Pink’s Live Version Of Whataya Want From Me

This is awesome!!
During Pink’s concert yesterday in Germany, she gave a great little speech about writing this crazy little song, and finding a guy that sings it way better than she does!
As she sings it, you can hear the fans sing along and it was one of those goosebump moments for me.
Congratulations go out to both Pink, for writing the perfect song for Adam, and for Adam, for singing the hell out of it EVERY SINGLE TIME he sings it. You are both class acts…

Here is the tweet from Adam last night that he sent out to Pink:
~adamlambert~@Pink thanks for saying kind things about me! You’re an inspiration! Such a rockstar and such a classy, sexy rebel!

This is just a random tweet from Adam last night that I thought you all would enjoy. It is a cute picture of Adam and his bff Danielle:
~adamlambert~@DanielleStori having drinks rooftop!!! Love my girl!!


WWFM: Pink’s version
video via:funhouse0000



  1. Lol! Love Pink but I can see why she gave it up it does not suit her voice at all. Love how the audience sings along

  2. Thanks Pink for giving some love to Adam. I was never a fan of yours, now I am.

  3. I am a BIG fan of Pinks and I love her, but she is right. Adam sings it better.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink but I really do prefer Adam’s. He puts so much heart into every song, especially that one, and we can all feel it. Thank you Pink for writing such a great song and passing it on to one GREAT SINGER! I love you both!! Oh yeah and goosebumps…ME TOO!!

  5. Wonderful tribute to Adam. Thanks, Pink!

  6. oh wow!!! awesome….

  7. I must admit if there is a woman that I am jealous of it’s Danielle. What a lucky gal.

  8. Kind of off subject but can someone explain to me why WWFM is not on vh1 to vote for anymore? I just went to vote on Ryan Seacrest top 40 and Adam had 21% but the #1 song only had 4%. I’m confused… WTF?? Does the voting work or not? Anyway I’ll keep doing it until I find out differently. Oh and he’s #2 at open house party for IIHY… anyone hearing it yet? Maybe soon? Sorry, don’t mean to sound crabby but I’m just frustated. BREATHE…….AAAHHHH……

    • Hi lvadam there is a limit to how many weeks a video can be on the countdown, i think it is 20 weeks. So we were able to keep it on till they had to remove it. Just wish they would quickly say the videos that are retired so people would understand. so we have a bit of a rest untill IIHY shows up then we can vote vote vote!

      • Thanks for the info Rema. It would be nice if they would let people know…….we should celebrate, he went out still in the top 10!! Now I just need to figure out that Ryan Seacrest thing. I’m excited for IIHY to start playing….one of my faves!!

  9. That was awesome. To say that Adam is doing a much better job and that the song is now his. Heck of woman, gutsy and not to speak her mind and share her emotions, raw and real. Most of her songs from the past year and half or so have been about her relationship with her husband.
    I admire her authenticity.

  10. Darlene says:

    I love Pink, but I am so glad she gave Adam this song. He does it so well.

  11. i am so with you on that one Sharon…

  12. She has a beautiful voice. I don’t like her outfit-it makes her look chunky, and she’s not.

  13. pink yeah she’s cool but i still love adam’s better

  14. In all fairness to Pink, the sound on this video is not that great. She’s an amazing singer and it was nice to her give praise, where it was due. She’s also proved how smart she is by giving Adam the song.

  15. I love Pink and even more for giving Adam props. She wrote a beautiful song. They should sing it together sometime. They are both powerhouses!

    • Mishelle, I’m just after listening to it again and I agree that they should sing it together.
      That would be something !!

  16. I think it suits her very well, she’s a natural singing it . . . she wrote it after all, so it was more her song to begin with . . . and I think the words/voice are better coming from her . . . i’m an Adam fan-atic but i will speak my mind!

  17. IIHY Will be out soon :0) Then we can Vote that song ALL THE WAY TO NUMBER 1:0)

  18. glamitup says:

    Love the look of Adam with 0 makeup! AWESOME!

  19. I like Pink, and my daughter is madly in love with her, but I can see why she gave it to Adam to do..Nobody does it better!!

    Tina..aka..Mistress Lambert (and I WILL keep wishing)!!