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Adam Lambert OMG!!!
~O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam Lambert is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Not only to look at…honest, nice to fans….real. WOW!
So yes, he was wearing black and silver polish, black everything…the hair was edgy and fits his personality perfectly…just plain ole wonderful all the way around!! He did not sing at our sit down interview but DID invite all who were there to come to the soundcheck which they LOVED. He wanted to rest the voice for the show that kicks off his 70 city tour and starts right here in Wilkes Barre!!!! Amazing that it all starts here!! We are so lucky! And get ready for a HUGE show. Orianthi , Alison from American Idol and MY ADAM. I think he’s great.


Part 1:

Part 2:



  1. He is so honest and real, unlike so many fake celebrities. Its very refreshing. He really believes in his music and its shows 🙂 <3

  2. I love the fact that Lane is in the one of the still shots and she’s looking like a pit bull at the camera person who’s taking the pics of Adam. And I say that really affectionatly because Lane is so devoted to Adam, I’m not sure that man gets to sleep alone without her every night! 🙂

    • adamfan says:

      I’d be happy to offer my services to give Lane a much needed break
      anytime haha!

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    what a nice interview….I just found out he is coming to Wichita, Ks in July and I’m moving from there on June 25th…!!!! I’M AM SOOOO UPSET YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!! (WELL i’M SURE YOU DO ACTUALLY) I’VE WAITED & WAITED FOR HIS TOUR..GRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. Adamisamazing says:

    I love listening to Adam because he is so intelligent, articulate and interesting. He is so charming, positive and loveable. Great interview – thanks so much for posting. Just love him more anytime I hear him…speaking or singing.

  5. Adam has remained himself throughout the past year, this is what makes him so loveable, he is honest, sweet, very unique and talented artist, has his own style of music, all his own ideas, and he knows what he is all about. I just love who he is and what he stands for.

  6. I love listening to his interviews. I could listen to him talk for hours. He is so perfect in every way!!!! Can’t wait to see the GlamNation Tour! It’s going to be incredible!!!! Unforgettable!!!!!

  7. adamfan says:

    Adam looks and sounds great! I love this style of hair with some down
    on the forehead and sides – so handsome!! Looking fit and trim as well.
    Tho he looks happy, Eber said (recently) that he is very tired. Hope he can
    pace himself for the long months ahead. Not sure if all the meet and greets might
    be pushing him, even tho the fans want it (and of course, so would I!)
    Looking forward to the fan reports from the first concert!!

    • buffy522 says:

      I thought he’s been looking thin too. In a good way. Still hear the haters say he’s fat. He still has the full masculine face. And I personally love the barely there make-up. Adam IS eyeliner, but the rest, just toss!

  8. Adam Lambert is so down to earth and sweet, so articulate and smart. I love to hear him talk,he is so articulate,smart,honest and so quick to respond,when they start talking about AMA, he responded I am not looking back,Iam looking forward, that is one smart answer, why people still talk about AMA? that was so last november,so last year, move forward and talk about thousands of positive things Adam has done since. American media is so backward and old fashion.people in other country are more open minded and modern compare to American media. ITS TIME TO GET ON WITH THE NEW AGE.

  9. Adam, bless him, not only gives “good face” in photos, but gives really good interviews. And it’s a skill. He seems like a real people person, he truly thinks about his answers, and tries very hard to connect to whoever he’s talking to. It always feels like a friendly, real conversation. He’s warm and open and honest, and I never get tired of hearing his big, loopy laugh.

    That being said, I agree with you, indigo, that the media needs to come up with some new questions, and yeah, talk about some of the new things going on with Adam-like HEY, the TOUR!!!! His trip to Europe. That stuff.

    *and I always get tickled when Adam gets all sparkly and happy when talking about his clothes. The boy loves to dress up. :D*

    I just hope, Glam Nation, that Adam doesn’t get worn out. I seriously don’t know how he does it-Red Bull must be something he injects-but he’s been going full throttle since Idol. I love his attitude-I mean, like he said, it’s what he always wished for, but here’s hoping that they don’t completely exhaust him. *pets him*

    You lucky Glamsters that get to see the show, make sure you let him know that you appreciate that he’s the hardest working man in show biz. For reals.

  10. Just to listen to Adam talk is like therapy. His voice is sooo cool and caresses like a soft breeze. The undulations of his voice are like the lapping waves and rivulets in the sand on the shore tickling my feet. I stand at the shoreline, and see the picture of his face with his hair dipping like clouds in the horizon. His smile is like the sun that warms my skin. I embrace the glory that is in nature as I embrace Adam. I raise my arms up high, swing and turn, dancing to the wind and to the music of his laughter. To each stacatto, I leap and skip ! There is music in the air as the Adam wind is blowing.

    • adamfan says:

      When we get the big coffee table book with all photos
      of Adam, this prose from Dainty should be in the
      introductory pages.

      • Put me down for the coffee table book. Bought the Japanese version of FYI and will buy UK version when available. Love Voodoo, even love him singing No Boundaries. He has a beautiful voice whether singing or speaking. Gives great interviews–intelligent. I don’t think the AMA thing will go away soon. It was a defiining moment in music history. Adam sent a message to the world and most of us got it. It remains with those that didn’t get it also. But again it was a defining momen and it is what it is.

        • buffy522 says:

          One day I was aggravated with my husband who was just being a nice guy. This was at church no less. I just wanted to go home and was a bratt, but you know, uptight. I got in the car, and when I started it, the FYE CD was playing. Just hearing Adam’s voice was soothing immediately. I knew I was addicted. His voice alone was a “chill pill”. Love all the interviews even when they are old news, cause I just love his voice.

  11. kat23morg says:

    I find it very revealing that Adam states that the judge that gave him the best feedback was Paula….This shows how much of a sweet person he is…Paula oozed sweetness….and I am sure she was so supportive of him, especially when the haters started to pop up after things started coming up that he was gay….Paula is a bit scattered…but she has a big heart like Adam.

  12. Wow, thanks 4 this wonderful interview ..he’s really handsome isn’t he ?? i love the edgy hair and his nail polish ..i also loved his honest explanations in every question ..

  13. Iyleneidol09 says:

    SUE, was that you interviewing ADAM?

  14. kellym11 says:

    I agree with you Kat 23morg—-Paula was oh so right. There’s a Japanese video that is 87 minutes long that includes all of Adam’s singing+ judges comments. If you follow Paula she was right every time down to the frequent flyer miles he would amass while flying free.

    • Nana #1 says:

      Hi kellym11, Where can I find this Japanese video that is 87 minutes long…can you enter the site for me? I have been trying to find something like this for a long time. Thank you.


      Nana #1 (Glam #488)

  15. i follow him all the time. “whataya want from me” is my favourite song right now.