Rave Reviews From The UK To Adam Lambert

My mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
No worries here mom, these are all stellar reviews!! I love reading the positive stuff, and I especially enjoyed the third review where it says that Adam has the last laugh! You can say that again…<*cough~Kris~cough*>


“For Your Entertainment” UK Reviews
Adam Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment finally released in the UK and critics can’t stop raving about it. Check out these fantastic reviews below!







  1. Mo-Ski says:

    Well we knew all that already !!! :LOL

  2. Wow! Those are fantastic~I am so happy people everywhere are loving our HBIC sooo much!!

  3. YAY!!!!! GO BB

  4. LuvAdam476 says:

    I have to laugh…. the third review about having the last laugh by entirely eclipsing whoever it was who beat him!!!! ROFLMAO You gotta love the UK!!!

    I just love how the world embraces Adam and all the positive energy that he exudes and draws from us!! I love being Glambert #476. What an honor.


  5. I know there are still lots of us out here that dont have our glambert numbers can anyone help with that? thanks!!

    • DNSowles says:

      I am one who has been reading this site from the beginning and I didn’t get a number. Wasn’t exactly sure how to. But I LOVE our Adam and got to meet him in Grand Rapids. He is the BEST singer I have ever heard! Would love to have a glambert #!!!

  6. leilani aloha says:


  7. I’m so proud of Adam and reading these great reviews just swells my chest (which is pretty big already). We all knew it, didn’t we? And now the world knows it! He’s got everything!

  8. 6reya77 says:

    Obsessed with adam to the max but, poor kris, he’s not the one in fault, its his vorters

  9. Rhosan says:

    I really loved the 4th review. “Far from being swamped by his collaborators, Lambert rises to the top…” I think that is saying so much because he had so many strong personalities working on his album and Adam shines above everyone. A lesser artist would have been buried. Of course BB likes the top. 😉 Adam so deserves all of the love he has been receiving overseas.

  10. EternalGlamNation says:

    These are wonderful to read! So glad they “get” our Adam. Love, love, love the fierce picture they used for the cover. As I mentioned in a previous post, I flipped my cover around and had that as the front of my CD since day one.

    On another note, there is no reason to be unkind to Kris. He’s a very talented young man in his own right and will succeed or fail based on his own merits. What happens with his career has absolutely nothing to do with what happens with Adam’s. Let it go.

    Here’s to the goodness, honor and amazing talent that is Adam Lambert!


  11. well said:) Great Reviews Adam deserves it All:) He has worked hard for so long:)

  12. PaulaGlamb says:

    I wish that every single music listener, producer, fan, show, radio/tv station etc in this country could read these articles!!! OMG, I am so proud of our Adam. The saying goes ” The sky is the limit” but I am starting to believe that from now on there are no more boundaries or limits for our Adam……ROCK – SEX GOD and VOCALS that are able to transport us to a third dimension, maybe fourth dimension on even fifth……………………. LOVE YOU ADAM.

    • buffy522 says:

      Thanks Paula Glam. You are so right. Well worth it! So cool. I love that the fans are posting stuff on this site. Keeps me going much longer than just the introduction!

  13. adamfan says:

    Maybe “Can’t let you go” would be the next single. – it’s
    so powerful. I know everyone likes sleepwalker – they’re both amazing.

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree. I am addicted to it…still! But those radio stations……Maybe adult contemporary, wherever that is would like it?

  14. PaulaGlamb says:

    Hey Everybody you need to see this video that I just found on you tube about Adam’s Nation Glam Tour.
    It’s worth you time……………check it out


  15. IDOLize says:

    Holding my breath – to what Jonathan ( Wossy) Ross is going to come out with on his show with Adam. ( aired this Fri) i hear Jake from Brokeback mountain was a guest too-….. as i said… i’m holding my…………… ( gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssp !!!)

  16. Ninalatina9 says:

    Love, love, love the glamreviews. I am so excited for this awesome handsome man! He rox me out everytime!!!! Go go Adam!!

  17. Glenda #1946 says:

    Thank you so much PaulaGlam for the U-Tube video. It really is a great promotional video for the tour!!!!

  18. Cynthia - Glam #575 says:

    been a huge Adam fan from the beginning. My grown sons think I am crazy for being so obsessed and are ready to put me in a home. Hopefully there will be other Glamfans there. Seriously, though, I have frequented this fan site since the early days and applied for a Glam #, too. Didn’t find out I had a # until just a couple of weeks ago. I googled myself and a clip from one of my reply to this site popped up including a Glam # attached. Hope this helps someone else find theirs. Got tickets to the Council Bluffs, IA concert. Pre-sale code came a week after sales to public, but I bought my GA ticket directly from the casino and spent 40 bucks including tax on my ticket. Screw the ticket web sites. This concert is an outdoor amphitheater where you bring a lawn chair/folding chair and a backpack and paaaaaaarty! Can’t wait.

  19. patricia Pearce says:

    I believe the dancer in fishnets is a male dressed as a female. Many “mamma’s” were upset by the AMA performance and their daughters are being denied the right to see their idol as a consequence. I firmly believe it is sufficient that the world is well aware of the fact that Adam is gay and rightfully proud of it, but he is doing himself a tremendous disservice by bringing his friends on stage with him. Just look at the positioning of the dancer’s left arm. I repeat, Adam has said he wants to be known as a singer, not as a gay singer. He simply cannot have his cake and eat it too.

    A large percentage of PROFESSIONAL, WELL TRAINED male dancers are gay and they may very well cross dress in clubs, but loyal Adam must have professionals and Sony must hire a choreographer to work out routines as all major stars have had this service.

    • wake up !
      is 21 century not middle eve
      Adam is an enterteiner , the best by my taste and i am an educated women
      live Adam alone to live his life and if you dont’t like don’t look , or change the channel
      there is a lot of people who likes him , one less not means much , and Adam and Sony knows theyer job. I tell you something , only in middle america is a worry coz Adam is gay , in Germany for exemple, all winners of similar Idol are gay and nobody comments . Your comment is homophob.

  20. Daffyd says:

    Can’t be the only one to notice how hard Adam is working.. His schedule seems non-stop, as do his fans who are following his rise to the top. His glam Tour appears to be sold out as soon as tickets are available. He never stops smiling, singing, being polite and kind to everyone. He said on A1, it prepared him to work “his butt off”. Are all rising stars taking their band?/friends along for the stardom ride. If everyone knowing your name, your picture on/in magazines around the world, and playing your music to these diverse audiences is any indication, well the stars are aligned at this time, in this place for it to happen. I quote the last article. “A star is born!” P.S, can’t hurt that he’s got the best voice to come along in years!

  21. Hate homophobe comments……

  22. dainty says:

    Adam, it’s good that you can still make out with girls like Ke$ha, by kissing her. We can always fantasize we’re Ke$ha. (It’s good too that you sleep with boys so I won’t have to fantasize too much sleeping with you. He-he)


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