‘Quiet Desperation’ by Adam Lambert

Showing off ‘some’ of his lower register abilities. Adam Lambert singing ‘Quiet Desperation’ from the musical, he recorded this demo in the summer of 2006 (below):


  1. JoeyLoveAdam says:

    i really think adam should go and show people how beautiful his lower register is. it’s hypnotic…

    adam, if you read this… please please please do try to sing one song in your low register. it’s beautiful..

    so many people love you, i’m sure you know it by now.. 🙂

  2. adamadam2009 says:

    I agree with joey, the lower is sexy adam. madworld was so amazing i dont know how you are going to outdo that, but im sure you can, i believe in you 🙂 GO ADAM!!!


    I hope I don’t sound stupid, but what is “low register” ?

    • Not at all, ‘low register’ is using your chest voice to sing lower notes (or a mixed chest/head voice if you use Seth Rigg’s method which I believe Adam Lambert uses)

  4. I LOVE HOW HE SINGS.! OMGGG.! And I Don’t Get The Musical Name. Quiet Desperation And The Musical Pump Up The Volume. Oh Well. I Love Adam Lambert. Always Will. I Very Hope Wish Him The Best Of Luck To Win. <3

    Peace,Love,Adam Rock.!