Questions from the Fans…More things you may not have known about Adam!

Ok “CatEyes” I’m hacking into your post :p (this is Dreamsound). So, as a lot of you know, me and Adam were born on the same day and same year (I was borned at 4:55pm (Chilean time) Jan 29, 1982). I’ve been dying to know at what exact time he was born. What if we were born at the exact same time?? πŸ™‚

My jaw dropped when someone asked that question…

Another great interview with Adam from Access Hollywood.Β  Find out Adam’s current choice of books, his make-up preference, how he feels about screaming women and associated unmentionables being thrown on stage, and what actor he would like to see play him in a movie!Β 

This interview was just too cute.Β  I enjoyed watching his playful nature with the interviewer at the very end…what a tease!

Please check your heart rate at the end of this video…enjoy!




  1. rhymingrealtor says:

    Oh this Jacket – Love him in white… and bare minerals – very good for his skin! I thought it looked better in the Utah interview – although nothing works miracles on 49 year old skin (with rosacea) this stuff comes the closest.

  2. hwiduri says:

    What??? She pinched his butt??? Oh my gosh!! Can I do that to?? Please…….Hahahaha….

    • Seems like every interview Laura Saltman does with Adam, those two are so flirtatious.
      Love it, he says he has girl crushes, maybe she is one of them. Such like personalities.
      Too cute!

      • AdamAddict says:

        She didn’t pinch his butt,she took his backstage pass or something!She flirt with him,totally!But who can blame her? LOL!!

        • hwiduri says:

          Ooo…I thought she pinched his butt. But anyway, really funny how she flirt with him. I guess they both really look like very close, like close friendship something like that.

  3. Yay! First post! Yesh Adam is DAMN cuuuute~

  4. No matter what, he is always the greatest interview ever. And he is so playful after the interview, what a a fun flirt he is! Love the fan questions!!

  5. CatEyes says:

    I didn’t know your birthday was the same, dreamsound! Too bad Adam didn’t know his exact time of birth…it would have been very interesting to compare.

    Eh, you can hack into my posts anytime. πŸ˜‰

  6. LambertFan says:

    “The language of loovve.”

    Oh I love him. πŸ™‚

  7. ADAMaddict says:

    what did she pull out of his pocket? A dollar….., a scarf………, what???

  8. What a great way to get my motor running first thing this morning! He is just too darn cute and playful! Love him!!!

  9. pokergurl says:

    Just freaking adorable. I can’t stand it sometimes, lol. I just feel like squealing like a little girl, he’s so cute.

  10. OMG, she’s such a relentless flirt…but who can blame her!!! Love him, Love him, Love him!!! Thank you so much for sharing:) Now I can get on with my day!

  11. I just think he is the best. The interview made me smile all the way through it. He is such a rare talent that I can’t help but wish the best life has to offer to him. So glad he has come into our lives. White leather…$250. Language of love………..PRICELESS!

  12. How ironic that you would post this about YOUR and ADAM’s birthdays on MY birthday, July 21! And I will see Adam in Dallas in 2 days, which is my birthday present form my husband! The best birthday present EVER!!

    • DREAMSOUND, it’s possible you have the same birthchart signs, as Chili and Indiana are both in the eastern time zone.

      The first three hours of Jan. 29, 1982 the moon was in the sign of Pisces and went into Aries for the last 21 hours which is the section in which Adam was born. If you were born anywhere from 12:am to 3:00 am it was Pisces. (00:00 to 03:00)

      Regarding the next three signs like Mercury,Mars and Venus, they do not change rapidly so it is likely you have those the same. Rarely do two people have the exact degree of the signs though, but there is such a thing as “solar twins” so is still possible. I’ve done a mini birthchart for Adam and mentioned it on another post about a month ago but shall repeat it here below.

    • AdamAddict says:


  13. He is just about the hottest thing I have ever seen on two feet!!

    • You are so Right!! I’m old enough to be His GrandMother, I may be old but I’m not blind.Ha I think He’s the greatest.I would Love to meet Him & get a hug. Would be the Thrill of My Life.

  14. adamtastic1877 says:

    i luv the leonardo DiCaprio part! its ridiculous cuz it makes no sense!

  15. OMG!! He is the most adorable thing to ever walk on this earth!! I love him! I have decided what I want to be when I am older….. a interviwer person thing or work at a stadium where he will be on tour. lol He is so friggin playful! I wanna pinch his butt!!!! lol <3

    Love, Lex <3

    • AdamAddict says:

      Don’t we all want to pinch his butt,Alexis? Take turn,girl!I’ll be first,U second! πŸ˜›

  16. jovigirl71 says:

    Can he be anymore sweeter than he is. πŸ™‚ love him

  17. Many actors and musicians have professional names, e.g. Lady Gaga, Meatloaf, etc. Personally, I like Adam (first, last and everything in between) and it works for me. If you (fellow Glambs) think he should use a pseudonym, what do you think it should be?

  18. Connie from Chile says:

    This interview is so fresh, i like it!!!!

    And Dreamsound, are you chilean???

  19. Adam just gives GOOD interview! πŸ˜‰

  20. My daugther was meant to be born on the 29th january but she came on the 3rd january instead that was in 2000. I wanna know what adam makes of all the crazy stuff fans write about him in these fourms

  21. Lynne in Spain says:

    Well, well that young chap just makes me all jittery and silly…. :@) What a fantastic interview!

    • Lynne, are you really in Spain? Welcome, welcome to our oh-so-very international Glamb fan group! Have you posted before?

  22. AllaboutAdam says:

    And it always looks like he gives good “hug” too… VERY important in a man.



    SUN – (ego, identity, character) in AQUARIUS

    MOON – (unconscious, personality, emotional instincts) in ARIES

    ASCENDANT OR RISING SIGN – (first impressions, careers) in LIBRA

    The three above signs are the most powerful in a birthchart. They may show who you really are, how you present yourself and what makes you happy.

    MERCURY – (style of communication, predominant thoughts) – AQUARIUS
    VENUS – ( what attracts a person, esthetic style, romance) in CAPRICORN
    MARS – (your method of behaviour to get what you want, your drive) in LIBRA

    Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs,the thinking and communicating signs. Aquarius types are forward thinking, leaders, original, quirky, broadminded and tolerant, networkers and real people of the world. Libra types are socially astute, pleasant, dislike conflict, are graceful, like fine and beautiful things. We already know Adam is something special and different and he has excellent communication and social skills.

    His Aries moon means he can be ‘fiery” and right out there, flamboyant, forceful. We see this a lot in his rock songs and clothing.

    (Mercury) He communicates like an Aquarian, pleasant, tolerant, yet honest, seen in many of his interviews.

    His Capricorn venus means that he is a hard worker, a goal-setter, and wants security. He has also shown that already in the plans he is making. This is an earth sign and you will notice it in his touchy-feely style as that is typical of earth types.

    His Mars (action) sign being in Libra means to get what he wants in life he will show grace, dignity and fairness. As well, Libran types love love and enjoy doing things with a partner.

    So, what do you think? Does Adam seem to live up to his big six birthchart signs so far?

    ** Just a caution, we are all products of our genetics, environment and life experiences as well, so we may not always reflect our birth signs.

    • FINALLY, she lays it out there….what fun! Thanks, theresa/canada, for all your astrological expertise, it adds such an interesting sideline to all that we know about Adam.

    • Thank you Theresa! I saved this post. Very interesting.

      • Theresa, brilliant! Do you still need Adam’s time of birth? This is so very interesting, thanks!

    • Lisette here..thenks Theresa/Canada for yur knowledge on astrological charts an planetary rulers.I am borne 1 day ahead an few years older then have done my chart..I too share same aries moon,venus in caprricorn an some other planetary similiarities.Have imagaine Adam to have as venus in Capricorn show’s sensitive natures,loyaltie,,an sun in aquarius rules personalitie an one who is innovative,creative usuale artistique an has passione an careers in musique an the arts(Adam)Yes Libra displays fairness,grace an adores to be inlove,softspoken an creative/an distinctive mainly humanitarian an embrace freedom of espression,thout,cultures,etc.. can go yur astrologysign?I hope Adam can find out whet his time of birth to see other planetary aspecte. Too bad re: twitter althout Im non sure how to use still.I adore thes interview always so humble.,tresbeau an charmant. Luv Lisette!

  24. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic but want to share this pictures with U guys!There’s 1 where Adam a bit younger and he’s blond.I love his dark black hair way much better.I’m glad he dyed black.But of course if 1 day he dye green I still love him but how he looks now,very hmm dramatic,mysterious,I dunno but black suits him most or dark brown like in wicked!

  25. Oh, that little ‘shake’ of his at the end of the interview, that all-enveloping hug, that sweet kiss….then that audacious ‘pinch’ of Adam’s derriere, and that look over the shoulder as he walks off, pretending to swat at the interviewer with his hand….too, too cute. But seriously, why should SHE have all the fun?

  26. Just FYI the site is now over 2000 of our dear Adam. Many seem to be stills of short video footage people have made.

    You can drive yourself nuts looking at them (and downloading your favs) but there is a system to make it quick:

    When you get the home page, scroll down to the larger photo and below right “view all” and click.

    You will get pages of thumbnail sized pics. There are so many! but when you get tired just remember which page you quit at, then next time click ahead. I am only at page 29.


    • I meant this site has over 2000 photos, duh!

    • Hey, I havent gone into that site yet. But the girl that set this up says she is a friend of Adams.
      (Vicky Adair) I met her in Los Angeles after the AI finale. Said she has known him for a loong time.

  27. bridget says:

    adam adam i love youuuuu


    I can’t seem to find this site’s photo collection. It used to be at the side of these posts. I also went into Categories and Featured Posts…. NADA!

    Could you help please??

  29. I have been wearing bare minerals make-up for over 15 yrs!!! Adam, we wear the same make-up!! I feel so close to you, now! Hahaha!! But, I would like to ‘feel’ even CLOSER!!!! You make-a-me-crazzzzy!!!
    I’d rather squeeze that little butt than pinch it – unless he WANTS me to PINCH it! Did you all see the video of Adam and Kris getting ANOTHER CAR??!! The Ford Co gave Kris a Prius w/200 hp and all the bells and whistles, and ADAM got a Ford MUSTANG w/350hp CONVERTIBLE !!!! Now, if Kris is the AI winner, whyl does Adam get the same things, and actually better and more expensive??? Why? You ask?! B/c Adama is the REAL WINNER OF AI!! I’ve been saying all along that Kris did not win, due to AT&T, but would anyone believe me?? Noooooooo! Well! Now what do you say????!!!!! I say, as I’ve said before, there’s been some kind of ‘deal’ made for Adam since he is the ‘real’ winner. Have we ever before seen the ‘winner’ and ‘runner-up’ aplpearing at almost all functions together? Noooooooooooo! Why the ‘change’? I think I’ve made my point!!! hahaha!………… & peace to all………………!

    • OH, I thought the last two always got cars. It was on TMZ briefly last night. It said Kris had a Ford Fusion but Adam had the black Mustang. They were commenting that Kris’s cost $31 000 and Adam’s $38 000. Kris said quote “the wife” will drive it. Oh and a Prius is a Toyota product and Ford is a sponsor of A!. (I’m a car person ha ha)

      I imagine Adam paid the extra himself, he’d want ‘flashy’, wouldn’t he??

      • AdamRocks! says:

        LOL. . . You never fail to brighten my day Cheryl! πŸ™‚

        Cindy in MS

        • Theresa, AdamRocks, Lorrin, Hey! Lorrin, yep, I’m back, and darned proud to be back! haha! I posted you and AdamAddict and Peggy, I think a essage back on the site that I last left after reading the messages from several of you, and do thank you so very much! I did write much more to you on that site, and I won’t repeat it, it’s just too damn long!!! So, if any of you want to, you can read my ‘letter’ that I wrote to you all late last nite!
          AdamRocks, hey, Cindy! I love to brighten days! I live to do that whenever and whereever possible, dear! I’m glad I added a little light into your life! Everybody adds light into mine on this site, ya know?! It’s all cool! Lorrin, when I typed that last message on the SanDiego site, I think it was, from last nite, anyway, I noticed a post you wrote to Peggy and the link to the SanDiego concert!! That was the same concert that I had seen a vid from that I was trying to give directions to Theresa and others, but, alas didn’t get it right. ANNYHOO, the link you left was better quality than the one I had, GOOD LORD!!!! ADAM WAS A ROCKING MACHINE ON THAT STAGE!!! MAN, HE WAS HALF-FLYING ON THAT STAGE!!!!! HOLY SHEETS!!! I mean to say!!! Wasn’t he in rare form, EVEN FOR ADAM?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should say!!!! It
          It must have been ‘fate’ that sent me back to that page, I don’t know HOW I missed that post!!! Well, I have
          to say, MadBert had been treatilng me very good, now I see that he’s back to his old tricks which means
          this post is going to be all SKREWED UP AGAIN!!! Damn that comp.!!! Do you think he got all heated
          up with my super-hot emotions here?! Boy, that makes me so mad!!! I had already typed this message
          once, and was about ready to end when it all just ZIP DISAPPEARED! Guess I’ll take a hint and stop
          before something else happens here!! Just know that I appreciate everyone here and will be prowling
          around the site again! hahaha!!! ……….- peace-……………..

          • Cheryl, you are absolutely the living end….I will now never be able to exclaim over anything fabulous without saying ‘HOLY SHEETS’!!! And I’ve been trying like mad to find all of yours, (and everyone else’s) posts, so that I can answer as many as possible. It’s like running back through reams and reams of white papers scattered all over the floor in 15 different rooms of a huge house, ye gods! If I miss any of your great comments or any of the great posts by all the other Glambs and failed to answer them, please know that I have loved and cherished every one of them as I read them, and I will try to get to as many of them as I can. I think that’s what makes this site so much fun! It’s like a big party in here all the time, and of course, ADAM is our host. Wouldn’t that be something? A card arrives at your door, ‘You are invited to an afternoon and evening with Adam Lambert’….I’m not sure I would survive! Oh, and Cheryl, I thought MadBert behaved himself rather well in your post here, a perfect gentleman, but I’m sure that won’t last! Love to all you Glambs!

            • Ha, ha, you folk are amazing! Welcome, ‘my cherie’, I trust everything is well your side!

              • Ingrid dear, are you speaking to ME? Ha ha, I hope so, anyway. Ma cherie, I am fine on my side, et tous?

                • Back at ya, whatever it means???? MMMMMMwah

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    They got their car all right! When David Cook gave the key ,I thought at that time,”Why that car” I think season “Carrie Underwood”,they got like sports car!Seriously,I thought that’s not a cool car because I can only imagine Adam drive hot sports black car to match his hot face and body! lol!
                    But seriously I really think about it that time!I’m a bit disapointed a bit when he got car with roof!!.I was hoping like Knight Rider car!Push the button and the roof is disappeard!Wooh! It’s not me who got the free car but I’m concern 4 him.I seriously need help!
                    Now,I know they can pick car?And the car Adam pick is so him,U know?If I see hot dude driving that hot car,I’ll definetely turn my head to double check!lol!Here the vid about Adam got his new hot car!
                    And Cheryl,I am so happy that you’re fine.You got me worried!Please take good care of yourself!And yes,I did read your comment at the back sites!

    • Theresa, why not pinch & squeeze – I would! I love Adam’s taste and I think you summed it up peeeeeeeeeeeerfectly!

  30. Adam was ‘slipped in’ when no one was watching…..and hey, Cheryl, are you back with us? You sound very good, did the eye surgery go well? Glad to have you back!


    • Oh, Theresa, what a honkin’ big number! Mine is a dainty #102..

      • Sigh, I don’t have a Glamb # yet … it will probably off the page!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Then get one,Ingrid.We still far behind from glamberts and lamb skanks.But we catching up. I hope 1 day Adam will mention Glambs! πŸ™‚

          • AdamAddict, that sounded like an instruction, so … I’ll comply. Not always so compliant, but since you insist …

          • AdamAddict, hey, I thought GLAMBS ARE GLAMBERTS??????? COULD I POSSIBLY BE
            MISTAKEN? Really, aren’t Glambs, Glamberts the same? SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Glambs is different from Glamberts!That’s why when it decided to be Glambs,I don’t like the idea so much because I’m worried people will get confuse.Glamberts exist when Adam still A.I.We Glambs…hmm I can’t remember,maybe Adam still in A.I too but when DS asked us to give ideas for our name,Glamberts already mention by Adam in his interview.We got lots of suggestion in this sites!I remember I suggested like “ADAMORE” & few more that sound’s “Mad Lamb”,Adamania” etc.But I like the logo of Glambs.The tattoo that Adam has.Nice!

              And Ingrid,no heart feelings.I didn’t mean to order you or something.It’s up to you! But since you always visit this sites,,why not!Right? πŸ˜€ We can become Glambs family! But again,I’m not pushing you.It just a suggestion! You can make your own decision.~peace to all of you~

              • AdamAddict says:

                BTW,it’s no heart feelings or it’s no hard feelings?Can U tell me?

                • No hard feelings at all! In fact, AdamAddict, I quite enjoyed it! You are right – I must get my Glamb#. Peace and Glamb love back at you!

  32. AdamAddict says:

    Here is the interview of Adam in Staples Center,LA.He said it again, He’s not going to wear bras,drag just for Halloween(couple years ago)!Phew!And answer more Q from fans! He super adorable.You guys better watch this vid.Here guys:

    • AdamAddict, thank you for posting that link!!! I so enjoyed that interview and the interviewer’s description of it!!!!! Adam is so polite and always has that great sense of humor!!! I’ve always been impressed by the way he speaks so distinctively. I remember in the blk or wht song, he hheld his finger up by his face when he sang and almost ‘spoke’ those first few words!!! That’s some of his theatrical trainning showing, of course, but I was so impressed! When he sings, he actually uses ‘words’ and is not lazy about it!!

    • Thanks AdamAddict, Loved this interview as usual. Told you looking into those eyes of his, is just
      mezmerizing. He also looks sooo good in white! Yummy

  33. ALL GLAMBS I just want to see if you can answer some questions that I’ve put toward sooo many of you but can’t find an answer!!! This site is so much fun, and getting longer and longer, so I’m just going to lay my questions ‘in between the lines’, so to speak! Here’s some questions I’ve asked and would really liketo hear about, if anyone of you care to respond, PLEASE DO!!
    1) what do you think about the report of the idol’s salary of $100,00.00 each, and do you think Kris and Adam will get more?
    2)what do you think of my comment on MJ holding his crotch all those yrs for, everytime he sang? I never thought it was okay. Do you?
    3)what about the car situation? Do you think they both got 2 cars, the ones that David Cook presented the keys to, AND the latest one where Adam got the blk Must. conv.?
    4)Lorrin, could you give me just a little more info on your ankle? I know how one problem like that can lead to a much more complicated life w/more problems.
    4)Peggy, you sailld some things about Karma, I’m not sure I understand Karma as well as I thought. Could you elaborate on your ‘karma’ comment?
    5)AdamAddict, thanks for the URL info! Something you all probably think is so elementary, but I didn’t know what it meant!
    Those are the notes I had written down that I was looking for responses to! I may have more, and if I do, I don’t want to let it take so much sspace and wait for such a long time that anyone would not remember what I was talking about!! JUST TRYING TO TIE UP SOME LOOSE ENDS THAT HAVE BEEN ON MY MIND!
    6)Oh, Lorrin, did you read the post I wrote about my graqndkids starting to know all of the words to Adam’s songs and singing them together w/my CD w/my son and me in the car the other day, and about Adam’s brother giving the info. of how Adam would perster him by singing in the back seat when they would be riding w/their parents?
    peace…………………………………………………….. out!

    • Cheryl, here goes:
      (1) I think Adam and Kris possibly earn more than the rest as the work rate is higher … especially Adam. These two, once again … Adam, would draw the biggest crowds.
      (2) At first MJ holding his crotch got to me but it became his signature… or perhaps he thought it needed a lift (ha, ha!). After a while it didn’t bother me anymore.
      (3) From the latest reports it would appear that they both received cars. Adam’s car is more costly but I don’t think he would have been expected to pay the difference. I think it was purely based on their preference. Adam’s choice did not surprise me.

      This is my humble contribution for what it’s worth!

      • Meant their work rate…

        • AdamAddict says:

          1)I hope Kris & Adam will earn more because they are the winner after all.Just not fair if they all get the same salary.I mean if 1 guy is high school graduate,he can’t have the same salary with master degree,right?
          2)If MJ want to hold his crotch,I just pretend I don’t see.If Adam want to hold or grab or whatever with his crotch,I’ll make sure I set my DVR ready!And use my eye-mo moist to be more confortable.With my eyes wide open and big smile on my face.He still young so let him do it because he surely turns me on,all of us on!!When he’s like 40 or something,maybe he tired of it & stop which is good thing.It’s not appropriate for “mature” man!
          3)I think they only got 1 car.Why make U think they got 2?I posted above the vid if U haven’t see.They can pick the car,and I really think the car that Adam chose,really suits him.Gorgeous! πŸ™‚

          • AdamAddict, you are piece of work! I just love how you say you would set your DVR, use your eye-mo moist, with your eyes wide open. If our Adam grabs his crotch, I’ll think it’s sexy and sensual. I agree at 40 it would seem desperate. I also saw a recent article stating that Adam and Kris had received a second car. Unfortunately, I can’t recall where I saw it. Someone also mentioned that Adam travelled first class while the rest of the group were seated in cabin class. Did you see that?

          • AdamAddict says:

            I just saw this vid about Adam & Kris get the car keys!This is weird because I think I heard Adam said in his interview that they get to choose the car but in this vid,sounds like the car was chosen for them!So,which 1?I dunno.
            The vid sucks because it keep moving.It gave me headache!and,I think Adam did loose weight!He stomach looks flatter!Whatever exercise or diet that he’s been doing,it looks worked for me!

          • adamtastic1877 says:

            for the 2 cars thing, i saw seperate videos on youtube of atleast adam (and maybe kris) getting two different cars.

            the cars that adam got were

            1.) a black (i guess black, idk thats what i figured) 2010 ford fusion

            2.) a black mustang GT convertible

        • Ingrid, how many hours ahead of Eastern Time are you?

          • Miss Theresa, 7 hrs! Are you planning to visit our shores???

            • Not without ME she’s not!!!

              • And Ingrid dear, I wanted you to know that I posted something for you a few topics (threads) back. Go to the Home page, click on the ‘Latest Dish On Adam’ topic title, and then go down to post #37, which is my answer to your ‘Adam as animal’ metaphoric question. Your post to me was #33 on the same page. Love to you in SA!

        • INGRID, I knew that!


      Okay, Cheryl a question first. I try to skim at least the top four threads daily and I do start from the top to be sure not to miss any. However, I did not read about your eye! Was in infection? cataracts? We older folks are getting to that stage. I need new glasses for sure as it’s a strain to see my lovely new 20 in screen here. Hope that’s all it is.

      1) Even though the Idol talent is uneven to say the least, I think it’s fair, it saves squabbles and for all of them $100 grand is a blessing!

      2) Last night on a couple of shows they showed the MJ one where he REALLY GRABS HIS CROTCH AND THRUSTS! It is not good, and I am far from a prude.. what was he thinking? Anyiway I like Adam’s more subtle ways but I would not be surprised if Adam throws in a few raunchier moves at his own show. A fan has posted videos from Oakland etc and one is “Starlight” taken very close up and partly from the side. Wow! He was very very sensual in that performance! She used her telephoto lens too ha ha!

      3) At the finale they were presented with 2 Ford Fusions, the latest economical Ford offering, a good publicity stunt for Ford which does support that show a lot in $$$$’s I can’t remember if the last 2 got them before but I think so, kind of a consolation prize for the runner-up.

      4) Was it Lorrin or me? I pulled my ankle tendons three weeks so, so home more. I have had a history of pulling tendons foi years. Did a real number on both achilles abut 12 yrs ago, it’s on the side from the ankle bone to the bottom this time. Never broken a bone though!

      5) Always good to ask questions, Cheryl, you are in good company here. We each have our own skills and knowledge and it’s great to be able to share. Personally I’ve learned a lot about the whole computer thing since Adam came along.

      I finally got through looking at the 2000+ photos on another site, whew! Many fans have done artistic renderings of some of Adam’s photos by using the computer, others have made collages and some even draw or paint him. It’s fun for them!

  34. AdamAddict says:

    More answers that Adam gave us!Watch this videos!
    I like the part “We all know that you jewish now!” and Adam laugh,~sigh~ adorable! My heart just melt! OUCH!

  35. Hi Cheryl,

    Here are my answers:

    1.) I’m not up on the Kris/Adam salary or car questions, but Ingrid’s answer sounds very reasonable. And also, judging by the video AdamAddict supplied above, they were indeed given two cars each.

    2.) I was never thrilled with Michael pulling that overt move in so many of his videos and stage performances. Somewhere during that time, perhaps he began to feel a need to assert the fact that he was as much a ‘man’ as anyone, and wanted to deflect innuendo suggesting he was less than that. So that ‘grabbing’ move became everyone’s painful reminder of Michael’s private inner world. Michael Jackson was such an exciting performer and dancer, I wish that he would have developed his dance moves and routines even further instead of calling attention to something wholly unnecessary to underscore. Whereas Michael was putting that move out there all the time, I see Adam taking the more suggestive route. Do you remember Tom Jones and the pandemonium he created when he first began to do that masculine burlesque in his performances? I am also reminded of the furor Elvis Presley created when he made those elastic moves at the beginning of his career. Adam, like those men, is very large and has a super-charged masculinity. He can basically get away with it. It’s a part of his whole image and stage persona, and a part of his sense of fun to be outrageously sexy. I really don’t think children ‘see’ Adam in that light, as one mother already put it, that stuff goes right over their heads at this stage. They see the boyish, engaging Adam with the beautiful voice they love so well. And Adam would of course, modify his performances for younger audiences. I think everyone realizes that this is Adam’s stagecraft and who he is as a perfomer, and is definitely part of what audiences love to see. I don’t think any harm will come from any of it.

    3.) You are right, having to favor my completely shattered ankle all these years has resulted in overcompensation for the rest of my body, and I have problems with my other leg and hip as well. Also, normal exercise, such as walking, which I used to love, is no longer possible for me. And the degree of pain and fatigue I experience daily is very high. I try to keep my head above water, nonetheless.

    4.) Although I’m sure Peggy will have her own wonderful insights and explanations to add to her post, I will just say that the definition of ‘karma’ in Eastern thought is briefly, “Karma means “deed” or “act” and more broadly means the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life. Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is Karma; as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment. In the karmic system, the effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. Karma is not punishment or retribution but is simply the consequence of natural acts. The effects of karma can be modified or changed by further action and are not necessarily fated to be.

    5.) And yes, I DID read your post about the grandkids, and about the moment when your musically gifted granddaughter suddenly sang out loud along with Adam. I loved that! “The foolish (child-like) things of this world confound the wise”. That little girl knows what’s good, even if it doesn’t quite square with Dad’s view of things! Could be you have a young budding talent there! I also think about Adam and his brother, Neil, and all the times Adam would sing over the music on the radio, re-inventing each song and driving his brother nuts! And now, we will all get to help Neil carry the burden of listening to his brother sing, what joy!

    So there, Cheryl, I hope I’ve answered some of your lingering questions, at least from my point of view. What shall we talk about next?

    • LORRIN, GREAT! il THOUGHT THEY BOTH GOT 2 CARS SO FAR! So, it was probable you that mentioned the ankle. I guess Theresa has a problem. I totally understand what you’re saying about compensation and overcompensating for another ailment!! Happens on a daily basis for me, too. The walking is an ordeal for me as well. I no longer go thru the mall. I know justs about how much time I can walk around in a store and to be near the door toward the end, or I have to sit and try to go agailn once my feet pain have reached the point of no return. There have been many times when I got in the middle of the mall and could not possible walk to the exit and had to have a wheel chair! I hate that!
      With the KARMA thing, Peggy said ‘burning karma’. So I thought I might not know as much about it as I thought. I always thought KARMA was the ora(sp) one put out around themselves with their actions and feelings. Not so, huh? Well, I want to pick up those 3 books soon. I did caqll my son today, as he goes to the library more than I, and was hoping he would go to the big library b/c I’m betting the one nearest me won’t have those books. As soon as I hear back from him, I’ll either get them from him picking them up, or I’ll call the one by me. I have been known to procrastinate!! Plus I have doctor appts every day this week! Ugh~Actually my point w/re to Moriah singing is that none of us could get her to sing just for us-ever!! So when I told her and Julia and Grant about Adam’s singing and his brother getting irritatead, Moriah began singing louder and longer, and my son and I could hear her so well, and she’s startilng, now, to come out of her shell re singing. Her sister, Julia, 8, is a little super model, gymnastical flowerchild herself! All 4 kids are very assertives. But Moriah 9, hets irritated at Julia at times, and when they were in the car, Julia was ‘dancing’ in her seat and singing loudly, so Moriah folded her hands in disgust. So I started thinking of a way I could get Moriah motivated w/her singing, and just laid that story out there and hoped she would eventually take the bait, which she did! Of course, Julia wasn’t fazed, she just shook her hair around a little more and flairing her arms in a dance mode. Oh, Julia has had 5 yrs of dance and Moriah has had 6 yrs of dance, so lthey kind of know a little about dance. But Julia is a ‘rocker’ as she proudly calls herseslf and likes the music blarring like me! They’re all 4 scarry ilntelligent, and it’s much fun! Farrah is 2-1/2. She is the boss, she thinks, talks like a little adult. Has unbelievable mannere and will insist you use the correct words w/re to manners and is herself a dancer and singer w/tons of sparkling shoes! They are so adorable.
      They’ve all had lessons in tennis, all sports all year long, even this acting-type day camp and art. Grarnt is our little ‘rainman’! Seriously, he recalls numbers incredible, and started algebra in kindergarten! But none are ‘show offs’! Very humble as are both my kids. I’m getting b o r i n g again! haha!
      Thanks for the answers, Lorrin! (want to mention 1 more thing, The 2 girls are going to DC w/their grandad, and they’ll be using lilmosine service while in Wash.!!) (they don’t really think that is unusual!)
      ………….sorry I got long again………………………………………………………………………peace-love-joy 2 Adam and the Glamberts!!…………………………………

      • Yes, yes, I did get the point, Cheryl, about Moriah hearing the story about Adam and Neil, and herself doing her own little ‘Adamesque’ routine, and coming out of her shell, sorry I wasn’t clear on that. It sounds like you have uleashed another star from the heavens, and it also sounds like you have some beautiful and talented grandchildren. Along with Ingrid and Terry, and a whole lot of other people, I love reading these astonishing posts of yours, and hearing from you every day, especially when you have ‘questions’. Yes, your ‘questions’ are my favorite thing, I find myself scrambling to answer you as quickly as possible! And if you’ll notice, it’s quite amazing how people are linking up and answering posts almost as soon as they are written, around the world….we’ve got a great big game of cosmic kick-ball going on here, and I love it!

    • How did I miss that interview????? was it Neil’s or Adam’s or his mom’s?? Funny how we get so frantic about not missing a single tidbit of his life!! I am talking about in the car..

      • theresa/canada, I will try to find that for you as fast as I can..I momentarily forgot where it is myself.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Lorrin,I did posted the vid where Adam got the car but I said they both got 1 car each but you said they both got 2 cars each!lol! I seriously think they got 1 car.Never ever Ford gave 2 cars each to A.I winner & runner up before.Adam choose mustang & Kris choose hybrid.They got to pick the car.
          There’s 1 interview where I remember clearly, Kris said he wants to try driving Adam mustang and Adam reply he wants to try Kris hybrid.So,why they want to try each other car if they both got 2 cars,right?BTW,Kris pick hybrid because he chose it for his wife.Awww!So,I really think they only got 1 car.Doesn’t make any sense to have 2 each!Ford really that generous??!!Come on now! πŸ™‚ P/S”Adam’s car is way much cooler!

          • AdamAddict, OK, here’s the deal! On AI, I think it was the week before the finale, when it was just
            Adam and Kris, and they were shown on the screen tht Ford had a hybrid for each of them, Ryan
            showed them on stage during the show. Then, later, Kris and Adam were supposed to be meetilng
            David Cook, they thought for something particular, but instead, David Cook pulls 2 sets of keys out
            of his pocket, and gave them both their keys. Adam bent over from the waist in surprise and laughter
            then, they were by the cars and Kris says let’s take these for a ride. Adam says, ‘nice ride’ while
            looking right at the camera and smiled! (it looked to me as if Adam was kind of saying w/his non-
            verbal way, like ‘ahemmmmm, nice ride’. Then, supposedly they both drove away.
            2nd set of cars, Adam gets the black Mustang and Kris gets another hybrid! See? 4 cars all together
            right?! Now do you remember and know what I’m talking about??!! 4 cars!! OKEY-DOKEY?

            • AdamAddict, the reason I said that I thought they had gotten 2 cars each was because I thought I had seen them get one silver car each one week, and then suddenly, it seemed they were also getting 1 black car each in the more recent video. You see, I wasn’t paying any attention to what anyone was saying on those videos, I just saw the colors of the cars. So, I must be wrong, they must have chosen one or the other….sorry about that!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Cheryl,I can’t believe we have a debate about how many cars they got! LOL!This is weird.I don’t even have 1 car,4 god sake!LOL! Ok,here what I’m thinking,The part where David Cook gave the key to both of them,I think it just like an “act”.They know they will get a car.That’s a “surprise” in every year.I think I remember reading it somewhere saying that they didn’t get that car right away.They have to wait months.I guess that waiting ended few days ago.They got to pick 1 Ford car and Adam pick mustang and Kris pick Hybrid because he said more suitable 4 his wife!I seriously don’t think Ford company will give 2 cars each!The mystery won’t reveal today!!But I think we will find it out soon or later! And when U find out & sure of it,oh please let me know!~peace~ πŸ˜€

                • AdamAddict says:

                  I google too see the clearer picture of the cars,and both are very beautiful cars but mustang is way hotter.Good choice,Adam! And this article means….One car each,right?

                • AdamAddict, You are probably right!! I just needed to explain WHY I was so sure that I
                  had seen them each receive key to a car 3 times!!! What the hell! They did that to
                  deliberately confuse me!!! hahaha! I know what you’re saying. I knew that the final 2
                  idols each got a car. So, I’m going to lay this question to rest! Thanks for really trying to
                  explain it! I didn’t THINK they would get 2 each, then after seeing the Mustang, thought,
                  well ADAM IS THAT GOOD!!! Hahaha! I wished that Adam got at least 2 cars!!!

                  peace-love-happiness- 4 Adam and You!

  36. Oh and theresa/canada, I totally agree about your idea for numbering the threads. We are so prolific on this site now, that it is just at that point where it’s getting almost impossible to find something among all the hundreds of replies. I think it would be even better to number each thread AND each reply. Thus you could say, ‘please go to Thread #16, Reply #25 and see my comment’. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

  37. Did you notice how we all followed each other one right after the other time-wise on these reply posts to Cheryl? I thought that was pretty cute..

    • Now that you mention it, yes! Sorry, I’m a bit ‘delayed’ sometimes.

    • Actually, what I suggest is that we just all follow the tour, and post on the most recent tour site.

      • Yes Songwriter, that’s what I’ve been doing, too, but often I get bogged down in still wanting to go back and finish writing on another thread, particularly if a question has been asked. I’ve found too, that if we all pack ourselves into the lead thread, we often go veering off-topic almost immediately, – but it is the only solution I have found that works, also. We all seem to find each other on the lead pages. I do go back though, and check everyone’s replies regularly because I don’t want to miss anything, but I actually write on about the first 4 topic pages the most. AND MEMO TO EVERYBODY: Please know that I will go back and comment on every single one of your comments if I have time, so do go back and check. I’ve noticed almost eveyone else is doing this, too.

  38. W O M A N~~~~~~~~Y O U ~~~~~~~~~~N E E D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ help!!!!! I didn’t get a difinative answer on the cars!!!!!! Yes, on tv during idol, David Cook presented them both w/keys to that very boring Ford car for each – that is car #1 give away. Then the other day they were each given ANOTHER car, w/Adam getting the blk Mustang and Kris the car he said the ‘wifr’ would drive. Now did they both get 2 cars???????!!!!
    Terri, well, I couldn’t remember exactly who had mentioned an ankle, but I thought it was an ankle break -? Tendons are a bitch! I know all about the achilles heel and the problems w/plantar faschiitis, have had too many episodes of that w/one that lasted almost 2 yrs. I btoke a bone only once, I slipped off the steps of my mother’s steps that had about 4″ of ice, stiff-armed the fall to protect my back from the fall and broke my arm. It was during a blizzard and I was on my way home. I rolled all the way to the front passeng. tire and stopped there. Oh, did I have pain!!!! I insisteda on going on home, my mother practically in tears begging me to stay and let her take care of me, but, stubborn, independent me still left. I was going to go to the ER, but I knew I’d never make it in the blizzard. Went home driving w/one hand and the broken arm I held in a bent-up direction, cuz I know what to do, and went home, nursed myself and 6 wks later went to an ortho doctor who said I had done everything right, and he would have been taking off a cast at this time and that the bone haqd healed quite well. So!
    Regarding MJ, I never thought him holding his package (probably a itsy bitsy one at that) and performing so much for the kids he ‘loved’ was proper, esp after the molestation thing. But wanted to hear you all’s thoought on it.
    With regard to ADAM doing his crotch teasing, that doesn’t bother me, cuz he’s not making it the main part of his performance!! I’ve said it befor, I’d be more than happy to help him out on stage, I could either hold the mic or hold his pkg if that would be useful!!!
    Did you all hear the rumor that Simon asked for or was offered $140,000.00?!!!! Paula has asked for half of what Simon got last year which was $40.000.00. So Paulal is or was asking for $20,000.00, and last I heard she had not gotten an offer. ANYONE WITH MORE UPDATED ILNFO ON THAT???
    THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO NICE IN HELPING ME W/THESE QUESTIONS!! I know they don’t seem very important, but I really had been anxious for others’ feelings and opinions on some things I put out and couldn’t find any responses to. And, yes my eye is fine, now. It had a growth on it from some bad
    medication I used to take that had bad side effects (which ones don’t!) but losing the sight was an issue.
    I inject ‘enbrel’ into my stomach 2x a wk for the last 15 yrs, and once had my rheumatologist call me about a yr. ago and tell me I had non-hodgkins lymphomic leukemia. That is a side effect of enbrel, had to drag myself and my son w/me to an oncologist for nearly a month before finding out it was a “false-negative” test result – something like that. But, my red or white cells were and really do eat the others. Not a good thing, but, I was pretty shaken I have to say! Could not see myself w/cancer for some odd reason.
    I sure do love Adam’s SanDiego performance of WLL!!!!!!!Oh, my heaven’s to Betsy!!!!!!!!!!! Off the charts COOL AND SEXY AND FULL OF THE MOST ENERGY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ADAM!!!! Lorrin posted the link, if any of you have not seen that GREAT SPECTACLE OF EXCITEMENT!!! Do yourselves a favor and ‘baske’ in Adam’s light!!!!
    ………..i know this was way too long……………………………..peace.

    • Cheryl, I just had to read the opening line and knew exactly whom the post was from. My take on your car question is that Adam and Kris received two cars. You have this ability to meander through a number of topics, leaving me in fits of laughter. As I said before, my cherie (ma cherie), you are a piece of work! Can’t imagine what we’d do without you! Peace be with you, too!

      • FINGRID!!! Babycakes! (that’s what I call my 37 yr old daughter, Teresa!) Thank you! I know I am too often very long winded, and I try to shorten it up, but sometimes, I can’t! So, thanks for not holding that against me! Thanks for the car info.! I have had two different answers, Lorrin said two, I thought 2, and I think it was Theresa who said 2, or AdamAdict, Cindy, but a couple said only 1. So,,,,it is 2 each!!! Thank you, my dear! …………………peace, and also with you!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love-peace-happiness!

        • Uuummmmm……I mean INGRID!!!! NOT fINGRID!!!! HOLY SHEETS! (Lorrin liked that!)

          • FLYING GLAMFINGERS, I LIKE ‘FINGRID’, TOO, JUST AS MUCH AS ‘HOLY SHEETS’! Cheryl, you are too much fun!

            • LORRIN – NOW STOP THAT!!!!! After reading your little remark about my error in calling Ingrid
              Fingrid, I laughed so hard!!!! Good nite!!! Some of these replies are sooooo funny! You all just
              crack me upppp!!!! hahahaha!!!……………….love

              • Cheryl, I think KARMA means what goes around comes around… so to speak.

                I forget where you are. Lorrin is in my time zone. ARe you in the west also? I kind of doubt it because you talk about ice and blizzards… BEEN THERE DONE THAT, NEVER AGAIN if I can help it!

                I did my bit in Quebec in axle deep snow in a MGB, sheer icy roads, and slippery slush in Toronto, don’t need it. I like my winter drizzle better.

                Just FYI everyone, I just heard the live We are the Champions, music only on the other site. First time since the finale. Is it downloadable somewhere?

                • THERESA, OK, so that’s 4 different meanings I have for ‘KARMA’!!! Isn’t this easy??
                  And you all wonder why I’m a little ‘undone’ at times???? Well, you all are at fault!!
                  Facts, girls I need FACTS!!!
                  No, I’m not in the west w/all the earthquakes and fires!!! I am in the midwest with all
                  the tornadoes, winter blizzards and ice storms!! I was born in Ky. and lived most of
                  my life in beautiful Michigan. Love Michigan!! The best state in the nation!
                  Didn’t like blizzards, eh?? They are sooooo much fun!!!! And I’m talking real blizzards!!
                  The kind you can’t deny!!!! However, I’m in (yawn…) Indiana now w/my son & his family.
                  The DULLEST state in the union~!!! Hate it here!!!! I tell that to everybody who’ll
                  listen, too! Even my son says Indiana one big ‘yawn’!

              • I have had many nick-names, but NEVER Fingrid! Cheryl, you are responsible for my lack of sleep last night (your post … WOMAN…). I lay laughing in the dark. Theresa and Lorrin, what would we do if we didn’t have to answer Cheryl’s questions????? … and now I’m Babycakes as well! Never fear, we thoroughly enjoy you!

                • INGRID, OKAY! I n g r i d!! ONE LOUSY MISTAKE AND E V E R Y O N E HAS AN
                  OPINION!!! I can’t believe you all don’t use the term ‘babycakes’!! Then, I’m reading
                  along and Lorrin puts up the words to that song, I started laughing so hard, I had to
                  run to the bathroom!!! I know that song very well, but I used to sing “You Are My Sun-
                  shine” to the kids. When I began to read Lorrin’s post, I was thinking she was going
                  to start the words to ‘You are my Sunshine”, AND WHEN IT ENDED UP BEING
                  “Babyface”, it just struck me as hilarious!!
                  I’m very happy you all enjoy me, cuz think how horrible of a time you’d have if I was
                  more of an irritant! See, my keds laugh at me like that all the time! My sister says I
                  remind her sometimes of an intelligent Lucille Ball – huh?

                  • Cheryl, I have’nt stopped laughing. Go to top of your page and read through the posts and you’ll see what I mean. Actually, I like your sister’s description … intelligent Lucille Ball … works for me! Love you to bits!

            • Don’t you mean holey sheets?? haha

              • Cheryl, YOU crack US up MORE…..!!!

                • Ingrid, your new nickname of ‘Babycakes’ reminds me of a little song I used to sing to my boys as a sweet lullaby, which applies to that other boy (Adam) we all love so well, –

                  “Baby face,
                  You’ve got the cutest little baby face
                  There’s not another one to take your place
                  Baby face
                  You got my heart a jumpin’
                  You sure have started something

                  Baby face,
                  I’m up in heaven when I’m in your warm embrace –
                  I didn’t need a shove,
                  I just fell in love
                  With your pretty – ba-by face”

                  (words slightly modified) by Benny Davis/Harry Akst

                  • Lorrin, that is so sweeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks, I accept the term of endearment! Can you hear me gurgling! I can understand Baby Face but Baby Cakes, now that’s something else!

              • THERESA, MAN! YOU GUYS HAVE ME WORKING HERE!!!! I’m no longer sure what I
                meant!!! hahaha!!! I guess it should have been Holy Sheets!!! Never even caught that!
                But, hey, Theresa, thanks for pointing THAT out to me, TOO!!!! hahaha!!! Boy, you all
                don’t miss a thing!!! Or am I now becoming a little ‘paranoid’??…..just askin’ myself!

                • You ask us, you ask yourself …!

                  • who goes there??? who is it? Adam is that you! Adam! now don’t be skerd! I won’t
                    hurt you! nothing i do will hurt you, i promise, just come over here! is somebody
                    here!!! OK! IT IS PARANORIA SETTING IN!!! HOLY SHEETS,BATMAN!!!!

                    Oh, ahh,,,I think I’m okay, now. It was only Lorrin, Ingrid and Theresa!!!

                    I knew it the whole time!

              • Please Theresa, don’t get me started again! My stomach hurts!

                • I don’t know how this landed up here. It was in response to your holey sheets comment.

        • NO!! You are getting addled-brained dear Cheryl! I said there were 2 cars on stage, both Ford Fusions (Fords new envirocar for this year). They each got only ONE car! They picked them up at the dealer later on. Oh, unless I’m wrong.. when Kris said the wife would drive it I hadn’t thought of that……..??

          At first I was doing the motherly worry thing re. Adam with his fiery Aries moon as most Aries tend to be lead footed. (pedal tothe metal, so to speak) and the Mustangs were all 8 cylinders before. But I pulled up at the red light today beside a guy with a new black Mustang convertible, lowered my window and asked “Is that a 6 cyl or an 8 cyl?” and he said “six”

          The reason is those faster Mustangs, being rear wheel drive tend to skid a lot in snow and rain (too powerful for their size). So let’s hope Adam doesn’t take chances. I’ve driven the hwy 101 and 405 and it is crazytime down near LA! Minimum speed 80mph!

          • Theresa, I have’nt seen the new Mustang here in South Africa but I know that they are powerful cars. I like the fact that Adam decided on black.

            • THERESA, INGRID, SUSE1701 – ALRIGHT!!!! So, about the cars! Were they given 1 each or
              2 each?? THAT IS THE QUESTION!!! I now see that my initial question is validated, cuz
              nobody truly knows, or we all are sure we all know but all have a different number!!! Now,
              is the time for a HOLY SHEETS!!!! As far as the question as to how many cars did they each
              get,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……never mind.

            • Well, of course, Miss Ingrid!! LOL

          • Suse1701 says:

            Going to jump into the car discussion everyone. I am almost 100 percent positive they only got ONE car each. The David Cook presentation was symbolic (and of course an ad for the new Fusion). Adam said he RENTED a car after the shoe ended, which was depicted in the papparazzi incident. Once they “won” the car, they receive a voucher and they “order” the car they want. Kris even said he got to “build his online.” Yes, Adam picked a more expensive model, but apparently that was a choice offered by Ford. I doubt he had to pay the difference. The pub. Ford is going to receive from having BB driving that car is worth WAAAY more than $5,000 or whatever. And it sounds like Kris could have opted for something else if he wanted to.

            Anytime anyone wins a car on TV, they do not get the car presented. There is a long process involved. Again, Ford made a big deal out of this presentation as Adam and Kris finally getting there cars. These were the cars they won – one each.

            • LORRIN, I must say that I should not be surprised that ont only did you type EVERY
              word of the song, but have to say adding the songwriters names was a definate
              Lorrin move!! hahaha!!
              Thank you.
              Thank you, very much!!

              • Cheryl dear, there is a little function called ‘copy and paste’ that seems to work so well when presenting lengthy song lyrics in these posts, but as for the songwriter’s names, yes, I always want to include that to observe all the niceties and legalities. And did you know, Cheryl, and you, too, Ingrid, that ‘Babycakes’ was one of the fun nicknames my sister’s little high school crowd (I was an honorary member and I also had a nickname) used to use? We had other nicknames, too, but it wouldn’t be proper to print them here…(that Cheshire Cat is around here somewhere I know with that big, stupid grin)

                • LORRIN – Good to know you all were so smart!!!! Guess that means you lthink I was
                  not the 1st to use that ‘name’, eh? Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe i wasn’t!

                  Thank you, Thank you, very much Fllying Glamfingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • LORRIN – INGRID-THERESA!!! Oh, my gosh!!!!! I have read thru this area on this
                    site many times. Ingrid posted, “Cheryl, go up to where you first started this post and
                    read all the way down, and you’ll see whaat I mean” …or something to that affect.
                    Well, I Just did!!!!! Good lord, almighty!!!! Really!! I cannot believe how funny this
                    all is!!! And it’s not just me! We all sound like a little section in the psych. ward!!!!
                    I MEAN….!!!! If I EVER need to laugh, and can’t seem to find anything else funny, I
                    will ALWAYS come back to this site where we all really start using our wits!!!! Even
                    I sound funny to ME!!! I rarely can understand why so many people think I’m so
                    funny sometimes!! I have a real good sense of humor, but, seeing it all in ‘type’
                    is an eye-opener for sure!!! Now, Lorrin, if you EVER write an article on the Glambs
                    and use our names, we get some of the $$$$$$!!!!! You guys are funnier than you
                    realize, I think!!!!! Hey, Theresa, what do you see in my writting that tells you I am a
                    Taurus??? B/c I think from all the knowledge I had years ago, that I am a TRUE
                    Taurus in almost EVERY sense of the word/term!!! Ingrid! I am SO glad you wrote
                    on here for me to re-read this whole thing!! It took me a few days, but I am so happy
                    that I did!!!!!HOPE YOU ALL GET THE SAME REACTION I DID!!! YOU HAVE TO
                    AND YOU WILL LAUGH YOUR BUTTS OFF!!!! Hey Lorrin!! Wouldn’t Adam get a
                    laugh out of this if he had been reading this site???!!! I have to say one more thing.
                    My typing speed has increased 10,000% in the last few months!!! Errorless,,,not
                    so much, too many typos, but my speed is incredible!!!! It’s either helping my
                    arth. fingers and hands and wrists, or hurting them! I don’t know yet! But just the
                    fact that I don’t know means it’s not hurting them too much or I would swell up like
                    a pig w/fat unrecognizable fingers!
                    PEACE-LOVE-LAUGHTER-JOY-HAPPINESS………4 ADAM and US!!!

                    • Cheryl, I finally found you over here, good heavens, we are all on the front two pages now, you know. Your typing looks very beautiful and orderly tonight. I could hardly tell it was you! It must be because we christened your disobedient computer with the new name of Madbert. He is behaving like a real gentleman now. Personally, I think that instead of the Psych Ward (excuse ME!), we are all like a bunch of fat, rolling puppies, falling all over a big lawn together. We are all so silly, and funny, and witty together that it gets to be like a running circus event. You are the clown (heh heh), I am the dancing horse (ooh, yes), Ingrid is the flying trapeze artist (brave and true), and Theresa is the lion tamer (a valiant leader). How does that sound? A lot better than the Psych Ward, I assure you. Well, anyway, I just wanted you to know that I found you again, and for you to behave yourself! And I’m SO glad that you can forget your arthritic hands for awhile each time we all visit and rollick together in Adam Land. Love to you tonight!

                    • Glad your typing speed has improved. Your reading speed has though – took you a few days to read the posts! I know, I know, love you too!

  39. Hey kids, I took a quick break and went on over to the Tube, and looked through some of the HO–T-T-T-T new videos from the tour, and came across this little gem. I don’t usually post such uhmm, ‘obvious’ videos, but this one was awful cute (perhaps ‘cute’ is not quite the word..), and it has a bouncy soundtrack so you can dance with Adam. It’s not a clip from the tour, but some of the clips from the tour are in it. It’s a montage video of Adam and all his, ahem, dancing moves, and other meltdown moments from some of his other songs.

    So, here to give you all a lift, oh yeah, is Adam in all his glory:

    The second fun video I saw was this one, showing a cool barber giving Adam’s faux roach haircut to a young customer. Already, Adam is leading the way in the world of fashion! Here’s that link too:

    Hope you enjoy them!

    • LORRIN, Unbelievably hottttt!!! The vid of “I Like The Way You Move”!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Yes, that video was MORE THAN WORTH SENDING OUT THE LINK!!!!!!

      I actually really was interested in the hair one too! I’ve been telling my hairdresser, who’s gay’ about Adam’s hair. Lasst October he had cut my hair a little bit like that before my daughter’s wedding. I had told him to make it a little ‘edgy’, and at the time I had him highlight it w/auburn highlights against my very dark hair, and it turned out nice. Now, I’ll get him to watch this video. His name is Mick. Love his name! Told him years ago that he had a very good ‘rocker name’. He said he knew!!!

      THANK YOU!!! THAT MADE MY DAY. You’re more like our Dark Rocker Glamb!!!

  40. HEY, GLAMBS!!!! Thank you all foir answering all my questions! You did very well on the ‘test’, most of you anyway!!! I give everyone a “B” for bravery! None actually deserves the “A”, I’m sure you will agree as nobody got ALL answers correct!!!! HOWEVER, since I did propose the ‘test’, I am the one ‘judging’ the above-mentioned ‘test’!! Clear your heads, ladies, so far we don’t have any ‘gents’, but we don’t NEED to
    have them, and maybe you can all partilcipate in the next ‘test’, if there is one!!!! Hahaha!!!! Yeah! That WAS fun!!! Didn’t realize WHAT I was DOING when I just put forth my burning questions, so THANK YOU
    all love 4 ADAM ALWAYS FROM HIS GLAMBS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl, judge, jury, adjudicator or whatever else – the questions were directed at a number of people (see your original post) so no-one was likely to get ALL the answers right. I, for one, am not qualified to respond to your questions re Lorrin’s ankle, question to Peggy re Karma, URL question directed at AdamAddict. How about an ‘A’ for effort ???? We tried Cheryl, we tried! Ha, ha!

      • That’s right, I’m with Ingrid, I say ‘A’s all around…first letter in Adam’s name, after all!


          I’ve taken into consideration all of your comments regarding your grades, and I have to say that the
          test was not totally or equally ‘fair’ to each of you ‘equally’! (ahemmmm,,,,) So, after much consideration
          and just plain ole’ tired of the whinning, I’ve decided to modify my final grades!!!! Now, this doesn’t
          mean that I am a ‘push-over’, or ‘weakling’, I am trying to show some respect for your feelings, which
          seem to be strong and give you all an “A”. “A” for ‘Adam”, yes, and an “A” for “Absolute”, b/c you are
          all absolutely nuts!!!!!!! OKAY! You win! Now, can we proceed like the ‘ROCKIN’ BABES’ that we
          really ARE???!! Yes…….can we all say yes,,,,,,,,,i thought we could!!

          • Thank you, thank you, I just wouldn’t be content with less than an ‘A’..

            • I have an identity crisis. Can you blame me???? Fingrid, Baby Cakes, two minutes later … Rockin Babe.

              Yes, thank you, an ‘A’ will do! Cheryl, perhaps we should now grade you. Lorrin, Theresa, AdamAddict, Ofra, Suse1701, … any other Glambs! What do you think would be an appropriate grade for Cheryl? Perhaps we should agree on the grading criteria, which must somehow be linked to Adam. Ok, I will start the process:

              Is Cheryl a loyal Adam fan? Immmmmmmmmmmm, ‘D’ (kind of)

              • Cheryl, joking – still your Baby Cakes!

              • OKAY BABYCAKES! lET’S NOT GET CRAZY HERE!! A “D”! I think NOT!! No, no, no, no!

                How would you like maybe a Movado watch??? Some shoess by BORN? A lobster dinner?
                THEN GIVE ME AN “A” BABYCAKES!

                You continue to make me laugh like this and I might have to hurt you!! Now don’t make me
                come up there!!!

                GIVE ME AN “A” FINGRID!!!!

                • Cheryl, the one and only Glamb Cheryl, I love to push your buttons and you never disappoint! Ok, here goes – an ‘A’ for always rising to the ocassion. How’s that!

                  • INGRID, Thanks! That’ll work for me!! hahaha! (I always try not to disappoint, it’s
                    just not in my nature to disappoint!!!!!)
                    love-peace-joy 2 Adam and, of course, you Fingrid!

  41. Wait, wait, we DO have some gents! I saw them a few posts back, Craig, Bruce, and Josh. They have been contributing, too!

    • LORRIN, I stand corrected!!! I even replied to Josh! Where is my mind? Hey, CRAIG, BRUCE, JOSH, are
      you going to be on this site again? or one of the others? We need your input! You really are special to us!
      You’re male!!! YEAH BABY!!! GUYS WHO LOVE OUR ADAM!!!! We all speak the same language here. nNo need to seek shelter from any of us, we love you!! Speak up and let everyone what the heck you’re thinking!!! we NEED your input!! We’ll be looking forward to reading your posts!!! OK? OK!


      -PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-HAPPINESS- 4 ADAM …………………and all Glambs.

    • … and MadBert!

      • Lorrin, I like Dancy Horse!

        Cheryl, after reading through the posts again, said it was good to see us USE our wits. After reading through all our posts, to me it reads more like LOSING our wits. I, too, will visit this thread when I need some light relief.

        Theresa, Lion Tamer sounds good! what do ya think?

        Cheryl, Clown suits you too with your wonderful sense of humour!

        Trapeze Artist, thank you, very flattering indeed! My 4th!

        All together now, “WE’RE (GLAMBS) A FAMILY, I WANT MY BROTHERS & SISTERS …DA, DA!

        • LORRIN & INGRID!! Why wasn’t there a ‘reply’ box below your post, Lorrin???? This will have to do for
          now! You know, I don’t like clowns!!!! Really! They kind of irritate me. So, could I please have a new
          name??? I could go w/comedian, but I don’t wan’t to seem presumtuous (sp)!!
          Fingrid, I think you’re right about ‘losing’ our wits!! hahaha! No douby, I do feel like I’m losing my mind a
          lot MORE these days!!! Gee,,,,,,,I wonder why???!
          Lorrin, so you think you should have another name?? I’ll have to give that more thought FlyingGlamfingers
          You’ll know when I ‘feel’ that all important superlatlive hit me!!!
          By the by, Lorrin, why were you all on the other ‘page’? All the action was taking place over here!!!
          Ingrid, talk some sense into her!! Hey, Ingrid, you like Dancy Horse?! I think ‘baby cakes’ fits you a little
          better, what do you think Lorrin???!

          • Cheryl (a.k.a Clow/Comedian, the latter Cheryl’s preference). Before I talk to Lorrin I have a little matter to take up with YOU. Your questions regarding the cars and Glamb/Glambert is appearing on almost EVERY THREAD on this site. I have asked you (one of the other threads) sweetly, politely, seriously, WITH TEARS IN MY BLUE EYES, to please NOT, that’s right Cheryl, NNNOOTT, ask these two questions AGAIN. If you did not ‘get’ our responses by now, you WILL NEVER GET IT. Okay, got it!

            Lorrin, Cheryl would like you to please, intuitively, tune into whichever thread, where Cheryl is wreaking havoc at any given time. I am sure you’ll find that easy – you’re psychic after all!

            … and Cheryl, ma cherie, as I said many times before, YOU ARE PRICELESS and now I am adding … THE SALT OF THE EARTH! I know and I love ya too!

            • Oh, forgot, A PIECE OF WORK!

            • My dear Ingrid, I completely agree that Cheryl IS priceless, and that I AM psychic, ha ha. I will henceforth ‘tune in’ to all those pages where she might possible by wreaking havoc. I’m on it! Love to you across the approximately 10,035 miles and 16,633 kilometers that separate us!

            • My grammar has just gone down the tubes… Your questions … IS

          • Cheryl, I have no idea why a reply box did not appear under my post, sorry for the inconvenience. And I’m also sorry you don’t like the bright funny/sad/ and antic-filled clowns of the circus. Oh well, what IS your favorite circus performer? Then you can be that. As for my name, I cherish ‘FLAMING GLAMFINGERS’ and shall ever remain thus. I was just getting in on the kidding by teasing you about not giving ME 3 names, when you had given Ingrid 3 names, – you know, sibling jealousy and all that. Ingrid is ‘FINGRID, BABYCAKES, AND….INGRID! But I am perfectly content with being the big FG, it suits me well.

            As for all the action being here, wow, you should see all the many new, amazing folks that have started writing since the tour hit Dallas. But of course, I know you already know that, because your name if up there in lights already, I saw that great post of yours!

            And hey, are you feeling OK? I haven’t seen as many of your comments as before. Love to you up there in the hinterlands of Indiana, and hope to hear from you soon!

            • Ahem, I meant ‘your name IS up there in lights’, not ‘your name IF up there in lights’, my little fingers made that silly mistake, so sorry (-:

              • Oh yes, Ingrid DOES have a third name, ‘ROCKIN’ BABE’. So now, yes I am jealous..

              • LORRIN, I AM STILL LAUGHING AT YOU AND INGRID!!!! Lorrin, how about your mention of
                ‘hinterland’ instead of ‘winterlands’?!! hahahahaha!

                INGRID, where, little rocker-chick am I writing about the cars again???!!!! I haven’t, I swear!!!!
                I think it is all catching up w/you now!!!! Lorrin, our Flying FlamingGlamfingers, I think she’s
                finally ‘cracked’ under the pressure!!! hahahaha!!

                Maybe you’re starting to ‘crack’ too, Lorrin!! I mean!!! Look at all those ‘typos’ in just this one
                post!!!!! Baby cakes, maybe you should be helping our FFG out!!!! I’m not sure what to do

                YOU TWO HAVE ME REALLY CONCERNED!!!!!!

                I do promise, Fingrid, not to mention the cars again!! I do think, however, that I already posted
                a promise to you on that!!!! You know, you’re starting to ‘lag’ behind a bit just like Miss Fingers
                Just a little note on the semi-serious side for you, Lorrin. I have had a little bit of uncomfortable
                time w/my RA. Nothing big. Just happens off & on all the time! You MAY be a bit ‘psychic’!!
                Don’t be doing that, lnow!!!

                As far as the ‘circus’! I just never liked the circus!!!!!! True!!!!! There is a reason for that, but
                I will tell you both about that another day! Ladies,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y O U,,,,,,,,,,,N E E D,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                time to catch up w/me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                • AHEMMMM,,,,,,,,,as you both can see MadBert is up to his old tricks, again, and he’s
                  made a mess of my ‘reply’!!!!!!!

                  Waaaaaaaaaa!!!! He made me CRY!!!

                  Stop it MadBert!!!! Stop it this instant or I’ll have to hurt you, you’re just jealous of Adam!!!
                  Too BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Guess I told him!

                • … Rocker Chick!!! I am speechless – have no words for you Cheryl. Lorrin and Cheryl, I have just returned from a party and it is 03h28 in SA – will chat tomorrow! Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwah!

                  • Hey, Rocker Chick, Lorrin and I will be around here! That is if Flamingfingers, herself
                    doesn’t get lost AGAIN!!!!! As for me, I have to do some ‘chillin”! Need to rest my
                    bones for a couple hrs again today – boring!! However, it is 1:57am here in the
                    eastern time zone, so guess that’s not really early to have to go to bed for the nite!

                    Sweet dreams FGF and BC!!

                    • Yes, yes, I DID get lost again, this forest is getting so BIG! And may I say, that I am just a bit more than a LITTLE psychic, so you will have to watch out for that too, ha ha. Oh, and I promise never to mention the circus again, so we will all just have to go back to being fat little puppies rolling on the lawn together. And yes, I AM having FITS trying to keep up with you all, so I am just going to have to rest by this rock for awhile. While I’m waiting, you can think up my other names, ha ha. Finding your dangling posts here reminds me that there never will be any rest for me as long as I am a Glamb, and that I will have to run back and forth checking old posts forever! Love to you up there in the ‘hinterlands’ (remote regions) winterlands, and give my love to MadBert too!

  42. Things I’ve gleaned lately from Adam interviews:

    Yes, he does like to dress up, but that does not mean he likes dressing in drag, he made that very clear. He said he only did it a few times for fun, like at Halloween.

    For him it’s guy clothes, but lots of glam and jewellery.

    He is now aware of the international interest. I saw a google map with little icons showing where fans live. Siberia (yes), loads around the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, and desert areas, a fair number in parts of Africa, very dense in east and southeast Asia,

    On of the crew suggested he KEEP th BRAS and PANTIES which are thrown and they’ll attach them to the stage, sides I guess. He loves them thrown, thinks it’s fun.

  43. Of forgot, the most difficult thing about the Idol tour is physical and spiritual fatigue, but he tries to recharge as it’s important to him to give his all on stage.

    • Theresa (… and Peggy), please share any information/insights on KARMA with Cheryl so that she can be CALMER. In the meantime I hope that this helps, breaaaaaath in, breaaaaaaaaaaaath out, well done Cheryl! Now take it from the top again, breaaath in, …

  44. Theresa, I also share your concern for Adam’s health. Between concerts (not much time), there are rehearsals, recordings, interviews, etc. All in all, a very demanding schedule.

  45. I love the jacket, I love the look , and OH YES, the tease at the end … Soooooo sweet ^^ … I keep watching & rewatching this on my phone before i sleep .. And guys(GIRLS), do not worry about Adam’s health, on another video (the dimmers video ^^ ) he talked about getting some sleep and resting after the shows ..
    P.S : When I grow up, I’ll have a house full of dimmers πŸ™‚ …