Radio 538: Top 40 Interview With Adam Lambert

Thank you to Josephine who commented in a previous post that she had found this, and nope, I hadn’t seen it before!! So thank you again for this and everyone can now…




  1. Love this interview,it’s so refreshing to hear someone speak so openly and honestly ! Adam’s really got it all together,he’s smart,insanely talented and drop dead gorgeous inside and out !

  2. Nice interview. I sure hope he’s able to stay so grounded. I loved how his IIHY video pulled in all is talented friends. I laughed when Alisan tweeted about him – calling him Madam lam lam. Yup – they’ll keep him grounded 🙂 lol

    And dang – didn’t that interviewer have a phenomenal voice!?! So deep it hardly sounded real. As much as I LOVE watching Adam be interviewed, I kept wanting the camera to go over to the interviewer when he was speaking. That’s a million dollar voice! He needs to get picked up by some big broadcasting company!

  3. adamita says:

    Hey all ! I found an interview that atleast I haven´t seen before. Video Hits Interviews Adam Lambert. It´s been recorded at Australia on March 3, 2010, so it´s not so new, but it was nice to watch it anyway. The interviewer Faustina Agolley is so sweet. 20 minutes of Adam……WOW ! Go and check it out =)

    • ElianeBrasil #577 says:

      Oi / Hello
      Could you give me what site is it?
      Like you said is always delightful see him
      (sorry my english)

      • adamita #626 says:

        Hi ElianeBrasil ! You`ll find it on YouTube. Just write Video Hits Adam Lambert, and it´s there. And by the way, there`s nothing wrong with your english =)

        • adamita #621 says:

          So sorry you Glamb 626, who ever you are. I put there your number by accident, I`m # 621.SORRY !

      • adamita #621 says:

        Hi Elianebrasil ! I replyed to your question, but it disappeared somewhere….. That interview is on YouTube. Just write Video Hits Interviews Adam Lambert, and it`s there. And by the way, there`s nothing wrong in your english =)

  4. I love Adam’s outfit here. Just love his jacket, with the seemingly eagle’s wing design/embroidery on it. And his air of freedom that you could almost breathe, seems like the limitless sky. I could almost be like an eagle flying in the sky while he talks, with the breath and expanse of space and freedom that he exudes. He is limitless possibilities, just believe in yourself.
    Success comes knocking in your door, just believe in your self. This is Adam’s example to us.

  5. WOW, it only took him 28 years to find out who he is? It took me 60 years. I am a grandmom who LOVES Adam Lambert, agree with Meatloaf, he is one of the most amazing singers ever.