Reminder-Nightline Interview with Adam Lambert-03/12/2010

Thanks for the heads up tweet:
ainow~~Check out @adamlambert on @nightline this Friday, Match 12th, talking about the music he grew up with and what he’s listening to now!

Back on February 15th, things got even more exciting and busy for Adam, as he was spotted shooting an interview segment with Nightline on the rooftop lounge of the Kimberly Hotel. The following pictures were taken:







  1. he’s got the thinnest legs I have ever seen!!

    • Anyone who has questions about Adam’s legs should go to YouTube and check out his performance at Mardi Gras in Australia last week. Watch the video of FYE, or check out the photos. Or try EVERY guy should have such legs. (I can’t believe I am sending this…..It’s all about the music isn’t it????? Yeah, right!!!)

  2. Hey, you can’t wear those tight, tight, skinny jeans if you have hamhock thighs! He looks sexy and fabulous, as usual!

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    AMEN DD!!!!!….They don’t usually look that thin I don’t think….thanks Sue for the Nightline reminder!

  4. Libraglam says:

    Hot ! Hot tigh jeans ! 😉
    Never get tired of watching ADAM’s cool pictures.

  5.’s the camera angle that’s makes Adam legs look thin.. his legs are fabulous!!

  6. Evette #419 says:

    I’m so impressed. Nightline. Go ADAM!

  7. k. morgan says:

    Just remember what Paula said, he will be iconic. Paula may have been a bit ditsy at times but she is extremely knowledgable about the music world. Adam has that certain quality that just makes your heart, soul and not to mention your body go OMG, so hot, so sweet, so beautiful inside and out and sooooo talented. He has a great head on his shoulders and keeps everything real and does not get lost in the whole entertainment world craziness that a lot of artist tend to do. If he keeps that way he will rock the music industry because he is so good at everything.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Amen girlfriend! And just think, other countries are just discovering how great he is NOW. By the time he gets back to the states he is going to be MASSIVE. We are talking world domination…oh yeah baby. Dominate me Adam!!!

  8. waveridergal says:

    Well K Morgan you have just said it all. I agree. Especially the good head on the shoulders part. It makes a HUGE difference. I just might add though, his articulate speech and obvious joy that he projects are amazing.

  9. ADAM already was a Superstar waiting to happen!…..

  10. I totally agree that Adam has what it takes. That’s what we’re so devoted. What I can’t imagine is what his fame will look like when he is even more popular or loved by many more millions. What are we talking about? He already has screamers–and fainters–when he sings and an insanely devoted fanbase that’s growing every day. As a former crazy Beatles fan, I’m kinda scared and excited for Adam. At least there were 4 Beatles. All this pressure is going to be on our Adam. I don’t want our devotion to cost him any more privacy or safety.

  11. It’s the pose and black pants that make his legs look thin. I’ve seen him in short shorts and — believe me — he has the shapliest, sexiest legs I’ve ever seen on a man!! Just delicios!!!!! Makes me hot just thinking about them!!!!!!

  12. I misspelled “delicious” because I was so excited! Also, since I’ve “known” Adam, I’ve used more exclamation points than I’ve ever used in my life!!! And I’m a teacher!!! But I have run out of superlatives and adjectives to describe him. Words like “spectacular” and “genius” just are’t enough…

    • Eileen, I know exactly what you mean. Same here. More exclamation points and I always have to check my spelling. Doesn’t mean that I don’t miss a word sometimes. Maybe I should go with more adjectives and superlatives. I’ll have to get the old dictionary out. Adam just makes us
      feel like teenagers again!!

  13. Is it just me or is American Idol Season 9 BORING this season. It just feels like there is noone to look forward to seeing on the stage this season….nothing against the contestants this year but really and truly, nothing can ever beat last season!!

    • KO's smiling says:

      I’ve been watching since season 3, and every year there’s a contestant who wows me (even a little bit). This year? No one sings with any power. The judges don’t even talk about the singing. I miss Adam. 🙁

  14. Glad to see Adam holds NO grudges towards NBC. He truly lives “love overcomes hate” creed. He us destined for greatness!!! ALL IS LOVE!!’n

    • Yes! All is Love and Love is the Higher Law……He lives it and exudes it and look at all the wonderful things that are coming his way!

  15. Thanks Sue for the reminder. I don’t know what I’d do if I did not receive Enews and updates.
    It’s great to see Adam on his tour. That way, we don’t miss him as much.
    Thanks again.

  16. Anyone who has any questions about Adam’s legs…simply go to YouTube and check out his performance at Mardi Gras in Australia last week. Watch the video or take a look at the photos…..Every guy should have such legs. I can’t believe I am sending this. It’s all about the music, isn’t it????? Right!!!!

  17. moski, I have to agree with you. I find American Idol totally booooring this year. I’ve been trying to watch it, but it’s not the same anymore. Last year AI was so exciting!! And only because of ADAM!!! No one on AI this year has the IT factor like Adam has. He is so unique and one-of-a-kind!!! It reminds me of Elvis. I never thought anyone could be as exciting and fabulous and iconic, as Elvis–UNTIL ADAM!!! I love you Elvis, but you have met your match. In fact, my mother and I both agree that Adam sings better than Elvis. Elvis is special and unique in and of himself, but Adam…he’s in a very special league of his own. I absolutely love to hear him sing–among other things. And he’s soooooo smooth and easy on the eyes.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      the ONLY reason I’m watching this year is to see the week that ADAM returns to perform! as far as I’m concerned, they can’t top last season – and yes ALL because of Adam. He MADE season 8… Period.