How to Power Text
Adam Lambert fans can triple (at least) the number of votes by power texting.  You can get 3000 to 5000 votes out in two hours.
Essentially, power texting sends ten votes at a time instead of just one. 
  • Must have a cell phone on AT&T. If you don’t have one, you can pick up a Go Phone for about $30 at Target, WalMart, or Best Buy.
  • Must have unlimited text plan.
 Power Texting (note: these instruction may differ based upon which kind of phone you have!) 
  1. You are going to create ten contacts in your cell phone (Adam1, Adam2, Adam3, etc.).
  2. Create a contact group (also known as a distribution list) and name it something like “Adam For The Win” and add your contacts (Adam1, Adam2, etc.) to the group. If you don’t know how to do that, check the manual for your phone or go to the AT&T Support Site     
  3. Add the voting number for Adam (570x) to each of the contacts.  At this point Adam has two numbers, but you can ONLY text to the FIRST number (Adam’s performance order number). Do this during the show before the voting starts.
  4. At the end of the show, send the message “vote” to your “Adam for the Win” contact group.  This sends the message to the ten contacts at once.  It will take a couple of seconds more than sending a single contact.
  5. Now, resend or forward the same message to your contract group over and over for the next two hours.
Super Power Texting
Get a second Go Phone and have ATT give it a number on the opposite side of the country from you.  This will let you vote for two hours in Eastern Standard time and then for two hours in Pacific Time.  


  1. even though adam did not win, he will be an icon, he’s not an american idol, he’s an AMERICAN ICON. thank you american idol for showing the world adam, but if it wasn’t for him, i would not be watching the show. i have never participated in voting so intently and will never again. i hope adam lost righteously , not fixed or staged. if it is, shame on you american idol, adam will still persevere. adam did not win because he was less talented than kris, it’s the contrary. kris even admitted himself adam deserved to win. kris is a good performer, singer, but he was not in the same league as adam. adam has the “it”, “the one” factor. unfortunately, if it is the true case, the teenagers and fans of kris who knew gadgetry devices to produce multiple votes, caused adam to loose. also, if it is true count, the people who knew adam was the deserving winner, did not care to vote. they knew adam is it, but don’t need to cast that vote. case in point my husband; he would never vote it any fashion, but definitely thought adam was the true contender from day one. so once again, adam is the “it”, “the one” factor, so now it’s his time. just do it adam. do not ever settle. make hits in rock, pop, country, r&b, classical, opera, broadway, everything, all at the same time. also, you have charisma, use that in movies, television, and of course plays. remember the variety shows in past generations: lawrence welk; sonny and cher; donny and marie; adam can produce that type of show. people are already saddened that they cannot watch adam next week, so why not have a weekly show of him. he has heart, use it to touch the world. it doesn’t matter and it is not the world’s business about your sexuality, so never falter. be true to yourself, but be private with dignity and integrity. thank you mr. and mrs. lambert for creating your son and thank you adam for all of who you are. i am so looking forward to your fantastic, longevity journey and someday a gracious hug.

    • Nettie Gamble says:

      Ruth, thank you for such true words. I feel so much the same way. I have gotten so wrapped up in this years AI. I am too old to be acting like a teenager. It has been so much fun because of Adam! I appreciate the way most of the other contestants have conducted theirselves. It is good to see the comaradie they have in the group. I see maybe one contestant that is trying but it sticks in his craw to be nice to Adam. Shame on him – but he is not who he trys to make us think he is. Some things have a way of being revealed. Anyway, all the great things you said about Adam…DITTO!!! I agree and Thanks!!

      • Adam Lambert and Chris Blank will be forgotten by this time next year. Only Clarkson, Underwood and Hudson have staying power. The other idols will only be remembered by the kids who voted for them. At least until they hit 14 – then they will move on.

        • Actually I think Your wrong their with the proper managment and not just joining a existing band like Queen .which is probably on the table.This Young man can be the next Elvis.

      • Adam Lambert says:

        Thank you for your comments, but you guys sound like idiots. There is more to life than paying attention to someone else being a star. Go outside of your house and find a hobby.

        • Adam, We are not idiots,we just wanted what was fair.You both did a really good job,but you deservered the tittle.Peggy

        • I doubt this is authentic it doesn’t sound like his style . Any how I’m finished with this argument.

    • “. i hope adam lost righteously , not fixed or staged. if it is, shame on you american idol, adam will still persevere”

      How can you complain about the contest being rigged or fixed when Adam fans were letting eachother know how to power text?

    • i have never in my living years done so many mails and reply’s as much as i do it now for Adam. Ruth I really enjoyed your true words. i think that Adam did teach all of us that we should be true to ourselves and ….
      I know that he will always be in my heart and mind. he should continue and do better than ever.
      Best of luck to him and we all hope to see him more and more.
      Just love him.


  2. The REAL Adam says:

    all i’ve got to say is that this adam guy is a total HACK. he is a clone of hundreds of other screEMO singers that came out of the woodwork about 7 years ago. it was a short lived fad that’s been yesterday’s news since 2006, but it looks like this adam guy is trying to keep it alive. for his sake anyway. his singing is awful!! he should grow up and get a job. i predict that in 5-10 years he will be on one of those “has-been / wanna-be” reality shows with ron jeremy, joe rogan, paris hilton and flavor flave!

  3. People are complaining that Kris won because of power voting in Arkansas, yet THIS WEBSITE IS TEACHING ADAM FANS TO DO THE SAME!

    Fucking hypocrites.

  4. Adam Lambert Sucks says:

    RUTH You are a loser, and so is Adam Lambert! Kris Allen is so much more talented. So Adam can belt it out, he is way too over the top, annoying, and belongs in the Rocky Horror picture show. I would much rather listen to Kris Allen sing any day than Adam. I, like your husband, did not vote, yet I from the beginning wanted Kris to win.

    • I agree with you. I had to almost mute the volume when Adam came on.I felt like he was screaming at me rather then singing.

  5. Dear Fanz of AI,
    Please get a life. Adam nor Kris care any more about you than I do. At the end of the day, BOTH contestants will get recording contracts and go on to make lots of money. None of which you will get.
    The real issue here is that fans of Adam underestimated the power of the people in hick-town Arkansas. Theses folks were savvy enough to have AT&T pay for their votes. That’s awesome!
    It’s too bad that that Adam’s California fan base couldn’t come up with such a great idea.
    BTW, last week, power texting tips were discussed by Lambert fans on the American Idol fan site: (http://myidol.americanidol.com/go/thread/view/32575/14608523/Power_Texting )
    What’s not to say that there votes helped Adam win previous rounds?
    Either way, there is no proof that the power texts were counted or not, so get over it.

  6. Let them both be winners.I wont be watching american idol any way if this is the way things happen.

  7. Guys,
    its done. Adam already are a sucess. Of couse he is better than Kris, but whatever.

    In fact, American Idol is a sillly show (and I watched it this season only for Adam Lambert and Alisson).

    For Adam wasn’t that bad “lost” for Kris. He will have more freedom to do his stuff, you know?…
    I think its time to enjoy his music, watch the interviews and, soon, buy the record. This question about votes are just useless…

    For us, fans, Adam Lambert IS the American Idol (ops, Im braszilian LOL) no matter what happened about the votes.

    Don’t you think?

  8. indycraft says:

    I think the bigger story is that a spokesman for American Idol would not comment as to whether “power texting” (sending multiple text votes at one time) constituted technically enhanced/block votes. AI producers reserve the right to disallow technically enhanced/block votes. People who pay per text and used power text may have had their votes thrown out. Follow the money.

  9. Elaine McKillop says:

    The focus on Adam’s sexuality is a diversion by Idol. Kara and Seacrest are talking because they have been instructed to. The explanations for why Kris won do not add up. Google Trends do not show a jump for Kris until after he was named the winner, and even then he could not top Adam. If you factor Danny into the equation, they still do not add up, because Danny’s fans lost interest in him after his departure. Adam had more interest then both of them put together. In my opinion, corporate America struck again. As an attorney, I recognize the conflict of interest between AT&T and a fair Idol vote. Everything that maximizes the vote and makes money for AT&T such as power texting and go phones as well as the California phones given out and sold in Arkansas that allowed them to cross times zones and vote for three more hours could have broken the rules. I say “could” because it is a discretionary rule. If the vote is up to the discretion of AT&T why should anyone vote? Telescope Inc. the independent vote keeper won’t say.

  10. Kerry Kolsch says:

    Please do not try and suggest that Adam’s unorganized fan sites “cheated” and therefor Kris’s cheat sites are OK . Kris generated 38 to 58 million votes by cheating. Kris was in contact with his fan sites. Kris had cheating instructions sent out to three universities from his face book. Adam did not participate in cheating. Kris did. He is the cheating winner of American Idol and now the show wants to “out” Adam to change the subject.


  12. Sue Greer says:

    All of the discussion about who won and who didn’t win the “American Idol” title is a moot point that will probably never reach a completely satisfactory resolution, but I think that one of the most interesting points that has been expressed here is that Kris’s OWN FACEBOOK PAGE sent out power texting instructions to three colleges (I would imagine Arkansas Colleges, though it didn’t clarify that). Up until that point I had been feeling bad for both Kris and Adam for falling “victim” to the unfair and supposedly illegal voting practices of a huge number of voters from Arkansas. I believed that Adam was truly happy for Kris, (and is actually probably a lot better off for not winning as far as his own career is concerned). I also believed that if Kris, himself, had known of these practices going on in his name, he would have put a stop to it. I didn’t think any honorable person would want to win under those illegal circumstances…the operative word here is obviously “honorable”. So, I don’t know where that leaves me in my feeling for Kris (the perinneal nice guy). I wish him well, although in all honesty, in six months time on down the road I would hate to be on a game show and when my $1,000,000.00 question came up, it would be “What is the name of the winner of American Idol’s Eighth Season?”

  13. i love adam’s heart it’s realy full of ………………………love


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