Producer Rod Cavallo Gives Album Details!

Lyndsey Parker interviews producer Rob Cavallo in the above interview and demands “scoops” – Rob obliges!

Rob describes Adam as “one of the most gifted singers I’ve ever recorded” and also adds that Adam’s range is “limitless.” Rob says that Adam is “the greatest, nicest guy” but that’s not a scoop – we already know that! Rob says that he did 6 songs with Adam for the album, and calls it a “glam robot invasion kind of thing” combining classic rock and modern pop. At the end of the interview Lyndsey asks for song titles, and Rob mentions “Winners,” “Music Again,” and “Suburban Decay.”

Rob also says that the Time For Miracles should be released on October 18th, but he didn’t sound 100% certain on that.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Oh wow. With each little hint or song name that we get it only makes me even more excited for what our Adam has in store for us. Or what’s in store for him. I’m so excited to be part of the beginning of what will be a terrificly long and successful career for him.

    • Same here Peaches it is as tho they are drip feeding us every little bit at a time. It is so frustrating I have a day off today and have spent most of the morning at my computer so as usual nothing extra is being done. O Adam our wonderful muse.

      • Just read Adams latest twitter he says, “This was my morning.Flanked by Snoop and Paula. My life is so surreal”

        • ADAM’s dreams are coming true! And OUR dreams are coming true because ADAM’s dreams are coming true! We know that waiting all this time is so worth it because we’ve known from the very first time we saw ADAM on AI that we were following a gorgeous, talented, caring rising STAR!!!!! ADAM storm is here!!!!!

  2. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Why didn’t Rob just come out and say it “ADAM is one of a kind and there is no other!” ? I sensed a little bit of the same reaction ADAM gave us, in Rob, excitment and anticipation!! I don’t know about horniness, but you could tell how amazed he was with ADAM!!!!!! Cannot wait for this album!!! I’m def buying 3!!!!! One for me, one for my daughter, and one for me!!!!

  3. Jeanette, thanks for this. Hearing Rob says all those nice wonderful things about Adam, just makes you so proud of him. The amazing thing is, that you hear all these nice words come from professional celebrities so to say and then, I knew the first time I met Adam, he was this nicest sweetest, kindest everything good guy. Wow, how he just has the aura about him that so many many people notice and love. So good to hear how well his album is going and little tidbits about
    it. Well we know 3 song titles, sounds awesome, just like the Artist…………..

  4. I cannot express my excitement with the little tidbits, Winners, Music Again, Suburban decay, I can hear Adam now. Just one word WOW! and I can’t wait.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. sherry s. says:

    THIS SATURDAY (Oct. 18) — release of “Time for Miracles” — CONFIRMED BY ADAM — in today’s MTV interview (not in video, but within text of report)

    music video to be combined with movie footage and premiering as opener to Michael Jackson’s documentary at theaters

    • Confusion to me, the movie trailer that we have seen, a longer trailer or the actual Adam video. The way Adam was talking sounds like an actual video! Gee maybe I’ll go see MJ…

      • sherry s. says:

        the actual ADAM video — apparently will contain movie clips

        “THIS IS IT” (Jackson documentary/movie) opens October 28 (Wednesday)
        I wonder how many people will go to see it now—just to see Adam!

        • sherry s. says:

          never expected to be seeing him on the BIG SCREEN this soon!!!
          (though i’ve always known it was inevitable)

          • sherry s. says:

            did some more investigating — did I say “big screen”? try IMAX!!!

            • The movie trailer is not the same thing as Adam’s music video. The music video will have clips from the movie, but it will show Adam calmly walking down the street with all kinds of chaos going on around him.

            • JoAnne T. says:

              Mmm, yeah I like that idea…Adam on IMAX!!! OMG, can u imagine him in 3D?? !! Wow what a visual I just had lol! Wasn’t planning on seeing the MJ thing but hey may just change my mind to see Adam on the big screen then I can leave after I’ve had my fix!

              JoAnne T.

        • I’m going for sure!

        • sherry, count me in, I was talking to my sis and we are going, gotta see a peak of Adams music video! What a great place to preview his MV, one King before another King!!!

          • Eminently appropriate, I agree. (Mary, I went to OSU—met the hubby there, too.)

            • Well Sherry, do you still live in the Columbus area??

              • sherry s. says:

                Nope. Michigan.
                (born and raised in Ohio, so it holds lots of sentimental value for me)

                • Sherry, a wolverine huh? My husband was born in Michigan and
                  moved to Ohio. He’s a Spartan and Wolverine fan. I’m a Buckeye.

                  • sherry s. says:

                    I have never been into football, but if asked, I would claim myself a Buckeye without any reservation. (I was there during the Woody Hayes years—a quasi-sacrosanct experience like that leaves an indelible impression.) -_-

  6. It seems info is coming out in dribs and drabs… Cavallo earlier today, hinted at yeet another announcement. It was regarding the 2012 trailer being shown along with MJ’s documentary.

    Here is a bit from MTV which sounds as if Adam did an interview with them or someone:

    • Thanks Terry, loved the dribs with Adam. “It was a fun day”” Oh each day is a fun day with Adam in it…….
      peace and love

      • Mary, how far are U from Chicago? Could you take a day off and go there? If so, Adam will be on Oprah, no date chosen yet and people on her site are already asking for tickets.

        • Oh Terry, heck yes, I can go to Chicago in a heartbeat. Its either a 45min. flight or a 5 hr drive.
          I would love to go if I can get tickets. I went to the site for Oprah and didnt see the Adam show

  7. That was a wonderful interview with Rob Cavallo….he was VERY impressed with Adam, not only with his singing capabilities, but the fact that Adam is a nice person. I think the professionals that Adam works with respect him, enjoy working with him and realize what a great talent he is….
    A very rare combination, I think, in the music world today!

    That’s our Adam !!!

    • Exactly. You said it all. He’s the sweetest person with the greatest talent. Aren’t we lucky?

  8. Judy Huston says:


    I’ve had posts show up before and people responded to them so I assumed that meant they were approved, but no glamb number so far. I’m following the instructions again and hope this one is approved so I can then apply for the number. Too complicated for me :-). Maybe this time.


  9. This is a little off topic…is anyone else IN LOVE with Adam’s new hairdo? It’s not a huge difference but I always liked his hair long, and I think it’s just perfect. In these days with so little information on the new album except for a few select titles…anything excites me!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, in LOVE with his new hair style Peaches, in LOVE with any choice of clothes he chooses to wear, or not wear for that matter, in LOVE with whatever he has on his feet, in LOVE with his jewellery, in LOVE with his eyes – I adore Adam’s eyes, in LOVE with his lips and his super sexy tongue, in LOVE with his whole body and in LOVE with what’s inside those pants. Yep, totally in LOVE with ADAM LAMBERT, sigh!!!! Mwah and hugs to all.

      • Dianne, I love him with hair or without hair, with or without clothes … hhhhhhmmmm. Where’s that Helen with her chill pills! Heleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Mmmwah to you too!

    • KO's smiling says:

      Yeah, he can do no wrong. 🙂

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    Love the HONESTY of this man!!!!! I have never heard anyone say anything about any performer with so much of everything he said being totally awesome with everything so totally honest about Adam being so everything to everyone!!!! Everything was so totally awesome about everything Adfam! Everything Adam is totallly awesome fo everyone. Everyone is awesome who knows Adam is everything. He is so totally awesome for saying everything to everyone only awesomeness about Adam which is so totally awesome, Adam is, therefore, everything!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, Cheryl, what you said. Love to you and everything.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I meant to say LOL, I am still LOL.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          DIANNE INGRID AND MARY,……..Alright! Okay! You all know it is all true, maybe repetitive, but definately true, definately, definate!!!

          Yes, my Ingrid, my Fingrid, dear friend! It is I, me, cheryl norman, myself, for sure it is #334, which is me! It is no other. Not 343, not 434, no, not even 344! It is cheryl norman #334, which is me, cheryl, myself it is “I am”, as I said!

          Mary, now what makes you think I am in love??? You are right, but what makes you know that??? Not that you are wrong, b/c you are not, wrong, that is, b/c you are right, I am in love, and for the first time in my life, not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more but the 1st genuine time in love with Adam. Not anyone else, not Keith, Ken, Tony, Mike Bill, Jack, Dewey, Den, Mick, Rob, Doug, Pete,Kip, Tom, Joe, Mark, (another) Ken, Bob, (another) Jack, Vic, and some I can’t remember. (these are guys I had a kind of serious relatlionship with tht I can remember). So, not any of them, there is only one ADAM! I never even dated an Adam in my life, but if I ever did, I would probably have married HIM!!!

          Thank you for your understanding!

          • Ok Cheryl, You are so funny. love, love,love to understand!
            Your 1st genuine love, well lets see, 1st genuine love and its at the beginning of the alphabet- AADDAAMM………… I know you’re in love becuz of aaallll the jibber jabber……………. Well move on down the alphabet, I want the A…………..

            • cheryl 334 says:

              MARY,……….Tell me, my dearest Mary, ‘move on down the alphabe, and YOU want the A….’ what exactly, my dearest, do you mean? You want ADAM???? FORGET IT!!! You remind me a bit of LORRIN and INGRID, trying to sneak in the ‘ack door’, so to say. I am very aware of the three of you!!! You all think you are so ‘sneaky’, don’t you!!! Well, DEAREST of DEAR FRIENDS, take a long walk off a short pier!!!

              Luv y’all! Mean it! cheryl

              • Cheryl, make up your mind – luv y’all and mean it but we must take a long walk off a short pier. Well, if Adam’s in the water, no problem! Skinny dipping, even better! What do you say gals?????

                • Ingrid, hahahah, skinny dipping with Adam , oh yeh. The treasure and the bulge,
                  OMG see what you’ve done?

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    MARY AND INGRID,……..Just to let you know, Adam will be in a scube outfit, no skin showing. So, cool your jets, kids!

                    I will always keep the treasure and the bulge for safekeeping for myself, than you very much! Just don’t be getting any ideas! I amy be ill, but when it comes to my treasure, I can get fit real quick!

                    Remember, Mary, I went to the concert as a shy nice girl, content to be in the corner, just as long as I could see Adam very good. But, when I got to the concert and saw my man standing there in full ‘bloom’, well, myl natural frmine insstinctds came rushing over me like ants over a cupcake. I mean that man was mine, and I just wantede him to remember my face, so that if he ever went to bed with anyone else he could substitute my eyes looking back at him and eyeing his whole body and every little bitty bit of each little beautiful hair on his big glorious hun of hunkt flesh and bone. And I’ll be realyy happy to take that ‘boner’ er….. I mean….. ‘bone’, too. Gotta go! Luv, Cheryl

                    • Cheryl, Adam in a scube outfit, I don’t think so! Let’s just say he has scube outfit on, do you really think that would stop us! Seriously Cheryl, ten scube outfits won’t keep us from getting to where we wanna be … you know! Love ya cupcake! Mmmwah

    • Cheryl, is this the right Glamb# now???? Just asking!!!! It seems like this awesome post is awesomely like a record that stuck! Awesome Cheryl, awesome! Mmmmmmmmwah!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        INGRID …… YOU’RE AWESOMELY CORRECT-O , ONCE AGAIN!!! In love? Me? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , see, I am laughing soooo hard! Ha Ha Ha Ha! That is so funny. I am not in love! I am way beyond that!!! Surely you jest!? Just love? No, no, no, I am gone………….kaput! Way past the elementary love stage, I am obsessed, not jealous. Big difference! Yea? No? Oh, ,,, yeah!

    • cheryl, my head is spinning,,,,, you are in love……………

      • cheryl 334 says:

        MARY,………………………………..RIGHT U R!!!!

        BINGO, BABY!!!!!!!…………………………………!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        MARY,………………… aha, I see my plan is working just like I planned it. Adam doesn’t like ‘spinning heads’……………………keep going Mary,……….you’re doing just fine! Aha!

  11. So excited to finally get a little inside info on Adam’s new album. Yea Lindsey Parker!

  12. he is so right! …..i’m so proud of adam!! i know that everyone is gonna love his cd! and also can’t wait to hear the whole 2012 song!

  13. AdamAddict says:

    Have you guys watching this?He says he wants to be Glampire in his twitter,but now he said it again in youtube.He is freaking hot.You think he dyed his hair black again?Maybe his hair growth longer so he needs to dye again.Because seems like it’s darker which I LOOOOOVE! Adam is beautiful!

    • AA, you find the best videos of Adam. No wonder you’re up at all hours of the night. Adam is
      Glampire, well you must be Glampiress, you and puteri. Up untill the wee hours.

      Well you stay the glampiressess, because I want to be Adams victim, so he can suck the blood
      out of my neck!!!!!!!!! You cant be victims, becuz you Glampiresses………

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Remember when I imagine how Time for miracles video would be?Well forget the part I getting married with him and Kanye as flower boy,just remember the beginning.It almost sound alike.Almost!! He’s walking while chaos surround him and the camera just capture Adam singing with powerful voice.Well,here ,read the article,check out what Adam going to say about it.But I still like full imigination tho!LOL!

  15. I feel like a little kid in the last few weeks before Christmas; it is taking sooooooo looooooog! Thanks for all the bits of information – just fuel for the fires of anticipation! Guess I will distract myself trying to get ideas for my pic/poster that will do justice to my home here between the Bay and the Ocean ; Virginia is for lovers! (old state slogan) (of Adam of course!)

    • Mary Ellen, cute Va is for lovers…. Hey did you feel like a bigger kid at christmas when Adam was announcing the nominees for AMA and under the group, duo category, one of the duo’s?
      ”Mary, Mary” ooohhhhh he was saying our name……………. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh
      shake it Adam, shake it.

  16. Oh I’m so buzzed!!! But confused — when exactly will the entire TFM song be out? And when will it be at the Michael Jackson movie? Are there two different dates here? I’m hearing everything from the 16th to the 18th to the 28th??!! Help!

    • Eileen, seems like the latest news is: TFM to be out Oct.18th, and then MJ’s “This Is It” movie will be out Oct.28th, with a preview of Adams music video to TFM included.

  17. I wasn’t planning on going to see the MJ movie, but now I guess I’ll have to….but only to see ADAM’s video. Hopefully it’s like MTV said, at the beginning of the movie!!!!

    ADAM seems to have captured the respect of the power people of the music world…..he already has ours! They are promoting ADAM to the hilt, building the excitement and anticipation!

    I just pray that they give consideration to ADAM and his health, and don’t exhaust him.

    We want ADAM to stay strong, healthy, and happy.

  18. Judy Huston says:

    Okay guys, I’m still trying to get my glamb#–almost since day 1, and I haven’t succeeded. The instructions said to comment on any post except the one where the instructions are. I commented on this post. It said” Wait until your comment is approved.” I’m assuming that by approved, you mean it gets posted? If not, then how do I know it is approved?

    I’m going to wait until someone answers this and try to continue the process.


    • You should get a number shortly…I saw your post in the correct thread, and a number should be assigned within the next 48 hrs. or so. You do have to go back and check the glamb number thread to find out what your number turned out to be though.

      Glamb #6

    • Dag gone Terry, the post has expired already! Looks like we got the new to late. %^$$##$^^&&**
      Adam please request your Glambs club to be there with you???

  19. Arleen Stamp says:

    Sooo much to look forward to…..the anticipation is killing me…..but ADAM is worth the wait!