Red Carpet ‘Coorespondant’ at Grammys!

It might have been a hint already, seeing as Adam was featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, in which he commented on some of the Grammy nominees (obviously flailing over Lady Gaga and Beyonce again):


And on Ryan’s radio show, Adam already gave away that it was ‘very likely’ that he would do the red carpet coverage for the Grammys; but since nothing was confirmed yet he couldn’t give the details, to Ryan’s chagrin. Now, however, Adam took his twitter to tell the world – in his completely own style – what he was going to do for the Grammys:

First, he tweeted “More good news: I will be Entertainment Weekly’s Red Carpet Coorespondant for the GRAMMYS! “Who are you wearing?!”

Then he obviously caught (or was made aware by a dozen twats) his latest word invention: “Correspondent. Spelling. My specialty.

After which he realized yet another, probably even more drastic, mistake in his first tweet: “Shoot! Entertainment TONIGHT! not weekly. Hahah post-nap haze got me all stupid.

It did already sound a bit weird, doing the Grammys coverage for EW. But in the end, the big word came out: Adam will be interviewing the celebs at the Grammys for Entertainment Tonight! Sounds like a really nice gig for him, and just imagine how awesome it would be if he would get to interview Lady Gaga on the red carpet?!


  1. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I seriously need to learn how to use twitter — anyone want to give me twitter lessons? I have not a single clue!!! Adam is way too cute for words!!!

    • Della, go to and click sign up. Its easy, just follow the steps. Then u can get all these tweets or twats firsthand.

      • AdamAddict says:

        After you sign up,Della,you come and join us.You follow Mary C,meaning you follow lots of Glambs.It’s fun! 🙂

        • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

          I will try!! I have an account but I don’t know what to do with it!!

          • Pepper Mill says:

            Same here……I do not know why everything has to be so complicated. Because of Adam, I am more into learning a LOT of new things on my computer. Got a long way to go. PepperMill #344

  2. Sure anytime we get to see Adam no matter what he is doing is a great gig. As well as he is interviewed, I know he will be great on the other side of the mic. He’ll probably be happy as a clam!
    He’s a singer……….Would love to see him sing WWFM @ the Grammys.

    • This is what is so great about Adam, he is so happy and enthusiastic for other people to be succesfull and live their dreams. I think him popping up at all these events and being so smart, funny and well dressed on top of that is very good for his overall visibility amongst A list celebrities.
      He must feel on top of the world sometimes, still lonely at night though……..

      • Oh Irena, if he would only call me,,,,,,,,,,,he wouldnt have to be so lonely!!!!!

        I also want to add, love how you said Adam is so well dressed at these events. Boy is he,
        looks like a million bucks, all these classy suits, boots etc. He has the look going on………………..

        • Hey Guys!

          If you go back to all of these artists Adam has made more famous by his “Shout outs” to listen to them, he should get some credit here. Kings of Leon took off after Adam kept mentioning how much he liked them.. They were unknowns before that. He says so many nice compliments about all these artists and I have not heard it reciprocated from many.
          I Know Adam motto is giving out good. I love that about him.

          BUT ~~~~ I think this Blacklisting has gone toooo far,, Adam should be , If not singing, PRESENTING to his peers at the Grammys~~~~ NOT interviewing his PEERS!
          Im not a fan of this GIG! Sorry Guys!!

          • Judy Lushman says:

            Summer, I felt this way at first as well, but after I thought about it some more, Adam is doing what he always dreamed about doing “what are you wearing?” and he is getting some visibility in the presence of A-listers in the industry. Only good can come from it. Taylor Swift interviewed the stars on the red carpet as well and look where she is now

            • Judy

              Your right, I will support anything Adam does and I will be by his side. I was just expressing my frustration on the blacklisting he has been through!! i get sick to my stomach about it all.
              There are so many haters out there and I don’t want Adam to do anything that they can twist into a negative.

              He needs to focus on the SINGING like everyone is SALIVATING for!!

              Even the haters want to hear him SING!!

  3. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Adam will be great. Imagine…interviewing all these people….many of whom, he is a fan….he will have a blast…and surely he’ll ask more interesting questions than the usual ones…..

    He and his manegement are doing a great job at promoting him…..

    Surely would love to watch him performing at the Grammys…but next year…..we’ll have him all over the awards.


  4. Adam will Make the Red Carpet for ET. This means that I will have to watch a different channel because I usually watch E with Juliana and Ryan Seacrest! They are really gonna miss out! Entertainment Tonight has some smart people there, who have realized that putting Adam on the red carpet is pure genius!! I feel the tide turning guys! Will just take a little more time and Adam is really gonna take off!!! Hope he is ready! GO ADAM!

  5. please vote to vh1 top20 ,make him no.1 for his birthday and as well and mtv and fuse.

    • Zenos….thank you for your reminders to vote and for the links…..very much appreciated.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Thank you for the reminder to vote. I’ll let my friends know.

      • Just a friendly reminder that you must complete the ENTIRE grid (i.e., not just Adam in the first spot) for the vote to count. This is per VH1 rules.

        • Filling in the entire grid is only if you want to win a prize. “If the order of your selections matches the order of this week’s show ranking, you might win an exclusive VH1 Top 20 T-shirt!” Otherwise just choose who you want as number one. Personally, I don’t care about the contest, only Adam.

          • Rhosan

            SORRY YOU ARE WRONG~~~~~ You DO NEED to fill out the ENTIRE GRID FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT!!!
            IF you match the order that they play every Saturday, you can win a prize, but YOU STILL HAVE TO FILL OUT THE ENTIRE GRID FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT!!!

            This is why Adams FYE fell OFF THE CHART!!! PLease do not make this mistake again!!

            Also– EVERYTIME you link on to any of Adams Videos on VH1, MTV, he gets votes and that is how they determine who gets on the top 20~~~ by YOUR VIEWING THE VIDEOS!! So visit the sites, View video, and vote!!

            This is a VERY IMPORTANT CONTEST WEEKLY!! It solidifies the ARTIST to get maximum airplay which is more exposure ~~ which means more sales of CD.

            PLease Do NOT underestimate the importance of this..
            It is a blast to come here and chat, but spend time on all the other sites voting for everything Adam to help his climb to fame.

    • we do need to be reminded and the link helps. we do have lives and i only reserve voting for big spots like vh1 and mtv. But Kris No. One? I couldn’t’ sit through his whole video. Slow and boring.

    • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

      Zenos, thanks for musiqtone link. Just went and voted. Adam in #2 spot only 4,000+ votes behind Tokio Hotel. Come on Glambs get out and vote. We need to keep the focus on Adam!

      BTW, loved Adam on Ellen!!!!

  6. I don’t like him doing the carpet. Rather see him as nominated for best new artist. Or just be a guest. Too much room for gushing in a not too cool way. And to me that is a “C” list singer gig. What is really funny, isn’t ET an ABC show!!?

    • buffy522, since you brought it up, I’m thinking a message is being sent here. It may stem from the
      AMA performance. Oh God, Adam is so gracious, accepts with a smile always. He was asked why he wasnt performing and he says ” I dont know, ask them”

      I can totally invision him performing at the Grammy’s singing WWFM, casual look , the shaggy,whispy
      hair look! He would rock the house down! and gain tons of more fans!

    • Hey, Buffy, I’m not too happy about it either. Reminds me of Justin Guarini who is now doing TV Guide channel reporting.

      But the bottom line is, Adam was not nominated by the members of NARAS for this year. Maybe next year. So, if he’s not nominated, there’s no reason for him to sing on the show.

      I think from Adam’s point of view, though, he’s happy just to be out and about. Remember, his humility and gratitude are some of the reasons we love him so much. So let’s try to be happy for him.

      It came as a shock to me to hear an interview this week where he said for his first tour he might be the opening act for someone else. I think he has downsized his expectations somewhat. For me, I can’t conceive of him ever being anything but the main attraction. To me, he will always be the star, no matter what he does. And this weekend, he will be the “star” of the Red Carpet!

    • Buffy

      I Agree, Im not a fan of this GIG at all. He should not be singing because he did not do enough in 09 yet, but he SHOULD DEFINITELY be presenting to his peers. Then singing this year.

      Also, fact is that this WAS ADAMS IDEA!! HE WANTED TO DO THIS!! I think he just wants to be visable.

      He should pick and choose wisly now.
      NO up and coming singing artist has done this before, it just is uncomfortable for me. He tis oo good of a singer to be just interviewing his peers.
      He should create some mystery.

  7. I checked my comcast tv guide, and can’t find where ADAM and the ET red carpet show will be….not listed before the awards show on any channel that I see! Please let me know so that I don’t miss it! I’ve been out of the loop again for over a week this time….hopefully “healthy” is back in my life so that I can keep up with everything!!!