Realite: Interview with Entertainment Weekly

Interview with Michael Slezak:




  1. Adam, your genius of a talent with carry you throughout your life. You do not have to explain yourself. Your true fans get you and will stick with you. Love you Adam!

  2. I love Adam….I love all his performances… never know what is going to happen…..He is exciting! I love his album.

  3. Adam you don’t have to defend your performance, whoever does’nt like your performance then don’t watch it, there are more people who appreiciate all your talent.

  4. I knew it, i knew it! hehehe… he had a WTF moment at the end=) i love slezak interviews… this is the honesty and somewhat humility/responsibility I’ve been looking for… not an apology which i knew wasnt forthcoming from Adam… but it’s much more acceptable to my conservative side—-yeah so screw me, right? i wish that other people can just shut up, listen and process what Adam is saying too… this whole uproar tells us so much about where America is at. wow, a wtf moment with the Glambert himself;p

  5. AdamRocks! says:

    What a GREAT interview! Michael Slezak, I love you. . . not as much as Adam, of course!

    Thank you, Adam, for bringing such fun, and joy, and beauty, and inspiration into my life. You’re my hero!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  6. Yes, there are a few excellent interviewers out there. Maybe it’s the chemistry with Adam as well. Adam makes a great interview subject, never at a loss for words, lots of eloquent intelligence combined with humour! Bravo Slezak, another score for you!

  7. Absolutely fantastic interview. Great job Mr. Slezak and thanks for being so real Adam.

  8. this is so funny I love the part where he puts his hands together like OMG I can’t believe I just did that

  9. Dianne Hill says:

    I remember the interview that Michael Sleazak did with Adam just after Idol finished. That was one of the best interviews. He is really good at
    getting his guests to talk and Adam has plenty to say, that is what I love about him. I don’t blame him for not wanting to explain all the time.
    He has had to do a lot of that lately and he shouldn’t have to. Onwards and Upwards Adam, you can only go to the top you sweet sexy man.

  10. Great interview Michael Slezak! He always bring the best out of Adam and makes the interview so refreshing and intelligent.

  11. ‘Don’t care if you understand’!…………No apology required ADAM! Love these Michael Slezak interviews. He has a really special approach and refrains from the same old
    questions that get thrown at ADAM over and over ‘again! and again, again’!!!!!!! Love the coolness and spunk from ADAM…..he always speaks his mind so brillantly and it is sooooooooooo refreshing! There is a magnetism that explodes from ADAM!

  12. Thanks for bringing us this great interview with Adam. I have a friend guy, also older, we’re in the 70’s, and he taped the AMA for me and didn’t like Adam’s performance…and then he taped all the interviews on CBS…and he was impressed with Adam’s thoughtful responses and bright, intelligent language.
    He has become a fan…Adam is unique and we love him for that authenticity. He illustrates that pop-rockers can speak the language well, have a superb
    vocabulary and actually process questions. Love him…he is a star in so many ways.
    Glamb 41, Lynnsy

  13. Adam is for al a entertainner and graet singer.

    But also a great human

    Great interview by the way love it tanks for Michael Slevak

  14. Keep your vibrations high, Adam, sweetie pie, remember The Secret is what they said in the sixties-high vibes win.Those who are all upset, freaking out are bronging loss into their experiences.- they are less your problem and far more their own problem.. I love your CD, start to finish, all the tracks. I keep one in the house and one in the car, I hoped I woud like it, and am happy to be able to say I just love it. And, I saw you sing w your new band on Letterman Wednesday-your band is great. Albert Einstein said “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” and Einstein also said.”Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep moving to stay in balance.” So, as a adoraable brillant singer once said. “Next”.

  15. Great interview, Wonder what Michaels Mom said about the show? I know she loves Adam like we do.It’s time to move on, he’s explained enough. Time to talk about how great the CD is. I have never had a CD before that I loved it all.

  16. Great interview, more like a conversation between two friends, excellent.

  17. ADAM as usual is the BEST!!! I love to listen his interviews as well as listen him to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LibraLamb7 says:

    Great interview & I think there’s more of this to come w/Sleazak next week…Need to watch for it.

  19. Love Adam’s new CD — great job!!!
    Even though I was a little disappointed in the AMA performance, hearing Adam in interviews talking about everything going on in his life so far is refreshing and honest. The reason I didn’t care for the AMA act was it didn’t showcase his beautiful and sexy voice. He has so much talent it is mind boggling and I hope he grows into a great musical star. I enjoyed the music video of “For Your Entertainment,” his live performances on Letterman and the CBS Early Show and his other music video from the movie 2012. He is very versatile, theatrical, lively, entertaining, talented and unique with his style. I love Glambert and will always be a true fan. And he knows who he is, what he wants to accomplish, true to himself and wants to just plain entertain people.

  20. I also thought this was a great interview. It was an interesting interview as Adam was very overt about his feelings and I was interested to hear about the technical problems associated with singing. He is , indeed, a very articulate and intelligent young man. He has brought so much happiness and beauty into our lives. How can you not love him.
    Thank you for this interview.

  21. AdamAddict says:

    I love this so much.Although Adam doesn’t have to explain things but I’m glad he did,make us understand him more and I always love to watch his interview.I love he answered questions.Brilliant.All his answers make me nodding and yes,yes!LOL!!There’s something that I said before,he said now.So,nodding again.haha!Like come to mama.I heard that before,a lot.Everybody get so horny in tour when he teased the mic stand.he thought people enjoy it.Then the “cocky”(some people use that word)at the end,I saw the picture in other sites,they show Adam reaction after the “cocky” look.He did it like he mention in interview.The picture show he kinda lift his shoulder and was like “What?Oops,did I just do that?”And the expression explained all.He wasn’t cocky.The fell,I heard the sound of falling the second time.I didn’t know he fell for the 1st time.Ninja roll?LOL!Funny!So many answer that I love but my fav. is when CBS blur his kissing Tommy but then show the pic of Britney and Madonna kissing!Ooopss!Haha,CBS didn’t think of that?haha,great!Coz Adam no need to say much,just you prove my point!haha!!Soooo true!!And love him when he talk about the riffle,violence and sexual.LOL!!”Ok,it’s cool,I got it!”LOL!!Adam si so smart.I love this interview and I LOVE ADAM! <3

  22. Wow — Another great interview with Slezak!! Adam — We love you sooo much!! We forgive you for all the explaining we have to do to our friends who know we are crazy fans!! I I got so many calls after the AMA show ( including my son!! ) I completely understand — and I’m pretty defensive against those who criticize what went on. I GET IT!! I will be with you all the way!!! I’m a diehard Glambert and will continue to support you throughout your journey. Your CD is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I can’t get enough of it!!!

    All fans should forward this interview to everyone — it explains not only Adam’s actions, but also the vocal challenges on that night. There were reasons that he did not sound as great as usual! And although Adam is not out to represent any cause, the double standard (ok for Madonna to kiss Brittany – but not Adam to kiss a male on stage) is pretty amazing. LETS FOCUS ON THE MUSIC PLEEEEZE!!!!! He is an extraordinary talent and will be here, like it or not, for many many years to come.


    Glambert #2397

  23. Adam is so articulate and intelligent! Slezak always gives us a great interview and brings the best out of Adam!

  24. leilani aloha says:

    Adam did it again!:) Great interview!!!
    Check this out, was looking at Numerology ” Glynis has your number” by Glynis McCants
    & looked into Adam’s destiny # & boy from what Glynis wrote it is pretty AMAZING for our Adam boy:)

    Adam, do check this out-
    His birth name & birthdate adds up to his destiny # 2
    “# 2 destiny is to bring people together in Peace & Harmony:)
    #2 is the consumate mediator, makes good judges& often active in civil rights work..
    Don’t let compassion overhwhem you.
    If you do not stay strong within yourself, you will not be effective in the work that means so much to you.
    You love unconditionally, & while you are a fine parent & mate, you will ultimately find a way to bring these qualities to the world at large.
    You have inate pyschic abilities.
    Remember not to take on the pain of others , or you can be tempted to retreat within yourself.
    Your destiny is to stay in the world & create a better one ”

    Isn’t that amazing & how Adam is alraedy having that affect on a lot of us :):):)
    Adam u Rock &u keep singing & being creative !!!

    We love your CDs!!!

    • That also fits in well with his astrological birthchart: two Libra signs- graciousness, harmony, two Aquarius signs -peacemaker, world view, ahead of his time, his fiery Aries moon, and his sensible hard working Venus in Capricorn

  25. Love this interview. Adam wanted so much to totally fit in. Adam is still in the learning stage and I know that Ada, for me has been so inspiring and has given me so much. The excitment of the music and of what life emotionally has to offerus. Also how fantastic he is as an entertainer. I am entertained and emotionally drawn to Adam’s emotional coupling with his songs. He brings so much to each song he performs and The joy he feels toward entertaining people and sing is so apparent. I think it was a case of trying too hard. Where were his mentors?? We all wanted his performance to to be perfect. So He got carried away give the guy a brake people. He is young but most of all the most talented person I have encountered in years. He has that something special.



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