Pictures Of Adam Lambert At KFest!!**UPDATED WITH VIDEOS**

Thank you @monalee62 for these awesome pictures from today’s KFest concert. As of right now, I have only found pictures, but as soon as I can find videos I will post them for you!!!









AND @vic_righthand







AND click on this link to see all of her pics…@ADAMGASMIC

Intro and Music Again
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If I Had You
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Whataya Want From Me
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  1. Thanks Sue for posting these so quickly. Don’t know how I am going to get ANYTHING done this summer, with new pics and videos almost every day!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I AM LOVING IT!!! I don’t think I will get anything done this summer, hahaha. Too much Adam going on… lucky me!!


      • earlzagurl4u says:

        Heck, I haven’t done dishes, laundry, swept floors, cleaned the car, read mail, paid bills, had a bath, ate, slept since January 20, 2009! {u know imma just kidding, right?}

        • I know what you mean… many chores etc to neglect while gawging and swooning over Adam!!!

  2. IJustLoveYouAdam says:

    LOL Adam at Target in the hair coloring aisle, right? Gotta love our guy, taking care of business!

    • libraglam says:

      Oh I WISH I could catch ADAM at TARGET….then i will have time to chat with him just “two of us” without the crowd screaming and yelling. He looked so relaxed and naturelin the picture….Hmmm….what a lucky guy who found ADAM in Target….!! He is so cute (I mean my ADAM !!!)

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I didn’t notice he was in the hair color aisle until you mentioned it. FUNNY!

  3. Well, what a gorgeous babe our Adam is…especially, in my opinion when he’s a little more “au naturel”. LOVE his hair kind of down and the hint of make up. But, actually I am in a fantasy dream state over how hot he looks in his Glamnation fashion, hair and make up. Hell, he could have a bag over his head and a clown’s wig on and I would probably find him irresistably sexy. Sigh.

    These recent pix have really cheered me up. You see, just a few hours ago, I discovered that one of my two sons removed my River Rock Concert stub from my “For Your Entertainment” cd case while they were looking at the pictures in the booklet. MY CONCERT TICKET STUB HAS BEEN LOST!!!! OMG I am sooooo sad. I feel a giant pit in my stomach and like I’m about to cry. I thought that my precious keep sake from the most amazing concert in my life would be safe in the CD case but alas…. I suppose I’ll just have to take better care of my Glamnation ticket stub if my dreams come true and Adam actually comes back to western Canada. As I said, thanks for posting these pix so soon as they have somewhat filled the void left by my lost ticket stub. 🙁

    • Oh poor char!! I can imagine how terrible you feel! I feel sick to my stomach just hearing about it! How on earth did this happen? I got my Idol tour ticket stub signed by Adam at the Meet and Greet last year and that’s my cherished souvenier. I would flip if anything happened to it!

    • Char, so sorry that happened, I’ll be thinking positive thoughts that it will turn up. A little secret: I even kept the stub for my parking ticket at the Idol tour last year, among other things, so understand the value of those reminders of Adam’s rise to fame and our connection to that, at least to us personally. And yes, he does look fabulous any old way, probably clown wig included!

      • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

        I have my “Adam Drawer” in my nightstand. Keep my program from the Idols tour, Rolling Stone, etc. there. It is getting pretty full; may have to move to an “Adam Dresser”! (more drawers). All off limits to the kids and grandkids!

        • Exactly where all of mine is, same “stuff”, including the Rolling Stone…., middle drawer of nightstand, and it IS getting full! LOL What to do………

          • Thank you all for your sympathy and kind words. It hasn’t shown up yet, but you never know. Do your partners know about your stash of Adam stuff? I think I’ll have to start a drawer of my own. I loved having my ticket stub in my cd case, cause everytime I played the cd I would see the ticket and, well, you know, being reminded of an Adam concert is ALWAYS A GOOD THING!

        • earlzagurl4u says:

          Oh wow!! Me too! The last drawer of my dresser next to my bed is my “Adam Drawer” sis used to come in and hide my RS,,I told her she doesn’t have to look at in private she can look at it in the open,,she never looked at hid it again!! Of course now I have magazines stacked on the floor, and I actually have been sleeping w/ a mag turned to a beautiful pic of Adam for over a year now. My rl fam thinks I need an intervention!! The things we do!! PLL to Adam & all the Glambs!!

  4. What fantastic photos! Thanks so much! We are on this journey with Adam and enjoying it all along the way. Love you band, too!

  5. I hear both of you! This is going to be one HOT summer! I live in FL and am flying to NJ this month for the Atlantic City concert (can’t wait!!!) and I check here all the time for my Adam fix. Sue – thank you soooo much for you posts! Don’t know what I would do without them!

  6. Just LOVE HIM. Saw him today at KFEST and immediately came home and bought two tickets to Hyannis in August. He is unbelievable…kind of shy today… it was cute.

  7. Saw him today at Kfest and am now now going to see him in Hyannis, Ma. in August. Adam is the most beautiful vocalist on the planet. Thanks for an awesome show!

  8. GypsyLaine says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. Adamisamazing says:

    Love seeing Adam like this. He is so gorgeous, that sometimes just seeing him with the natural look is
    so refreshing. And, to see him at a store just makes me realize he does normal stuff too! 😉 Yep, our Summer is going to be busy, Glambs!

  10. Madeline says:

    Thanks so much for these great pictures. They are perfect. What would we do with out you??

  11. please request adam lambert IIHY on radio he seem break in to from top 50 to 49on hac.

  12. A wonderful job of posting once again. You ladies are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing. I do have a question though….what the heck is on Tommy’s upper arm in the top photo?? It looks like a pic of Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Then a magician below her. Just curious, it jumped out at me. Cant wait for the next concert post. Luv to all.

    • Venus – I’m not certain about Tommy’s tattoos, I sort of wondered about them myself. I do know, from following him on twitter that he is a big fan of horror movies, especially, it seems the classics so I suspect that is what the tattoos are all about.

    • Venus, I believe that is Linda Blair/Exorcist. The one below looks like Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula to me. That would make sense if he is a fan of horror movies.

  13. Thanks soooo much!!… Adam every day! He is beautiful!!I Have to wait till Sept 4 to see him in Rockford IL.Don’t think I can take the wait! My sister is seeing him this month in Hammond IN.Sooo Jealous…she gets to see him first! Keep feeling the love people!:)

  14. sun-n-stars says:

    AWESOME – Thanks so much for sharing. I can barely contain my excitement! I’m going to see him in Norfolk and Richmond when he performs in VA. It is so heart warming to see him in such a natural setting like a department store – just being himself. Oh Boy – I am just thrilled and haven’t even been to see him yet! Love the pictures. I cannot thank you enough for keeping us updated.

  15. Before I even take time to look at all of this and read the comments, I just have to say something. Every time that I see a photo of Adam and Tommy together, it hurts my eyeballs. There is just TOO MUCH CUTE for my eyes to process, Ha! Ha! Adam is so blessed to have his band and dancers. I know it means so much to have their support and to be sharing his incredible journey with people that he really cares for and who he knows he can trust to be there for him.

  16. leticia says:

    I love Adam in his natural look! He is so sexy, refreshing and relaxed!

  17. CHAPEL HILL LYNNE! If you still are looking for company for the Raleigh Concert email me at
    I am going with Jane Parker who also comes to this site but she lives in Raleigh. I live in Durham. We can travel to Raleigh together.
    Happy Triangle….

  18. If you have time, go to this link and vote for WWFM:

    That’s Ryan Seacrest’s American Top 5. And while you’re there, maybe use the “Submit Request” box to enter IIHY as a request. They won’t put it up as an option for quite some time I’m sure, if at all, but it’s another way to let them know fans are wanting Kiss to play IIHY.

    Also, vote at OHP (open house party) – you’re allowed to email during the week apparently and so don’t have to deal w/ the phone stress like on Sat. and Sun. nights.

    And if you have time here and there, make sure you visit VH1’s “Posted” for Lambert so the site gets the HITS!

  19. This is off the subject but does anyone know when the IIHY video is supposed to be out?

  20. Magiclady says:

    I also love these pictures!

    I am curious as to how so many fans are able to go to meet and greets and get his autograph. Although I have been into music and have gone to many concert in my life, I have never been able to get anyones autograph or meet them!

    What is the way to get to go? I would die to meet Adam…

  21. Thanks again for the live steam, oops! stream–either works. Look forward to my daily dose of watching this fabulous man become a superstar (guess he is already one if you listen to the screams) and his journey along the way. Just wondering about all the girl on girl kissing these days; MTV awards show, Miley, etc. Are these celebs leaving a message that this country needs to hear or are they just doing it for the shock value–there isn’t any with the gals I guess. I would hope this is in support of what Adam.

    • Need to finish what I said earlier. All over the web re: Sandra B. kissing the BB. Many vids show the girl on girl. Miley pulled an Adam moment. This is going very mainstream Who knows what it means. I personally loved the AMA number and am hetro female. But I also think if it’s just a bunch of publicity stunts, it helps no one.

  22. Adam looks beatiful in white. Love natural look in white shirt.Looks like he is having fun. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I’m kind of liking the “in your face” girl to girl kissing going on lately. First thing I thought of was maybe it was support for Adam and a gotcha to our societies norms but maybe it was just for their own publicity. Also, to the gals that keep ticket stubs and magazines in their night stands…I use my night stand for “other” Adam items….care to guess?

    • I can imagine, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it here….. I just use my imagination for those things!

      As far as girl on girl boy on boy goes, I’m really happy to be seeing more of it in mainstream media. Recent episodes of Glee and Degrassi are exploring these issues too. Such important messages to our young people. A lot more love. Not just tolerance, but true acceptance and celebration of diversity.

      BRING IT ON!!!!!

    • Never said that was ALL I keep in that nightstand………:-)

    • retrogrrrl says:

      HAHAHA!!! Ya’ll are big pervs just like me!
      I wrote a naughty story (starring Adam & Tommy) that I keep in the nightstand when I’m in the mood for a little “reading pleasure”. I have it posted on my MySpace if anyone is curious. It’s called “A Drink With A Twist”. Check it out you naughty Glambs!!! LOL

      • Hey retrogrrrl where do I search in My Space for “A Drink With a Twist?” I haven’t really explored My Space at all.

  24. PaulaGlam says:

    This is kind out of the subject but I saw today on the HubStub site, 2 tickets for the Glam Nation Tour selling for $25,000.00 each, can this be correct???? it is for the concert in Nashville, TN.
    If this is a true fact, we are getting another indication that our BB is going to be VERY famous 🙂
    $25,000.00 is this crazy or what????

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      There’s also a ticket on stubhub for 87,256. Must be for a personal appearance!!

  25. lamamasita says:

    Oh my God — how can it be that I love Adam Lambert more everyday? He looks so amazing just being natural. I love when he was dancing with his dancers–it looked like he was just enjoying himself. He makes everything look so effortless. I can’t wait to see him in person in Bethlehem in August. And even though we watch all these videos of his concerts, he will always do something a little bit different for each one, I’m sure. I’ve never seen him do the same thing twice. I am so addicted and there is no cure!!!!

  26. PaulaGlam says:

    Another ticket for sale at the HubStub for $, this one for Puyallup Fair, WA
    This is getting crazier and crazier 🙂

    • ARe ;you sure? Typo’s? I sure hope so! I need Adam to stay affordable!!!!!!!

    • Saw this one too, not that he isn’t worth it…. Absolutely!!!!!! 🙂 .But pretty sure can’t afford that one!!!!

  27. Sue–thank you so much for the videos and updates! You are amazing! I love seeing Adam’s concerts, pictures, the bus etc. I feel like I’m part of it.

  28. Hi All,
    I get the biggest kick out of reading the comments on this sight. You are all such BIG Adam fans! I couldn’t help but to laugh at “IJustLoveYouAdam” comment. The first thing I noticed in the photo that he was the Hair Color aisle. =)
    I too, enjoy seeing Adam with his hair down, and very little makeup. He even seems to be a little more shy too, or maybe it’s just my imagination. I wonder if he realizes just how good looking he is. I love going back and viewing the videos from American Idol, I can remember Adam always finished his songs with a sweet smile. I found myself just waiting for him to smile.

    Well, thanks for wonderful photos and videos, you guys are great!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      yeah, I always thought Adam goes into another world when he sings. Even on Idol he took a nanosecond to collect his thoughts, then smile, to me it was like he was saying, Did I just do that? Well, I must’ve done it good ‘ cos everyone is screaming!! Adam is a true pleasure and blessing in my life!I( I noticed the hair color aisle too, my fave dept of a store) but I think Adam pays way more than 6 – 7 $ for his hair color. lol

      • Well said “earlzagurl4u” at 8:30/June 7 – this whole notion of Adam’s smile after he finishes singing – this was never more present than when he did that legend-making rendition of “Whole Lotta Love” at the Fantasy Springs concert in Indio, CA last February! I totally love that smile – it comes across his face so immediately after concluding that smoking hot performance… I don’t know how he snaps out of it so quicky…as the rest of the audience were left melted into the floor. I love it ‘though, it’s part of his charm for sure. And he totally knows what he’s doing to everyone, and sometimes I think the smile is one of pride :). I love that he knows what he’s doing to his fans, it’s, how shall I say it, mature… and I love it! As I read on another blog – it is that combination of the sweet with the sexy that is so frickin’ killer! But anyway, yes – that unbelievable smile when he concludes singing, given forth for various reasons at various times I’m sure, whatever, it’s addictive. I simply can’t look away.

  29. Love the Concert:0) yeah the pic was really cute and funny he’s on the hair color aisle:0)

  30. cheryl 334 says:

    SUE…………YOU ARE SAVING MY LIFE!!!! I always know you will have anything you can get your paws on to give us. Thank God you understand us all!:):) We all love YOU, too!!!!!

    Adam is de licious! I could just eat him up~no problem! I also like the more natural look and seeing him smile warms my heart. I need to know he is having the most fun he can. As time passes, he will get more and more comfortaqble and relax a bit to clown around more.

    Courageous, talentedly blesses, stunning looks, and all he needs is to someday find just the right person for himself. Of course, I’m a holdout he’ll fall for a girl, but for now, I think maybe Tommy might be getting a bit ‘closer’ to him. ??? Dunno,,,just sayin’……………….But Oh, I love him so much! I’ve been loving him for over 1-1/2 yrs now. I say it will last forever! Soon as I can get his address to send him some kind words, I’ll be happier. Of course, not as happy as I will be when I gete to see him again!!!!! Making plans for my life as an Adam-obsessed fan. He is the best thing to come around since food!

    Peace-Love-Light-Truth-Joy-Happiness FOREVER 4 Adam………………….

  31. kat23morg says:

    I love the acoustic Aftermath…that song and Broken Open are my favs…..The message is so inspiring…But good gosh…..whomever is talking the whole time he starts this beautiful song…just needs to shut up….Why on Earth would you be gabbing away while this gorgeous super talented man sings…I would be so hooked on listening…talking would be the last thing on my mind.

    • wasn’t the renditions of “Aftermath” at the first two Glam Nation concerts this past weekend absolutely stunning?!! OMG – I’m totally smitten with these versions, especially the PA one. I never disliked “Aftermath” from the cd, and I totally get the probable importance and meaning of it to Lambert, it’s just that it wasn’t one of my absolute favorites… but man, the way he sang it this weekend, I’m hooked. I’m happy for his friends with whom he cowrote it too, I’m sure there’ll be total converts like me popping up all over the place if he continues to sing it on tour this summer!

  32. Anyone know why there was no keyboardist at Kfest? Where is his new girl Cam?

  33. i love love love loved it

  34. THANK YOU LADIES for bringing more of Adam to us!!! We cannot get enough of him!! I love this wonderful family I have become a part of. To each of you Glambettes*** thanks for sharing so much with all of us!! Can’t wait to see him in July, it’s almost agonizing waiting this long! Elly*love my Adam*Glamb #620

  35. I put the wrong Glamb No in my comment**** Glamb #640 I guess my thoughts are somewhere else, like Adam Dreaming!!!!

  36. says:

    I love You :*:**:*:*:*:*:*:*