adam.

Our own Jeanette (Author Supreme!) has already written the article on that for this website. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.

A response from the Planet Fierce web site has started the defense. We even know what Adam is feeling about this, courtesy of Twitter. Adam’s tweets follow this article excerpt.

Planet Fierce OpEd
Response to “Open Letter to Adam”
11/17/09 12:14PM by rowenaaine

After reading Adam Lambert’s candid and revealing interview on the Out website (published in conjunction with their Out 100 print edition) I was disheartened to read an open letter to Adam from Out’s editor-in-chief, Aaron Hicklin, in Out Magazine.

In the letter, Hicklin calls out 19 Entertainment and RCA Records (Adam’s management team and record label respectively) for attempting to “neutralize” Adam’s sexuality and keep his appearances in LGBT publications toned down for fear of his appearing “too gay.” Hicklin expresses frustration that Out was denied a cover during Adam’s American Idol run, and not a little jealousy at the recent Details Magazine cover and photo spread. But further, he criticizes Adam’s management team for heavy-handedness in skewing perceptions in order to not lose potential record sales.

Today, Hicklin’s letter is on the Out website, with supporting commentary by the female journalist who interviewed Adam, Shana Naomi Krochmal.

Is Hicklin telling the truth? I don’t know. I suspect we may never know if 19/RCA ignores what amounts to a school yard challenge over which team gets bragging rights.

But is Adam Lambert a prize over which sides needs scuffle? That’s where I’m coming up empty.

From what I read in print publications and websites, there seem to be at least two factions in the war over Adam Lambert’s image. On the right, we have the conservative heterosexuals who fear that Adam is too gay for mainstream. On the left are members of the gay community, who accuse Adam of not being gay enough. Somewhere in the middle is Adam, his fanbase…and the truth.

I’d like to clarify and refute some of Aaron Hicklin’s claims. Others have already done so on blogs, forums, and the mother of all communication vehicles, twitter. But, indulge me.

Hicklin asserts that Adam and team (because the open letter seems to lump Adam in as one of the bad guys) refused an Out cover early on in the Idol competition.
Likely true. But not at all surprising or problematic. Why? Idol contestants are barred from communicating with the press during the show’s run. Entertainment Weekly may have put Adam on their cover before the competition ended, but they used stock photos and existing quotes. No other magazine got a cover story early on except for Rolling Stone, which published their issue two weeks after the show’s conclusion. And based on Adam’s assertion that he is a musician that happens to be gay, rather than a gay that happens to be a musician, most would agree Rolling Stone was the best place for his “outing” after the show’s finale. That’s just good business. Sorry, Hicklin.

1 point to Team Lambert.

For the article in its entirety, click here.

Adam’s Tweets:
First Tweet: Planet Fierce responds to A. Hicklin’s “Open Letter to Adam” : thank you to the writer! YOU get it.
1:59 PM Nov 17th

Second Tweet: Reply Retweet Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine.
2:20 PM Nov 17th

Third Tweet:
(cont.) Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.
2:30 PM Nov 17th

Dear Readers, please let us know what you think about this!

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  1. Great response from Adam. Unfortunately, Mr. Hinklin is a pathetic jerk.

  2. cheryl 334 says:

    I have responded to this whole issue at least 3-4 times on previous threads! Adam is right. The editor is def wrong. Here’s hoping this jerk gets his ass fired!!

    Adam did nothing wrong. He tried to give this stupid magazine an interview, was nice to all, gave them a great interview, and this jerk is not satisfied. Too bad!!!

    Adam is an Entainer of the highest caliber. He should just IGNORE these idiots, do not read anything else that is negative to him until after the awards on Sunday, then reconsider sueing the bastard!

  3. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    I already gave my opinion on another thread…Here it is again….….I have been mad as hell all day. That &%*#@#$% editor from OUT has stirred up a MESS!!!!!!! I read all the music gossip and they are talking about how gay is Adam. Think about it…just before his career release negative press is stirred up by another gay man. What the hell?

    Also the recording company asked fans not to harass the radio stations (one of them complained)
    because they can put a block on playing any of Adam’s music. They said only request on local radio and be very polite and not demanding….then they thanked us for being fans.
    Has anyone heard FYI ON THE RADIO…i HAVE NOT I know it is being requested but not played..


    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I have heard FYE on The Edge in New Zealand. Dianne txt me to tell me it was on and I turned off my Adam cd just to find it and hear it. It was just so I could finally say I heard him on radio… yippee. Maybe you need to change radio stations. The Edge here plays like pop, pop rock style music. Not much of it suits my taste but they are playing Adam…. so there must be someone over there playing it….. It’s bound to be on soon…

      As for what’s his names open letter to Adam. What is his name and who the hell is he. After his sorry ass has been canned no one will remember him except as the guy who wrote the letter that got him the sack… and ADAM LAMBERT will be remembered for many years. The poor delusional little man. I’d say the poor delusional little gay man though that would be insulting gays and I have known many and they are nothing like that fellow. I am surprised that he was even able to put pen to paper, then again it OUTED his ignorance and lack of maturity.

      All this serves to do is bring Adam’s name even more to the front…. create a curiosity about him for everyone else…people will be thinking “wow, who is this that is causing such a stir” and they’ll listen to Adam and fall in love.

      The mysterious Adam, enigmatic, sublime, etherial, fierce alien. Let’s just love him through this. Support him and let him know he only has to entertain us and be himself. He doesn’t have to turn straight for us, be gayer for us, or tone himself down for us…. I just want Adam as is. Otherwise he wouldn’t be Adam!

      • Beautifully put into words, Lisa. I especially love the last paragraph, this is what it all should come down too.

        Adam doesn’t owe anybody anything.
        The only person who owes something to Adam is Aaron Hinklin as he is a disrespectful backstabber.

    • I’ve heard FYE on 104.5 xlo in Massachusetts and 107.9 kiss fm in Mass also!!
      kiss 107.9 site:

      and xlo is

      They both have live streams.

  4. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I say we just completely start ignoring this entire issue and re-focus on Adam and his upcoming explosive career. By continuing to debate this issue we are only keeping Mr. Hicklin’s opinions in the mainstream consciousness. Let him fade into history — he’s getting what he wants when we keep harping on this issue — he’s getting attention. The attention should be focused on Adam. From here on I will no longer click on any link on this or any other site which references the letter from Mr. Hicklin. I only want to read about, think about and listen to our fantastic Adam!!!!

    Light and Love to you, Adam. All the best in you life!!

    • leilani aloha says:

      Totally agree with u:)
      Who’s this guy ? what ‘s his name?
      don’t really care!!!

      Congrats To Adam on his sucess & upcoming AMA show! yeah!!!!:):):):

  5. I too think its terrible!!! I found the perfect picture to send to Mr Hicks, it can be found on the Adam Lambert 24-7 news website. It is in the section called Details photo outtakes, it shows Adam giving the one finger salute!!!! Nothing is goping to stop our love and support of Adam!!!!

  6. This is too bad and I say “YEAH” Adam’s Twitter says it all, I love his Twitter, short, not so sweet & to the point!! We who love Adam and his entertainment are not going to listen to this Idoit, if this guy was out to take away from Adam it didn’t work because all it did to me was make me want to back him more, if that is possible.. It does hurt me that Adam has to contend with this garbage when it should be the first of wonderful career, his first album, AMA show (TV).
    ADAM, WE LOVE YOU and DON”T DOUBT IT!!! Do this AMA show this coming Sunday as only YOU Can DO IT!!!

  7. Why can’t everyone get off the Gay Bandwagon? Adam’s true fans are interested in Adam’s talents not his sexuality. I don’t care if he is gay or an alien from outer shouldn’t matter. Just let us hear Adam sing and let us see Adam perform. What he does in his personal life is not my concern and should not be the concern of anyone else. The sooner we stop hearing about it the better! Who Adam chooses to love is Adam’s business. Adam is not a banner for the Gay community to wave. There are both gay and straight musicians and their success does not come from their sexual orientation. It comes from the talents they were born with, hard work and being in the right place at the right time. Can’t everyone finally drop their “gay obsession” and let Adam shine for his amazing talents. Whether he is black or white or gay or straight should not even come into the picture.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      BELLELINDA…………………………..AAAAaaahhhh…..FRESH AIR! I agree with you! I am so sick and tired about people talking gay this and gay that!

      Whatever happened to the talk about his voice, personality, caring, friendliness, manners, and his gorgeous face?!!

      I came to this site for ONE reason. To FOLLOW ADAM’S CAREER. I post some of my own personal thoughts at times, and find that all the gay women on this site feel the need to jump on me simply b/c I do not think like they do, Where is the “Live and Let Live” atmosphere that must be present here???

      I saw Adam in concert in GR in Sept. I did not for one moment think about his sexuality. I met with a bunch of girls and a couple men, had lunch together, took pictures, got his autograph, made 3 signs for the concert, among other things, and not one word about sexuality came up in the 2 days, as we spent the night there, also.

      Then come to this site, and it’s all about the sex. Hey, I wnt his sex, too, haha, but, it is really getting out of control. This is really INSULTING to Adam who has not just completed nearly a year trying to finish his comittments of a contest re music and talent. He was not on a show about his sex drive, sex life, sexual performance or anything else like that.

      I, for one, am really getting pissed, not being able to actually read and laulgh and enjoy this site like it used to be before all the garbage came oozing out of so many’s heads. I mean, fun is fun, but, it has gone way beyond that, now.

      Just to be practicing what I feel, I am not going to relate any of my feelings about Adam that I feel is at the least inappropriate, and at best, insulting. That is not why I post. I am going to post on the things Adam wants to be judged on, his music.

      I can have fun. Can talk about how much I love him and am a true fan. How gorgeous he is, how I wish he were next to me right now. But, no more demeaning, insulltilng, inappropriate posting on his body parts, anymore. I just hate what this has turned into.

      A few months back, we xould all have a good time with it all. But, since some new posters have come onto this site and brought along their garbage-laden thoughts and posted them here, it is now becoming a very black site. People posting me all the time b/c I disagree with them. That’s what I expect, but not to the point where some posters just look for my post and see who might disagree with me, then just ‘reply’ that they don’t like my thinking either, a kind of “piling on”, a gang type of atmosphere. It’s all b/c they feel threatened themselves.Can’t just post their feeling.Need to have someone post something derrogative first, then they can pile on. Oh, it won’t change my mind. Won’t run me off. Just is insulting to this website and what it stands for, in my humble opinion.

      Bellelinda’s voice falls on deaf ears. Too bad, she just wants to be part of something bigger than the other sites we all used to talk about. How the other sites used such fowel language and was mean and had a nasty atmosphere. I feel for Bellelinda and all the other people who would like to give their thoughts on Adam’s amazing talent and music and his extrordinary looks, and let it go only that far. The rest is a big TURN OFF for decent-minded people. Leave that kind of language and phrasing and comments to private emails between you and your co=horts. Don’t ugly-up this site of Adam’s here.
      I’m no more perfect than anyone else, but I know when enough is enough. I hope others will also.

  8. I DID NOT WASTE MY TIME ON THESE ARTICLES. The first paragraph is enough for me to know no to waste my time on them. If pictures of Adam are not complimentary to him, I don’t see them.
    I would think that Adam would be to BUSY to respond to any articles that are not about his entertainment abilities. His personal life and choices in whatever sexual conintations he chooses is his personal life.
    Basically the more you stir poo poo the more it stinks. I have Adam in a higher catagory than stirring poo poo. Or responding to any of the articles that will be written about him if they are not positive .
    Adam, don’t get lost, remember to stay true to yourself.
    I love Adam, I don’t care what they say about him. He is PRECIOUS to me an many of his fams feel the same way.

  9. Thanks Bellelinda and Cheryl334–my thoughts exactly. I think Adam would be so embarrassed by some of the posts that have been written lately. It’s come to the point where I have been hoping that Adam never reads this site because of the pornography that has been going on now for too many weeks. (and it IS porn). I think Adam would not want to be friends with people like that–he surely wouldn’t get a “giggle” out of this crude material, Mary C.

    Adam’s a brilliant performer. HE WILL BE A SUPERSTAR, and I know when Sunday night comes around and he performs–it will be like nothing anyone has ever seen or heard before. GO ADAM–YOU ARE GOING TO THRILL US ALL SUNDAY NIGHT AND FOR MANY, MANY MORE YEARS TO COME. YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A GREAT GUY!!! Love ya!

  10. There are ssosoooooo many gay people in the entertainment industry and never in the ‘Out ‘ magazine. Creativity is right brain activity and political, issues,and controversy are left brain activites-which incidently depletes energy and blocks creativity.i think instinctively that artists know that somehow; thusly,they stay away from those situations -other than those, of course, who are following their heartin which , they are guided along the political path in the same way entertainers are guided along a different path. Know thyself, be true to thyself, and live and let live.Adam was never designed for anything but entertainment business and it does millions of us good as well -his following his heart/path/stars.