This is what American Idol Season 8 Last Show will look like (VIDEO)

This is the finale performance of the Zodiac Show at Avalon Hollywood. Dedicated to Gabriel Paige. Featuring Adam Lambert, Carmit Bachar, Allan Louis, Scarlett, Alisan Porter, Ty Taylor

Staging by Carmit Bachar and Leo Moctezuma
Latin section choreographed by Willie Watana
Latin section arranged by Ameenah Kaplan
The Zodiac Show Directed by Lee Cherry
Executive Producers: Carmit Bachar and Lee Cherry

Remember that huge show before they announced David Cook as the american idol season 7 winner? Well, I THINK, this year is going to be JUST A BIT more GLAMOROUS. Even Simon is going to get up on stage and start dancing:


  1. now that’s a celebration!