Randy Jackson Pumps Adam Lambert While Promoting New HOT Band Paper Tongues!!

While listening to Randy Jackson being interviewed by Jim Cantiello from MTV News about one of my favorite bands, Paper Tongues, Randy manages to slip in a great comment pumping Adam Lambert up. Check it out at 2:04.

And if you’re going to be in Las Vegas to see Adam Lambert on July 31 and you’re there a day early, check out Paper Tongues in the Bang a Gong Tour at Hard Rock Café on the strip July 30, for only $12. Fan site administrator Lila and I have already bought our tickets! They’re playing with 2 other bands whose clips sound really good too. Please don’t kill me with comments, I’m not trying to take attention away from Adam, but Lila and I discovered Paper Tongues playing on the same show with Muse in Las Vegas last December and think everyone should have a chance to love them too. We fell in love with their music and went up to The Troubador in Los Angeles to see them last month, where we met Randy Jackson that night.

Here’s some Paper Tongues for you to check out! This is their current release, “Trinity,” off their self-titled album. Lead singer Aswan North is an amazing writer, writing every song on the album. His signature high crescendo voice fills the stage with warmth, accompanying his electric dance moves. This was from Lopez Tonight last month. I had tickets and unfortunately Lila couldn’t go. I went by myself and saw this from front row center, the night before my birthday. I admit his voice was a bit rough that night, but it poured from his heart, as always. You’ll see me several times in the clip, wearing a bright pink sweater. After speaking with Aswan after the show at The Troubador, he recognized me here and at 3:54, took my hand for 5 seconds, then when he released it he touched his hand to his heart. I will never forget that birthday present!

I hope you become hooked on this great band too!

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Carol, no need to apologize! Adam is always promoting someone on Twitter and anyway, it’s all about listening to music again, right? You had the best seat in the house and looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

  2. Apparently Randy thinks that Adam won. I however am not feeling the comparison to the Great Adam Lambert here. While ok, Aswan’s voice kind of hurts my ears. Not much control or range either. Writing is important but doesn’t always translate to singing. Different strokes… good on Randy though for mentioning Adam although it seems like he kind of checked himself like he wasn’t suppose to (whats with that?)

    • cmhagey says:

      i am by no means comparing Adam’s voice to Aswan’s. Adam’s voice doesn’t compare to ANYONE’S! But I love Aswan’s voice too. It”s true rock and roll!


    • libraglam says:

      Thank you Carol for introducing for us and thinking of us when you see something you like. That is what it really counts here.

      Anyway, telling you the truth and hope you don’t mind….i was like a balloon after loosing helium after listening to this. The music is kind of different (nice) and the band can play more complex arrangment because it has lots of band members. However, the singer seemed to push himself “too hard” , it is like valley and hymalaya mountains when comparing him with ADAM where his voice is “effortless” (i am trying not to compare but i just can’t help). ADAM made me feel like i am flying on the sky. While this genteleman made me feel… so so “tired” cuz the more i listened to it, it made me feel like i had to “push” myself all time (i push , push, push and I have to breathe gasping for air). I am sorry to describe this way, but i try to be honest….lol .

      Since the day i have ADAM in my life, i often went back to listen to those i like before . And i am telling you the truth: ADAM has ruined them all !!!!!!!!!!!!! I end up went back to listen to ADAM
      before i go to bed otherwise I won’t have a good night sleep ( believe me i tried before) . Jeessh,
      ADAM is a drug…..i am so depend on it now. LOL ) So, I can no longer find those i like before as the same as i thought few years ago….isn’t it strange ??

      The only …ONLY and only person that i think ADAM can be compared is sir Elton John… I went to Elton John concert every year the last 6 yrs and he is like very delicate WINE, the older he gets , the better warmer voice he has and he has so much ranges (not counting about his talent in playing piano…) I heard that ADAM keeps secret about talking to Elton John very often since American Idol. ADAM once said the the phone number of a person whom he talked the most (right after Idol tour) was Elton John and he was not going to tell what they are talking. He frantly told everybody about it, so nobody dare to ask (And you know Elton like lots of privacy). I hope Elton John will pass his baton to ADAM in the future. Only ADAM deserves it when Elton retired. I can’t believe that time has gone by so fast. I remember when i was 14 in the early ’70 listen to Elton John music and he was about ADAM’s age or little younger. Then i switched to Queen, Bowie, Led Zeppelin ,Billy Idol, and many more but none i have such a passion like listening to ADAM voice and watch him performed. From now til then, i have one hope that ADAM will sing with Elton, just like Gaga sang with Elton last year. I want to see how the two voices sing together ( the most talented voices in the century, just in my personal opinion). Anyway, nothing is like ADAM voice, performance, and charisma on stage. Elton can sit and play piano as he always do, while ADAM run and dance on stage and they both sing…OMG…

      Anyway, ADAM It is like a bottle of Wine that was dated half a century ago and the world has just discovered it. I just can’t get enough of ADAM.

      It’s good for getting to know a rise of a new band. we need to know keeep up with waht is going on !!! That is what ADAM want us to do too. And i like the way aDAM live. He knows how to live.


      • Folks, again, I am not comparing and would appreciate it if you don’t either. Apples and oranges. But thanks Libraglam for taking the time to listen to this new group. I could have posted the official video of the song, where his voice does not sound so “pushed”. I fully admit his voice was not as strong that night as every other time I’ve heard it. but I wanted to share my experience with you so I chose this video instead.


        • I kind of liked the band. I was expecting just three of them, and then I realized that “Trinity” is the name of the song…DUH!

          Thank you Carol for all you do. I’m sort of kind of new to this site, so I’m just now learning yours and Sue’s name as the moderators or webmasters of this awesome website. If there is anyone else I left out, I thank them too ;-).

      • Sweetie says:

        Excellent description of how Adam’s music makes me feel vs. how this made me feel Libraglam!

      • Goodness, you are obsessed.

  3. his voice realy sharp hurts my ears-sorry

  4. Kitana 59 says:

    Sorry no comparison! Adam is still the best!

  5. LolaGlamb says:

    Carol, I really enjoyed these young men. I thought they had agood sound, and the lead singer is quite talented. There is no need to compare voices. There is room in this big ol’ world for all kinds of sounds, and I still enjoy listening to others when I can tear myself away from Adam! Adam is incomparable. But I refuse to shut myself away from appreciating the talent of others.

  6. adam is the best voice of the present generation. i remember the grandeur of the voice of johnny mathis. i wonder how will adam sing ave maria, a certain smile and somewhere my love in his own genre.adam makes me happy in my times of trouble thats what makes him different from other artists….. love ADAM………..

  7. I’ve never commented on an article or any website in my life of 37years. Like most of the addicted Glamberts fans, I can’t start my day or go to sleep without watching his videos of AI 8 or visisting this website. My husband thinks I am way too much crazy about him. I am from South Korea, here I got to see his performance by chance on the AI website, Since then I am not the same person..totally hooked up..Until I found about this website, I had been collecting his videos and listening/watching them..now I don’t need to go through ‘you tube’ to find abougt him.. I am dying to go to the States to see him in person..maybe next year.
    I have been really greatful to the people here who have been posting his concerts all over the places..and wanted ot show how greatful I am to get to see him at least through videos everyday…Thank you again.

    I needed some courage to write here..^_^

    • Dianna,
      Thank you for commenting! See, it wasn’t so hard, was it?! Adam has given many of us courage to do what we had never done before. Hope to hear from you again!

      Carol Glamb #7

  8. Donna Lee Glam #409 says:

    Carol, thanks for the suggestion. I checked out a couple of their youtube things, and LOVED them. I went directly to I-Tunes and bought their album which I’m listening to right now. Awsome! Edgy, a bit harsh, full of energy and passion, with a really positive attitude. I’m going to be at Adam’s Las Vegas show, but I was gonna hang out at Nipton on the 30th — a little place next to the Mojave National Preserve. I’m seeing both the Cosa Mesa shows and another show on the 29th, so I thought it would be nice to have a quiet, meditative break before Las Vegas. Now, however, I’m seriously considering driving straight to Vegas to catch the Tongues’s set at the Hard Rock. Maybe I’ll see you there? Thanks again.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      We’d love to see you there! This band is very different than Adam, but very fun, edgy and high energy. The songs really are very up beat and they have such a wonderful back story.

      After their set at the Troubador they all hung out in front of the stage and signed autographs. Even Randy stood there and talked to anyone who hung out. Randy even signed our CD. This was a couple of days before Adam performed on AI so when we ended up there as well I yelled “I LOVE ASWAN” to Randy during a commercial break as he was walking back stage. He turned and gave me a “dawg” smile and wave.

      PS: We have tickets to the Costa Mesa shows too. This will be quite a week!!!

    • Their CD is one of the few where I love every song on it! Especially For The People, Get Higher, What If?, Strongest Flame and Love Like You. I just love how his voice goes up, and up again. I hope you’ll come to the show. If so, buy your tix online with the link above. It’s only a $3 fee. We called the place and they said they’ve never had has many inquiries about a show as this one, and they think it will sell out online.


  9. Do not judge one performance of this great group of young men. The sound mix was not that good compared to other venues that they have played. I have seen them live many times and the quality of this one made for TV was not good at all.

  10. Carol, I like them. I really like them!! ha ha ha.. Seriously, I do like them. I guess some fans are pissed that you ;have Paper Tongues on here, instead of Adam.
    Lighten up everyone! We love Adam, and he has said that he listens to everyone, today.,
    Besides, I saw Adam on the re-run of Ellen’s show, yesterday. And, we can always access him through YouTibe or this site. You’re not being disloyal by listening to another band on here.
    Thanks, Carol I love Paper Tongues’ sound.


  11. KO's smiling says:

    Thanks for the tip — looked into them further, and they’re too Christian rock for my preferences. BUT — super catchy and a definite radio hit!

  12. patricia Pearce says:

    carol or sue, I sure hope you can help me out. I’m going to the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Concert at the end of August by myself and am terrible with directions despite my GMS. Two separate ladies, one named Penny, contacted me from Florida. If you’d be willing to post this on your site I really hope one of them will contact me. Penny had a friend from Boone, NC and they will stay with a friend in Durham where I hope to meet them. Getting nervous again wondering if I can put worry behind me.
    Lynne Pearce
    e-mail: skinnylynnie@nc.rr.com

    *I don’t know how to get a “Glam name” or how to tweet, go on facebook. I appreciate any help you may give me.